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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  November 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> meanwhile, we have this breaking news right now out of new york. a frightening scaffolding collapse. it lets two trapped window washers dangling a 68 stories above the ground. this was for two hours. kai jackson at the lives desk with what it took to get them down. >> they were cleaning the
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windows of the new world trade center building when things turned scary very quickly. according to reports, the window washers were on the south side of the building trying to send -- ascend to the top. curiously 68r floors above the ground. after a few failed efforts, they made a daring decision and broke open a window to get to the workers. both were pulled to safety. >> we had trouble getting through that last layer of glass, but the operation went fairly smoothly. does nots time, it appear either worker sustained any injury. a good ending but a story that was very frightening for a while, leon. the man accused of kidnapping
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a woman near philadelphia only to be arrested later in maryland has been charged in virginia and now back in pennsylvania tonight. jennifer donelan is in the satellite center to see what happened when barnes appeared. a 16-year-old girl was raped, doused in bleach and gasoline, they'll have to wait for their day in court because the federal sayt against the man they is responsible for all of it will go first. this 37-year-old son of a barnes spent an lot of time already in handcuffs. theas facing a judge in caught on camera kidnapping of a 22-year-old nursing assistant. he was assigned a public defender today. the manhunt lasted three days.
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agents found barnes and the unharmed woman in his car in the shopping parking lot. that was thanks to deputies in charles city county who recognize the car from the surveillance video as one that was used in a violent kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl there this month. they contacted the car dealer and were able to track it using gps. deputies say she was kept at t mobile home and was able to escape because he was digging a grave and asked how she wanted to die. she was covered in chemicals before they found her. federal prosecutors say they're going to try their case in philadelphia before they turn him back over to virginia. barnes is expected back in a bail hearing.
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jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. suspect in the abduction of hannah graham is sitting in a fairfax county jail. transported from charlottesville early this morning and expected to appear on charges of attempted murder and sexual assault back for may 2 thousand five case in the city of fairfax. they linked that attack to the death of morgan harrington. it was in this courthouse convicted of killing chandra bv. new for a hour, up in just about an he thinks he deserves another shot at proving his innocence. i have that story coming up on abc seven news. >> just down the hall, another hearing was held for the
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rabbi today. sam, what happened? we will try to touch base with sam a little bit later. magazine isjewish putting the rabbi on their list jewshe 50 most influential in the last 50 years. not everyone who impact history makes a positive contribution but there is no doubt that what he's accused of will take a toll on the community. that is our question of the day. do you think someone needs to make a positive contribution or be good to be considered influential? logon on to the wjla facebook page. we will share the answers a little later in the broadcast. >> the dallas hospital that treated ebola victim thomas eric duncan has reached an
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undisclosed financial settlement. he was originally sent away from the hospital with antibiotics. two days later, he returned in an ambulance and was diagnosed with ebola. it's better than what we if we had gotten taken this with a jury to conclusion in this matter. >> under texas law they would have proven the doctors were deliberately hurting him. in the u.s.ebola but nurses at the providence hospital are concerned about training should anymore cases develop.
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>> right now we do have the nurses protesting. they've gone on a 24-hour strike and they say they are demanding against ebola,on the deadly virus rampant in africa. they are asking for better pay and a better nurse to patient ratio. this is part of the national nurses united nationwide protest at a number of hospitals across the country when nurses are calling for better protection against ebola. arehospital says they meeting standards and doing all protectssary things to nurses and patients. however, they disagree. >> they did put on the suit and hud.
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i'll be doing any training or drills? no, but they will tell you that we are. >> they have brought and .emporary nurses reporting live, stephen tschida, abc 7 news. held today for .abbi barry find all sam, what happened there? they continue the case against rabbi barry freundel. a spiritualel leader but a also a professor at a spiritual leader and also a professor at towson.
