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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> breaking news on the virginia attorney general's race. we finally have a winner. this has been too close to call for some time. after a recount, mark obenshain has conceded. >> jeff goldberg is live with the details and the reaction of the attorney general a lack, mark herring. >> they are getting ready for the inauguration of terry mcauliffe and mark herring. a republican, mark obenshain, told herring he conceded. and this recount began, he his attorneys were looking for
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any issues or a regularities that might change the results of the election. they were not there. >> it has become apparent that our campaign is going to come up a few votes short. >> mark obenshain conceded he had lost the closest statewide race in virginia history. it was clear that the numbers didn't add up. >> it was a vigorous campaign. it is over. byafter trailing i'm near -- nearly 160 votes, he called for a recount funded by the state because of the difference. the recount saw his lead grow. only more than 100 challenged ballots on the table, herring's lead was insurmountable.
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the victory in the attorney general's race along with jerry mcauliffe's -- terry mcauliffe's a sweep ofdemocrats the top three spots in state government or the first time in 20 years. everyone to reassure that as i said on the campaign trail, i will wake up each and every day ready to fight for justice, equality, and opportunity. says he has started to work with ken cuccinelli on the transition. have the attorneys withdrawn in the challenged ballots, the cattle go on so they have a final tally before the certification begins. it is expected at some point mark karen will be certified as the winner. it will go down as one of the closest racist -- races in state
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history. >> breaking news from capitol hill. the senate approved a bipartisan budget deal that the house approved last week. it would avert another government shutdown for two years. it would eliminate $65 billion in domestic and defense spending cuts known as the sequester. securitytails in the agency criticized for its surveillance programs. the white house -- had a number of recommendations. one suggests that counsel records should be stored by telephone companies or another third-party. acommendations come after federal judge ruled that the program to collect phone call logs was likely unconstitutional. president obama is under no obligation to accept the recommendations.
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he is conducting his own internal review expected to be completed in january. >> there are two mega millions ticket holders out there who will split the $636 million jackpot. one of them has come forward to claim a prize. >> the winner is from stone mountain, a suburb of atlanta. she heard on the radio the number was seven. then she had her daughter check the numbers. now she is a millionaire. this time the winner is not from our area. one of them from down south and atlanta. >> they are in a state of shock. >> the announcement was made in our go. we know she bought the ticket from a newsstand. [inaudible] ticket was sold at
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jenny's gift shop. >> hopefully someone will be rich. >> we were bound to see a share of the money end up right here in the metro area. a million-dollar ticket was sold. they have at her from the winner, who was probably still taking it all in. the winner is chosen to take home the lump home cash payment of $173 million. cousins. my it has to be. folks, we're going to be winners when it comes to the weather. we have a warm up on the way. doug hill standing by in the weather center with the challenge this week.
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>> everything is on schedule for the end of the work week and the weekend. outside.s let's give you a time lapse from fairfax. a storm on the ground this morning. the air was dry. it went, and now the greens are green. temperatures will be very cold. dew point temperatures combined with air temperatures leaves it very dry. 37 in alexandria. 40 in the district. 38 in bethesda. we will drop. through the evening we will drop into the lower 30's. by tomorrow morning we'll wake up to temperatures between to 22. two -- between i will be happy to share those details. arrest ofer news, the
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an indian diplomat in new york is sparking security concerns for americans overseas. in the satellite center with this glowing -- growing alert. allegedly she lied to the u.s. government and said she was paying her housekeeper three dollars an hour. she claims she was going to pay nine dollars. she was arrested and faces serious charges. that arrest is a retaliation against americans overseas. the angry chant in new delhi stop usurping indians. thatremoved barricades protect american employees. she is accused of lying on of
