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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2013 8:00am-9:01am EST

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easy. special thanks to joel crammer and put the show together weekend after weend. it's hard to say good-bye but i know change is good. i have nothing but warm and happy feelings about the network that i will depart. know that i appreciate everything ahind everyone watching. "on the money" will be back next week. i wish you a happy thanksgiving everybody.
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good morning, america. this morning -- breaking overnight. historic deal. america and five other countries reach a landmark nuclear agreement with iran.
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>> they cut off iran's most likely path to a bomb. >> so, does this make the world a safer place? israel and even some in congress say no. holiday havoc. a huge storm barrelling across america, may mean travel turmoil for thanksgiving, the millions who could be impacted this week. ginger has the forecast. lucky to be alive, a man counting his blessings this morning. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime story. >> how the driver came just inches from losing his life in a freak accident. and, the epic dance-off breaking out at a basketball game, the little boy versus the usher. and it was all caught on camera. >> i like the sprinkler. when i do the wave, i don't want to brag but i'm good.
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>> we bring them together for an exclusive head-to-head boogie battle. i loved that line, i don't want to brag but i'm good. >> but i'm good. >> anyway, we love this story so much, in fact, we have brought together that little boy and the famous dancing usher, famous all over detroit, for some good-natured trash-talking this morning and a fresh round of dance, this is great story and we'll have it for coming up. >> it's incredible video to watch. also ahead -- it's raining rocks, literally, the beautiful little town where life looks surprisingly normal in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, except for the pebbles falling from the sky.
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also this morning, we have an abc news exclusive. we're behind the scenes with one direction as they put on a marathon, seven-hour live stream for their fans, this is all in advance of "good morning america's" massive one direction concert coming up tuesday morning. but we're going to start here this morning with that historic deal with iran reached in the middle of the night. secretary of state john kerry and foreign ministers from five other world powers all smiles in geneva, switzerland, as they announced the deal in the wee hours, president obama then making a rare saturday night statement from the white house. >> today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that's more secure. a future that we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful. and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> we should say here, not everyone agrees that this deal will make the world safer. let's go straight to abc's chief foreign correspondent
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terry moran, right there in geneva, watching this whole thing play out. terry, good morning. terry, walk us through the nuts and bolts of this deal first. >> reporter: okay, dan, what an extraordinary scene it was in the wee hours in that hotel behind me. after a marathon session -- here's what you need to know -- this is a temporary deal but still a big deal. iran has agreed to freeze much of its nuclear program and it has agreed to open up key nuclear facilities to daily inspections by international officials. what does iran get? money. $6 billion to $7 billion in sanctions relief. that's a small portion of the crippling sanctions that brought iran's economy to its knees. and finally, this is a temporary agreement, six months to buy time, build confidence, trying to achieve a comprehensive deal, as the president was describing. that's a far, far tougher thing to do, though. >> and terry, this has caused a major divide between the united states and israel.
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president obama saying that the deal opens up a new path toward a world that's more secure. israeli prime minister counter that by saying that the world has become much more dangerous. who's right here? >> reporter: well, that depends on what happens next, there's no question that israel and many critics of this deal, democrats as well as republicans in the united states, they don't want to see a freeze of iran's nuclear program, they want to see a rollback, a rollback to zero, no reactors going, no centrifuges spinning, enriching uranium. and the israeli prime minister netanyahu has made clear that he's willing to act unilaterally and militarily down the road, if he feels this deal doesn't work. >> nonetheless, history in the making right there in geneva, switzerland, and our terry moran on the front lines. once again our chief foreign correspondent. terry, thank you. much more on this historic
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news coming up later this morning right here on abc, on "this week" with george stephanopoulos, as george speaks directly with secretary of state john kerry. >> a busy couple of weeks for john kerry. we'll turn now to that brutal weekend weather that's moving from west to east, and could make road, rail and air travel a mess on the move for thanksgiving. ginger zee is tracking it all. ginger? >> this is a slow-moving storm that this morning has places like oklahoma city on alert. in the next 24 hours, nine states are in some sort of winter weather advisory. or warning. dallas, a winter storm warning that has some ice in it. i'll have much more on that coming up. but thi is a storm that has already killed at least eight. frozen and slow-moving storm is beating the winter into the southwest. in amarillo, texas, a snow-covered nightmare on the roads.
