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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 2, 2013 2:30am-4:01am EST

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>> good morning. i'm john muller. >> and i'm diana perez. investigators are searching for the cause of a deadly commuter train derailment in new york city. four people died and dozens were hurt when the train flew off of its tracks while rounding a curve. we have more details in just a moment. black ice blamed for nearly 70 vehicles skidding out of control and crashing in to each other in massachusetts. the chain-reaction pileup left dozens of people injured. phase two of the holiday shopping push kicks off with cybermonday. they predict americans will spend $2 billion on-line. by tonight, americans will have spent an estimated $57 billion this weekend. as cybermonday begins we
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learn that amazon is looking in to deliveries but drone but the retail drone strikes are two to three years away. those are some of our top stories on this monday. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> i don't know. package deliveries by drone. >> you are all about cybermonday. you are going to do all of your christmas shopping today. >> i'm all about not leaving my sweat pants and tv room. >> like most men, although there were a lot of guys in the black friday video, i have to say. >> can i go on a tangent here. the new technology that most men fear has made life ease ezier for men. when it first came out, they were like texting, i don't want to talk to anyone ever again. i'm all about texting and then on-line shopping, i'm a traditional. i don't want to do traditional shopping anymore. >> what about the drones. >> i would be creeped about the
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idea of drones flying overhead. >> never have to worry about picking up something. >> i will probably go from a critic to the biggest fan. >> if it works. >> if it works. >> usually the way it is with men if it works. >> if it works and is easy we love it. untimely death of paul walker tragically killed in a car crash that could have easily been a scene from one of his blockbuster movies. the 40-year-old fast and furious star died with a friend on saturday. even his co-star tyrese gibson stopped by shedding tears as fans looked on. walker was in the middle of filming fast and furious 7 that maybe in limbo since his death. we have more on his career which started when he was just a young boy. >> been a while since i have been behind a wheel in one of these. >> reporter: a mainstay of the
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"fast and furious" franchise, paul walker was a foot to the floor phenomenon. starring as both sides of the law brian 0 conner. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: his "fast and furious" put him in all kinds of speed thrill scenarios became his calling card in hollywood. perfect vehicle for his can do charm and that appealing -- born in glendale, california the blond, blue eyed walker modelled as a child showing up on sit comes such as who's the boss and charles in charge. >> right now i don't like myself at all. >> on the big screen he would be seen in varsity blues. >> i was lying in bed last night. >> reporter: "fast and furious" made him a star. >> how's that one? >> reporter: as news of his death spread saturday night, walk eers friends and co-stars took to social media to pay tribute to his memory. from an instagram account said to belong to his long time
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co-star vin diesel. brother, i will miss you very much. i'm speechless. heaven has gained a new angel. rest in peace. at the time of his death, walker was raising funds for the charity reach out worldwide. he leaves behind a daughter meadow and millions of saddened fans. paul walker died on saturday in a car accident in santa clar rita, california. he was 40 years old. chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> you know, from what we understand, there are some sources that are saying his co-stars are so upset about this they don't want the movie to go on. it was supposed to be released in july 2014 but there are sources telling "the hollywood reporter" the film maybe delayed but not scrapped in my gut feeling is they will go ahead and you may hear the cliche, when they say that's the way he would have want it but i'm sure
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it is. >> sad story. now the other major story we are following the fatal train derailment in new york. investigators will be going over the so-called black boxes to find out if speed, faulty equipment or some other factor could have caused the crash of the metro north train. neighbors rushed there after they heard the loud bang. >> it woke me up. i heard it from the top of the hill. i come down and it's devastating. >> i heard a screeching noise. like a subway car. like that. and within seconds, the ambulance and the fire trucks started coming past my window and i knew something big happened here. >> a big boom. it woke me. so. but this is a bad curve. definitely. >> people lying down on the ground dead. they just came home from being with their family for their thanksgiving and now they are just dead. it's just so sad.
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just so sad. >> among those killed was a lighting engineer on his way to manhattan to work on the rockefeller center christmas tree. the family of an american tourist detained in north korea is holding out hope for his safe return after getting a glimpse of him for the first time in a month. he appeared in a choreographed video in which he confessed to war crimes. more now from abc's susan saulny. >> so i asked -- >> in this north korean videotape, captive american tourist merrill newman is seen for the first time in nearly five weeks. reading from an awkwardly phrased text, newman, an 85-year-old retire finance executive from california appears to be apologizing for what he calls hostile acts against the communist north koreans. >> that in u.s. and western countries there is misleading information and propaganda about pprk. >> newman had been an infantry officer, a soldier like the troops memallized here.
