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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  November 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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degrees. the range of temperatures across our area by early tomorrow morning with a light northwesterly wind, that means record lows are possible and a quick look at some of those records. now we're forecasting low of 23 at reagan, 19 at dulles and b.w.i., thurgood marshall. the record at reagan national 18. certainly the 20-degree record 18.n place certainly the 20-degree record is in place right now for this ow morning at dulles cold weather alone. just blizzard like conditions and cold weather snow. that's all part of the weather coverage. >> thank you. right now, we are following a developing story out of arlington today where the county council has just scrubbed the street car. that line was supposed to run from crystal city along columbia pike to has just scrubbed the street car. that line was supposed to run from crystal city along columbia pike to the skyline area of fairfax county. this is a culmination of what's the a bitter battle over budget. >> well, this was a major announcement made this ternoon by the arlington
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county board chair who has supported the street car project all along. it would have affected businesses here along columbia pike at the county government office today. he announced that he will make it official today at the county board meeting and they just voted on it, 4-1, by offering a motion to discontinue the street car motion after seeing what happened on november 4 he he can't ignore the election and the fact that voters supported the candidate who made opposition to the street cars central part of his campaign. now that they plan scrapping the project he and b.w.i., thurgood marshall, those could be tied or broken. we're not suffering in says the will instead focus on improving the bus systems in the area. >> i believe that debating the street car issue further would continue discord and dueling facts will not serve our community and will distract us from addressing other pressing issues. >> and coming up all new at 5:00 we'll hear from business owners in the community that would have been impacted by the project and hear why some say they didn't feel it would have
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helped bring more customers into their businesses. in arlington, abc 7 news. >> okay. thank you. decision by the county board is our question of the day for you. do you think it was the right call? go to the wjla facebook page and join the conversation. we're going to share some of your responses a little bit later in our newscast. leon? this just in to the abc 7 newsroom. officials in missouri making plans to keep the peace when the grand jury in the death of michael brown wraps up its work. the potential at fallout from ferguson. scott? >> leon, there is a sweeping effort right now to try and head off any sort of violence that might occur when the decision is the potential fallout announced. of course the great fear being that if officer darren wilson isn't indicted there could be and around ferguson the country. as we are speaking governor jay nixon is talking to the media and announced a commission to make recommendations on how to
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make ferguson a safer, more fair place for everyone to live. it's made up of regular citizens, civic and church leaders. the big discussion in the meantime is the hope for the fact if there are protests that they're peaceful. just yesterday the governor declared a state of emergency and put the national guard on stand by. >> we've got a very strong team in place working around the clock to make sure we are prepared to keep people safe and protect constitutional rights no matter what the grand jury decides or ultimately the department of justice. you know, as governor it is my responsibility to keep people safe. that's a responsibility take very seriously. >> keep in mind we still don't know when this announcement will come. we talksd today with the director of the d.c. police foundation and the former head of the f.b.i.'s washington field office about exactly what to expect. you'll hear from him. also we'll take a look at what's being posed to law enforcement in the form of threats all that tonight at 6:00.