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shivering in el paso, almost 30 degrees below average. in midland it's this kind of day, when you open and promptly shut the door on the cold. in new mexico, some areas picking up more than a foot and a half of fresh snow, wind ripping at power lines and not everybody loving it. >> i don't know what this stuff is. it's all white. >> gloves, a coat, a scarf and a hat. >> reporter: in arizona, many welcoming the snow in flagstaff, farther south, more than two inches of rain collapsing this roof near phoenix. >> collect the water. emptying buckets, i'm like, no, this isn't going to work. >> reporter: it doesn't look much different for the northwest and northeast. so many waking up to a separate blast of deep chill and snow. in southwest michigan, the roads a disaster. in illinois, more than 100 cars in this pile-up. so, let me time this storm out for you, today it's just south
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of new mexico, as it moves east, i think tonight, through early tomorrow morning, it's going to be a big mess for dallas. tomorrow morning's commute, quarter inch of ice. here's the great news as it goes through gulf, places like louisiana, mississippi, alabama and georgia, it all stays rain. so we're timing it out here. tuesday from 4:00 p.m., people getting on the move for the holiday. the snow stays all north and west. parts of ohio, western pennsylvania and western new york. but look at this, tuesday into wednesday morning, rain, rain, rain from new york to boston. that heavy rain, the wind, even though there's not a lot of snow, that could affect your holiday travel and i'll show you how much rain and how much snowfall inland in just a bit in your nation's weather. >> bianna, the technical meteorological term is rain, rain, rain. we got that ginger directly. >> not great news for thanksgiving, though. for more news we turn to ron claiborne.
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good morning, everyone. in the news, the united states is a step closer to being able to keep american troops longer in afghanistan, tribal leaders and a counsel of elders in afghanistan approved a security deal this morning, allowing the u.s. to keep soldiers beyond a 2014 deadline. president hamid karzai had asked for a deadline in the decision. and boeing is warning of serious problems with two of its newest planes, the company says that the effective plane models is the 747-8, the company said that the planes should avoid flying near thunderstorms, because ice can form inside the engine, the latest problem for the dreamliner. earlier this year, the entire fleet of 787s was grounded after two planes had battery fires. and the texas woman accused of sending poison letters to president obama and new york city mayor michael bloomberg, she has reportedly agreed to a
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plea deal with prosecutors she's charged with sending the letters to the president and mayor bloomberg, no word on the plea deal entails. if she goes to trial and was convicted, if she were to be, she could spend five years in prison for each offense. and a close call for a driver in oregon got into a car accident. it's what happened right after that when he was rear ended that has him counting his blessings. >> reporter: it's a moment on the road that tom will never forget and few can believe. >> the car behind me hit me, he had a bunch of lumber on his truck that went through my back windshield, around the steering wheel. >> reporter: the cargo secured with only a couple of bungee cords. it shot through like a projectile, somehow missing him. >> it scrapes my head like that.
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but doesn't remove my head. you'll notice the wood here is in the steering wheel. my hand was over here somewhere. >> reporter: he was taking the highway home in portland when it happened just two days ago. and he's still trying to make sense of it all. >> divine intervention is the only thing i can say, my hand shouldn't been attached. >> reporter: he kept a souvenir a chunk of his car as a reminder. and he'll never forget what the doctor told him. >> go buy a lottery ticket. i lived through something i shouldn't have had. and another close call, this one at a hospital emergency room in wisconsin. take a look at this, a car crashed right through the wall of the e.r., police say the driver was hurt and had to be taken to a different hospital, four people inside the e.r. were also injured. and two new york men are accused of conning a lottery winner out of his million-dollar jackpot, police say the store owner and his son told the man
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that his winning lottery ticket was worth only $1,000. which they paid him. the winner who didn't speak much english, eventually became suspicious and contacted police. and finally, we may be complaining about rain and snow this weekend, but at least we don't have rocks -- rocks falling from the sky. take a look at this video from a town near mount etna in italy. there was an eruption there recently, spewing rocks into the air, of course what goes up must come down. look at this video, it doesn't seem to faze people living there too much. rocks in your forecast. strong umbrellas. >> steel umbrellas. thank you, ron. now to the burning question facing so many shoppers this weekend, xbox one or playstation 4. which one is better? before you put down hundreds of
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bucks, listen to what sara haines learned. >> reporter: ready or not, holiday shopping has begun. countless gifts are vying for your holiday dollars. a big showdown has begun between the playstation 4 and the xbox one. we decided to get to the bottom of which each system brings to the table. >> xbox. >> reporter: two video game systems. more sophisticated. >> i like them all because they have better graphics. >> reporter: both sold out on their first night. they may be off the shelves. but fear not, they're still online. all of this as the holiday shopping season hits fever pitch. >> brand-new few features. better graphics and brand-new games. >> reporter: this is the first time in seven years that two new consoles are on the market. both companies selling a million each within the first 24 hours. so, which one comes out on top? >> the playstation 4 is really meant for the hard-core gamers. it's like a gamers' dream.