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he's charged with spying on six women. synagogue volunteers and also up to 1000 women could be victims of the alleged peeping. shevolunteer said unwittingly sent a woman who suffered sexual trauma to the rabbi. of theas on the basis recommendation. to think that he was using those to turn around and sexually traumatize others is disgusting. it's nasty. it's horrible. she and others say they fear the u.s. attorney will work out some sort of deal with the rabbi and the case will never be heard. a spokesman for the u.s. attorney's office said they are still gathering evidence and no deal has been work out at this time. live from the d.c. superior court, sam ford, abc 7 news. you.ank
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charles county firefighters are investigating the cause of a massive townhouse fire in waldorf. we show the damage of at least two units there. the two alarm blaze on spyglass court broke out this morning. windy conditions read the flames the other. no injuries reported and the american red cross is assisting the displaced families. of them out here. >> find out how gaia tried to prove that point to his ex and it landed him in trouble with the law. -- how a guy tried to prove it. >> move over, turducken. people say they heard the cries for help for three days. what it took to find a man trapped inside a wall to set him free. [applause]
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and mission more than a decade in the making
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man.e step for one giant leap for mankind. >> 45 years after nearly armstrong's historic step, aiming for something smaller. the european space agency successfully landed a probe on a commet. wasch smaller target that moving a lot faster. as marcy gonzales reports, now the learning begins. celebration as a spacecraft landed on a comet. >> this is a big step for human civilization. >> it's been a long time in the making. for 10 years, it traveled 4 billion miles. wednesday morning, the philae was released from its mothership freefall nts and in
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for ac dramatic seven-hour dissent towards theomet it's very.rare you >> have >> a moment where something built why people has landed on something completely new and alien. ae is very small, only the size of a washing machine. canhis is the first time we look at the makeup of the comet. what many believe are organic compounds explaining how life on earth began. >> they will see a lot of new things. >> the orbiter will stay attached for the next year. abc 7 news. just landing has been trending on social media all day. age,n the wjla face but with love in our hearts for humanity, we can accomplish the
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impossible together. one love for all people. randy says imagine a bow and arrow and taking into account wind, gravity, movement of the target in nailing a bull's-eye at 5000 feet? awesome. has anyone seen bruce willis? [laughter] let us know what you think on the facebook page. not the first to mention bruce willis. here at home, plenty of people were impressed as well. >> the last time a man-made object came into contact with a of theit was because university of maryland. reaction from the scientists here to today's historic moment. >> i just want to know what it's like to go 41,000 miles per hour. the international space station flying a bit higher tonight. they raised its orbit by about one mile. a small piece of debris was on target to pass the station and it was a little too close for
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comfort so they moved the station. the three astronauts on board were never in danger. not really a way for a fire hydrant to dodge an oncoming threat. water as you can see going sky high. this was seen for miles around. crazy. nothing that bunting in your path on the way home. bob in the wtop traffic center. >> northbound 270 heavy from andy grove road today through germantown and clarksburg, a lot of people going to have that pretty slow right there. from bethesda and silver spring as well. 95 cell through woodbridge and all the way down past done free in the triangle, a lot of traffic and volume moving south. that's kind of what it looks like at dale boulevard.
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we had a few tractor-trailers that are now out of the roadway. the toll road westbound has a stopped tractor-trailer on the westside and here, volume delays and all the lanes open and heavy. traffic on the inner loop site but otherwise doing ok through the green belt. in the wtop traffic center. >> we are all fascinated by the comet landing. front came through this morning. you probably did not even notice it. the wind changed direction. it's only now that the temperatures are starting to drop. wait until you see this. let's take you to cardinal ridge elementary school in fairfax county. but thenof dense fog it clear dan lifted and then the front went through. what a gorgeous afternoon and evening with temperatures well
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into the 60's locally. temperatures really have the drop on us. this is live weather data. here are the wind directions changing in the air here from a few of our stations here. .he same in manassas 55 and bethesda. the wind is backing off a bit, still windy right now in northwest children's hospital northeast. 60 in the metro, 70's to the south. mid-70's but just to the west and north, and all changes. this is the cold air mass we've been watching for days and anticipating it moving in our direction. the pitcher changes of 32 degrees just in the past 24 hours. we are only a few degrees cooler -- temperature changes of 32 degrees. waiting for the win to diminish and temperatures will drop getting very chilly.
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tomorrow another cold front comes in. tomorrow's high will be in the 40's. 45-50 is the range and we may see a shower late in the afternoon tomorrow. even colder air comes in and we might even see a few snow showers. breezy with highs of 45. sunday, upper 40's. an even stronger cold front may bring us more snow showers and then instead of getting warmer, it's going to get colder once again. long-term, maybe a 10-14 day snap of below average temperatures. not say this next one is brutal. a man found a unique way to send his ex-girlfriend a pointed message. checked this out. he sent a box in the mail filled with 15 live baby chicks. it also included a note. there are lots of other chicks out there.