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a life long dream was to return to the hand he fought as a young man. this time on a sightseeing tour. >> reporter: they told reuters that a half century ago he helped to coordinate some of the most daring missions of the korean war. a conflict the north koreans see as ongoing since no peace treaty was ever signed. newman was about to return home when a government official took him off the plane without explanation. the united states has no official diplomatic relations with north korea, but swedish embassy officials visited newman and said he's in good health. this weekend, as vice president biden prepares for a trip to asia, the obama administration weighed in for the first time, urging the north koreans to release newman, given his advanced age and health conditions. >> we just hope whatever that misunderstanding is will be resolved. >> reporter: the newman family hoping to have him home before the new year. susan saulny, abc news,
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washington. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu inviting proep francis to israel. the vatican confirmed a papal visit for late may. netanyahu and his italian counterpart lit a menorah. he hopes the light will offer hope to italy which he says needs it. italy has been hit hard by economic problems and political scandals. health care website has made major progress from the disastrous beginnings but there are still flaws. jeff zelenyb< washington. >> reporter: hundreds of software fixes and
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the system. >> by the end of march, people think they could have 6 to 8 million people enrolled for health care. >> as president obama told abc's barbara walters his legacy may depend on it. >> the good thing about when you are down, you have nowhere to go but up. >> the next deadline at the white house is december 23rd. that's the date when people must be enrolled if they want coverage by the first of next year. one top aide told me, our fingers are crossed. john and diana? >> jeff, thank you for that. another washington-based on-line frenzy has been resolved. this one involving picking a new name for the panda cub born in august at the smithsonian zoo.
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100,000 on-line voters around the world chose bao-bao which means precious or treasure. >> so cute. >> totally cute. >> the panda cub won't have to brave the elements for sometime but for the rest of you here's a look at the weather. wintry mix of rain and snow will stretch from the pacific norse to the great lakes. other than showers in the carolinas mostly dry everywhere else. >> 30s and 40s in the north, 50s and 60s in me mid section. 60s and 70s across the south. first it was a philadelphia office building turned in 0 giant game of ping-pong and now a giant rubik's cube. an austrian grad student transformed the electronics center in to a puzzle. >> they shift the colored lights on the building. it is harder to solve than the hand held one because you can only see two sides at a tiechlt yes, of course, that's why it is more difficult than the hand held one. the hand held one is impossible. >> you have to master the
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rubik's cube which is hard enough and then somehow write a program for it. that is nut sfwls by the way, i want to tell you, the person who created this is seeking a master's degree in interface culture. this is his thesis. imagine what he will come up with when he has a master's degree. >> i would think it is an "a." >> how do you beat that? wouldn't you hate to be his classmate? >> i'd want to go first because after he goes no following that. solving a murder mystery that hung over a high school for two years. and ron burgundy shows up anchoring a real tv newscast. how did his coanchor keep a straight face during this stunt. >> and young men hired as nan nannies. why they are suddenly in demand. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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murder mystery is unfolding on long island, new york, this morning. that investigators are calling a crime of passion and rage. >> former high school classmate of a teenager found dead in a marsh near his home two years ago now charged with his murder. >> reporter: thomas seen here in a high school photo sits behind bars accused of murdering his own best friend, kyle underhill. underhill's death had shocked a quiet, long island community in 2011. the 18-year-old graduating high
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school senior disappeared that november. days later, police found his beaten body in a marsh behind an elementary school. the case went cold. >> many cases take a number of months or sometimes years to solve because of evidence snj> reporter: police say that liming turned himself in days ago when he learned he would be indicted. but a former classmate now says liming could not have killed underhill. >> they were extremely close. they were literally inseparable. they always laughed together. i never seen them have a fight whatsoever. >> reporter: investigators suspected murder from the beginning because underhill's body was found covered with a wood board, two sticks lodged in his mouth. >> this murder is -- has a lot to do with passion and rage. that's the two key components of this. it is highly personal and it is
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overkill. >> reporter: mysteriously underhill left behind this yearbook message saying in part, to all of my friends, i'm so glad for the times we had together. to everyone else, i hate you all. police haven't released a motive or many details. but liming's defense attorney said in a statement, thomas liming didn't commit a crime and when the jury hears the evidence mr. liming will be found not guilty. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> he was alive when he was submerged in the marsh. >> sad story for both families. >> no doubt. coming up the latest cutting-edge accessory for new york moms. and no, it's not a burr ka. well, move over mary poppins, make way for the manny.
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good child care is hard to find especially in new york city. >> enter the manny. a new gender of nannies stepping up to the plate. >> reporter: she's the most iconic nanny of all time. ♪ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ >> reporter: but now it's time to say good-bye to mary poppins and say hello to manny poppins. that's what sofia vergara's character did on a recent episode of "modern family." >> gloria, we're back. >> let me lighten your load. >> who are you? >> the new manny.
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>> am i being replaced. >> reporter: what is a manny? we went to the source to find out. >> a manny is a male nanny. we brought it to a new level. a big brother, camp counselor. >> reporter: he is the founder of nyc mannys. >> i think guys can be just as caring and just as good with kids. i don't really like to put a gender role on it. >> reporter: many moms agree. especially those with particularly active kids that benefit from a more rough and tumble approach to child care. >> my personal preference is always young, enthusiastic and energetic, because my daughter. that's what she likes. when it comes to male baby-sitters or mannys or whatever you want to call them they try harder, it seems.
