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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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flurries, that is all. a couple patches of white snow. let's go outside the belfort furniture weather center. , but was a bit of sunshine the clouds will run out because they are advancing eastward. it was shipped up to chicagoland. there is an upper air disturbance that will track to be southeast. it will affect us for a six-hour stretch as it moves through overnight early tomorrow. we expect chances of some flurries and hatches of night slow. no accumulation expected. the forecast is cloudy and cold into the evening. we will drop into the upper 20's later tonight. temperatures in the morning will be 25-34 degrees. -- we should have some sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. lots of up and downs in the next seven days. we will highlight those in a few minutes. urge you to stay with all
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abc 7 news platforms for complete coverage. .com andlog onto wjla visit our facebook or twitter sites at any time. >> a latebreaking story. police make an arrest in a series of local assaults. brad bell is live tonight. >> police are happy to make this announcement. they were looking hard for this guy. it turns out he was in jail eight hours after the attack. it happened right about here, but eight hours later the committed anedly armed robbery in montgomery county. he was caught and locked up. he was not linked to these crime until the dna evidence came in. -- princerge's county
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george's county police say that emerito chicas-savala is a brutal rape is that left a community in fear. it is good news to hear he is arrested. >> we still have to be cautious. >> i am glad they caught him. i am glad, i am glad. that is all i can say. but it was october 29. it 24-year-old woman and a 14- year-old girl were attacked 20 minutes and 100 yards apart behind this building. police conducted a massive manhunt for days. they generated an artist sketch of a suspect. it are that he was arrested that night for an armed robbery. while behind bars, his dna was linked to an earlier sexual assault there and then to what happened here.
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the victim ofin the to sex assault here and the victims very quickly identified that person as a suspect in this case. >> he is being held in montgomery county. robberycing those armed charges. in prince george's county, they have a long list of charges related to these offenses when they get their hands on the suspect area they want the community to know that they believe they have the suspect behind bars. red bell, abc 7 news -- brad bell, abc 7 news. >> just hours ago, a federal broughthat the nsa record selections violates the fourth amendment of the constitution preventing unreasonable searches. it provoked a heated debate. the obama that administration
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has defended the program as a crucial tool against terrorism. live report a coming up at 6:00. >> we are developing of -- we are monitoring a developing story for the recount to determine a winner in the race for attorney general. mark herringcount, won by less than 200 votes by the public and mark over jane -- mark over shane -- mark obenshain. >> we should be getting an update on the count in the next couple of minutes. as of 30 minutes ago, we can to you that mark herring has picked up 132 votes. hastor mark obenshain picked up 55 votes. it is not a majority of precincts reporting. it is about 22%. it is also worth noting that
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zero ballots have been challenged or debated at this point. believesng campaign their legal continue to grow. in fairfax county, the numbers task at story of the hand. falling tears are counting over 300,000 ballots from 240 36 -- 240 precincts countywide. >> we are doing to this as properly and fairly and accurately as we possibly can. >> machines do most of the work over votesll reject or under votes. voters don't fill in the circle believe a check or next. many votes we rejected by machine which will lead to
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closer investigation. if the team cannot come to an agreement, that they will be sent to a special record dish -- special recount court. theyone involved expects final tally will be shifted one way or another. >> i think either candidate has a chance to win this and this is why the process be be fair and open. will --ourt in richmond we feel that on friday the court in richmond will declare mark herring the winner of this contest. >> it started earlier and alexandria and chesapeake because the voting technology is a bit outdated. they had to count the ballots by hand. tomorrow all across the commonwealth, the recount will begin in all precincts and then later in the week the record -- recount court will meet and
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certify a winner. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> paramedics rushed a teenager to the hospital after a classmate uses pepper spray during a fight. police say that seven student -- several students were fighting when one pulled out a can of pepper spray. at least five other teens were seed -- treated at the scene. police are looking for a gunman who shot a man the face in southeast. the shooter shot into a group of people around noon. the victim was conscious and breathing when paramedics took him off to the hospital. outrage tonight over a series of sexual assaults inside eight ec pool -- a d.c. pool. we're outside the pool with the action that was taken today. >> it was hot seat time.
