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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 6, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to world news tonight, in the frozen zone, a massive ice storm in the heart of the country. drivers out of control, winter weather from new mexico to maine. hundreds of thousands without power, temperatures drop. celebration of the life of nelson mandela, leaders around the world going to south africa to bid him farewell. made in america. clothes made in america again. and tonight, you can trace your jeans to the farmer who grew the cotton. make it a merry christmas for american jobs.
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good evening to you on this chilly night. they are calling it ice friday, the freezing storm stretching 2,000 miles from the heart land to the east coast. 124 million americans across 16 states, in its grip. look at what some families face this weekend, cars, no match for the slick icy highways. neighbors pitching into help out. power lines dangerously caked in ice. so are the car windows. sidewalks turned into skating rinks, roads icy enough for sleds. our extreme weather team is in the storm zone tonight. and abc's steve osunsami starts us off in arkansas. >> reporter: black ice. white ice. they're calling ice friday, stretching some 2,000 miles across the middle of the country. turning roads in illinois into ice rinks with massive blowing snow, shutting down more than a
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dozen airports across seven states, and killing at least six people. in northern arkansas today a man was killed when an icy tree fell down on his home. and this was the ice versus a power line in fayetteville, the ice won. >> there are flashes. >> reporter: back in the silty the driver of this little rock bus nearly lost it on a slick road. families stuck at home, or in their cars, stuck on the roads. >> it has to be bad if the medical school closes. >> reporter: justin roberts says this shouldn't be happening in the south. he had no gloves or boots and was using an old license plate to scrape the ice off his car. >> they did warn us but when it hits, it hits. and i guess nobody really is ready for it when it comes. >> reporter: this is what families are up against, cities without the resources to clear the streets. all day long, and we saw one lonely snowplow. over in texas, the weight of the ice and snow brought down the
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roof of this marina, they cancelled the dallas marathon, our mike boettcher is there and says thousands of families still in the dark. >> a sevenen hour ice storm lef more than 200,000 homes in dallas without power. the culprit? a thick coat of ice on limbs, they snapped and brought down power lines all around the metroplex. >> reporter: tonight utility crews brought in from other states before the storm are working overtime to remove the branches and repair the lines. these freezing temperatures aren't going anywhere any time soon, so this is going to stick around for a bit. the worst of this storm now heading north and east, greeting the residents of the ohio river valley tonight. diane. >> all right, steve osunsami out in the cold. as steve said, thousands of power lines across the country are laird in ice, even one inch can be dangerous for an outage. abc's weather editor ginger zee is tracking the power for us.
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>> it's so important to talk about that ohio valley. the area getting it first tonight, and for the early morning saturday, i want to just lay that out for you. from d.c. to new york it should stay rain. just north along the pink line, that is who has to watch out. this is what we're talking about power line wise, when you see a power line, 300 feet is all it takes, 300 feet long, and then you get an inch of ice on it. that will add 2200 pounds to the power line, and it snaps. that's not the end of our problem, because even if the power line makes it through, the ice falls off when you start to thaw and it snaps like a rubber band. next question, are we done after that? he said it will stay cold, it will, but we have another storm out west. let me show you what will happen. snow and ice for areas that are not used to it certainly this early look at north of sacramento, 2 1/2 inches of snow, this could be historic snow for them. we will watch this new storm come on shore this weekend. >> it's amazing what one inch of ice can do. thanks so much, ginger and our team will be tracking the fast
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moving storm all weekend long. but we move on next tonight to nelson mandela. and today his life, his unkonk rabble spirit celebrated around the world. on the shores of india, a tribute. and children in pakistan holding a candle light vigil, joy on the streets of new york. and in washington, one little boy waving his hand in the shadow of his hero. the preparations for mandela's memorial service are underway in south africa tonight. abc's alex marquardt is there. >> reporter: south africa awoke today to a new life without mandela. alongside tears, there have been nationwide celebrations, like tonight in soweto township, to honor the spirit of the man who united this country. outside mandela's house today 18 year olds shovan and temelo told
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us they came to say thank you. >> if it wasn't for mandela we wouldn't be friends. >> really? you feel like he brought you together? >> he brought the whole country together. >> reporter: in soweto we met 92-year-old kate modikwane who met mandela in 1949 and hosted him for dinners right her at this table. >> he used to come here and sit with us. i don't think there is anyone else in the whole world, who would be like madiba. >> reporter: overnight, mandela's flag draped coffin left his house, today plans were announced for a week of national mourning before burial in his ancestral home. archbishop desmond tutu called on south africans to make a united living memorial to his legacy. >> the sun will rise tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. it may not appear as bright as yesterday, but love will carry on. >> reporter: the emotion in
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soweto is electric. south africans are expected to turn out in full force at next week's memorial event which will be attended by president barack obama and the first lady. so many are expected to turn out, it's believed it will rival the funeral services for pope john paul ii when millions attended. diane. >> alex, thank you so much. as you said, we did learn late today, president and mrs. obama will travel to the memorial services next weekend. they will be on board air force 1, riding with them some former residents of the white house, president george w. bush and mrs. bush. another former president is remembering mandela today. president bill clinton, who talked with the anchor of this week, george stephanopoulos. >> he once told me that he lived on hatred, when he went into prison. he said after 11 years he realized that they had taken about everything they could take from him except his mind and heart. he said, i realized that those are things you have to give
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away, and i decided not to give them away. >> mahatma gandhi, abe lincoln, george washington. he belongs in that group. >> he does. you know, in my lifetime, gandhi and mandela, in no small measure, because of their willingness to give up the comforts of ordinary life, they symbolize the world we'd all like to live in, if we could just be a little bigger, if we could be a little more like them. >> president clinton with george stephanopoulos, president clinton once asked mandela if he still hated his oppressors, mandela answered, nope, they had me 27 years in prison, if i hated them when i walked out the door, they would still have me. and now, we turn next to what was a big day for your money right here at home, if you haven't checked, you might want to check on your 401(k), because wall street was pouring on the holiday hope today, the dow closing up nearly 200 points.
