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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  November 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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speaking with neighbors and investigators all day. she joins us live from the scene with what she has learned. what arlington county firefighters say was not present inside the home you see behind me -- a working smoke contactor. overnight him a two parents tried to get themselves and their children out of this home during this fire. one was successful, the other was not. the two alarm fire started before sunrise of the first floor of this in home -- a family of four including two children were inside the two-story house when the blaze started. their next-door neighbor was the first to call 911. >> i was sleeping and i heard the guy yelling, so i woke up and i open my blinds and i saw the house with a lot of smoke and was completely on fire. >> the family was asleep
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upstairs, the father waking to the crackling sound of the fire. >> the gentleman was alerted to the fire outside and tried to notify other occupants to get out and reportedly tried to rescue some of the occupants. >> eyewitnesses say the mother tried to rescue their younger daughter. they both died in the fire. >> it is just a tragedy. >> neighbors gathered and watched as investigators searched for a cause. the woman who lived here was her member at as an involved mother. >> she had a caring heart and was a member of columbia baptist church and always volunteered when she could. she and her family were very close and doing things together. like the fire leaves the neighborhood children struggling to deal with the loss of a friend. .> it doesn't seem real she was here on halloween and gone today.
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they are working as the sun is setting to put the boards on the front of this house and all the windows here. investigators are wrapping up for the day but they have not determined a cause yet and may that --a few days after as to the father and older daughter, they did get out and are being treated at to area hospitals. >> so tragic. as she mentioned, firefighters said the family's home did not have working smoke detectors. we did some checking and found almost every local fire department takes part in programs to test, replace or even install working smoke detectors free of cost. we have posted links to local fire departments on our website, >> turning now to election day and was voting under way across the nation, the abc 7 team has you covered on all the big races
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locally and nationally. is spread out across virginia, maryland and the district. therace that could have longest reaching impact is the fight for control of the senate. we began in the d.c. capital bureau tonight. >> reports from the east coast are coming in and we want to talk about three pivotal once we are keeping an eye on. let's look at kentucky. this is a state that leans right and right now the numbers are in mitch mcconnell's neighbor. he is poised to take over as the senate majority leader if the gop can get that far. but here is what is interesting. he poured about $1.8 million of his own money into this race. this is why has been somewhat difficult. alison grimes has run a pretty good campaign, but here is her downfall if she loses -- she was asked four times in one minute did you vote for barack obama
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and she would not answer the question. --ay, represented representative clyburn says if she loses that might be the reason. another race we are keeping an eye on is in kansas. it's a republican leading state and pat robbins -- pat roberts had been on the hill since 1998 will stop -- 1996. but he has yet to say who he would caucus with -- we talk about a senate that might be split down the middle, he would be courted by both sides heavily as they try to figure out what is future is will stop and this race in iowa -- joni ernst is leading as of the last two moments. they think this is the one -- this indicatesnk a republican search tonight.
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good one --a really you have mark prior who is trying to keep that seat. he might lose that one. in colorado, actually leaning quite a bit to the right for cory gardner to unseat senator udall. a busy night ahead. we will be speaking with you a little later. among the 36 senate seats on the ballot today is one virginia seat, the one currently held by mark warner. is northern bureau chief covering all aspects of this race now and joins us live from arlington. scott was just talking about the close races across the country and the race in virginia has not come on the radar. feelingmark warner confident about his chances for reelection despite the fact holds have tightened up leading into the election day today.
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this is video of mark warner voting today. senator warner taking it easy today. he has led in the polls drop the race and he feels he will defeat republican ed gillespie. gillespie also feeling good when we spoke with him this morning in chantilly. gillespie has trailed throughout the race but a recent poll has him down by about six or eight points. for an he's pulling upset tonight and they feel strongly he will shock a lot of hundreds in washington dc. expect point tonight, we to hear from tim kaine and governor terry mcauliffe. when we hear from mark warner depends on how close this race goes. >> also in virginia, voting to
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replace too long time fixtures. socklican barbara const and -- barbara comstock. previously held for jim moran is up for grabs. no matter where you were in our area, the weather is no excuse not to go to the polls. >> i think what we are seeing all day except without the sunshine. it will be dry and mild and it will be just fine. a live look at laurel, maryland and the skies are mostly cloudy. a few patches of loose guy left over but for the overnight arlington at 65.
