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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 18, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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miracle. >> we're trying. we got $120. >> reporter: half a million tickets were being sold per minute. driving the prize to at least $636 million. what could all that money buy? an nba team? even the world champion miami heat. or a hawaiian island, like the one bought by oracle ceo, larry ellison. or a trip into space, on the soyuz rocket, with ten of your closest friends. familiarly, the odds are astronomical. 1 in 258 million. you'd be more likely to be hit by an asteroid. still, people keep buying because, after all, eventually, somebody's bound to win. just ask retired police officer, steven ontel, who has betten the odds before. ontel has won three times. a surprising 70% of people will receive a windfall like the lottery, end up losing it within a few years. a chicago man who won $1 million was later poisoned with cyanide.
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a detroit woman continued to collect $200 a month in state aid after hitting $1 million jackpot. then, there was abraham shakespeare who won $30 million in florida in 2006, and was found murdered three years later. a woman who befriended him is currently serving a life sentence. i'm linsey davis, in pa sake, good morning bank -- a commotion overnight at the university of maryland as a fire
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breaks out. i am jummy olabanji. >> i am autria godfrey. >> sorry you didn't get the winning numbers. we are happy to have you with us. >> it is going to be a relatively mild day. take a look at temperatures outside. 34 degrees at reagan national airport. at 28, manassas at the freezing mark in the winchester. in --s a fog advisory south of d.c. until 8:00 this morning. satellite and radar, we had a little bit of snow last night, south of d.c. it will not announce -- amount to much more.
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35 to 40 degrees to the are -- beay, overnight it will cold. tomorrow, we start the turnaround. 47 to 52 degrees. not so bad out there. >> we are experiencing delay free conditions across the board. we have accident free conditions as well. we are going to start off a shot of re-95 where we can see things are moving right along. all things are moving right along, no big problems or delays coming down or up 95. 66 moves right along through centreville and fairfax. we are experiencing slightly slick conditions, so be careful on the off ramps, overpasses, and bridges.
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270 moving right along. tohave a live shot along 270 show you conditions. very light traffic heading southbound. for now, i will send it back over to you. been dreaming of waking up a multimillionaire, sorry, go back to bed. no one won the mega millions in our area. >> unless you were in san jose, california, or atlanta, georgia. area matched our every number except the mega ball and they each won $1 million. >> there are two of 20 similar tickets across the country. hold megaple who
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millions tickets with these numbers are about to get the best christmas gift ever. lottery officials confirmed winning tickets were sold in atlanta, georgia and san jose, california. >> hopefully somebody will be rich. >> oh, they will be. than $636t, more million. the odds are about one in 259 million, but that did not stop purchases. americans dreamed big. >> i feel like i am going to win. >> i would probably buy an island. tuesday alone, an estimated 11 million tickets were sold in our. >> a could be my lucky day. >> i took a chance.
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21 straight drawings failed to produce a winner. this morning, there are at least two new multimillionaires. millions jackpot resets to $50 million for the next drawing on friday. dollars for the next drawing on friday. out fire and a statue broke on campus and brianne carter is monitoring. what happened? .> we got an update according to an officer with the maryland police, part of this is a tradition. -- officials believe that one of the candles they are andhere was knocked over
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set the other things on fire. no one was injured, but quite a mess this morning. the day thatd be virginia officially names a new attorney general. fairfax county finished recounting its votes and is double checking before sending them off to richmond. a recount court will certify the new tally. mark herring went in with a razor thin lead over mark obenshain and he picked up more -- inin the recount their fairfax. >> if you are like us and you tend to do your shopping online, great news, it is free shipping day. let's get to bloomberg's linda bell. linda, this is the best news i've heard all day. free shipping. >> it is a good deal. let's begin with the senate. it is set to pass the one train
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.ollar budget deal had of all of that, index futures are slightly higher. are one of many of the million americans that are not that with their holiday shopping, today is free shipping day. it is the last day that you can place an order with most retailers and get your delivery by christmas without the skyhigh rush delivery cost. on the past year, spending free shipping they has exceeded $1 billion. if you have last minute errors to run, progressive insurance analyzed data to figure out the best and worst days to hit the road. fridays are the worst sundays and tuesdays are the best. drivers spend about 25% of their
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time idling in traffic or stuck and parking lots this time of year. starbucks is big for holiday shoppers. it can also be crowded at your local store tomorrow. i will explain those stories coming up in the next hour. back to you. there is.c. traffic, no good day to avoid the traffic. >> thank you. we will see you soon. no good deed goes unpunished. >> a local choir is learning at the hard way.
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>> we are back. we have a better day ahead. if you like it mild, you are going to love what is on the upcoming weekend. outside, we go to our degrees,re, 28 to 35 that is a temperature range. the wins will start to -- winds will start to increase. have a fog advisories until 8:00, that includes prince
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william, stafford, culpeper, king george, spotsylvania counties. will run likely, you into foggy areas. temperatures, 28 in gaithersburg, the same in frederick. -- heading down to manassas, it is 28. highs will only be 35 to 40. a good deal of sunshine coming up. i will talk about the warming trend that is on the way. temperatures near 60 degrees, all the details in just a few minutes. the check on a busy, rush-hour commute, here is amanda. delayare experiencing free conditions, but it is a little slick out there. you may encounter foggy conditions, so you want to use caution and give yourself extra time. it is slick on those roadways, so be careful on the curves as well as off ramps. streets. a very light traffic at 19th
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street. 290 five moving nicely. no big problems or delays into the district. in from coming annapolis, accident free reports from maryland. no big problems coming in from maryland. route 5, branch avenue moving smoothly towards the beltway. >> thank you very much. endsnual benefit concert with a police investigation. >> thieves targeted a d.c. choir and hit when they were least expecting.