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employees not doing their jobs? or the negligent or was this a cover-up? allegations of sexual assault at the wilson aquatic center came down to this. >> i am not satisfied and i will not be until i find what they will do to change this. from thented answers director after at least three victims, two of them juveniles, came forward claiming they had been sexually assaulted at the pool after hours. >> we do not condone and are not tolerant of our staff acting outside of policy. >> at today's emergency hearing, they explained the two employees knew the victims and said one of m had a key to the facility. as a app -- after they snuck in,
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swimming and drinking turned sinister and ended in sexual assault. the council wanted to know how no one in a position of authority new the activity was going on. it only came to light when a 23- year-old woman stepped forward and reported that she had been raped. >> you think these parties were ok with the management? is that the deal? explained there was not security personnel at the pool. security tapes are only reviewed the if necessary, and the daily entry log did not highlight the problem at the time. a longtime resident and pool patron was not satisfied. >> it was painful to hear the testimony of the director. they are clearly stonewalling. >> the director says she will have the findings of the court by christian -- christmas.
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jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> police are hoping images from a security camera will lead a bank robber. they say this man rob virginia commerce bancorp on friday morning. the suspect had a neon cover acket and was also wearing white hard hat with the word "joy" on the front. >> joy is not a word you would use in association with the redskins. >> not a lot going in the locker room. >> drama is the word you do want to use because tonight, all eyes are back on kyle shanahan, son of head coach mike shanahan. there are reports he is planning to leave the team after the season. d.c. s is washington a love drama here. talk radio thrives on it. between kirk cousins'
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informants, the town is buzzing today. he so-called experts are also talking about kyle shanahan's job. they say he is not endeared himself to the staff and that he is the main problem. he complains about everything and his father has to fix it. despite they are eighth in total offense out of 32 teams, another report says sally -- kyle shanahan would like to work for someone other than his father. the address these issues with broad spa road -- broad strokes. is concentrateo on the dallas cowboys portland the faction -- falcons. there always people in the past. a lot of things to come out. it is part of this business. we have to work through it and i think our organization is tough enough to work through it.
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>> i go back to this is washington and redskins are going to the football. now they are debating mark shanahan, the cornerback situation, and kyle shanahan. this is a great city or what? [laughter] says, don'ter believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. that is what is happening with the redskins. >> a controversial story involving a student and a hug. a new plan to control panhandlers. will it really work? >> mega millions. the jackpot is even higher. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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counting until christmas morning and now many of the nation's retailers are pulling out all the stops to get the last of your season money. >> e-mail, social media, you can expect to see a bunch of sales pitches.
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deals you can expect to see. a half willweek and feel like a combination of cyber monday with black friday. all of those deals will inundate shoppers. it seems not a lot of people are taking the bait so far. advertising deals of 50%- 70% off, many stores look today like they did black friday. last year, it was black friday in the sales went away. this year, the black friday sales are still around. >> there are 26 days this year between things giving a christmas -- the shortest it ever is. holiday shopping season is off to a bad start. black friday sales were down last -- from
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>> i did shopping on black friday but i am not done yet. >> while many shoppers have taken advantage of some of the deals out there -- >> i am almost done, but why not? >> there are many who have not. national survey shows that the average shopper is only checked off half of their christmas list so far. some surveys said they have not even shop -- started shopping yet. some are even waiting for these stores to practically give them away. national retail federation, at the end of the day they say they expect holiday sales will be down about 2% from last year. it will be his lowest level in some seven years. kendis gibson, abc 7 news. >> here's something to help you with all that shopping. the jackpot has risen once again for what may end up as the largest american lottery drawing ever.
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officials that make millions announce that the jackpot for tomorrow night's drawing has been up to $586 million. the jackpot could rise again. he largest jackpot is different -- $656 million. you can watch the winning numbers during the news at 11:00. >> i can't even dream numbers like that. >> i can't, either. end oferatures at the the week will be to the 60's. >> are you shooter -- are you sure we are in december? >> is kind of crazy. bit of sunshine getting through. a lot of hazing cloudiness. the scaffolding is almost down altogether. yes, some flurries are possible as well. let's jump into here on a monday
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and cherry what we are looking at on the maps. temperatures are colder than average. 38 at reagan national. the two-point temperature is 23 degrees so very dry. nt temperature is 23 so very dry. it will get to the upper 20's as overnightrough the hours. we will have an upper error the service. it is not a storm, but eight clipper type system. -- we could some see some flurries. seven in duluth, 17 in detroit. there is a lot of cold air. another one tomorrow evening will bring in a taste of this colder air, but that is all we will get. we're not going to go into the deep freeze -- in fact, we will go the opposite way.
