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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 29, 2013 2:35am-4:01am EST

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now say a deadly fire was probably set on purpose. three people are dead, though authorities aren't sure of the causes of death. they are looking for a handyman who lived there until a week ago. they believe he was at the house more recently. it is possible he also died in the fire. a college student visiting family in maryland for the holidays spent four days in jail in the case of mistaken identity. he says he was pull ed over last saturday night for making an illegal u-turn. instead of getting a ticket he was thrown in jail on a federal warrant. it turns out it were for another guy who has the same name and birthday. >> i told them the picture wasn't me. they insisted it was me. >> i felt like he was thrown in shark-infested waters. >> reporter: it took until tuesday for authorities to correct their mistake.
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this johnson is in college and has no criminal record. special thanksgiving remembrances going out to the less fortunate from tornado survivors to troops in afghanistan. >> reporter: a day of giving thanks, even for those who lost and sacrificed so much. from the families here in kokomo, indiana, sharing a meal after losing their homes to tornados less than two weeks ago. >> we all gather together. and help one another. >> reporter: to the 48,000 u.s. troops still serving in afghanistan. many coming together over turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, a taste of home on this holiday. >> message to my family would be that i love and miss them and i will see them soon. >> reporter: president obama calling ten service members, thanking them and publicly sharing his gratitude for all who serve. for other families, a day shared around the table or watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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>> i like everything about this. >> reporter: everything including those iconic balloons making their trek in new york city after almost left out but a of high winds. >> great call. worked out well. >> reporter: one more thing to be thankful for. >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: the only hiccup, the spiderman balloon bumped in to a tree outside of central park and part of it deflated but it was able to finish the parade. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> thank you. brooklyn nets coach jason kidd is lighter in the wallet this morning after fined for spilling a drink. the incident happened on wednesday night and kidd seems to say hit me to one of his players. it seems it is because he wanted to spill the drink on the court. the nets were out of outs and kidd used the break while the spill was cleaned up to draw up a play against the other team. the nfl fined him $50,000
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yesterday and the nets didn't win any way. >>. the nfl serving up tasty football on thanksgiving. we start with detroit and green bay. the lions down 10-3 and reeled off games next 37 points. detroit quarterback, matthew stafford 30 yards an three tds with a blow out. detroit spanking green bay 40-10. oak land and dallas. murray scored on three short touchdown runs dallas wins the second straight. and move ahead of the eagles and the raiders lose for the fourth time in five games. the steelers and ravens in a crucial game for both teams. baltimore kicker kicking five field goals. as usual it went down the wire. pittsburgh needed a two-point conversion to tight.
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pass incomplete. they followed that with maybe the worst on side kick ever attempted and baltimore ran out the clock after that. they win it 22-20. >> good old thanksgiving day football. >> i didn't watch a single play but my brother and i threw the football out there in 30 degree football in my mom's backyard. >> like good old times. >> absolutely. here's a look at your black friday, warming up coast to coast but from the great lakes to the northeast plan on more showers. temperatures in the 30s and low 40s in los angeles, phoenix and miami. spring like in the high 60s and 70s. an oregon family is adding to the usual holiday joy celebrating the birth of a baby girl. >> her arrival was not exactly elegant. on the way to the hospital, the mom knew she wasn't going to make it. so emma's grandmother who was driving them this to the hospital, pulled over on interstate 5, put a blanket on the ground and delivered her grand daughter on the side of
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i-5. >> mom rachel said she was in so much pain she was not at all embarrassed by the way that mom and grandma and everybody else, they are all doing fine. the baby's nickname will be i-5. that's goochld at least they didn't name it. >> or interstate i-5. >> there you go. coming up, the family homecoming thanksgiving that was years in the making. and crafty and fun. the best toys for handy kids to spark creativity. a toy insider mom is here. the animated movie frozen is turning in to a crowd pleaser. you are watching "world news now." ♪ for for "world news now" brought to you by lysol toilet bowl cleaner. that's why you need lysol.
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♪ you may remember the story of the homeless man that returned a woman's wallet. >> that kindness was reward but not the kind you think. >> we were there as joel took a ride to atlanta's airport to be reunited with his step mom and brothers who he's not seen in 19 years. >> this is another family i don't know. >> reporter: a family who says they have been looking for the 36-year-old homeless man for ten years, but were not able to find him until recent news coverage was posted to a facebook page. hartman made national news after he returned a stolen wallet to the omni hotel and was rewarded.
