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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 1, 2013 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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abc 7 broadcast centers, this is abc 7 news washington weekly, on your side. >> our top story, four people from new york were killed in a train to bremen in the bronx. more than 60 others were hurt. investigators are trying to determine how it all happened. marcy gonzalez has more. >> a late-night investigation after a nightmare. early morning train derailment here in new york city. >> it was like a movie scene. >> seven passenger train cars careening off the tracks, two toppling on their sides killing four people, hurting more than 60 others.
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>> the next thing i know, two people from across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> the metro north express train left hook itsy, new york from -- four manhattan's grand central terminal. the train was running a curve in the bronx and somehow derailed. investigators now looking into unconfirmed reports the train may have been speeding. that theerified claims conductor tried to hit the brakes but they failed. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened that why it happened. train's remaining here until the ntsb has finished inspecting each car where two men and two women lost their lives. in yourber them prayers tonight. it is most unfortunate that this comes during the holiday season. it is a reminder to all of us that life is a precious gift.
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>> officials believe everyone has been accounted for but investigators are bringing planes in to lift these cars up right in part to make certain there is no one still trapped underneath. marcy gonzalez, abc news in the bronx, new york. >> the obama administration said the worst of the glitches on its health care website have been fixed. i spoke with ginger gibson, the congressional reporter for politico. >> so far, it is getting a passing grade but it will be incomplete at this point as it begins its second attempt to rollout. there haven't been real problems at this point. people are still able to login. haven't seen any big crashes or problems but it is not over yet. ,ots of people out shopping monday will probably be a big test.
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>> so when can we expect a mission accomplished banner? [laughter] >> i think the white house is being pretty cautious. a lot of tepid cheering from democrats today who don't want to be seen as kicking the football when they could still be down by seven points. >> the president's approval ratings are down quite a bit. he is seeing his numbers continue to fall. the rollout of this website has not been good for president obama. people are starting to question whether they trust him. republicans see that is something they can capitalize on, looking to try to undermine the president. issues continued to be a burden. >> when we look at the polls, we still see that people care much more about jobs, the economy and domestic issues than any foreign policy issues. the current climate is still such that people aren't really worried about what is happening in iran as much as their
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backyard. >> quickly, joe biden is going on an asian tour at a time when things are really critical with china and japan. >> you will be landing in tokyo to remind his friends in asia, china, japan, south korea that they aren't being neglected. stays calmerything over there. >> thank you. >> tonight's game has wrapped up at fedex field between the redskins and the giants. it came down to the wire and sadly, the redskins continued their losing streak. britt mchenry with the details. >> it has been a tough one. depressing for washington fans than the actual game tonight has to be this spot. sorry, guys. projected difficulty of the schedule, the skins are projected to have the second
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overall pick in next year's trapped. wait for it, it goes to st. louis for that rg iii pick trade. write down the field, alfred , 7-0 skins and they are cruising. goes downrter, rg iii for a 20-yard touchdown. griffin completed 16 to 17 passes in the first half. rushed for more than 50 yards. they're doing great, right? third quarter, andre brown gets the handoff. looks like he stopped but he does actually get in. it is 2117 -- .1-17 giants. -- 21-17 giants. the ball is taken right out of his hands. redskins lose 24-17. they now fall to 3-9 on the season. >> what an embarrassing way to lose. >> much better to be here in the studio.
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for you coming up throughout the next couple days. >> thanks. we are going to turn to virginia politics now. mark over chain has formally requested a recount in the historically close race for virginia attorney general. his decision comes after the state board of elections certified democrat mark herring the winner by 165 votes on monday. the recount could be at taxpayers' expense. the margin between the two is less than one half of one percent. call it another entry into the dumb criminals file. we will show you how a man's alleged scheme to get thousands of dollars for metro comes up short. fedex is one of several companies gearing up for cyber monday. how the shipping company expects to set a new record. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center, not quite as cold as it has been for the last couple of nights. we move through the overnight hours. big changes are on the way.
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a warm-up and then a big cooldown. all the details in a few cooldown. all the details in a few
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>> tomorrow marks cyber monday. fedex expects to move when the 2 million shipments. cyber monday is the monday after thanksgiving where lots of stores offer deep discounts on their websites. fedex has hired tens of thousands of seasonal workers to handle the surge of shipments that they are expecting. it is the week of tree lighting's and the district.
