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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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she would be very intense when i brought the kids by and be very forward and open. she was definitely passionate. >> but yesterday, neighbors became aware that something was wrong. the husband called police to report his wife was suffering from mental illness. eventually, the police left, but the man called for help this morning and that is when city officers were sent to the home. withwere inside the house a man and woman for about 40 officersnd then, called out over their radios that one of them had fired his weapon at the woman. this point, we know that a lady inside the house produced a knife. out of surgery and is in stable condition. >> they say they are glad the neighbor is live but expressed mental and anger that a health crisis was handled by police with such violence. >> it makes me feel like we are
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in a police state. afford soow we can many police officers. a spokesperson for the hyattsville city police as their investigation is ongoing. the officer involved has been placed on routine leave, which is the norm after shootings like this. thisne showed up afternoon, a relative of the man involved. the woman was shot in the chest but she is in stable condition. d.c. police have identified the man killed in a shootout. a police officer was wounded last night in the shooting on queen street northeast. investigators say when officers with the department was gotten recovery unit tried to stop darius murphy, he pulled out a handgun, shooting an officer. police returned fire, killing murphy. the wind officer has been
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released from the hospital. >> a big move today by pepco asking maryland regulators for a rate increase. the powerrovide company with nearly 43 point $5 million. if granted, the average bill would increase by five dollars a month. pepco says it needs the money to add to its infrastructure and reliability. last year, the request for a rate in kris was rejected. >> no need to turn up the heat high today. >> mild temperatures about to get even warmer. doug hill has your first check on the forecast. >> very warm and very cold with maybe some ice between over the weekend. 54 now with cloudy skies and 55 down the river at reagan national. the air is not terribly damp or humid and the wind is calm. that will lead to a little fog or drizzle tonight. inat the airport and 56
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fredericksburg. 47 in annapolis. temperatures are going only to drop a few more degrees of a staying light with a southeasterly wind. and drizzle, so mild overnight. satellite and radar shows a little precipitation moving up the coast grade you will see a mix of stuff in the mississippi valley, but take a look at what's going to happen over the next 24 hours. a major winter storm warning from texas to the canadian border. a lot of important information to share with you, especially for the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. >> we have a traffic alert to tell you about in fairfax county. two westbound lanes of route seven are closed through the evening rush-hour. crews can repair a eight inch water main break, but only one right lane is open.
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>> first two walmarts in the district open their doors today to big crowds equal -- eager to open the big rocks store to town. both promised to being an economic boon to d.c.. horace holmes visited. some were happy and some are not so happy about this. thispretty much grew up in neighborhood on georgia avenue and i can tell you i've never seen it quite as busy as it is. but stores like this one are huge. a lot of smiling faces at the shopping carts. >> and then some. >> huge crowds cut the ribbons onto new landmarks in the city. one located at first and 8th
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street area lacks that's the thing about made metro, that's a good thing. she was one of the first shoppers to walk through the doors this morning, a store that is just down the street room where she lives. that is why it is so exciting to so many people and why it such a big deal to so many who finally have big box shopping options in their neighborhoods. >> i don't have to go out to shop. >> but not everyone is happy to see the big move in next door. >> the family has been operating this dollar store across the street for nearly 15 years. he is not worried about the that walmartt -- brings as much as the inconvenience for customers. took the parking to the
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other side and there was no notice or anything. >> it might not track. like it or not, both stores are in seven days a week combined. employed 600 people and there are plans for four more stores to open up in the district. thanks in part to walmart, the salvation army is making up for the money stolen from the red kettles and d.c.. they now have as much as $45,000 in new donations, including big hunter bijan's from walmart, a local attorney and an automotive shop. we told you about the thieves that roque into the community center in southeast this weekend. police are trying to identify suspects from this surveillance audio. >> d.c.'s fire chief is in the hot seat tonight trade tough
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questions for the chief and members didn't get the answers they wanted. >> sam ford is live from northwest washington with details mf fallout from today's tough q a day. >> you know the story of the d.c. officer who had to wait for a maryland and be led to come and get him. and there are many others. it was another rough appearance for the public safety committee. in his defense, he said the fire department had been broken for the last 15 years. his first appearance before the report wasince they released in november saying the department's fleet was important issue and the chief was again in the hot seat. >> answered -- answers to pointed questions were not answered. the number of certified -- three. how much money did they request for fleet replacement in 2013? zero.