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the woman was unamused by the gesture. she did let the mailman take them off to find a good home. nine of them are now at the poplar spring animal sanctuary. does that happen that you can mail a box of these live chicks? >> that's a good question. and i don't know. >> credit for creativity and he made the news. [laughter] >> how about this story? it's really dramatic. this was out in colorado. emergency crews had to use the jaws of life and a crowbar to pull a man out who was stuck in eyewall. a appears the man broke into clothing store through the roof and got lodged between some drywall and the exterior wall. i think he was stuck in there for two days before people in the store heard him shouting for help. they will likely charge the man with trespassing.
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>> and not charge him to repair the wall? >> what a story. if you can believe it, today is 14 days until thanksgiving. 42 until christmas. >> fil ahead, where some people are already sleeping out for those black friday sales. >> forget avon and tupperware. the new kind of party bringing people together to learn about their fertility options. a memorial service in woodbridge for young man shot and killed t
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212-year-old wisconsin girls has been found competent to stand trial in the stabbing of a rent to appease a fictional character. say they attacked the victim after a sleepover. once the attackers left, she crawled her way out to a pathway cyclist founder her and called 911. iny have three teenagers custody but they looking for one more. >> their role accused in playing a role in the deadly shooting of a teenager near woodbridge high school. jeff goldberg is live in woodbridge with the reaction.
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and a half hours ago, a heartbreaking memorial held here in honor of brendan wilson. if you been following this story, you know it is the cut where he was shot and killed two days ago. the pain and shock of this loss remains a painful and raw. family members and friends of brendan wilson gathering to share memories and grieving together remembering a young man that they loved. rinse william county police made strides. timothy wilson was also arrested charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. a juvenile also in custody and another juvenile is at large. police say that it was a drug-related murder.
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it is a claim wilson's mother says is not true. she wants her 16-year-old son to be remembered as someone who loved life. not in pain anymore. he will not suffer any more. this afternoon, as we told you, through the suspect remain in custody, one still at large. as for the two adults charged, we went to their homes this afternoon in woodbridge to get a comment about the situation. that's coming up at 5:00 as well as what residents hope to be done with this area that has been the scene of some recurring troubles for quite some time. jeff goldberg live in woodbridge, abc 7 news. >> still to come on abc 7 news [bleep] d.c., happy veteran's day! >> watch your language. that's what some of you were
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saying at a concert designed to honor the nation's veterans. the shuffle. what happened to a veteran firefighter hours after responding to a fire in baltimore. >> and
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>> i hope you enjoyed today's
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weather because a big changes on the way. temperature now 55 degrees in arlington. nightfall coming quickly to alexandria and the rest of the region with clear skies. right after sunset, that is when we will see the numbers fall. out across the mid-atlantic, 52 in hagerstown but looking at elkins in pittsburgh, the drop is on the way. with light wind and clear skies, we will drop between 30 and 38 overnight before tomorrow morning. tomorrow, enjoying some sunshine for a while but then the next cold front approaches with maybe a late afternoon or evening shower. some rain showers in the colder air returns late tomorrow night then back to sunshine and chilly weather for the day on friday. the forecast tomorrow, a very t highs somewhere
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between 45 and 49. we are looking into the weekend and checking out the next seven days with the hope of a warm up any time soon. police are hoping someone saw something out there that could help them track down a sexual assault suspect. as brianne carter reports, they are looking for someone who attacked a woman at the corner road commuter lot in woodbridge. sexuallyegedly assaulted a woman he picked up at a commuter lot. the 42-year-old woman was waiting here for the bus when a man polls appeared to the commuter lot and asked if she wanted a ride. police say she voluntarily got in. police say as the two were driving north on 95, the man allegedly exposed himself then sexually assaulted the woman. morning, hundreds learned about the assault as they
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handed out fliers trying to identify the suspect. it's another reminder to take her caution. >> i try to get in with multiple people. >> they tried to do the same. >> police are asking anyone with information to give a call. >> hundreds of thousands spent their tuesday night injuring a huge concert on the national mall, however not all of them liked what they heard at the concert for valor. social media exploded after several bouts of profanity during the speeches and performances. we are at the live desk now monitoring some of the reaction trending. thought thispeople was going to be a family-friendly event given the start time and what they heard
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from the host at the beginning and at the closing act, eminem, did not make them happy. we put this question on facebook. what did you think of the concert for valor and the performances from eminem, bruce springsteen, and others? >> whose decision was it to have eminem? we could've done without him and his disrespectful language? word wasf the f unnecessary. it had a lot of people weighing and not just about eminem but also about george lopez. but george lopez also did while trying to get the crowd psyched up. lots of people weighing in lopez missed the family-friendly memo as well. get the memoid not about the kiddos there. lots of people saying they just did not expect george lopez the