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these application and she was paying her national housekeeper $10 an hour when in truth it was reportedly closer to three dollars an hour. after her arrest, she wrote -- furious, india's parliament demanded payback. >> there are companions of u.s. diplomats posted here. >> despite u.s. officials procedure,tandard john kerry called officials to ease tensions. >> we regret what happened here. >> president obama weighing in. >> he has been briefed on the issue. the safety and security of our diplomats and council officials
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in the field is a top priority. likes india retaliated by revoking diplomat id cards from americans overseas and demanding to know the salaries paid indian staff. officials are demanding her return to india. >> thank you. closer to home, a police officer accused of pimping teenage girls will remain behind bars without bond. a judge rejected his request to him after police found a missing 16-year-old girl inside of his apartment. a detective testified that the police department received a tip in 2011 that he was using his apartment for prostitution. his next court appearance is set for january 28. >> -- now has said the board
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has not specified how much the fee would be, it would be exempt if the bags are used for items including ice cream, meet, dry cleaning, and prescription drugs. big news out of redskins park. london fletcher announced today that he is 99% sure this will be his last season in the nfl. >> you're saying there is a chance. >> one percent. >> he wants to talk to his wife about this decision. he is 38 years old. he has played in 254 games. he holds a record for the most consecutive starts. his career stats are very similar to those of ray lewis. he is a quiet leader. never been in trouble. he was not drafted. he signed as a free agent in 1998, won a super bowl. london fletcher will step down
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after 16 years in the nfl. i will miss him greatly. an opportunity to go out and a bang, to get the fans riled up, say thank you to them, and beat the cowboys. what better way to end this? >> he once told me that he knows the difference between [indiscernible] camp,him down at training and what a career. as great as he is as a player, he is even better as a person. >> amen to that. >> so consistent. here, at woman's life is in stake. abc 7 news at 5:00
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a blind man falls on the subway tracks and survives. his story and why he's calling his service dog a hero.
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>> a fire broke out at the university of maryland. >> the turtle statue is a good luck symbol for students. look at this fire. what may have sparked the fire. >> it is hard to see him this way. >> he is no doubt a little hurt. >> it is a sad thing. mascot of the literacy of maryland, a lucky charm for thousands of students through the years is on the mend. look at these pictures. look what happened to the leader of grades.
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somehow he caught fire. he was engulfed in flames. >> it was said to wake up seeing him on fire. >> conspiracy theories abound. >> finals are putting pressure on us all. they took it out on the turtle. >> no one would do such a thing. >> it appears he is right. police think a candle tipped over and let the stuff on fire. it was an accident. thanks to the love he gets from every student who takes a time to rub his nose, he is making a full recovery. as the campus police chief himself points out, this is one tough hurdle. >> he has survived earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. he is a survivor. >> brad bell reporting on the --
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>> speaking of animals, bao bao is almost ready for her debut. a live look at the panda cam. grow, we will her get to see her in person starting january 18. just how much time that cub will spend outside depends on where she decides to be with her mom. >> she looks comfy right now. >> they are going to be plenty warm as the weekend comes. temperatures in the upper 60s, close to 70 degrees. enjoy every minute. a look at one of the weatherbug cameras. rapidly.ared a very pleasant day. it remained cold with high pressure overhead.
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it is 36 degrees in leesburg right now. the dew point a pitcher is giving us a clue with the light winds and dry air. to warm upgoing rather quickly. 38 degrees, the winds are calm. starting to get colder to the north and west of the sunset behind us. though we are forecasting lower 20s for our rain. that is surly a possibility for the ideal cooling. indicatepleish colors icy cold subzero weather. that is up in canada for now and will stay there for a while. we see cooler air hanging through the great lakes. starting tomorrow, things will change. the colors are brightening up on the map, indicating warmer temperatures.
