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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  November 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." hitting at this hour, a massive act tick blast taking aim of the usa. across 1,000 miles 06 america, bracing for heavy snow and winds. and all of it tonight. the two americans in north korea back home tonight after a high stakes negotiation from america's top spy master. and a speeding train and nowhere to stop. and the conductor's merge call. >> i just hit kids on a bridge. >> just how safe are the tracks across america. and the mystery light show caught on camera streaking across the texas sky. what is it and why do we see so
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many of the spectacles? good evening. i'm dan harris. the calendar says it's six weeks until winter. but apparently, nobody told the jet stream that is dipping south from the arctic tonight, bringing with it the blast of fridged air. and the typhoon turned into the most powerful storm to hit alaska in decades and snow in canada. and now it's barreling in the lower 48 easy. alex perez starts for us in chicago. >> reporter: a blast of winter, barreling through canada into the u.s. tonight. at calgary international airport, visibility down as the storm swallows the city. driving there, always a challenge. wint erp weather arriving early across the country. in california, this ski resort has gotten more than ten inches
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of snowfall. but in minnesota, they are expecting a foot of snow and plunging temperatures to start the work week. in wisconsin, salt trucks and plows already on standby. last week, nuri battled the shores with 100 miles an hour wind. and the crews from the discovery channel's "deadliest catch" struggling to stay safe. nuri, the size and strength helped push the jet stream far north, across alaska and the northwest. what comes up, must come down. the result? a big deep in the jet stream in the eastern u.s., which opens the gates for the arctic air to plunge this week. and the temperatures from the midwest to the gulf coast this week, the winter weather, here sooner than any of us would
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like. dan? >> let's bring in meteorologist dave doll from minneapolis/st. paul. dave, how much snow is this storm going to deliver? >> it's going to create the most snow so far this season. it's going to affect travel from montana, and across the dakotas and in minnesota, 6 to 12 inches could fall. maybe a foot and a half in the noern portions of wisconsin. >> a foot and a half, no joke. the bigger story is behind the snow. >> absolutely. we are going to see the temperatures tumble tomorrow. the cold push, the plunge is going to go down the southeastern part of the country. thursday, we are talk temps in the 30s all the way to the east coast. >> arctic plunge sounds uncomfortable. but we thank you very much, dave
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dahl. >> you're welcome. we move on to the two americans back with their families tonight after an ordeal in a prisonen in north korea. they were set free of a top spy master worked a deal. bob woodruff has details. >> reporter: tonight, the men are back on soil. matthew todd miller, held captive after entering north korea illegal in april. north korea says he asked for asylum there. they arrived over night. >>t's been amazing two years. i grew a lot. lost a lot of weight.
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>> reporter: both released because of a secretive trip by director of national intelligence james clapper last wednesday. u.s. officials say it was not an apology or negotiation. and he did not meet with kim jong-un, the mysterious leader >> this is what we call a charm offensive, where they're saying, we're really not that bad and we can show you we can make life easier for everybody. >> reporter: just last month, the other american held there also freed. jeffrey fowle, caught by officials leaving a bible in a bathroom six months ago. >> they were aside of me. >> reporter: how did they treat you physically? >> physically, i was not abused at all. i had three meals a day. >> reporter: the bae family says they can't wait for thanksgiving. >> we are happy to have him home. >> and bob is here. you have been to north korea five times, really extraordinary. what is the reason they are doing this?
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>> we don't have the any idea. it's a mysterious country. and when they speak to the united states officials, they don't know either. one thing they are trying to make sense, they are trying to get the sanctions lifted so the economy can improve. >> bob woodruff, thank you. and from virginia tonight, a fatal encounter raising questions about the railroads tracks that crisscross the country. and stunning view and young adventures with a speeding freight strain with no way out. here is more. >> i just hit kids in the bridge, train emergency on the bridge, over. >> reporter: the fast moving freight train. tonight, a group of young adventures grieving. after their friends were struck by an on coming norfolk southern
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strain. >> we hit one for sure. i'm not sure what happened to the other, over. >> greg was killed instantly, bridges lifted to a nearby hospital. please investigating how and why they got on the bridge. but the area is popular with photographers with nature lovers. and greg, posing on the very same bridge where he lost his life. we have seen the terrifying train track accidents before. in july, the two women in indiana trying to outrun a straight train, surviving by laying down on the tracks. to get away here, you have to ignore the warning signs and climb over a 7 foot high barbed wire fence. despite the obvious risk, more than 400 people each year are killed each year trespassing on train tracks.
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the number of deaths up 25%. and victoria bridges is recovering at home and possibly facing criminal trespassing charges. they would put up more signs and build higher fences but they will not stop someone wants to get on the tracks. dan. >> thank you. nissan joining a growing list of auto makers telling the owners the air bags may send shrapnel win they open up. the british royals are doing their job of keep calmle and carry on. the queen was out today participating in the british version of veterans day amid
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very high security. and lama hassan has was. >> reporter: a display from the queen today. undaunted by the aby supreme courtland yard. four men detained as part of an investigation in islam related terrorism. they were attempting to carry out attacking on british soil. fears here rising since britain joined the u.s. in bombing isis. they are on high alert. >> it's probably the biggest security operation in the world. the queen lays her wreath. >> reporter: the remembrance of those who lost their lives in world war i.