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he asked specifically about the hardware fire last june and why d.c. had to borrow at how vertro -- a power truck from district of washington. in the spotlight again. >> i would buy another one. we are working on putting a purchase order or putting a truck in the budget. >> that truck is 10 years old now. that muchthat truck is throwing good money after bad. >> if you want to replace the truck, replace the truck. about the 13asked new ambulances, he knew that one was at the white house, but the others, he was unsure. he later tried to clarify for reporters. the ambulances are available for service. replaced at the shop --
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not calling for release. he seemed to echo that in a way, saying when everything is going well, a lot of people have responsibility, but when things are going not well, the responsibility is his alone. reporting from the john wilson olden, john ford, abc 7 news. >> for the first time, we are hearing the 911 calls from the day a gunman walked into sandy hook elementary and open fire. are verytapes controversial. prosecutors to argue the recording could cause the victim's family more pain. they are indeed dramatic, which is why we have chosen not to air them. we have read portions
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to paint a picture of what happened and timeline and police response. this,a breathless voice, one of many 911 calls -- somebody has a gun, the caller says. >> isaiah glimpse of somebody running down the hallway. >> ok response the dispatcher. they are still shooting. fromre calls for help different parts of the school. and among 911 operators, a realization of how grave the situation. the dispatcher -- dispatchers urged callers to take cover and asked about the welfare of the children. within four minutes of the first 911 call, officers arrived but did not enter immediately. fear and confusion about a possible second shooter kept them at bay.
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>> there is still shooting going on. >> what about injuries asked the dispatcher? >> we later learned that adam lanza, who killed his mother before driving to the school eventually killed 20 children and six adults. this teacher called from inside her classroom and had already been shot in the foot -- >> adam lanza killed himself just one minute after the lease arrived on the scene. those who analyze the timeline say it is unclear if the delayed entry by police made any difference.
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10 years after a local sheriff's wife was murdered in her home, her killer has still not been found. what police are saying about the case. >> a truck carrying dangerous radioactive material is stolen. greeting international concern. >> and will ferrell sits down with arch campbell to talk, anchoring as ron burgundy a disney movie marketing tool. >> in washington dc, finding some snow. so far.ld >> snow falling out west and a lot of it. we will show you who's getting the
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>> a truck hauling dangerous idea lacked if material is missing radio -- is missing. police say was taken by two armed robbers on monday near mexico city. but sit -- the material known as cobol 60 is a radioactive element used for medical or buses, but it can be used to make a dirty bomb. investigators are looking to track down the suspect who may be unaware of the radioactive cargo they stole. calm.ditions are mild and
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they are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures, dealing with record raking temperatures and snow. >> only four days into december and weeks from the official start of winter, and an arctic blast has taken a brutal hold on a large swath of the country. >> it is terrible. in the midwestes and south are experiencing a 30 to 50 degree temperature drop and only 24 hours. nearly two dozen states are underwent her advisories were warnings. >> i'm hope thing -- i'm hoping it will taper off. >> the winter blast has led to dozens of accidents from utah to colorado and nevada. >> they became the news with this been out. >> we are going to hit. >> it's not just the cold, but the snow adding to the pain. the denver area expect the foot. some places in minnesota will
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double is no total. even on the california coast, zoo animals have been brought it doors to spare them from the conditions. >> we added a little extra hay tonight so they can stay nice and cozy. >> they will need it. citrus farmers in southern california are worried about their crops. they are relying on heavy fans to save them from the cold. >> which makes our mild temperatures that much nicer. >> the cold air is coming in beat seven pieces. push will notg arrive until wednesday of next week. a lot of things to keep. the country club in fairfax, some sunshine this morning. that's the kind of day we had. it was mild, well into the 50s
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and we will stay mild straight through this wednesday evening. clarksburg, 53 degrees. milder than lot that overnight. 59 fredericksburg, 59 in frederick, 59 at reagan national airport area upper 40s to about 50. some big changes on the way, how do i know? it is eight above in denver. 0 -- no degrees in great falls. when you cross the border into southern canada -- take a look at this contrast. 73 in dallas with winter storm warnings tomorrow there. a huge, dynamic outbreak. we have a polar plunge from the arctic at the same time an active jetstream moving out of
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the southwest energizing the system of low pressure. we have some moisture moving through that will come in batches, but the timing suggests sunday will be our day. across texas, dallas-fort worth, the metroplex under that as well. ice accumulations in texas. that will make headlines. more storm warnings in the upper mississippi valley. this will progress eastward over the next 36 hours. it will clear out for the day on saturday and then we deal with another system. tomorrow, cloudy but mild. pressure rightw to the front. cold rain dropping through the 50s trade this will push out of here with some snow to the north and west.