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>> >> reporter: we talked about pictures from his childhood and the family he barely knows. >> >> you are a human being. you are family. >> that was apparent as the three arrived from indiana. hugs exchanged. >> awesome. really awesome. >> deanna told us t father clark hartman passed away 19 years to the day when she saw news coverage of joel and contacted the omni. >> here i am in atlanta for thanksgiving two days later. >> reporter: joel and his brothers hope to spend time together in indiana catching up. >> i'd really like to invite joel back home. we have a spare room. >> any way it goes i know we will be in contact now. >> i have a lot of people pulling for me. i don't want to let anyone down. really don't. >> so that is one of the things that was his reward for returning the wallet. another reward when he came back. after he returned the wallet he came back again because they
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were looking for him at this omni hotel and he was given -- check this out. greeted by the hotel manager. offered him a room through thanksgiving with room service and $500 toward any service he wanted at the hotel. >> he could have lobster in his room. >> or a spa day. >> very cool. >> great. >> one act of kindness and it obviously led to him reuniting with his family. >> terrific story. coming up, keeping christmas creative. >> our toy insider mom is here to show gifts that encourage a child to use their imaginations. you are watching "world news now."
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. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> children around the world are busy making their list for santa as moms an dad hit the stores in hopes of getting the right gifts
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chchl toys are hottest this year in our toy insider mom lori is here. what do you got? >> it is easy to get caught up in the wow technology toys but remember a well-balanced toy box is important for kids. >> absolutely. >> we will talk about crafts and construction because it inspires creativity. >> they are the best ones. >> they are. we will start with magic fun dough. it is by rose art. the kids take the dough and use these trsfers. they put the transfers on and then they are playing with the play set. so they create their own characters. >> like the other dough that i won't say the name of it? >> no. this is different. i want you to squish the dough and you will find the character i created will disappear magically. which means kids will put it away. >> it's gone. >> it is just gone and then another one these. >> you are creating, playing and start all over again. >> nice. i can play with this stuff all
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smells good, too. >> you can take it with you. >> this is -- you used to collect snow globes but now girls will make their own. there's a large one they can make. it comes with everything they need. characters, little charms, glitter. they simply add water. >> they have the globes. >> and make these beautiful little globes. >> cute. >> you can put them on strings and wear them as jewelry. so they have a lot of fun with that. >> nice. >> hot wheels, boys have loved them forever. and now they can make it. the hot wheels carmaker. >> it is awesome, by the way. >> it is awesome. they take a piece of wax and put it in the chamber. >> you melt this. >> melt this and choose one of the two molds it comes with and you get the body of the car. >> pick a chassis and decorate it with the dekales and you have a customized hot wheel and you are ready to race. >> i would have loved this.
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trust me that's a winner. >> cray yol ta la known for their great arts and crafts. this is the crayola melt and mold. it comes with single color crayons then the kids put them in and once it melts they actually use it, it pours in to the mold. when they are done, they have rings, characters. >> arrow head thing. >> it is dual purpose so they can color with them, too. >> awesome. is this a girl's toy -- >> i would say it is more toward girls but i think boys would have fun. >> agrie. if your sister got that you would be like, what's that? >> construction. i love construction for all ajs. it's so good for kids for everything. we will start with this. from smart toys and games. this is a line called smart max. this is magnetic construction. they are nice big chunky pieces. they are great for little hands. >> i love magnets.
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>> these are lights on them. >> yep. >> and older kids will like it, too. when you add more pieces you can make really cool designs. >> awesome. what else? >> mega block ansr barbies. this is the barbie build and play super star stage. when girls build they like to display and that is what they can do with this. it is 290 pieces and music and lights. >> totally great. >> tinker toys. >> got to love it. >> this is by knect. still all the spoons, rods and pieces you remember. what's different? >> they are plastic. >> we remember the wood, right? >> yes, we do. >> a lot of open-ended play. >> awesome stuff, as always. we have posted a list of these toys on our facebook page,
2:52 am we'll be right back. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪
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♪ >> new animated movie "frozen" is in theater and getting great reviews. it's from disney rng our parent company. >> the movie has big voices and a big personality. here's abc's sara haines. >> reporter: they are two of hollywood's finest. >> what power do you have to stop this winter? >> your poufers really are beautiful. >> reporter: they have joined forces. >> no, no, wait! >> reporter: the star power of disney's latest animated flick "frozen" ♪ . /* what you may be surprised to learn is that that voice is
2:56 am
kristin bell. >> i can hold a tune. >> no, i can hold a tune. it is hard to take credit for singing. >> she does it all the time and it is really not cool because she is really a singer and sings beautifully. >> and for broadway veteran and tony award winner, deena -- this role lets her musical talent shine. ♪ >> do you guys ever karaoke. >> whenever i can, yeah. >> do you? >> i have to get really drunk. >> i'm a dueter. i prefer somebody else take the blame on stage with me. >> the pair play sisters, both strong female characters who aren't so different from the women who play them. did you get a chance to bond before you started the roles? >> they wanted to hear us sing
2:57 am
together but kristin picked "wind beneath my wing" and we immediately bonded. >> reporter: she is doing bonding off screen with her new baby girl. >> any shocking things? >> being a human food truck is interesting but it has been wonderful. >> reporter: she just tied the knot with long-time boyfriend actor zach shepherd and -- he has been married ten years to tay addition and they have a 4-year-old son together. >> where do you go together? you have worked with your his sgland we should work with each other's husbands. >> get along great. >> i have to tell you the movie has gotten incredible reviews. i want to see the movie. >> can you bring devon let or is he too young. could you go and make it a movie night. you have not been to a movie in ages. >> i haven't looked at my dvr in a year. would you take alexis to see that? >> i would. >> there you go. another plan for the weekend.
