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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  November 2, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> live, from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30 -- on your side. >> and the big story is the weather. some parts of the region will be under freeze warnings as temperatures plunge. counties west of i-95 are under a freeze warning because tomorrow morning, temperatures will be below freezing. in the city, i think we will stay above the freezing mark, but it will be a cold start to your monday morning. spots like frederick may get down to 25, maybe 28 degrees tomorrow at dulles. but in the city, we will be above freezing. at the national weather service has issued a freeze warning for
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counties west of i-95, including montgomery and fairfax counties and frederick county in maryland. the gusty winds we had today will begin to diminish over the next several hours. it will be a cold morning, but milder temperatures in the media forecast, temperatures could be pushing 70 i tuesday. details coming up in just a little. is causing problems across the area. take a look at this video -- the wind said the tree crashing down on a car on marlboro pike in district heights. down powerought light is for quite some time. the wind brought them wires between rosslyn in the courthouse area. both were closed for several hours as crews made repairs. wind damaged ae construction site near old
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georgetown road. seven as we abc follow the cold weather. eileen will be back with an updated forecast in just a few moments. there's a lot to talk about when it comes to the redskins will stop it has been a rough day on and off the field. the teams buses got into an accident while driving to the minneapolis stadium and thousands of people gathered outside the stadium to protest the redskins name. so we want to give you details about the crash involving the redskins bus will stop here at gahr sans treated -- tweeted this picture with a message saying they were ok. a team spokesman says two buses carrying players and staff for being escorted to the stadium. one of the police vehicles crashed into a guardrail which prompted the driver of the first bus to slab on the break and the
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second buses -- the second bus hit the first one. one person was taken to the hospital. the venue for today's game was considered the largest protest yet over the name of the redskins. thousands of people marched and held signs. suzanne kennedy was there and joins us live from minneapolis tonight. >> this is one of the t-shirts they were giving out all stop it says there -- they were giving out. it has the redskins logo replaced and that's what they were saying today -- they want the name of the washington redskins replaced. i want to show you some pictures from today. they drummed, danced and marched the stadium.s to
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more than a dozen native american organizations are dissipated as did members of congress and local residents, calling on the redskins owner to change the name. degradinghe name is and a racial slur. >> it is offensive. it's as offensive as the and numerous other slurs out there. it is offensive no matter how you look at it. this is a public university and it has been putting a great heel of pressure on the vikings saying they don't want the redskins name used in any --motional and literature promotional literature. the university is under contract with the vikings to hold the games here, so they had to abide by the nfl rules. the protest was fairly peaceful
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and there were heated exchanges between fans and protesters. part, it was a peaceful protest. dan snyder saying they came to play football and not to get involved in this debate. we look forward to hearing more from you tonight. let's talk about what was happening in the stadium behind suzanne. it could not result in a win for youredskins will stop >> take the accident and then you take the protest. no matter what you say, there has to be some kind of effect after weeks of no rg iii, he's back but that did not mean the skins would win. but it takes more than a bus accident to it the skins down. rg iii ready to go despite the whiplash.
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after the vikings take a 21-20 lead, griffin goes deep to deshawn jackson and that goes deep. that led to alfred morris, he scores. the vikings make sure the redskins fall 326. obviously tommy you have to bounce back from this will stop everything on rg iii's shoulders, but he has to come back hard. >> we will hear more from him in sports. classmates gathered today to remember dominic peddie who was killed on a weekend crash. three of his classmates were also injured. >> they came young and old.
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somber faces, tears and hugs. ie lost his life in a horrific car crash early saturday. senior smileld's lights up his face. quite you couldn't ask for a greater kid. it is a tragedy. >> this jeep suv driven by margaret lit -- driven by margaret ainsley slammed into with peddie,honda three classmates and an adult driver inside. >> i think it is horrible. happen to anybody. they did not deserve that. >> investigators believe the woman was driving under the influence. >> it is hard. had ast two years we have lot of tragedies at our school.
