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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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fight will be waged on the hill. does the president have the authority to make this move? republican said no and tonight they are circling the wagons. >> the president has great authority. >> the president is not above the law. >> the president should wait. a if you are looking for cross isle agreement, keep looking, it is not here. the president, after today's vowing to move on immigration reform and holding off, is two hours away from his big announcement. tonight he is fine-tuning his speech. while the politics is reaching a crescendo, some hope that it means security. salvadoregally from el , but with family born here, she may benefit from the plan. using executive action without congress, the president could give as many as 5 million people work permits and protect some
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parents, like ruth, who have been here at least five years from deportation. it is something urgent that all of us need right now. this will give us the ability to work. without that, we cannot support our children our families. it is something we very much need right now. >> some republican say that it does little to secure the border and may actually increase the number of illegal immigrants. they vowed to fight back by d funding the parts that obama needs to create the changes, which could possibly lead to another battle and government shutdown. ofre is a stream possibilities that cannot be completely ruled out. then there are those who say the president is not going far to let the 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states. about 5l affect million, leaving a lot of people unaffected by any acts. live on capitol hill, scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> president obama is scheduled
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to speak at 8:00. we will live stream the speech on, and we will also cover it live on our sister station, news channel 8. >> potomac high school officials are trying to ease concerns after a case of tuberculosis was identified at a school. the school officials at a press conference with the prince george's county health department and told parents there is one confirmed case at oxon hill high school. individual who is currently not infectious. they are under quality health care and are not infectious at the present time. >> the pg county school system is not saying if it is a student, teacher, or staff member. >> new details on a story that you saw here first, an abc 7 news crew was on the scene of a fire in rockville when a man approached them and said he had set the fire. whereeared in court today
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we learned more about his troubled history. kevin lewis is live in rockville with the latest. kevin? >> investigators say that peralta suffers from schizophrenia and alcoholism, and he also has a criminal record. he was arrested two weeks ago on a charge of destruction of property. that is nothing compared with felony arson and three counts of reckless endangerment. >> 301, south corners lane, house fire. >> smoke was hard to miss. peralta, therlos man who flat out told abc 7, "i did it." >> i just poured gasoline on the floor, lit it on fire, went out and bought a drinking came back. said there was an odor of gasoline and when he walked down, he saw flames in the kitchen and perl to scream,
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"fire!" mother,said that his who owns the home, made him upset. he said he torched the $400,000 house. how did setting this fire -- >> just so you could get here. for your attention. >> shocking. prosecutors were astonished to see peralta's on camera confession. >> videotape is key in a lot of prosecution, particularly your reporting. >> abc 7 was there as peralta fessed up to police. >> you said it on fire? >> to have a situation where you are so fed up that you set your home on fire and risk the lives of other people in the residence , that is over the top. it's hard to believe. >> detectives say that peralta
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smelled like gasoline. they also found a lighter in his coat pocket. the judge ordered he be held without bond. the american red cross is helping his mother and three roommates find a new place to live. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> quite a story, kevin, thank you. jim webbrginia senator has formed an exploratory committee to consider a democratic presidential campaign in 2016. he also discussed his intentions and a video on his new website. >> i've decided to launch an exploratory committee to examine whether i should run for president in 2016. i made this decision after reflecting on numerous political commentaries and listening to many knowledgeable people. >> webb has hinted at a presidential campaign for months. the vietnam war veteran served as navy secretary under president reagan. won election to
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the u.s. senate as a democrat and served one term. >> maryland governor martin o'malley is talking about what he is grateful for as he weighs possibly running for president in 2016. he reflected on his work to improve education and focus on immigration issues. he will be succeeded by republican larry hogan. coming up, a local man arrested, accused of shooting his mother. what the police say happened moments before. >> a special event to help wounded servicemembers recover. >> and a nice break from the persistent cold today.
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largo man has been arrested and charged with shooting his mother. the police say he shot his mother following an argument over money. he ran off but was arrested a short time later. his mother was rushed to the hospital, where she is in critical condition. >> a st. mary's county woman was arrested after officers say sheikh tried to board -- after officers say she tried to board a flight carrying a loaded pistol.
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tsa relates this. used bullets found in her carry-on bag. the gun was the 12 firearm confiscated at the bwi checkpoint this year. for justn get apps about anything these days, but could new spy apps go too far? they are called spyware, and once installed on a phone you can see e-mail, text, and websites that users visit and even listen in on private conversations. they are advertised as a way to monitor children or employees, but that is often not what they are used for. tonight, how the technology puts domestic violence victims at risk by keeping abusers able to stalk undetected. brazenly marketing it to spy. is cracking down on
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spy stalkers and how you can get in big trouble using the apps. the snowstorm -- in buffalo is forcing the nfl to come up with a new game plan. >> no snow here, but another chilly day. we have the forecast. >> the caps will be on the ice tonight, the whiz kids get ready for lebron, the redskins try to regroup. sports is coming up.
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>> israel has started to demolish the homes of four palestinians involved in attacks, two of whom were involved in a synagogue attack in jerusalem. five people died. homes often destroys the of terrorists as a punitive measure and a warning to others. secretary of state john kerry is in austria for talks on iran's nuclear program. he said a deal is still possible before monday's deadline.
