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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> this morning, we are marking the day that changed our country forever. we take a look back to the november afternoon an american president has assassinated and how that memory has stayed with us 50 years later. >> a major shopping day could mean a major mess on the roadways. we have everything you need to know before you go as a new outlet store opens and is expected to draw tens of thousands of bargain hunters. >> we will tell you about the social media campaign that is catching everyone's eye. abc7 news begins right now. it is 5:00, rise and shine. good morning, washington, i'm
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jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. time to get your morning starts so you can head into the weekend. jacqui? >> the weekend is not looking so grade. today is looking nice so liberty' enjoy that, go with that. temperatures in the 40s. we have clouds around this morning and that helps to hold the temperatures up in the overnight hours. anything that does develop this morning should stay relatively light, and the best chance of rain will come later on this afternoon. the weather headlines, a few showers. have the umbrella on stand by. the highs could make it into the lower 60s before the day is done but it is going to become very blustery and cold this weekend. definitely the weekend for indoor plans. i can feel my fireplace getting started already right now. from the belfort furniture
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weather center, let's go to traffic now. amanda with wtop. >> jacqui, we just got construction to worry about so far this morning. you might want to give yourself a little extra time to warm your cars. 95 southbound has the left lane closed there near 198 in maryland, so we are experiencing some just minor toes moderate delays there, otherwise looking absolutely beautiful through all the maryland routes. 270, you can see that bright green moving in from urbana. no problems or delays. he have moves through manassas nicely. 95 in virginia also looking good. no problems on the beltway. we've actually got a live shot along the beltway at the woodrow wilson bridge, you can see traffic on the outer and inner loop. back to jummy and autria. >> thank you, amanda. 5:03 now.
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it was 50 years ago today president john f. kennedy was assassinated. >> there will be events to mark the anniversary in dallas and here, as well. john gonzalez is live outside arlington national cemetery with more. >> the president ordering flagged at half staff all day long throughout the country today. we remember what has been described as one of the most tragic events in american history. president john f. kennedy shot and killed 50 years ago today, and 1300-miles from that plaza in downtown dallas, the eternal flame at the grave site of the president at arlington national cemetery has burned ever since. this morning, two special wreath layings. one at president kennedy's tomb at 8:30, and in the afternoon we understand a tribute at the unknown. 50,000 are expected to mark the
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solemn day at daley plaza in texas, where the motorcade went through on that day. he was only in office two years but his impact and this tragic day will never be forgotten. john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> it is a big day in our area for folks who love a good bargain. >> the tangor outlets are open. guess who got the lucky assignment. brianne carter is out there. >> if you ask nicely, you really get the good assignments. a huge day for steals and deals. i cannot wait. i've been counting down the days for this die finally be here, outlet stores minutes away from washington, d.c. take a look behind me.
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you can see everything is prepped and ready to go, the lights on. in just a matter of hours, the stores will be opened for the first time. it was just about this time last year when crews first broke ground. now a week ahead of black friday, shoppers will flood the stores like nike, brooks brothers, calvin klein. there is a huge e huge and economic impact here for the county. the outlets are expected to employ hundreds of people and it is expected to generate millions in additional sales tax revenue for the state. an estimated 20,000 people are expected to join us here for the fun today. parking lots are empty now but give us a few hours and it will be a much different scene. we expect an official ribbon-cutting ceremony and the who's who of county leaders are expected to be here at the new outlet stores. a very exciting day for everyone getting a jump on holiday shopping. back to you inside. >> brianne, a tough day ahead for you. >> if you start missing live
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shots, we know where you are. [laughter] >> fans of wild weather, enjoy it while it lasts. a beautiful shot of downtown washington. it is going to be news today but jacqui is in
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>> we are back here at 5:09 on your friday morning. time to talk a big story for the weekend, which is the weather. >> jacqui is telling us enjoy today because tomorrow and sunday, winter is here. >> it is. we have these wild swings in temperatures all week long. today we're going to be up, this weekend down and we've got another storm headed this way potentially for the middle of next week that could impact your travel. a lot going on in the weather department this week and next week, as well. the good news is, it looks great this morning. 40-degree temperatures. eileen whelan has the walk out the door weather this morning with storm chaser 7. at the outlet mall, i love to shop, eileen. you get the primo assignment
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today. >> not too bad. brianne and i have been talking, if you just ask nicely, you get some pretty good places to go. it is comfortable this morning, temperatures in the middle 40s. storm chaser and 47 degrees. very mild and i'm soaking it up because by next week, it is going to be bitterly cold. next week, we were at the noaa headquarterses when they were going to release the winter outlook. what did it say? >>othing really too exciting. in fact, there is equal chances of having a below average, average or above average winter as far as temperature and precipitation goes. there aren't any big climate factors playing into our winter so we will have to wait and see . it is rather cold by sunday. we know that for sure. also, it is a great place to be at national harbor. it feels like the holidays with
