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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 10, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we have no power. >> it is going to be a rough evening. crews are working to restore power. out,ile the snow has moved temperatures are moving in. -- begins themes storm watch coverage. degrees.36 temperatures are going to tank. the cumulation of 3-4 inches, while the snow is falling temperatures are too warm. there you have it. it is gone. now we have to deal with the aftermath. it is going to be having fun for a while. the bad part of that, tonight it is going to get so cold there is going to be a re-freeze.
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40 at reagan national airport. it is quick to take a couple of hours but temperatures will fall overnight. we are looking for rains and temperatures between 15-24 degrees. that is clear and cold. i see spots. watch out for ice. possibilities of something else coming our way saturday coming up. >> thousands without power from the storm. most of them in northern virginia. dominion has about 3000 and customers without power. with howuz is live people are dealing with the situation. >> crews were hard at work.
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600 customers in the dark. it was ready to come down. it did. it is cold in the house. >> fairfax county had the most outages. in prince williams, you will signed a cold daughter-in-law. . she watches repair crews try to clean up the mess from the storm. [indiscernible] customers were affected. >> it has been hard. no cooking.
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>> $11 million were approved to build more power lines. they have no power. they just stocked their french. >> my husband went grocery shopping because the storm was coming. the food is going to go bad. is not fun at >> the biggest chunk of those without power is about 4000 in hern than -- in nort virginia. a major repair job is going to occur tonight. the minion power begins at 11:00 tonight. alls going to shut down lanes here at route 28 from 11:00 to 12:00. two closures in order to literally pull in new wire across 66 and reconnect it.
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they expect to have everybody in northern virginia back on by tomorrow morning. most snow fell to our north and west. i'll frederick got more snow than the immediate metro, the storm turned out to be manageable. brad bell tells us how people dealt with the latest round of winter weather. the bad part of the snowstorm, the power outages. one of the things, look at this backdrop in baker park. the snow was manageable. only about four inches. who youid, depending on ask it is bad or good. there is no business like snow business for brian. after a snow free winter last
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year, he is glad to be pushing snow and making money. >> it is a start. ,> on the popular sledding hill he is pleased with the snow days. reynolds gets it. >> you are never too old for a snow day. this started his commute morning and found conditions terrible. cars like this slid off roads. , andffice decided to close he turned around. some businesses chose to close. the town seems to be the accumulation champ. here in westminster, they have gotten five inches of snow on this walk. when you combine it with what fell over the weekend, look at
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this. about a foot of snow. >> it caught everybody off guard. >> they were told to stay off from work. she has no choice but to shovel out and get to the post office. she is worried that the pre- christmas no is a bad omen. that was brad bell. the storm is causing a ripple effect around the country. delays continuing this evening. horace holmes joins our team. >> the skies and runways right now are clear here at reagan national. it is not business as usual. airportre busy at the deicing planes. a mountain of flight
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delays and cancellations. >> we have been waiting for four hours now. >> they are here from all straley on their way to florida, until their flight was delayed. >> the bad weather has gripped the midwest, sending the country into a tailspin. here is the scene where hundreds of travelers are stranded. >> i was supposed to leave this morning. they changed it. >> the problems were in the air. on snow-covered i 70 during the height of the storm. >> the tractor-trailers
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jackknifed. i didn't show up an hour ahead. >> there have been 12,000 flight delays today. here.t the big board a number of delays. travel should not get back to normal until sometime tomorrow. horace holmes, abc seven news. >> the temperatures are about to drop more. to check the temperatures, download the abc 7 app to your smart phone. tribute to nelson mandela. people packed a stadium in johannesburg to remember and honor the life of nelson mandela , as well as his legacy. there was singing and dancing. leon harris was there.
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>> good evening. we are coming live here from outside of the nelson mandela .enter here a handful of blocks away from where he spent his last days on earth. today begun a chance to witness the memorial service in johannesburg. it was big. if you consider the event like it was a rock concert, the , heads act or presidents of state, the secretary general of the u.n., and bono of all people. the main event, it was barack obama. this celebration started before people could get through the doors. continued.
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and continued. this massive crowd, most had never met mandela. [indiscernible] >> a picture taken before this young man was even born. he has done so much for us. day about this was a nelson mandela and his legacy. they came with more than that on their minds. these women traveled for hours in the dirt for a once and a lifetime experience. >> this is an exciting event. >> many show that the rockstar here was president obama, even with real rock stars on stage.
