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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 12, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] broadcastom the abc 7 center, this is abc 7 news at noon, on your side. >> a picture-perfect start to the day. sunshine, clear skies and one temperatures. start to the day is the key part. the next couple days, things are going to get worse. jacqui jeras has a look at the forecast. >> the changes are beginning. take a look at the thermometer.
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67 degrees. our temperatures are ok. the winds are kicking in, that will allow arctic air to courtpr in. the temperature to our last. 48 in cumberland, 55 in winchester, 50 night at dulles and 57 in d.c.. our way down. winds will be an issue, making it feel colder. let's look at a temperature progression. through the rest of the afternoon through the overnight tiered by 3:00, still in the middle 60's. into the evening, falling through the 50's. by mid to late evening, 40 degrees. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, the
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upper 30's. not quite freezing when you wake up tomorrow but we have that the seven day forecast. i will tell you win that arise coming up from the belfort furniture weather center. >> see you then. the search is on for the man who inually assaulted a woman prince william county. >> at the horner road commuter lot in woodbridge. searching for a suspect matching this sketch after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman he picked up at a commuter lot. police sayiam county the 42-year-old woman was waiting for the bus when a man pulled up and asked if she wanted a ride. she voluntarily got in. >> -- it up been a red flag for her. say as the two were driving north on 95, the man exposed himself and then sexually assaulted the woman.
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hundreds learned about the assault as police handed out fliers asking for the public's help identifying the suspect. it is another reminder to take precautions. >> you do not know who you are getting into the car with. you think everybody has a job in d.c., not all the time. i try to get in with multiple people. >> commuters say they try to do the same. i i try to ride with people know. >> police asking anyone with information to give them a call. in woodbridge, brianne carter, news. >> developments surrounding the murder of a 16-year-old student from woodbridge high school. grief council is were at the school as police announced three suspects are in custody. jeanette reyes has the latest. >> a difficult day even more somber for the woodbridge high school students.
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>> it is very silent. stuff like this does not happen often. it hits the community really hard. >> the first day back since rented wilson was brutally wilsond -- since brenden was brutally murdered monday afternoon along a popular pathway. >> i was shocked. >> police arrested 20-year-old himin smalls and charged with murder. authorities arrested two other on and a, kymothy wils 17-yr-old, both from woodbridge here they are charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. a fourth juvenile suspect is in the loose. it is a lot to take in. >> someone was killed over there, we will never see him again. >> dozens of students take this cut.ay, they collect the
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it can ask the high school to the neighborhood. this is not only a short often eight meeting place for illegal activity. >> drugs and stuff of that nature. >> police say brenden wilson knew the people involved in his murder. man accused of the abduction of a philadelphia woman and a particular -- and a virginia teenager will be in court. s will be tried in virginia, he cannot a woman walking home last week -- he kidnapped a woman walking home last week. prosecutors say barnes also try to kill a 16-year-old girl in october. the suspect in the abduction of hannah graham is in a fairfax county jail, where he faces additional charges. jesse mackey it was transported from charlottesville this morning. he's expected to appear before a judge on friday on charges from
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a 2005 case in fairfax. investigators link that attack and graham's abduction to the 2009 death of virginia tech student morgan harrington. >> the rabbi accused of recording women in a georgetown bath was in court. barry freundel pled not guilty. accused of planting a hidden camera at a ritual bath. also works at towson university in maryland. prosecutors say they need more time to work on their cases and scheduledearing is for january 16. lawyers for the man convicted of killing chandra leavy asking more time. her remains were discovered in 2002. the case remained a mystery until 2009 when police linked
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the death to a pattern of attacks. ue's cellmateandiq lied. >> congress holding a hearing on ebola. lawmakers will consider a request for more than on $69 in $6rgency aid to fight -- billion in emergency aid to fight ebola. care workershealth are needed to treat the deadly virus over the next few months. the country are demanding changes to how the u.s. and is cases of ebola. .c., nurses are rallying outside the white house. john gonzalez is live with more. good afternoon. from california to maine, registered nurses, thousands of them have walked off the job
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this afternoon. we are in the middle of one of the picket lines in northeast d.c. nurses walked off the job at around 7:00 this morning. they say they will be out of work for the next tory four hours. they claim the hospital is refusing to address issues, with work conditions being dangerously under staffed. not trained to deal with a situation like an ebola outbreak. we are going to try to talk to one of the nurses who just spoke. this is donna. providenceurse at hospital. you were talking to the group. membersse i have family who are battling cancer -- [cheers and applause] i don't want my family or anyone's family to go through some of the stuff. >> with ebola, what is the
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problem? >> we have not had the training youe you don the equipment, put it on and take it off. it is supposed to take three people to do that. the unit to handle the ebola patient has a small room. there is not equipment to handle ebola patients. >> the cdc has mandated all ll hospitals to provide training. statement was released saying that they are negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement with nurses. they currently and always have been properly trained to deal with highly contagious diseases like ebola. will move, the group to the white house. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, touchdown.
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a spacecraft is on a comet flying through space. why this is a big deal. students and charles county exploring the planet with a new science center. equal things this center has that few other public school systems have. meet case e. >> seems like a normal action figure. it is turning heads. up. jacqui has how cold it is going to get this weekend and
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. welcome back.