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, fort worth, it is at 67 degrees. this airmass will get pushed to the east. we are set. it is a matter of time. each table get warmer. theigh pressure moves out cold front is going to morph into a warm front. friday evening, high pressure will be situated in the atlantic. then there is a warm front. this will come into play on sunday night. each day gets warmer and warmer. the front will come through and .ndications of the computer now we will probably move out and turn colder by the time we get into christmas eve and christmas day. 35 and average metro temperature. 45 degrees midday. we will keep moving the
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temperature up to 50 degrees by the afternoon. saturday, that is the day of the winter solstice, the arrival of winter astronomically. it is going to feel like spring. upper 60s as clouds move in. a first peek a christmas eve and christmas day. partly cloudy christmas eve and christmas day. no white christmas this year. out theuld have to dig grill. >> tonight you will see barbara walters unveil her highly anticipated most fascinating people list right here on abc seven. it has been an eventful year in the d c area. we create a list of our own. dan snyder, the owner of the washington redskins is front and
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center for big decisions regarding the team the future. he has been in the spotlight as native american groups fight to change the name. >> i cannot say that it was a terrific. >> kathleen there was the voice of calm during the tragic navy yard shooting. she is the first woman to hold the position. it is her seventh year on the job. vincent gray, his administration has been plagued with scandal. he is running for reelection. he was instrumental in bringing walmart did the district. >> he called our clients. >> the woman who inspired a national obsession with "scandal", judy smith brought attention to d.c. with the hit show. she is working high profile clients. list for reveal our the most fastening people in the d.c. area, barbara walters will
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bring us her final most fascinating people special. one person on the list is miley cyrus. she talks about her performance and broken engagement. >> i was scared of being alone. i think conquering that fear this year was bigger than any other transition i had this entire year. >> you will see will be named the most fastening person of 2013 tomorrow night. -- tonight. see you made our most fastening list from the d.c. area. >> we have a lot of interesting people. >> coming up, passengers crying foul. >> why people are ditching cable. is it worth it?
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>> 7 on your side with the call after
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>> the d.c. counsel is not likely to -- 7 on your side continues to get complaints. >> questionable findings by those responsible for reviewing
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the challenges. >> a case of mistaken identity that hit woman woman and her credit report. >> look at these virginia license plates. they are nearly identical. rn. 91i rn.n the right, thatreceived five tickets had the wrong license plate. >> she drives this black suv but suv in thisfor the photo. i live here and work here. i do not going to d.c.. >> she did not formally challenge the tickets. she called the dmv office after each ticket and thought they had been handled. four were sent to collections.
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>> it affected my credit because i am purchasing a house. >> you cannot contest a ticket over the phone. or do it int online person. the key is to bring evidence that shows the ticket was either written in error or written to the wrong car. >> we have been reporting of problems with the process. the d.c. counsel has considered legislation to address with so- called issues of fairness. we provided the dmv with the registration for the suv as proof the tickets were a mistake. tickets have been taking care of. >> fable, for her credit report. whoncial for the er nurse made a call to 7 on your side. >> help is coming for the prince george's county lions club
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victimized during the holiday season. somebody made a donation after our story about the theft. the thieves stole a generator off the area christmas tree lot. the tree sales are supposed to help people in need. some of the money will go to help the lions club by a new generator. >> if you're looking to buy a new car, seven is on you for the best and worst new cars. >> a popular car service taking passengers for a ride.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, with leon harris, alison starling, doug hill, and tim brant. ons is abc 7 news at 5:00 your side. >> our age for the popular car advantager taking when it comes to affairs. >> uber is using all kinds of excuses to jack up the price of a ride. what is going on here? >> some people are likely getting rides home via uber. because it is rush-hour, some might be in for an unpleasant surprise when they pay their fair. -- fare. sometimes the price of passenger pay is a lot higher.
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>> during p demands, they were charging 8-9 times normal rates. >> they are allowed to charge more when demand picks up. that is surge pricing. they can raise fees during bad weather. >> it will be pouring rain. a flash raise in prices. >> on a big party night when it was raining, some got a big surprise when they got the fee for a ride. >> it was unexpected. >> it is not regulated through commission. a spokesperson for the council committee which oversees uber says they are not doing anything wrong. the committee has seen no complaints. on the streets, the complaints are loud and clear. >> all of a sudden it will turn
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into a $20 trip. >> some passengers acknowledge the car services following the rules of economics. >> it is what you would naturally expect when it comes to snow storms. mail. just got an e- it states that this is the busiest time of the year, surge pricing gets more cars on the road quickly when demand outstrips supply to guarantee you get a ride when the weather is bad and when it is busy. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> a sheriffs deputy has been suspended accused of punching a man in the face. this happened sunday morning in hagerstown. punched him outside of a nightclub after arguing. grant pushed him and he was acting in self-defense.
