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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 14, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. winter blast. nearly every state below freezing this morning. that polar air driving temperatures 40 degrees below normal. record snow from michigan to new york. white out conditions in ohio and pennsylvania. the winter wallop paralyzing roads down south and a big new storm on the way. breaking overnight, a man at a marine base brought down in a hail of gunfire. two guards injured. was this terror or something else? on alert, the hunt for tiger on the loose. searching for the big cat. terrorized residents inside their homes, where did it come from? and oh, behave. why is this international man of mystery going viral this
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morning? what he did for his brother and for a department store that has his family and fans saying -- >> yeah, baby, yeah. and good morning, america. happy friday. so great to see mike myers back doing austin powers. we get to hear you do. >> yes. dr. evil will return. he's making news for another reason. we'll talk about that. we have a lot to get to this morning. beginning with the blast of cold air and snow across the country. most of the lower 48 states colder than parts of alaska. we're going to start with rob marciano in denver this morning. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning. another frigid start to the day in denver. temperatures in the single numbers again. after four database wing the thermometer is frozen behind me. this week begans the way it
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began, but now half th country is in the throws of cold snap. it's cold and dreary in erie, and a deep freeze in the deep south, thunder snow in cleveland. listen to that roar. an arctic blast leaving much of the country 30 to 40 degrees colder than normal this morning, and bracing for more. here in denver, three-straight days of record-shattering temples. >> this is the freezer of the polar ice manufacturing plant. they make ice. it's warm er inside this freezer than outside. on wednesday, many states colder than alaska. lake effect snow in the midwest. making this michigan highway treacherous, backing up traffic for miles. down south, some of the earliest snow in decades falling in mississippi, arkansas and tennessee. leading to pileups and even deadly accidents. homeless shelters in denver are
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at capacity. workers at this shelter doing what they can to keep people like ronald williams safe from the cold. >> put you somewhere most of the time on a cold night. that's enough to be thankful for. >> reporter: today, this afternoon at least, temperatures above the freezing mark. up in the mountains, winter storm warnings. ski resorts might open up this weekend. but ginger zee, next week, more cold air. >> this is not going anywhere. you're doing well. my lips freeze out there. he's talking well. i wanted to share this with you. lake effect snow zones, erie, pennsylvania, waking up like this, new jersey to boston, connecticut, that picture there, seeing snow. a lot of them the first of the season. where are we below freezing? all out west, down through the south, houston even freezing this morning. through baltimore, kansas city's actual temperature is 16. freeze warnings from parts of
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texas to south carolina. atlanta, 27 this morning. and that's just the beginning of it. because what you see here is a lot of purple. this is all the way through next thursday. it's not going anywhere any time soon, guys. >> it is settling in. thanks. turn now to the attack on a navy submarine base in connecticut overnight. a man armed with a knife trying to force his way on. martha raddatz is tracking this. >> reporter: good morning. the new london base is where a dozen nuclear attack submarines are housed. a man at the main entrance became belligerent with the grards, one appeared, a shot was fired, hitting another guard. he was released from the hospital, and the suspect is okay. they do not think this was terrorism-related. but any incident on a submarine base is very serious. >> no question. switch gears to the isis
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leader al bag da decoming out. appears to have come out after the announcement for 1500 new troops to iraq. you see the leader calling for volcanos of jihad, against the united states. >> reporter: he urges allah to deal with america and the allies, defeat them with the worst of defeats, split their body, dismember them completely, and make us raid them, and not them raid us. he specifically mentions president obama's announcement about doubling the amount of u.s. troops in iraq. that is significant. there were reports he had been wounded on killed around the time of that announcement. if this is real, he seems to be very much alive. >> any reason to doubt the authenticity? >> reporter: i don't think any reason to doubt it at this point. but they're looking at it. >> a lot to talk about on sunday. now to the disturbing new
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report about the white house fence jump chore made it through the front door. a series of failures by the secret service, revealing the breach was worse than we thought. pierre thomas has the latest in washington for us. >> reporter: good morning. the more we learn, the worse it gets. by any measure, the secret service failed. grade f. alarms did not work. radios failed. officers were out of position. even on personal cell phones. those are some of the damning new details in the new report about the now infamous white house fence jumper who ran 70 yards before walking into an unlocked front door into the white house. it was a comedy of errors for the secret service. including, quote, performance, organizational and technical failures. worse, many didn't see him jump the fence. >> i was shocked to hear that just the basic things that the
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secret service agents were supposed to do, they failed. >> reporter: receiving particular criticism, an officer with an attack dog. he was on a personal cell phone, talking without the ear piece. and left the backup radio in his locker. no officer was in a position to catch the fence jumper even though it happened within minutes of the president and his daughters leaving the white house that evening. the secret service director resigned years ago, but as for the officers involved, no word on disciplinary action and whether anyone gets fired. >> see what happens now. thank you. now to amy with the other top stories. good morning, everyone. we begin with a new ebola patient headed to the united states. he's a doctor who lived in maryland and contracted the virus in west africa. abc's linzie janis has been following the details. >> good morning. his name is martin salia.