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they make an extra effort to prove they are awesome. >> reporter: i decided to see how a manny would handle my 19-month-old son jake. his regular nanny was skeptical but she handed him over for an afternoon at an indoor playground. the other nannies and moms raised their eyebrows at fist but quickly came around. >> i must say he's doing a really good job. and he is comfortable with him. >> reporter: and jake, well, he had a great time, too. abc news, new york. >> all right. so, from the nyc mannys website, these are legit nanny. they have college degrees, cpr trained gone through first aid and heimlich maneuver training and past extensive background checks which include driving court and criminal records. they are the real deal when it comes to nannies but they have a
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funny name. >> you want the background checks. obviously that is important no matter who the gender is. >> no matter who is taking care of your baby you want them to pass all of that background stuff because it can be scary.
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i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. ♪ >> finally this half hour, it's not every day that your favorite movie character does his thing in real life. >> that's what tv viewers in bismarck, north dakota were treated to over the weechblgtds it's something you have to the see to believe. >> good evening. i'm amber shots. >> and i'm ron burgundy.
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thank you for joining us tonight. >> >> families can enjoy wagon rides, carolling and s'mores in downtown. >> it's coming this way. >> it's coming. no escaping it. >> alright. >> i've never seen fighting at a hockey match. >> me either. >> amber, you look lovely tonight. are you married? >> no. >> i am. don't getting any ideas. >> jarrod has a look at the forecast. how are you? >> doing well. how about yourself? >> doing great. last time i saw you you were heavier. looks like you lost 50 pounds. >> yes. >> thank you for being our coanchor. >> oh, my god. this is -- what is it? is it a burp towel? >> it's cashmere. >> a sweatshirt, sorry. that is lovely. thank you so much.
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appreciate it so much. it is wonderful to be here. really was. >> stay classy. >> what? >> oh, man. come again? >> thank you. >> oh, am i supposed to read that? >> oh, painful. >> so painfully awkward. >> awkward moments. i think that was the point. he stayed in character. sort of showed how awkward local news can be. >> all news can be a little awkward. >> it is tough -- fur the person next to him, do you laugh at his jokes or stay straight. >> it is hard. >> it is hard. >> and bismarck is a small market. props for them agreeing to do it and getting through a whole show with them next to them. >> 30 minutes of ron. >> you can do it. you have done it before. >> i've sat next to him. he's quite the character. >> where's the meeting in san diego, do you remember what he said? >> i do but you are not going to
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get me to say that on tv. >> stay classy, everybody. nearly 1 in 200 amicans suffer with the debilitatating pain and constant disruption of inflammatory bowel disease. the toll is both physical and emotional. chances are you know somne with ibd. someone like me. i'm amy brenneman and i support the crohn's & colitis foundation oamerica. ccfa was created to help thosee d to find a cure.. people with d can't wait. won't you help someone you know?
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3:00 this morning on "world news now," deadly derailment. passengers insist the commuter train was going too fast before a sharp turn. >> the next thing i know, two people across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> the heart ache for victims' families. what's next for investigators in today's hardship for commuters. chain reaction, a huge pileup in boston after roads turn in to sheets of ice. the unforgettable college football moment at the alabama-auburn game. >> auburn is going to win the football game. auburn's going to win the football game. >> the announcer who lost his voice and the fans whose jaws
3:01 am
dropped in the final play of the game. it is monday, december 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> all right. good monday morning, everybody. december 2nd. can you believe it? >> no. >> i want to ask you because i know you said, when i left you on friday that you were going to do black friday. you left early in the morning. how did it go? >> i did it. i went straight from here to the mall. >> you are still alive. >> not pushed down o stampeded. >> no. >> i didn't go shopping for electronics. i went shopping for clothes. the beginning of it, wal-mart and target and best buy is open. everybody was there. where i was empty until noon. that's when i was getting done. >> if it comes in a box that's what everybody stampedes for. not in a box maybe might be the trick. >> it depends if you want to go thursday. a lot of people are against it. but today's your day.
3:02 am
>> cybermonday. >> cybermonday. all that shopping for you. >> we will talk about it later on. let's get to this, though. investigators are looking to whether speed may have been a factor in the trail train derailment in new york. >> they have recovered the so-called black boxes which will provide valuable information. marci gonzalez is joining us from the scene of the crash. good morning. >> reporter: we're told ntsb investigators could interview the conductor of the train today at the earliest. meanwhile, you can see, they are using spotlights so work can continue overnight. a nightmare early morning train derailment here in new york city. >> it was like a movie scene basically. >> reporter: seven passenger train cars careening off their tracks, two toppling on their sides throwing some of the 100 on board from their seats. >> the next thing i know two people across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me.
3:03 am
>> the metro north express train left from manhattan's grand central terminal. 7:20 a.m. it derailed. investigators looking in to con confirmed reports the train may have been speeding and other unverified claims the conductor tried to hit the brakes, but they failed. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened with the intent of preventing it from happening again. >> reporter: the trains remaining here along the banks of the river until the ntsb has finished inspecting each car. where two men and two women lost their lives. >> i would ask all new yorkers to remember them in their prayers tonight. it is most unfortunate this comes during the holiday season and i think it's a reminder to the all of us that life is a precious gift. >> reporter: officials here do believe everyone has been accounted for. but investigators are bringing cranes in to lift these cars upright, in part, to make
3:04 am
certain there's no one still trapped underneath. john and diana? >> thank you. such a sad story. one of the four people who died on that train is a man who was on his way to work on the rockefeller christmas tree. rockefeller center christmas tree. there he is. >> james l lovell, a family of four a family man according to his neighbors going to work on the rockefeller tree. it is so sad. these people -- it was a sunday after a huge holiday and now for four families this holiday is marred with this tragedy. >> we will have to keep up with the investigation. speed looks like a potential culprit and maybe human error in that regard. we will see what the ntsb comes up with. investigators are looking in to the cause of another fatal de train derailment this weekend. the freight train plunged 40 feet down a ravine in southern mexico. two were employees and the other is identified as a girlfriend of one of the employees.