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over our area, we will get a atnce to get a patch of snow times. no accumulation expected in our area. it should be a fast mover and morning snow in the north of the metro area. we could break into sunshine for the middle afternoon and a cold front could present by the evening hours. you might see some light rain or some flurries. that will be that. then we can look into a warm up as we get past wednesday. not what we are looking at and the moment that the weather computer, here. an inch of close to snow, but in our area just about zero inches of snowfall. a fast mover, not going to do much in our area at all. we will see light snow in a little bit -- and a little bit of mix in the morning. it will be kind of cloudy around
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noon and get up to 44 in the afternoon. our advertised about 46 degrees. a bit ofday, we begin a warm-up. thursday and friday we will do better. on friday, close to 60 degrees with a chance of showers. over the weekend -- look at these numbers. there is a slow-moving cold front that will last through saturday, sunday, and even monday morning air. >> i see some good-looking note -- lottery numbers there. >> with the temperatures, it might be hard to get in the holiday spirit but abc is the fore if you are in the mood holiday programming. check in with us on abc seven
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news at 11:00. >> what you need to know if you are sending or receiving any guests and some local neighborhoods in particular that have been targeted.
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>> now to an abc seven watchdog investigation. is a plan in montgomery county from askinghandlers for money to on busy streets. were --omery county county reporter kevin lewis as the word on whether this worked or not. >> it would send panhandlers home. similar programs have been successful in nashville and fort lauderdale, florida. in the height of the holiday season it seems little has changed. ryan's -- heather r yan's office is a concrete median. the 22-year-old says she and her
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boyfriend's daily payout has not dropped. >> we don't want our residents to give to panhandlers. watch a the county campaign to put people like her out of work. to initiative allows morris text the word share to a five digit number -- motorists to text the word share to a five digit number that would go towards homeless shelters. the move has not been a quick hit. spent $10,000nty publicizing the idea but more than three months later, the county has barely collected $1000 in handouts. panhandlers is cap in business. >> i cannot find a job. what else am i supposed to do? behavior, dayt after day, that ultimately does not improve their condition.
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it is certainly not productive for montgomery county. he says he never thought there would be a sudden flood of citywide, but residents have a healthier donation output at their fingertips. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. ron burgandy gets ready to stay classy on cable.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling, chief meteorologist uphill, whether, and tim brant, sports. this is abc 7 news at 5:00. on your side. if you are expecting packages to arrive at your door. --police say that steve thieves have stepped up their games when it comes to swiping presence. we are live in cleveland park with the alert you need to see. >> it is busy at this time of year. rushing around, trying to pick up these last-minute resins. one way people get around that
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is by ordering off the internet. they have been doing this for years. what is going on in this neighborhood and others is that these are taking advantage is left unguarded at front doors. >> this is the box that had the stuff in it. >> a thief stole two packages that it only been there for less than an hour and a half area -- half. you will see deliveries being waiting to be retrieved although thieves are finding them first. >> is easy to ordinate -- it is easy to order from the internet that i don't know about this. >> half of the merchandise was found stolen half a walkaway. in suburbanening maryland and throughout washington. the video shows a man helping himself to to holiday deliveries in hanover, maryland.
5:32 pm
this is an extremely busy week for delivery people. this one took the time to hide what he was dropping off. >> this weight no one can does,. pick it up. >> cleveland park residents have some idea why there neighborhood is being targeted. >> perhaps because people are not home during the day. the porches are open. >> is a fairly well-to-do area. >> neighbors are talking to each other and telling each other what is going on. a lot are saying that it land you have a neighbor sign for their packages or even have the holiday goodies delivered to their offices. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. easiest mailing and shipping day of the year. the u.s. postal service is hustling to process more than 600 billion pieces of mail,
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including holiday greeting cards, letters, and packages. that is nearly double the daily volume. it will be followed by the busiest delivery day of the year this wednesday. >> top stories. police have connected a 33-year- old man to sexual assaults. emerito chicas-savala is believed to have attacked a 24- .ear-old any 14-year-old he was arrested for armed robbery. dna evidence linked him to be as other salts -- other assaults. >> there was an emergency hearing about sexual assault allegations at the wilson aquatic center. three people said they were assaulted at the pool after hours. one pool employee was fired and another has been suspended. he has noanahan says plan to resign as the washington redskins' head coach.
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that kylerfaced shanahan, his son, wants to leave the dean. lostare 3-11 hat, having six straight games. police are saying that they are responsible for a least three person etchings. least three for at purse snatching. they were taken into custody without incident. >> greta kreuz joins us with more on the issue and white people are questioning if this is the right move to read >> no legislation proposed, not yet. but after teenagers, senior drivers have the highest crash rate. a panel convened by the virginia dmv is now urging closer monitoring of older driving.