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he's from sierra leone in west africa. that's where he was working when he showed ebola symptoms last week. he tested positive for the virus monday. he will be flown to the nebraska medical center in omaha. that's one of four u.s. hospitals, specialized treatment units for patients, dangerous infectious diseases. he will be the third treated in omaha, and the tenth in the u.s. it's not clear how he became infected. amy. >> all right, linzie janis, thank you for that. and defense secretary chuck hagel is ordering changes in the way nuclear weapons are managed. hes wants to spend $10 billion to update the system and improve security. and put a four-star general in charge after scandals, including misbehavior by nuclear officers and cheating on exams. president obama is talking tough about the battle over immigration. overnight in his visit to
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myanm myanmar, he accused republicans of dragging their feet and will use executive powers to push through reform. it could be next week. it will stop 5 million from being deported, providing them with work permits. the former ceo who oversaw one of the deadliest mining disasters could face up to 30 years in prison. former ceo don blankenship has been indicted for fraud. 20 men were killed in his company's mine in 2010. and for the second time this week, a window washer rescued. david kerley said that driving was more dangerous than this? that was in houston, one side of the rig collapsed. fire crews pulled him to safety. this comes on the heels of what happened wednesday, two being
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rescued from the new york world trade center building. happened days apart. an attempted robbery took a surprised turn for a bad guy in england. armed with a ma sme she tee, but the clerk grabs a wooden pole and wins. score one for the wooden pole. the shopkeeper scared him away and he hasn't been seen since. amazing. a wild scene caught on camera. in turkey, a car flying around the corner. look at that. >> wow. >> thankfully that metal pole, speaking of poles doing what they're supposed to, protected him. look at that. he would have been killed likely if that pole was not there. we have heard that love is blind. but now you can prove it. take a look at the latest trend in speed dating. it started in london, now it's coming to new york city. singles throwing brown bags over their heads so they can focus on
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their date's personalities instead of their looks. they get an art kit to personalize their paper bags. >> oh, no. >> the big question is, you know you're thinking it, what happens when the bags come off? could get awkrd. >> maybe just keep them on. >> what do you guys think? >> i think i'm really glad to be out of the dating world. >> i'm with you on that one. >> i would like to do an indepth report on that. something i have never seen. >> i smell a reality show. >> thank you, amy. and the latest from ferguson, missouri. the city on edge, waiting for the grand jury to decide if the police officer who shot michael brown should be charged with murder. officials braced for a violent reaction. steve osunsami is reporting from ferguson, good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. the grand jury deliberating here could be into the next week. this expert witness may be one
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of the last. dr. michael badden, hired by michael brown's family, walking into the missouri grand jury proceedings to testify. the meetings are private, but he argues that officer darren wilson shot and killed the unarmed 18-year-old from a distance. >> and in this instance, no gunshot residues on the skin's surface. so that the muzzle of the gun was at least one to two feet away. the muzzle at the time of discharge. could have been 30 feet away. >> reporter: that's different than the county's autopsy, suggesting it was at close range and inside the vehicle. supporting police accounts that he fought with the officer inside the suv and went for the gun. outside the courthouse, the family lawyers demanding that officer wilson be charged, but begging for peace no matter the decision. >> we want it to be clear on behalf of the brown family, we do not condone any acts of rioting, looting or violence.
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>> reporter: but at local gun ranges and gun stores, frightened families are preparing for the worst. gun sales up 300%. how many have you sold in the last few weeks? >> in the last few weeks, roughly 250 of them. >> reporter: and authorities are reporting hundreds of new applications for permits to carry concealed weapons. >> we have another outside contingency. the klan says they will use lethal force against a protester they deem to be violent or excessive. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the national guard is on alert. more than a thousand police are on stand by. they have spent $120,000 on riot gear and other gear. and groups are asking for the police to keep their cool. robin. >> all right, thank you. now to a new warning about the dangers of contact lens.
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a new study revealing the risk the 38 million american who is use them. a potential eye infection that can lead to blindness. dr. richard besser is here with much more. what did this study find? >> so this is looking at something called ker a tie tis. it's not just pink eye. it can be painful. look how often it occurs. more than a million visits to doctors every single year. it's slightly more common in women than in men. and all ages of adults are affected. and thing the biggest risk factor is wearing contacts. our eyes are good at keeping germs out. but putting something in there, it's a risk for getting bacteria into your eye. >> how serious are the infections? >> the outer layer is the cornea. it has to be crystal clear to see. an infection can cause clouding and in rare cases, blindness. >> what can you do if you're wearing contacts? >> there's a lot you can do to
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prevent this. i wear contacts. it can be hard, but follow the instructions exactly. only wear them as long as you're supposed to. don't sleep in them unless you're told it's okay to do so. wash your hands before you're touching your eyes. use fresh solution. don't put water in there, never use saliva to clean contacts. don't top off the case. and change your case every three months. if you feel any pain or discomfort, don't put your contacts in that day. >> oftentimes i'll see someone pop it in their mouth. >> nothing makes me cringe worse. don't do that. you're introducing germs from your mouth to your eye. your eyes are so important. >> i hope people who do that are hearing you. you will be on twitter to answer questions. >> that's right. right after this and all morning. >> lara. and the so-called tiger terrorizing the paris suburbs. hunting for the big cat that's forced residents to remain
7:16 am
inside to stay safe. on the prowl. this is believed to be the tiger that has parisians on high alert. the big cat seen here just outside the city. this paw print left in the mud. police urging residents to stay indoors as crews search on foot. scouring from the skies. even using thermal cameras at night. experts say the animal looks to be about 150 pounds and a year and a half old. it was first spotted in a busy supermarket parking lot, approximately 20 miles outside partly sun paris. and seen 20 miles away from the top tourist destination, disneyland, paris. euro disney, the operator, says there are no tigers in the theme park. and a big cat park nearby telling abc news it's not theirs either. they are not ruling out it's a domesticated tiger. and here in the states, we have had our share of big scares over
7:17 am
big cats. >> there was a lion that ran across the street. a big lion. >> reporter: fortunately that lion turned out to be an oddly-coifed canine. and this mysterious animal in california this summer, that was just a dog too. but search crews are not backing down. looking for the tieing their doesn't seem to be showing its stripes any time soon. >> thing he's in the woodland right now, outside of paris. but not that far outside. so until they know what it is, they need to be careful. >> that's right. you have a special forecast. >> i do. i have been so cold. warm it up. that's right. now it's time far forecast for love. a sweet story from our miami affiliate. the anchor thought it was a normal day. and about to conduct an interview, and her boyfriend pops up. he's a meteorologist at the station. then after a bit of buildup, cameras rolling, he gets down on
7:18 am
one knee and proposes. of course she says yes. she does. they have known each other for ten years. worked on the same team. >> live television? >> all live. >> and the video presentation, he had her parents on the video, his parents. >> the nephews, everybody. >> very sweet. pressuring her to say yes. >> come on, i can't wait until you're my aunt. >> really. >> sweet. >> that was great, ginger. what about the weather? >> i got to freeze everybody out. it's time to talk snow. northwestern new jersey, 4 inches, it looks pretty. and still happening in parts of new england. parts of maine and eastern massachusetts. moving on out. the only thing to talk about, the lake effect snow. still in parts of southwest michigan, western pennsylvania and western new york. your local forecast 30 seconds away, but first the getaways brought to you by royal caribbean international.