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a very mild afternoon. we will slowly drop overnight with some areas this morning in the 30's. temperatures very mild look to the left side of your screen and you can see the numbers drop. on wednesday we will deal with the front and the rain and we will have a few details of what will follow. willnight, maryland voters select a new governor in a race many had written off early. lieutenant governor anthony brown is in a dead heat with republican larry hogan for the state's top office. it's begin with our maryland bureau chief who is with anthony
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brown's campaign in college park. show thisd the polls is a very tight race and it has become that will stop it is one that is being watched nationally as a tossup, a place where a republican could win in a very blue state. we had an opportunity to catch up with him today as he went to silver spring. places -- hisiest goal is to motivate supporters to get out and vote. a distincts got advantage over his organization. any of ourlk into field offices today and there would be people on the phone encouraging those voters who have not yet voted to get out and vote. phone ande on the
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saying get out and vote. they really need to get their people out. the lieutenant governor is telling everyone today that he is confident. we will have team coverage on this and head on over to the larry hogan camp. we are posted at the westin -- westin annapolis hotel. workers have been uploading tables and chairs for about the last hour or so. you can see cars rolling up, most gold with hogan supporters, people checking their bags and going inside to check into their rooms. as 7 at the polling place larry hogan and his wife cast their ballots this morng. way out, the son of the u.s. congressman says he's the solution to tax relief for
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struggling maryland families. half of their volunteers are democrats looking to as he put it, avoid a third term of the o'malley-brown era. we survive the most negative and dishonest attack ad in the country. we may pull off the biggest upset victory in the entire company. hogan went on to tell reporters that despite the positivity that he is still holding his campaign as if he's 20 points behind anthony brown. history could be made in d.c. tonight as residents will vote not only for the first time to pick an attorney general him up but whether or not to legalize marijuana. the biggest vocus so far has been on the unusually bitter fight for mayor. sam ford is live tonight from the howard theatre in northwest
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with a look. where muriel bowser hopes to hold what she hopes will be her victory party. city'sd like to be the first non-democrat, openly gay and white mayor. turnout is heavier than usual with a competitive race underway. race could be a hot between a hot head and a airhead. >> he is referring to the democrat and rublican. >> they want their voices to be heard and they want to elect ariel hauser for mayor. >> i think people are ready to end business as usual. >> they are working hard with independent carol schwartz. i think it was important to
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give another choice. believes he has the momentum and results are just hours away. 8:00 and do close at around 830 -- around 8:30, this place will be full of hauser supporters. >> abc seven has a dozen reporters on the ground. we are throughout the area covering the races that matter here in this area and across the country. we will have live coverage and analysis here and on our sister station and online at ahead, the message a hit and run cyclist wants you to year. >> and anger after a student is groped a local school. i the school system waited until our report to warn parents. >> a halloween tradition may live again.