3:05 am
a health care for passengers on an arizona-bound u.s. i airways flight this weekend. the flight from austin, texas, arrived in phoenix saturday night. passengers are advised to get a tb shot after it was revealed another passenger on board may have had tb. public health experts say that the risk of an infection poeng among the passengers is low because the flight was so short. ntsb investigators have reached the scene of a fatal plane crash in a row mote area of alaska. four people died an six were hurt in an accident in st. marys. pilot and a baby were among the victims. the baby's mother walked a mile in the snow to get help. investigators are looking in to the fiery crash that killed "fast and furious" star paul walk with area sane it could be sometime before they know how fast the car was going before it slammed in to a pole near los angeles. it happened during a charity event held by walker on saturday. minutes after they took a
3:06 am
porsche out for a spin. friends of the event rushed but it was too late. >> we tried. we went through fire extinguishers. >> walker who was 40 started as a child actor. he was on a break from filming "fast and furious" at the time of the crash. freezing rain blamed for turning central massachusetts roads in to sheets of ice. it sent dozens of people to the hospital. the worst case was an enormous chain-reaction crash that involved 70 vehicles including a state trooper patrol car responding to the scene. abc's ginger zee has details. >> reporter: wreck on the holiday hustle home. 70 vehicles piling up near worcester, massachusetts. a thin layer of freezing rain coating the highway. tractor-trailers crushing cars. vehicles nearly pancaked under this truck. the accident injuring at least 35 people. >> extremely surprised that nobody was killed. i've never seen anything of this magnitude. >> reporter: look at this. a passenger on the eastbound
3:07 am
lanes witnessing that fresh pileup. you can see the people being rescued. and it's all happening on what is always one of the busiest weekends of the year, almost 39 million people traveling on the roads. so the next big weather story happens in the pacific northwest. big-time snows. look at that. almost two feet for jackson, wyoming. great for skiers. not so great on the roads. and then you go for rain. that is what we are most concerned about. seattle and portland getting quite a bit and then finally the cold. this will be a huge change. by the end of the week. look at the numbers. temperatures tumbling all the way down to phoenix. ginger zee, abc news, new york. kansas city police are investigating a suspicious death that took place during the chiefs game. when the owner of an suv went to his car he found a stranger inside. the two struggled and when the stranger tried to run away he collapsed and later died an autopsy is set to determine what
3:08 am
caused his death. the bills played in toronto yesterday but the real action was in the stands. toronto's crack smoking mayor rob ford showed up midway through the first quarter. he signed autographs, posed for pictures, plopped down in another fan's seat and chowed down. the popular ford was apparently the real winner. israel's prime minister is meeting with the pope at the vatican. he will likely discuss the pontiff's newly announced visit to israel next may and likely to talk about moves in some european countries to outlaw jewish religious practices. in the ukraine, more than 100,000 protesters hit the streets of kiev. they are vowing to stay in the city's independence square until he does so.
3:09 am
dozens of riot police and demonstrators suffered chemical burns from tear gas. the revamped health care website getting a passing grade but there's room for improvement. government officials say the site is now working more than 90% of the time, up from 40% when it was launched. >> the bottom line, on december 1st is night and day from where it was on october 1st. >> officials say some consumers may encounter problems. they are encouraged to phone the call center if that happens. today kicks off phase two of the holiday shopping rush and john's favorite day, cybermonday. analysts predict americans will spend nearly $2 billion today alone. that is just a drop in the bucket compared to the entire weekend's take. by the end of today, americans will have spent an estimated $57 billion, money spent by as many as 140 million shoppers. that's incredible. all of these numbers are slightly down from last year, if you can believe it. retailers have high hopes for
3:10 am
today. many analysts are expecting the biggest cybermonday ever. up 11% from three years ago. still some 30% of us are planning to spend less on gifts this year. >> the government shut down had a real effect on consumer and business confidence. so with another potential shutdown looming in january, there's a lot of coern out there. and people are becoming tighter with their money this holiday season. >> experts are reminding shoppers not to forget their on-line coupons today and stick to your shopping list. it's easy to get carried away when you are shopping on-line. >> that's my problem. i shop for other people and buy stuff for myself. what's with up with that? >> that's right. amazon says it hopes to use unmanned aircraft to make same-day dliefrryes in a few years the goal is to get the packages to the customers hands within 30 minutes of get hitting the complete purchase button. can you imagine? >> they will call the service
3:11 am
prime air. it may be legal but not technological. if the faa allows the flights to happen so the deliveries can happen. >> nuts. privacy concerns about the drones with cameras flying over people's homes. >> you know, there it is. >> no matter how much the service would cost. i imagine when with i was hearing about the story, they would drop a package on a it will le parachute like a cartoon. that landed smoothly and left it there. >> do you hear something. >> i do, as a matter of fact. >> here's my biggest worry. usually when they deliver something and you call up and say, it hasn't come yet, there's a human that wrote something down, delivered it. saw somebody pick it up. the drone drops the package from the air. >> they probably have surveillance, tiny camera with tape and they will say yeah, it was delivered and this is your neighbor stealing it. >> i think we are years away from that. >> i think you are right. quite a scene in the country's biggest mall.