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>> a chilly start here. it feels like 27 with those gusty winds. windchill factor in manassas is 21. it is not going to get a lot that are today. in the 30's all day long. the temperature will rise into the 40's by about 11:00 or so. a breezy one. cool but, throughout the >> and coming up here on "gma,"
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two promising young lawyers behind bars for violenting attacking a couple in their home. why they allegedly did it. and the young woman suing her parents for tuition, why they're being forced to pay. and people putting money down in places they don't exist. what you can do to avoid fake listings. and highway hey, baby. what mike myers is doing for his family that has everybody talking. anyone want to try the hey baby? >> hey, baby. >> i knew it. >> and "shark tank your life." about my condition and my treatment options he told me about stelara® in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. [ male announcer ] stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections some serious infections require hospitalization before starting stelara®
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it isd friday morning
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7:26 a.m.. we had to school closings to tell you about. bladensburg high school will be closed as well because of a heating problem. everyone else has to get up and get going. hopefully no traffic. it will be nice as people had out of the door in the cold weather, that is sort of slowing things down. ride.a 20 minute 40 minute ride from route one to college park. as you make your way around route 50 will be a little slow. today, 29 looks cold
7:28 am
at dulles. 30th manassas. it will feel like 30 throughout the day today because it will be a breezy one, although temperatures will get up for low to mid 40's. partly cloudy skies. cold lasts through the weekend. it modifies little bit, mostly sunny, and chilly. clouds will increase on sunday, the high temperature of 49. >> bundle up. thank you, and thank you for watching. we'll have a news of the
7:29 am
7:30 am
liquid hot magma. >> that is robin roberts right there, the had imagine. austin powers, mike myers, love the movies and right here -- >> that's his brother. >> doing a solid for his brother. >> like that. you go, george stephanopoulos. and also ahead, the shocking story of a young woman suing her estranged parents for college tuition. why a judge is forcing them to pay her tuition. and the fake listings online for homes and apartments. there she is waiting right now. what you need to know so you don't end up paying for a place that doesn't exist. it happens. >> that's coming up. we begin with the shocking home invasion.
7:31 am
two lawyers charged with stabbing and seriously injuring a virginia couple in an attack. lindsey davis has the story. >> reporter: this morning a prominent virginia lawyer and his wife are fighting for their lives in a case of revenge, lawyers, bloat behind bars, facing charges of abduction and malicious wounding after they drove to this million dollar virginia home and stabbed the couple inside. >> there's a victim inside the house with a stab to the neck. >> reporter: neighbors say that alicia shuul was fired from international property law. on friday, they knocked on the front door of this home, owned by her former boss, who works for the law firm. andrew forced his way into the home and stabbed him.
7:32 am
when the victim's wife responded, he stabbed her too. >> caller is advising that two people have been stabbed and bleeding out. >> reporter: when one of the victims managed to sound a home ala alarm, they fled the scene. >> there's going to be a lookout for a white male, last seen wearing all black and a brown fedo fedora. >> reporter: they tracked them down and arrested them. >> their attorneys are going to argue they couldn't have committed the crime because both their personal and professional lives are inconsistent with someone who could do this. >> reporter: in a statement, the law firm tells abc news we're very affected bit event and very concerned for everyone involved and hope there is full recovery for the partner and his wife. the victim was named one of the top lawyers in the country. they are experiencing life-threatening injuries. they have a bail hearing today.
7:33 am
if the allegations prove true, they will be looking for a good attorney. >> yes, they will. thank you very much. now to the family feud. parents and their estranged daughter battling in court over college tuition. the young woman wants them to pay thousands for her education. and she has the law on her side. abc's linzie janis is here with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. catelyn richie's parents say they're willing to cricket, but on their terms, not hers. and don't believe that a judge should make a parenting decision about what school to go to and how much to spend on college. this morning mauer a mcgarvey and michael richie are pleading with their daughter to end a two-year legal battle over tuition. >> this has gone on long enough. >> reporter: in may last year, she pseusued her parents for tun
7:34 am
at her university. the judge ruled in her favor, ordering them to pay $16,000 a year. but her parents deliberately missing the payment. and they are preparing to appeal, saying they can't afford to pay that much. >> she chose to go to temple on her own. what the law is telling me, any kid that's 18 years old that graduates high school in the state of new jersey can move out of their parents house, not talk to them for two years, go to harvard for $45,000 and walk to their parents and go here you go, you have to pay the bill. >> reporter: her parents say she moved out in february, 2013, after clashes over her rebellious behavior. they say they have hardly heard from her since she filed that lawsuit. but her lawyer paints a very different picture. saying she was kicked out of the house. >> the cost of temple is
7:35 am
irrelate. mom and dad were never going to pay. >> reporter: according to new jersey law, parents are on bleu gated to pay at least part of the tuition. while they are willing to support their daughter, they have five other kids to consider. and hoping this financial battle won't fracture their family for good. >> a lot of people saying nasty things on the internet, that your daughter is spoiled. how does that make you feel? >> everybody can have an opinion. there's no clear-cut right way to be a parent. one day, and i hope it's soon, one day she's going to realize she needs her parents. >> reporter: thanks to our philadelphia station for their help on the story. we have reached out for comment and she's declined. she has received death threats. there a lot of people fired up about this. >> and temple costs how much? >> it's $25,000 a year in tuition. her parents have been ordered to pay $16,000 of that.
7:36 am
and she has to come up with the rest in scholarships and financial aid. >> or getting a job. >> paying off the loan -- >> but the parents never agreed to her to go to the school. it's too expensive for them. >> hope for a resolution. i can see her side, she wants to go to college. >> it's a good thing. >> work it out. >> if they can't, she will be kicked out of school. >> they'll figure it out. thank you. thank you. and another check of the weather. >> let's do that. it looks repetitive. it's not. this is from mount hood, oregon. it's not just the east and the center, a whole buchnch of peop dealing with winter. 7 inches there. and ice storm warnings in eugene, oregon, winter weather advisories and warnings through the rockies and through kansas city through the weekend. even though you're sitting pretty, this has to be a nightmare, has to be over, no, unfortunately more snow to come
7:37 am
and more winter. early in the weekend, the ski areas. but then falling in sioux 34 degrees in washington dc. upper 20's in the western and northern suburbs. it will be breezy all day long. highs will be low to mid 40's. it >> all that weather brought to you by crayola. and there it is. i just wanted to emphasize, relentless. we're below normal for the next six to ten days. >> we haven't heard you say raw in a while nanch. >> that comes along in the transition. >> next week. >> who knows what i'll juz use in january. >> the update on the divorce settlement, it's not enough.
7:38 am
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. back now at 7:41 with "gma" investigators. this time it's vacation rentals online. paying hundreds or thousands of dollars, arriving at your destination to discover that the house or apartment doesn't exist. abc's paula faris has our story.
