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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> live, from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute after threeconcern people are found dead inside an apartment. a council member wants to make changes to keep you safe during the next winter storm. we will tell you how his plan involves sidewalks. and our weekend of mild temperatures gone. the bitter cold temperatures are about to return. first, the investigation into who killed three people inside apartment in capitol heights. earlier tonight, prince george's county police returned to the scene, hoping for tips that would lead to an arrest. we have the very latest developments. police responded to the crime scene about 5:30 last night.
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they were back there again armed withis time pamphlets. they also have the pictures of the three victims. police fanned out to the apartment in capitol heights. a gruesome crime scene. three people gunned down in an apartment here. >> it is kind of weird. i never heard anything happening around here. it is kind of shocking. >> a concerned relative of one of the victims came here looking for a loved one who has not been seen in days. this led to the discovery of the bodies of the man who lived in the apartment and to visitors -- 2 visitors. >> there are three bodies here. an immense amount of work the investigators have to piece together what occurred here. >> trying to find anyone who might have known the victims or seen or heard anything which
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might lead them to a killer or killers. >> i am scared for them. >> mason had voluminous rap sheets. riddled with drug infractions. three lives lost to violence just feet from them. >> not even themselves anymore. and what ithlet says about a reward of up to $25,000, they hope it will prompt someone to come forward with information. long investigation ahead. we are going to turn to the weather situation. after a day of spring-like temperatures, it is feeling like winter has returned. some people seeing rain and snow showers. steve rudin joins us now. ofgive it another couple hours and all of this will be
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out of here. our temperatures continue to fall. outside the weather center, it is hard to be we -- to believe we had highs today in the lower 60's. colder air beginning to filter in across western maryland. cumberland now at 37 degrees. looking at doppler radar, you can see earlier across western maryland. mainly a rain event. we could see a little bit of a switchover just along the mason-dixon line over the next couple of hours. i am not expecting any accumulation. around the capital, it will just be wet for the next couple of hours. breezy clearing and a start to the day. temperatures will be in the upper 30's -- upper 20's to middle 30's. yet another chance for some light snow. i will tell you what is coming up in a few minutes. >> stay connected with us as we
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track these wintry conditions. instant updates on facebook and twitter and be sure to download our stormwatch app. during our last big winter storm, we told you about people forced to walk in the streets because snow was not cleared from the sidewalk. now a montgomery county councilmember wants to prevent that from happening again. jay korff was live in silver springs. >> here is a part of the problem. days and days after our last , snow issilver spring still blocking sidewalks. been 10 days since the last snowstorm in the region and some sidewalks are still blocked by piles of dirt-encrusted snow. this makes it hard for the elderly, children, or people with disabilities to navigate where they need to go. it was so bad soon after the storm that industry and were forced to walk dangerously in the roadway.
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>> that is just a recipe for disaster. >> william smith has been an advocate for years. he has macular degeneration, an eye condition that needs -- that leads to vision loss. he cannot drive, so his sidewalk is his mode of transportation. drivers pushing feet of snow onto sidewalks, making it difficult, if not impossible, for him and others to get around safely. >> they create the instructions. they create the dangerous situations through their procedure. has councilman hans reamer deeply concerned. >> the region struggles to recover from snow events. crafting legislation that would require the department of transportation to create a sidewalk snow removal plan that would lead to more sidewalks being cleared.
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should not be homebound for several days after snow. be stuck inside while everyone else is back to work and getting things at the store. this proposal, the county would be responsible for removing snow from sidewalks or areas around metro stations, bus stops, high-priority pedestrian routes. if he goes into effect, it would not be until next winter. >> thank you. a montgomery county man at the center of one of the biggest extradition fights in u.s. history is dead tonight. commandos killed him after he wounded three is really prison guards. he left the u.s. in 1997 after killing. congress threatened to withhold aid to israel if he was not returned. after a long legal fight, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison. least after 16 years, that
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would have come this year. i was expecting news of his release, not news of the fact that he had been killed. under the circumstances we are hearing about. >> he qualified for israeli citizenship because his father was born in that country. israel has since changed its laws, allowing extradition as long as the prisoner returns to serve his or her sentence. for anothere are in delay with the metro silver line. circuitry issues. the metropolitan will make the formal announcement tomorrow. once it is certified, it will be turned over to metro for 90 days of testing. phase one and not open until summer. may be located 4900 miles from d.c., but the crisis is hitting home. dozens gathered to honor the more than 100 protesters were killed last week in the ukraine.