3:12 am
a guy getting in trouble for throwing away his money. a similar story from a guy who calls himself green santa. he wants his fortune to be yours. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by muciex fast max. of all the places in your house...
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the mauf hopes for the new york giants are still alive but only because they played a team more inept than themselves. >> i'm a giants fan. i don't like the sound of that. >> brown's one yard run for a second touchdown of the game. 24-17 eliminating the redskins from the postseason. the real sports shocker this weekend was in college football. awesome. auburn's stunning win over alabama left fans speechless. >> including auburn's announcer. that alone, not who won or lost, makes it our favorite story of the day. here's abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: by now you have already seen the epic play. with no time left on the clock auburn returning the touch down top defeat alabama. you have not truly experienced the euphoria of that moment
3:17 am
until you have heard it through the voice of awe bourn play-by-play announcer. >> back in the end zone. he will run to the ten, 15, 20, 258, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. there goes davis. davis is going to run it all the way back. auburn is going to win the football game! auburn is going to win the football game! >> he joined nearly 90,000 fans in an eruption of excitement. >> he ran it back 109 yards. they are not going to keep them off the field tonight. holy cow! oh, my god! >> we spoke to bram blet, his voice nearly gone. he said he was trying to capture the moment. >> surprise, jubilation, relief, all wrapped up in to one single play. >> reporter: the auburn faithful couldn't contain themselves either. students rushing the field. victory and cameras in hand.
3:18 am
a bird's eye view of the bedlam. a sports moment for the ages. >> oh, my lord in heaven. >> reporter: rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> oh, my lord in heaven. >> oh, my god! my mom says don't say god. say gosh. gosh. nice, diane. >> i played pee wee football and i have never even -- never occurred to me. >> did you have an opportunity to do. >> i have been watching the pros all my life and never seen that before. >> amazing. i think a lot of people are with you on that one. coming up, an oregon man has been getting a jump on christmas giving in a big way. >> he is portland's green santa but why is he so green? it is a story in itself. ahead in our next half hour, will it be a green christmas for retailers this year? will it be a green christmas for retailers this year? see what is selling and what ♪ music
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body language can n tell you all sorts of things. like someone is having a strok knowow the sudden n signs. learn f.a.s.t. face drooping arm weakness speech difficulty time to call 911 and get them to a hospital immediately. learn the body langue and spot a stroke f.a.a.s.t.
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nothing funkny i canner than a green santa claus unless of course he is a crazy green santa named brian warner. >> he is spreading christmas cheer by giving away nearly everything he owns. >> i got this costume from australia. >> reporter: he calls himself crazy green santa. bo and raised in portland. he's an excited man. >> i have only had in the last 80 hours seven hours of sleep. >> reporter: whose train of thought is sometimes hard to follow. >> hey, mates, how are you doing rrl he is hoping to start a movement. >> a lot of people wish they could quit their job because they get got the raw deal over and over. i reach mid breaking point. i said i have this money, i was planning to work another five years but you know how you want to tell your boss off and be like i'm out of here. i actually did that and that
3:21 am
took courage. >> reporter: so like any man who quits his job, he decided to give away his life's saving. >> after that is gone, i will have 50 bucks to my name. this had better work. >> reporter: $10,000 given away to total strangers while his son taped it. >> i could kiss you. >> some people were in complete utter shock and disbleechl some people were very touched. >> reporter: his idea is a form of paying it forward. >> this is about sharing the love. >> i'm all smiles. i can't stop. >> now with his money gone his sky high hopes include. >> macy's day parade, shirt sales leading to the next $10,000 he wants to give away. there's a reason they are so confident in throwing caution to the wind. >> my father has a track record of getting amazing things to happen when he puts his>
3:22 am
to. >> hit his son doesn't look so excited that his inter tans is given to strangers. >> research shows that giving away money is likely to make you feel wealthier and happier than accumulating it. an identity thf who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts, she may have been notified before it was too late. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network, they will alert you, protecting you before the damage is done. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available,
3:23 am
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enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. all right, everybody. it is "mix" time. talk about christmas cheer followed by ba humbug. this is on black friday in the mall of america. guy goes to the fourth floor fal balcony while a choir below is singing let it snow and throws $1,000 off the balcony. >> wow. >> people at the mall didn't mind and apparently witnesses say the choir sang even more intense and with gusto. but the mall and the police weren't so excited. apparently 29-year-old minnesota man sergei of apple valley was cited for disorderly conduct by the police >> that's not very cool. >> he was ordered not to go back
3:26 am
to the mall. they said it is the first time anyone has done something like that and could have caused a serious situation. any way he was basically motivated by the christmas spirit to give away his $1,000. >> police need to lighten up sometimes. >> especially when it is $1,000 floating around. >> send some this way, please. this is cool. iconic scene from "spartacus" is where spar cuss stands up and says i'm the real spartacus. there is an improv group where they go to starbucks and play out the scene to the amusement of everyone there. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm sparter cuss. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. >> i'm spartacus. [ talking at once "i am
3:27 am
spartacus" ] >> to let you in on what is going on here, one guy goes to the counter and says his name is spart cut. when the drink is ready, drink for spar cuss people in on the joke say i am spartacus until -- >> until the dude in the loin com cloth wins. >> and he wins and gets the drink. starbuck s knew about it. >> you know soccerman moms everywhere, minivan full of kids dropping them off at soccer practice. >> a lot of work. >> mothers extraordinaire. you might have your work cut out to beat this even if you are a soccer mom. this mom has 15 kids on board. it is unbelievable. no car seats. no seat belts, no air bags. 15 kids on board. that's a taxi ride, folks. where do you think they are off to?