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xbox one is called the one because they want it to be the one system you have in your living room. >> reporter: before you drop hundreds of dollars on let's face it, a toy, wouldn't it be nice to know what some real tough critics know of them. >> that hurt a little bit. you can see some glare. >> it's so detailed. >> reporter: while both seem to have passed our test, tech experts agree each model brings unique features to the table. >> show guide. >> internet explorer. >> i'm really impressed with it. you can do -- basically, everything is done through the xbox. watch tv, movies, music, obviously play games. >> it's very cool. it's definitely very cool. how great the graphics are. this game is for everybody and the kids, for the dance game, the kids love. >> reporter: although the xbox one and the playstation 4 are proving to be equally good options for your gaming needs.
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>> xbox, watch abc. >> and we might have cued him on that. but the bottom line is, it will be hard to get. >> you're officially the chief toy correspondent. >> all right, thanks, sarah. we're going to take a closer look at holiday travel, if you're one of the millions of americans planning to fly, don't be surprised if you're hit with some hidden fees in addition to your ticket costs. abc's aditi roy joins us live from los angeles. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. things are quiet here right now at l.a.x., but this is supposed to be the busiest airport this thanksgiving weekend. with 2 million travelers traveling through. and for those travelers, it will be hectic and expensive.
8:17 am
oh, the joys of holiday travel. >> first you delay me and then you bump me. i can't wait to see what happens next. >> reporter: immortalized in movies like "planes, trains and automobiles." the reality -- >> we're going to atlanta. >> reporter: -- can be far less funny. >> check your bags, $50. >> one way to using these checked bags, skycap curbside, if you give a really good tip, they might overlook the fact that your bag is overweight that you have too many bags. >> reporter: the extra fees that you pay to fly, get extra leg room, can add as much as $6 billion for the major u.s. carriers. while you're forking over the extra money for that sandwich, chew on this -- the person next to you probably didn't pay the same base price as you did for your ticket. abc asked what passengers paid for their tickets. the variations in price were
8:18 am
shocking. >> a lot of airlines are adding seatback videos and wi-fi. we are paying a bit more for air travel but we're getting a better product. >> reporter: and if you're traveling with kids -- >> jacket on. >> jacket on. thank you. >> reporter: -- prices aren't exactly pint-sized. there are no kids' specials on seats and food. this mom spent an additional $21 on wi-fi for a two-hour flight. >> that certainly a service that provides a benefit. it's totally optional. >> reporter: and if you're still looking for cheaper holiday fares, travelocity said your best day will be christmas eve and christmas day. most ens positive day of travel, december 21st and december 22nd. >> shocking to see the range in prices. all right, aditi, thank you. now to the pro basketball game where the real action was in the stands. this is a great story.
8:19 am
people are going wild this morning over a spontaneous dance-off between a famous dancing usher and a very young gung-ho fan. >> they belong in hollywood. it's causing an internet sensation. abc's linzie janis has the story of these dueling dancers. ♪ >> reporter: for 20 seconds, this 11-year-old's dance moves had 20,000 fans at the detroit pistons game going wild. then, the cam moved to the pistons' famous dancing usher, this 46-year-old. then back to alexander. sales then challenges the young mover to a dance-off. more than 2 million hits on youtube since tuesday night's game and alexander is a sensation.
8:20 am
>> he was likek doing his moves and then they came back to me and i was like, come on. >> he had tried to get that dance cam on him throughout the whole entire game. >> he was like, mom, you'll never believe this. >> reporter: he said that it's the first time that he's ever challenged a fan. >> this is my house. >> i don't want to brag but i'm good. then i do the wave. i bring my "a" game. i won. >> reporter: but at a pistons practice, a rematch. this time, with a little help from the detroit pistons dancers. >> yeah. >> i think i won. >> he's so good. >> but overall he's a young man, talented, he got so much going for himself.