7:42 am
>> reporter: for keira and chris walsh, a destination wedding in italy was a dream come true. >> i love italy. >> reporter: she booked lodging through air bnb. >> it was like a dream vacation home. >> reporter: the person she connected with directed her to a property manager at an e-mail address that looked real. he directed her to wire him the money instead of paying through the website. she sent $2700. it turns out the property manager was a scammer. not air bnb, and the listing was fake. she was shocked. >> i felt very cheated. this doesn't happen to me, i'm at smart, savvy internet user. >> reporter: according to the fbi, more and more people are losing money to fake rental listings. >> they are so prevalent over the internet. when one fraud dies down, another one pops up again. >> reporter: "gma investigates" decide to look at the rental
7:43 am
masht in our backyard. on craig's list, $180 a night, a rooftop terrace with reflecting pool and 24-hour doorman included. a total of $560 for two nights and security deposit. we received a rental agreement, a contact number and even a photo of the guy we are supposed to meet. but when we arrive at the appointed date and time for him to show us the place, things get weird. he says he's at the airport waiting for a group of people from d.c. he's going to get her asap and he has the only set of keys. 30 minutes later, still waiting. you're still at the airport. can you tell me the artment number? that doesn't make sense. say that again. you should know the apartment number. you don't have the number. more time passes. the phone kept cutting in and out. he wasn't sure what time it was. several phone calls, countless
7:44 am
texts and five hours later, our mystery renter stops responding and we give up. we find out the listing isn't real. the pictures on craig's list have been lifted from the website of an apartment complex in new jersey. he did not respond to our request for a comment and we did not get our money back. we reached out to craig's list repeatedly, have not heard back. experts say pay with a credit card and ask for photos. if you don't get it, be suspicious. as for keira and chris, their big day was not ruined. air bnb refunded the money, saying they are very rare, and consumers can protect themselves by paying through the airbnb website and never by cash or transfer. paula faris, abc news, new york. >> what's the old saying? if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> they did the right thing.
7:45 am
>> great job, paula. coming up, important holiday safety tips. how to protect yourself in the parking lot doing your seasonal shop. and that new commercial with mike meyers and his brother trending big right now. and the other superstar siblings pitching in. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows ♪ ♪ that's how it goes, whenever it snows ♪ ♪
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(roars) (screams) ♪ (giggling) ♪ (barks) ♪ ♪ now to that mike myers commercial we have been talking about this morning. starring alongside his brother
7:49 am
in a sears ad going viral right now. he is just the latest celeb sharing a shot light -- what did you say? doing as i procedurehis brother. this worked for lincoln, get matthew mcconaughey, sales go up. sears canada, they get an actor who hasn't starred in a movie in six years. that was a flop. but this might work. he's the funny guy behind so many iconic roles. austin powers. >> oh, behave. >> wayne from "wayne's world." even kwn shrek." and now mike myers is starring as pitch man for sears canada ♪ come see the softer side of sears ♪ yep, the emmy-award winner hawking power tools. and his co-star? he's no elizabeth hurley.
7:50 am
>> sears canada. my brother works there. >> you're an idiot. >> reporter: that's his older brother who's worked for sears canada for 32 years. >> what do you know? >> only they have to alter the trajectory of the business model. >> reporter: taking a rare step into the spotlight like this guy. look familiar? >> my brother's -- >> reporter: that's because he's brad pitt's older brother, doug, who took a break to shoot this virgin mobile ad for charity. >> it's good working with family. >> reporter: and paul wahlberg, now the begrudging star of a reality show about his far from hollywood burger joint. >> they have the important jobs. >> reporter: as for peter, plans to leave the acting to his famous family member. >> yeah, baby, yeah. >> reporter: the video online has a million hits. at this rate, it's going to have
7:51 am
more viewers than his 2008 film, "love guru." you saw that, right? >> give him a break, man. >> just a fact. >> okay. coming up, "shark tank your life,"d life," daymond john is here to help your personal brand. ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate
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7:56 am
live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. news for some local school students who will get a three day weekend, laurel elementary school is closed all day today because of a water main break. bladensburg high school closed for the day because of a heating problem. laurel elementary and
7:57 am
bladensburg high school they get to stay home. traffic, things have nothing great. better onare getting the metro. a broken down train that is now on the move at stadium armory station. slight but residual delay. the orange, silver, and blue had some problems. red line seems to be going well right now. as you make your way south on 270 things are running smoothly. at route 28 things start to bunch up, near the inner loop of the loop way just -- the beltway just after river road. 35 degrees is our temperature, but it feels like 27 degrees. our windchill is 22 at dulles, only into the 30's today for
7:58 am
your children act or. partly cloudy skies. the 20 5re update at a.m. hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and shocking footage outside an upscale mall raising fresh questions about holiday shopping safety. how can you protect yourself from carjack eers ♪ > and 50 shades of steamy. the hot new trailer everybody is talking about. the new details on christian, anna and the haunting beyoncé track. and bottom's up, celebs like nicki minaj raises the business of the booty. >> one wasn't enough. i had to pop twice. >> how you can make your assets bigger right now. and opening up about her daring role, that has fans and critics buzzing. >> if we burn, you burn with us. >> as we say --
8:01 am
>> good morning, america. >> good morning, america! yeah! kick it up a notch. last hour. heading to the weekend. it's friday. it's time to to "shark tank your life." great to have david john here. he is into it. and putting two aspiring entrepreneurs into the shark tank this morning. they're going head-to-head in the challenge. >> ready to go. and we have tory johnson with great deals and steals. they are coming up. and this morning, personalized gifts for everyone on your list. >> she is the best. and it's d.j. friday. we have d.j. here this morning, spinning us right into the weekend. and looking dapper to boot. >> break it down now. the news from amy. it's going to be wah-wah to
8:02 am
the dancing. we're talking about the extreme cold weather in most of the lower 48 states. it's colder in those states than parts of alaska. across new england, to the midwest and the rockies. 200 million americans getting an early taste of winter. ask down south, temperatures dipping below freezing all the way to the gulf coast. parts of arkansas seeing the earliest snow since 1951. ginger's forecast is coming up. new concerns this morning about privacy and government surveillance programs. there is word that the justice department is using specially-outfitted planes to collect information from thousands of cell phone users. according to the wall street journal, cyst that planes from five different airports, rigged with devices that can trick cell phones into reporting their locations. they're hult hunting for criminals, but data is being gathered from innocent americans. a comedy of errors.
8:03 am
the new review of the white house fence jumper has several embarrassing secret service lapses. alarms and roos weren't working, one was talking on his personal cell phone. the other officers thought the bushes would corner the suspect before he got to the white house door. and a surgeon from sierra leone has been infected with ebola and is heading to the u.s. for treatment. dr. martin salia lives in maryland. expected to arrive at the nebraska medical center for treatment tomorrow. it's one of four u.s. hospitals, specialized treatment units. and the ex-wife of an oklahoma oil tycoon awarded more than $1 billion in her divorce settlement plans to appeal. it's not enough. that billion dollar-plus judgment is said to be the largest in u.s. history. but she said her ex is worth
8:04 am
more than $13 billion. and after 26 years of marriage, she deserves a bigger slice of the financial pie. and we're not talking pie in the face, but take a look at what happened at an nba game last night. kyle lowry of the toronto raptors runs after a loose ball and spills into the seats, colliding with a fan's -- take a look at it -- ice cream. whoa. but watch the fan on the left. if you can see there, he's unfazed. still gets the last lick. it's a little form of entertainment for him. he got hungry. he had ice cream on his face. but a lot of people -- did i hear $3,000 suit -- with how expensive that man's suit was. no one wanted the dry cleaning bill. >> ate the ice cream? >> maybe a little more tasty. >> salty and sweet? >> that's gros >> good morning, america, enjoy your breakfast. >> thank you, amy. we're going to focus now on safety at the shopping mall this holiday season.