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leon, alison, back to you. >> thank you, scott. part of the fallout in ferguson includes a push for officers to wear body cameras. baltimore city police may be the next force to do so. in a 13-1 vote the council passed a bill last night that would make the charm city police officers wear body cameras. however, the mayor says she will veto it. she says the bill does not address privacy concerns, how the data would be stored, or including an estimated cost for the maintenance. president ernoon obama is strongly condemning the terror attack at a synagogue in jerusalem. that attack killed four people including three americans. of the horrific attack were allayed to rest just hours after their deaths per tradition. three american citizens were
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included. all came out to mourn. this man said, you went to pray to synagogue and you were murdered by terrorists. the attack was stunning, two palestinian men armed with knives, axes, and guns storming a synagogue in jerusalem. >> coming into the synagogue and we heard gunshots from downstairs. >> at least six more people were injured, many from direct ax blows to the head. >> shot and killed the two terrorists. >> this was the first time in the long-standing israeli-palestinian conflict that worshipers inside of synagogue were targeted. it took place in an orthodox jewish neighborhood that has a large population of english speaking immigrants. palestinian leader abbas condemned the attack. no palestinian group has claimed responsibility but hamas applauded the violence. tensions in jerusalem are at their highest point in years. centered around the mosque on a site that is one of the holiest places to both jews and muslims. >> tragically, this is not the
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first loss of life that we have seen in recent months. too many israelis have died. too many palestinians have died. >> the israeli prime minister said today the homes of the two attackers would be demolished as punishment. reporting from northwest, karen travers, abc 7 news. >> after the attack police stepped up patrols in jewish communities in at least two parts of our area today. >> while multiple places of worship are now on special police, by area coming up i'll explain why and tell you where on abc 7 news at 5:00. > the husband accused in a brutal attack in virginia will remain behind bars for now. andrew schmuhl and his wife alecia are accused of attacking alecia's former boss and his wife inside their virginia will remain behind bars for now. andrew schmuhl and his wife alecia are accused of attacking alecia's former boss and his wife inside their mclean home allegedly torturing them for hours. here's a look at why the judge denied schmuhl's bond. >> inside this fairfax
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courthouse this morning prosecutors told a judge 31-year-old andrew schmuhl, a former j.a.g. member, terrorized a mclean couple inside their home for nearly three hours. schmuhl and his wife alecia are accused of assaulting alecia's former boss, arlington lawyer leo fischer, and his wife, back on november 9. prosecutors say andrew and alecia drove the fischers home where alecia waited in the car as andrew posed as police. once inside the house, authorities say andrew tased mr. fischer then tied him up and his wife, stabbing them both. the prosecution today said andrew pressured mr. fischer on information about other people at his law firm. prosecutors today revealed fischer's wife sounded the fire alarm while laying still, pretending to be dead. authorities say that's when andrew told the couple he'd, the be back to finish
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job and ran the job and ran out. this morning his attorney argued andrew wasn't a flight risk and should be released. the judge denied bond. alecia schmuhl had her day in court last week. her lawyer argued it was all andrew's idea but she was also denied bond. andrew schmuhl is expected to be back here in court in fairfax for a preliminary hearing january 6th. in fairfax, abc 7 news. a court of law sentenced drian peterson to
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he was paid during that time so he says he'll pay a fine if the suspension stands the earliest he could be back would be april 15, 2015. goodell didn't even call peterson to notify him. he was paid during that instead the commissioner sent a letter to the 2012 nfl m.v.p. in that letter the commissioner said, and i quote, we are repared to put a farro gram in place that can help you succeed but no program can succeed without your genuine and continuing engagement. now, peterson has been paid for those days when he was not in the league. >> right. >> where he was in exemption. w, he says he wants to pay that. the next six-game suspension which he gets here at least six games will cost him more than $41 million. peterson says he'll pay that. gets me is g that the inconsistency by the nfl commissioners. we've seen it in re rice and peterson.
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>> you see no parallel? >> i definitely see a parallel. he came out initially with ray rice and said two-game suspension. the video went public and he said you're indefinite. >> exactly. >> he is doing something similar here. it was proposed, look, el a he pa i for the time he missed. fine him. him come back because he served his time. roger goodell said no. there has to be counseling. you have to be fully engaged. then we'll decide if you can come back next year. >> served his time. roger goodell said no. there has to be counseling. you have to be fully engaged. then we'll decide if you can come back next year. >> all right. >> we'll see you in a little bit. thank you. still to come here at 4:00, half a peterson. >> dozen people have already been indicted on federal crimes relating to the 2010 campaign. a look at what could be next for d.c.'s mayor now that he has allegedly turned down a deal. >> a little later guess what part of our area has paid the groceries in for the entire country. >> but
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need it going to tonight, horace. thank you. > you know what? airly easy.
