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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  September 7, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at the: 30, on your side. >> police are investigating a homicide, where children were found early this morning, and diane is live with more on this investigation. diane? >> neighbors have been stopping by all afternoon, leaving stuffed animals and letters at the family home today, in an investigation at has sent shockwaves through this quiet community. overwhelmed with grief, the loved ones learn of the tragic news. >> it is devastating what happened. it is sad. >> carrying out bags of
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evidence, investigators spent hours combing through the house, searching for clues in what they are now called a homicide investigation in the depths of two young children. >> they should never happen to children, period. 911hey say someone called early this morning, and when emergency crews arrived, they found the two on responsive children inside. they were taken to an area hospital, where they were later pronounced dead. >> we are looking for potential suspects. >> a are now questioning the two adults who were home at the time but would not provide any other details. >> i am just shocked. i cannot believe that this happened. it is very hard to comprehend. >> she said she stopped by the home a couple of weeks ago to visit her accountant, and everything seemed fine. >> i am shocked, shocked. >> neighbors say the couple's
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daughter had been living with them for the past year with her children. neighbors are left with many unanswered questions after two young lives were tragically cut short. that whate fact happened happened, it is hard to wrap my head around it. this was anll us isolated incident. they do not believe this was a random act. they are now working to try to identify a motive in this case. reporting live, abc seven news thank you, diane. now, it to a developing story in laurel, a boy is recovering after a hit and run. he was riding on whiskey bottom road, when a minivan hit him and kept going. we have more with rich. well, whistle bottom road is one of those streets where it might be quiet one moment and busy the next. this is where that young boys
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landed, and they tell us the minivan was headed this way, west, and a lot of folks are asking why he didn't just stop. these orange markings. the 11-year-old boy landed when he was knocked off his bike. boom, boom. >> struck from behind by a red, older model minivan. know.ecially a kid, you >> here on whiskey bottom road in laurel. needs to happen. >> the impact around 6:30 saturday evening. are snapped to attention and said the male driver initially slowed down, hesitated, and took off. >> it is tragic all the way around. >> the 11-year-old was traveling an areais father, in
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with no sidewalks, and neither had a helmet. still at the scene, a paramedic's glove, the father's and why that person did not stop. >> they struck a child and left the scene. >> while behind goes on for the minivan, they hope the boy, with nonlife threatening injuries, will be ok and that the driver will turn himself in. now, just moments ago, we spoke with the father of the boy. he said he is out of the hospital and seems to be fine. we do not know how fast that minivan was going, but police believe it has front end damage. live in laurel, abc 7 news. >> thank you. brighter story today, and that is the weather. a beautiful day outside, certainly a welcome relief after last night severe storms and the
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muggy heat over the weekend. what do we have for those heading back to work and school this week? >> well, if you're going to be out and about tomorrow and tuesday, i think just bring along the umbrella. clouds are already starting to increase, and you can see our weatherbug camera overlooking the city, 82 degrees with a light reeves out of the north at seven, dew point temperatures in bwi as well as in fredericksburg, 80 two downtown, and clouds are already starting to increase, showers over the carolinas, and a coastal low. about ant in just hour, temperatures falling into the 70's, increasing clouds through the overnight hours, and showers possible, especially tomorrow night and tuesday, and you will want the umbrella. over the next seven days, more chances of showers, and details
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coming up. off to a rockys start for the redskins. they could not get a win in the season opener against the texans, the final score 6-17, and we are live in houston with horace holmes with what went wrong. what did not go wrong? >> well, a lot of things actually went right. it is actually a frustrating day for the washington redskins, because throughout the day, robert griffin iii's passes were sharp, and the defense looked good, what the mistakes absolutely killed them. let's go to the second quarter. this was the backbreaker. texas up, 7-6. ball, picks it up, and then scores. out. third quarter, the skins get the ball back to take it right down the field, and then they fumble on the six yard line, and then right after that, they get the
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ball back. they are marching again. robert griffin iii goes back to pass, a very nice, beautiful , and another fumble in the red zone. there is jay gruden on this missed opportunity. >> it was there. special teams. other than those two mishaps, i thought they played extremely well, so there are a lot of positives to look at, but sometimes, the negatives will override the positives, and that is something we have to address right away. >> coming up and sports, we will talk with some of the players we have in the locker room, talk with them, still a very confident bunch. they say they can fix their problems and fix it very quickly, and we will talk to them later on in sports. horace holmes, abc seven sports. back to you. >> always positive. that is why we love horace holmes. people holding signs outside
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the stadium, protesting the redskins name. similar protests took place before redskins games in other cities, including dallas. and selling a share of an nba racially insensitive remarks in an e-mail, allegedly. he expressed racial stereotypes. he now calls the e-mail inappropriate and offensive, and this departure comes just months after the nba band x clippers owner donald sterling for live, saying he, too, made racist statements. and president obama says he will outline a plan for the terror group. ofthis is not the equivalent the iraqi war. what this is is similar to the kinds of counterterrorism campaigns that we have been
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engaging in consistently over the past 5, 6, 7 years. , theyexclusive interview say several countries have byeed to help fight isil keeping foreign fighters out of iraq and serious. and coming up on abc seven news at 6:30, some of the biggest names in hollywood gathered in new york city, just the way she wanted, all to say goodbye to joan rivers. it even had a red carpet. we have more from today's funeral. and former presidentia
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>> it was the sendoff today for joan rivers, family and friends,
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and it was everybody from a list to the d list, and we have more from the service. newhis song "new york, bagpipesaring from down fifth avenue, a fitting and in the memorial service honoring joan rivers. >> how happy she would have been. >> the brooklyn native is spent nearly 50 years is sharing her caustic comedy with the world. dog.was such a to get me down the aisle, they threw a bone. >> she joked about everything, including how she wanted this day to be. funeral to be over-the-top with lights, camera, and action. >> she got the glitz and glamour she wanted at a temple in new york city, with famous guests, from whoopi goldberg to donald trump, a performance by hugh jackman, and lots of raunchy
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jokes kicked off by howard stern. >> she was in reverent. off-color. it was just like joan's humor. >> humor and tears for the 81-year-old who died after having a cardiac arrest after undergoing surgery on her vocal cords. melissa, waster, saying goodbye before this perfect tribute to a woman who lived to make others laugh. joan would want to go out. >> a remarkable life. >> the city examiner is continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death. and former republican presidential candidate mitt romney is opening up about politics in an interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." he said there is no question that he would have been a more effective president in the white house then president obama and
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better than hillary clinton, but he says he has no plans to run again. he said president obama's campaign did a good job. 6:30, theahead at work week forecast. doing this all day, my feet and legs got really tired.
