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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 24, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, winter's comeback. from shorts and t-shirts to another arctic blast. more bitting cold on the way after a small taste of spring. not before a major thaw causes some big problems. >> kingpin captured. we go inside the hunt for the world's most wanted drug lord. his transformed image. and what led investigators to his hideout. midair mishap. a flurry of feters through the windshield. >> the windshield exploded. stuff was flying everywhere. and full circle. a stuntman's wild trick. the amazing speed he had to run to make this happen.
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good monday morning, i'm marci gonzalez in for diana perez. >> and i'm john muller. we begin with another polar broadcast. by friday, the temperatures will be 30 degrees below where they were this weekend. take a look at boston. temperatures in the 50s. runners hit the streets in shorts. by sunrise, highs only if the 30s. the weather did little to help these ice fishermen. the snow was fuhr to seven feet high. >> we had drifts from four to 7 1/2 feet tall. our house was almost underneath a drift. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, the sun barely made a dent if the icebergs here in oil city. there's concern about the
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possibility of widespread flooding hitting the area. in florida, heavy rain shut down the daytona 500 after 38 laps. the drivers had to sit around for six hours and 22 minutes until they were automobile to resume, finishing up under the lights. one more note about the weather. in the coming week, two pacific storms could drop as much as 2 inches of rain on california and several feet in the mountains. it's a welcome forecast after the state's driest year, but still not enough to tend drought. the arrest of a cartel leader said to be responsible for 25% of the drugs coming into the united states. >> this morning, they're trying to get joaquin el chapo guzman tried in the united states. >> reporter: the search for
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mexico's most wanted fugitive may be over. fight over which country will be jus fis first is ongoing. >> he's sometimes called the osama bin laden of drug trafficking. >> reporter: he's the kingpin of a cartel responsible for 25% of all drugs entering the u.s. and 80% of the drugs in chicago. federal pos cuters there and in california, new york, and texas all want him tried in their jurisdiction. the question now, whether or not mexican officials will be willing to release him. >> i would ask that the mexicans consider extraditing him to the united states where he will be put in a supermax prison under tight security where he cannot escape. >> reporter: he's being held in this maximum security prison in mexico. 13 years ago, he escaped in a laundry basket. >> people are not feeling safe. and people just because of this, they're not going to sleep
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better. they're not going to sleep better just because el chapo guzman was arrested. >> reporter: mexican authorities released this photo of where he was caught. many experts think business will continue as usual. >> the organize any digs as don't crumble. they still work. >> reporter: the extradition before being tried in mexico would be unusual. but many u.s. individuals believe this case is the exception. kristin fisher, abc news, washington. now to the power struggle in the ukraine. a top official is given the reins. >> citizens are getting a look inside the presidential estate where they found a private zoo, fancy cars, and a gold-plated
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toilet. >> reporter: ukraine is a country more divided than ever. the capital and western part of the country eager to follow the u.s. and europe. here in the eastern part, they're mostly pro-russia, pro-putin. >> we're very angry about what happened in kiev. we want our government. >> reporter: demonstrators in the east clashed. out here, the battle may be just beginning. alex marquardt, abc news. there is political unrest in venezuela. a country where inflation is sky-high and shelves are often bare. a former general addressed dozens of neighbors from his home in eastern caracas. it looks like the u.s. army is about to get much smarter. chuck hagel is reportedly plans
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to shrink the army to preworld war ii levels. they promise that the military will remain the most capable in the world. it would no longer be able to maintain prolonged foreign occupatio occupations. a stretch of the mississippi was closed over the weekend. a barge hit a tow both. they don't know how much oil was spilled. some sports history from the nba. last night, jason collins became the first openly gay player to play in any of the major sports. >> he signed a ten-day contract yesterday and was on the floor facing the lakers. >> i'm usually urks like, the background, one of the background players. it's weird, obviously, this, but at the same time, it is what it is. and, it's part of life.