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high pressure brings in the first batch of really cold air. it will be locked in place as the stronger system moves up in to the appellations. it is that combination of moisture and cold air down the east coast that sets the stage for snow and freezing rain. patchy fog with drizzle of the morning. saturday,ay tomorrow. dropping into the low 40s and a cold, cloudy, nasty sunday with a likelihood of that wintry mix of snow to mislead, freezing rain. with any adverse driving will be north and west of the city. there comes a cold air.
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>> we want to see about that monday morning commute. >> monday morning could be nasty. >> "modern family" is new tonight on abc seven primetime. bigis about to coach a football game. >> all coaching legends and none have one more than two. that makes me the winningest first-year freshman coach ever. "modern family" is tonight at 9:00. time to announce the second winner in our one direction ticket giveaway. >> congratulations goes to scarlett cruise from arlington. congratulations. you get two tickets to see them next summer at nationals park. we have more tickets to giveaway. just take today's keyword, beautiful, and go to wjla
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.com/facebook to enter. we will give you another keyword tomorrow. >> coming up, and major consumer warming about it for bladers and office buildings around the country that are there to save lives. >> also, a new breast cancer treatment is in the works. it could mean a board of surgery. >> i have yet to get my free durango. that was part of another aspect of the marketing campaign. >> will ferrell reveals part of his plan to sell "ancho
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>> will ferrell and ron burgundy changing the way movies are marketed. >> arch campbell got to sit down with the star about this new strategy they are using to try to get people to see it. 2" everybody knows "anchorman is coming. it may actually change the way movies get our attention before they open. will ferrell plus eric or, ron burgundy, has presold this movie and several unusual places. >> amber, you look lovely tonight. >> thank you. >> are you married? >> no. >> i am. >> had a guest newscaster -- the star of the 2004, the about tv
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news in the 70s, fictional anchorman ron burgundy. >> at was one of the ideas i had for a long time. >> how did you get them to go along? >> we found a new station. >> it's part of the plan to get ."u interested in "anchorman 2 >> sometimes the luxurious things in life -- what are you doing? it out of here. you dumb dancers. burgundy's dodge ads. >> we had been approached by a number of different companies he wanted to do ron burgundy stuff. none of them felt right and then a bigcame along to sell american car felt right great >> washington has an egg entire exhibit on the movie. will ferrell made an appearance before a crowd of supporters. the exhibit brought attention and crowds to the new zealand --
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to the newseum. almost mored one is secure a goal. we find them in the world of 24- hour news. he's the first to discover putting a car chase on the air. >> will ferrell majored in sports broadcasting at the university of southern california. comedy's gain is tv news is loss. >> i guess. that station in north dakota has gotten some criticism for putting a fake anchor on his newscast, but farre said last night that a station in san antonio and a station in san diego have reached out inviting him to anger. if that's not enough, emerson college in boston has named its communications school, the ron burgundy school of communication, but just for the day. it's a funny movie, but also very interesting the way they are pre-selling it area movies are about pre-awareness.
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>> and he seems like that nice guy. >> he was very nice, very low- key, very sedate. expect. you would >> did he make it to the network on this one? >> i think so. he is on cable network and he kills great he kills on cable. >> thank you. nice to see you. smart carswe have and smartphones. how about this -- a smart brought? work?t how it could prevent you from eating too much. >> to serious murders a decade apart.