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this morning on "world news now," mall madness. shoppers behaving badly overnight as the holiday bargain hunters hit the stores earlier than ever. >> i think it is horrible thanksgiving is a day to spend with your family. >> are the bargains in stores worth the fight? space invaders. the long-awaited sky show featuring a comet 4.5 billion years old. >> it's also a once in a lifetime chance. it's not going to come back. >> reporter: >> the heavenly scene for stargazers as this comet may have reached a dramatic end. delicious option on this day after thanksgiving. culinary advice on turning leftover turkeys in to something special. it is friday, november 29th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy day after thanksgiving. >> sort of, right. >> it kind of feels the same. people who are watching us -- people are watching us and just finishing up their dinner maybe. >> did you eat turkey? >> i did. i had a lot of turkey. >> are you still in a doe ma like me. >> i napped it off. >> i had a three-hour power nap. >> three hours. >> i had a half hour power nap. >> i'm doing better than you. >> how come you are smiling and i'm not? >> yeah, what's going on there. you had yesterday off so you had a nice, calm thanksgiving with the family. >> i know why you are smiling, because you like to shop. black friday. the frenzy with many retailers open on thanksgiving. >> experts expect an increase, an increase in black friday sales of almost 4% this year. sales could exceed $13 billion today alone. and 97 million people are
3:02 am
expected to shop today following yesterday's retail rush. >> ♪ >> reporter: at toys "r" us in times square, they threw open the doors at 5:00 p.m. >> hopefully they will get their skylander and their dolls and toy apps over with. >> reporter: all over the country, early bird shoppers were out in force. >> this is about serving our customers at a time when they have asked us to be available and serve them. >> are you going to shop today and tomorrow or just today? >> both. >> reporter: are you a die-hard shopper? >> yes. >> reporter: for some shoppers the head start came with a conscience. >> i think it is horrible. thanksgiving is a day to spend with your family. >> reporter: but the lure of bargains proved too much for tradition. >> the 40" tv costing only $200. it. >> wasn't that packed. >> reporter: toys "r" us at 5:00 p.m., best buy 6:00 p.m., wal-mart at 6:00 and macy's and
3:03 am
target at 8 p.m. >> my wife is a nurse. she's working 7:00 to 7:00 today so we are celebrating thanksgiving tomorrow. >> might as well do something, right? >> better than sitting with the dog all day watching tv. >> reporter: kohls is selling this kich cannen aid mixer before 229 now 101. tv usually 330 is now 170 at best buy. for the laundry room, a washer dryer from kmart was 670, now 500. experts warn some stores may put those rock bottom price tags on only a few items. even so, it is officially open season on holiday bargains. abc news. >> craziness out there. >> some of it really is crazy. it can get dangerous. >> already there's incidents reported. a wal-mart in west virginia where someone was stabbed. the people go crazy inside. there's so many people and you never know what will happen.