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parts of new york are digging snow right eet of counting. the lake effect snow blanketed the buffalo region overnight s an g about 2 to 4 inche hour. winds that with gusty and they're dealing with near whiteout conditions. it's not over yet. totals could reach 5 or 6 feet by the time it lets up tomorrow. you were talking about that last night. >> yes. ess. , my goodn >> crazy. alked to wpop es t who earlier did traffic and weather. storm up to see the first hand and we talked live is unbelievable. let's set you up here. ther story. own wea 34 at reagan national. looking live at the bell haven alexandria. in beautiful from the window but definitely a little winter too now. or many people right wind chill at 22 degrees with a northwesterly wind at 22 miles per hour.
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31 at andrews. our afternoon temperatures n rage for this time i november upper 50's. hello. way below the mark. hills are the wind c the map. 12 degrees in martinsburg and cumberland. stown. ager s capital. ation' hours the overnight we'll see this diminish with s overhead ir mas emperatures are going to plummet. e're looking for rains generally between 14 and 23 degrees across the area. definitely one of the coldest november mornings we've had for our way e coming early tomorrow morning and if umbers reach below 20 degrees at b.w.i. and washington dulles would be records. we're forecasting lows there to 17.9, low manassas a low of 23 at reagan national. this is that snow band we talked about. moving across the erie. you get three or four miles to and rth of the snow band he sun is out. crazy stuff. here's what we have. of this. out egrees by the time we roll through thursday. cold one tomorrow in the mid
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30's. another cold front will drop us s with upper 30' sunshine on friday and then we start to warm it up. saturday. sunday a front comes and pushes but o the upper 50's brings rain with it. 0 in ld be close to 7 spots here by monday. imagine that. nice a >> that's why i love the weather. >> well, as for the -- that'll be great. >> a nice thought. oug. ank you, d >> see if there is a nice thought for those driving home this we'll go to the wtop traffic center. not looking too good northwest portion of the beltway. this nty of volume on both unny afternoon but directions quite slow. of tysons out into the sun and the inner loop silver ethesda, road , a crash on canal outbound just before the chain bridge. it's going to need a tow truck and that usually takes a while in the district. we go. 66, bright sunshine and plenty
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of volume there. let's see 395 headed south from he pentagon. duke of volume down to treet. coming from the pentagon on 395 south. beltway at k at the ver road where you can see traffic is moving very slowly between rection here tysons and 270. >> we'll check in with you a little later. thank you. n abc 7 news at the money to make improvements at local schools. p we'll give you a closeup view of some work being
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elected han 60 newly members of the house and senate are on capitol hill today eek-long ff a w freshman orientation. kers posed ew lawma for this class picture right steps of capitol hill. democrats hill re-elected representative nancy wo-year term ther t s house minority leader. her victory in a private democrats ouse comes two weeks after elections of course in which the party dozen seats. a pelosi has been house nce 2003, leader si including four years as the first female house speaker. well, now outside the capitol take a look. we've been watching the scaffolding go up around the weeks r the last few now. that's right. and kind of eerie looking but gorgeous at the same time.
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it's all part of the project to fix up the cracks and other problems over the next seven dome.on the today we got a chance to get a glimpse inside. saw show you what we there. leon and alison, of course it's off limits to visitors and one can only wonder from afar what is going on way up there. ere as you mentioned we w iew of the seup v work that is taking place some 28 stories above the ground there on the dome. workers have been getting the dome repaired. job in first repair dome.0 years to the now, it is entering a new phase. crews have completed the scaffolding now that will encase the dome while they're some heir hands and fancy new methods to repair the 1500 cracks to the dome, itself. this is the first time that the layers of lead-based paint will
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be completely removed and remediated. the first time we're using tablets to document every crack and every defect in the dome. >> and all that work is expected to last for about a exterior st for the ork is n all of the w expected to be completed by the next inauguration in 2016-2017 rather. reporting live from capitol s. l, abc 7 new >> thanks, kennedy is. had to be cold up there. montgomery county public hools is looking for another $223 million for an expansion project being planned right now. he board of education approved r ndments to the six-yea capital improvements program last night. would increase the school construction budget e owing 36 projects to b completed sooner and adding thousands of classroom seats as well. amendments now go on for consideration and the state final say.