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the u.s. and five other countries are hoping to limit iran's ability to build nuclear weapons. iran says their goal is energy production. >> the u.s. navy says that nobody was hurt after to supply ships collided in the gulf of aden. they said it was a minor a collision during an exchange of goods. the ships continued to operate with relatively minor damage. though ships resupplied navy warships that conduct operations for the fifth fleet, based in bahrain. >> the department of defense is calling attention to resources available for servicemembers. >> at the pentagon today, would it warriors shared how they are recovering -- would it warriors shared how they are recovering. >> some of the battle scars are visibl many are not. it's never easy, but when you are here with other vets, going
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through the same thing, it makes it easier. they competed in a seated volleyball tournament. >> they are taking their injuries and using them to their strengths now. >> [inaudible] >> they are promoting this as an activity to help servicemembers transition. usthank you for giving courage and showing us how to be resilient. >> they are also being encouraged to join art programs, which helps with dramatic brain injuries and ptsd. >> they are helped by each other. tothat really allowed me start the healing process. >> he sometimes struggles to find his words, but his artwork has given him a new voice, maybe
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a new career. >> it gives me an outlook to show emotion and show other people how i feel. >> for a complete list of undedgon programming for wonde warriors and caregivers, go to >> today, the u.s. supreme court civil unions in south carolina. he was trying to challenge the ruling on the same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. >> the nfl says the severe like affect snowstorm forced the league to postpone the buffalo bills home game sunday. during a news conference, governor andrew cuomo said it would be impractical to have the game on the home field. seeverybody would love to the game go forward, but even more public safety comes first. >> the nfl has not decided where
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the game will be played, but espn reports possible locations include fedex field. detroit or pittsburgh. beenills stadium has blanketed by more than five feet of snow since monday. the new snow bands are setting up and they may get another two feet he for it settles down in the pattern changes. mid 50's here today, yesterday in the mid 30's. what about tomorrow? dropping back into the 30's again. a nice change today. we hit it on the button, the average, 56 the high at reagan national, morning low 35. at this hour, we are holding in the upper 40's and the city, 49 at reagan national. some areas have started to fall quickly north and west. winchester,urg and 34 cumberland, the cold air
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being brought in by the northwesterly wind behind the cold front that pass through. initially the cold front helped boost temperatures with the sunshine, but now the wind is putting a chill in the air. 14 miles per hour at reagan national, 12 at dulles. it will be coldest night later tonight. if you have evening plans, keep that in mind as you come home, it will be very cold. up, upperill showing 20's western maryland, feels like 33 gaithersburg, feels like 37 washington dulles. the wind diminishes overnight, still five to 10 miles per hour, steady drop in temperatures. 27,the morning, 20 to colder than this morning. tomorrow afternoon colder than this afternoon because of the push of high pressure moving in from southern canada. willigh pressure re-energize the lake effect snow bands across lake erie and also extend over portions of lake ontario. the result for us, sunshine and
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colder weather through today and tomorrow. saturday we warm up. the core of high pressure moves out, sunshine, highs jumping into the 40's. sunday the warm front approaches, settling in. lay clouds and showers. with the showers, middle 50's. not a bad trade. sunshine,cold start, breezy, about 37 baha'i, lots of sunshine. through the weekend, a cold start saturday morning, but saturday morning we also have news of the parade, the montgomery county thinks giving parade. that will be live on sister station news channel 8, brian van de graaff giving the play-by-play. withy, we warm up, along rain and clouds, 54. monday spectacular, 68 and sunshine. week will slowly through the remainder of the week. big travel day wednesday, locally, it will be fine, sunshine, upper 40's. tanks giving day, partly cloudy,
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45 degrees the high temperature. -- thanksgiving day, partly cloudy, 45 degrees the high temperature. the redskins were back on the field today, rg iii can finally focus on the san francisco 49ers. inhe redskins are gearing up for -- and the wizards are gearing up for lebron tomorrow night.
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. thehe redskins were back on field today, putting in their game plan for the 49ers. e still notams' ankl ready to go. this brings us back to rg iii. whether his fault or not, griffin has been sacked 11 times in two games. his quarterback rating was 15 last sunday, worst in the nfl. jay gruden was asked if rg iii can get back to the player he was in 2012 when the ritz kids went to the playoffs. >> obviously, having injuries, the type of quarterback he was, his first year he had 800 yards rushing. quite friendly, we have not won a super bowl since 1991, which
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is where we are trying to go. we're not trying to go 10-6 and get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. >> jay gruden looking at long-term goals. the wizards are now 7-3 after losing last night to the mavericks. with lebron james and the cavaliers coming to town, the good news for the wizards is the return of bradley beal. sharp, taking charges one end, knocking down shots the other. he scored 21 points in 26 minutes, he was terrific. the play of the day, the charlotte hornets, indiana pacers. rodney stuckey pulls up, shoots, air ball. but he'll with the putback, game-winner, time runs out, pacers win. the indiana pacers playing beat the clock, they win the game. how much basketball, the maryland terrapins playing host to fordham tonight in college park. maryland is just outside of the top 25 in rankings, but among those getting votes.
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it is a fun, very young basque -- it is aaking fun, very young basketball team. and the nfl still has not decided where the bills-jets will play, but we know it will not be sunday and buffalo. it is getting colder, but it is clear right now. in the morning, sunshine, cold and breezy, 20 to 27 degrees to start the day. through the day, looks like we warm up to about 35 to 37, less than today. steve rudin will have more the weekend forecast at 11:00. >> world news tonight is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, what we've just learned, what the president is about to do on immigration, about to take action on his own. also, the next storm hitting right now, still digging out from this one. the death toll growing and the new rescues, and tonight what the nfl has just decided. the moment on camera, bill cosby, his wife next to him, and the reporter, suddenly the silence in the room and what led to it. and remembering a legend, director mike nichols. he brought us the graduate, working girl, bird cage, from the movies to broadway, we celebrate his life, his work, his family. married to our dear friend diane, and tonight we look back at what extraordinary life.


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