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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 7, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> brent: here comes the duke kickoff with a minute remaining. we've been talking about david cutcliffe earlier and the job that he has done. whitfield is the return man. he goes down. a reminder, get your nfl start at 10:00 a.m. espn countdown. catch fantasy football 11:00 a.m. on espn 2. first town and ten, the ball is on the 24 yard line. here's shawn maguire. here's the back-up quarterback for the noles. greene, the freshman the ball carrier. herbie, david cutcliffe's son,
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chris cutcliffe, his team was in the five a state high school state championship. we get word from george hill that they were beaten in jackson, mississippi tonight. 42-35. >> kirk: high scoring. >> brent: tough night for the cutcliffe family here, second down and nine. florida state wrapping up the acc title. using the full back and that's stevenson, a freshman from florida. here comes david cutcliffe across now to congratulate jimbo fisher. of course, everybody expects to see the noles the night of
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january 6. head coach down below. let's go to heather cox with the quarterback and the most valuable player of the night. >> heather: jameis, congratulations. all season long you've been telling me you're not allowed the utter the words national championships. what's it like to look ahead? >> we're there but it ain't over yet. we in there now though. >> heather: what's the last month been like for you as news of the investigation with sharing headlines of your on the field performance? >> it helped our team. we've been known for taking our game off. we came together of the everybody had my back. we knew that it was going to be on and we knew that people were going to try to get us and we did great. >> heather: what did you learn during the investigation? >> i learned i got to get more mature. i got to get better at everything i do. i cannot let myself -- our teammates can't let themselves on this level.
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we got to be up here and go higher and higher and higher and get better every single day. >> heather: on thursday after news was broken, coach fisher told us he told you that he has ultimate trust in you and you just need to be you and he'll take care of the rest. how much did that trust from your head coach help you? >> i love him. that's how you do it. we did it today. we are trying to make history. we got to keep going. >> heather: jameis, how come you decided not to talk during the process on thursday? >> thank you. thank you. >> heather: congratulations. >> brent: jameis winston, the most valuable player. herbie, i think he did say something though, the word mature.
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>> kirk: he's had so much success sometimes you forget he's a red shirt freshman and still learning every single day. >> brent: exactly. go up now to the trophy presentation. they will then head out west to the bcs championship game. 45-7 win. he was 19 of 32, 330 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. on january 1st, herbie, you and i will be out west. rose bowl game presented by vizio. we'll be back on january 6 for the championship game. coach fisher so happy. >> kirk: best time of the year by the way. >> brent: jameis is going to be playing in the rose bowl but not the rose bowl game. he'll take the flower anyway.
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>> kirk: yeah, no doubt. it will be interesting to see the florida state nation in pasadena in that stadium. 1 >> brent: i think he'll travel very well. herbie, your final thoughts on this acc championship. >> kirk: congratulations to florida state, jimbo fisher finally able to secure an acc championship. undefeated on their way to pasade pasadena. we'll find out who they're going to play. you have to give credit to duke, marvelous season. they came out in the first half and competed and did a great job. >> brent: our final score again, florida state 45, duke 7. the seminoles win another acc championship. be sure to go to espn for the coverage of the trophy ceremony coming up live.
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join espn next saturday night for the 2013 heisman trophy presentation presented by nissan, congratulations to jimbo fisher and the noles. now it's time for the ford wrapup show and let's go to robert flores. robert? >> florida state is headed to the national championship game. who will they play? the buckeyes are trailing to michigan state. fourth quarter, the spartans led 17-0. buckeyes take the lead but the spartans come right back, 90 yard drive. cook, price, michigan state leads by three, fourth quart in indianapolis. sec championship game, auburn was hoping for an ohio state loss, tray mason, school record 46 carries, 304 yards as auburn beats missouri 59-42.
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the tigers incredible season continues with an sec championship. pac 12 championship game, stanford, cardinals going back to the rose bowl for a second straight year, something they haven't done since the early 70s. they beat arizona state. second play of the game, 69 yard touchdown, three touchdowns for gaffney. stanford rolls 38-14 over arizona state. oklahoma and oklahoma state, under 30 seconds to play, blake bell to jalen saunders, got it. oklahoma wins 33-24 in stillwater, denying the cowboys the big 12 title. that meant the winner of this game gets the big 12 championship. baylor, texas, final game at floyd casey stadium. the bears win their first outright big 12 championship. antwon to petty.