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the silent demonstration was followed by a candlelight vigil. national security adviser stephen rice said it would be a mistake for russia to get involved in ukraine's political turmoil. it is not necessary, nor is it in our interest, to return to a cold war construct that does not reflect the realities of the 21st century. >> ukraine's parliament handed over presidential powers to an interim president until elections are held in may. ukraine's now former governor called the ouster a coup. and they will seek the extradition of a drug kingpin from mexico. u.s. and mexican authorities captured him early saturday. he is regarded as the most notorious drug lord in the world. until theants him courts decide which country will try him first. >> i would ask that the mexicans consider extraditing him to the
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united states, where he would be put in a prison under tight security, where he cannot escape. in 2001, who is monica skate mexican prison in the back of a truck. his cartel is responsible for a quarter of all drugs that enter the u.s.. the smithsonian is getting more funding. coming up, which organization will donate big bucks. tonight.ry in the nba what he is saying about the groundbreaking move. and the lengthy games
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> earlier today, prince william county police returned to the store were a woman was killed and another injured just days ago. they are looking for clues to try to track down the killers. surveillance video shows three men entering the grocery and julie store on friday night. he fired several shots, hitting two women who worked there. a 21-year-old died. so far, police are not have any
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suspects in the case. a bicyclist is in intensive care after she was hit by a driver. they were traveling on bicycles along central avenue, when a motorist struck her. fellow bicyclists are concerned. >> it is scary. it seems to be happening more often. a police are looking for 1995-2100 crv with a missing right-hand mirror. to beiver was believed 50-60 years of age with a ray mustache and sunglasses. the --ion to help give to help build the smithsonian use him of natural history and culture. it is set to open later this year or perhaps early 2016.
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congress pledged half of the cost. the smithsonian has been working to raise the remaining funds from private donors. oprah winfrey is among the largest donors, giving $13 million. signing up for the marine corps marathon this year. the organizers are holding a lottery. anyone aged 14 or over can register on the website. on march 15, people will be notified of their registration status later that week. wizards player jason collins signed with the brooklyn nets, making him the nba's first openly gay player. -- a 10-day10-gate contract with the team. the 12-year veteran has not played in a game since last april with the wizards. he says he is focusing on making history doing well on the court. is executing the
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game plan, learning the plays, the basketball stuff. i cannot focus on the off the core stuff right now. >> collins plans to wear the in honor ofr 98 matthew shepard, a gay student killed in a hate crime in 1998. it was a spectacular finale to the winter games in russia. closing ceremonies were held tonight. jim ryan has the highlights. >> on this last day, the olympic medal for the united states. a third-place finish, coming from behind. the host nation closed out the games ahead of the sochi pack. he most expensive olympics ever, paid off in gold for the host
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nation. russia led the world with 13 gold medals and 33 medals overall. the united states was second with 28 total. the hockey gold medal, the last of 98 old medal events. >> i think it is still a shock. product oftely a their love and support. >> the ceremonies were the grand finale of a 17-day extravaganza -- of sports. a pageant depicting scenes from russian history, which now includes these games. the olympic flame was extinguished and passed over to south korea. with that, the athletes said goodbye to one another, sochi, and this olympic season.
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is a look at the total medal count. russia finished on top with a total of 33 medals, followed by the u.s. with 28. third was norway, followed by the canadians and the netherlands. the americans had 37 medals in vancouver. not as big a gold-medal count. >> a lot of folks out there enjoying a run, getting the bike out. those piles of snow quickly withering away. 48 degrees outside reagan national airport. the average for this date this time of year is 49 degrees. the average low is 32 degrees.
