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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 6, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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back todayolice came to do a follow-up interview and at that time the woman admitted she was the mother of the baby. the baby was never outside, she made up the entire story. she gave birth inside the house. the little girl is doing just fine right now. said she was overwhelmed, according to the police, and that is why she made up the story. chop protective service has gotten involved. they have the baby at this point -- child protective services has gotten involved in they have the baby at this point. chop protective services will handle this case from here. the police say they will file no charges against the mother. very strange twist, but that is the way it goes. horace holmes, abc 7 news. news, abreaking shooting outside of a walmart in woodbridge. a man used hammers to break a glass jewelry counter at the walmart.
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he fled from the store and was followed by an off-duty police officer. failed to stop, the officer shot him. the man was taken to the hospital and nobody else was hurt. >> federal prosecutors are abandoning the drug cases of more than two dozen people in the district because an fbi agent is accused of tampering with evidence. sam ford is live at u.s. district court in northwest washington. >> the authorities raided 26 homes, seized 11 pounds of cocaine and heroin. there were wiretaps, arrests, and the case is being dropped, agent because an eric fbi , even though the authorities have not explained what he did. some family members and friends of the defendants did not with to be seen this afternoon as they left federal court, but assistant u.s. attorneys were again dropping charges against more of the people arrested after would be drug raids like
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this one last december. flipping through the documents, 28 people are awaiting trial, sentencing, some in prison being set free because an fbi agent. he was reportedly found near the navy yard last september, slumped over the wheel of his fbi car with empty drug bags. before theoners came judge hoping for release. he demanded more information. we have come to the hearing today. he thought he was going to be released. >> others have been set free. anthony mcduffie declined to talk to us today. they are saying you were innocent? a neighbor spoke up for him. >> he works in everything. good. from theent who worked fbi field offices being investigated but so far not arrested. agenttorney said the
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intends to cooperate with authorities investigating the matter and provide whatever information and assistance he can to a prompt and fair conclusion. judge richard leon has set a hearing date of december 10 for the four defendants before him today. today vacated sentences of 10 others. there will be more action at the courthouse regarding these defendants tomorrow. live from u.s. district court, sam ford, abc 7 news. man accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman will be extradited to virginia. lawrence faces several charges faces several charges, including the attempted murder of a 16-year-old girl. he was arrested yesterday and jessup, maryland, and with him was the woman who was kidnapped sunday in philadelphia. the surveillance video sparked a multistate manhunt. she is back home with her family. missingother of two
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children in montgomery county says she is ready to reveal the children's whereabouts, but the search for sarah and jake up hoggle is still at a standstill because of what happened in court this afternoon. brad bell is live in rockville with the latest details. >> what happened was catherine hohggle's attorney successfully argue that not only did she not want to help the police but that she was so mentally ill that she could not make a decision to do that, dashing the hope of the family members of these two little children who thought today they might get some answers. have and jake up hoggle been missing nearly two months. their mother, catherine, is locked in a psychiatric prison in connection with their disappearance, yet the children's father, troy turner, has never given up hope they are live. >> if i didn't believe that, i
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would not be standing here. i would be somewhere else, broken down. >> when catherine called him and her mother over the weekend to say the children are alive and she is ready to lead the police to them, turner rushed to the detectives and prosecutors. >> i think she knows where she thinks they are. >> today and district court, with catherine in the courtroom, the state's attorney asked the judge to allow hoggle under tight guard to show the police were she left the children. in response, her attorney said that catherine does not want to help the police and she is far too mentally to make such a decision anyway. >> to think that she is in a position where she would be able to under any meaningful assistance or non-assistance just logically makes no sense given the circumstances. >> the judge denied the request and sent hoggle back for treatment and evaluation. state's attorney john mccarthy says his next step will
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likely be to seek an indictment for murder. >> that is something that is under consideration. i think that is part of the ongoing investigation. >> mccarthy says he has no way of knowing if catherine hoggle would have helped anyway had she gone out with the police, but they had to pursue the lead. brad bell, abc 7 news. texas governor rick perry made his first court appearance on felony abuse of power charges. skip previous to hearings. today, his attorneys argued the case should be dismissed. on technicalities. a grand jury in austin indicted perry in august. the charges come from a threat to veto state funding. now a power shift in capitol hill. house speaker john boehner is wanting president obama against taking executive action on
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some items. >> they said they will make changes to the keystone pipeline and the affordable care act. while he said there were areas of agreement, republicans have their own agenda. >> our job is to make the mayor priorities -- to make the american people's priorities are priorities. it's hurting our economy. the president said he listened to what happened tuesday night. really? >> president obama will have lunch with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house tomorrow. >> coming up, a long-overdue honor for an american soldier, recognize more than a century after his act of heroism. in the belfort furniture weather center, heavy rain north of washington.
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a u.s.nse officials say airstrike in syria has killed a major french jihadist. a skilled bombas maker with ties to al qaeda. scott thuman is following the latest. this blurry, fiery video,
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the aftermath of the u.s. airstrikes in syria. some were the rubble is possibly a top on maker, a french militant -- a top bomb maker. >> we continue to assess the outcome of our military action. >> if true, it would be a big plus for the pentagon fighting the small group, which is focused on developing explosives that can get past airport screenings. reportnight, our special showed how this engineer tried to alert tsa to weaknesses, the ability to purchase airport store items and make explosives after screening. >> all of this stuff is easily available. what is the point of that? >> while airports have long been an entry point for jihadist
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going from turkey to syria, interpol warns they are using new methods, cruise ships, easier to hop off at a turkish court and disappear without intense airport scrutiny. the airstrikes continue, and they say this is proof they are working. >> the world needs to know we are united behind this effort. >> still ahead, revenue at maryland casinos over the past month. we will tell you if the chips are stacking up board when billing. >> what about the rain? is a clearing out? maryland wins its first title in the big ten. will tony romo play sunday? sports is coming up.