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>> we are getting our first chance tonight to meet a mind -- meet a nine-year-old boys making an incredible recovery. last month, he was shot in the head during a random shooting. at first many feared young man would not make it, but today, jennifer donnelly got a look at the boys recovery. a storys us now with you will see only on seven. >> what an incredible story. if you believe in miracles, most believe this nine-year-old would qualify. was near a3, he playground in northeast when a elect not meant for him and struck him just above the right eye. his mother has been at his side every single day. been fighting since the very moment that will let my son
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in the head. >> a simple thumbs up and toss of a basketball, those are achievements that go beyond description. the boy -- the bullet is still lodged inside his brain. i -- he has 35d to 40 minutes to live. >> that night, a little boy he loved to play basketball and football and box, his life changed on a dime. >> if he's not able to cheney -- to play basketball or football, maybe he will be the next barack obama. we don't know. a minister took his nine-year-old hand in hers. >> she began to pray and he pulled his hand away. she said did you see that? >> that was our cue that he was there still fighting, at which point we did everything we could. >> doctors remove the right side of his skull to relieve the pressure. the mother of four and a
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.ommunity rallies around him >> it's hard to figure out where this is going to come from. >> they have done a remarkable job and he's done a remarkable job trying to stay alive. >> he faces at least one more surgery to reattach the right side of the skull. the shooters in this case are still out there. >> just incredible. thank you so much. seven is on your side with an update to a story we first brought you on friday about some stolen halloween decorations. someone has returned the stolen charlie brown and snoopy figurines to the yard of bruce and have sherman. the decorations banished them their neighborhood just days before halloween. they have been a fixture in the
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neighborhood for more than a generation all stop >> it was quite a surprise. it was a happy surprise. charliesnoopy back and brown back. they were lying on the grass of our front yard. missingnly thing still is one wooden stake and she says that's easy enough to replace. >> is to resolve, charlie brown. >> glad the thieves had a change of heart. >> quiet weather and a little cloudy. let's get started because there are big changes coming to the weather pattern. withis the time lapse damascus elementary school with a high of 68 degrees. a beautiful and sunny day for a while but we have had these bands of clouds over the entire area back and forth all day long. a nice breeze and it continues
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to be a delightful election day. temperatures at the moment in the 50's and 60's, hanging with 64 degrees at reagan national. temperatures this evening will slowly fall, but only to a range of 47 to 54. it wille cloud cover, be even milder temperatures in the overnight hours. this is all developing ahead of a cold front and that's pushing up the warm air. bands of clouds to deal with, but they are not reducing rain. is producing rain and will continue to do so. by early on thursday morning, the front will be having a direct effect with rain throughout the day and area of pressure developing to enhance the rainfall. just not a pretty outdoor weather day on thursday. temperatures up and down the
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east coast in the 60's. still a cold pattern hanging on through northern maine and eastern canada. the source region for an air mass that will come into town, but mild temperatures tomorrow and even with the front coming through during the day on thursday, it will be fairly mild. simulation of what the cloud cover will be like tomorrow. the clouds took a nap in the rain starts to approach ahead of the cold front and as we get to thursday morning, there will be rain and maybe a nice rush-hour on thursday morning. it should be out of your by sometime on friday. going to be in the intensive inches of rain, maybe more of a jackpot area closer to an inch in the highlands to the west,
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but we will deal with that as it comes through. partly cloudy and 52 in the morning. maybe a sprinkle late in the afternoon, but the best chance of rain will hold off. take a look at the seven day outlook -- mid-sixties with the rain and gusty wind. breezy and cooler on friday and saturday. the temperatures will settle and look the weekend at the temperatures -- lower 50's, that is epochal november whether. >> nothing to complain about. back thank you. man's bestkeeping friend around a little longer. the new medical treatment that could add years to a dog's life. and how you could enjoy a study about to begin. thecyclist talks about moment a car struck him and sent
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him into another drivers windshield. >> after abc 7 broke the story, parents and damascus get a message letting them know about a sexual assault of a student by district
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>> new warnings going out for montgomery county schools after a story we broke here on abc
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seven. x saturday, we warned you about an assault against a girl allegedly by a man working inside the building. josie sterman joins us live from the masthead -- from damascus high school with more on what parents are being told about parent ofstop >> those students got letters yesterday. they were told a man contracted by the district to handle security cameras is accused of inappropriately touching a student at a middle school just down the street from here and they found out he did work here at the high school. as an election volunteer, elizabeth mitchell they be focused on the flyer she is handled -- handing out today. but her mind is on a letter she received yesterday. >> i was not a happy camper. >> she was angry to find out a man accused of groping a student early last month also worked at damascus high school at least once. parents were just told along with parents at baker.