8:21 am
he's the winner. so, what he don't know is that i'm a big fan of his. he just don't know that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> i think is the beginning of a promising career. >> antoine says he wants to be either a doctor or lawyer when he grows up. >> he's also talking about a being mortician. >> or lawyer or doctor. a dancing mortician. >> i loved that not in my house. >> there are so many quotables in that story. >> speaking of a game, ginger zee always bringing her a game. this is a big week. we're heading into it. you heard me say, rain, rain, rain. the east coast, by thursday, we're drying out and it's just cold. that's good news for the holiday itself. before that all happens, i wanted to go through this for you, the storm with the snow, where does it fall and how much falls?
8:22 am
this is through thursday morning and this is all west of the actual coast. rain is the game from atlanta through the carolinas, three-plus inches is the red color. so, some coastal areas, back through parts of alabama and mississippi may see some locally heavy rain showers. this thing is fast moving once it gets up the coast. it will be drying out behind it. promised you cold and breezy. in traverse, michigan, my first chief meteorologist, mark, sent he these pictures. you see what the lake-ef >> good morning, washington. the calendar still says fall but it looks and feels like winter out there. you can see the snow on the ground. it's only 13 there feels like 4. wind chill in arlington near 24
8:23 am
degrees. how longing winds, wind speeds sustained. high pressure overhead and as we go through the day we have a risk of fires because of the dry conditions. >> our stage manager, ron, he helped me name this whole sunset sunday "reflection collection." ♪ sunset sunday >> oh, goodness, that's nice. >> i love that. here's your first one. get your eyes ready for beautiful. this is hiwassee river, tennessee. thank you, holly. your choice "a." go online and vote with us this morning. the second from ohio. and theresa took that one. see how they all have reflections. get it? and the third one from california, can't go wrong. >> a couple of dogs in there.
8:24 am
>> tamie jo, thank you. and finally after the storm, jacob, we really thank you. please go online, twitter or facebook, let me know which one you voted for. we need to get something for them. the winner will be announced in the next half-hour. >> all right, ginger, thank you. coming up on "good morning america" -- this is big. boy band bash. the hottest group on the planet. one direction, a seven-hour live stream show. we're the only ones on the scene with all of the guest stars and surprises. also coming up -- dangerous game, the crackdown on knockout, this is a game where teenagers randomly sucker punch strangers on the street. and on a much lighter note, prankster pranked. a guy's gag goes terribly wrong. we'll tell you how his girlfriend got the best of him after this. that's all coming up in the next half-hour of "good morning america." keep it here. we'll be back in just a few
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>> good morning. an investigation is now under way into a spay restaurant car crash in arlington. it happened last night on north glebe road. the driver was taken to the hospital. it's still unclear if there were any other injuries. and now your forecast. >> good morning. it feels like the dead of winter out here in arlington just 25 with the winds it feels like 18 degrees. we've got winds sustained out there 15-20. they will be gusting today. a few flurries out there 33-36
8:30 am
only tomorrow a bit milder and then rain coming your way on tuesday and wednesday and a dry day for turkey day. >> we'll be back at 8:56. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] more room in economy plus. more comfort, more of what you need. ♪ that's... built around you friendly. ♪ so, we got rachel over here. from "good morning america." she's going to be a part of our invention. >> what an assignment for rachel smith. >> she looked so excited.
8:32 am
>> it's one direction's daring experiment. delighted fans with seven-hour show online, obviously millions watched and as we said, our rachel smith was in the middle of it all, highlights coming up. seven hours of one direction, bottled that up. >> i was there for every minute of it. >> in spirit. good morning, everybody. it's sunday, november 24th. also coming up -- the actor who plays hercules in a new movie revealing his extremely surprising diet tricks. that's coming up in "pop news." but first this half-hour, the sickening game that's playing out on streets in cities across america with dangerous results. >> aiming to knock them out to with a sucker punch. lawmakers and civil rights leaders with a new push this morning to try to stop this disturbing behavior before someone else gets hurt or even killed. abc's rob nelson is here with more. >> reporter: this is tough to watch. it's known as the knockout game. a violent national trend.