3:04 am
>> wow. video of another wal-mart in north carolina. shopper started to roll his camera phone to show the big crowds. doesn't look that crazy. looks all right. any way he says he was asked to leave the show. >> after he showed the video. >> there was an electronics store in west palm beach, florida, called a brands mart. there was shoving, pushing and -- what were they after? what could they have been after? doesn't it look like they are in the dairy section. got to get their hands on the eggs. >> so disturbing even if you are not in the crowd, the guy with the shopping cart having to look at that. it is like video assault. >> the sponge bob shirt, that's what i want. >> what are they fighting for? i have to -- it seems that stores where these things happen are unorganized. the wal-mart i went to they gave you a ticket and it went one
3:05 am
after one. and when it is a free for all that's when it happens. what are the shopping plans for black friday? will you spend more this year log on to and join the discussion and let us know. most oaf vac waited residents of a northern ohio town are back in their homes. they spint the night at a hotel after a train derailment caused a chemical spill. dinner was provided by the railroad. three dozen people are not allowed in their homes still. the governor met with them on thanksgiving. police say christopher warsaw started to shoot at them immediately after they responded to a domestic dispute. one officer was shot but protected by his vest. florida woman is free as she waits for a new trial challenging the state's stand your ground law. marissa alexander was released
3:06 am
wednesday night. alexander was sentenced to 20 years for firing what she says was a warning shot in to a wall. it happened during a destic dints with her estranged husband. in september an appeals court ordered her a new trial after ruling her jury had been improperly instructed. her supporters are thankful. >> we are just thanking everybody, first of all, who donated. it is 250,000 right now that we need for this trial. >> reporter: alexander must remain under house arrest while she waits for her new trial. we are getting first look at surveillance video of what is believed to be one of the biggest jewelry heists ever. you may remember it. it happened in cannes, france in july. he threatens everyone, grabs the loot and leaves the loot. worth $136 million. the guy is on the loose and the jewels haven't been seen since. the sec time this year, a earthquake rocked a town that's near the country's only nuclear
3:07 am
power plant raising concerns about radioactive leaks. the 5.6 magnitude quake did not damage the plant but left seven dead and injured dozens more. the quake damaged several homes and businesses. in neighboring iraq, a day of violence killed dozens of people is triggering fears about the sectarian bloodshed. three car bombs exploded south of baghdad. it killed nine people. 5,000 have died since april. that was a crackdown on the sunni protest camp that started. 438 died this month alone. dozens of people injured after an accident in hong kong. it hit something in the water. investigators say several people were seriously injured because they were not wearing seat belts. tension is building over the east china sea. china today sent fighter jets to patrol the air space it now claims. the u.s. does not accept those
3:08 am
claims and let china know in words and deed. gloria riveria reports on this high-stakes confrontation. >> reporter: the message delivered by america's new ambassador to japan, caroline den kennedy, a warning to china after it insisted it has the right to police the sky over a series of islands. what might seem small, experts say is a big bold movie by china. an act of defiance from the superpower. but the u.s. was quick to respond flying two b-52 bombers ai unannounced in the zone and now japan and south korea have tested china too with their own flights. china responded by sending fighter jets in to the zone. raising the stakes, vice president joed by biden will be in china in the coming days an he will ask china to explain what is behind the aggression. glor wra riveria, abc news, beijing. there's a guy named johnny love. the lives in south florida and yesterday he tried his best to hold up a gas station. don't as he planned.
3:09 am
>> look at this. johnny is in the upper right corner them clerk behind the counter handed over the money and gave johnny a couple of plastic bags so if he wanted he could steal more stuff. he grabbed gum and beer as well. >> when he walks out one of the bags breaks, beer bottles fall all over the place and you have to pick them up and that's when the cops arrive. nothing going right for onsni. he is now under arrest. >> all he wanted was beer and gum. he left the cash in the register. he wanted the beer and gum. >> i like how the clerk is like, oh, you want to steal more stuff, take your time while i call the cops. and the final flight for a comet billions of years old. is it lost in space? you are watching "world news now."
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♪ it. >> was a no-go for the spacex rocket yesterday. >> the launch was scrubbed because of a technical glitch. it is a communications satellite owned by spacex. the company made history last year when it became the first privately owned company to send cargo to the international space station. >> another no-go for stargazers hoping to see a close encounter between the comet and the sun. >> it seems the sun won this one. here's abc's david muir. all eyes on issa.
3:14 am
traveling on the way to the sun. 1:37 eastern time and the comet was expected to pass 730,000 miles from the sun's surface, slingshot around and head back out again. >> a once-in-a-lifetime chance. it's not coming back. >> reporter: they hoped by studying the comet it would give a snapshot of the atmosphere billions of yearsing a. >> we will find out a great deal of what the solar system was like. >> reporter: as the comet approached the sun, temperatures of 5,000 degrees fahrenheit it seemed to disappear, evaporate. scientists are examining the data but they believe it did not survive the 5.5 million year journey. there were 11,000 tweets about the comet in one hour this afternoon. one stargazer writing rip comet ison. we won't forget you. >> they are thinking they got swallowed up by the son. >> so young.
