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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] down to this.s voters across the region are heading to the polls today for the long-awaited mid-turn -- midterm elections. we have complete coverage from across the d.c. metro area.
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>> first, two developing stories across the area. >> an early-morning fire killed a mother and her young daughter. that fire broke out this morning at the 1100 block of emerson street in arlington. we are live near the scene with the very latest. heartbreaking story. >> it is, and this afternoon we have new information we can tell you. we have an active scene with a lot of fire investigators and police officers. in fact, the atf has arrived here as well. what we know is that around 5:00 this morning, neighbors heard and saw the man of the house on the street, not wearing any clothing. he and his oldest daughter were able to get out of the house. the loved ones were trapped inside the home. once firefighters arrived, just minutes later, it was already too late. this afternoon the fire marshal
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briefed investigators before the meticulous and delicate operation of going through this turned up home begins. a small child, believed to be seven, and her mother died this morning. >> i heard yelling, so i woke up. >> by the time the next-door neighbor heard the screams for help and made it outside, the entire home was engulfed. >> he got a blanket to cover him. .e was yelling >> units from arlington and fairfax counties responded quickly as neighbors watched in terror. the father and daughter were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. getting to the others was a challenge the firefighters face for several crucial minutes. >> they did have reports of victims trapped. there was so much fire on the second floor, they were not able to get there. bicycle.rl rides her
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they are nice people. >> a family of four that moved in about a year ago, friendly to many around here. salvador says his daughter played with the youngest girl almost every day. is nothing to say, just to pray. back here live, the cause of the fire still unknown this afternoon. the fire marshal is still inside taking some pictures. i asked a spokesperson for arlington county fire earlier if they have any idea if there is any suspicious or foul play here. -- they are not ruling anything out. john gonzalez, abc news. >> we want to turn to our big news of the day. the ads are run and the money is spent and now it comes down to you, the voter. this year's midterm elections could have consequences for
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national politics from ballot initiatives to control of the u.s. senate. we have more now from capitol hill. >> election day in america, voters lining up at the polls, house seats, governors seats and up for of the senate grabs. republicans are expecting a good night. president obama's dismal ratings have left democrats across the country vulnerable. >> he is the democratic party in the democratic hardy is likely to lose. in state after state, republicans have tried to make the election a referendum on the president. ads some democrats ran distancing themselves from the president. for his part, mr. obama is expected to spend the day behind closed doors participating in last minute get out the vote efforts. republicans would need to pick up six seats to gain control of the senate. iowa and colorado are two states twice, but this
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year, democrats are playing defense and kansas is a big wild card. the state has not voted democrat since 1982 but a challenger could knock off the incumbent. fors not all bad news democrat. they picked up pennsylvania and wisconsin in 2010. >> here at home, voters in maryland will pick up a new governor today. the polls show the race could go either way. is in montgomery county where people are making their way to polling places. >> it's down to the wire for the candidates vying to be maryland's next winner. according to the latest polls, closer than many originally thought it would be come election day.
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>> i am voting for hogan. i knew his dad. i think he is reputable and means what he says. >> i am a pure democrat. >> anthony brown spent his day in prince george's county before spending to baltimore and silver springs. both candidates are making a last run at grabbing any undecided voters while trying to rally support. bob wolman says he originally was not planning to vote, thinking his vote would not matter. his family changed his mind. >> they all got on me and said you've got to vote, you've got to vote, that's your responsibility. >> some believe it could come down to this, how many people come through these doors throughout the day in terms of voter turnout. officials say as of 10:00 this morning, about 300 people had voted. i think everybody should vote
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because it comes down to the people who show up. >> brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> as brianne just mentioned, polls are opened until 8:00 tonight. in virginia, they close one hour earlier, at 7:00. holding places have been open since 6:00 a.m. in the of a few people got up early to get out the vote. one person we talked to explain why he showed up so early. >> this is where change happens, right here. >> voters in virginia had to show up with a valid id including a drivers license or passport or fill out a ballot.nal there are a few big races for voters to decide in virginia. ae first to replace
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congressman. it has been a heated battle. both spent their final few hours to voters in person and over the phone because voter turnout could be the pivotal role in the outcome. we are also keeping a close eye on the virginia race between mark warner and ed gillespie. termr is seeking a second he all public polls suggest will win but that his lead is shrinking. the outcome of this race could have an impact on whether republicans take control of the senate. authorities say someone may try d.c. rupt elections in someone broke into a polling place at davis elementary school and stole four books that are used to check voters in. no information was compromised. in the d c mayor's race, it could end up one of the most
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competitive in the cities history. that does not mean it is a close race. three out of four registered in the district are democrats. muriel bowser is ahead. the district, an historic vote to legalize marijuana. over 21sses, anyone will be allowed to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and to grow the plants at home. passes, congress can still take action. make sure you stay with abc seven for your complete election coverage today. updated asp you results start pouring in. on can also check in with us facebook and twitter. if you don't get out and vote today, you can't lame the weather and you can't blame
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jacqui jeras. she told you it was going to be nice. a new could have complained little bit early this morning, especially if you are in northern virginia, one of the early pullers, because temperatures were in the 30's. but we have warmed up nicely since that time. we are definitely feeling comfortable and actually quite warm. culpepper is already up to 73. 72 in fredericksburg. 64 in gaithersburg. we are keeping our eye on the clouds. showingellite picture you that cloudiness pushing east of 95. sunshine this afternoon will allow temperatures to continue to warm up across the region. at 2:00 today, it should be 70 throughout the city. by 5:00, 68 degrees and sunshine. a few clouds will start to move-in by 8:00 and the temperature will be cooler, down
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to 63 degrees. we did have more clouds and the seven day forecast along with the chance of a few showers. i will have all the details on that in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. noon on anils this early morning accident that killed a pedestrian. it happened on hampshire avenue and randolph road just before 5:00 this morning. the road was shut down for most of the morning, especially during the height of the commute. investigators are waiting to untile the man's identity the family has been notified. we are getting word that adrian peterson will plead guilty to misdemeanor reckless assault charges and will not serve any time in jail. remember, wasou suspended from the team after using a wooden switch to discipline his four-year-old son. coming up tom terrifying abduction caught on camera.