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they are looking at older drivers and whether things need to change. >> i'm glad we're having the discussion. >> for dave, it is personal. his son was killed two years ago when an 85-year-old motorist pulled out of the parking lot and struck him. >> we can keep one family from going through this sadness we have got through, it will be effort well spent. they recommended lowering be mandatory in person licensor and will age from 8275. they also recommended that they shorten license rental from eight years to five years for drivers 75 and up. at the age, their night vision and cognitive abilities reclined -- declined. >> i think we need some precaution taken. >> as long as you can pass the test, i am fine with that.
5:36 pm
eventually, i'm going to get there, too. i don't want my license taken at 75. >> he just wants families to start talking. >> let's set it up now, so when i age, i know i may have to stop driving. what am i going to do? >> virginia used to have license or no 35 years to change it to renewalsrs -- license five 35 years -- every years but change it to a years to make it more convenient. a judge ruled that part of the nsa wiretap program is unconstitutional. that is one news -- one news story you can expect to see coming up tonight on "world news." >> good evening, diane. you may not want to pack all
5:37 pm
those presents if you travel. >> a good monday to you. that is right. we have exclusive video of baggage handlers stealing things from your luggage. we will show you how to to make sure your suitcase they say. we will also have the latest on the legal bill of the president's i program. we'll ask if it increases the nation's risk. >> we will see you tonight. you can watch those stories and more tonight after abc 7 news news at 6:00. >> let's get you the traffic situation is evening. hey, bob. >> is a lot more uneventful that was on friday. traffic is doing ok at for the most part on the inner loop. 270 hassome some -- some delays.
5:38 pm
out toward centreville, it shows volume delays. 395 and i-95 are doing both on the virginia side tonight. things are doing ok on 395 headed southbound. otherwise, doing pretty well on i-95 south as well. doing okn 66 is also in both directions, just somebody delays here and there. i-95 is running pretty well today. that is the way it looks. >> thank you, bob. >> a high school student suspended for year for giving someone a hug. why this is only a part of the story. >> i will take the job and i swear i will be number one again or it >> is there life after anchorman?
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>> loud noises, people yelling,
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and an old-school anchor team are all back this wednesday. i'm not just talking about another day in our newsroom. >> it sounds like our holiday party. [laughter] >> arch campbell got a chance to see the movie and we have been looking forward to this. >> "anchorman" came out and it was ok. they got new life on dvd and now the sequel is coming out on wednesday. you can relax because it is funny. >> we are starting a 24-hour news channel. gnn. >> that is, without a doubt, the dumbest thing i have ever heard. >> on most everyone loves ron burgandy, the clueless 1970's newscaster graded by will ferrell. >> he is a blend of all the newscasters i watched growing
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up in southern california. >> why we have to tell the people what they need to hear? why can't we tell them what they want to hear? >> what to they want to hear? >> that we live in the greatest country that god ever created. >> damn straight! the first one to put a car chase on the air. nchorman 2" close enough to satire, keeps you laughing, and is worthy of three stars. 2" made $74it million. opens onman two" wednesday and i expected to be one of the best of the year. thell be back with one of best movies of the year.
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is it is very funny and sharp. i salute them. >> you stay classy, arch campbell. >> i will try.
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>> we are following breaking news coming in from pittsburgh. we are on the right -- we're on the scene of a high-rise flyer that fire. we are on the-- scene of a high-rise fire. we have a crew on the scene and will keep you posted once we have more information. >> the makers of antibacterial soap part facing scrutiny tonight. >> the tauscher. is following -- natasha barrett
5:48 pm
is following that tonight. >> germ killing so could pose health risks. the fda says there is no evidence that those soaps we use, the antibacterial chemicals in them actually help prevent the spread of germs. there is some evidence that they may pose health risks. a federal ruling found chemicals and so -- in soap can interfere with hormone levels. the fda will require manufacturers to prove that their cleaners are safe and more effective than plain soap and water. good news here. if you were for the state of virginia, you could be getting a special something in your stocking. governor bob mcdonnell are posing a performance bonus for state employees. it is up to three percent, next year.efore
5:49 pm
that's a performance and savings at the end of the fiscal year. apparently now is the best time to i a car. -- buy a car. as 2014 models are coming in, they need to clear their inventory. car dealerships need to pay interest on the money borrowed to buy those cars in the first place. they are anxious to sell them quickly. the salespeople are under a little bit of pressure to meet year-endr-and -- targets. present ideas. >> i like the idea of keys in my stocking. a high school student is on a year of suspension because of hugging a teacher. graduate on time. he hugged her and turned as she pushes him away.