3:15 am
>> yeah. >> the gravity of the sun pulling it in. >> when you talk about things so vast, hot, crazy, big, so old, it is hard to wrap your brain around it. i know they were looking to get a snapshot of the universe but they weren't able to. it would have been interested to see -- >> 4.5 billion years. that's why they wanted to check it out. if you have a fridge of leftovers from yesterday's thanksgiving dinner, you want to stay tuned. >> no doubt. culinary advice on how to serve up something special. in our next half hour, a bittersweet meeting. the family of an organ donor meets the young girl whose life was saved. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ >> welcome back. talkin' turkey this morning and we know you have a favorite way to prepare leftovers but keep an open mind because we will show you a few new ways to prepare them. joining us is john mclemore from master built turkey. if anyone missed the fryer go and we will show you how it works. it is self contained and you can do it in the kitchen and don't have to worry about the open oil. >> that is the safer alternative to frying your turkey. you can do it indoors and with the weather moving in that's the secret. >> tremendous. so now we have the leftovers. >> we do. >> got ideas? >> we do. with deep fried turkey, at the mclemore house we don't have a lot of leftovers but if you do, in dadgum that is good and
3:18 am
dadgum ii cookbooks we have written instead of a chicken salad we have a turkey salad. we slice it up and put in mayonnaise, one cup. >> scoop it. >> one cup. >> gotcha. >> while i mix that up take celery and pour that in. about one cup. dump the whole thing in there. there you go. we have some craisins. dried cranberries. and last but not at least we have done -- we actually manufacture smokers, master built does, so i will put those in the smoker, pecans and roast those, add smoked flavor to them. there you go. this is a great leftover turkey salad and i'm telling you, we get rave reviews over this recipe. we will get a little room here.
3:19 am
it is a great recipe. we will show you what to do with it in a moment. but first buffalo ranch dipping sauce. >> i saw this and said what are you going to make with this is the thing i want. >> that is to die for. put in. this is two parts. >> a bunch. pour about -- come on. there you go. >> all right. >> take a little ranch and put in. >> teeny bit. >> you want to do two parts buffalo sauce. >> there you go. >> and one part ranch. and then we have added a little cajun. the same cajun spice that we deep fried our turkey with, put that in, too. and blend that together. >> chili pepper. >> oh, yes, sir. >> why not, right? >> take that buffalo sauce, ranch buffalo dipping us is and yesterday, we deep fried the turkey. >> smells great. >> notice down here. we've actually taken that turkey
3:20 am
and you debreast the turkey. for several reasons. one, it gives everybody a little bit of that skin, and then you take that -- i wish i could make a cup like that. that turkey breast is heavenly. >> and you take the buffalo ranch dipping sauce and drizzle over the top of the turkey breast. all right. so we go from that to the chicken salad that we have done. you can also do that for hoe gis and you can also do turkey sliders. for those that want a healthier spin to your turkey, take the skin off, although that is the best part. >> of course it is. >> and wrap it in lettuce. >> wrap it in the lettuce so you can have a lettuce -- deep fried lettuce turkey wrap, deep fried turkey sliders. you can have chicken salad. put that on a hoagie so you can
3:21 am
have chicken salad sandwiches the next day. so if you want the best way to have leftovers, just get creative with it. the thing we like to say is take your recipes and get the family and friends involved so that you can sit around the dinner table and say you know what, not just one person prepared this meal, we prepared this dadgum good food. >> love that word. the oil we used yesterday in the friar. does that go in the garbage, can you save it for a while. >> what you want to do with the butter ball turkey fryer it does not burn the oil. you let it cool down and there's a drain valve on the front so you can pour it back in the original container and save it. >> you can use it for christmas. >> save the oil for 30 to 60 days. deep fry your turkey for thanksgiving in the same peanut oil you deep fry your christmas tur can i. >> fantastic. john mclemore, thank you for joining us. we will have more information on our facebook page, and we'll be right back.we willn
3:22 am
our facebook page, and we'll be right back.
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for next year if you are thinking how to have a thanksgiving that is stress free without annoying relatives, you can have a -- they want to give you instructions on how to have a nice thanksgiving that doesn't have to do with stress and family and avoiding it all. they created a video that's going to help you have the perfect kind of twerky day ♪
3:26 am
♪ twerk twerk twerk twerk ♪ >> that is not really an instructional video. it is more about having fun. clearly what they have done is manipulated raw turkey. it is clearly disturbing but we can't stopwatching. >> you think it will be saying the word twerk. i think it will be so 2013. >> it already is. >> anybody that can't do it shouldn't be allowed to the say it. ♪ it's the turkey polka. know that crazy in the pan over dose on trip toe fan that's the turkey polka. turkeys are such stupid birds they are proving so today if these are free-range turkeys why
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don't they all run away here's in new york the turkeys yell eat the pork that's the turkey polka ♪ any requests? you stuff your face with sweet potato pie and never stop when black friday comes we'll work the pounds off when we shop. spend your hard earned pay with junk from china usa! these the turkey polka. i could go on singing but i heard a group complain peta says my face is not just cruel it is inhumane. sorry guys i have to scram, the home -- is a traffic jam. that's the turkey polka. it smells in here.
