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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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south-central sections of new york state will get snow, but everyone else will get rain. reported inf inch crestwood. is one of the reasons we still have a lingering hour or two to go on the winter weather advisory. our story will be warmer weather averages tonight. that warmer air will come from the north and west along with the winds. it will make for rain. it will be heavy at times. we will keep you updated at the impact of the weather on your friends and family leaving town will be updated all night. americans, of including many of you, are expected to travel at least 50 miles rum home holiday weekend. most of you will see some delays, whether you are on the road or in the air. kris van cleave is at reagan
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national airport to continue our storm watch coverage. >> maureen, we went driving along 66 and down 95 today. the conditions were moving, but the roads were wet and slick. if you're flying today, you likely found some delays at the airport. one of the interesting things about the storm so far -- we have not seen a ton of cancellations. fewer than 200. reaganarture board at national is showing a lot of red. be thankful they are delays and not cancellations. more than 4000 flights left late nationally today. by five hours. aaa estimates that 90% of the millions traveling this thanksgiving will do so by car. rain,nter storm dumping
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snow, sleet, and ice up and down the east coast is not making that easy. up north, snowy conditions on the roads. firefighters help people get out after they skidded off a road. in north carolina, it was cold and the roads were slick sending cars spinning. >> i had this late over here and he came off and spun around. earlierwitched to an class trying to avoid the worst of the weather. >> it was like a six-hour drive. >> mike left his home a day early, finding the 95 wet and slick but moving as he may heads south. >> i may just go to d.c. onwe do expect conditions the roads to get worse before they get better. if you are driving, take it slow and leave early. if you are flying out, check the status of your flight.
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we are seeing excessive delays across the country. ahead and be patient. the weather will get worse in our region. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 is with you. we have you covered as your loved ones prepare to hit the road. just a few minutes, double break down where and when we can see snow tomorrow. down when andreak where we can see snow tomorrow. we will have the latest on "good morning washington" at 4:30 tomorrow morning. you can also download the storm watch weather app. >> one person is dead and two people are hurt after a fire at a church and opens -- ocean city the fire started when a man whose clothes were on fire ran to the church looking for help.
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st. paul's by-the-sea on baltimore avenue was the church. the person who died was believed to be the man that was on fire. the rector is in a nearby hospital. a female volunteer was more severely burned. she was taken to the burn ward in johns hopkins hospital. >> a just completed audit blasting firefighters and ems a fleet ofey call emergency vehicles that are falling apart. they say the fleet is in a critical state hampered by 20 years of disrepair and mismanagement. two ambulances caught on fire. it was recommended that there were more than 100 changes. fire and ems say they are trying to implement those changes. >> for the second time in as many years, the supreme court will take a challenge to the
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affordable care act, obamacare. it is a provision of the law providing businesses to provide birth control under their health care policies. some people say it violates freedom of religion. >> gordon, here is the background on this one. there are scores of lawsuits that are against providing plan b or the morning after pill through their employers. the country is split on the issue. that is why the supreme court will hear yet another obamacare challenge. obamacare's fate will once again rest in the hands of the land's highest court. up for debate -- oh should a private for-profit company be forced to provide such benefits ownersraception if their believe it is against their religion? a today, the president during
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fund-raising swing through california said he will gladly continue his fight. >> i am willing to fix problems there are, but i'm not going to abandon people to make sure they have health insurance in this country. of companiesdozens fighting is. foremost among them is hobby lobby. john boehner said -- the supreme court sided with the administration on the individual mandate. one month ago, voters said they were more likely to vote for democrats in the midterm election. in the wake of the troubled roll out, the tables have turned. suddenly the republicans are on top.
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i had a conference call with secretaries of bilious -- catherine seville he is -- sebellius. this case could be heard in the spring with a ruling next summer. ministration -- administration says it wants to let limited campaigning by tactics and groups. the proposal follows the scandal that erupted earlier this year when it was discovered the irs was subjecting certain political groups to extra scrutiny. >> virginia -- virginia in willcan mark obensha seek a recount. he made the announcement today. he will formally read -- request a recount tomorrow.
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only 165 votes separate him and democratic mark herring. the margin between the two is less than .5%. herring was declared the winner. coming up, a woman describes she really -- the moment she realizes someone had broken into her home. investigation new in the chase that ended with a woman was shot to death outside the u.s. capitol.
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>> as many as 30 people are believed dead after an overloaded freighter capsized off the coast of the bahamas. guard arrived, they found haitian migrants clinging to the whole of the ship. over 100 people had fallen into the water. for the is a new call justice department to investigate the shooting of a woman outside the u.s. capitol and october. the attorney representing miriam that theamily thanks deputies who shot her mishandled the encounter. car intoied to ram her the white house barrier. records show that she suffered from delusions. radel will stay in office
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despite calls for him to step down. of cocaineicted possession. the republican party suggested he step down. he was busted by an upper -- undercover cops are -- officer last month.