8:33 am
often caught on video that's down right disturbing to watch. hitting major cities across the country. this twisted game has authorities on high alert and its victims left stunned and sometimes badly injured. they are disturbing and even deadly attacks, as vicious as they are seemingly random. >> only a single blow and they fly after that. >> reporter: it's become known as the knockout game, innocent people are being violently struck, sometimes knocked out cold without warning or even a reason. >> these kids have effectively dehumanized others. they are being drastically influenced by the group to commit the acts. >> reporter: it's a chilling trend being felt across the country with incidents reported in philadelphia, new york, new jersey, connecticut and pittsburgh. victims left injured and stunned. footage of the attacks caught on surveillance camera or sometimes posted online by the attackers
8:34 am
themselves. >> this is attacking someone, it could be my mother, your mother, it's just scary and crazy. >> reporter: on saturday, new york police charged a brooklyn man with a hate crime after he allegedly punched an orthodox jewish man in the face friday morning. police say the attack was targeted. the victim says he heard a group of men talking about the knockout game right before the attack. this dangerous trend has sparked reaction from national leaders. fear people of certainette niceties are being targeted. >> no matter who it is or where it is, we must deny. >> reporter: this woman, who's afraid to show her face, after her 78-year-old mother was sucker punched on her porch. >> someone wanted to inflict pain on someone else. no other purpose. >> reporter: now, one lawmaker here in new york is fighting back, pushing for a bill that will stiffen penalties. and also making sure they are charged as adults in court.
8:35 am
guys, very scary stuff, just how random this thing seems to be. we've got one more final check of the headlines this morning. once again, we get it over to ron. good morning, everyone, in the news, a deal has been reached in geneva, switzerland, over iran's nuclear program. the agreement limits iran's development of nuclear technology. in exchange it eases economic sanctions against that country. and meanwhile, israel is criticizing the deal with iran, prime minister netanyahu says the u.s. and european allies have made quote a historic mistake. tensions between china and japan are escalating over some disputed islands in the south china sea. the two nations have been feuding over who has authority over those ianands. china recently announced that the islands are in that country's quote air defense zone. and finally, prince harry is getting ready to head out on his charity trek to the south pole, harry and his team arrived in antarctica on friday.
8:36 am
they spent saturday acclimating to skiing, while pulling their gear in harsh conditions. time now for the weather and the forecast for the south pole with ginger zee. >> yeah, we haven't even had time to talk about how cold it is, the type that takes your breath away. i walk outside and say, i don't like it. 10 is what it feels like in boston. the windchill isn't going to feel all that great. depending on where you are. 9 in pittsburgh. 13 in detroit. does it get any better tomorrow? no. it's going to feel like 5 in boston. new york city, 11 the feels like. minneapolis starts to improve a little bit. not just the actual air temperature being cold, it's the wind. lot of nfl games are being played on the east coast and in new england. look at the wind speed. burlington, up at 36. 45 in portland. now, los angeles, is drying out, less windy, much nicer, feels
8:37 am
good out there. sacramento, 63 there. fresno, 67. san diego, just short of 70 degrees. i wanted to save a couple of moments for you to get a look at thanksgiving may look like for you. not too bad for the holiday itself. that's the big picture. let's get a check now a little closer to home. let's get a check now a little closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by folgers. and the votes are in. we had really hundreds. just in the last -- this is just this morning. the winner from tennessee, holly howell, from the hiwassee river. >> beautiful. >> you can't get much better than that. you have the color and reflection.
8:38 am
they have to be taken this week. you have to hashtag them. #sunsetsundaygma. >> i like the ginger, i don't like it. thank you, ginger. coming up here on "good morning america" -- the hottest boy band on earth launching a massive video experiment, a seven-hour live stream, and our rachel smith has exclusive behind-the-scenes access. and the doughnut that does double time, it's really two desserts wrapped into one. desserts wrapped into one. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. ♪ you're daddy made this when he was a little boy. ♪ this is your dad in my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here, mom.
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♪ ♪ our planet together our hands can save it connect your hands with ours and we can save our land, our water, our future. join us at members of the boy band one direction need a little rest this morning, after a seven-hour digital extravaganza. >> it was a marathon live streaming event, packed with special guests, performances and surprises. abc's rachel smith got an exclusive look at it all and even got to participate in the action. >> reporter: this youtube studio is ground zero for one direction's live stream.