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is our long-standing record high back in 1874. , you can click through here and there it is. 43 degrees at dulles national airport. 48 degrees this our. the cold air off to the west to us. the coldest of the air west of the cold front has moved by. rush-hour commute, not inspecting problems from the weather. the cold air, wind gusts upwards of 25-30 miles per hour. the disturbance quickly moving out, heading a little bit closer. northern frederick county and into washington county, just
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into central montgomery county. we may see a few showers as we move through the next hour or so. other than that, everything is clear and we will see a nice sunrise tomorrow morning. this is futurecast as we move through the next 48 hours. temperatures tomorrow morning around 28-30 degrees. the wind makes it feel a whole lot older during the daytime hours tomorrow. this model shows temperatures or so.ound 40 degrees temperatures will cool off for the night time hours tomorrow. a chance for a coastal storm. this is tuesday night into early wednesday. right now, it appears south of d.c. and the impact on us should be little. here is the forecast for the rest of the night. rain and a few snow showers. highs tomorrow will be in the 40's. showsur extended outlook
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a chance for some light snow during the day on wednesday. once again, i do not foresee this being a big problem. colder air for next week and. look at the nighttime lows. back into the upper teens and lower 20's. we will be here early tomorrow morning for the forecast. >> in that sense, a 20-degree jump or decline. >> good times. it will be good times tomorrow rps meet up with syracuse. they are in a good mood these days. >> actually, they are not. hear what the coach had to say. good news and bad news for the wizards. this does not look good. the big man with a knee problem. this does not look good. the big man with a knee problem.
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♪ see what's new at >> breaking news.
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sad news for the town of vienna. there mare has passed away. she died today battling lung cancer. she served as the town's top leader for more than a decade. she recently announced that she would not be running for another turn as -- another term as mayor. toyota sportse desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> just when the wizards get on a winning streak, they might be losing a big man. the game with a sprained left knee. first quarter tonight, trevor ariza had 15. here is john wall. this is from the parking lot. 50-footer. off the glass and in. bradley beal goes coast-to-coast for the lay-up. the wizard when 96-83.
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the biggest name in the nba also not claim. lebron had a rocha knows, but cannot resist the obvious. nose, but cannot resist the obvious. just fineot along without him. the bird man, chris anderson. miami on the break against chicago. here is ray allen finishing it off. the heat go on to win 93-79. maryland basketball fans are hoping they can catch superpower syracuse in a weak moment. tomorrow night, they will play the terps in college park. in the closing seconds the other day, a charge was called against one of his players that would have tied the game. at the comcast center. maryland also on the court. andcuse dropped 2 straight,
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even if they had not, maryland thinks it is a great opportunity. >> they are still number one, still a good team. it is still going to be a good win if we win. >> a team that is second in the , a great opportunity, great players, a lot of pros on their team. it is a great opportunity for us. >> another opportunity for the lady terps taking on georgia tech. nice dish. the person who made the dish from the outside. maryland wins. rain, rain, rain. it finally went away at daytona. , thethey finally got back final lap and look who is going to win. one of the most popular drivers in the history of nascar. dale earnhardt jr. taking the
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checkered flag. a mess behind him. to hockey now. a lot of players in the american hockey league farm team. fans got a chance to see the future of the verizon center ice. the bears wearing the white jerseys. scoring, but her she still lost the game. some great memories now. this is the site of the last redskins super bowl win. all gone. this at a time when roof domes were big stuff. the twins and the vikings are building a new indoor stadium. 500 had ahe daytona rain delay for much of that day. last year's winner was getting and on twitter because
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people thought he had won. instead, he was sitting in his trailer. i only saw it like once. i kept looking up like, did they start the race again? >> post-race interviews with danica. >> jimmy did not win. junior won. >> fans hoping to see kiss perform when they are
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>> the members of kiss will not perform when they are inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in april. why, you ask? the band cannot agree on which lineup should perform during the ceremony in new york city. the dispute is over whether original members would join gene simmons and paul stanley or if the current lineup would play. decisionled the disgraceful. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat.
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>> i looked over steve's shoulder a few seconds ago and saw green.
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of here by theut rush-hour commute early tomorrow morning. is the high degrees tomorrow. the windchill will make it feel like the upper 20's. quite a shock continuing today, -- considering today, our high was 62 degrees. right now, it appears not to be a big deal on wednesday. we are back at 4:30 in the morning. >> we will be right back.
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>> live, from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news washington weekly, on your side. >> new details emerging about the capture of the world's most notorious drug dealer. investigators tracked him down


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