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was an electric afternoon. i wish the television could do justice to the sensation of 40- 50,000 people who would spontaneously jump at the song and dance routines. stadium.miniscent of a there was something else going on the stadium. you were following that. ifa moment of awkwardness you talk about politics. specifically, one of the moments was that everyone arranged on stage, they found themselves waiting for quite some time. president obama was not. he did make it to the stadium until 12:45. the south african president, he was met with boos while
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president obama received a hero's welcome when he took the stage. bush,ent george w. clinton, carter, all the world leaders. 91 countries represented. when you have those people, it creates an interesting atmosphere and tension. it was a moment where president obama shook hands with fidel castro -- ronald castro. pictureite put up that saying it is a sign they are ready to ease u.s. aggression towards cuba. regardless, people from countries that sometimes conflict, china, afghanistan, iran. the theme was togetherness. stood for, mandela
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the ties that bind the human spirit. africa. a word in south [applause] i were they captured his greatest gift. recognition we all are bound together. [no audio] >> one other thing, security. the precautions they were taking with all of these dignitaries, we talked about this. we were struck by the absolute lack of any obvious security. anyone can walk into any time. no pat downs, no metal detectors. it was interesting to see so many people. nowere fortunate there were
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problems. >> we didn't see one person get a check. that part of the story is not over yet. things now are pretty much over in johannesburg. now what is [indiscernible] >> thank you. in southore back africa coming up in the next half-hour. >> an alarming case in accused of a sex crime against a student. >> a family missing in the mountains for two days in temperatures below zero, found alive. >> the court case over a $40 speed camera that could lead to more drivers getting out of tickets.
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>> a story with a happy ending out west. alive.e found they were located with their
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children. the family lost its way in subzero temperatures. >> we are happy for the family and glad they have been found. everybody's prayers have been answered. it is been a wonderful thing. >> they could hear the search teams at night, and see choppers flying overhead. aswe remain on storm watch weather moves across the country. and has caused flight delays and dangerous conditions. this pileup took place on sunday. everyone survived the crash, but that was not the case a few miles away on the same highway. one person was killed. >> our odds look pretty good. >> it is amazing.
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it was real-time to see how fast people were flying out there. accidents,f the following too closely. >> it is going to be cold tonight. precipitation is out of here. let sherry what is going to happen next. this time lapse, in clark county. it was snowing heavily, then things slowed down. some got to work. did you see the glistening? that is the problem. will freezemelted solidly as temperatures had down quickly tonight. in leesburg. 31 in germantown and hagerstown. that will help drive things a bit. thee is enough moisture on
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ground icy spots are going to be a big concern. this is adrian. he made his first snowman today. good job. very good job. going tohe snowmen are hang around because temperatures are going to be so cold. 38 and reagan national. 37 in quantico. 36 now in annapolis. temperatures will slowly drop the next hour or two. they are going to be average wake-up temperatures. we will find the coldest readings in areas that do not have snow cover. 14 at dulles. 13 in frederick. teens and low 20s around the rest of the area that have nothing on the ground. temperatures up and down the ds --21 in detroit.
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70 degrees -- that is going to come here on thursday. the chill remains over a large part of the country. we are seeing moderation. this morning situation to the used, the bottom line, temperatures were to warm. it was 34 degrees in most of the area. a couple of degrees colder, we had enough liquid that accumulated. now it is high pressure. cold weather we're are going to be dealing with. is going toance swing down on thursday. a fair amount of sunshine. we have several sunny days. --is time
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we have a lot of sunshine through the area. the next seven days, there is the reinforced. suggesting this brings precipitation to the area. it is too early to tell if it will be rain. >> we will get back to you on that. announcing the ground pride razor of our one direction ticket giveaway. >> the winner was chosen from our five daily winners. congratulation to amy kirkpatrick. she will go to the concert next summer at nationals park. ofgratulations to lisa manassas. she is the winner for tickets to ice! at the national harbor.
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to >> a six-year-old accused of sexual harassment for kissing a girl on the hand. >> you probably noticed a huge spike in your heating bill.
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>> drivers know the financial bite of speed cameras. >> an activist says he has found a way to get drivers off the hook. kevin lewis is live to explain the loophole that officials worry could set a bad precedent. rodney received this citation for speeding but argued he was in the car at the time. he took the case to district court where he lost. it then he walked across the street to circuit court where there was a different outcome. along a lonelyra stretch of georgia avenue. into legal overdrive. it was his paris is going 43 in a 30. he claimed he wasn't behind the wheel. >> it is clear.
