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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> for the second day in a row >> live from the abc seven broadcastenter, -- center, this is abc news seven. is the second time in just two days. the metropolitan police
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department is putting the spotlight on one of their own. we're joined live. are serving alice search warrant at the home of a police officer as part of an ongoing investigation. multiple sources say that that investigation be -- involves a missing girl. >> police investigators are not talking but, they are coming through a first-floor apartment. playing closed officers -- clothed officers brought out items. routine investigation involving a juvenile lead them to the home of a police officer and they found a missing 15- year-old girl and drugs. the officer is from 7b. this is the second time that an
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officer has been involved. he was accused of taking nude photos of a 15-year-old girl. >> i am sick to my stomach. >> she said that the allegations were a blow to everyone on the force. >> we had a member of the community who came forward to tell us what happened. thank god. >> we do not know if there have been any charges. the word is that the police are not answering. we know that there is an ongoing investigation and we will try to stay on top of it. >> thank you for that. happening now, an officer 40 3rdd shooting at avenue. they were responding to a mental health check. he made a threatening move with
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a knife. officers pulled a gun and hit her in the chest. the woman is recovering at the hospital. new information tonight of an investigation by the d.c. fire department. he is blasting his department for a fleet of emergency vehicles that are falling apart. we have more. >> allison, this department is under extreme scrutiny. ande are a lot of paramedic personnel shortages. various vehicles are falling tort and are not able respond to the critical calls. the audit turned up the pressure on the department. the shop is where everything is fixed. it is in shambles. >> we are making a major change. kenneth talked at length on
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the systematic problems that plagued the agency and compromises to public safety. >> these have been in disrepair or 15-20 years and cannot be accomplished overnight. >> 13 new ambulances are being used. secured 13 new ambulances. where are they right now? but he could not say where t ambulances were stationed. he said that the only truck in the fleet has been out of service since april and should be scrapped. >> this truck is 10 years old and has a whole host of problems. >> replace the truck. know how many not of the trucks passed a safety certification test and only three out of 21 latter trucks passed the test. we have not had somebody go.
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thee could not assure firefighters that they are working on safe vehicles. >>y remain frustrated was up there's a confusion -- they remain frustrated. . >> there is a confusion. >> the agency asked for no additional money to buy apparatus. they said it was an oversight and this has caused all of them to look at how the department has been run. live in the district. >> thank you. more information on the scope of surveillance by the nsa. the washington post says they track the location of 5 billion
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cell phones overseas. everyk the movements of cell phone in the world and map the relationships. andprogram is detailed documents were given to the washington post edward snowden. it withhave to pay for a little bit of rain. how is thursday shaping up? be in theoing to upper 60s and there'll be a number of changes. it will change to cooler and colder. then, it will get i see around here. at 43.ton is there's a warm front and temperatures will hold in the 40s. be 15 degrees above average. there will be a cold front on friday. it is more likely as we had to this week.
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there are widespread winter storm warnings and ice storm warnings populating. this over the weekend. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. .> we will see you then, doug officials and newtown, connecticut released 911 recordings from the day of the sandy hook elementary shooting. this is a decision that not everyone agrees with stop >> they capture the panic of school personnel and unimaginable horror. reassure callers that help is on the way. one woman is shot in the foot hat peopleassured t were coming. a frantic operator says that the door is not locked yet and that they have to go a lot the door.
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the door. no public good. >> a judge ruled that the recordings serve the public good fuelslaying the release speculation and undermines confidence in law enforcement. chillingt revealed pictures of the damage done and the arsenal of what was used in the massacre. whenhildren were killed adam lanza went on his deadly rampage. a portion of the 911 calls include landline calls and not calls from cell phones. mexican authorities have recovered stolen truck and the
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radioactive medical equipment that it was killing -- carrying. it was found not far from the abandoned truck. if posed a danger to the public and they blocked off a quarter- mile of the site as a per caution. precaution.on -- the truck was stolen from a gas station and it is unlikely that the thieves knew what was inside the truck when it was stolen. rob ford is, creating a name for himself and washington. -- in washington. he is going to appear to make nfl picks and he says that he is a big redskins fan. new allegations involving a video that shows a rob ford smoking crack cocaine.
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he may have offered $5,000 and a car to drug dealers in exchange for the video. donations in major the community has held the salvation army make up the money that was lost during the break- in. in theas damage southeast on sunday morning. today, they had $45,000 in new donations. major contributions came from walmart, a local attorney, and in automotive salesman. christmaslook at the decorations at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. decorations were done by servicemembers and their families.