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all the lights and decorations. send your pictures to i will send the awesome storm chaser to your house with a live report. and, of course, we're decking the halls. let's extend over to amanda meadows with a look at traffic. >> backed up on the inner loop approaching the wilson bridge, on with the outlets opening this morning, i would expect a lot of traffic in that area. our traffic tracker is rolling right along. we send him to 295. we usually start to see the delays first thing in the morning on 295 at the 11th street bridge. still looking good for this friday morning. heading to our maps, we have activity in the district heights area. reports of a crash north of the parkway on silver hills road so expect some delays if you
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usually use that. more details are coming in. route 5 moving along nicely from branch avenue, pep pennsylvania avenue, looks good to go. construction on 295 southbound. no delays southbound. a light shove on the american legion bridge shows delay-free conditions. autria and jummy. >> thank you, amanda. a cam pair is being spearheaded on social media. >> this is capturing attention all over the world on this fr
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>> welcome back at 5:15. our top stories this morning, we are just getting word an overnight shooting in d.c. has turned deadly. a woman was shot in the chest around 1:15 this morning in the 4900 block of g street. police have not released her name or the description of any suspects. today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy. thousands are expected to attend ther is mowny where he was -- attend a ceremony where he was shot. and, in our area, the new
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tanger out let mall opens and, as you can expect, there will be major out light left delays. more than 20,000 cars are expected to drive in for the opening. more than 80 high end stores will open, including calvin klein and coach. >> it will be very exciting. 5:16. new this morning, a protest at howard university has taken social media by storm. it all stems from a sit-in at one of the university's libraries. campus officials are staying tight lipped about the protest but supporters say they're looking for change at the university. in the day ahead, george washington university philippine cultural society will hold a candle light vigil for victims
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of typhoon haiyan. it starts at 6:30 this sneak 5:17 is your time now. 300 local churches and community groups and more than 1,000 volunteers work together to ensure there will be plenty of food for everyone this thanksgiving. >> on the 50th anniversary of john f. kennedy's death, the late president isn't the only one being remembered. someone placed flowers on the grave of kennedy's assassin, lee harvey oswald. he was a 24-year-old ex-marine when he shot the president. shortly after, oswald was shot on national tv by ruby. why dallas police have had their hands full with protesters all week long.
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>> today at 12:30, a national moment of silence, 1:30 our time, so we will take part in that here. >> wet in dallas today, and cold. temperatures around 40 degrees today. >> close to ours. >> part of that whole system is what is heading this way. that big blast of arctic air. we have a had crazy wild swings in the temperature. >> we have. >> i put a graphic together to show you. we started the week at 71. >> my goodness. >> isn't that nice. come back, monday. [laughter] >> we went down 52 on tuesday. wednesday was the coldest day of the week at 49. we popped up a little bit yesterday to 51 and our forecast high today is 61 degrees. you know which direction we're going, right? we're going back down. we will be lucky to get into the upper 30s to 40 degrees come sunday. the roller coaster ride continues. we're on the upside. the witch -- wind chill hardly a
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factor. 42 in martinsburg. culpepper, 46 degrees. this has been bottled up to the north. these are the temperatures, not even wind chill factors. in the 20s below zero at this time. the cold air is pilling down the rockies and will continue to advance to the east. we've had a few sprinkles up and down the mason dixon line this morning. a couple sprinkles possible mid morning. the best chance of rain comes this afternoon. winds from the south. despite the cloud cover and rains, we will get into the lower 60s. that is going to feel good and that cold blast behind that front, it will be progressive. mostly cloudy, on and off showers possible high temperatures in the low 60s. tomorrow 50 degrees. winds will kick up by the
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afternoon on saturday. continues on sunday. we could see gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. temperatures slowly recover only a little bit into next week. the big travel day looks like wet weather and here. i will have more on had a coming up later on. get our traffic report with amanda at wtop. >> a lot of people are going to be on the roadways next went so we will keep an eye on that weather. that can mean major problems. right now, we've got a minor problem. we will start in maryland in the district heights area. a crash working at silver hill road and marlboro pike. route five moving nicely, no big problems or delays there. 95 southbound that left lane has been reopened so that construction is cleared and out of here if you use that stretch at 198. 270 moves along quite nicely, as does 66. we have a live shot along 66 to show you current conditions there. light traffic is coming in
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through sudly road. back to you. >> amanda, thank you. microsoft's newest xbox is now on sale. >> thank goodness. we've been waiting. and, consumer reports out with its list of the worse cell phone providers. think it is yours in we have today's tech bites into it is the day many people have been waiting for as microsoft xbox one hits store shelves. the console is being marketed as a multimedia device. dan ackerman gotting a sneak peek. >> whether it is a program guide, a sports desk for the fantasy football league, it is something no other console has done before. >> it retails for $500. consumer reports released the top carriers. verizon earned the highest overall rating and at&t got top marks for the 4-g rebe liability. sprint calm in last. and, a new app for sports fans, provides scores, breaking
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news and video highlights. are he places espn's score center, the most popular sports app of all time. that's your tech bites. i'm ty hernandez.