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white has been charged with second-degree assault. >> an update to a story last month. investigators say that they have evidence that links a suspected heroin dealer to the photo overdose of derek sprouse in august. showedocuments filed text messages on his phone. to and from tyler clemons discussing a drug transaction. police he had provided heroine to a friend that used it and died. he said the incident happened before in stephens city. he remains on the run. >> a look at the day's top story. more than a month after the election, mark obenshain conceded today to mark herring, who built a lead in the recount. that is the first necrotic sleep
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in for junior since 1989. -- that is the first democratic sweep since 1989. -- secretary of state john kerry called indian officials today hoping to ease tensions, but india has revoked a diplomat id cards from americans overseas. >> the winners of the $636 million jackpot, one has come forward. she will take the cash option of $123 million. not forward yet. >> coming up, more on the story about the nsa spy program and the recommended overhaul. i talked to diane story about that and what is coming up at
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6:30. good evening. all eyes here on the nation's capital tonight. >> that is right. the controversial spy program and america. brian ross has information on what the white house plans to do. we are addressing a question tonight. should rich people fight cancer with drugs that are out of reach for working people? on the outrage tonight. he investigates. >> thank you. you can watch those stories tonight on "world news" after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> investigators are looking to find out what sent to school buses in flames. there.pper seven was out firefighters say the flames started on one bus before spreading to the other. the fire caused $160,000 in damage. no one was injured. >> let's get a check on the traffic.
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hi there. >> things are generally running well on 395 and i-95. westbound traffic is being diverted because of an accident. an investigation going on while you spell traffic goes by. as far as i-95 is concerned through woodbridge, and from southdale city, brief slowdowns there. northbound delays three montgomery village and clarksburg. no incidents along the way. let's take a look at cameras. plenty of volume out there. we look at traffic on beltway. things are quiet, quite slow. en route through college part, a lot of volume. nothing stops in the roadway. that is the news. back to you. the blind man who survived falling on the tracks of the train is talking about
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his ordeal and what is responsible for saving his life. >> i love it. i love being a part of it. >> the coming cheerleaders used to be a dream for these kids. a woman is making sure nothing holds them back now. up, accusations of political pandering after a push for d.c. police and firefighters to get a raise.
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>> showing young people with disabilities they can do anything is what this week's harris' heroes is all about. >> five days a week, every week, britney and her mother drive from delaware to this jim in glen burnie. is just a girl. like so many others, she has wanted to be a cheerleader. >> i tear up every time.
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it is amazing to see them. >> they are members of a squad for young people that should be part of the competitive cheer competition. >> i can do anything. i have so many friends and i love something like tumbling. >> we're are going to set up and do the pyramid separately. >> he came to her 11 years ago. syndrome and he is on the team. friends --are making for so many of them, making friends is a hard thing to do. when you walk in, you automatically have 20 new friends. >> i feel accepted. no one has to try out for the
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cheer program. they are all accepted. most of the spencers are paid for through fundraising efforts. >> that is great. thank you. coming up, a new consumer report on the best and worst new vehicles when it comes to getting the best value for your money. >> ditching cable tv. is it worth it?
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>> a late report for you tonight. it airline announced today is not going to allow cell phone calls or voice communications on flights. federal rules prevent voice calls, but the government is considering lifting the ban. >> for the second year, a toyota previous is the new car that will give you the most bang for your buck. that is the word from consumer reports. the previous gets good gas mileage and holds its value. the honda fit rounded out the
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cars with best without you. consumer reports that the nissan armada -- $.20 per >> looking for values out there, a consumer alert turns out more and more people are ditching cable for other cheaper options. the >> what these options are. >> with all of the new ways to watch your favorite shows, cable customers are now ditching their subscriptions. replacing with cheaper or free options. who doesn't love their cable tv? so much to watch. , and sports. all at your fingertips.
