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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  September 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. >> we're following several stories night, including the injury that cause rg iii to leave today's home opener. plus spreading out and looking for clues looking for missing children. d.c. police chief cathy lanier in the search for felicia rudd. bittersweet day for redskins fans. the team did win their home opener but without rg iii who dislocated his ankle during the game. morris holmes has been following this all afternoon. what does the team think about the injury? what let me say it is very difficult watching how badly
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robert griffin iii wanted to xl the season. >> it's painful to see the video of what happened. but be advised as we show it to we just feel sick about it. the redskins won their game but cost are starting order back. the official diagnosis is a dislocated ankle. flushed down the pocket on the run and lands funny on that ankle, when down and stay down for several minutes, clearly in a lot of pain. and he'shletic move still able to make a completion. he was carted off to the field. obviously he did not come back will stop here is robert griffin iii. but you never want to get hurt. you want to be available where your teammates. it was not hit or anything, it was just something that
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happened. in moments like these, you've got to keep the faith. but everybody knows what kind of competitor robert is. he had is sights set on a great year and when you get hurt and you're season gets cut short, it is the stating, but he will get well. >> griffin will have an extra mri tomorrow and they will determine the severity of the injury and how long he will be out. endings could be season -- could be up to a year depending on how serious it is. some other injury suffered today and we will let you hear more robert griffin iii. betsy had a good game face. >> thank you. redskins fans are concerned about rg iii with the game just of few into the season. we continue our coverage from
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fedex field. what are you hearing from the fans? >> a lot of mixed emotions. a day of highs and lows. postare wrapping up the game tailgates here in a few folks are still hanging around. one thing we did notice is there was not the dour mood you might expect considering the injury, even though folks know full well it could potentially be a season ending injury. this is the video all of washington dc is talking about ityou heard or is holmes say could be season ending. a lot of folks hope that is not the case. on the one hand, he got hurt, on the other hand it was a big win for the team. , kirk cousins, when he came in, he did absolutely fantastic. there was even a contingent that felt he should have started over a healthy rg iii.
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despite the injury, there was a lot of optimism outside the next yield. injuries happen and it's a good thing to have a solid act of and a win is a win. >> cousins deserves the spot. no controversy. >> take a look at this. fans they'rethe saying there should not be any controversy. they say kirk cousins ought to be the quarterback. we talked to a lot of people do feel bad for rg iii personally come and certainly for all he had to do that came off of the injury two seasons ago. a lot of you all feel bad for him but he's going to have to overcome and other injury. the redskins had a big win and folks are very excited about that. they felt kirk cousins did a
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good job in this is the against redskins win and a longtime full they did not win over the last half of last year and did not win the first game this year. been a long time stands in washington had anything to celebrate. it was a difficult injury to watch but a great when you thought been a rough day when it comes to injuries over the redskins. not only is rg iii recovering, but desean jackson separated his ac joint sprain. morris said he will have much more coming up on abc seven news and you can follow the latest at want to turn to some brighter news, and that's the weather. a beautiful way to wrap up the week. what is ahead for the work week historically got an early look. >> a nice work week if you like cooler than average temperatures.
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more of that in the extended forecast. very comfortable and mid day clouds, but you will see from our top camera that the clouds are getting way to more sunshine this evening. 70 in frederick in downtown, but in the 60's -- 67 in baltimore. it is spectacular. early cloudy skies for the remainder of this evening with temperatures in the 60's and sunset doing earlier. worthyoing to be jacket once again as lows followed the 40's and 50's tonight. next chance for rain is overnight tomorrow into tuesday morning. i think a lot of us will be sleep in and unseasonably cool temperatures for the rest of the week. >> back to school and already jacket for the kids full up now to the latest developments to missing children in the montgomery county trying to find
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clues to locate to children whose mother was arrested late >> this has been a long and difficult search. policing k-9 units have been putting in 17 hour days and today, citizen patrols without looking in the area where the mother was arrested just a day or so ago. everyone is hoping these two young people are still alive >> an urgent search this sunday. is we find both children safely. >> volunteers fanning out at the germantown plaza. >> the mother was found that the children are still missing. next they have to be alive. >> looking for the two and
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three-year-old who have been >>sing for a week now. leading the search, the children's father. >> i don't leave she would just leave them somewhere full top i don't believe she would harm them. >> she is the children's mother, diagnosed with schizophrenia. our camera was there as she was arrested friday on child neglect charges after being missing since monday. >> we cannot say why she hasn't them forth coming but she hasn't been. >> police believe she had been living on the street. she told investigators her children are safe. her family believes they are believe shetop >> i felt like she was protecting the children and took them. >> but she hasn't said where teams searched through the area. >> if they are simply lost, we don't know what the scenario is.