8:05 am
that video of carjackers at an upscale new jersey mall. scary warning, and abbie boudreau has more on how to protect yourself in the parking lot. >> reporter: new safety concerns by shoppers after abc news received this exclusive and killing video. moments before they allegedly shot and killed 30 dwreerld dustin freeland in a mall parking lot and sped away in the suv. they may have been casing other potential victims as well. for carla, it brings back memories from her carjacking ten years ago. >> i'm thankful i'm alive. >> reporter: she followed her instinct. >> told them they could have whatever they wanted. >> reporter: and other ways to stay safe this holiday season as well. >> don't walk to the driver's side door. approach to the front or the back bumper. this way i check on the other side and make sure no one is hi hiding.
8:06 am
>> reporter: what comes next? >> as i approach, check the far side of the car, peek underneath, make sure that's clear. and then continue, quick peek in the backseat as well. >> reporter: other tips, stay off your cell phone, have your keys in hasn't and and try to p a well-lit area. if someone does approach you, be ready to fight back. first, using your voice to sound the alarm. stop, back up. if that doesn't work, as a last resort, using the palm of your hand to strike the attacker's face. i have to strike and i can escape. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, laingsz. >> thank you for that. and to robin in the social care. >> and what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." when harry met kate. what the one direction star said to the princess. plus the business of bottoms. why is it booming right now? "shark tank your life."
8:07 am
day mond daymonois here. i like this look. >> it's cold outside. >> you're hot. and tory johnson, it's that time again. deals and steals coming up on "gma." personalized? >> just for you. >> no, can't see. can't see it. ♪ ain't holding nothing back ♪ she's a brick house prices on groceries,st i've been using walmart's savings catcher. going on the fridge! you just enter your walmart receipt and if there's a lower advertised price at a top store in your area, walmart will give you the difference on an e-gift card. festive nametags. i've almost saved enough to get another fab new necklace. i used this circular to make a turkey...gobble gobble! really? join the millions who are saving with walmart's savings catcher. walmart. more ways to christmas joy.
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♪ and we danced all night to the best song ever ♪ a wonderful crowd joining us this friday morning in time square. a little brisk. but they are into it. >> that reminder of summer right there. >> that's true. that was great. that's true. lara. okay. friday edition, "pop news." indeed. let's bring it home, robin roberts. cue the music. it was the best night ever for one direction. the pop superstars getting the chance to tell the duke and duchess of cambridge the story of their life. at least for a minute. it happened at the annual royal variety performance in london. it's a charity benefit. it's a big deal. princess kate, with britain's second-favorite harry. and he admitted he had one thing to sigh aftay after.
8:12 am
he didn't know what to say. and he decided to go, congratulations on the bump. >> he didn't say that, really? >> that's bold. >> he sounded better, i'm sure. >> he did. and she was fine with it. he can get away with it. it was a cute moment. and they have now met. there you go. and now change the -- oh, i love this song. come on, robin. ♪ i can't let go ♪ because i love you too much baby ♪ >> thank you. you'll agree that elvis is still the king. and a huge set of his memorabilia owned by the estate is set to hit the auction block in memphis, tennessee. why i tell you this? they happen all the time, it's the day he would have been 80 years old. and the first record, the year, 1953. he was 18 years old. he paid $4 to record this song.
8:13 am
can you play it? ♪ skies are green his voice sounds different. he recorded this song as a gift for his mama. >> this is elvis? >> this is elvis. >> never know it. >> listen. ♪ just as long as the day -- >> i would never guess that. >> this is considered to be the holy grail for elvis collectors. it's too difficult to estimate a value on it. it's the first time it's come up for sale. in january, i got chills too. very exciting if you're a collector. i think we're all fans. suspicious minds, needed a reason to play it. and finally, george, this one's for you. he's husky, his name is steel, and he wants you know, george, he loves you. [ dog saying "i love you" ] >> it's pretty close.
8:14 am
>> america loves steel back. he has over 16,000 likes, george. i have proven it once again. and he isn't our only friend. >> that's as close as you have ever gotten, lara. >> wait until you hear this. >> more? >> this. >> all right, all right, all right. >> that's einstein. the parrot from texas. who has taken to parroting his fellow texas friend, matthew mcconaughey. >> now, when you can get a dog to do that, you have something. >> i'm working on it. but i do have this. [ cat making noises ] george. i'm not sure what she's say, but she is speaking my language. >> you put that up because you wanted to. >> is she gargling? >> she's speaking -- my experts are working. >> you were doing so well, raising the bar, raising the
8:15 am
bar. and then -- boom. >> can i say, i do love that barry white was playing. >> i did that for you. i needed to get robin on board. and i knew that you would hear the i love you. i got you with that one. and matthew mcconaughey, and i thought for the our feline friends out there -- >> something for everyone. >> try to do that. >> great friday "pop news." thank you, now to ginger. we are staying nice and warm out here. what's your name? >> i'm madison. >> this is madison. hand warmers for you. you're from south carolina. pensacola, florida is colder than new york. don't feel too bad is what i'm say. how about we start? myrtle beach? they're in the 40s. not warm for them, especially with what we when at the beginning of the week. freeze warnings from texas to south carolina. not just this morning. 20 degrees below average, and staying that way through the
8:16 am
start of the weekend. that's in charlotte, >> six degrees and easy. thechill factor still in 20's. slow to warm up. mid 30's by 9:00. 40 degrees by 11. with that strong breeze and costs around 35 miles per hour, the windchill will stay in the 30's. with the weekend, mostly sunny and 45 degrees. wind will be more calm this is the attitude i want to take. it's your first trip to new york, and even though it's cold, you love it, right? that's amazing. that's how we're all going to feel. an amazing friday. go inside. all right, ginger. kicking off the heat index, the business of bottoms. where's george? wanted no part of this, nowhere to be seen. >> over here.
8:17 am
>> he'sorking over there. stars from j.lo to kim ca kardashian are making a big behind fashionable. >> you can have mine. >> i have never understood this as someone trying to get rid of my behind. so i had to get to the bottom of this asset enhancement. there was a time when big butts weren't, shall we say, in vogue. >> i can't believe it's so round. it's like out there. gross. >> reporter: even if sir mix-a-lot professed to loving them. ♪ i like big butts and i cannot lie ♪ today, a big booty is where it's at. kim kardashian, j.lo and azalea sing about theirs. and nicki minaj.