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all right. e could add om lin up quickly for you when you re.d to the grocery sto >> still to come, which part of ops the list of the most expensive groceries in the country? debate over whether sed es should be open or clo thanksgiving. hole new level. why some may
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tell the future is
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looking a bit different across area. >> had his hands in his own pockets. here is our 29 degrees right now in arlington. is crazy cold for the time of the year. the average high still the upper 50's. let's get started with numbers around the area right now. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. 31 at andrews. dulles. gton gaithersburg says 27. 29 in baltimore. lows tonight, he let's tell you about the records. e record low temperature for tomorrow morning is 18 degrees at reagan national. out 23 for a be ab low there so no record. b.w.i., thurgood marshall, e shington dulles both hav record lows of 20 degrees. we're forecasting lows at 19. those would set new records. low, how average e'll be for rage w the temperatures. gh the get throu efinitely rs we're d to bottom o in many of the teens climb only to tomorrow afternoon h spite another day filled wit sunshine. 32 to 37 degrees will be the
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range. there is a bit of a warmup headed for the weekend but with mup will come some rain. in about 10 minutes we'll go new york, and localized n a very lake effect snow blizzard in right now. that's it, leon. >> thanks. look forward to it. eral e meantime fed investigators are on the scene rash in al plane c chicago. fficials say a cargo plane went down early this morning shortly after takeoff from midway airport. nto a nearby home an elderly couple by inches. he pilot was killed. the faa says the pilot reported some engine problems just after takeoff and was trying to eturn to midway. there was no fire or explosion. >> in new jersey a man there allegedly left a path of destruction after a night of drinking led him to steal a bulldozer. 30-year-old kristoffer russell hile arged with driving w intoxicated, criminal mischief, leaving the scene of an cident, and theft of the bulldozer. bulldozer he
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leveled signs, three benches, a tree, a drinking fountain, and left a maze of tracks in the grass. home, a ere at pharmaciest is in some trouble aling some powerful pills. >> within 7,000 tablets of a pain killer and controlled substance go missing from this in bethesda, et the man responsible for the crime was a staff pharmaciest assigned to this floor. xclusive story coming up at 6:00. >> all right. that. ou for now it's looking more likely d.c. mayor vincent gray could on federal charges. that that after reports a plea deal cted with federal prosecutors over ign.2010 campa d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live outside the building with nvestigation and where it all stands now. sam? >> yes, alison. well, the feds say that the mayor in the 2010 election had a legitimate campaign where he
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reported the campaign finance there was a $650,000 campaign that was illegal. itted to never adm knowing anything about that. is now will he be indicted about it? the mayor faces -- faced a crush of reporters today following a "the washington post" report that back in september he rejected a plea ttorney to e u.s. a single lty to a felony. eal, eportedly said, no d and he hasn't done anything wrong. of his supporters or associates in his 2010 campaign have pleaded guilty to felonies usually for telling to the f.b.i. the mayor would not discuss the case today with reporters. >> wait a minute. minute. if you all have questions about this continuing investigation talk to bob bennett. >> okay. ayor. rry, m did you turn down a deal, sir? >> if you want to talk about g investigation, which is going on for almost bept.ears talk to bob
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he's my attorney. uld have taken ho the plea deal. you know? >> why? everybody else has taken the deal. so he's the only one left out holding out. >> d.c. council chairman phil lindelson said today he is glad if this had to happen it r ago ed now and not a yea because the city will have a and new council in a matter of weeks. ry on ve more on the sto 6:00. ews at reporting live in northwest washington, sam ford. abc 7 news. >> thank you, sam. maryland's attorney general on to a he's moving d.c. law firm when his term is up in january. that he will oday join buckley sandler and will play a leading role in its government enforcement and litigation practices. attorney general since 2007. earlier this year he ran for nomination for governor of maryland but lost.