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national captioning institute >> we are following breaking news from prince george's county. a police officer and suspect shot in district heights. richard reeve will join us live the officersw bullet-proof vest saved his life. another big story we're are following tonight, the weather. butgs right now are calm, in just hours that will change. road crews are getting ready ahead of the winter storm that thexpected to slam
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area. there will be a messy day on the roads. first, the redskins and ravens both have home aims tomorrow, with thousands of drivers on the freeways. first, a timeline of the snow, sleet, and freezing rain. steve rudin gives us live team coverage. >> we have been watching the storm take shape in the belfort furniture weather center the past couple days. even though it is quiet right now, we have pockets of clear skies, but don't be fold. the temperatures are falling, especially out to the west, martinsburg 29, winchester 28, dulles at 34 degrees. 35 annapolis. looking at the satellite radar, clear skies across southern maryland. getting ready to move into fairfax and the district and southern montgomery county. the clouds will trailing behind this and we will have cloudy skies as early as around 3:00 in the morning. the snow will eventually start.
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now we are thinking at about 9:00 or 10:00, pushing in from the south and west. upgraded winter storm warning right now in effect for montgomery county, fairfax, loudoun county. everything shaded in pink, including frederick county, maryland, the district, prince george's county, southern maryland under a winter weather advisory for the day tomorrow. that means we are not looking for quite as much snow, but still the road conditions will be slick. the timeline as we start the day, dry at 6:00 in the morning. the temperature at about 30, 32 degrees. we lose a couple of degrees during the early morning hours. the snow begins at about 9:00, 10:00, light to moderate with 1- 3 inches likely across much of the area. the heaviest amount off to the west. that will change over to sleet and freezing rain, and we could have upwards of a quarter of accumulated freezing rain on telephone poles, cars, and roadways as we move through the
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late afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. coming up, the rest of the timeline and what to expect the next seven days. it will get mighty cold out there, kendys. >> you should be prepared to see hundreds of snow plows and other trucks on the roads tomorrow to clear the wintry mix. earlier today, crews with vdot, the maryland state highway administration were treating the streets. robert lyall continues team coverage from alexandria. >> this has been a massive effort, and for good reason. there have been lots of power toldes in texas, so we are the road crews, about 1000 strong, started early today retreating the roadways and many of the trucks are still here at this hour. right now they are loading up on salt, preparing to head back out. we are told this is all in an
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effort to avert what has artie plagued the rest of the country. what two words on the everybody's mind tonight? >> sleep, ice. gw parkway tothe the beltway look like they have been re-stripe. you're not looking at new lanes, this is a pretreatment with liquid magnesium chloride. in everyday words question mark dry sea salt. they're trying to prevent the deadly black ice. from arkansas to colorado, the arctic last has stayed one step ahead of road crews or completely overwhelmed their salt trucks and plows. >> washington, d.c., to get appear to find the snow. >> not everybody is convinced we will be bitten by the pending frost. everything is just coming. >> you plan to be out tomorrow? >> church. >> the maryland state highway administration is warning of
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dangerous conditions and have salt trucks on standby. so does vdot. >> i'm ready. i actually have to go to the game tomorrow. between the chiefs and redskins. >> thousands are expected at fedex field. this family just arrived from jersey. >> we drove three hours. >> the 1:00 kickoff could be more than just the start of the game, but at the same time snow and ice forming. too, butbad in jersey, football is played in the weather. we will enjoy it in the weather. >> highway transportation authorities want to stress pretreating the roadways are a defense, not a guarantee they will not ice over. particularly if you are headed to the game, you are urged to do three things. one, give yourself plenty of time. .wo, reduce your speed three, you are supposed to do snow tires.