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why? thanks to the latest news about the economy, and jobs in america. we learned today that last month's 203,000 new jobs were created, better than experts predicted. and look at the unemployment rate. down to 7%. and that's the lowest level since president obama took office, the lowest unemployment rate now in five years. on the subject of jobs, our made in america team is back tonight. and thousands of you have already told us, you are in, and ready to buy american made gifts. it's this christmas season. what a gift to give. even just one thing could help create thousands of new jobs right here at home. you are signing up to give american workers a merry christmas, and abc's anchor david muir, captain of the team with us tonight. >> diane, we have reported on clothing right here, asking the simple question is anything made here in america any more. well, tonight not only are these jeans made here, this number right here is about to reveal everything. right down to the farmer, who
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grew the cotton. this week, our kickoff, made in america december to remember. and the age old question from santa. >> what would you like me to bring you for christmas? >> will it be made in america? abc world news. how much do you think is made in america? stumped. but something else we noticed, something different this year. >> world news tonight. >> reporter: before we could even ask. and tonight those families already sending us the proof. thousands already tweeting and sending us videos. >> everything we purchased this year is made in america. >> reporter: everything? >> made in america. >> reporter: she's still going. and going. and going. >> of course when the party is ready to get going we have texas wine. >> reporter: diane from south carolina. >> you can drink wine or here in the south we have sweet tea. >> reporter: wineglasses made by
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art ware by rebecca. and this couple from new jersey setting up their camera walking into frame, taking this seriously. this year, they are getting jeans made in america. we heard a lot of that. clothes actually made here again. we have reported on that number, 98% of clothes made somewhere else in the world, just 2% made here. american giants tonight making giant inroads. those hoodize made from american cotton, and after all those situps a knockout punch for business since we first zipped up they have gone from one factory to five now. >> made in america. >> reporter: and this new message from the all american clothing company in ohio. >> we are in. >> reporter: listen to the pledge. >> we can chase each pair of jeans back to the american farmer who made the cotton. >> reporter: enter the code it takes you to the farmer who grew the cotton. we tested it out. ordered a pair of jeans, put in the number, and look, we met the
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farmers from ohio. >> hi, david, hi, america. we're the nichols family. >> our jeans are made in america. >> reporter: our thanks to the nichols, a snowy night on the farm. and the t-shirts, that american flag wrapped around their mission, made here, sold here. look on the left. proudly designed in california, and on the right something else we noticed t-shirts they called the sawyer. the sawyer, they have brand new designs, diane i got one for you. the company that makes the sawyer for the sawyer. you will look good this weekend. >> this sawyer loves that. hello to the workers who made it. this is great. we were hoping clothing would make it back in this country. next tonight steering out of trouble. the invisible danger on winter roads, you don't know it's there until it's too late. what to do if your car skids off the highway. and also, the secrets of america's most outrageous anchor man, hold on to your seats, i talked to our person of the
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your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. next we told you about snow and ice hitting more than a dozen states this weekend, the threat to drivers on the roads, the big worry black ice, the powerless feeling when your car skids off the highway. abc's lindsey davis shows us how to steer clear of trouble. >> reporter: tis the season for slipping, sliding, and spinning. each year, there are more than a quarter of a million crashes due to snow and sleet. the most dangerous factor, what is called the hidden killer, black ice. this thin, transparent film forms when the temperature of the pavement is colder than the air above it. and while it's not always easy
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to spot, there are some ways to look out for it and avoid dangerous spinouts. mark cox, a winter driving coach demonstrated for us. >> there are two types of skids, a front wheel skid and a rear wheel skid. a front wheel skid is when you turn the steering wheel and the car doesn't turn. in that case, take your foot off the brake, and off the gas, and just allow the car to coast through the corner as you decrease your steering a little bit. in a rear wheel skid, the car tends to spin. that's when we apply the thing we've always heard about, steering into the skid. at the same time, accelerate gently. >> reporter: if you do hit a patch of black ice, keep in mind, it will take at least twice as long for your car to come to a complete stop, so words of caution this time of year. slow down. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> when we come back right here at the center of your screen a real life jaws moment, we'll tell you what happened in our instant index. at humana, understanding what makes you different is what makes us different.