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checking our top stories, the mega millions jackpot has at least two winners. one winning ticket was sold in san jose, california, the other was sold around atlanta, georgia area. a $1 million ticket was sold in maryland. a small fire near the turtle statue at the university of maryland college park is now out. campus police say students placed offerings at the statue outside the library and the candle -- a candle may have been
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knocked over. the statue did not catch fire. rubbing the turtle's knows is thought to bring good luck, especially during exams. mark herring is widening his lead in the attorney general's race. he was ahead of mark obenshain by 165 votes, but after a recount, hearing increased his lead by about 600 votes. the recount continues today. underway for the person responsible for a violent sexual assault in silver spring. the victim said that she was raped after leaving her apartment on garland avenue friday night. montgomery county police are hoping surveillance video from a target store helps lead to an arrest. >> you have to be careful. the idea that you can go out to your curb to drop off garbage, i don't know how you protect against that. shows aillance video woman the police call a person
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of interest. investigators think she may know something that may help catch the rapist. concertiday benefit ended with a police investigation. thieves targeted a d.c. choir that helped raise money for people in need. this happened in the basement of a church while the group was performing upstairs. >> it was their holiday benefit conference at st. paul's lutheran church. were the singers performing, thieves sneaked into their warm-up room and stole 15 credit cards and several ids. gillian was walking home when her credit card company called. >> they said do you authorize us purchase a $400 in a random supermarket. upthe thieves racked
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thousands of dollars in charges in just minutes. >> it is incredibly disruptive to have to cancel your bank accounts and wait for new cards to issue. it puts your holiday shopping on hold. the irony of the whole thing, this concert that we were singing at was intended to raise money for people in need. a church is supposed to be a safe place. >> the sexson says this is not the first time that this church has been hit. >> it is a sad state of the way things are. >> we don't know if a well dressed couple is connected to this one. please are still investigating. requires asking anybody who saw anything suspicious between 4:00 and 6:00 sunday afternoon to give police a call. coming up in the day ahead,
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prince george's county officials are discussing safety after a murder two months ago. the state's attorney is meeting with businesses and community leaders. jesse chavez was killed and worked at the hotel as a bar manager. when he tried to stop a robbery, one of the suspects shot and killed him. are investigating a sexual assault in the northeast. a woman told police she dropped her child off at an elementary school and she was confronted by a man with a gun. they're looking into the possibility that the attacker was another parent. nowadays it is not safe anywhere. >> anyone with information is asked to contact a d.c. police. children and fairfax county are enjoying christmas present thanks to an effort by volunteers. at an alexandria
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firehouse as first responders handed out toys to children in need. local businesses and community groups pitched in. >> what a turnout. look at all of those bikes. >> my had one with the streamer in the bell. >> maybe by the end of the week it might be a good idea to take the bike out. >> it will be fine biking conditions as we move into saturday and even sunday. 34 degrees at reagan national airport. it is a little murky out there because we have a little bit of fog. the further south you go, that is where the fog is more dense. 35 in ashburn is our. are not a -- winds problem at this hour.
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temperature earlier this morning, around midnight, was him out -- was around the freezing mark. it is 30 in manassas. 33 in fredericksburg. many of you saw a little bit of light snow south of d.c. over the overnight hours. that system clears the region and moves off towards the north and east. we're looking at dense fog and is beginning to set up south of d.c. we have fog advisories for stafford county. this is our futurecast as we move through the next 48 hours. skies will clear for the overnight and by tomorrow look for a good deal of sunshine. winds will be more out of the south and west. that will keep things mild for the day on friday. 35 to 44 today. nighttime lows will be in the 20's. highs will be around 47 to 52 tomorrow. let's check on the rush-hour commute.
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over to amanda meadows. >> interstates are running very smoothly. we have slick conditions, so be careful on curves, off ramps. give yourself extra braking room. on the off a crash ramp to access 95 in fredericksburg. be repaired for minor delays as people work their way around those problems. into theg nicely pentagon and into the 14th street bridge, you're good to go. 66, moving through centreville and fairfax nicely. if you use the dulles toll road or greenway, you're good to go from leesburg down to rest in and into the beltway. the same live shot in area on the beltway coming into the american legion bridge. you can see traffic moves at a good clip in both on the outer and inner loop. back over to autria and jummy.
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>> major cleanup after a wreck in the big apple. this video is unbelievable. >> look at how many cars were involved. city's bignew york expressways.
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>> if you dreamt of becoming a mega millionaire overnight,
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unless you travel to georgia or california, you are not the winner of the $636 million jackpot. one ticket was sold in san jose, california and the other in atlanta, georgia. -- check yourwas numbers. someone in maryland and west virginia did when $1 million. >> black ice is being claimed -- a blamed for a massive pileup. slush froze over with nighttime temperatures dipping really low. at least 30 vehicles collided. five people had minor injuries. american astronauts have been chosen to fix a cooling line and they will have to make two or three risky spacewalk. the first one is set for saturday. the last will be on christmas day. the cooling system shutdown last week and astronauts are safe. a want the system up to full strength just in case of another
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failure. >> people run as a massive landslide lets loose. we will have more ahead.
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