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those choices are costing you and me. here is a copy of my recent bill. $180 a month. i am not the only one spending a lot. >> we're spending would hundred $20 per month. >> bills are causing more people to ditch cable tv. they just canceled cable and switch to digital media players that stream video and audio on their tv. here is how they are spending funds. $57 aey are spending month for internet service and hulu. >> cost is the biggest concern for us. convenience was the other factor. we were paying so much for channels of which we only needed 10. >> they now use alternatives. they connect for a wi-fi connection to watch their favorite shows with their
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daughter. costs a one-time payment of $50. chrome cast is a cheaper option for $35. apple tv costs want -- costs you once and $99. >> now they're going to bedford. >> all parents understand that. there are some downsides to ditching cable. they miss two important things. getting the news, which we agree, and getting sports when they wanted. to liveis a harsh way life to be denied tim brant. [inaudible] a different way to pass out the goodies. santa traveled in a tactical vehicle through germantown.
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officers escorted santa through town to pass out gifts and donations. >> much faster than reindeer. uplet's see what is coming at 6:00. >> gordon peterson live with a look ahead. >> tonight, an assessment of federal security after the deadly shooting in side of the navy yard. thousands of federal buildings could be at risk. what it means for people who work and do business with uncle sam. and expo nation for why national guard fighter jets collided off of the coast of virginia. >> see you in just a bit. let's give you a check of the situation as the warm-up heads our way. >> we have a chill to go through as temperatures fall.
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a live look outside, it is dark. sunset an hour ago. me, itare anything like is not so much the cold it gets me down. it is these short days. putting together a list, the shortest amount of daylight in the year is going to happen sunday. look how much longer the daylight gets as we go for the next six months. that is incredible. news like that, if you enjoy longer days, warmer temperatures are headed here. you can stop by our blog, a new story about the winter. temperatures now in the mid 30s. are is the cold air that
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will spread overnight. look at that warm-up. all that is headed in our direction. a chilly wake up and bright and sunny day with a mild afternoon around 50 degrees. 57 on friday. 63 on saturday. upper 60s to 70 on friday. cooler and cooler, and drive. old man winter moving in, and old man redskins. london fletcher is 38 years old. he played in 254 consecutive games. he's going to retire after these final two games. look at his numbers, and those games played are almost a difficult to rave lewis, giving credibility that he won a super bowl. there is a good argument to get him into canton.
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he has played at a high level. london says he thinks he has reached the end of the road. thehis is more than likely last time i'm able to put on the burgundy and gold and run through the tunnel. i want our fans to be riled up. i want us to get that win. i want to leave a great memory. >> he is given us great memories. rg iii is done for the season. the main topic of conversation around the water cooler. people are now getting personal, calling him rg me. he said let those who know me judge me. can only defend yourself and your family in these situations. people that know me and my family knows what go around here. is wednesday.
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what day is it? >> oh, here we go. to uthern illinois loss -- >> marcus was off. our starting guards had one assist and seven turnovers. they must think it is a tax credit. than twoan score more buckets on 11 shots. i know my wife will at least [indiscernible] >> wow. >> his wife was a pretty good player. >> that was intense. >> oh my goodness. >> what day is it? next, amerco on the tracks. -- a miracle on the tracks of new york city.
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>> a blind man who fell down onto subway tracks is sharing when he remembers about what happens when he came within of losing his life. >> more on the service dog that never left his side. >> he has bumps and bruises, and one incredible story. thingsin tears because like this don't happen for everybody. is in disbelief that he survived fainting and falling onto subway tracks in front of an oncoming train. >> [inaudible] dog unable to stop the fall, tumbling onto the tracks with williams, never leaving his side. .> he stayed down there with me
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he was there for me. they refore him as -- the emergency brakes kicked in and they were rescued. william is promising the labrador he is in for extra treats as he processes is overwhelming ordeal. god, andhinking about other things. why did he save me? i do not know. i believe it is for a reason. one day i will find out. >> he was planning to give orlando up for adoption when the dog retires and he gets a new service dog. his only concern. someone has donated enough money so he can afford to keep his friend for the rest of his life.
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>> it sounds like a miracle. that is it for us at 5:00. the news continues. >> live, this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a security alert if you work or do business in the federal building. after the navy yard attack a new report reveals thousands of guards may not be able to protect against intruders. has congress demanding answers. >> live outside of the reagan building with the findings. >> your tax dollars are paying -- the security guards they may not know what to do if someone comes in with a gun.


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