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i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped. our instant index on this friday, great pictures from the week. beginning with a dance off rematch. here's nick watt. >> reporter: we open this week's instant index with the dance battle of detroit, the usher versus the kid. they've renewed their rivalry coming up in just one minute. meanwhile, here's a fishing boat dragging some fish and a camera, and bang, a mako shark, scary
6:50 pm
mary. to restore your faith in marine life, here's a manatee cuddling a diver. in calgary, pavel padankin scored and this happened. fans threw 26,000 teddy bears on to the ice. it's now an annual tradition, the bears are donated to charity. over in australia, a sea eagle ste a ranger's camera, filmed his 70 mile flight, and snapped a selfie. while baby evie stole her mom's cell phone and filmed a video selfie. back to those detroit dancers. so kimmel had them on for round two. and he called it as a tie. that was the instant index. i'm nick watt. >> and next tonight, america's most outrageous anchor man is back. coming up.
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having less pain -- it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. to hear more of phyllis's story, visit yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! and next tonight, after reporting all the news of this dramatic week, sometimes it's good just to head into the weekend with a smile. and in 12 days, a movie will enter the theaters brought to
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life by will ferrell, our person of the week, and a famously steady family guy, out in hollywood. ten years ago, he created ron burgundy, the pompous news man, who is once again going to get laughs at the expense of those of us who work on tv. >> i look good. i mean really good. i'm ron burgundy. >> he's become a kind of national belly laugh, ron burgundy. a tv anchor puffed up on self importance and hair spray. of course you know what i'm thinking first, which is, is my hair all right? >> your hair looks wonderful. yeah, ron would want to run his fingers through your hair and smell it. >> what's the question ron burgundy most wants to ask ron burgundy? >> he would just say, ron, how do you do it? look at you. how do you do it? and he would just stare open
6:55 pm
mouthed. >> and in the world of comedy, will ferrell is an impossibility, kind, very tall, he says in high school, the only way he could get a girl's attention and sympathy was to be funny. he created a site gag. >> a lot of this. >> his colleague tina fey says something about ferrell is just so american. >> it's not that i don't get angry. i mean, you should have seen me five minutes before i walked in this room, cause someone had brought me a latte, that was soy. and i lost it, diane. i was in tears. >> and you may not know, in college ferrell wanted to be a sportscaster. >> i have a test for you, ready for a pop quiz? >> i was not alerted of this. this is sabotage journalism here. >> you can be this close to being one of us. can you recognize this music?
6:56 pm
>> that's all i get? >> richard brown makes his first big shakeup in the office. >> it was short-lived. and as we know he ended up on saturday night live. >> i have to have more cowbell. >> after that, movie after movie proved irresistible, yet with all the success, ferrell has been married 12 years to the same woman. we asked if he thought he was a good father since we saw his three kids laughing with him and at him at the emmy's. >> nope, you cannot play angry birds right now. no. that was fun. could we go get ice cream now? and i was like, sure. that would be great. >> that's not life. this is life. >> but an answer to your question, yes, i'm a hell of a father.
6:57 pm
yeah. yeah. >> pretty much perfect. >> and i know, i pretty much know all their ages. the youngest -- yeah, i do, yeah. >> so in 12 days, welcome ron burgundy back again, the guy who almost didn't happen. >> we got rejected, i think ten times by ten different studios, as we tried to pitch a comedy about news and everyone's like, really? i don't know. >> did they ever come to you and say, we were wrong? >> oh, no. the hollywood version is, we always liked it. but we just didn't know it would be like that. >> not bad for a nice guy finishing first, not bad for getting the last laugh. a smile for the weekend. and we thank you for watching tonight. we hope you have a good weekend, david muir here tomorrow. and tonight a special 20/20 nelson mandela, a man who
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changed the world. and we ask you to share your three words about mandela's life. here are some of them. good night.
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