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>> the activists is are furring to the speed camera law which states vehicle owners can send a certified letter to district court swearing they were not driving when a violation occurred. he provided time stand -- timestamp conversations he had on his computer the moment this photo was taken. >> the county doesn't care as long as somebody is find. -- fined. >> a judge overturned to stick without requiring him to identify who was actually driving his car. >> my hope is that people who are genuinely innocent for whatever reason can't identify the driver, they will take advantage of this and stand up for themselves. then response to the story, police department released this
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statement saying -- that is the latest in rockville. >> thank you. ahead, football fans, pay attention. a change being made to the super bowl. of gregurder trial patterson. a pivotalsage plays role ball witnesses tell abc seven what they solve the night of the crime. we will have it coming up.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> a man who coached young people is now in police custody accused of sexually abusing a young girl. alexi worked with youth in bethesda for years. >> we spoke with the school spokesperson form of memory county public schools. this came to light after a friend of the alleged teenaged
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victim in the case came forward and told the school administrator. the administrator did the exact right thing and called police. he is behind bars, accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl he was tutoring. detectives want parents to talk to their children because they say he coach students for several years. they are concerned there may be other victims. >> i do not know who the neighbors are sometimes. it is scary. >> it is troubling. >> residents who live nearby his some say that they were stunned. police say the investigation began in november when public school officials notified he was engaged in
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inappropriate contact with students. he worked with students from several schools in the bethesda and potomac areas. he has always been very quiet. sexualcharges included abuse of a minor and third- degree sex abuse. neighbors say he lives at home with his parents but no one answered the door. he is still in custody. >> we have received some information as to where he has worked in the past. we know that he did work [indiscernible] teacher atbstitute bethesda chevy chase high school.
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him coach, and everyone liked him. we will have more at 11:00. back to you. >> speed, not the weather, killed a driver in prince george's county. the crash happened at 4:00 this morning. the driver lost control, ran off the road, and hit age three. the man has not been identified. -- est begin the accused.n is text messages were read from the night of the death. >> the prosecution calling 23 witnesses to the stand. they have one more to go before resting their case. we heard from friends and family members, experts, and police
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officers as prosecutors make their case for conviction of murder. they testified in court about what they witnessed from this porch may 22. they say they heard an argument a block away that lasted 15 minutes. it was followed moments later by a man identified as craig patterson walking down their street. >> he looked right at us. saw him return, walking fast. >> he was fumbling with his close. -- clothes. >> craig patterson called 911, identifying himself as a deputy who had just shot another man for pulling a knife on him. the victim died on the scene.
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defense attorneys repeatedly questioned dawkins'girlfriend about his drinking that night. he referred to a text message she sent him. he had a blood-alcohol content of .15 at the time of his death. nothing justifies what patterson is accused of doing. >> he murdered the guy for no reason. >> defense attorneys say that is not the case. they say he acted in self- defense a miss trying to arrest julian dawkins for breach of the peace. the defense will begin bringing forward its witnesses, including a few members of the arlington county sheriff's office. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. mcdonnell reposes new
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changes to improve mental health services. he wants $30 million in state funding to create a crisis task force following the deaths of the son of virginia state senator craig deeds. this happened less than one day after he had been released from emergency custody. virginia mental health officials have announced other changes. >> crews are working to restore electricity to people in the area. customers in4000 the dark in fairfax and prince william counties. b.g.e. reporting less than 50 affected customers. a check of the traffic situation. traffic, ase is of far as rush-hour, light volume out there. a lot of people didn't go to work today.
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some on the map, but it is not showing anything as far as traffic. there is no delayed traveling southbound this evening. we have to watch out for icy conditions as temperatures continue to fall. later on, neighborhood streets are going to i sub. -- ice up. no delays to report around the beltway on 56. traffic running freely. .hat is what it looks like that is the way it looks. back to you. >> coming up, temperatures dropping and heating costs going up. how you can save money this winter. from then south africa
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massive display honoring nelson mandela.
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>> back to coverage of the tribute to nelson mandela. >> he stunned his country and the world by calling for reconciliation and unification. live in johannesburg with how the man is unifying people in data. have talked so much about the display today. something that was interesting we wanted to share with you, it shows what nelson mandela's ability was to bring people together. a passionate group in the country, the african national congress. then there are the economic human fighters, they are opposed to the current government. these two are constantly at each other. today, they sat in the same section of the stadium, and were
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in agreement. it was quite a moment to witness. >> we are one nation today. no fighting, one nation. >> today there will not be a problem. today we are here, a celebration, hero for us. tier -- a a first first here. nelson mandela's body will lie in state, not too far away. the first time a president will lie in state, and continue the celebration that will last until sunday. live in johannesburg, abc 7 news. , what has been banned at the super bowl.
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>> a six-year-old suspended for kissing a girl at school.