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breaking news on "world news now," gunshots outside of a chicago suburban department store. is this a case of rage? how wild winds threatened a new york parade tradition. connected forever, the families of an organ donor and recipient are changd for good. the bittersweet story that may inspire you. celebrity celebrations. the queen of talk turns in to the queen of the kitchen. thanksgiving highlights in the skinny on this friday, november 29th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> we begin this half hour with breaking news. a shooting in the parking lot of a kohl's store reportedly left several people injured. >> it happened at a black friday event last night. the gunman's motive is unclear. some reports indicate it may have been a robbery. it happened in romeoville, illinois, a chicago suburb. police investigated the shooting. shoppers continued to browse the aisles inside. we will keep you updated on the story. nasty weather threatened to shut down a parade tradition here in new york city and created a mess of things for others around the country. more than a third of the nation covered in snow. the most snow this early in a decade. the question now, will traveling back home go more smoothly? here's abc's ginger zee. >> reporter: a thanksgiving mess in michigan. dozens of accidents reported on i-75 near flint. ♪ >> reporter: lake effect snow making it all the way to the detroit parade. kermit happily floating through the flurries.
3:32 am
on the west side of michigan, all the snow adding up. more than a half foot. on this road it was worrying drivers. >> i'm all always nervous. i went to a ditch before and sure don't want to do it again. >> reporter: in the northeast a bright and sunny, albeit freezing, macy's thanksgiving day parade, the winds relaxing just in time. peaceful and frozen in new england a perfect day for playing. in wisconsin, a little help on the sled and a greeting for all. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. >> reporter: great news on the way back, most folks will be an pretty easy commute except the pacific northwest. that's the only area. seattle some rain. higher elevations mountain snow. cool air coming for the first part of the week. that gets in to december. we will talk about that later. ginger zee, abc news, new york. >> cold enough now. let's not talk about december yet. >> sunday is december 1st. >> it is incredible. >> it is really short season. it is usually a couple of days before.
3:33 am
so we have a little more time. but you are going to get your tree this weekend. >> i'm not messing around. >> you don't have a lot of time this season. >> exactly right. decorated by saturday. it will be decorated the day before december. >> you guys are really good. >> i am on it this year. >> considering i didn't realize this weekend was december -- i thought i had another week before december arrived i think we will have a one-week christmas in my house. >> about right, right? >> i think so. here's the rest of the weather, it will be warming up across the south. sunny dry conditions coast to coast and you can expect showers from the great lakes to the northeast. >> from the upper midwest to the eastern seaboard, check out los angeles, phoenix and miami. spring like readings there. >> not fair. >> not at all. before we say good-bye to thanksgiving we add to our thanks the u.s. troops serving overseas. soldiers in kabul, afghanistan, eating a traditional meal with all the traditional favorites on
3:34 am
that menu. thousands of them will be coming home next year, but that doesn't make their absence from their families and homes easier this year. that doesn't make their absence president obama had his annual thanksgiving message for the nation. he gave thanks to the troops and their families for their sacrifice and called ten military members to deliver the message personality. along with the first lady he sat down with abc's barbara walters. >> mr. president, do you have a thanksgiving message? >> there are a lot of people out there who work hard every day, do right by their family but are still working through some of the ravages of that big recession that with had. my message to them is know that every day i'm going to work as hard as i can on your behalf. americans, i think deep down, care about each other and want to do the right thing. >> i want americans to remember, that even as we draw down our troops, we still have men and women serving abroad. i want america to keep them close to their hearts and serve them as well as they served us.
3:35 am
>> the first family volunteered at a charity on wednesday and they spent yesterday at the white house with several other family members visiting them from chicago. tonight on a special edition of 20/20, barbara walters asks him about the rough rollout of the health care plan and when he thinks the u.s. will elect the first female president. that's at 10:00 eastern tonight. and whether you plan to hit the stores or shop on-line, the busy shopping season is primetime for identity thieves. abc's rebecca jarvis explains how you can protect yourself and your wallet. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year for deals. retailers offering deeper discounts to anyone who opens a store credit card. that means high season for crooks. >> i'm angry. i'm angry that someone pretended to be me. >> reporter: katie, who, asked
3:36 am
we not use her full name, had her identity stolen by criminals. >> successfully opened 11 to 14 different credit cards. >> reporter: crooks going door to door hitting nearly every store on this block on a $15,000 shopping spree. $550 tablet, $1200 dollars mac book at best buy. sneakers coats and fragrances at macy's. adam levin has been fighting identity thieves for decades and says store the cards make it easier for scammers. >> you can do it in one day and be signed up. >> you can do it, in some cases, in ten minutes and be signed up. >> reporter: for a typical credit card, the verification process can last weeks. identity thieves are catching on. how can you protect yourself? check your credit card and bank statements daily. if your think your identity has been compromised add a security freeze to your credit report. this keeps loans from being approved without your consent. and hold off on signing up on store cards until after the holidays. >> my name does not matter anymore because there's someone else out there with all of my information pretending to be me. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york.