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>> a warning tonight that thieves may be trying to use your fire escape against you. >> burglars are using the
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escapes to break into people's homes. one woman found an intruder in her home. >> you hear about it but don't expect it to happen especially when you're home. >> this 31-year-old lawyer with and her roommate were home when they heard footsteps. >> the footsteps sounded too close. why stay instantly realize they were not alone. >> you hear it and get up. you don't expect it to be true. >> it was an intruder. >> he ran out the editor window. bedroom window. creditscaped with the cards and cash. forhe fire escape is there emergencies. it is scary that people are using it to get in. the nearighbors saw acrobatics it takes to get to the fire exchange -- fire escape.
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>> you would have to climb the wall, jump up, and jump the fence to get behind. >> three blocks over, police say a 23-year-old woman was burglarized as well. the entry point was a window that opened up onto the fire escape. >> we used to live on that third score. -- third floor. i still live my window on lot. >> police advise people to lock all their windows. >> it makes you second guess your safety. i've taken precautions to make our apartment safer. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> you have a lot on your plate tonight. >> there is a possibility that we will have a few hour of snow showers tomorrow. temperatures are rising. a lot to show. let's go to the stormscan. you can see how massive the storm is.
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the center is at the bottom of your screen. it will intensify before sunrise and then it will shift and cold air will come in. there is a snow storm underway and a big one to come in the next 12 or 18 hours. it'll be in southeast pennsylvania and in the mountains farther south. western new york state. everyone else -- rain and a whole lot of it heard increasing winds. the milder oceanarium is over spread over the area tonight. hour arels hour by rising. 35 the highs and lows. we are way below the values for average. the pink areas are the areas with the highest for snow potential. these will go away in the next few hours.
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these are getting rain. everyone is going to get rain all the way up to nova scotia and the on -- and beyond. this pattern is bringing the warm air in and when the storm moves by, this will be the backlash which is the colder temperatures. everything is rushing to the northeast. thunderstorms down in the south and gusty winds, especially along the coast. high winds will be the story here. we go through the overnight hours and through the day tomorrow, we are going to have the heaviest rain elements overnight. i think we will wrap up party quickly in the morning. the backlash and winds will start driving the temperatures the other way, maybe some snow showers. it will whiten the ground, causing heartbeats to increase a little bit and temperatures to fall. it will be cold and windy and sunday for thanks giving.
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here's the look for tomorrow morning. it will get gusty. in the late afternoon, we might have some snow showers. no be blustery and cold tomorrow night. cold and sunny on friday, cold and sunny on saturday. then a warm up to the middle of next week. >> and now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> i said last night that every team in the nfl is counted. they're all good. to win, you have to have momentum and focus. he redskins have none of that. special teams are still poor. the defense ranks 28th. for the first time in rg iii's career, his team did not score a touchdown. ahmad brooks said last night that rg iii should not be playing. he is saying that he is not
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himself and is going to get killed behind that offense of line. the offensive line is smallest in the nfl. griffin was sacked four times after throwing for just 127 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. he was frustrated. >> what am i supposed to do? talk about how bad we are? that is not my job. i answer your questions and i move onto the next day and get better. i love my guys. badly, it doesn't matter, we go onto the next game and we choose to get better. --st a lot of >> a lot of people are saying that rg iii should let him get himself together mentally and physically. when mike shanahan was asked it, it is obvious his faith has not wavered. >> it does not happen overnight. it is a growing. if you look at some of these
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quarterbacks, you go back and all the hall of fame quarterbacks, they had much tougher years than what robert has gone through so far. it does not happen overnight or in he has got all the ability in the world to make that big jump. you have to be patient. the defense loaded the box and forced kaepernick to throw. on him big time. it was a 10-6 all game and the third quarter. the authors what for and out, and then a game was over. the 49ers took control. the redskins will lose their defensive and -- end for the rest of the surgery. get cartilage damage and requires microsurgery. bradley beal will be out for two weeks.
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he has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his leg. he has hopes they caught it early this time. >> i did last year and it did not work out too well. i'm just going to take it smart this year and trying to do whatever it is. -- --ally some good news handed providence there first loss of the season. >> we need >> coming up tonight at 11:00,
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we are live at the grand finale of "dancing with the stars." abc 7's cameras are going to be there to catch all the excitement as the mirror ball champions are crowned. i've from hollywood tonight at 11:00. >> that too many people dancing in the streets all wound -- around here tonight. >> kind of sloppy. coming up at 11:00, i will give you an update on how much more wet it will be. travel weather, a whole lot more. might even throw some family photos and.
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welcome to "world news." tonight travel nightmare, that monster storm threatening the busiest travel day of the year. snow, rain and wind, our team on the roads and in the air. will those giant balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade be grounded. held hostage, the white house weighs in, will our new relationship in iran free this agent held longer than any other american. >> please help me get home. real deal, news tonight about the secrets of those black friday prices. why some of the those big sales may not be such a big bargain after all. and on top of the world -- ♪ >> new york central park center stage for one direction's blowout are concert. the formula for creating the biggest pop group on the planet.


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