8:18 am
♪ my anaconda don't want one ♪ too much fanny for tv. why is it so big right now? >> it's the celebrities. they have a lot of power on women's body image. >> reporter: the business of the big booty is moving into high gear. achieving it doesn't come easy. punch gym offers the class laugh your ass off. designed designed to sculpt the pos tear moms. see them all. five years ago, i never made a butt bigger. everyone wanted -- >> reporter: if the permanent isn't your thing, you can slide it on.
8:19 am
sales of booty pop panties are up 47% compared to last year. put my butt on. nice and soft. one wasn't enough. going with two. no kidding, they really work. boom, boom. now let's see if anyone notices ♪ i like big butts a big booty even i can enjoy for a day. who can get enough of sir mix-a-lot. it might be my life's anthem. >> sara haines knows every word to the song. >> i do. you'll see that i've got -- these are the booty pop panties. feel them. i have two pairs in. one wasn't popping enough, if you know what i mean. >> this is for bike riding. very comfortable. >> that's not what they're thinking with this, amy. this is for a night out, or you can ride a bike with. >> you have two pairs on? >> i have two pairs on.
8:20 am
>> this is awe natural. >> i really am embracing it now. >> that was my nickname in college was bubble butt. which came in handy on the basketball court. >> when you have legs like yours, i would embrace that curve. >> i know george and -- >> i just to want thank sara for cutting me out of that piece. she surprised me in the elevator yesterday, and i was struck speechless. >> it was a bit of an ambush. >> that's why you like guys that like big butts, they cannot lie. >> thanks, guys. and daymond john here from "shark tank." 100th episode. congratulations. now time to "shark tank your life." two aspiring fashion entrepreneurs. you are the ceo of fooboo. you think it's important for people to get the personal brand to just down to a few words. >> two to five words, you leave it up to people to guess and
8:21 am
interpret. so think different, just do it, two to five words. >> when it comes to the product, what's the ah-ha moment? >> why didn't i think that have, and how can i be them? >> and in the pitch? >> i have to love the person because i'm going to deal with them from two to ten years. and i have to tolerate the person. and the product has to be great and scaleable. >> first up is april estrada. this is the fashion pitchoff. >> all right. >> and here we do. tell us about it. >> all right. so it's great to sneak in a workout during your lunch break, change on the guy go? there's a better solution. the undress. our brand makes being active more convenient. to start, the undressing process, two models to show you, nicky steps in, takes a hook and handle, guides is underneath her brau, over her head, and then removes her top. and using the side access openings, and using the same
8:22 am
openings, pulls the shorts up, puts on the new top, releases the cord lock in the back. uses the same hook and handle to guide underneath the sports bra and allows the undress to fall to the floor. your undress is your changing room. >> love it. >> so that's -- you like it, huh? >> i like it, i like it. utility, fashion. >> yeah. >> listen, you know, it's something that you use every day. and in regards to the athletic appar apparel, it's what's moving the market. >> that's good. a little thumbs up right there. thank you, april. >> thank you and now a new style of pants that could make diaper bags a thing of the past. >> dads, can you carry all this stuff, look fashionable and still feel free? you can with freedom pants. the first pants designed to replace your diaper bag. the changing pad in its own
8:23 am
pocket, ready for the baby blowout. there's a special bingy pouch to keep baby happy and quiet. >> nothing like the bo-bo. >> and the thermal and water proof line, you can keep things fresh, hot or cold. our brand is fashion, freedom and functionality. so the only question is what's in your pants? >> all right. i like it. the mamper pants. love them. >> april back out. and a little bit of a drum roll right now. you have to decide. >> i have to decide? all right. what's the name of the pant again? >> freedom pants. >> and the undress? i'm going with the undress right away. sorry. all right. >> thank you so much. >> how does it feel, april? >> so exciting. and i'm so excited to show our live demo on national tv for the first time. >> it's amazing. >> thanks.
8:24 am
back to robin. >> that was a tough choice there. all right, guys, thanks very much. tory johnson with the deals and steals. and this morning, about personalized gifts for everyone on your list. head to "good morning america" on yahoo! for the information you need to get the bargains. let's get the party started. >> first up, amelia rose. we wear her earrings around here. >> we do. >> i'm wearing two of these, i couldn't decide. a lot of self-love today. they're stunning, sterling, and add a semiprecious birthstone. love that. normally, big discount, normally $98, slashed by at least 68%. starting at $48 and free shipping. >> that's the free shipping. so delicate. gorgeous. >> next up. this is a company called pretty please polish. choose from 25 different polish
8:25 am
colors and customize two lines of text. i did rocken robin. we have a "gma" deals lady. george calls his daughters eve and doodle. and normally, slashed in half, $12. >> you got george's attention. >> this is for george too. i love these pillows. took my four favorites from your instagram, your peaceful moments. four ones that george doesn't have to worry about from ali's twitter. and these are amazing. normally these are $54. but they are slashed by 66%. $18 and free shipping. >> oh, that's beautiful. thank you. i know right where that's going. >> and you are going to love this. coming to your house to watch a game, i would bring you these roberts mugs. the strahan ones there. two different to choose from, do
8:26 am
glasses or this amazing beer caddy, it's great. has a bottle opener on the side. >> handy. >> super fun from red envelope, $49, slashed in half, $24.50. and last but not least, stockings for christmas to get you ready. we have these super-funnel of ones. lots of fun, and normally $35. slashed in half, $17.50. and exclusives only at on yahoo!. thank you for the companies, taking your job. finish it up. >> next time you come over, i'll sev serve you. >> excellent. we'll watch a game. >> we will.
8:27 am
>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. 8:27 a.m. is your time. a couple of school closings. laurel elementary school will be closed all day because of a water main break. latest burke high school will be closed all day because of a heat outage. you need patients on the south side of the beltway. 95 getting around to georgia avenue is a very slow trip.
8:28 am
is only about270 a 20 minute ride. at bradley boulevard we have accident activity in the clearing stages. take 270 that will get you down to the beltway. no reported issues on i-95. time to bundle up outside? >> yes, but it looks great. sunglasses and a puppy coat. 22 at dulles. 20th gaithersburg. that windchill factor will stay with us all day long. it will be like 30's, even in the afternoon. high temperatures will get into the lower 40's. partly cloudy sky today. tomorrow colder air sticking around. sunday has a high of 49. >> one more news update right
8:29 am
8:30 am
next week, come along on an adventure. >> must get to times square. >> where we reveal lost footage of ourselves. what you have never seen. >> no, don't show that. >> footage so, well, let's say, amazing, that just maybe we prefer you not seeing what you're about to see. >> say what? >> you can't show that. >> but we're not stopping there. we'll even show you the lost footage of the megastars. next week -- >> it's raiders of the lost tapes. ♪ some very, well, fascinating, yes, tape. >> i saw me in mom jeans from the '90s before i was a mom. >> dancing for a decade, didn't stop. >> very excited about it. it's happening next week.
