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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 14, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> one way for santa to stay in shape. around 6000 people dressed up as santa claus and his elves. it was a run through madrid, spain. the money raised will be used to buy presents for children. look at those santas go.
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>> depending on where you work, it was either a snowy day or a soggy day. beach.s warm on the they are in the 50s at ocean city. [laughter] 41 degrees for our high tomorrow prayed middle 30s on monday. i tuesday in the lower 40s. if you travel plans to new york city, six inches of snow on the ground. heavy thunder snow. imagine that. >> stay with us. extras next.
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>> this is abc seven news, saturday news extra, on your side. >> we are a week away from the start of winter.
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it has looks like winter for weeks now. the storm left people in the midwest and east digging out of several inches of snow. >> to storms converge along the east coast. >> it is a question of what mother nature is going to throw at us. >> roadways are treacherous. >> they think they can go anywhere. it is not so. away,h christmas a week shoppers battle the bad weather anyway to wrap up guest lists. >> we know what we are buying. >> retailers worried that it could help -- hurt sales. >> i am headed home. >> merry christmas. spirit didn't dampen the
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of santa con, a pub crawl that tracks thousands of revelers. much of the northeast, it is business as usual. across the globe, a once-in-a- lifetime site area and the for snowfall in more than 100 years. to roussell with a foot of snow. inspiring children to act just like kids. nelson mandela is back home. hometownarrived in his in south africa today. it is ahead of his burial tomorrow. alex has more. >> it is been a week of national mourning. three days of lying in state in the government buildings on the hill.
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now he has gone home. this morning, a cargo plane escorted by fighter jets carry the body of the anti-apartheid leader to its final resting place. he was greeted with full military honors before driving back to his home where he grew up. 5000 people are inspected to attend tomorrow's funeral, including prince charles and reverend jesse jackson. after confusion over invitations, archbishop desmond tutu. the funeral will be followed by a small private burial marking the end of the age of nelson mandela. >> lamar alexander has fired his chief of staff after he was arrested in a child pornography case. horace holmes has more on the story.
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>> handcuffed and escorted out of his home by police, he remained silent as officers waste in the back of their cruiser. the chief of staff for lamar alexander, use charged with dealing child pornography. >> he was a quiet guy. just a good guy, good neighbor. >> neighbors are stunned to see police dissent on his neatly cap tone. what is going on? >> police raided the home. they spent the morning in his house and walked out with bags of boxes of evidence. along with computers. >> it is not something i would've ever suspected. i've never seen children here. the tennessee center released a statement today saying he was stunned, surprise, and disappointed by the news. so were neighbors.
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>> a former lacrosse player convicted of killing his ex- girlfriend is now requesting a new trial. the gum or a county native george nucleus serving 23 years in prison for the 2010 beating death of yardley love. heardourt of appeals arguments. county him ael police need your help finding a man caught on video stealing packages from a home in hanover. he walked up on the front porch and walked away with the boxes. police say that he might be driving a four-door dark gray 333. with a partial tag of a local newspaper delivery man is accused of stealing thousands of dollars. prince william county police
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says he took the money through the mail. with one of the victims. >> it is disturbing to think you can mail something in your own building. >> gloria lives in a place most consider safe. >> is it an adult active community. >> it is aimed folks 55 years and older to get to it yet to drive three gay. despite the security, residents rely someone was room -- was repeatedly stealing checks out of anything they put in the mail slot. >> gloria says the fee structure and number of times over the last two years. one year her grandson thought she had forgotten to send him money on his birthday. her son thought she a forgotten his birthday altogether. >> i would never forget his birthday. he didn't say anything. i asked if he got my car. he stole items from separate
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buildings over three years. a postal inspector set up a august,amera and in show the newspaper delivery man entering this room and breaking his way into the mail slot. the valuable was stolen, $100,000. >> it is hard to believe he would get that much money out of that. they were pretty busy. quite she says she has changed her habits. >> now i don't do any cash anymore, or gift cards. >> tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a timely story as we deal with the cold weather ahead. learn how to save money on your heating bill. this country was built by working people.
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>> welcome back. steve rudin is with us now to talk about the weather. it is a weird weather map. 61 degrees to the south. under snow to the north. >> thunder snow in boston. snowhave six inches of outside of new york city. we lucked out on this one. if you love the snow, not so great. ahead of ourselves though. looking outside, the rain has come to an end. cloudy skies at reagan national airport. windsor out of the northwest. the winds are going to kick up
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as they move through the day tomorrow. 42 was our high earlier in the day. the record was 70. 34, upper northwest ec. 41 degrees. that could start to freeze up as we move through the early morning outdoors. look at the map rate temperatures, a wide range. 29 in hagerstown. ocean city, down one degree. there at 54. it is mild. they are at 61 degrees at this hour. us, colder to the north of 33 new york city. heavy snow in boston at 30 degrees. not so far from carson -- from boston, their 10 degrees. all of the rain, sleet, snow moves off to the north and east.
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areas of low pressure developing off the coast. that will bring the heavier snows to boston and domain is the move through the overnight and into the day tomorrow. our weather, our rain now over with. doppler proves it. it is quite and dry run the capital. slick spots to the west of us. i don't see rain here at least for the next few days. i winter weather advisory for another hour and eight minutes. for frederick county, and that storm warning, all of the should of been canceled. that hanging on until 1:00. then that will cancel off. the next 48 hours, a good deal of sunshine. feel colder will than today. even though we will see highs around 40 degrees. it feel up tomake 20. keep the sunshine and the forecast. reinforcing shot of cold air on monday.
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we will start that slow warming trend as the move into the end of the work and school week. 30-35 for laurel. showers andeltway, snow over with. a gradual clearing for tomorrow. winds of the west at 15-20. they will feel colder than that. milder air. you've got it. by friday and saturday. >> it sounds good. >> i saw you out there. >> the u.s. cover projected that 90% of homeowners would pay more for heating bills this winter. that appears to be the case. there are ways to save money. consumer reported nausea barrett shows us how. -- natasha barrett shows us how. >> it is a double whammy. colder weather earlier and prices for natural gas are higher this year.
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you have noticed your heating bill is also much higher. >> i'm not hearing any complains. is the samecern every month. how high their bills are. -- we haveearned heard from you as well. viewers quoted expensive bills this month. for a two-bedroom apartment. >> our house is freezing. >> here are ways you can lower your bill at your house. replace stripping around doors and windows. check your attics for air loss. inspect ductwork for air leaks. keep fireplaces cold -- closed if not in use. times replacing the filter and the equipment. >> use the sunshine to warm your house opening curtains during the day.
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check for the blockage. you.ank coming up, a look at what is new in theaters pre-arch campbell has a preview of "the
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>> one way to look at the weather is that it is a good time to head to a movie theater to check out a movie. arch campbell has an idea of what you might want to see. include oneis week
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of the years best and one of the world -- years biggest. the dragon steals the show and the second chapter of "the hobbit." a lot of warriors and monsters. fans will love it while the non- initiated might squirm during the three-hour running time. three stars, pg-13. poppins is not for sale. >> saving mr. banks tells the story behind the making of "mary poppins." the very visited -- in the thompson breathes fire into her. bob the time things work out, there is not a try i in the house. pg-13, for stars. -- bestend best that
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bet. >> have a great weekend. >> arch always knows. why the biggest names in hollywood are the most overpaid according to "forbes magazine." films withtarted in the biggest budgets and the list profits. which were the biggest flops? .ou can go to we have the story there. coming up,


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