3:37 am
>> that is frightening. an update on the indiana pizza hut manager fired for refusing to open on thanksgiving. tony now says the company offered to hire him back but he is not sure if he will accept. he was fired after writing a letter to his boss refusing to quote comply with his greedy, immoral request, saying his employees should be able to spend the day with their families. wow, that's a good boss. winter is just around the corner and that time of the year for snow and therefore snow sculptures, of course. >> not all snow sculptures are created equal and there's a darn good one. check that out. just like the family pet. love the detail in the face. >> oh, my gosh. this is posted by a woman who's a bull dog lover in colorado. that's not her holding up the real bull dog. the woman who posted it said she got it from a friend of hers who's currently in afghanistan. good going by whoever made that. >> nose is so realistic.
3:38 am
i can't stop staring at it. >> it's tremendous. >> before i saw the woman in the picture holding the bull dog, i thought the sculpture was the bull dog. >> a huge massive bull dog. >> that's incredible. >> remarkable. >> wow. coming up. >> can we just stare at that? >> yeah, why not? not an unusual performance by victoria beckham and she's not reliving her spice girl days either. the inspiring connection between two families of an organ donor and recipient. a transplant that changed everything. you are watching "world news now." for for "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. for for "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance.
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♪ ♪ how to save a life
3:43 am
an ♪ how to save a life an amazing and emotional meeting between a young women and a family of a young man who gave her the gift of life. >> abc's cynthia mcfadden has the story of their unbreakable bond. >> reporter: two years ago, lindsey mclaughlin struggled for every breath she took. at age 2, lindsey was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease which causes mucus to build up in the lungs. >> my lung capacity by the time i was 18, 19 years old, was to the point where they told me i needed a lung transplant in two years. >> her mother knew without the transplant lindsey wouldn't see another birthday. >> i would walk to work crying knowing my daughter was dying before my eyes and there was anything i could do about it. >> reporter: then on the morning of april 4th, 2011 -- [ phone ringing ] >> they called and said they have a potential match. i can't believe it's for real. >> here we go. yep.
3:44 am
>> love ya. >> love you too. >> okay. >> reporter: tense moments but in the end -- >> hi. >> hi there. >> all good. all good. >> reporter: but who's death allowed her to live? >> all i knew is he was 18 and he was a male. >> reporter: adrian rodriguez was a real charmer. a high school senior, a beloved only son. >> adrien was running to school. he slipped on the subway platform. >> reporter: as the train pulled in, he fell. one mother's loss would save another mother's child. >> all i could think of that day is how lucky we are and how unfortunate she was and we were so grateful. >> hi. how are you? >> reporter: the day before
3:45 am
thanksgiving, the two families, tied forever, decided to meet. >> i think about him every day. >> there's a funny kind of bond i would think. adrien is part of you. >> he's definitely part of me. he's why i'm here. >> reporter: cynthia mcfadden, abc news, new york. >> an amazing story. >> let's talk about adrien for a little bit. he created a cooking show and recorded it in the school's teaching kitchen. incredible. >> full of life. by the way his donation of his organs not only helped there, another person received his heart, his pancreas and third his liver. >> for his family in some kind of way we will never understand he lives on. >> absolutely. >> which must be comforting in some kind of way. >> i would think. beautiful story. coming up, unusual steps by one of your "dancing with the stars" favorites. from oprah to lindsey lohan, celebrities who couldn't wait to their holidays with just about everyone. coming up next in "the skinny."
3:46 am
>> announcer: wednesday within
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny. >> skinny time. my sister by the way at my thanksgiving feast told me i should invest in a better pair of reading glasses because they don't look so cool. >> the day you do will make it a trendy item. >> it will make it a trendy pair. >> like the black frames. >> rockin' the drugstore glasses. celebrity spending at thanksgiving. they went on instagram and posted pictures. oprah on instagram. check her out. you were invited to that party. >> that's where i was before i came here. >> happy thanksgiving. getting dinner ready. three hours -- >> jalapeno corn fritters. >> they were delicious, by the way. >> they were. tell oprah if i have another seat. i'll come next year. >> that is the same espresso coffee maker i have at home. oprah and i are so much alike. >> especially in the bank account department.