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house speaker john boehner will light the capitol christmas tree on tuesday. the 88-foot spruce arrived on the west lawn monday morning after a month-long journey from washington state. it is decorated with 5000 locally crafted ornaments to reflect this yours theme, sharing washington's good- natured. the firstobama and family on friday are expected to take part in the letting of the national christmas tree. the ceremony will take place near the white house. tickets have been awarded through an online lottery. those winners have already been notified by e-mail. still ahead, a look at the forecast as many of you return to work from the holiday break. steve will let uknow what to ♪
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hmm. ♪ mm-hmm. [ engine revs ] ♪
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[ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-s-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now w -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease the 2014 glk350 for $419 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> something you probably expect to see in a cartoon. present you to say a man dropped a banana peel and pretended to slip on it to get a payday from metro. the man didn't realize that he was caught on video. hatzel vela reports, instead of raking in some cash, the man prepares to head to court this week on fraud charges. >> it is the video that has people talking. >> oh my goodness. nothing right about this video. >> we showed it to commuters. court documents say maurice walked into the elevator but notice, nothing is on the floor. seconds later, we see what
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prosecutors say is a banana peel. when the door opens, he slips and falls. >> the old slip and fall routine. >> it is a joke to me. >> owens sued metro for $15,000. a local chiropractor submitted a $4500 claim on his behalf. >> what people don't understand is why someone would do such a thing when clearly cameras are rolling. >> they look like smoke detectors but they are cameras. >> with all the cameras they have, you would think they would have got a new game plan. >> we went to his house. he wasn't there. abc 7 did get a hold of his uncle on the phone. he says he saw the video and it shocked him. when the uncle asked owens why he would do such a thing, owens just shook his head. people are doing the same. >> that is just stupid. >> they can't get enough of the video. hours after the video was posted
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on abc seven's facebook page, thousands of people have watched it. >> oh boy. bc mayor vincent gray dashed hopes that bringing a recheck of the roof to nats park. the owner of the nats wanted the taxpayers to foot the bill. politely turned the idea down. here is something that is definitely coming to the district -- new trash cans and recycling bins. mayor gray and the director of the department of public works announced plans to distribute new super cans and bigger recycling bins next year. city officials say it has been more than 10 years since the cans were replaced. the larger recycling bins are part of mayor gray's sustainable d.c. plans. us whows for many of have been suffering from cold temperatures over the last two weeks -- it is going to get warmer. >> it is.
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we are going to see a nice warming trend as we move through the middle and school week. that does not include the upcoming weekend. that is when bigger changes arrive. temperature at reagan national airport, 44 degrees. no windchill factor. it is going to remain calm for the rest of the overnight and into tomorrow morning. as you head out the door, it is not going to feel quite as cold as it did probably wednesday, the last time you went to work or school. temperatures today, 48 degrees for our high. average for this day is 52 and 37. the record is more than 75 setback in 2006. 41 this hour at weatherbug headquarters in germantown. the winds just around five miles per hour. 42 in arlington after a high of 50. a final stop takes us to wtop radio, looking at 44 degrees. they had a high one degree shy of the 50 degree mark. temperatures are cool but not
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quite as cold as they have been over previous nights. 39 in gaithersburg, 41 at annapolis. quantico looking at 39 degrees. temperatures in the 40's from new york city to d.c. a little bit colder to the south of us. norfolk is at 39 degrees. looking at an area of low pressure across the outer banks of north carolina, this is going to continue to intensify and lift off towards the north and east. impact on our area, a few at a clouds, maybe a sprinkle or two. not expecting a whole lot. this will keep our skies partly to mostly cloudy for the day tomorrow. temperatures will be a bit milder, into the lower 50's in some areas. this is what our computer model forecast is showing, about 48 degrees by 1:00 in the afternoon. depending on how much sunshine we see, we could break into the lower 50's for the day on tuesday. a warm front by thursday is
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really going to push our temperatures northward, into the mid to upper 50's around 60. after that, much much colder air on the way. chilly tonight, 28-35. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we could see a bit more sunshine late in the day. 48-53 for our high. our extended outlook will show warmer temperatures ahead. lower 50's on wednesday, near 60 on thursday. friday, i believe we are through this cold front. right now it appears early in the day, our high may happen during the early morning hours. much colder on saturday and colder yet on sunday. even colder air for high temperatures a week from now. >> that is some of the coldest we have had all season. all right, thank you. >> sorry. [laughter] >> a new will be hit theaters over the holiday. here what arch campbell thought
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>> a record-setting weekend for the new 3-d animated musical called "frozen." it debuted in second place, making it the biggest thanksgiving release opener ever. arch campbell -- is it a warm feel-good movie? >> disney's new family-friendly animated musical "frozen," fits the season with a story designed to warm your heart.
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" creates the world of the snow queen with christian princess with the power to bring on winter with just a wave of her hand. unfortunately, she can't quite control those powers. the place goes into eternal winter. laughs -- "frozen" frozen a goofy snowman. -- throws in a goofy snowman. family-friendly, pg rated "frozen." what is thanksgiving without a little revenge? spike lee offers "old boy," his remake of the korean classic with josh brolin as a man held hostage for 20 years set free without explanation. lin plots revenge and gets it with style.
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nativity" mixes a contemporary story with langston hughes' holiday classic. whitaker plays a god- fearing preacher. on christmas eve, a family rift heels paralleling the christmas story itself. >> here is the weekend movie guide. four stars for "gravity." four stars for "nebraska." almost four for disney's new musical "frozen." -- "the hunger games" sequel three stars for spike lee's "old boy." for "all is lost." "thor" gets two and a half. "ne star for "last vegas.
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have a great holiday weekend. i am arch campbell, abc seven entertainment. >> season 17 of dancing with the stars is over with the winner making history. ,mber riley took him the trophy making her the first african- american woman to do so. she and her partner had perfect scores from the judges on their last three gases. rightly said that her victory is empowering for women of all sizes. >> this is the cherry on top of the sundae for me. accomplishing all that i did every single week was my reward. this is just extra, something extra. >> corbin bleu came in second. jack osbourne finished in third place. season 18 begins in march.
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