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>> well, the cost of feeding s depending on ie here you live. apparently region highest price for food. kai jackson joins us from the h more on this new study. kai? >> alison, pretty sobering in fact. conducted by an organization called diets and review. you live in virginia you're paying more for groceries. e. t's the bottom lin they look at how much it costs four. a family of the meal consists of several breasts, hicken potatoes, apples, and milk. nothing extravagant here. the average cost for those ingredients in the grocery d states is unite $15. rall.oo bad ove the country?in idaho came in at $9.33. maryland is just below average rounding out $14.90. but the most expensive groceries in the country are h of in the commonwealt virginia at $27.48. nearly double the national average. usly people are wondering why.
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we contacted diets and reviews to determine why the groceries in so much more expensive virginia compared to the rest of the nation. get old us they didn't cost he why groceries virginia than other states. noted if fresh groceries aren't easily available and items cost more across the board grocery costs overall will be considerably ld be than they wou somewhere else. what we're finding in the study. alison, back to you. >> big, dramatic difference. thank you so much. this is a ing now, ad of the he thanksgiving holiday. debate about he whether stores should open on thanksgiving. ut get this. there is a new mall allegedly threatening to fine stores that thursday. pen next according to cnn stores were told to open doors at 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving night or face a penalty. posted this on the facebook page and received nearly 300 comments just in the first hour. t happened to our national holidays?
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closed es should be thanksgiving and christmas. f anything, the mall owners should be fined for having the audacity to even consider being open on thanksgiving. it's pathetic. writes, don't they realize they've taken the fun whole black friday event? up early getting friday morning or even going out at midnight thanksgiving night. know your thoughts on the facebook page. nobody there in support of that fine. prised. ot sur last writer. he that's the leaning of my family. they go nuts about that. y morning.rida >> yeah. get there friday morning, get up at 2:00 just to get out there. all gone now. >> changes all of it. ight. r till to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00, having problems with ignition switches. recall is issuing a are >> today the d.c. council had a the legislation requiring homeowners to shovel
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sidewalks after snowstorms. coming up reaction from washingtonians.
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exactly one year since a freak attack at the national zoo sent a patient here to george washington university hospital. 5:00, p tonight at we'll talk to wayne miller. for the first time he recalls by an animal he had known for years. >> you realize you're fighting t the same fe but a time i was very cognizant of what was going on and that i did need to -- i didn't want ground, me on the so i knew it was doing the best i could. >> i'm suzanne kennedy and i'll onight e of his story t 5:00. >> back to our big story of the day the weather. clear but really cold here today. .> that's right have to go don't too far north to find some snow. oug hill is standing by in the weather center with a look at that. buffalo, story is western new york state right along the lakeshore and the e. ry there is real simpl winds have been consistently f the west-southwest. should be the whole length of
4:41 pm
umping a and d localized blizzard in buffalo, the south towns of buffalo. we'll go to dave now. it is unbelievable looking there. y astounding. utel i came up with here with certain expectations. ave were high but those h . en surpassed e of to see the rat accumulation, watch it piling , feet upon feet of snow outside the door. >> some of these lake effects you can get 4 to 5 inches an hour and lite epping and thunder. you gotten any of that? >> absolutely. and then some. last night when i pulled in there was some incredible lightning and thunder when this band first rolled onshore and started organizing. n hour a i'm on the southern fringes of the bay and it's showing on the radar. it's incredible. the wind, ation,
4:42 pm
near blizzard conditions. near zero visibility. astounding. lly amazing, if ou look at the satellite minutes ago, le if you are 10 or 12 miles north of buffalo you have blue skies and sunshine right now. >> absolutely. that's what's so impressive about this band. ocused right here in the southern part of the buffalo metro area. re under a travel -- impossible. forget about it. way. is absolutely no bout a 150-mile-wide swath of the new york state ioned which i'm posit along shut down. you can't drive and you can barely even walk. that's how deep the snow is here. it's something else. >> all right. we're talking about two or three weeks when you dig out e.d get back home, dav >> see you in april. >> it's amazing but, leon and alison, the whole story the snow bands literally a few f the band r side o if you've driven into one you can drive in crystal clear blue s you and look ahead and a s just like a wall of white. you literally go right into a