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say those things. don't swear on the mall, george lopez. events like this have a huge social media impact. when you have a twitter handle lots of people are chiming in. you can always weigh in on the conversation with us. @abc7 or on facebook. weeks awaybout two from thanksgiving. can you believe that people are already thinking about black friday sales? two people are already camping out outside this california best buy. they've been there since last wednesday. vicki torres and her friend are in it for the long haul. .hey have snacks, hot cofe they're hoping to get a 50 inch hdtv for $199. >> do that in michigan, not in california. i cannotarea and >>
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believe it. plenty of people will eat thanksgiving before they head out for the sales. you have trouble deciding between pumpkin, apple, or pecan "pee-kin" pie. in anis an apple pie apple spice cake. >> you heard that correctly. three pies inside three cakes and they're all stacked together. of course this big gray would be in texas. stands at 11 inches tall weighing 23 pounds and maybe 23 billion calories and it costs one hundred $75 and it needs at least five days notice if youwant to get- one. - costs $175. >> you would wow your guests. >> you would put your guests in
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a diabetic coma. [laughter] turned back to california now because a fertility doctor has started throwing egg freezing parties. she's a reproductive specialist and she is nicked named the egg whisperer. she wants women to find out more about their reproductive options in a casual setting. prevent the heartbreak infertility may cause. >> i'm around the age of reproduction and i don't know if i'm ready yet. this is an insurance policy. >> facebook and apple have just announced coverage for employees who choose to freeze their eggs. up, breathing easier. a historic deal helping to clear the air around the world. >>
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>> it's a story you will only see on 7. charged with felony theft to the tune of $70,000.
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happily say she managed to dupe an entire community. what her husband had to say when abc 7 showed up at the family home. all that and much more on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m. >> customer stop the product they were buying were helping local schools. >> mimi clark was convincing as the owner of spirit boosters, previously american boosters. her pitch to businesses to get their name out there seemed perfect. >> they would solicit local doctors, orthodontist's to see if they wanted to sponsor local school putting advertisement on the product and then it would be shipped after they paid. giveawayout those free are nuts just like the ones we use here or like you've gotten from one of our local sports
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teams were actually at the center of a scam. >> they were all supposed to be a fun way for those in the community to learn about other local businesses but that's not what happened. . >> sheet is kept the money and spent it on herself. -- she just kept the money. >> the scam lasted more than three years and clark thought it was foolproof. >> if they never checked up with the schools, they would never know. >> before you purchase a product, research the company. call the school or event you are sponsoring to make sure you are getting what you paid for, not getting taken for a ride. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> thank you. today was just like the first day of school. >> no one had heard from him for
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tragedy has struck this
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tightknit aviation community again. another flight instructor killed during a training run over the weekend. i'm brad bell. coming up, how are these pilots coping? investigating the death of one of their own. the body of a lieutenant fire safety officer was discovered wednesday morning in the basement of an east north avenue home. six hours before the responded to a fire at a vacant house next door but they were pulled from the scene. investigators say he was cleared but never responded on his radio. his body was found after an off-duty firefighter spotted his suv outside the home. they're now trying to learn how he died. >> newly elected senators and elected representatives came in to meet their future colleagues. kai jackson is at the live desk with more on the freshman class coming in. >> an exciting time.
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the two major parties rarely agree on much, but the newcomers agree they have a lot to learn and a lot to do. the tour of capitol hill is a quick one for new members. little time for history or nostalgia. these lawmakers have to get to work. >> if i do the right thing, they will vote for me again. you have to raise dollars but that will not be my focus. >> there will be gridlock between republicans who want to do something and republicans who want to do nothing. >> for some, their plates will be full just learning what's expected of them and how to govern. as far as steering the agenda is
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concerned -- >> the people voted and we have , my job as an congresswoman is to get to work stay focused on the issues and not get lost in the debates. hireong them, don't someone you cannot fire, avoid commenting on too much before learning the issues, and a a few veterans to show you the ropes. politicians can certainly be influential when it comes to looking at history. the day's question of -- do you think someone needs to make a positive contribution to the world in order to be considered an influence?