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>> collins said he was too busy learning plays before the game to think about making history. he played ten minutes. he didn't score. the nets won over the lakers. time now for the weather from across the nation. a storm moving into the northwest. light snow expected from the dakotas to the southern part of minnesota. frurryes for the northeast. >> highs mostly in the teens across the upper midwest. otherwise, 30s and 40s in the upper two-thirds. a few 80s across the south. apple is sounding the alarm. what every iphone and ipad user should know. a pilot forced to make an emergency landing after something crashes through the windshield. invisible killer. what led to a deadly carbon monoxide leak at a popular chain
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welcome back. apple is issuing a software update for the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. there is a serious security flaw. it is intended for those with the iphone 4 or later, the ipod touch, or the ipad 2 or later. netflix and comcast has announced a new deal. the companies have established a more direct connection so movies and tv shows can be streamed more smoothly. they say it will allow for
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future growth in netflix traffic. mozilla is showing off a prototooip for a new smartphone that will cost just 25 bucks. it won't be as powerful but it will provide internet access and will be able to run apps. it will be marketed to the developing world. facebook's new acquisition whatsapp is back. they were down for about three hours on saturday. due to server problems. not a great kickoff after spending $19 billion on whatsapp. "the lego movie" still stacking up high against the competition. top spot for the third straight week. "three days to kill kts trailed with $12 million. the philadelphia yater flick, "p "pompei" opened at number three.
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♪ knock it out! fast. ♪ your current deviled eggs, they got enough devil? the one-of-a-kind, creamy blend of sweet and tangy. miracle whip and proud of it. check out this fireball that streaked across the sky last night. residents in new york, new hampshire, vermont, and southern quebec reported seeing it. experts say it was most likely a meteor.
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the morning road conditions. i icy, slippery across the northern tier. good news if you're flying. no major airport delays expected. a life-changing moment caught on camera. a southwest florida pilot managed to survive. >> rob weber was in the cockpit getting ready to land. suddenly a bird crashes into his windshield. a camera inside the plane c captured the moment of impact. >> i wasn't sure in the pird was this the plane with me, where he was or anything. head bleeds are bad. i pulled my hand down, i was covered with blood. i was like, oh, boy. i kept telling the tower i need to get on the ground quick. he got a cut on his head. he feels lucky he wasn't knocked out. he was the only one on board at the time. it was only up to him to land the plane and he did. stark reminders about the
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dangers of kor bonn monoxide. man died after me hasshe passed a restaurant. a carbon monoxide leak affected people at a hotel in maine. the hotel was evacuated and shut down pending further investigation and repairs. neither the hotel nor the new york restaurant had carbon monoxide detectors. safety concerned about a common artificial dye. researchers say the chemical pcb-11 is leaking potentially harmful toxins. it's found in paint, clothing, and toys. there's not enough science to show the effects on human. they say it may lead to cancer
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and birth defects. a scary incident for a ut ut highway patrol officer. his cruiser sideswiped by a semi. he pulled the driver over. the driver had started to run. the cop had a different cruiser totalled a couple of weeks ago. cue the dynamite. there goes another big section of what's left of the old metrodome in minneapolis. demolition was halted last week. they decided to bring in more explosives and destroy part of the upper concourse all in one shot. it seemed to have work. the nfl was close to instituting a new rule to penalize them in a player uses a certain word on the field. >> the nfl's competition
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committee is expected to install the rule next month. syracuse men's basketball coach jim boeheim won't face extra discipline after his team's loss over the weekend. >> he exploded on to the floor after his player was called for a charge ten seconds left in the game. he was called for a technical foul and ejected. the orange lost in the game, their second straight, after starting the season 25-0. with the winter olympics over, nhl fans can start to see their action again. season resumes tomorrow night. nascar got off to a soggy start as we hear from espn. good morning, america. welcome to "sportscenter." i'm steve levy. the daytona 500 is nascar's biggest event. the race was nearly kicked to monday for the second time in three years because of inclement
