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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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48 in winchester, 45 in cumberland. and higher elevations, already in the 30's there. breeze, 12 orof a 13 miles an hour out of the northwest. we will see diminishing winds and clear skies and that will be good for driving our numbers in the overnight hours to the 30's. by the time we get up tomorrow morning, the range across the region will be between 30-38 degrees. it used to temperatures being in the 40's for high temperatures, for some time to come. forecast shortly. >> thousands of nurses across the country and some right here in the nation's capital walked off their jobs today, in part over what they say is a lack of preparedness to devil -- two battle the deadly ebola virus.
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read negotiating a new contract. nurses say provinces not giving them what they want and deserve and need. >> nurses provide something they maintain it is reluctant to give, a shield against a working threat. the nurses say the lack of a clear ebola land is representative of a hospital over a -- operations overall. the 24-hour strike is part of a byntrywide day of action national nurses united. striking nurses say they want a number of issues addressed, including pay benefits and nurse-patient ratios. >> the hospital issued a statement saying providence will be operating normally during the
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strike. providence engaged in agency to provide temporary nursing support and providence hospital is prepared for ebola. true, they are lying. we are not prepared. nursesis imperative that get the optimum level of protection. next they call for more to protect them and their patients from ebola. even though the u.s. apparently is ebola free right now. >> ebola is just one jet plane away. it only takesne patient for it to start all over again. >> providence hospital is adamant that the strike did not affect patient care. we can tell you that the situation inside the hospital is very tense tonight. there's a lot of hostility coming from hospital officials. >> thank you, steven. a new step tonight for the family of thomas dumped in -- thomas duncan.
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the hospital reached a financial settlement with his family. the agreement heads off a potential lawsuit from duncan's relatives. thomas duncan died october 8 at texas health presbyterian hospital. he was initially turned away from the hospital's emergency room. he returned a couple of days later in an ambulance and was diagnosed with ebola. >> tonight friends and family will remember a teenager shot .nd killed right now three people are in custody, charged with laying a role in the death of brenden wilson. we will take you to the vigil tonight at 11:00. >> the man accused of kidnapping uva student hannah graham is in jail tonight in this area. jesse matthew was transferred from charlottesville to fairfax county jail early this morning. he is charged with attempted murder and sexual assault from a 2005 case in fairfax city.
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he is expected to appear before a judge on friday. stay with us for new information on the case. >> lawyers for the man convicted y arelling chandra lev seeking a new trial. convicted guand ike -- her remains were found in rock creek are a year later. >> the man accused of abducting a philadelphia nurse and a teenager has yet to enter a plea. he appeared in court in pennsylvania today. the judge assigned him an attorney. he will be back in court friday for a bail hearing. he will be tried in philadelphia before being returned to virginia to face attempted murder and abduction charges. >> lawmakers are back on capitol hill tonight for the first time since the midterm elections. it remains to be seen what will
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get done in this lame duck session. as karen travers explains, newly elected members of congress are getting a look at what is in store for them. >> on capitol hill, it's out with the old and in with the new. >> got here last night, woke up this morning and had cameras in my face. >> there are at least 50 newly elected members of the house, 12 in the senate. today many of them arrived in town, eager and excited, ready to start with freshman orientation. it's a week of briefings on everything from parliamentary for seizure to the koran. -- parliamentary procedures to decorum. >> mitch mcconnell, poised to be the next senate majority leader, welcomed the new republicans. theif we are here to make play function again. >> with all that first day of
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school excitement all capitol hill, there still a lot of work to be done by the current congress, who will be in office until early january. the lame-duck agenda includes the government spending bill, a plan for training syrian rebels, and a new authorization of military force in the fight against isis. in the senate, maybe even a controversy will vote on the keystone pipeline. lame-duck congress is only expected to be in session about 15 working days before packing up for the holidays. news,travers, abc7 capitol hill. >> south carolina's ban on same-sex marriage struck down, but marriage licenses is will not go out just yet. a district judge has ruled untilt the ban but gave november 20 two review the ruling. rescue we cannot stop
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watching. >> how crews rescued the window washers stuck on a building above manhattan, coming up. the holiday season is here,
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6:00 with chief meteorologist doug hill whether. this is abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. a tennis club says it was the victim of embezzlement. thief volunteered his time as club treasurer. kevin has a story you will see only on7. craig she was loved by her potomac neighbors. her personality so caring and sweet, many called her saying amelia. tonight she is accused of taking money from those who trusted her most. the tennis club is drowning in disbelief. members like rachel putnam were stunned to learn the club treasurer am amelia hillman, is accused of embezzling big money.
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>> you don't expect it from your neighborhood swim club or from this neighborhood at all. for $1000 turned into 8000, then 30,000. by the time the club president turned -- uncovered what was going on, she had reportedly siphoned $70,000 from the club's bank account. >> today her husband said very into hisfore walking $900,000 home. >> would like to ask you a few questions about it. do you have any comment? club, which is entertain families for three decades, said in a statement -- >> is just disappointing that people that you would elect the board or that you would trust to
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have your best interest obviously don't. using the funds for their personal gain. >> according to her professional online biography, hillman had served on a number of other boards, including university of maryland smith school of business and the washington, d.c. estate planning council. every group would call today either hung up our said no comment. abc7 news., >> it is compelling video. how crews rescued two window washers dozens of stories up in new york city. >> and a cold front on the way.