5:50 pm
>> he is a senior. he plays football, he is getting ready for lacrosse season, and viewers -- and you are stripping him of the opportunity to get a full scholarship for college. that hisacher says lips and cheech -- cheek touched her neck. >> you can hug a panda cub, but you would have to travel overseas. a facility in china is allowing in to hugpay to come one of the cubs. the normally solitary creatures are becoming accustomed to human contact, which is to be thought something that would be impossible to be. >> you imagine all the people around here that would like to get their arms around a panda cub? >> the line would be a long one. >> the nsa issue will not stop.
5:51 pm
a judge rules the and is a surveillance program -- rules the nsa surveillance program is unconstitutional. what that means for your rights. african sign language interpreter is accused of murdering two men. why he did not go to jail. >> good deal. .ut send it out to doug hill >> 36 degrees above the -- degrees with mostly cloudy skies above arlington. shows it coming across chicago, lower indiana. that is an upper air disturbance that is destined for our area tomorrow. or lightme wintry mix showers. they call it a clipper because
5:52 pm
it will clip by us. you may find a couple of inches in spots, but for most of our area, just a few patches of light snow and i will do it for the overnight. 25-31 degrees by tomorrow morning. skies will brighten and turn partly cloudy midday. there could be rain or snow as some cold front approaches and that will be the story for tuesday night and into wednesday morning. it will warm up to 50 degrees on thursday as we get into the friday and saturday stretch, we get increasing chances of rain. a look of these temperatures. 63 degrees on sunday. that is the very latest. back to you. >> i love this. >> all the way from south africa. >> just in time for more drama. that news with the skins.
5:53 pm
>> the redskins have not won since you left. [laughter] another monday following a redskins' loss. the shanahan's meeting with the it today after watching the video of the game. is a poor right now that you have no plan on resigning. >> that is accurate. >> mike shanahan was in midseason form amidst his team's late-season struggles. the redskins lost their sixth straight. >> lessnau get carried away with one game. it is one game, that is all it is. >> he accounted for three of the seven turnovers. >> robert is currently our quarterback. but i want to emphasize this -- the better players you have, the more competition you have and you get better as a football team. 2 lateredskins went for
5:54 pm
in the ballgame. they went for the win but came up short. >> we had talked about before, as we were going on the drive, les beeler for the possible -- let's the alert for the possible 2 point. their claims that kyle shanahan wants to work for someone besides his dad. >> not is everyone happy. when you have three wins, it can be a little tough. a lot of things come out. >> he abruptly walked off when asked about the rumors. it zeroe let the clock -- hit zero. like if i take off now, am i ok? ok, see you. >> were used over the redskins? z.a all the way to
5:55 pm
the showdown over your garbage. >> when it comes to trash cans in d.c., but
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5:58 pm
>> a growing issue tonight, yourself and sanitation. >> this is a plan to hand out new garbage cans in the district. the mayor believes that when it comes to trash and recycling cans, eager is better. -- bigger is better. it will not spill the trash, it will not attract rodents. but when it comes to paying for the trash and recycling cans, there are questions. --a twice a week risk you'll week ritual in some neighborhoods. just once a week and most of the city. >> i had to take some out of the cancel at enough room.
5:59 pm
play --ict residents complained for years about the size of the trash cans and recycling bins. >> they are too small. >> residents say they often run out of space in their cans. >> just ask the guys out there every day picking up the trash. putting stuffstop out there without it being in the band. -- bin. quest the mayor wants to provide -- >> the mayor was to provide cans, almost twice the side of existing ones. objects toy council the mayor taking 9 million surplus catch out of the city's retiree health care program. some of the residents don't like the idea. >> they are small, but it does the job.
6:00 pm
>> other say if there is extra cash, put it into more efficient trash removal. >> they should give us three trash cans. >> the mayor is crafting a letter. he is going to send it to the city council chair. he will lay out his rationale for taking the surplus cash and buying the trash cans, the larger cans. he hopes that convinces the city council chair to go along with the plan. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> that is going to do it for abc 7 news at 5:00. now at 6:00, we are on storm watch. >> live from the abc 7 news broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 6:00. on your side. >> all eyes are on the skies and the possibility of some snow flurries are on the way. >> let's get back to chief meteorologist doug hill. >> right now it is cloudy.


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