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officially notified about the october 6 assault yesterday, two days after it was first reported by abc seven. lacks we should have been informed immediately, the same day. the fact that they let that go is unconscionable. >> please were immediately called along with the victim's parents, but because it was an isolated incident, the school did not notify the broader community. this woman's daughter was a student allegedly groped by the man -- who's been charged. she is upset with how the district handled the case and thinks parents should have been told. >> he could have done it somewhere else or two other students. >> the district would not give us a list or say if he had worked in the other buildings. they are holding a meeting tomorrow to talk with parents and answer their questions.
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many of them may want to know if had a a -- if why he criminal record that he was able to work at the district. on school lames it inadequate screening by the contracting company. at 5:00, adrian peterson makes a plea in court to charges he abused his own child. what he had to say as the judge handed down his sentence. >> a woman's abduction count -- caught on tape in philadelphia. the search has extended into maryland. >> a bethesda cyclist says he was just a few blocks away from his home when he
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 5:00 -- on your side. >> a bethesda cyclist is opening up about a hit-and-run crash that left him seriously hurt. >> this happened friday afternoon in the that's -- in bethesda. says he's hoping the situation will bring more awareness to cyclists on the road. here the helmet cracked. >> he's glad he was wearing his helmet when he was hit from behind, launching him into the back windshield of the car in front of him. >> it was a high impact collision. >> he says he doesn't rubber much about what happened except
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he ended up that suburban hospital. >> i had to get 10 staples in my and my has stitchesn it. >> he says he was heading home on old georgetown road a few blocks away from his house when he was hit. police say the driver took off. >> i can think of what would be going through someone's mind he would drive off and leave somebody bleeding in the street. >> he says he uses his bike to get around every day and feels bike lanes would make it safer for everyone. -- i use use my bike the lanes because it's too dangerous. he knows how lucky he is, he says it won't stop him from getting back on the road until he's fully recovered. think it is worth the risk. it has a lot of benefits and it would be great if it was less dangerous. >> police say the driver in
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front of him stopped but the driver who hit him did not. that person was in a brown colored sedan but that was the only information given at the scene. if you remember seeing anything around that area last friday, you are asked to call the montgomery county police department. we now know the identity of a pedestrian killed an early morning accident in montgomery county. the 77-year-old died at the hospital. he was crossing new hampshire avenue when he was struck by a car. the road was shut down for most of the morning but has been reopened. the accident remains under investigation. >> if you travel through rosslyn, expect more delays in the future. the county plans to expand the boulevard from four lanes to three next spring. the change has been advocated by the civic association for years.
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the delay coupled with sidewalk expansion would make the court or more walkable without increasing traffic congestion. of traffic congestion, we will find out how it looks in the traffic center. >> and uneventful rush hour with volume on the inner loop headed to 270. eastbound traffic into falls church, some volume there as well. and getting into the wilson slow in- pretty montgomery village. no incidents to report along the way. likes what we are looking .outhbound past seminary road no incidents along the way and traffic generally doing well on the beltway at connecticut avenue. >> thank you.
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the search is on for a woman from maryland conducted off the streets of philadelphia man responsible for this chilling crime is caught on surveillance video. abc seven learned man in that video used the woman's atm card at a bank in abilene, maryland. the woman has been identified. the 22-year-old nurse just moved to philadelphia two months ago from maryland. attacked sunday while walking home from a party for her got done. her parents are making an emotional plea for her safe return. >> she's a young female. she don't need to go through this. she has a family and brothers and sisters. >> investigators are looking into whether she knew her could -- her kidnapper. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading
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to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. >> adrian peterson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault charges stemming from his arrest for disciplining his son with a wooden switch. partexas prosecutor -- as of the deal, peterson avoided jail time. he will get 80 hours of community service. >> i truly regret this incident. i stand here and take full responsibility for my actions. i love my son more than anyone of you can even imagine. >> he said he never intended to hurt his son and disciplined him the same way he was disciplined when he was growing up. theyunclear when or if will lift his suspension. >> coming up, could one drug on the market add years to your dogs life? how it works and how you can get
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involved. >> a new link between red meat and heart disease that could lead to a medical breakthrough. >> get ready for changes to a program designed to get travelers through airport
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>> a new study finds a link that thing red meat and heart disease . researchers at the cleveland clinic found a nutrient found in red meat sets off a chain of reactions in the gut that contribute to heart disease. radius studies already link to the nutrient to the narrowing and hardening of the arteries, but doctors say this new research helps us that are understand the connections and could ultimately lead to better treatment. >> good news for man's best friend -- a new drug intended for transplant patients in humans could help dogs live longer. doctors with the university of washington in seattle are out to prove it is possible. they have tested the transplant drug on mice and found that extended the rodent lifespan and improve their oregon health. researchers are hoping it will do the same thing for dogs. >> the real goal is to delay
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chronic and degenerative diseases of aging as long as possible. that is what we have seen in the mice and that's what we expect to see in dogs. >> the next step is to actually test it. doctors are looking for volunteers with midsize to large dogs five to seven years old. for more information on how to sign up, we have a link to the website on our website. you might want to ask your dog first. ranking ofext, a new the priciest places to live. which local neighborhood is one of the most expensive for renters nationwide? >> plus we go beyond the candidates and a look at an election filled with frustrated voters. >> here's a look at what's coming up on prime time this election night.