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>> so this memorial mass originally scheduled to honor the band teacher also drew those who loved dominic peddie. >> he's the happiest guy you would ever meet. it doesn't matter if you knew for 13 years or 13 minutes. hondaee others in the suffered non-life-threatening injuries. a student prayer service is to be held on monday morning. >> we move on now to an update on and i team investigation we brought you earlier this year. the court case that started with a washington county sex offender who fought to get off the registry has resulted in hundreds of other offenders and dashing from the same list of top it is a victory for those who felt unfairly fun it -- unfairly punished did not include time on the registry. but those missing offenders are a big cause of concern for some. >> the sex offender registry in
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maryland is shrinking. hundreds of names are missing from the list. but that's not something anybody wants to see. as publice a right safety and public health to know that there are predators around. >> the battle over the rights of sex offenders has ended with that in being taken off the registry thanks to a court decision. it is something we first told you about back in may. since the decision, more than 1100 offenders have been taken off the list. offenders who have come off the registry and we expect 2000 will come off and that's a huge number of offenders and a huge number of survivors who will be affected i the coalition against sexual assault wants to make sure they have the resources to deal with the changes to the registry which often provides a false sense of security. >> the registry does not protect
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us. it's a very small number of sex offenders on the registry. we don't know who they are. >> some of those offenders who were known to the public and listen lash and listed on these pages will no longer be seen. >> offenders retroactively put on the registry or even though their sentence did not include time on the registry are among those being removed. lisa jordan says the maryland department of corrections is going case-by-case to truly evaluating new should be pulled off the list. tonight's working woman -- see how a local woman is helping achieve
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>> the human rights campaign recently held its annual gala in the district. it went viral worldwide will stop alison starling has the story. ask the human rights campaign calls itself the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay or bisexual and transgendered americans. but it's director of marketing is a straight woman. >> it's an issue i have always felt strongly and passionately about, having friends and family members who are part of the community. i knew firsthand what their struggles were. the campaign was put on the map when they heard to marriage equality cases. logo and the iconic painted it red which is the color of love and what these cases symbolize. >> what happened earned her
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dozens of advertising awards, including symbol of the year. mostcame one of facebook's viral campaigns ever with more than 10 million people using the symbol on their page. >> we certainly worked to build a campaign that would excite and engage them. be asver imagine it would wild successful as it was. >> she says there are frustrating times. >> when you walk to work and see protesters outside saying nasty things about the people who work here. but she says despite her success, the greatest goal is to teach her young son life lessons. how teach and show my child my husband and i think other people should be treated. but she says her biggest challenge is to continue to fight you -- continue to find ways to
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the mess in washington - made worse with dan bongino. a tea party supporter endorsed by sarah palin.
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bongino will take away social security's guaranteed benefit and fight against equal pay for equal work l legislation. the post calls bongino "polarizing" and "highly partisan." no wonder the post endorses john delaney "one of the most impressive new lawmakers." family man, entrepreneur, and independent problem solver - for jobs, to protect veterans and equal pay for women. i'm john delaney and i approve this message.
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>> pace yourself for some of the coldest temperatures we've had in several months. >> since april. i don't think we will be raking any records, but it's going to be cold. it is 50 degrees outside right now and it's dark. it was a little strange seeing the sun setting just after 5:00 and we will be in for some shorter hours of daylight going through toward the winter solstice. it is breezy but not as gusty as it was earlier. feels like 46 degrees at reagan national. 46 in baltimore and 48 in quantico. the wind gusts have subsided but we have a nice breeze at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. with each passing hour, the
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winds will continue to subside but it will be chilly through the overnight hours. as we continue, we will drop down to about 42 degrees. thus just here in the city. i think the suburbs will fall into the upper 20's and that's why the national weather service has issued the warning. it is going to be cold at the bus stop. dirty degrees as we have through the morning hours. but by the afternoon, we will be nice into the mid-50's. , so somedegrees improvement in the high temperature department. our temperature change much warmer to the west, so that is a sign of what is to come. 59 tomorrow. really pleasant with nicer winds
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and looking to election day, i think we will hit about 66 degrees. morning,lls on tuesday it is going to be cold. you shouldn't have any problems out at the polls for getting the vote. showers lingering into friday as temperatures fall back into the 50's. like so here's the deal would it comes to the redskins -- if only we had the team that played the first have to show up for the second half. >> exactly. you just have to finish. rg iii back in action today in minnesota. he looks good but
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after filling out their hogan iquestionaire, aight. hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers will stop -- healers. >> it was the return of rg iii today after seven weeks of being sidelined for his ankle. he was able to unleash his anxiety but did it translate into a redskins win? the answer is no. a bus accident right before the game did not help either. he's trying to get the club hyped. he looked good early and it looks like he's about to get sacked right here but he somehow gets out of trouble. that was clutch. that would set up a redskins field goal and after that, it is three to nothing, skins. griffin looked good throwing the deep ball. a jackpot jackson who makes after taking this
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hit. that would lead to an alfred morris touchdown. the only mistake in the half came late in the second when rg iii throws this dud. to theridgwater goes corner of the in zone for a 20 yard touchdown. vikings within three at the half. third quarter, 14-10, vikings. griffin goes to jackson who hangs on to the score. 17-14 skins. if i can -- the vikings take a rg iii goes to jackpot jackson -- that is his new name. a secondthe drive, rushing touchdown and the redskins go for two. -- the vikings drive down the field again. is 29, make two, so it
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26 minnesota was just over a minute to go. griffin scrambling around and incomplete. losing 29-26. >> not good enough to win. we lost the game. fault -- the guys fought really hard but we did not do it today. any box score. >> it bothers me. lead and came back down to get the lead. go back down and take the lead and they come back down and take the lead again. that.ickening by d.c. united in action against the red bulls coming off of today's rest but united has yet to drop a playoff series.
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check out the behind the kick bradley wright phillips gets the score and take game one. the redskins can still bounce the cats are back in action taking on the coyotes will stop that kicks off in about 10 minutes. >> there is some time to catch up.
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>> temperatures below freezing. you will want to bundle up early tomorrow morning. upper 60's tuesday and
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wednesday. >> we will see you at 11:00. wednesday. >> we will see you at 11:00.
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