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scientists with the european space agency are celebrating a historic feat. a spacecraft landed on a speeding comet. mercy gonzalez has more on what is next for the spacecraft. >> what may sound like science fiction. a spacecraft landing on a comet. >> we were concerned about the surface -- >> we are sitting on the surface of the comet. space inblasting into 2000 four, the european space agency's rosetta spacecraft has solarlingshot around the system to catch up with a comet. it may hold answers to some of our planet's biggest mysteries. earth, it emerged on might have been brought to earth by such comets.
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data that will hopefully unlock the secrets, rosetta obliged a lander called philae. it is the size of a washing machine and landed on the comet, miles wide and speeding at 85,000 miles per hour. we have heard from the flight control team. >> picking up an unexplained noise from the comet. sending comet selfies. philae is transmitting information from the surface of the comet. calling the success a big step for human civilization. news.gonzalez, abc 7 >> we have an update on what happened. >> i follow the european space agency on twitter. gently, landed fairly
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the harpoons did not actually happen. the harpoons were supposed to stick into the comet. sure why that happened or what that means. the orientation of the spacecraft, it might be tilted. and what that means for its longevity. we will keep you up to date. around here, our story is a cold temperature pushing and across the region. 67 degrees, that feels fantastic. we have strong winds. winds northwest at 21 miles per hour. our dew point is at 44. you take a look at other temperatures, some weatherbug cameras. we have gusty conditions. dramamine.need , 62 degrees. a couple clouds.
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winds a little lighter in laurel. you can see the temperatures. the cold front has passed but the arctic air is taking its time spilling in. we expect temperatures to level off and then continued their decline. look off to our last, 39 in pittsburgh. 30's in detroit, 20's and chicago. teens in the dakotas. eastair will spread to the end to the south. this sliver of mild conditions is getting smaller. of today, lots of sunshine. it will be breezy through the afternoon with temperatures falling from the mid-60's down towards the 50's. tonight, clear conditions will aid in the cooling process. tomorrow morning we will see above freezing in d.c. increaseer starting to
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through the day. tomorrow, and upper-level disturbance will pass overhead. that could bring scattered showers after the evening commute. notice some of the mountains are going to be getting snow showers . a little bit of a wintry mix in a few spots is a possibility. only about a 30% chance that that happens. temperatures are going to stay ofthe 40's towards the end the week. our second chance of getting wintry weather comes in on sunday. likely west of i-95 could see flakes. too soon for specifics but it looks like a better probability sunday into monday. temperaturest the and how long the arctic blast lasts. this is not a one hit show. this is going to stick around. looks like it will be reinforced with. we could be talking seven days
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to 15 days of temperatures below average. >> wait, what? >> below average. it does not mean we are going to be freezing. your average high is 59 degrees but in his unusually cool. >> we have had a couple -- above average. jacqui. you, students and charles county are benefiting from a new state-of-the-art science center. we sent eileen whelan to waldorf to check it out. next to the world, literally. right behind me, science on a sphere is what we are showcasing the james e richmond science center in charles county. i'm joined by students from charles county schools. let's find out more about this. let's bring in the sphere master. this is patrick.
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incredibleut this room and facility. science on the sphere, developed by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. there are only three of these in schools around the world. this is spectacular. >> right here. while we are able to do is show the science on the science on this fear with almost any type of birth science data that -- earth science data. i can show you one now. >> pretty cool. patrick is a fellow meteorologist. blow my mind. >> this is one of my favorites. this is looking at the same time period in 2012 when we had hurricane sandy. see sandy heree, zoom what is really cool, we can
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layer our earth at night. we can see the number of people that would be impacted by hurricane sandy. we can adjust the transparency and see how many people were impacted by the storm as it moves up the east coast. >> this is incredible. the technology from your ipad and from the different satellite products, being able to display it right here. absolutely incredible. patrick, thank you. and all of the students and charles county are going to be able to benefit from these incredible resources at the james e richmond science center in charles county. here is to learning, here is to science, here's to fun. >> no one get as excited as i lean and jacqui about science. >> coming up on abc 7 news at noon, a controversial action
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figure. why no one believes the claims of the company that makes it. bea not so good season could a good thing for your
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>> the nurse who traded ebola patients in africa but refused to remain quarantined is in the spotlight. people are noticing kaci hickox to an actione figure. the company making the dog insists that the ebola inspired doll is not hickox. >> switching to sports news.
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the redskins are struggling. that could be good if you want to a game. according to espn, nearly 7000 tickets remain for the-redskins game sunday. you can get a ticket for as low as $36. on stub hub, the third-party vender, starting at $11. upper level seats for $13. >> 1:30 on sunday? go.e should we would pay more
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expect >> acan we slow progression. we will be filing the rest of the afternoon. tomorrow, you will notice a difference. 30's to start the day and upper 40's. staying chilly. >> dinner outside? >> it is going to be blustery. >> your food will be blowing off the table. that does it for us. >> see you back here tomorrow morning for "good morning washington." catch abc 7
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