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>> in a couple of hours, polls will begin closing up and down the east coast. while much of the focus is on the power struggle on capitol hill, there is a driving force what could be a historic night -- frustration.
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frustration is the big winner of the night when it comes to voter sentiment. gridlock is tied as the top issue voters care about heading into the polls. it is even with job creation and economic growth and far ahead of deficit spending, health care and even terrorism. another wake up call for washington is the number of voters simply staying home. volunteers working hard in closely fought races are ready for sleep. but angry voters say they are ready for change, regardless of party. many voters say they plan to sit the race out. turnout has been low nationwide. a gallup pole shows the lowest voter enthusiasm of the last six midterm campaign. man, he saidland it came to families. pressure.
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>> they all got on me and said you've got to vote. that is your responsibility. >> one sign of how high the stakes are is alaska could make a difference. he may well be the one who makes the difference between a republican senate and because of that, there will be a new direction in washington. >> republicans are claiming momentum and it may be a sign that even before polls close, white house officials are promising the president is ready to work with the gop. >> i think the president stands ready regardless of what the map looks like. -- to workh progress with republicans to make progress. >> both parties have a lot to prove to angry voters. the new poll found only 41% of voters nationwide said they definitely plan to vote, a 19 point drop since the 2010 midterm election.
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>> you can count on the abc seven news team for the most up-to-date election results wherever you are. we have live coverage and analysis all my long on our sister station and we will bring you the big developments here on andseven, facebook, twitter results streaming live on we hope you will join us tomorrow night for a special postelection roundtable analyzing the results and the national implications of today's vote. >> seven is on your side with a consumer alert. ford has issued five new safety resells that affect more than 200 thousand vehicles. the automaker is recalling nearly 40,000 crowned victorious, lincoln town cars, and mercury grand marquis. they have a steering shaft that can break them causing a loss of steering. been ats there has least one accident involving a car it fixed. the other recalls involve airbag
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problems. a few line issue with ford transit vehicles and break that'll problems with f one 50's. if you'll filter issue with some transit vehicles as well. uplet's see was coming tonight at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead on this election day. continue oure election day coverage with live reports from crews in the field. we will tell you how the candidates spend the day as we rate -- as we wait for results to roll them. is heading toa asia. we will tell you but the issues he plans to address their --ight at 6:00 all stop tonight at 6:00. really nice and mild. can the weather last? >> we are hanging onto the mild temperatures one more day. starting tomorrow night to
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thursday, a noticeable change in the weather pattern. 64 at reagan national. 63 in winchester and fredericksburg. slowly dropping through the 50's tonight and by morning, in the range of 47 to 54. a milder evening because of the light southwesterly wind and a few clouds overhead. the futurecast with a suggestion of what the weather to be like over the next couple of days brings more clouds in and a chance of isolated shower late tomorrow night. as we continue the futurecast, the best chances are through the day on thursday as a cold front approaches. we will have rain and it will be breezy and in the mid-60's. maybe an isolated thunderstorm southeast of the city. by the time this front rolls through, we will be good to go for friday. tomorrow, close to 70.