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>> emergency crews had to cut through window to rescue to window washers at the one world trade center hour in new york city.
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a malfunctioning cable on the scaffolding dear cause them to about twothe air for hours. firefighters use diamond cutters from inside the 69th floor to reach the men. other than some mild hypothermia, they are ok. sheriff's officers arrested a waldorf man in connection with the arson of a gun store and gun range. the arson caused a million dollars in damage. investigators say last october, 45-year-old edward wright broke into the store. stealing 95 guns before using gasoline to set the building on fire. police say that found his cell phone in a business next door and some of the stolen weapons at his home. and arsonng gun theft charges. >> the federal highway administration will test the safety of some guard rails early next year. several injuries are blamed on the guard rails made by trinity industries. they do not crumple
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as they should because of a design change. that could lead to serious and even deadly injuries. more than 30 states are inspecting the guard rails and virginia plans to remove them unless they are proven safe. safety tests are planned for january. loner holmes norton is getting more involved in the red ken's name debate. she introduced a bill that would strip the nfl of its tax exempt status should the team continue to use and benefit from the washington redskins team name. a similar bill was artie introduced in the senate. she says taxpayer should not have to bear the burden of subsidizing the nfl if he continues to profit from what she calls a racial slur. >> the european space agency is celebrating after the successful landing of a probe on a, it. an historic accomplishment -- of a probe on a comet. years fixedent 10
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to the side of the rosetta orbiter before it was released. scientists hope the probe will help us learn a lot more about the composition of comets, and possibly, the source of life. >> that is fascinating. are you ready for the cold? >> of course we are. degreesburban areas, 30 tomorrow morning. a big change coming. this is the army navy country club in arlington. the low clouds and fog this morning. the clouds lifted, the skies cleared and cold front number one came through. it turned into a beautiful day. 60's andres into the they will fall through the 30's tonight. 68 is how high we got after the front went through. , 59egrees the morning low
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and 42 are the averages. we have lost 11 degrees in the past few hours at reagan national. , therend will continue farther north and west you are tonight and tomorrow morning is where you find the colder temperatures. tonight,ast range 30-39. the air is getting progressively drier. i don't think we will having trouble reaching these low level temperatures by early tomorrow morning. mildratures continuing longer south and east of town because it will take that much longer for the cold air to work in, but it's moving. in temperature, 37 pittsburgh and columbus, 34 in detroit. ,he cold air is very widespread well north into canada. these are your 24 hour temperature changes. all those minus numbers show you how much colder it is now that
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it was. we are nine degrees cooler. tomorrow it will be a lot colder as far as the daily dropping temperatures, all because of the arctic air mass moving in. look for sunshine in the morning, cloud increasing in the afternoon with another cold front coming in, producing rain showers in the afternoon and evening. then were back to sunshine on friday. here is the story tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, an average wake-up temperature of 36. increasing clouds in the afternoon and then showers developed late tomorrow afternoon. then a couple of snow showers are not out of the question at nighttime. 45 is it for the high temperature on friday. sunshine and 45 on saturday, 48 in partly sunny. great football weather at fedex. as we get into monday, a stronger cold front with rain
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and snow showers and turning colder, not warmer, by the middle of next he. but the detroit pistons have come to town. >> they are getting warmed up to go up against the wizards tonight at the verizon center. tim brant is there. >> it is the wizards and the pistons tonight. the wizards one of the best starts in the nba. and it redskins park, we will take you there as well.
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>>ports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> let's start with this, how about the wizards? one of the best starts in the nba. they are playing well, and everybody down here is talking about them and asking how they are doing it. they are doing it on defense, 50-50 balls. they rank at the top of the nba and defense. paul pierce is in a little bit of a slump, but john wall and temple have played big and the wizards are rolling. is one of these games, even if we don't shoot great, we are still winning games. well, defending so defense is going to win games for us.
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things that have been successful in the past have been built on the events first, and that's what we are doing. >> the redskins continue to carry a lot of drama with him. to talk abouted rg iii. the questions they're asking are legitimate. will he ever be the quarterback that he was? was he a quarterback they drifted so high and traded away so many players. ask, how just wants to about rg iii? >> do you like everybody you work with? we can't let any of these reports divide. at the end of the day, we are responsible for whatever we go out there and do. i think everybody in this room knows that we have a hunger to win and we want the fans to know that also. >> the play of the day comes
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from hockey. goals,echkin scored two including the prettiest goal of the night. attack.y on the they had geometric angles, and how about the goals? he said goodbye columbus with that. once again, the big story here in washington is not only the capitals and their three wins in a row, but the wizards, now 5-2, trying to match the best start in 40 years. >> this is a lot of fun. thank you very much. thee will have a lot of fun next few days trying to stay warm. >> the seven day outlook, a late day rain shower, breezy friday and there you see the weekend.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the three american sailors attacked. tonight, the moments right before, what they were shouting at the sailors, trying to then put bags over their heads who was behind this? martha raddatz standing by. breaking now. the earthquake in america tonight. reports just coming in. also, the snow waist-deep. the plummeting temperatures. report breaking. the new worries tonight. the freeze warnings as we head into this evening, all the way down to the south. the frightening moments at the new world trade center. 69 stories up and dangling. tonight, the pictures from inside the tower as it all played out. and, begging for your money. but what did the cameras capture afterward? what kind of car was that? and the confrontation.


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