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this has been getting a lot of reaction online. if the good old boys policy. men overlooking bad behavior by other men. join in on the conversation on our wjla facebook page. atcoming up on abc 7 news five, the miracle escape, the surviving pilot of the virgin galactic spaceship and what he remembers. >> decoding sales price tags. the secrets that could save you big time when you hit the stores. >> lets the but secrets doug hill is hiding from us this hour. below freezing tomorrow morning and then 60 is a big call. oakdale high school, southern frederick county, it is
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currently 50 degrees and they were at 58 earlier. it turned into a gorgeous day there just doesn't has all across our viewing area. the front came through just to change wind direction but now we a more precipitous drop in temperatures. in deer creek lake it's down to 32 degrees already. these computer estimates for the morning, 32 in frederick m martinsburg, 39 reagan national, 35 expected in baltimore. these are current temperatures and it's a big difference with just a little motion to the west across the appellations. 30 indianapolis, 23 omaha, minneapolis 22. single digits in denver, five with snow. great falls at five.
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this is the core of the cold air. there's another cold front scheduled for sunday night and we will be in this for a while. this will give way to increasing cloudiness. cold air tomorrow night and a few snow showers. sunday night maybe another front. the story starting late night, 47 waking up to an average of 36. 45 with increasing cloudiness in the afternoon and breezy through the afternoon friday in the low to mid 40's. sunday 48 but then the third into late sunday night monday will not only start the trend in drop of temperatures but 50% chance more rain and snow shower sometime monday. they will be colder average temperatures for some time now on. this is the first time we are seeing 20's on your chart there. >> thank you.
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let's move on to check on traffic. bob is in the traffic center with the details. onwe've had several problems 95 this afternoon in virginia. the latest crash after dale boulevard squeezing through in the right two lanes getting by. we only had one for the time. the hov lane is it thing right through. volume delays headed north found cross montgomery village into germantown in clarksburg. right now on the beltway, we have a new problem on the beltway greenbelt on the inner loop just before kenilworth .venue nothing but volume both ways. toward centreville, before the roads, just reporting that it's a busy afternoon out there
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on the roads. >> coming up on abc seven news at 4:00, the game changer. >>
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deadu may have heard of zones, major waterways where there's not enough oxygen in the area to support life, everything like fish and shellfish dies, we have one of those areas in chesapeake bay. a new study by researchers at the smithsonian sure they may not be getting any better any time soon. change may have been underestimated as a factor in warmer waters mixing with the run off from things like fertilizer leaves less oxygen in the waters. president obama wrapping up his visit to china after reaching a historic climate change deal with china. >> the goal is to reduce carbon emissions over the next two decades. karen travers has more on the environmental impact of this deal.
4:57 pm
>> president obama and chinese the earlier toasted agreement that is being called an environmental breakthrough. >> it shows what's possible when they work together on an urgent challenge. >> china is the worlds worst polluter and the u.s. comes in second accounting for one third of all carbon emissions worldwide. they announced a significant step forward in combating greenhouse gases. goale u.s. has set a new of reducing our emissions by 26%-20% to low 2005 levels by 2025. >> the u.s. is already on track to meet an earlier goal to lower omissions by 17%. this would put the u.s. on pace to cut pollution about twice as fast in the following five years. president xi said they will
4:58 pm
reach the peak by 2030 or maybe earlier. the first time china has ever agreed to any carbon reduction goals. xi andmmend president his government for the commitment they are making to reverseak, and then china's emissions. >> calling it an unrealistic plan that he is dumping on his successor. he says it will ensure higher energy costs and fewer jobs. .aren travers, abc 7 news abc sevenom the broadcast center, this is abc 7 news at 5:00 on your side. this is the worst thing anyone can ever imagine. grieves, three men are arrested for his murder. what investigators are now say to blame for taking a local high school or his life. >> how firefighters ended a
4:59 pm
harrowing deal from the tallest building in the country in two minutes flat. >> cheers and fears. what went right and then long as we landed the first spacecraft on the surface of a comet. much more on those stories coming up in a moment but first, a big change already underway outside. >> the change is bringing an early preview of winter. doug hill joins us with what we should expect in the coming hours and days. more winter like temperatures coming in and maybe even a few snow showers. let's start you out with looking at current conditions. atking live from alexandria reagan national, wind out of the northwest so the breeze bringing colder and drier air as well. other temperatures ranging through the 50's that the further west you go, the chilly air it yet. 46 now in cumberland.
5:00 pm
as we get through the evening, most will drop into the 40's breezy and time with clear skies. 38toming out between 30 and with clear skies overnight. 37 in columbus and the cold air is headed one way you can take the storm watch weather team wherever you go. download the storm watch weather app for android or iphone. us onn also follow twitter peavy >> three people are now in custody, accused of playing a role in the murder of a woodlin high school student. 16-year-old brendan wilson was shot monday night. goldberg is there with the emotional tribute and what we now know about the three people arrested.


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