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throughby late tomorrow thursday, clearing and breezy on friday. a chilly start and next chance of rain is nate -- is late sunday night. blog to seeather about november whether -- i the -- a few fascinating things to look forward to and highlighting the historic snowstorms we have that in the month of november. >> thank you. they want to come back and make something of this seasons, the redskins were at the park today and comments by jay gruden yesterday when he said the jury is still out on the quarterback is efficient hit a nerve and stimulated the competitive spirit of rg iii who hit the stump like you is looking for
5:52 pm
votes. day, robertlection griffin iii did some campaigning of his own -- the office he covets his franchise quarterback. am and ieve that i believe this organization knows that i am and the guys in the locker room believe that i am. >> griffin is the incumbent, although monday am a jay gruden made news when he said the jury is still out on that position. >> i've only played two games him the quarter. everybodythis year, had a clean slate. everybody's got to prove why they should be here, why they should be out there and have the opportunity to make plays. on monday, gruden all but mentioned rg iii by name when the coach said this. >> we have some fragile egos here and the quarterback's number one strength is that he has to be thick skinned. >> what griffin thinks of those comments, only he knows for
5:53 pm
sure. >> they might not believe we have the leadership to be successful, but we do. >> with the redskins, the quarterback told never close whether it's election day or not. >> this is my team and i'm going to leave it. weeke redskins take this off before playing the final seven games of the season. here's how you do it -- the peewee football championship. scrambleseet -- he backwards and there he is. the wildcats win the championship 14 to seven. never say never. >> teamwork. [laughter] the only way
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>> a new report blames one d.c. neighborhood as one of -- names one d.c. neighborhood as the most expensive for rent in the entire country. there much can you get and other neighborhoods are on the area? >> this is the most expensive neighborhood to rent an apartment in all of these he. a new report finds the west end area is the most expensive neighborhood in the entire company. -- in the entire country. the average price of a one-bedroom apartment around is 2600 dollars. so what does that get you in this area? apparently not much. we found this apartment listed for $2600. the size of the place, 450 square feet. >> i don't want to live in an area where it's so expensive to
5:58 pm
rent, but that's where i do live. >> so how does foggy bottom stack of two other locations in the area? the principal realtor at the eric stewart group showed us some of the robberies on the rental market, including this home renting for $2500 a month. there's also the finished basement and huge patio and backya. but it's not just limited to maryland. in virginia, there is more bang for your buck. >> te a look at this one. >> it's located in arlington and will give you more space per dollar than anything else you will find in foggy bottom. three bedrooms, two baths, $2500 month will stop that would be a steal in the district. >> there's a huge glut of affordable properties available if you're willing to live outside the district. but for many, it's not about the price, but location. >> location, location, location.
5:59 pm
>> what a big difference in all of those properties at the same price. >> our live election day coverage continues right now at 6:00. >> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:00 -- on your side. comenths of campaigning down to what voters decide at the polls today. it is election day in the d.c. region and across the country. voters will determine the winners and very big races. >> some of the races included election of a new governor and maryland and the voters will choose a new mayor and in virginia, we will learn if voters want to keep mark warner in office or replace them. electionis your station throughout the evening. our crews are bringing you live report on all the local races. >> we begin maryland where the top job in that state is up for grabs.
6:00 pm
brad bell is tracking th governor's race live from college park. >> it has become one of the most interesting governors races in the country. once considered a shoe in, it's now considered a tossup. we've seen president obama, michelle obama, and chris christie all in maryland try to .elp voters make up their minds today, the candidates themselves were out trying to twist a few arms. >> for larry hogan and anthony brown, it's the last chance to win the undecided and motivate an electorate that seems only mildly engaged. that is why brown welcomed michelle obama a rally in baltimore. >> we all know who he stands for -- he stands for you. he stands for your family. we need to do everything -- >> we


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