8:43 am
okay, so, dozens of fans are waiting outside hoping to get a glimpse of the guys. but, "gma," we get to go inside. inside, a british viral invasion for nearly eight hours. hello, nice to meet you. the five members of one direction took turn hosting a worldwide internet marathon. >> i think if i were to sing a song now, it would probably be "wrecking ball." >> reporter: done. stunts. fan videos. album listening and a radio disney viewing party. >> right now, i'm in shock. >> reporter: celebrity messages from khloe kardashian, david beckham. and even nasa astronauts. >> as you can see we have self-instruments on station. >> reporter: down to earth supermodel offers fashionable advice. and studio visits from simon and studio visits from simon cowell and piers morgan. who snooped into harry's personal life. >> are you dating kendall
8:44 am
jenner? yes, or no? >> we just went out to dinner. but no. >> budding romance? >> reporter: harry styles is a paparazzi favorite. and we found them hiding in the hills stalking harry. >> rachel from "good morning america." >> reporter: i was invited into the british dreamboat's webfest to help judge fan's inventions. i like it. here's an idea for fans who never got a glimpse of their favorite band, one direction has a concert coming up on "good morning america." look forward to seeing you guys tuesday morning on "gma." for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> amazing use of social media. could you imagine if new kids on the block did something like that when we were growing up?
8:45 am
this tuesday is going to be huge. i never had more requests from friends and former colleagues to get their kids to this show. >> the countdown is on to one direction's live concert. right here on "good morning america" tuesday morning. it's a ticketed event. all of the tickets are gone. sorry to rain on your parade, but you can watch it all on television, which could be better. >> coming up on "good morning america" -- pandemonium at the zoo. the cute little cub who tries to convince his brother it's play time. >> pandemonium, oh, i got it. >> very clever. very clever. >> finally, ron speaks. >> finally, ron speaks. >> very clever.
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♪ all right, time for "pop news" and over to sara haines. >> yes, good morning. first up, the herculean diet, kellan lutz has revealed the secret to his amazing body, lots and lots of physical training, and chocolate, the star told e! news he ate three bars a day for his movie in order to bulk up. from the look of the trailer, whatever he did it definitely worked. >> it totally worked for me, too. >> why do guys have a problem bulking up? now to three little guys, even cuter than kellan lutz, in atlanta, you may remember, clearly these twins have differing opinions on their napping schedules, and in washington, d.c., this little girl isn't sleeping, she's on
8:51 am
the move -- well, sort of -- the 3-month-old has just started getting her back legs around her, she scoots around in a little adorable fashion. next up, one of the most watched videos on the internet right now with more than 23 million views, it shows a professional youtube prankster who decides to prank his girlfriend by telling her, he had an affair and then it backfires. >> oh, i'm so sorry. i don't even know what to say. >> i cheated on you. >> what? >> i cheated on you, too. >> what did you just say? you cheated on me? >> you idiot. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is a case of your own medicine.
8:52 am
she actually thought that he was going to propose. there was probably a little angst driving that. dude, she has a sense of humor. to end on a good note, we finally found a dessert to rival the cronut. these are s'mores doughnuts. you see the graham cracker crumble on the top. and when you bite into them, there's a dark chocolate ganache. and a flowing liquid marshmall low. >> is this how we can bulk up? >> this is how kellan lutz should bulk up. >> go for it. don't even delicately -- >> it's really good. >> don't eat it gingerly. >> oh! >> i went right in. >> pandemonium. >> what do you think? >> it's very good. very good. >> delectable? >> is it as good as a cronut,
8:53 am
ron claiborne? >> it is as good as a cronut. >> you heard it here first. >> we'll be back with more "good morning america." >> keep ron happy. [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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before we go, one last glimpse of the dancing duo. incredible. >> that's great. >> have a great day. incredible. >> that's great. >> have a great day.
8:58 am
>> good morning. in the news, an investigation is now under way into a subway restaurant car crash in arlington. it happened last night in north gleeb road and pershing drive. the driver was taken to the hospital. it's unclear whether there are any other injuries. seven other people are recovering from a crash. two were critically injured. police say it involved three cars at branch avenue and allentown road. most of the victims are in their teens and early 20s. the cause is still under investigation. here's dave with a check of that chilly sunday forecast. >> good morning. that it is. this live shot of the city has
8:59 am
that come hither look. but step outside it feels like the dead of winter here in arlington just 25 it feels like 17. and out in frostberg only 14. you can see there is know on the ground. testifying that it is a different season. winds out there sustained anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour with gusts up to 30. wind chills all day in the single digits and the teens. because the air is dry a red flag warning because of the risk of wildfires. and out in the mountains we have a chance for accumulating snow. your forecast, partly sunny brisk and very cold. isolated flurries, temperatures 33-36 the coldest day since last february 22nd. tomorrow mostly sunny not as cold. the winds will die down and as you head out of town on tuesday and wednesday, rain for us, snow to the west, and then turkey day temperatures in the upper 30s with lots of sunshine. >> all right, dave.
9:00 am
thank you. and thanks for watching. have a great morning.


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