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>> a colder than normal in november. >> what does that mean for your heating bill? a little cashe this winter. >> 90% of us were expected to pay more for our heating bill this winter. that was the projection from the government. you are paying more now. we have ways you can save from here on out. it is a double whammy. colder weather earlier, prices for natural gas and electricity are high this year. you have probably noticed your bill is much higher. >> i have heard complaints. is the savings every month. >> we have heard from you as
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well. on the facebook page, viewers quoted expensive heating bills. here is one. $183 for a two-bedroom apartment. many others lost heat during the storm. >> our house is freezing. warm stripping around doors and windows. inspect duct work for aaron lays. keep fireplaces closed if not in use. doing? aren't people >> replacing the filter. long --kes the list, as and use the sunshine during the day. check for vent blockage. >> gordon says he does all of this. one last thing, digital thermostats. keep track of your temperatures better with those if he have the
5:49 pm
money to do that. it all costs money to do this. >> good tips though. thank you very much. doug hill has tips on what is coming. >> a lot of sunshine today. very cold temperatures at night. let's get started with a look at the time lapse. the sunrise this morning. here comes the new batch of snow with daylight. the snow begins. kids had a good time out there. then we are back to the afternoon clearing out quickly. melt it ane helped little bit. this is going to re-freeze solidly. north and west of town, four inches to the west. southwest of the city. it all melted pretty much.
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take a look at the cold temperatures. that is going to be a problem. a beautiful picture. share them with us at our facebook. it will get cold tonight. as cold as 15 in frederick. 23 in the capital. -- capitol. 34t cold start will climb to with sunshine. the nighttime temperatures will be bitterly cold. saturday and other storm heads this way. we must wait and see. >> thank you. a six-year-old boy has sexual harassment on his school record because he kissed a girl in his class. he says he likes the girl, she likes him back, so it he kissed her on the hand.
5:51 pm
the teacher sent him to the office. he was suspended. because theas upset principal calls the sexual harassment. >> my child is asking question. what is sex? the school district says his action fit the definition of sexual-harassment. he has been suspended before for roughhousing and kissing the same girl on the check -- cheek. >> the biggest names in hollywood are the most overpaid according to forbes magazine. heigl,ndler, katherine and reese witherspoon starred in films with the biggest budget and the lowest profits. which were the biggest flops? we have posted the story
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time, at in prime 10:00, "what would you do? " is back. stick around for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> something will be missing at the super bowl. no actual tailgating allowed. the game committee is banning tailgating in new jersey. fans may eat and drink in their cars. they may stand next to their cars, as long as they stay within their parking spot. no chairs, grills, tables. >> how can you not tailgate at the super bowl? come on. what is happening to this country? story, there is nothing
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new. it was all quite. while all the experts and pundits talk about mike shanahan and when he will be fired, this was the picture they tweeted this morning. at redskinsderland park. can you imagine the replies? everything you are thinking. we assume mike shanahan is going to coach against atlanta. has a clause in his contract the gives him all decisions on personnel. a coachlook at it as who simply has a 3-10 team, looking to get a spark in his team. the quarterback who just got his six times, sacked and a coach who wants to find a new spark. topics, college basketball has taken a dramatic turn. the best team in washington is
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george washington. once again, he was nothing but net. sunday night, george washington amir bloomberg tied in the final seconds. as the clock wound down, he knew it was his time. >> i wanted to go. they got it to me. >> he beat the buzzer. >> it was great. it was what i have dreamed of since i was a little kid. i finally got to do that. >> marie's is a student athlete. he is a graduate student. he feels right at home at gw. >> it is a match made in heaven.
5:55 pm
prove he had a lot left. now we are 8-1. we are a great team to watch. graduated,d indiana, now plays a gw.
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>> roads were cleared to drive early in the day. >> with people not going to work because of the weather, the malls were crowded. the dayome of you spent off. >> shopper started showing. had a snow day, but not enough snow to play in the snow. it just as for today,
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chance to check out toys on the list. others enjoy windowshopping. they lost a couple of days of theying as a black flyer -- as black friday came late. >> we are going to ride on the train. is visiting from pennsylvania, a couple of inches on the ground is nothing to him. >> we come home and play in the snow. >> a literal on the extreme, they understand while people will choose the mall. stephanie had planned the taking the kids out of school because she had not seen them in a wild. >> i'm able to spend the day with them, and the kids can see santa. >> she had been gone a week.
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she is hoping they have the energy to get back home, plan the snow, while she and dad can sip hot chocolate. it for us at 5:00. >> the news continues at 6:00. >> live, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute mass thatg up after a will turn bitterly cold. >> the road crews are working to clear and treat roads. we will have a storm watch of team coverage. doug hill will join us with what is on the way. we believe -- begin with stephen tschida.


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