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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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governor's race live from college park. >> it has become one of the most interesting governors races in the country. once considered a shoe in, it's now considered a tossup. we've seen president obama, michelle obama, and chris christie all in maryland try to .elp voters make up their minds today, the candidates themselves were out trying to twist a few arms. >> for larry hogan and anthony brown, it's the last chance to win the undecided and motivate an electorate that seems only mildly engaged. that is why brown welcomed michelle obama a rally in baltimore. >> we all know who he stands for -- he stands for you. he stands for your family. we need to do everything -- >> we made a mistake -- that's
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the story we did yesterday when michelle obama was in baltimore. today, both anthony brown and larry hogan were out on the streets trying to win over those last few votes. the key in this race everyone believes it is turnout will stop overall, the turnout is going to be low. the candidate who can motivate supporters to get out of the really has the best chance to win. both candidates say they feel very confident about their chances. >> let's go back to the district now where voters will elect a new mayor. is followingief today's developments from northwest washington. >> we are in the historic howard theater where muriel bowser will hold a party for her supporters and workers.
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pollss been had in the but observers of these elections know that the leader in the polls lost the election. >> will this be a repeat of all elections where the democratic nominee was expected to win actually does? >> they have made up their minds and they are going to cast their votes. >> you feel good about it? >> will this be different? >> we are following enthusiasm and are voters. >> the two front runners have big organizations working to get the vote out. both are talking as if they are winners. she says win or lose, she has no regrets. >> we have been giving a lot of encouraging signs. polls will be open until 8:00 tonight.
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missing in all of this is the current mayor, vincent gray was defeated in the primary by bowser and has yet to endorser. indicted, which is one reason he may have lost >> d.c. voters will decide other big issues. they will vote whether to legalize small amounts of marijuana. hadrevious years, the mayor appointed that position. warner is mark fighting to keep his seat from republican challenger ed gillespie. our northern virginia bureau chief joins us from arlington with a look at this race. certainly a sense of
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confidence and optimism that the mark warner campaign. they are feeling good about their chances for reelection. a lot of the senate races across the country in states like louisiana and kentucky -- virginia never really made it on the radar as a super close race. they know mark warner as senator and former governor, but ed gillespie predicted he would shock the world and pull off a big upset victory tonight. here is video of mark warner voting in alexandria. he has laid low throughout the day, spending time with his friends d family, awaiting the result tonight. warner has led throughout the race in the polls. we caught up with former chair of the republican national committee in chantilly. gillespie has trailed throughout the race but inks have tightened up in the last few days. winespie thinks he will them a shocking the world tonight, politically speaking. turnout has been steady and smooth at about 80% average.
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itt is what they expect when comes to the midterm election. they have seen voting issues with touchscreen machines. officials dealing with those problems and a campaign is not terribly concerned that they will have an impact on the race. and welose at 7:00 should have information shortly after that. you.ank if you have not voted yet, you have time to do so. the polls close at 7:00 in virginia. in d.c. and maryland, polls close at 8:00. you can find your location by entering your address on the state board of elections website. abc 7 news is your election station. stick with us through out the night for live reports as we monitor the races and look for
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up-to-the-minute results on our social media platforms. >> investigators don't know what caused a deadly house fire in arlington this morning. the fire killed a woman and her young daughter. the father of the couples older child are in the hospital and investigators say there were no working smoke detectors in the home. victims havethe not been released. >> and i get college high school -- diane the time of petty died in a crash in rockville and ritter classmates were injured. the school is moving saturday's game to 7:00 so students can attend the funeral. police believe the driver who hit the car was under the influence. only on abc 7 -- the family of a nine-year-old boy shot in the head talks about his recovery. last month, someone shot the boy and what the ec police called a
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random shooting in northeast washington. -- d.c. police called a random shooting. it's a move that his mother says saved his life will stop -- his life. >> his reign is -- his reign is working better. they asked him his name and he said it and it was fresh out of surgery. >> he had an injury that would have probably been fatal to most , but has done remarkably well. >> there is still a bullet in his brain, but he is able to give a thumbs up and toss a basketball. police have not yet found the person who shot him. >> coming up at 6:00, our election coverage continues. results could change the balance of power in congress. >> changes coming to a program designed to get travelers through airport security much faster. i vote for more weather days
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like this one. we will see him anymore we have ahead.
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him tomorrow night, joined abc 7 news as we break down the
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election. got him and will be joined by a panel of political experts. you can watch that on news channel eight or see it streaming on >> voters and lawmakers aren't the only one interested in the balance of power in congress. wall street is also. s&p rose 15% on average when controlled by democratic resident. when control of congress has been split with a democratic president, the s&p rose an average of 13% each year. >> still ahead, president obama is repairing for a trip to asia. learn what he has to focus on during various stops there. coming changes may be for the rest of the week. doug will let us know in the forecast. >> we are talking eyes -- rg iii speaks out and the lizards try to take a bite out of the big apple.