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the hunts joining in for the suspect and the victim. innot what you want to find your halloween candy. police are warning parents after discovering someone handed out a dangerous drug. help fightdrug to breast cancer is helping women with fertility problems. >> and it is a perfect day to get out and exercise your right to vote. we are tracking the rain coming up a little later in
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>> new information this noon in the death of a young boy in
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oregon. his mother has been arrested in connection with the case. this is her mug shot. she is the mother of a six-year-old boy found dead near a marina and she is accused of throwing him over the bay bridge in newport. a persones say even if survives the 100 foot fall, one could only survive the frigid waters for about 20 minutes. a desperate search in philadelphia for a young woman violently abducted off the street. the whole thing was caught on camera. take a look. a man can be seen grabbing the 22-year-old off a quiet street is before 10:00 sunday night. he drags her kicking and screaming all the way to his car. >> i just want her to come back home safe. i'm asking. >> this afternoon police and the fbi are poring over this video. they say the abduction appears to be random. her glasses and cell phone were
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left at the scene. has bag of halloween candy parents in one california town on edge this afternoon. a man was examining his dollars halloween candy when he found a small pink plastic bag. he thought it was strange and reported it to police. testeds out the bag positive for meth. neighbors say they can't imagine who it had come from. >> i know it can happen in any social economic, so as much as i would like to deny that it's not happening here, i can't put my finger on it. don't know if the drugs were intentionally or accidentally dropped in the child's halloween bag and they are urging all parents to triple check their kids candy. side with ayour health alert this noon. there is new hope for women having trouble conceiving and it comes from a very unlikely place. doctors are now using a drug
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used to treat breast cancer to help women have babies. that areproduces results when it comes to ovulation, conception, and birthrates. the drug has fewer side effects and helps women grow bigs more than some fertility drugs. sprint is laying off 2000 people after another quarter of massive losses. sprint recorded a 765 million dollar net loss for the second quarter and it lost 272,000 contract subscribers. the job cuts are part of a cost-reduction strategy and timated to save $400 million. holidaysweeks from the and shipping companies are already making plans to deal with holiday packages. you may remember that last year millions of packages did not make it to their destinations in time for christmas due to bad weather. to avoid a similar situation,
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fedex has already hired meteorologist's and plans to workers. amazon well at 80,000 job. -- will add 80,000 jobs. wake this video captures what appears to be a fireball or meteor sighting in the sky last night. in from reports came the d.c. region to as far west as chicago and as far self as georgia. similar reports and videos were also seen in japan. so, jacqui jeras, what is the verdict? >> in chicago by the way. >> this happened about 6:25 p.m. last night. consider yourself lucky if you got to see it. >> a lot of the reports i was reading from the american meteor society said they saw a lot of well.color as
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here are the locations of where all the sightings were. you can see how widespread this was. hundreds of people got a chance to get a good look at it and millions of people are getting a chance today to deal with some beautiful weather. ours take a look at weatherbug network. conditions at laurel heights. they're not practicing any longer. a nice day for football. in maryland, 66 degrees with a little bit of cloud cover out there in rockville. varying amounts of clouds are impacting temperatures at this hour. 60 eight in frederick, 64 at dulles airport and 66 in manassas. almost 70 degrees already. this afternoon, expecting 68 in hancock, winchester should make it to 71.
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as we look at a couple other locations, a few of us are going to top 70 degrees, like fredericksburg. picture, we will show you what we are seeing across the region. spotty clouds. a cold front still way back over here. it will take its time making its way toward us. the impact of this will be a little delayed. we're not going to see anything around here until late in the day tomorrow. let's show you futurecast. couple of patchy clouds across the region. sunshine here and there as well. louts overnight are good news. overnight are good news. look at what happens off to the west in the afternoon hours. some of the showers will begin and last well into thursday morning. big changes ahead. up to 70ast today, degrees. tomorrow, the clouds star rolling in. we take a look at thursday.
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that is when we will see showers and maybe a few rumbles of thumb -- offender. friday, 57 degrees and then we go downhill. but the weekend will be pleasant sunshine. in terms of there might be a range chance late sunday into early monday but right now the model is kind of all over the place on that. we will work on tweaking that weekend forecast. >> all over the place. thank you. another break up for taylor swift. this time it is with a popular streaming music service. and this story
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>> if you are enjoying lunch right now, you may want to wait a minute before you take another bite. an ear problem that was troublg a singer turned out to be caused by a spider. she believes it might've been in the earbuds she used on an airplane. you ever get a bug in your ear, the national institutes of health recommends putting baby oil or olive oil in your ear to drown the bug and then tried to floated out. >> oh, my gosh. i think i am going to throw up. one internet service is begging taylor swift to return but she is trying to shake it off.
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she expressed her concern about dw piracy,
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>> get out and enjoy the afternoon. get out and vote. the temperature is 70 this afternoon. rain showers late tomorrow and
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