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blizzard. ou can e brave enough y ive through and get to the other side. maybe another 18 hours of this southside of he buffalo. >> crazy. insane. >> incredible. g. thanks, dou those folks. >> still ahead, we have a glimpse at the world's first hoverboard and the inside scoop on how it works. >> plus -- >> an air bag that is supposed to protect me. >> the one place you might not isks in the ut the r midst of the recall of millions ir air because of the ags. >> plenty of people like to for just government about everything. right t why they may be ic at t comes to the traff least here i
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n your side with a consumer alert. ford is recalling 365,000 cars roblem of a software p with ignition keys. it affects fusions including gas electric hybrids. says the keys can move when the car is in gear. s far no crashes or injurie of been reported because the problem. dealers will make repairs at no ost to the owners. we've been telling you for
4:47 pm
weeks about the millions of vehicles being recalled because their air bags are a problem. the undercover investigation found there is no federal law stopping used car dealers from selling cars with open recalls o even check them t for the recalls. rtation etary of transpo says that can change. >> when i think of somebody going to an automobile dealer that has a used car not been fixed after a recall has been issued that is a real problem. are recalled, tered get sent to regis ot ers so if the cars are n yet registered, no letter. ight means when you buy r shoulders to ur check for any recalls that may out there. >> well, if you are unhappy with commuting in the washington metropolitan region, are, you may ly to place the blame. that's right. this time it's the governor's
4:48 pm
fault. honestly, according to one study on traffic in our area, kai jackson joins us now from the live desk with more. >> i think we'll get amens here, leon. do we know anyone who will say commuting around here is hassle and stress free? very doubtful. according to the study the t of em is a direct resul congress cutting the transit subsidy in january. the federal government offers $250 a month for employer provided or employer paid parking. a live oking at traffic shot right now. f that's all in your parking cost. according to the frontier group, an organization that analyzes public policy, the government is only offering $130 a month for public transportation. the math is clear. for parking encourages driving. the group says the net result is 820,000 more vehicles on the roads throughout the d.m.v. $74 billion a year
4:49 pm
to federal and state governments. what's the solution? the study suggests bringing parity between parking and transit subsidies and allowing citizens to deduct the cost of transit authority vehicles on their taxes. at would be at least one solution. >> okay. i, we may have another solution here. if you hate driving, how about a real life back to the future moment trending online? . ok at this video skateboard icon tony hawk testing out the world's first hoverboard. tries. a few but finally it looks like tony mastered the hoverboard. n inch off the a ground by creating a magnetic field. >> yeah. i understand it lasted for minutes. and there we have about 10,000 people who have -- we have a bunch of people who have lined up to pay $10,000 for one of these. really. seven minutes wouldn't get you ic.y far in our traff >> exactly.
4:50 pm
no doubt. a plan that was billed as the future of transportation in northern virginia, though, is now on the verge of being scrubbed all together tonight. the day, is n of whether you agree with the ision ton county board dec street funding for the car project. this was posted, it was the ong plan for the neighborhood. ery pleased it was scrapped. keith writes, street cars are buses, cient than carry more passengers, are easier to get on and off and often put more first-time mass transit users into the system due to predictable routes. several large u.s. cities are cars.back to street the short-sightedness of revent on votersill p them.rom being one of you can weigh in on the facebook page or wjla and let us know what you think. move on to the weather. it was interesting to hear from dave there in buffalo. what a scene with all that snow. >> crazy. that such a small area, you're in the middle of it and you feel like you're in c wasteland but you
4:51 pm