3:28 am
play practice. >> swim class or something. >> track and -- >> you know what would
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," railway nightmare. the passenger train derailment in new york. the lives lost. the hassle for commuters and the leads that investigators are following overnight. hollywood tragedy. "fast and furious" star paul walker's final and deadly drive. fans and friends talk about his love of speed. while police uncover new clues. what led 63 women to celebrate the holiday by jumping out of a plane? dozens of daredevils with a single goal in mind. >> you weren't, there diana? stay classy. ron burgundy showing up next to a professional coanchor. it is in "the skinny" on this monday, december 2nd.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> i don't know how i would take ron burgundy sitting next to me for an entire newscast. >> i don't know how you would keep a straight face. >> after a half hour the jokes are not funny anymore. you know what i mean. >> kind of a one-trick pony. >> you are laughing but it is not that funny. >> you need the whole cast to do a 30-minute show. >> that's the way to do it. let's get started. we begin with the latest on the deadly derailment in new york. the train's engineer told investigators the brakes failed as he rounded the curve. >> passenger s reported the train seemed to be going too fast. three victims died when they were thrown through the windows of the train. the other person was killed on board. gio benitez at the scene. >> reporter: as the mangled commuter train sits just feet from the river the search for clues is on. what caused dramatic derailment that killed four and injured more than 60 others. the video from a passing train showing those cars on their
3:32 am
sides. >> by the time i looked up it was completely going off of its track and there was rubble under the tracks flying at my favor face. >> reporter: survivors say many were asleep when the crash happened like ryan kelly who fractured his hand. >> the speed of the car when i woke up i felt it tilting a bit and by the time i realized what was going on everyone was getting thrown around. >> everyone around you, were they okay. >> every one in my car was okay, except for a woman who was pinned between two seats. >> the train left for grand central terminal. at 7:20 a.m. southbound the train approached a large curve and that's when it derailed. >> the train is pretty beat up. the train flipped to some degree. some righted themselves after it flipped but there was with substantial damage inside. >> reporter: passengers describe it as speeding at the curve. though we don't yet know fit was going faster than usual.
3:33 am
>> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened with the intent of preventing it from happening again. >> reporter: new york governor cuomo touring the site of the crash tweeted this photo. >> i want to thank the first responders, who have been heroic all day long. >> reporter: police commissioner ray kelly right there too as all of those people were rushed to the hospital. for people who use the train every day, what do you say to them? >> the systems are safe, based on sheer volume sometimes accidents happen. in terms of the specific cause here, that's going to have to be determined by a full investigation. >> reporter: take a look. investigators are still there searching for clues to figure out what derailed this train. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> now to a scare in the skies involving passengers on an arizona-bound u.s. airways flight this weekend. the flight from austin, texas arrived in phoenix on saturday night. passengers advised to get a shot after it was revealed another passenger on board may have tuberculosis. public health experts say the case is unconfirmed and the risk
3:34 am
of infection is low because the flight was short. scottish investigators warn death toll from the horrific helicopter crash in moscow i likely to go up. so far eight people are confirmed dead. of the 12 still hospitalized three are in intensive care. investigators aren't sure what caused the chopper to go down. dozens of central massachusetts drivers ended their long holiday weekend piled up in a giant chain-reaction crash. in worcester nearly 70 creeks careened in to each other, including the state trooper's car responding to the scene. the problem is freezing rain turned roadways in to sheets of invisible ice. more than 30 people had to be hospitalized. turning to the shocking test of paul walker killed in a fiery car crash in southern california. he was believed to be in the passenger's seat at the time. speed was a factor and too early to tell how fast the porsche was going. here's abc' cecilia vega.
3:35 am
>> reporter: just minutes after actor paul walker, known for his role in the block bust er hit "fast and furious," and his friend pro racer roger -- drove off this. when rescue crews arrived, the fire ball was still burning. witnesses tried to put the fire out, too. it was too late. both were pronounced dead at the scene. >> there's nothing. we tried. we went through fire extinguishers. >> the red porsche so mangled it was unrecognizable. the pole it hit bent in two. carried away. part of an investigation that is still underway. on saturday, the 40-year-old actor attended a car show and his daughter and son were there, too. here's walker looking at that porsche in one of his last known photos. he spoke to both men before they crashed a few blocks away from a charity event. a car that can reach 240 miles an hour. >> he's a professional driver.