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>> straight up at 5:30, it was the day that changed our country forever. we're taking a look back to that november afternoon an american president was assassinated and how that memory has stayed with
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us 50 years later. good morning, washington, i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm autria godfrey. watching that footage, even though it has been 50 years, the emotion is still raw from that day. first things first, we want to get started with your weather. chilly this weekend. everyone joy today and tomorrow. >> let's focus on the friday. temperatures when you walk out the door in the 40s. the clouds are here and we even have a few light rain showers. live super doppler is picking that up along i-81, martinsburg to haggers town. light rain, not a big deal. 48 and a few sprinkles at 9:00. mostly cloudy at noon. the big decline starts tomorrow.
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blustery and 51 on saturday. we will talk more about arctic blast and more changes down the line for your holiday travel coming up in a few minutes from the belfort furniture weather center. let's get our travel right now with what happening on the roads this morning, amanda. >> right now, we're pretty much experiencing delay-free conditions across-the-board. we will start with our traffic tracker spot. it slows down as you head into the 3rd street tunnel. we will keep an eye on that. we also have things moving right along coming in from 255. as i said, a crash reported in the district heights section of maryland. that is just north of the parkway. looking great in maryland. all the major routes along 395, bw parkway, route 50, route 5,
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all good to go. 270 moving right along, as well. if you use the dulles greenway or toll road, it is moving nicely at live shot on 95 in virginia. just starting to clump up a little bit. back to you. >> amanda, thank you. breaking news from virginia state university, we're getting word someone was shot and killed while you were sleeping in an off-campus apartment complex. right now, police in that area are not identifying the area but right now we know they only rent to virginia state students. >> more on that coming up after the break. >> it was 50 years ago today that president john f. kennedy was you as is as nated. >> lots going on to remember
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the -- was assassinated. >> lot going on here to remember him today. the eternal flame is still burning, john. >> it will be an emotional day and throughout the week thousands are expected to visit the grave site of our president, the 45th president of the united states. he serves from 1961 to '63, a terrell cut tragically short 50 years ago today. that eternal flame has burned ever since amount wreath laying, a somber moment planned at president kin kennedy's grave site. in the afternoon, a ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. thousands are expect the at dealey plaza in dallas where shots rang out.
5:36 am
thousands are expected in arlington. security will be tight because they're expecting a lot of people today and tonight. a national moment of silence will be held 12:30 central time, the exact moment 50 years ago when the president was shot. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> a somber day. thank you very much 678 it is 5:34. we want to change gears because you had us at shopping. >> the new tanger outlet stores are opening near the national harbor. our very own brianne carters do the lucky assignment. she is out there where all the shopping fun is going to fun in a few hours. >> i'm so excited to join in. i've been counting down the days for the stores to hope. think about it outlet stores really just minutes from downtown washington, d.c. how exciting is this? take a look behind me.
5:37 am
they're prepped and ready to go. there is even christmas decorations outside many stores, getting people in the holiday shopping mood. it is @matter of hours they will open 0 doors for the first time. just a year ago, they were started construction. you can imagine there is going to be long lines and crowds of people trying to get into the parking lot here. of course, there is the huge chick impact for the county with all of this. it is expected to generate millions in extra sales tax revenue for the state of maryland. watch out because everyone is saying they expect to see lot of people on the roads here, the national harbor and the outlet. give yourself extra time if you
5:38 am
plan to come out here. 9:00 this morning, doors will open. 10:00 we have ceremonial ribbon cutting. really a huge day for pricks as we start to see move of an economic impact with the stores near the national harbor. and it is right in time for the holiday season. send me your list and i will see what i can do. >> check your phone, an e-mail from me. >> lots of options. >> tough day for that report. we've got some new word coming into the abc7 newsroom this morning with an overnight shooting in the district. >> we will get to the very latest on that, plus everything you need to know buffer go. still ahead on good morning,
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>> today, the weather is going to be pretty good for you but this weekend, not so much.