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>> more now on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. idc police officers and the middle of a missing d.c. teen investigation. >> what do you know? >> we are told police have been here most of the day. when we arrived about 25 minutes ago, there were about half a dozen squad cars and about twice that many officers all coming and going out of the first-floor apartment here just behind me. eases them bringing out of evidence, including a very large mirror. none of them would tell us what is going on, but multiple sources tell us this was part of a routine investigation into a missing person, juvenile. that brought them into this
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home, where they found a 15- year-old girl and a quantity of drugs. is justestigation getting underway. if you have questions, so do we. no answers from the police officers on the scene, but we will try to find out more as the evening goes on. >> thank you very much an appeal for help and an acknowledgment of a troubling correlation on a pair of murders in alexandria. >> two unsolved murders 10 years apart and they have investigators trying to determine whether the same one is responsible. today, the police chief held a news conference and hast for the public's health in solving this 10-year-old murder. he acknowledged striking similarities between the killing a decade ago and one here in alexandria just last month. a woman found shot to death inside her alexandria home.
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the victim, nancy dunning, the sheriff's wife. a decade passes and no one is ever charged. vintage did like a killing. >> an investigation failed to identify a suspect. then 10 years later and not bar away from the home, transportation official ron kirby is killed in his home in a strikingly similar manner. >> you always wonder. >> the police chief said there was no compelling reason to believe the murders are connected. he acknowledges that the similarities are striking. it is just a natural thing to see whether we are seeing a repeat offender or not. >> as christmas decorations go up and the neighborhood marks the anniversary of the murder, many here reflect on the unsolved killing. >> i'm hoping sunday that the people who murdered her will be found. >> her husband retired and left the area and has since died. his friends believe someone out
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there knows something and is just not coming forward. >> justice is always served for whatever reason. not for the lack of trying, but sometimes things work out and sometimes the bad guy gets a break. >> residents of this thehborhood were lining street with candles to mark the 10th anniversary of the murder of nancy dunning. >> thank you. time now for a look at today's top stories. the d.c. fire chief found himself in hot heat again. he answered questions during a hearing with the d.c. council judiciary and public safety committee. the committee focused on an audit found the department was in poor condition. he says the department is working on making changes. >> more options for shoppers in the district. two new walmarts opened in the district today. and h opened at first street northwest, the second is near missouri avenue critics worry the big box
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retailer will hurt smaller businesses while posing parking problems. >> a woman is in stable condition after a hyattsville city police officer shot her. investigators say her husband called officers to report his wife suffering from mental illness. police say the woman pulled out a knife and the officer shot her in the chest. >> los angeles county coroner's office has released the autopsy from the crash that killed paul walker and his friend in southern california when the porsche slammed into a light pole and tree and burst into flames area the autopsy shows walker was killed by the impact of the crash and fire. his friend was killed by the impact. for toxicology tests will take another six weeks. universal pictures announced it has shut down production on the fasted. seven to discuss whether to move forward with the project. an reference to walker's death,
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we were fortunate to host pat sajak and the game show with the answer is fast and furious aired on about 200 tv stations. sajak and the station explain the episode had been taped weeks earlier. we'll of fortune called it an unfortunate coincidence. lex let's get a check on the traffic situation now. >> still plenty of volume out there. the rush hour is far from over. very slow on 66 going into falls church right now. southboundume delays toward the pentagon and traffic on i-95 southbound, some delays heading south. nothing unusual going on, but word of a new crash on the outer loop just before the woodrow wilson bridge in local lanes is hanging up traffic in
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alexandria. let's see what it looks like out there. here atre quite slow 123 coming toward us on the left side. several stretches beyond as well, but no incidents, just a lot of volume. quitec on the elway is heavy at a bethesda and greenbelt with all lanes open. >> still ahead, a consumer alert about those different leaders you see in your office and why they may not work. >> an emergency is declared after a major route to a popular
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rex a 7 on your side consumer alert, a serious recall involving something that is supposed to be a life-saving medical device. >> natasha barrett joins us now with the details on this. >> first, we are going to start with good news for a change. 250,000 jobs added last month in the private sector. the strongest level of hiring a year according to the payroll processing firm, adp.