3:36 am
>> he's a professional driver. >> not the first time driving a car like this. >> that's why i'm shocked. >> this is where the crash happened. the impact was so great a chunk of the car flew in to that building breaking the window. walker was on a break filming "fast and furious 7." "fast and furious" co-star tyrese gibson, his co-star, was among those who came to the crash site to grieve as stunned friends and fans try to make sense of the actor that mirrors the movies he made. >> what's the last thing you heard paul say? >> i'll be right back. that's the last thing paul said. >> reporter: paul walker fans showing up here. many arriving in their high-end sports cars to pay their respects. the "fast and furious" sequel is facing a delay in destruction. cecilia vega, abc news. >> all right. the obama administration urging north korea to free an elderly american tourist after he appeared in a new video. the video shows merrill newman
3:37 am
confessing to war crimes reading from an awkwardly phrased text. the first time he has been seen since he was detained five weeks ago. pulled off of a plane and no explanation. >> we just hope whatever that misunderstanding is will be resolved. >> swedish ambassador visited newman on saturday and told his family he's in good health. they are hoping to have him home before the new year. >> the ambassador also was able to relay the message that he's being treated by doctors. the food that he is being given is good and he feels they are treating him well. at least that's the message from him to the ambassador to his family. no telling if he was coerced or forced in to reading this and there's no telling if the message he's giving the ambassador is in front of some official. >> of course. he's 85 years old. the concern for if his health is very legitimate. he's not the only one held in north korea. another american citizen, kenneth bay. hope they get home soon. >> absolutely. after two months of system
3:38 am
crashes and error messages, the white house says is working for the majority of people who log on. officials say the site is working more than 90% of the time. that is up from 40% when it began. the weekend relaunch was kept low key so a flood of people wouldn't crash the system again. >> people need an easy experience. it hasn't been easy. >> the good thing when you are down is you have nowhere to go but up. >> officials aren't ruling out problems accessing the website and urge customers to reach out to the call center for advanced help. look at the weather. wind, rain and heavy snow will make a mess for the pacific northwest stretching across the northern border to the great lakes. expect showers in the carolinas but mostly dry everywhere else. >> temperatures fairly typical. 30s and 40s across the north. 50s and 60s in in the mid section and 60s and 70s across the south. if good od and service aren't enough, a new mexico city
3:39 am
is offering a new thrill for diners. it is called dinner in the skies. patrons are strapped in to race car seats and hoisted 150 feet off the ground along with the chefs. >> whoa! . the first such restaurant was in brussels and there are dozen locations around the world. one warning, though, the prices are also sky high. >> that's right. they start at $130 for breakfast, $230 for dinner. i'm just not interested. >> what do you do if you have to go to the bathroom? >> what happens if they forgot an ingredient for the recipe? >> food looked good. >> exactly right. can i have another beer? >> what happens if it starts to tip over? it is just -- anytime you have to brace your chest to have dinner it's not a good time. >> not a good place to break up with your girlfriend, by the way. >> make sure you enjoy the company you are going up with. >> absolutely. coming up in "the skinny," the surprising announcement from nba great michael jordan. and the expectations on this cybermonday. retail push for christmas moves
3:40 am
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♪ it's cybermonday and could set a retail record. >> nearly $2 billion worth of
3:44 am
merchandise could be sold on-line. >> over the weekend $57 billion worth of merchandise was sold as 141 million americans went shopping. abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis has more. >> reporter: holiday shoppers flooded retail stores chasing those holiday deals. >> i'm in!g4óx >> reporter: all told, americans will likely spend $57.4 billion over the four-day weekend. shoppers spent nearly $10 billion in stores on black friday. industry analysts say the number is down 13% as compared to last year on the same day. part of that drop because more stores than ever opened their doors on thanksgiving thursday. and more people than and more people than ever, 47 million, shopped. >> this is perfect. it has 100 pieces for 10 bucks. can't beat that. >> combined, spending between thursday and friday amounted to over $12 billion. a 2.3% increase compared to last year. some of those same retailers who threw open their doors early on thursday also helped tech savvy
3:45 am
consumers by pushing deals through their mobile apps, rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. >> how much of your holiday shopping is done on-line? visit us at i like the on-line shopping. i know you braved the crowds on black friday. do you do any shopping on-line? >> i do. i like shopping. >> like all kinds. never met a kind of shopping you didn't like. >> i enjoy shopping but always feel i leave a couple of people out. usually the bigger people, the people i'm going to spend more money on andened up shopping for them on-line. what about you? you are all about on-line. >> i'm all about on-line. check it out. not a bad christmaturtle neck they gave me. no crazy deer with sparkles. >> every picture present is to diana. >> pretty good, right? >> you have to get on this. you have a lot of gifts to give me apparently. great. coming up, ron burgundy's surprising stunt on a real newscast. >> and coming up next, that's in
3:46 am
"the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> welcome to "the skinny," everyone. we start off with the sad news of paul walker of "fast and furious" fame dead at 40 from this accident. he was leaving a charity event. he decided to take a ride in a porsche with one of his friends and they had a terrible crash on the way back from that ride. crashed right in to a pole near los angeles and he lost his life. so did the person driving. in a fiery crash where friends rushed to the scene to help but they were there too late. people in the entertainment industry are reacting. these are all tweets including seth green who says, shocked and sad to hear about paul walker. met him several times over the years. a hard worker and always kind. prayers. olivia wilde tweeting this out. heavy, heavy heart tonight. paul walker was a genuinely good sweet kind laid back loving person.