3:49 am
let's talk about josh duhamel on instagram. that's an interesting one. and have a great my pants don't fit day. nick cannon on instagram, put up the picture. preparing for thanksgiving. >> with mariah carey and adorable kids. >> lindsay lohan. >> yea, the own, the chew, work, cook. looking pretty. lance bass, our thanksgivukkah. looks good, lance. >> a lot going on there, by the way. >> very cute. >> another celebrity, the only celebrity not on instagram showing off what she was doing has a picture doing something different. this is victoria beckham. she has her own doll. check the doll out. complete with angel wings, black dress, heels and microphone.
3:50 am
she is showing off her doll on thursday and she tweeted out finally i found someone to duet with so she doing a duet with her tiny version of herself. she charitable. she gave away a mountain of shoes to help taiwan hurricane shoes to help taiwan hurricane victims in the philippines. she teaches her kids being famous means sending the right message. >> she keeps them grounded. derek hough, "dancing with the stars" champion extraordinaire, he danced with maria menudo, they have stayed in touch. they have a little fun war going on instagram where they are battling in videos. maria challenging him. whole family. get a load on. derek hough "dancing with the stars" taking it serious. pretty good. >> look at them.
3:51 am
>> runs in the family. >> this is no fair. i'm surprised the little one in the middle isn't going along with this towel dance. >> pretty cool. >> derek made a couple of these. he posted eight videos so far. funny war they have going on. >> i think maria has been officially shut down and he has posted eight videos this is apparently the only thing these women are doing on this thanksgiving. >> moment to shine. this is really cool. we are going to be able, as viewers to pick the ten songs that "glee" will have on their 100th episode coming up next march. they are going to pose 30 performances that "glee" has already done and we can take ten that we like and all ten will be featured in the 100th episode. you are looking at "roar," their interpretation of "roar." now we will see "toxic" which is another one of their kind of famous ones. ten of these will be in the 100th episode.
3:52 am
so you have to tune in. march 18th, 2014. the way to handle bigger, tougher messes was better leverage. that's why he created his new magic eraser handy grip. it has a handle that firmly attaches to the eraser so you get better leverage and more oomph with less effort. it's the perfect magic eraser for making stuff that'sig and tough not so tough, after all. mr. clean's handy grip -- the newest member of the magic eraser family. in all purpose and bath. [ engine revs ]
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♪ the weekend is finally here. >> least almost for us, right? ♪ the weekend is finally here. at least almost for us, right? >> almost. >> hopeful i you had a great thanksgiving. >> if you plan to hit the stores today, we wish you smooth sailin we look back at this week in the news. here's our "friday rewind." >> it's going to be a hectic day on tap for us in heading home for the holidays would be more difficult. >> ugly, wet conditions across metro atlanta. >> it could be one of the worst we have seen the last four or five years. it would really nail la guardia, jfk, philadelphia, newark. that's sort of the hub system that causes the cascading effect across the country. >> first time in a decade we have halted the process of the
3:56 am
iranian nuclear program and key parts will be rolled back. >> this is not a historic agreement. it is a historic mistake. it is not making the world a safer place. >> what adam was trying to do is come up with an act of revenge that would stab americans in the heart. >> the girls were imprisoned in their bedrooms approximately the last two years. >> told michael, we have to get you off of this. however, ideal or not ideal, michael jackson is not a guy you can just say stop it. >> brian, look out! >> holy crap. what the hell happened? >> i'm so sorry, mrs. griffin, but brian's injuries are too severe for us to save him. ♪ you have to hold on to what we've got ♪ it doesn't make a difference if
3:57 am
we make it or not ♪ >> all right. so of course we want to remind you about a special feature for our fans on "world news now." it is always there and a lot of fun. >> it is. in it is called "in case you missed it" and it is on our facebook page. to check it out log on to some of the best and worst moments of diana and john. >> sometimes it is me repeating one sound over and over. >> they like to do that. >> like the remix. >> did you have a nice thanksgiving. >> it was quick, easy. it was early. no shouting matches. nobody spoke about obama care. >> stay away from religion and politics. what about you? >> >> we had a great thanksgiving. food was great. got together with extended family. are you going shopping tomorrow? >> as soon as i leave here, i hit stores. >> i will buy my christmas tree. how's that? >> perfect. >> this is abc news now, informing insomniacs for two decades. that? >> perfect. >> this is abc news now,
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- breaking news. shots fired outside of a department store filled with holiday shoppers. new video and details about what happened just coming in. shopping madness. people yelling and shoving to get to the front of the line. >> hey. hey. hey. hey. >> the scenes playing out across the country overnight as black friday gets under way. torch trouble. an olympic flame handler gets a little too careless and nearly causes a catastrophe. pie pummeling. why this lawmaker was hit with a decadent dessert. good friday morning to you. we do begin with breaking news. sh


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