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>> there is going to be a change. >> let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras with that. >> the coldest blast of the season so far. if you think it is cold the last two times we had the arctic airflow in, this is going to wake you up to the wintry-type conditions. mean tomb, it is a fantastic friday with the temperatures. for more on your walk out the door weather, eileen whelan is at the national harbor. >> indeed, at the national harbor where this morning the tanger outlets are open so no complaints here in my livehot location. it is mild, perfect day for shopping in my opinion. 48 degrees now. the weather bug network installed a camera here at the national harbor so you can check this out, go on to our weather page and see live conditions. it is beautiful here at the national harbor where so many lights, great place to.come shopping. speaking of lights, i have to remind you again that we have
5:43 am
our christmas decoration contest, if you will. you send me an e-mail with your pictures, we see the picture, we love it, we bring the storm chaser to your house and show off your holiday decorations and maybe a frosty the snowman, maybe some snow. how fantastic would that be? a pretty picture perfect in my opinion. jacqui will be back with more on that, but for now we will send it over to amanda meadows. account tanger outlets opening, i'm sure it is going to be a bear. >> it is going to be very busy in that stretch 6 prince george's county approaching, leaving the wilson bridge. moving' long nicely in maryland.
5:44 am
we do have the tanger out loots opening so -- outlets opening so watch for that. we will be busy. we also have got some activity north of fruitland park way, silver dahl road and marlboro pike. you may want to avoid it. 395 north and southbound. 95 looks good, as well. brief delays there moving in. you're looking at about a 19-minute commute. back to you. >> amanda, thank you. a local university is making taking it to the twitter sphere. >> why they're getting attention from all around the world this morning. >> and, john f. kennedy's death, met the former service man who [ male announcer ] give yourself the ultimate holiday gift!
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>> us amanda it's 5:46. right now, howard university students are hosting a sit-in in the library, and they're tweeting about it, looking for change at thive. >> investigators tell us a woman was shot in the chest on g street in southeast around 1:00 this morning. police have not release any information about suspects. and, a candle light vigil for the victims of typhoon
5:49 am
haiyan. that is being held at the gw university guard on 8th street northwest. it is scheduled to start tonight at 6:30. >> 13,000 turkeys will go to local families in need starting today. the share food network will donate them over the next four days. we know 300 local churches and community groupswork together to ensure plenty of food this thanksgiving. >> all morning long, we're remembering president john f. kennedy's death and now we're hearing from one man who has a very personal connection to that day. he was young cadet in the coast guard on november 22, 1963. he met the president, who visited the academy often. he was told he will be participating in the president's
5:50 am
funeral prosession three days later. >> it was cold, we had heavy coats, added about 10-pounds to what we were carrying. people were 15 deep on each side and we went through the middle of them. nobody spoke any words. people were crying. is has an impact on me and i'm sure 2 will the remainder of my life. >> so many stories coming out. coming up on good morning, washington, we will go to the site of jfk's assassination. >> plus, a baby recall, parents, the safety risk you need to know about. >> the wow moment that lean had us talking. the new ad, jean claude van damme's commercial where he was split between two trucks driving. we tried it out and it didn't work as we planned. we will s have that at 6:00.