3:49 am
sending love to his family. >> vin diesel tweeted out my brother and i, we aimed for the stars together and achieved more than we ever hoped we would can f&f, "fast and furious," there you have it. he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter and long-time girlfriend, as well. this kind of intertwines in to what is going to happen to the "fast and furious" franchise? they were filming the seventh installment of it. it was set to be released july 11th, 2014. sources are telling tmz, some of his co-stars are so incredibly sad about this whole thing they don't want to move forward with the franchise anymore. of course the producers and directors are trying to find a way to make it happen. they don't know if they have filmed enough scenes to have an entire movie come out with him in it. >> so sad. >> really incredibly sad. >> by the way, some of the stars of this franchise, vin diesel tyrese who was at the crash
3:50 am
scene, praying for his friend. ludicrous, dwayne johnn. it grossed $2 billion worldwide. it is an incredibly popular movie franchise. >> he was universally liked. lie everyone that knew him, it seems. michael jordan has the right stuff. 50 years old he and his relatively new wife are expecting. >> wow! >> according to e! on-line. >> she's pretty. >> they are reporting that they are expecting their first child in april. according to a rep that talked to e! news. this will be the fourth child for the chicago bulls star. he has three grown children with his ex-wife but the first child for the cuban-american model. and yeah, they tied the knot back in april after five years of dating. so family's on the way. congratulations to them. now to north dakota where an interesting person showed up on the local news. will ferrell played the role of ron burgundy the entire newscast. next to real, live coanchors. they did their thing for an entire newscast, and this is how it ended. >> wonderful to be here. really was.
3:51 am
>> stay classy. >> what the -- oh, man. >> come again? >> thank you. >> am i supposed to read that. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am. >> he didn't even crack a smile during this entire thing. apparently she kept saying over and over it is not hard to laugh but they tried not to laugh and tried to make it a real deal and he was reading real news, not doing his own thing. >> like how awkward the ending was.pó"z really was awkward. didn't know what to do. hard to know what to do. one mistake is trying to be funnier than the comedian. you get tongue tied. wrapping up the "the skinny," sharon osbourne talking about the weirdest, strangest plastic surgery she's ever had. listen to this. >> what was the worst, most painful procedure? >> having my vagina tightened. >> hello. she said that. i didn't say that. she said that. apparently she said it was her
3:52 am
most painful surgery. she said it was quote excruciating. the audience erupted in to laughter. she said this on "the graham norton show." british tv show host there. >> i didn't even know they had such a procedure. >> no, thank you.. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't, and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and for a clean and fresh toilet with every flush, try lysol no mess automatic cleaner.
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a group of women found a group of women found themselves free falling this weekend with high over the arizona desert. >> they drove out of the plane to the record books kicking off the holiday in free-flying style. linzie janis has their story. >> reporter: these 63 women are about to set a world sky diving record.
3:56 am
this is not your traditional jump, flying on your belly. these women, ranging from 20 to 53 years old, are doing a super fast, super dangerous sport known as free flying. the largest all-female formation ever. >> it is vertical. so we're on our heads while we're in free fall. >> reporter: yes, they are upside down, hurdling head first toward the arizona desert at 165 miles an hour. in free fall for a minute and a half using their legs and feet as rudders to steer themselves in to this flower shape. >> all 63 women have to do the do exactly their job. >> reporter: the women say it is like standing in a hurricane, nearly impossible to move. then comes the most dangerous part of the jump. the divers, many of them nonprofessional, many mothers, break from formation in three ways. each diver must turn themselves 180 degrees in horizontal
3:57 am
positions, flying to a place where they have enough space to open their parachutes. >> something that no one has ever, ever done. >> reporter: 36 daring women now in the history books. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> that's impressive. >> no. >> no? >> impressive, yes. >> 61 chicks who are a lot braver than this right here. you look good, diana. got the ght stuff. >> i'm blonde in that picture but that's okay that's the closest i'm going to get to doing something like that. >> never say never but i have a hunch. >> it is crazy cool. >> crazy cool, unbelievable and they go much faster than a traditional sky dive. >> and the fact they are doing a formation up there and the way they have to brake. just nuts. the previous record was 41. that annihilated that. >> smashed that record. good for them. moms being cool. way cooler than me. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing
3:58 am
orld news now" two decades.
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- a tragic end to the holiday weekend. four people with killed, dozens injured when a train derail near new york city. health scare aboard a plane. everyone on board at risk for a potentially deadly disease. it's cyber monday. we'll show you which sites are offering the best bargains. and this could be the way your holiday gifts arrive in the not so distant future. who wants to do it and when could it become a reality?


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