8:31 am
we will reveal all coming up. >> thanks to you, we will. we have wonderful people joining us here today, friday. it's d.j. beat. spinning us into the weekend, getting off to a great start. >> a lot of happiness out there. and natalie dormer from the hunger games. and you know her from "game of thrones" within and, and her character is so fierce. can't wait to hear from her coming up. and the countdown to thanksgiving. our good friend emeril is here. i was thinking how hungry i was. and a family favorite. >> his recipes are fantastic. i take them down. stay tuned for those. >> and a little something special on thanksgiving. >> yep. now to the speed feed. tony reali is in the social square. >> good morning. george wearing shades of gray today? i feel bad about looking at this at work. not safe for work.
8:32 am
this was the photo tweeted out by the official twitter account for "50 shades of grey." steaming up your winter. follows the release of the official trailer overnight on youtube. this has more than a million views in just a few hours. jaime dornan as christian gray. and it's backed by the beyoncé track, "haunted." it's a monster, comes out valentine's day. and trending, benedict cumberbatch. trending from his fiancee. he is showing off his imitation game. >> michael caine. >> i want to see the imitation game, don't you? >> christopher walken. >> i've gone jamaican or something. >> 15 seconds left. can you do bain? >> i want to see the imitation
8:33 am
game. >> mcconaughey? >> well, the -- >> five seconds left. can you do taylor swift? >> i wa ♪ i want to see the imitation game ♪ >> mr. cumberbatch, or mr. cain-walk cain-walk cain-walken-swift, will be here monday. and going super social this year. and artist of the year, ten finalists, and now fan votes whittled down the number to five. and here they are, beyoncé, luke brian, one direction, katy perry and coming up last, iggy azalea. that's five for the artist of the year for 2014. how can you choose? by tweeting. go to on yahoo. that's the speed feed. back to you. we are celebrating girls and women who are making difference in a way you may not know.
8:34 am
former fashion model and philanthropist, lauren bush, attracting a-listers from the runway and hollywood to feed the world. super model christie teigan posing alongside crooner husband john legend. part of come together. a hollywood campaign from lauren bush's campaign, feed for hunger. >> we wanted to gather people together to show the collective impact. we're founded on the one individual making a purchase to help one child. but we can come together and make a bigger impact. >> reporter: everyone from anne hathaway and her husband, and various other hunger relief organizations coming together to provide meals to children around the world. >> these are some of our new artisan-made leather bags. aren't they beautiful? that one is a hundred meals. this one feeds two children in kenya for a year.
8:35 am
>> reporter: they have a number cig any foiing the impact. >> at the bottom of the ad, because we came together, we gave x-amount of meals. >> reporter: this was one of the bags featured in the new campaign. >> this was. it's a feed classic. feeds one child in school for a year. come out in a new, beautiful purple. >> reporter: in the eight years since she started the foundation, feed has 85 million meals and with the line of new produ products, this hands on ceo is proving that fashion and philanthropy can co-exist. what made you think you could do this? >> when i had the idea for feed, i was frustrated. i didn't know if i had the power. but i so desperately wanted to create a way to empower not only myself, but others to get involved and really move the needle on the issue of hunger. >> reporter: you recently returned from a giving trip to roe wan da and kenya, what was that like? >> it was amazing.
8:36 am
children, just because of where they're born, it's the birth lottery, are born into a life of hunger and poverty. yet they're vibrant. it's important to go and meet with the people we're trying to help. >> reporter: what's the ultimate goal of the campaign and the company in general? >> the ultimate goal of feed would be to go out of business. we would have solved world hunger. i don't know if we'll get there by holiday, the new campaign. >> reporter: good to have a lofty goal. >> it is. but hopefully withinur lifetime we can solve this. >> what an inspiration. we asked on twitter, what cause do you think needs the world's attention? she's taking on hunger. we made a word cloud. we see mental health, multiple sclerosis, veterans health care, women's rights, so many important causes to so many of you. so thank you for ul of your input. and to learn about the come together campaign, go to on
8:37 am
yahoo!. head out to ginger with a final check on that brisk weather. >> and we have a huge announcement. i have a pen in my hand for a reason, amy. because dozens of the cortez family, these are them from the dallas area, you have something to say. >> it's my birthday, and we're pregnant with our first baby. >> so we're checking it off the bucket list. announce pregnancy on "gma." we have done that. congratulations, you guys. that's so huge. and we're celebrating it here with the chilly air. but it's cold in dallas too. how about we look at the chilly air. the windchills stretching to the gulf >> wind chills mid-twenties. to 36 degrees in d.c.. temperatures will slowly rise today with gusty winds out of the northwest. it will be like 30's all day long.
8:38 am
>> and another announcement, 16 years ago you were pregnant with her. happy 16th birthday. >> celebrate out there. thank you. and now to a gripping memoir. the wild truth sheds life on the story of the life and death of the hiker in alaska that inspired "into the wild." bob woodruff has been following the story. >> reporter: these three sisters are retracing the steps of their brother, a young hiker. you ready, you three sisters? >> rock and roll. >> rock and roll. >> reporter: chris's two-year odyssey across the american west was immortal liezed in a best-selling book, and then an award-winning movie called "into the wild." >> is there anybody here? >> reporter: they tell the story of a young man who after graduating from college in 1990 took off alone without leaving a trace. cutting off communication with his family, using a different
8:39 am
name. hitchhiking across america to the alaska wilderness. living off only the land. he spent his last months living in this abandoned bus he had found. by day 100, he wrote, death looms. too weak to walk out. he died here of starvation. but the sisters say there is something those who admire their brother don't know. in the new memoir, "the wild truth," she described a tumultuous childhood where their father, an eminent rocket engineer was abusive to their mother. he wrote her lette, she kept sthemecret for two decades. >> i'm going to divorce them as my parents. i'll be through with them once and for all ffr. >> reporter: why did you write the book? >> i was asked why chris left the way he did. i watered down those answers for a long time.