5:51 am
>> deep ball, down the sideline. not going to get it. touchdown new orleans. >> thursday night football and the saints drew brees had it working all all night. they connected on 500 plays and that was 44-yard 2/3. they celebrated by bending the goal post, one of the strongest tight ends in the league, they got it straightened out, but the football team, they couldn't, i think they're about the only teams just as bad as one i know. the saints win that game 17-13. they've dropped five straight, rise up, they are sad down in a town. >> you did see that face? into they are sad. it is the first-ever taste of the play-off tomorrow for one local college football team. i love this story. gallaudet school for the deaf and hard of hearing continues their historic season and the 9 ann 1 bisons face division three in new york. >> we're done talking playoffs
5:52 am
because you don't talk playoffs and the skins this season, unfortunately. here is tim brant. >> the redskins say they've turned the page, although the discussion persists on talk radio. they're ready to finish this season strongly. it starts monday night against the 49ers. both times try to avoid the third straight lots. the quarterbacks, the darlings of the league last year are now facing criticism. the biggest since, san francisco is 6-and-4. >> we're 6-and-4 right now so right in the thick of things and they're a good football team. some argue they should have won the super bowl last year and fell short so they are a talented bunch and plays extremely hard. >> it is going to be monday night football here at fedex field. there is a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. >> jummy, that means you can enjoy your is unbecause they don't be playing -- your sunday because they won't be playing. >> a stress free sunday. >> we want to say we're wearing
5:53 am
purple today because we are supporting the d.c. area for pancreatic cancer research, so hoping they can find a cure. and we fails miserably because we did not let jacqui know. she supported it but we did not tell her so we're sorry. >> absolutely amount great cause, definitely. and you're supporting girls on the run this weekend, as well. >> yes. you did see jacqui's face? >> i know, i'm sorry. >> mid 20s, throw mid 20s. >> anywhere in the 20s is a problem. >> the wind chill factor is going to be there, regardless of the temperature. it is going to be very blustery, late saturday and into sunday so big, big changes are ahead. but we've got a mild friday. at least we have that to look board to. we've got quite a bit of cloud cover across the reink region. it will be very light this morning and we have a better chance of rain in the afternoon hour.
5:54 am
we will bring this map out and show you what is headed down the pike here. first of all, very cold air across the midwest. notice the snow showers as it moved into parts of michigan. this whole front will be headed our way and temperatures will be dropping. i also might want to mention for all the stuff going on today for jfk, it is not a great day in dallas. it is a cold and raw day here with showers. we have a cold day in the four corners, tracking to the south into the gulf of mexico and could become a coastal storm for the middle of next week. still very uncertain, but it could affect your holiday travel often wednesday before thanksgiving . we will continue to monitor that very closely. in the meantime, 46 in d.c. the wind chill is 42. 48 at dulles. 47 in quantico. lexington park is a big 5-0 at this hour. that isn't even wind chill, my friends, this is what is heading
5:55 am
down the pike and that is spread aig cross the east. so the big change is in the air. our forecast today brings in southerly wind so it is going to be a mile one, meaning you should make it into the lower 60s today with on and off light rain showers. tonight a few showers possible and drying up overnight. lows in the mid 30s to middle 40s. tomorrow, partly cloudy. windy and cold. the afternoon we will see the wind gusts around 40 miles per hour and getting blustery so not terrible yet in the morning but sunday will be the worst of the bunch and tough to recover, really. next week staying cooler than average but it looks dry for now, for your thanksgiving. let's get your traffic report. a little bit busier the last couple days, early holiday travel, you think? >> it has been. a lot of people are heading out early for the thanksgiving plans. i wish i could take the whole week off next week but you are going to see increased volume. right now, we're watching a crash in maryland. you can see the shot from news chopper 7 shows us only the right lanes get by so the left slain closed along new hampshire avenue. this is headed southbound near
5:56 am
kohl'sville road. most people are headed southbound in the morning commute so be betweened. stay to the right and give them at least one travel lane. we also have got things move along quite nicely on 95, route 29 and bw parkway in maryland, but a new crash reported in virginia on 95. that is going to be just pant quantico near dumfries road that son the left shoulder. the estimated drive is 19 minutes. friendly reminder, tanger outlets hope today is it is going to be busy around area to and from the bill son bridge. back to you. >> thank you, amanda. it is 5:45. get ready could compete for tickets to the new blockbuster sequel. >> the hunger games is sure to be a huge hit. >> the victor of the 74th hunger games. >> jennifer lawrence face as new challenge in the hunger games,
5:57 am
catching fire. her win has sparked a revolution, so the powers that be declare new games that pit former winners in the fight to the death. catching fire starts slow but hits its stride once the competition begins. the sequel throw as rip roaring twist at the end. it rates three and a half stars out of four. pg-13 and a fan favorite. and, vince vaughn's this comedy, delivery man. that's abc7 entertainment. >> the hunger games is what i play every morning so hungry. one retailer wants to you get a jump-start on your holiday shopping. >> the big deal they're offering to get if you there to spend. it is 5:56. 45 degrees on your friday. we'll be right back.
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>> coming up, a major concern on college campuses. students tell us there is a drug throughout the dea labels as cocaine and oxycontin and it is being shared like candy. why the students say they just can't get through the school day
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>> best buy is stepping up its game with a revamped price matching program for the holidays. >> let's get right to linda bell live in new york with the details.


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