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>> look for facial features, not just the hairstyle stop >> we want them back today. is to search here continue and police are asking residents to check properties and wood sheds. catherine is in police custody and is due in court on monday for a bond hearing. neighborn't observant who found her and hopefully someone will find the children will stop new developments in the search for militia arrived. -- phylicia rob. a woman told abc seven news that she has down a piece of paper with children's writing on it and contacted will stop >> i found a black plastic bag, looked like it had been cut open ,nd when i went to pull it up
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it was hard to pull, so it took some force. handwritingi found it would probably match a seven or eight-year-old child. it is also where the man suspected of kidnapping or committed suicide during march. d.c. police are looking for a driver who struck a man in cap towing at 3:00 this morning. officers say a man was crossing the street when the vehicle struck him and pronounced dead at the hospital. lycée the vehicle was described as part colored and four door, possibly a rice learn. up, learn how britain is responding to video showing and eight worker executed by i sold any ambitionrrest to straight
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>> great britain is vowing to hunt down those responsible for beheading one with citizens. a video released shows the killing of david haynes. prime minister, david cameron says his country will work with the u.s. and others to defeat i still. >> they boast of their brutality. they claim to do this in the name of islam. that is monstrous. peace.s a religion of they are not muslims, they are monsters. >> u.s. state department says dozens of countries have offered support in fighting faisal. details will be released this week. a big reward for information leading to the person who ambushed to pennsylvania state troopers. $50,000 is being offered for tips leading to the arrest of
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people that killed byron dixon. the men were shot outside their fair exit earing a shift change. please from greece dates are searching for the shooter. still ahead, eileen is back with
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>> i love football weather and this business football weather we've ever had the >> it is going to be cool the next few mornings, so if you haven't gotten of the coats and jackets -- maybe a sweater or light jacket, you will want it. this is a time lapse of the camera and alexandra. mid-aclouds through the hours doing way to sunshine as the sun gets low on the horizon stop we will be in for a
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beautiful sunset with exceed eight degrees in bethesda. county and in virginia, a few high clouds and a secular weather. --peratures comfortably cool 74 degrees. the high at reagan national -- tomorrow getting closer to the 80 degree mark. all down hill through the latter half of their we. annapolis and cumberland, but overnight impactors will fall into the 40's and these and much of the eastern half of the night it eight, enjoying cooler than average temperatures. look at these highs compared to normal. 10 to 15 degrees cooler than average. most of the eastern half of the united dates enjoying the weather.
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weather feature keeping us nice and dry for overnight hours. weatherl be our next maker but it's not going to impact a lot of us. lated bit of sunshine and day clouds and the rain associated with the showers very light and happening overnight and day. miss.oing to be hit or some people won't even see rain but my tooth the morning, this is all out of here stop aside from a lingering sprinkle, beautiful weather was sunny and a little breezy and cool. 46 to 57 are the overnight low temperatures. tomorrow, that warmer with increasing clouds as the weather front approaches. becomes sunday and it will be breezy but look at highs wednesday through friday in the lower 70's. that's just here in the city.
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here, at least it feels like it. >> i will take cooler weather and 70's. horace holmes, beautiful weather, great wind. >> it started out really well but ended up being a bittersweet day for the redskins will the team loses its starting quarterback today ugly
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. know how todon't feel after a game like today -- the skins win the and they are the skins lose their
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starting quarterback in the process. it happened right here in the first quarter. robert griffin iii rolling, and thehe tackle completion to desean jackson, but griffin went down and does not get up. his ankle took an awkward true with and he stayed down for a long time on the sidelines and had to be hard off the field. a wave of ricci asian and they were chanting rg iii. play and young is wide open for a touchdown full of later in the first quarter, to desean jackson. he drops the ball but lands awkwardly on his left shoulder. he goes down and has to leave the game. later, cousins gets hot with a huge game catch.
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pass fromutiful cousins and rolls into the end zone. touchdown, redskins. alfred morris will punch it in 14 nothing washington. morris gets in the action again for a second touchdown. the defense was awesome. ryan kerrigan getting around the left side and four sacks on the day. the skins had a record 10 fax stop it their sweet because there was a reversal concern for robert griffin iii. landed, wanted to look at my ankle and when i looked at it it did not look in a great position, so i knew something was wrong stop backs we are sick about robert.
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he started the game hot and had some great energy. he put a lot of effort and time and mental anguish to get ready for the season and have a bounce back year but things happen in a row football. >> it's frustrating for the both of us to watch from the locker room. but this is robert half team. my job is to be back at quarterback and called upon, help this team win. that job doesn't change. >> the magic number for the nationals is down to five. let's into thehe top 7 -- stands and right-center home run, washington wins three to nothing. statesetball, the united blows out serbia 129 to 92. congratulations to team usa taking home the metal and the world cup. taking home the metal and the world cup. >> nine
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a final check of the forecast and still good news -- >> it's going to be a great seven day outlook. cool and temperatures falling into the 40's and 50's. milder than today but right around average will stop for increasing clouds late in the evening. few will ring a chance of a sprinkles but most of us will be sleeping when that happens. turning breezy and sunny on tuesday but look at the high temperatures in the low 70's for wednesday. it is going to be feeling like fall. other than some rain showers, we weatherairly dry pattern and a little cooler than average. but nothing beats september in washington. we will see you hopefully back here at 11:00.
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