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than businesses with fewer 50 employees accounted for almost half these new jobs. hiring picked up in construction , manufacturing and the financial sector. to the serious warning now coming from the fda. fda says some different layers used to help someone who could be having a heart attack could fail to work area the device we are talking about is called the thesestart as far ask. are the same ones recalled last year, but the fda says some people might still have these models and you should not use the device until you replace it. if you are like me and haven't stopped overrating since thanksgiving, this smart bomb by microsoft just arrived. it is designed to detect stress and help women avoid emotional eating. researchers at the university of rochester it would sensors that
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trace a woman's move me -- woman's mood and it performs something like an ekg. that a that goes to your smart phone to keep you from emotional eating. >> you have been emotionally eating since valentine's day. >> i'm good. we need a are to lock up the chocolate. >> i'm not touching it. >> up next, harris's heroes helping tomorrow's patients. >> tomorrow night, a health alert with the new breast cancer treatment
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>> when a baby boy or girl is born only weighing one pound, they need all of the help and tonight can get rid >> harasses hero has made it her work to give babies the best chance. -- t >> with the lights low and incubators warmed up, she keeps
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close watch over the 85 immature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. after years as a pediatric nurse herself, she often works 12 hour days. >> for reasons we don't completely understand, babies are born as small as one pound. babyu think about a term worn at 40 weeks, we have babies born as small as 23 weeks. babiesng for these tiny like they are her own. >> he started smiling a lot. also showers the parents with care and attention. >> there is nothing easy about eating here with your son and having to go home at night and leave him. >> five months old now, little zachary was warned at 26 weeks. has just given us such
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peace that we can go home and sleep well at night. >> she make sure that the 250 nurses -- the nurses have everything they need. >> she sets the tone for everything that happens, the compassion for the patients and families is at the center of everything we do and every decision we make. >> she has two children of her own. it has become one of the largest and most recognized once in the entire country. >> what a special woman. >> a possible new breast cancer treatment could soon become available. there is a new preliminary study that finds vocus ultrasound waves could heat cancer tissue is -- and it is less effective than going under the knife. it is how researchers tried it on 12 women. it removed all of the cancer from 10 of these women. in the other two, it removed 85%
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of the tumor. doctors say more testing is needed. how about this 1 -- the messier a toddler gets while eating in a high chair, the more they might be learning. therding to a new study, children who were the messiest or played with their food the most were at her able to match the word to the correct food. experts say when young children explore with all of their senses, and helps them make a better association. they call it active learning. >> and i was an a student. >> a georgetown university law student taking a break before finals to relax with four-legged friends. it is an annual event hosted by .he defense fund he gives students a chance to unwind before final exams by playing with therapy dogs. for organizations visited the campus with 16 dogs. >> we are getting our first look tonight at the christmas decorations at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the first lady showcase them
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while hosting military families at the white house. all the decorations honor service members and their families. during the visit, the children got a lesson holiday crafts entreat thanks to the white house chef and white house florist. atlet's see what's coming up 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> tonight at 6:00, the still unresolved battle to become virginia's next attorney general is heading to the courtroom. president obama is making an effort to close the income gap today. the plan he presents to congress and why it is causing concern for small business owners. news at 6:00king in a few minutes. >> there is something to look forward to from a weather standpoint. >> sunday may not be something to look forward to unless you are really into winter weather. in the 50s.d and
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let's show the wednesday evening weather story. 61 and culpeper. 55 at reagan national airport. look what is just down the road. 73 degrees, 79 in jackson, mississippi. go farther north and see what thatns -- below zero's -- is an arctic outbreak heading toward the south and east. that will come in a couple of different parts. tomorrow, we get the benefit of warmer winds. but here is what we are dealing with -- tons of winter storm warnings across the hype lanes and tennessee valley through arkansas, oklahoma, and texas. a major winters dorm across parts of new mexico. lots of stuff. initially we will talk rain here and a couple of sprinkles tomorrow afternoon. ,s we get through the afternoon we will get into the 60s with