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the wizards try t
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>> six is the number republicans and democrats are concerned about because that's the number of seats republicans need to keep the senate. >> they could take weeks or longer to determine the winner of some of those races. scott newman is live at our d.c. capital bureau to explain. >> isn't that what you wanted to hear? that we may go weeks be on tonight. ofill show you a couple places where we could see a really long run of nights. the republican candidate in louisiana going up against mary landrieu. he's had the seat for a long time looked up but here is the problem -- of a third-party candidate who makes it a tougher race. you have to have 50% plus one in louisiana and that would not take lace until december 6. now look at georgia -- another one that could be a long run.
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the daughter of senator sam nunn is done a lot of nonprofit work. add amanda swofford to the mix, and other third-party candidate, you willn get enough, most likely have another run off here. this would would go all the way until january 6. two more months of campaigning just to find out who will take the senate seat there. how about another x factor -- alaska. mark begich is in a difficult fight there, facing a republican who wants to take one of the incumbent democratic seats. they think if they can just deal a couple of those that they are in good business. the polls don't close until 1:00 in alaska. days in some of those rural areas.
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it will be a tight roller coaster ride and we will have it all my long. a person accused of fighting alongside the taliban was in court today. years it's the first time a military detainee from the war will stand trial in the united states stop >> the president of ukraine says troops have been deployed to the eastern part of the country where fighting continues. they did not specify how many troops would go. government forces agreed to a cease-fire in said timber but that has been violated several times. >> a program aimed at getting travelers through airport security will expand next year.
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in the0 people take part tsa pre-check program. the program will expand next year to recruit millions of our disciplines. recheck allows keeping -- recheck allows keeping issues on earring checkpoints. >> president obama will go to asia next week for stops in china and will have a state visit with the president. he will go to myanmar and australia with trips focusing on the global economy and u.s. policy toward the asia-pacific region. >> a good night for an election? >> the weather department did our part. vote for you. >> thank you. i don't know for what, but i will take it. basically good news for the next 24 hours and by the time we get to thursday, just one rainy day. not a comfortable day thursday
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with a cold front coming through but then back to sunny skies. cloud and sunshine with mild temperatures climbing close to 70. seven degrees above average. might even be a few degrees warmer in the city tomorrow morning. current temperatures in the upper 50's. 65 and fredericksburg. overnight, 47ge to 54 and a few clouds helping to keep temperatures above average of stop in the area of green here, this is the area of very mild temperatures. on the east side of the cold front, you got the left side and temperatures are dipping. this is seasonal air and average temperatures. between now and friday, we will
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a steadyhanges, with increase in southwesterly winds and sunshine. more clouds ahead of the cold front and maybe an isolated shower tomorrow night. thursday looks like the day we will see the most showers. by nine in the morning, partly sunny with the heavy overcast to the west. there could be an evening or night time shower to the west of the metro area and others day for the rush-hour and the aunt, areas of rain and an isolated thunderstorm. tomorrow, close to 70 with increasing cloudiness. next seven days, temperatures in the mid-60's. partly sunny, breezy and cooler. maybe a few late day showers but it will remain chilly. the wizards at the garden?
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>> they've lost the first game, and they hope it's anything but mellow tonight. thecaps will try to dallas flames while the redskins met at the park before leaving. we
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>> and now the trio to sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers.
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>> the wizards are in new york to play the knicks at madison square garden. the wizards are going for their third win in a row, but this won't be easy. he always did a nice job defensively but now he's gone him and so it will take a lot of guys to slow him down. he says they know they are up against the big one tonight. --'ve got to [indiscernible] >> of the cap play host to the flames tonight will stop that coach says things ve to change or people will change. he wants hockey players and
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competitors because lack of effort is something he will not tolerate. park hekins met at the for heading out to enjoy their bye week. but before they left, rg iii spoke to the media in response to jay gruden who said the jury is still out on the redskins quarterback position. >> when it comes to being the franchise guy, it is what it is. there's no doubt there, so i don't ever try to make a claim saying i'm the guy. it's not like that. this is my team and i'm going to lead it. >> our play of the night comes from the eyes. -- comes from ice. highlight reel goal. look at the goal here. the blues when it in a shootout final. the big national story is adrian peterson avoided jail time in a plea agreement.
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the judge deferred a finding of guilt for two years. he was fined $4000 and given 80 hours of community service of stop half of the community service will be done with a public service announcement. >> the nfl future still a little cloudy. >> no clouds tonight for those still heading to the polls. >> nothing to make a difference. some rain over parts of arkansas and oklahoma today. most of the country didn't have any problems with the weather. we will have another beautiful day tomorrow, near 70. clouds and showers and gusty winds and much cooler on friday and breezy in the mid 50's. steve rudin will have a fresh look at that. >> world news tonight is coming up next will stop -- coming up next.
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welcome to "world news tonight," i'm david muir. and abc news election headquarters here in times square. tonight, it's your voice, your vote. so much at stake. will republicans take over control of the senate? the key number. and tonight, what we're seeing already. george stephanopoulos and our powerhouse political team standing by. also breaking tonight, the desperate search. the woman abducted right off the street. and the new development coming in. tracking the massive storm about to smash into the coast. bracing for flash floods. and the system about to hit in the east. the horror. so many families looking on. the performers dangling by their hair. the collapse. and what frool authorities are now revealing. and the mystery streak through the sky. reports in more than a dozen states. and late today, the big reveal.


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