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noticeably absent is prince harry. a sign of solidarity. >> applause. i never heard that before for the queen. >> reporter: a thank you for the queen and the royal family for carrying out their duties. scott ladd yad said it wasç ready. saying it had the police in place for the event today. dan? >> applause for the queen today. back home today to texas, where the night sky lit up and the 911 phone lines. police fielding hundreds of calls from a fire ball, or whard what sounded like an explosion. and more seens like this could be on the way. >> reporter: tonight across central texas many are asking, did you see it? that fire in the sky that some say caused a sonic boom. >> we heard an explosion on the 5-7. >> reporter: you can see the fire ball on this dash cam
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video and look at it here on this police cruiser cam. nasa confirming to abc news it was a meteor, four feet long, four thousand pounds traveling 55,000 miles per hour. >> it looked like it went across into mexico. >> reporter: last week, people in several states saw fire balls racing over the sky. and check out this one streaking over japan. over 50 tons reach ourp atmosphere every day. the reason we don't wear helmets? the bulk of it burns up in the atmosphere. last year in russia, a shock wave blowing out windows and the many injured. and three different meteor showers peppering earth. meaning we will see more images out of this world.
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tom llamas, abc news, new york. behind me, berlin's gate, obscured fordy kads by the wall dividing east and west. 25 years ago, the wall came down. here is abc's john donvan. >> reporter: in berlin today, they went with light to remember these are balloons, 8,000 of them, each with a light in them to mark the path of the scar, the path of the berlin wall. constructed in 1961 to stop this, the own citizens from c e communism. >> mr. gorbachav, tear down this wall.
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>> reporter: he let this happen 25 years ago when a crowd of east germans surged and the guards let them through. our peter jennings was right there. >> the wall is suddenly irrelevant. >> reporter: today, a woman who grew up there. the fall that the dreams can come true. not all dreams, former enemies becoming good friends. and gorbachav describes it as a new cold war. but 25 years ago tonight, it was still all dream come true when the call like this line of balloons came apart in a stunning instant. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> so great to see peter jennings once again. coming up, a girl in utah snatched out of her bedroom. how the girl survived the ordeal and what expects say you can do
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work we have new details tonight on an attempted abduction of a girl in utah, saved by her quick thinking parents. we are learning about the suspect, and why he chose that house. and key lessons to keep your children aleft and safe in their own home. >> reporter: it was a terrifying moment for this family. >> there was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter and i happened to wake up. >> reporter: the 5-year-old girl snatched from her bed in utah and carried out through her front door from a stranger. >> i bolted because i heard a screen door and we both ran.
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are you okay, honey. >> reporter: her stepfather running outside, confronting the abductor on the lawn who let the girl go. the quick reaction is one example of what this family did right. we now the suspect, troy morely, tried to break in several homes and couldn't get in. he found a door unlocked in this home and he found his opportunity. >> not only should the doors be locked, the windows. >> reporter: experts say having lights outside of your home. and have a baby monitor on, even for older children, so they can hear in anyone comes in. and this is key, teach children what to do if a stranger comes in your room. >> the more noise, throwing things, banging things. >> reporter: the parents say they heard their daughter
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talking and why the suspect is behind bars. >> and the parents of the 5-year-old girl will appear on gma first thing in the morning to tell their story. on a lighter note. a college football center. the touchdown celebration that fired back big time. you will not believe what happened that turned the game around. the instant index up next. up to 55%. yeah! crestor is not for people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor all medicines you take. call your doctor if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. are you down with crestor? ask your doctor about crestor. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion.
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years old and looking grate. and the stunning play in college football. almost a perfect touchdown until the player started to celebrate too early. utah, racing to the end zone for a touchdown. and he drops the ball just before crossing the goal line and utah fans go wild prematurity. and oregon turning the tables, joe walker returning it. the final score e oregon 51-utah, 27. do not celebrate too early. and now the super heroes strong enough to bring down a massive building. 4-year-old d.j. is wearing his super hero cape and got to push the button, the implosion of an old hotel in atlanta to make way for a children's hospital there. when d.j. was recovering from surgery, he was wearing a cape, said it made him feel better. and everybody cheered.
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finally tonight, lifestyles of the insanely rich and famous. merng's most expensive home is on the market. vineyard, sweeping staircases, a bowling alley, a pool and more. 195 million backs. clayton sandell takes us inside now. >> reporter: this over the top mega mansion is for sale on 25 acres in the hills. the beverly hills. a vineyard, 12 bedrooms, 23 booth rooms, a 27 car garage, a 50 seat movie theater and marble
6:27 pm
everything. the 90210 zip code for just 195 million of these. but before you buy, the average price of one squarp foot in a u.s. home is $84. here, try a whopping 3600 bucks. whether or not it fetches full price is in question. the mansion where they thrilled the "godfather" is on the market for $135 million. and the spellings who helped make 90210 famous wanted 150 million for the family estate. they practically gave it away for 85 million. >> who is going to buy it? >> it could be chinese, kuwaiti,
6:28 pm
dubai. >> reporter: sure, prices like these are out of the question for 99.9999% of the rest of us whach clayton sandell, abc news, beverly hills. >> i'm calling my mortgage broker. thank you. thanks for watching tonight. have a great evening.
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>> live from the abc seven broadcast center, this is abc seven news at 6:30, on your side. >> new information in a shooting back killed a man in maryland. the person and vehicle police are looking for tonight. way tont obama is on his asia right now. what he is expected to discuss during his trip. and germany marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. first, anne arundel county police need your help finding a man wanted in a deadly shooting in laurel. officers found the 37-year-old from hyattsville suffering from gunshot wounds late last night at an apartment on red clay road. richard reeves is near the scene with new informati o


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