8:40 am
i really felt and learned that i was doing a disservice to him. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm bob woodruff in alaska. >> chris's parents trying to find him and say that corinne's book is vicious and spiteful. has nod to do with chris, his journey or his character. you can find more on our website, and a new pbs documentary by lincoln square productions that airs at november 25 president lincoln square productions that airs at november 25 president and coming up here, hunger
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
natalie dormer plays a tough gur ril la film maker in hunker games, and in the game"game of throne thrones", plays marjorie tyrell. they are such fans of yours, and wanted to meet you. what's it like to take a break from marjorie to jump into the "hunger games"?
8:44 am
>> it's perfect to get out of the long skirts and dark hair and run around in pants. lots of fun. >> your character, she's a real tough girl. it's a meaty part and a girl power part. >> it's fantastic to play someone who's defined at being good at their job. to me it's interesting to play someone talented the other side of the camera. i watch them, i respect them. it was fun to sort of, you know, pay tribute to them by being a director. >> yeah. and you have to shoot these psss. in the beginning, you don't care if she's into it or not, but then you start to believe. it's like me describing the entire film. here's a clip. >> you're all from the capital? >> don't expect much chitchat from him. capital cut his tongue out years ago. and, no, it wasn't any sort of rescue if that's what you mean.
8:45 am
we all fled on our own. for this. for you. >> love it. so she's -- she's on board, she has to make psas which become the symbol for the resistance. can you talk about the change, it's a job, and then gets on board with katniss. >> he wants to overthrow snow. she's committed in the political way. but it's irrelevant to whether she's into being the mockingjay, she needs to get the shot and get the job done. and then the beautiful journey, the more time you spend with katniss, who wouldn't? she starts to believe in her. and watch as katniss starts to believe in herself as well. >> and we believe in her hair. that is a cool hairdo. >> it's like the sloughy undercut here. >> so you really did shave it. >> every day it was clean-shaven to -- to hut the tattoo, the transfer on every day. it's bare skin for nine months. >> did you like it?
8:46 am
>> i loved it, but it was cold. >> you'll need that here in new york. i know home is london. got to talk about ""game of thrones."" what can we expect in the new season in the spring in. >> much of the same. just ramped up. the dragons are getting bigger. more dangerous in king's landing. and marjorie is possibly three times lucky with the husband. watch this phase. >> you just finished shooting it. what's more fun -- nine months, we saw the stars "the hunger games." you can see the camaraderie, or -- can you even compare? >> i'm so luckiy i'm part of tw great families at the moment. talented ensembles. but a lot of fun on both. i can't. i'm hunger thrones. >> hunger thrones. #hunger jon throwns. >> i'm torn.
8:47 am
>> and you were telling me in the final installment your role is bigger. >> there's a lot of running around with a gun in part two. talk about this next year. >> we will. please come back. and the hu"hunger games": mockingjay, part 1. it's good. and emeril
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ >> d.j.b hen here with us. getting us ready for the weekend. good to have you here, my friend. and great to have emeril le guy see stopping by. helping us count down to thanksgiving on "gma." and this morning, you brought some side dishes. >> absolutely. >> but this is something from your mother. >> yeah. this is the dressing, my mom's dressing, first of all.
8:50 am
it's a portuguese style with chorizo. you can use other meat. but she uses a little bit of ground beef or ground pork with the chorizo browning it out. the secret is the soaking of the bread. fresh or steal bread. >> does it matter? some people think -- >> i don't use steal bread. i buy bread and use it. >> okay. >> that's the key. whether it's a bread pudding, stuffing, dressing, whatever. it's important to soak the bread and get it in there. you can use broth. >> right. >> once this browns, let that soak, then we're going to add our trinity. add onions. >> i like your trinity. >> and bell pepper and celery. really, really simple. and depending on the spice, robin, of the chorizo, you could add a little bit of crushed pepper, or not, depending on if you want heat. salt and pepper, season that up. and we'll just brown that. now, once it browns, i add a bay
8:51 am
leaf. i add a little garlic in here. once it browns, here's the soaked bread here. preheat the oven to 375. and now to the soaked bread, we're going to add egg. and once this cools just a little bit, we're going to add our -- >> oh, right into the -- >> right into there. okay. you can see that. and then what we're going to do is just fold this in. see the bread is nice and wet like that. then you take a buttered casserole. after you mix that, put it in the buttered casserole and bake for 45 minutes, 50 minutes. this is what it looks like before the oven, and what it looks like when it comes out. you have the great color. it's bubbly your and then the flavors of the chorizo. >> is it as easy as you're describing? >> yes, i promise you. i helped you out last year.
8:52 am
ask this year, i bet you're liking that green bean casserole, right? >> yeah. >> we just made a sauce with stock and then we put it over the green beans. >> you didn't use cream of mushroom soup like i use. >> there's nothing wrong with that. really and truly. there's nothing wrong with that. >> thank you. >> but with we did a version. we did mushrooms and stock and flower. we made a roux, crispy onions on top. >> that's the touch. >> that's a nice touch. and another great side dish is squash. so we used acorn, and roasted it with thyme, with apples. >> oh, wow. >> you could use pears, if you don't want apples. but the thyme brings it out. cinnamon and sugar. roast it. you can do that ahead of time, and then just reheat it. the problem that people have at
8:53 am
thanksgiving and the holidays, not enough oven space. frpts the timing of it. >> exactly. >> do you say stuffing or dressing? >> well, i say stuffing. >> i say stuffing too. >> i guess dressing is like if you're gonna -- i don't know. >> either way. >> i'm confused. >> hey, you are great. >> these are awesome. >> delicious. thank you. >> what you are. >> you can get the recipes. it's not too early. start planning ahead. start thinking about it. the other thing i talked with tony about earlier, the biggest mistake people make, overcook the turkey. make sure the internal temperature is right. >> thank you. if we don't see you, happy thanksgiving. go to on yahoo! to get the recipes for these thanksgiving dishes. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ emeril to the rescue yet again. thank you for that. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend, everybody.
8:57 am
live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. a.m. let's get over to jim lavin to check on that last commute of the work week. onthings are running well 270 we see a little volume there. once past that, and down to root 118 it is wide open. in springfield, inner loop of the beltway about a 26 minute ride to falls church. things are clearing out nicely. i was whether looking out? >> it will be breezy all day. that means a windchill factor will be down there. our temperatures will get into the 40's today, but it will feel
8:58 am
like 30's. cloudy skies with gusty winds. weekend stays cool. sunday the clouds start to increase. highs will be a little warmer around 49 degrees. a wintry mix by monday morning. temperatures will drop than. after that if you thought it was cold this week and today, look at next week. that is an optimistic 40 on tuesday. probably more like upper 30's. >> thank you for watching. we will see you back here at noon.
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "the hunger games: mockingjay, part 1," liam hemsworth. and star of the new series, "state of affairs," katherine heigl. plus, money tips from best-selling author tony robbins. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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