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weather. dale earnhardt jr. wins the 500 after a rain delay of more than six hours. his second daytona 500 win. jimmie johnson started his quest for another title. he finished in fifth. in hoops, jason collins became the first openly gay athlete in major u.s. sports. he was greeted by a round of applause. he talked to the press afterwards. >> i thought it was great. being an l.a. kid, i can't think of a better situation playing for the nets and playing here in l.a. and getting the win. just glad kobe and shaq weren't out there. >> he's got the sense of humor. for much more on collins, dale jr., and the rest of the sports world, check out "sportscenter," we're live 9:00 a.m. eastern over on espn. up next, "the pulse." where paula deen's comeback
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deals after admitting she used a racial slur. moving on to the closing ceremony at the winter olympics. whoever planned last night's show could have had a little fun. >> you have to remember the opening ceremony when that star never opened up to form the last olympic ring. last night, performers did the same thing before finally arranging themselves in the form of the ring. certainly a memorable moment with two weeks of competitions in between. >> congrats to all the athletes. we almost came in first. a close second. >> too bad. i can't believe it's over. i feel like we have been talking about it so much. what will we talk about now? >> until 2018. the next winter olympics is in south korea. an incredible feat by a british athlete, our shoo-in for "play of the day." >> damian walters pulling off the stunt if a ten foot loop.
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running a complete vertical circle on his feet. he says he's seen people do it with skateboards, bikes, motorcycles. he wanted to be the first one to do it on foot. >> he had to run at a top speed of 8.6 miles an hour. to make the loop uphill and upside down. i want to know how many times he had to try it and got half way up and fell. >> and fell on his head. >> where is the video of that? >> that is pretty awesome. >> he pretty much nailed it. >> i wonder what the top speed is of a human being clocked. he didn't have to do it too long. impressive. let's get a wheel here. >> i'll race you. >> we'll have two wheels. i would wear a helmet. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, more from the final day in sochi.
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checking our top stories, the dui trial of robert kennedy's daughter begins in new york today. kerry kennedy got behind the wheel after taking a sleed aid and hit a truck. lawmakers are calling for alleged drug kingpin joaquin guzman to be brought to the u.s. for a trial. he was on the run for 13 years. a dangerous polar blast poised to hit the country not once but twice this week. for today, stormy in the northwest, light snow from the dakotas. snow flurries in the upper northeast. finally this morning, so long to sochi. thousands of fans who attended the winter olympics and lots of at leets who competed in them are now heading home. >> the big party is now in the
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history books. jim ryan reports from sochi. >> reporter: the ceremonies were a grand finale. russia's ring of steel protected the olympics from terrorism. on the last day, the last medal for the united states. steven holcomb piloted the u.s. bobsled for a third place finish. vladimir putin had reason to smile. russia led the world. they had 33 medals overall. team canada beat sweden by a 3-0 margin to take the gold. julie chu carried the flag for the u.s. >> it's a testament to my teammates. >> reporter: the most expensive olympics ever, at $51 billion,
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paid off in fold for the first nation. the final hours were devoted to a pageant depicting scenes from russian history. the flag passed on to south korea, where lit fly over the 2018 games. with that, the athletes said good-bye to one another, to sochi, and to this olympic season. jim ryan, abc news, sochi, russia. the russian security forces did a great job. some glitch ies in the road. but a well-done event. >> russia with the most medals. the u.s. second most with 28. we're hoping for better luck for good old u.s. of a four more years in south korea. >> february of 2018, south korea. wow. congrats to all our athletes. they did great job. stay with us for "good morning america." have a wonderful monday, everyone. >> this is good morning
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washington the. on your side. >> some said news. we will have the latest on the towns mayor. department -- d.c. fire department is dealing with the death that occurred near a station. let's get right over to jacqui jeras. she is in the weather center. changes ine some big the air. i hope you enjoyed the weekend. a nice taste of spring won't last through the work week. we did have a few sprinkles that moved across the region in the overnight hours. that is all pushed off to our east.


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