travel a few miles and you have sunshine. and >> rather have the cold than all that snow. >> i agree. p against the u bundle up you need to do especially for the kids at the bus stop in the morning. teens. ing to be in the right now, way below average high of 57. 34 the best we could muster so ational. agan n 32 at dulles. degrees right now reported dulles. gton and outside the studios here in arlington, also 29 degrees. crazy cold. the cold not enough for you? the gusty west-northwesterly to s dropping wind chills 11 degrees in gaithersburg. 12 in martinsburg. annapolis. 2 in so for the overnight hours, winds, es and light he se are some of t temperatures we're forecasting ly morning hours. 17 in leesburg. 15 manassas. aithersburg. degrees in bowie. sunshine tomorrow but ineffective sunshine in the into to warm us up and get into oon we may
4:52 pm
he mid 30's. let's talk about the records. row record low for tomor rning at reagan national officially for washington, d.c. 18 degrees. 20-degree record temperatures b.w.i., thurgood marshall. we think we could break the records at dulles and b.w.i. while reagan national probably es above a few degre the record low for the day. we'll warm it up slowly here. and slow is the watch word here ecause we're talking for highs day e mid 30's for the tomorrow. and we'll have a lot of sunshine around aret ya but again not much to do to warm up. like look at places pittsburgh where it's 20 right now. sunshine and 20 degrees in detroit. we physically have to wait for move ctic air mass to out. o ere are signs it's going t happen. again, temperatures through the morning, 19. 31 by midday. the afterno eze but not as much as today. maybe a few clouds in the forecast and that is that. numbers the other show you ck in to the seven-day outlook and here's what we have. 35 tomorrow. 35 on thursday. e kind of iday w backslide a bit into the upper
4:53 pm
30's with a weak front that .ill be sunny r e weekend brings bette numbers. y. on saturda 57 on sunday. .ith a warm front l be rain.ront wil . owers monday morning then we'll break into some warmer air, upper 60's to near 70 degrees for monday afternoon. de in yone will be outsi flip-flops. >> the guys doing the cold weather story. send them out. >> it's only fair. abc 7 news at 4:00 the find out how one part of our area wants to be sure that you are ready.
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thanks for the cold winter chill isn't just better than -- just bitter this week, the panda seems to be loving the snow in the -- in toronto. it's one of two giant pandas at the toronto zoo. he can't seem to get enough.
4:57 pm
>> you can do that if you have a full-time fur coat. >> for us humans, not so much. --the d.c. counsel pens passed a bill approving pedestrian safety. the ok for has given new fines for those who don't clear the snow from sidewalks. >> after years of debate and opposition, mary chase successfully pushed the winter sidewalk safety bill through for passage. it simplifies the existing laws requiring district property owners to shovel sidewalks. >> the law has been in place for 90 years and there has been a find that is $25 if the city took you to court. >> her bill is more straightforward -- we four hours after the snow stops following, -- dobbs following, violators can beat ticketed. since it was first
4:58 pm
introduced, the fine has been amended. people who failed to shovel the sidewalks will face a flat $25 fine, business owners a steeper penalty of $150. x it's not unreasonable to ask you to shovel the sidewalks in front of your house. >> people are out and about, so it is important. -- there are so many taxes already in place will stop if the bill will take affect next winter and the mayor elect voted against it. she worries that even the seniors and the disabled would be exempt, the bill put too much burden on them to appeal tickets. council members barry and graham say that it is unenforceable. he has 10 offices days to review the bill, but there's enough time to override the that -- enough votes to override the veto. >> live from the abc seven
4:59 pm
broadcast centers, this is abc seven news at 5:00 -- on your side. >> better bundle up -- temperatures are falling after the coldest day yet this season. the sudden drop in the mercury causing serious problems out there. area awoke to temperatures of felt more like january than november. >> and tonight, we could be headed into record territory. doug hill is year with what we are feeling now and what to expect as the sun sets. >> it is 28 degrees outside the belfort furniture weather center. we have clear skies and dry, cold air in place unless the sunset, we are going to drop quickly. 25 in gaithersburg, 26 in intinsburg. 16 degrees elkins, west virginia. these are the wind chills -- feels like 11 in gaithersburg. 19 degrees at washington dulles.
5:00 pm
as we head through the evening hours, temperatures will go one way -- down. later this evening, the rains will drop into the mid-20's. 14 and 20es between degrees. the records, 19 degrees. thosof the low temperatures. at those numbers hits, we have a record low. temperatures and low teens are about as cold as you are going to get. the d.c. government is issuing a cold emergency alert starting at 7:00 tonight. that means they will offer transportation to get people into shelters. this comes as people prepare for a busy night in freezing temperatures. >> i'm


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