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>> tonight at 11:00, some unique searchers, two local canines that help search for missing uva student hannah graham. the dogs are trained to find bodies underwater. >> if we get on the water within
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a day and work the case until we find them, typically we are successful. >> how these search dogs do it. on board a search and rescue training mission, tonight at 11:00. some school boundary changes in arlington county. the school board elementary school lines in north arlington. have entered the district then when the boundaries were redrawn a year ago, and they hope to have the changes in place for the 2015-2016 school year. army officer who served in the civil war is being honored more than 150 years after his death. despite his injuries in the battle of gettysburg, he stated his post and is credited with helping the union when the battle. at the white house, president obama honored him with the medal of honor. this medal must be
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awarded within a few years of the action, but sometimes even the most extraordinary stories can get lost in the passage of time. this is a reminder no matter how long it takes, it is never too late to do the right thing. cushing receive the military's highest award. obamast lady michelle hosted a local workshop for military communities called the stars and stripes forever, and history of music in the military. speakers included celebrities like willie nelson and rapper common. the first lady urged students to reach out to military families in their schools. them to do any number of things and invite them to be part of your group. all of us have a role to play in making these kids know they live in a grateful nation. >> president obama and the first lady will take art in a salute to the troops at the white house tonight.
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it will feature musical performances for military families. >> new numbers show that five of maryland casino to get in more than $86 million last month. that figure is down 3% from the same month last year. the amount does not include the opening of the porsche casino in baltimore -- does not include the opening of the horseshoe casino in baltimore in august. some heavy downpours, severe thunderstorms east of the city. we arebeen active, and not finished with the pockets of heavy rain. looking forward to the weather later this evening, if you're heading out, we're looking at a pocket of a small area of heavy rain north of washington, through beltsville, laurel, continuing to spread into howard county. eventually two words glen burnie, anne arundel county, a second area in anne arundel county and across the bay.
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we're seeing these repeat patterns moving across. this is lingering behind the whole cold front from earlier today. up to one inch in mount area, adding to that total, .63 in bowie. if you like to keep the numbers at home, put these in your journal, 65, 55, the high-end low. of an inch in9 the rain gauge at reagan national. we are in the 50's. it takes a wild behind the cold front for the cold air to filter in, but it shall. cold air across the western mountains of maryland. this larger view shows the satellite radar, bands of showers developing behind the cold front. that will push through tonight. the next several hours, showers will be possible. by the morning, that will be out of here.
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futurecast shows clearing skies by early morning, breezy and cool. through the afternoon, sunshine, gusty breeze. any precipitation will stay in the mountains tomorrow. we will have a nice friday, and the weekend is looking nice as well, with temperatures climbing into the 50's. early tomorrow, 42 the average wake up, partly sunny and breezy, 53 midday, 57 degrees in the afternoon. 57 next seven days, tomorrow, breezy. it may feel cooler than the thermometer indicates. saturday, less wind, partly cloudy skies, 54. 58 sunday. there may be morning cloudiness with the weak front coming through, but a nice sunny afternoon. warming up monday. veterans day looks terrific, partly sunny, 63. thursday and friday, by the end of next week, next weekend, we may be in the low 40's. it will get mighty chilly.
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>> you have an nba mystery for us? >> this is crazy, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers continue to struggle. i will show you the latest. the wizards head north to canada.
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the lot of talk around watercooler and social media blowing up about the wizards fast start to the season, winning four straight games after the opening loss to miami whenene and blair were both suspended. bradley beal is still not back from surgery. in a row was huge in washington, beating the pacers last night, playing the pacers tomorrow night. they are doing it mostly on defense and john wall's 31 last night helped. lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers, tie game, time running out. word of the just ask back, bang, game-winner. utah beats the cavs. cleveland with lebron falls to 1-3 on the season. philadelphia hosting orlando.
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the alley-oop, kj mcdaniels of the 76ers. the highflying, showstopping throw down. zing slamdunk of the night. the dallas cowboys are in london to play the jaguars. jerry jones expects tony romo to play sunday at wembley stadium. him up less racked than two weeks ago. he reportedly has two fractured bones in his back now, but he practice today and jerry jones expects him to play. i'm not a doctor and i understand there is a difference between pain and injury, but you don't want to fool around with your back. congratulations to the maryland terrapins soccer team, beating rutgers 3-2, winning the big ten championship. for all the folks who said maryland was going to be crushed in the big ten, that is a nice
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again, the 2014 regular season soccer championship. the maryland football team is 6-3, 3 have two in the east, behind ohio state and michigan state, so the terps are holding their own in the big ten. saturday night's game between gonzaga and st. john's is 7 p.m. that time has been moved. are still showers and heavy downpours north and east of the city, scattered showers remaining this evening. later tonight, the rain moves out, clearing skies overnight. tomorrow, partly sunny and 59 degrees.o steve rudin will give you the update at 11:00. anytime you want to know about the weather, it is always live at world news tonight is next. >> have a good night.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the swirling storm. the monster waves up to 60 feet. and the frinld air about to sweep in all the way down the gulf. 30 degrees below normal. also, the gusting winds and the dangerous landing. the pictures coming in from chicago. the dramatic rescue. the nursing student abducted in 30 seconds. tonight, saved in another state. how the gps saved her life. some of america's power grids hacked? tonight, why authorities believe the russians may be behind it. could they shut the power off? and the news crew car jacked. the chase that follows. and that moment at the gas station -- >> get on the ground! >> as they race to catch him. good evening. and we begin thishu


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