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the authorities are asking that you call 511 from any phone to get the latest conditions on the roads. that is the latest from alligator a, robert liles, -- that is the latest from alexandria, robert lyles, abc 7 news. >> metro says they will have a change to allow crews to prepare and respond to any problems ahead of the monday morning commute. more than a dozen deaths have been blamed on the winter storm that is about to hit us. many of the victims died on slick roads, including the pickup driver who hit in icy patch in texas, then flipped over a guardrail into the water below. there were powerlines that snapped in several states, leaving thousands in the dark. the weather is leading to hundreds of flight cancellations. stay with abc seven news and as we track the storm. get the weather updates anytime by downloading our storm watch app and going to our facebook
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page. steve will have an updated forecast in just a few moments. the breaking news from prince george's county, the police officer and suspect shot in district heights. the shooting happened on parkland court. richard reeve is live at the breaking details. the press conference was held moments ago? >> we want you to know first that the police officer and the suspect are both recovering at prince george's county hospital center. are at cedar hill plaza, where this began at about 9:00 tonight. it was a robbery call. we have video. for a time, this was a very active scene. first we were told there was robbery activity at a tv appliance store. arriving officers spotted three suspects leaving the scene. they pursued them to the 6000 block of parkland court, a couple of blocks away, literally a two minute drive.
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the suspects card stopped at the end of the street, and that is when the gunfire began. vehicle.xit the soon after they exit, there is an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and one of our officers. during the exchange of gunfire, the police officer was shot. the district heights officer, we absolutely believe his bullet- proof vest saved his life. the round struck his vest. >> they are convinced that the bullet-proof vest saved his life as he was shot in the chest. the authorities are not confirming that the suspect was shot in the face, he is now in serious condition. now interviewing, we are told, interest person of and the police are searching for a third suspect. they don't know if he is armed or not. they have direct it to shelter in place.
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it is believed that a prince george's county police officer fired the shot that would at the suspect. the district heights officer did not fire his weapon at all. very complicated case. the police are still out here investigating. live from district heights, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> thank you for the update on that breaking news. three american presidents will be heading to south africa next week to attend the memorial services for the late nelson mandela. president obama, former presidents george w. bush, and bill clinton will be among the dignitaries attending. the memorial service will be held tuesday in johannesburg. and ellis funeral is scheduled for next sunday. -- mandela's funeral is scheduled for next sunday. earlier today, the family issued a statement. >> the leader of our family is gone. in our hearts, and our souls, he will always be with us.
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>> the family says it is humbled by the messages they have received from governments and people all around the world. as the world remembers mandela, abc 7 news and will have extensive coverage. leon harris and scott thuman are traveling to johannesburg. we will have live report starting monday on the newscast. detainedly american for weeks in north korea is back home tonight in the u.s. we will tell you what he said about his release. plus, why a charity race involving prince harry was suspended. batkid?mber that kid --
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>> 72 years ago today, japan launched a surprise attack on pearl harbor. ceremonies were held to remember what president franklin d roosevelt called "a day that would live in infamy." the attack propelled the united states into world war ii.
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today, and 85-year-old american who had been detained in north korea is back home in the u.s. meryl newman was detained in october on accusations he committed hostile acts against north korea. the country state news agency said he was deported from north korea as a humanitarian act, arriving in san francisco this morning. >> it has been a great homecoming. i'm tired, but ready to see my family now. thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciate it. >> newman thanked the swedish embassy, pyongyang, and the u.s. embassy in beijing to help secure his release. his release came as vice president joe biden toured the demilitarized zone between north korea and south korea. sorely --newman shortly after he learned of his release after wrapping up his
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trip to asia. organizers of a charity race involving prince harry are suspending the race because of bad weather conditions. they plan to continue the journey to the south pole. harry is a member of one of three teams involving injured soldiers who left last week. the teams will now be driven part of the route, then finish the final 70 miles on foot. 7 on your side with a health alert. doctors are reporting a major advance. they say an experimental treatment called gene therapy is giving high success rates in tests in more than 120 patients. the treatment involves removing certain white load cells, altering them in a lab to contain a gene that attacks cancer, and then returning them to the patient. actors are detailing the studies at a weekend, -- doctors are detailing the study said a weekend conference. the five-year-old cancer survivorno


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