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these are all thanks to the white house chefs. will ferrell is putting marketing into overdrive, you might have noticed. campbell on abc seven. he was in north dakota. >> they want to raise your power bill!
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you are watching abc seven news at 11 a clock. >> -- 11:00. for an increase of five dollars a month. say,lk to customers who "not so fast! " affect all the customers here in the state. have aer spring, they history of falling down when storms come.
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a lot of money has been spent to improve that situation. you should pay more. not everyone is buying that. montgomerys of county have -- certain parts of montgomery county have a storm story. >> i was looking at my bill. spring, it look like this after a storm. 's responsehat pepco was terrible. >> it was terrible, if you want my opinion. >> there was an increase of $7.13. approvegulators only $2.41. thecompany says that request has to do with the hundreds of millions that they are spending to make sure the power grid is more reliable in
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the future. customers say that if it is really for that, they are ok with that. >> five dollars would not be too big a sacrifice. >> profits should come out of the shareholder dividends. >> pepco has not earned an increase. >> they feel a gay teenager who has caused a lot of car accident and keeps getting the keys to the car. >> the public service commission will have the final say on this increase. them alldecide to give of what they want, some of what they want, or non-on what they want. we will see what happens. a change is on the way. you might have seen that.
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got to sit down with him and ask a few questions. an idea that i had for a long time. a a new station and a number of companies wanted to do ron burgundy stuff. none of those things felt right. to sell a bigng american car. >> if you cannot get enough of anchorman, there is a full exhibit at the museum. theaters.2 opens in he acts like he is the one who originated car chases. oh, sure. >> we have warm weather and big changes. >> with small and medium range
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-- we have small and medium- range changes. let's start off in the afternoon. it is 57 as the official high. 36 is theees and average. the numbers are in the 40s and 50s. the nighttime lows tonight are equal to where the average highs are tomorrow. kind of upside down weather. it is to the south and west of us and it will push and tomorrow. look out west. these numbers are incredible! all stop it is 13 below and great forest. all of that cold air is rushing. airs the edge of the arctic
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and it will be responsible for a lot of heartache in the form of ice and snow. we have a winter storm watches and there arest sections of kentucky with weather advisories. this is the trajectory as we head into the weekend will stop it will be layered along the coastline. as we get into sunday, the next area of low pressure comes in. overll find icy conditions part of our air area -- parts of our area. maybe a number of parts of our area. we are confident that it will be in the mid-week. it will be in the 40s with cooler skies. and down the east coast, moisture moves in from the south and west. snow, sleet, and
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freezing rain. all of its. that isthe metro area, where you will see more. tonight, just some indications on the satellites here. it will be a cloudy night. here we go up and down. it will be on the mild side for a few days. a taste of winter as we go through and had to tuesday. we have day-to-day changes in place for the next 7, 8, 9, 10 days. >> all right. we will be prepared. thank you so much. what is going on tonight? >> we will start with baseball and ryan zimmerman. he has a new teammates.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk. a welcome tonight. ohio state and a lack of emotion. inconsistency. there are 63-pointers. six three-pointers. a big time jammer. ohio state spanks maryland. 76-60. eddie jordan and rockers in town. there are five guys in double
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figures. rutgers. they go to 71 of three on george there are two timeouts. three seconds left on the clock. 3, 2, 1. ballgame. see you. let me take you to virginia. .3% shooting playerts and the only who was in double figures it was for virginia. .yan zimmerman and cal ripken i'llas ryan's board would -- boyhood idol.
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they also talked about the right-hander. win and goeady to deep in the playoffs. you have to have pitching. four, it gives you a lot of depth. maryland women. eighth-ranked maryland has never big 10 challenge. the men cannot say that. >> this next story cannot wait. you will love this. and oklahoma new station -- news
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>> adc police officer is accused of taking pictures of a girl. that is our top story tonight. doug's forecast for the rest of the week. you can read on week mark the point of the -- how do you mark the point of the week? a station ined
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oklahoma city. the camel was named southie. he looks excited. >> lookout you she is -- look how cute she is! nothing is eating the a subaru...
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the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the lo event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >> a final look at the weather. >> it is crazy. mid-60s tonight. it will be a wintry mix on sunday.
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it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight benedict cumberbatch. and r. kelly. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and a


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