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late day showers possible. on friday, we will see more showers and the rain will be study. but tomorrow, enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. rain is likely at times as it turned cooler. down below freezing on saturday night and the setup up is in place for the possibility of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. it will eventually warm up into plain rain and a winter chill by the middle of next week. >> see you at 6:00. >> thank you, doug. let's hope some good old kansas city barbecue will help the redskins. >> in case you haven't heard, they've only won three of 12 games this year. they are floundering and i have said for weeks they ought to possible dozens for a trade. let rg iii recharges batteries, but rg iii is not excited about letting cousins play at all. >> it would be cowardly of me to
5:52 pm
check out and say i don't want to play these next four games. that is not who i am great as not to any competitive football player is. we are going to finish out the year and you take what happened this year and you face it. we've got four games and i'm going to give it to them. >> mike tomlin has been fined for stepping on the field in front of jacoby jones. he has been fined $100,000 and now there is buying talk about the steelers losing a draft pick. he nfl should give it all at once or not at all. what are they waiting for? are winningwizards games and having fun, our rent due wizards reporter, montel webster gave an interview this afternoon. go ahead. >> how do you feel with the offense? >> i feel great.
5:53 pm
the deal we have on this team is the best in the league right now. >> so tell me, playing off each that chemistry? >> it is amazing. >> keep it sweet and short. our shot today is from avery bradley of the boston celtics. over the back board, how sweet is that? with the shot of the day. right over the backboard. >> that has ritz light right now. >> i told him keep it short and to the point. i had to cut him off. >> thank you. , i'm greta kreuz in fredericksburg.
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>> a lot of charities around the area are finding their short on donations this holiday season.
5:57 pm
>> in fredericksburg, the salvation army is taking on more people needs. they're worried they may not be able to meet all of that heat. >> of volunteers unloaded donations today. is using aon army store as collection central for everything from close to bikes. to help those who are not as fortunate as the rest of us and this is my way of getting back to the community. >> the annual angel tree program, they are adorned with wish lists from the needy. the demand is way up. >> we are looking at just over 2500. we have had a much larger increase than we were expect them. shorterf that, we are five days between thanksgiving and christmas. >> friday is the deadline to turn angel tree donations in. >>
5:58 pm
just to give you a sense of the great mood here, look at the plastic bags. 1700 people still waiting with just two days to go. >> each child gets clothing, books and ideally something on their wish list. >> the girls really like those. folks and seniors like them also. many just want everyday necessities. something as simple as toothpaste. >> we had a great run father raising about six children. he asked for something for his grandchildren. >> the salvation army is hoping the public will come through so everyone can share a little christmas joy. >> thank you. at 5:00.t for us abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now with breaking news. >> live, from the abc 7 broadcast enter, this is abc
5:59 pm
seven breaking news. >> breaking news comes from the district where for the second time in two days, d.c. police are investigating one of the round for potential crimes involving a child. >> the investigation centers around a missing teenager. abc 7 first broke the story at 5:00. we have the exclusive details for you tonight. >> the security officer at the complex is police have been at this building most of the day. this is the building we are talking about just behind me here. let's show you the video of what we found about an hour or so ago. there were probably half a dozen d.c. police cars marked and unmarked. they were focusing on a ground time,apartment, at one carrying out a large scale mirror. multiple sources tell abc seven that this came about as the result of a missing persons case involving a juvenile. that investigation led them to
6:00 pm
the home of a d.c. police officer. we are told by sources that they found the 15-year-old missing girl and found drugs at the apartment. this is obviously very early in the investigation. they were taking what may have the evidence out of the apartment and still investigating. lots of unanswered questions and we hope to have more information as we get it throughout the evening. >> thank you very much. d.c.'s fire chief is in the hot the. council members want to know how he will repair a fleet critical to saving lives in emergencies. it's the first time he has faced questions over a scathing report that described the fleet as failing. this togetherin in the sense of gettg this fixed. if we are going to share the responsibility, we should all share it together. >> in the wake of a


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