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>> what did you do today to enjoy the beautiful weather? you can tweet us. were we expecting? >> things are going to change the at i wish it could stay like this, but we're actually going to see some clouds increasing, and, in fact, clouds already increasing. a few clouds this morning, and we are kind of book ending the day with clouds, but a good time
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lapse from the army navy country club in fairfax, and you can ease sunshine and a breeze, and as we head toward sunset, the clouds are starting to fill back in, but still a delightful evening with pleasant temperatures, the dew .54, and the dew point measures the air, and it is very, very low. yesterday, dew points were in the 70's, and even with these clouds, no rain. it got to 84 degrees at reagan national today, one degree above our average of 83, and the record is back from 1881, 104 degrees, which is actually two degrees cooler -- there is no such thing at school when you're talking about 100 degree temperatures, but the all-time high was 106. in quantico and annapolis, and the dew point
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temperatures in the 40's and 50's. system off to the south, and that same cold front that brought us a refreshing air mass today is stalled offshore. some pressure developing, and it will track to the north. also, some clouds and maybe even a few showers. we will show you our futurecast. this shows us the wind direction. the longer the arrows, the higher the wind speed. beginning toowers move into the region late tomorrow night and into the early half of tuesday, so bring the umbrella as you are heading out the door, and put one in the kids back tomorrow. cool temperatures, only in the 70's, but tonight, still comfortable. i think middle 60's downtown to middle 50's in the suburbs. a few showers possible, and we will stay in the 70's for the day on tuesday.
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86, the warmest day in the seven-day, a strong cold front for earth day, and by next weekend, we are hopeful. overnight lows in the 40's and 50's. how does that sound? >> i wanted to stay perfect. trying to please. >> ok. houston we saw in today, horace holmes is there. >> well, i am here. the redskins who fumbled away their game. not the way they wanted to start the jay gruden era.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your
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local toyota dealers. >> well, i talked to a number of washington redskins today, and there was no sense of panic, even though they lost the game. they do not feel that the houston texans beat them. they feel like they beat themselves. a 21 yard run. ball, but the extra point was blocked. 6-0. next, fitzpatrick. play action. he has plenty of time. but randall could not make the tackle. the touchdown come the texans up, 7-6. and a scoop and score, and that made it 14-6 for the texans, and that was the score at the half time. stumbled,rd, rg iii and he was handing off to
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morris. houston recovered the ball. and then the very next for the paul, a pretty passive catch down the middle. paul was a big run after the catch, and then he loses the ball, and texas recovered that fumble, as well, the redskins still down, 14-6. sacked, hewas recently became the highest-paid defensive player in the game, and today, he showed why. 17-6 was the final, and the redskins are 0-1, and this is what they were saying after the game. >> there were a couple of plays in that game where you just wrapped your head. that is a big play. we gave up one huge play on defense. our defense played fairly well, and then we failed. >> we all know what happened with the fumbles. but we need to get the game where we can consistently run
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the ball and score points. >> how do you feel now that your team has played one game? >> we can do better. going to make mistakes. things are going to happen. there will be adversity throughout the game. we have to make the plays. and this is a recipe for losing. well, so now, they go back home and get to practice this week and try to clean up some for their home opener against jacksonville, who, by the way, gave the philadelphia eagles fits today. and the nationals one today on the strength of to home runs by adam roach, and serena williams, the champion at the u.s. open. that is the story in houston, horace holmes, abc seven sports.
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s of the "guardian galaxy" remains in number one, i even to my children. "teenagellowed by mutant ninja turtles," and "if i story." tuesday kind of good movie day weather, because kind of cloudy, maybe a little dance. it will not be raining the whole time. i think the greatest chance of rain is overnight monday, into tuesday, but keep the umbrella with you and the kids going to the bus stop. temperatures only in the 70's, and a strong cold front moves
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through late in the we
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