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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 22, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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. good morning, america. boiling point. new arrests in forgerguson, missouri, ahead of the grand jury decision. will officer darren wilson be charged in the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown? the fbi moving in, the president weighing in. can they stop the violence? >> the big dig out. cleaning up from the epic snowfall that killed at least 13 people. our rob marciano is embedded with first responders saving lives. >> there's a 91-year-old woman inside the house. we need to get her out. the roof might come down. >> and new concerns, will a massive warmup cause historic flooding? >> a window washer falls 11 stories from a building and
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survives. how a car cushioned his physi e. >> it appears the car helped him out. >> what the driver is saying. and giving new meaning to the term housekeeper. the hard-working woman who never took a day off cleans houses gets the surprise of her life. the heartwarming story of how a day at work became the best day of her life. and good morning, everybody. take a look at the video coming in overnight. bill cosby performing in florida to a standing ovation. and speaking about the growing chorus of women alleging he sexually abused them. start with the new developments out of ferguson, missouri. more arrests overnight as the city braces for a grand jury to
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decide whether to charge officer darren wilson in the shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. at least 212 protesters were arrested. this grand jury is comprised of nine whites, three blacks. ferguson is 6% black, and just four of the police officers are african-american. >> let's get the latest from alex perez right outside the ferguson police station. good morning. >> reporter: good morning dan and paula. that grand jury has been meeting for three months already. now things are calm here right now. but overnight, another confrontation with police and more arrests. overnight, several arrests. three protesters wearing masks made famous by the protest group anonymous taken into custody outside of police headquarters. but on friday, a much more serious arrest. federal authorities in missouri arresting two men believed to be linked to radical groups for allegedly trying to illegally
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purchase guns and disrupt the demonstrations. anger boiling over. protesters and police going head-to-head. the anticipation building. abc news has learned the grand jury, which has been meeting since august 20th, could be close to a vote. deciding possible charges in the racially-divisive shooting death of michael brown. prosecutors saying on friday they will hold a televised news conference to announce the results. meanwhile the community and police bracing for the threat of more violence. officials setting forth a list of 19 rules of engagement for clashes expected in the coming days. st. louis county police purchasing 650 tear gas grenades, 2,000 plastic handcuffs, 6,000 pepper balls and 1500 bean bags filled with chemicals that sting the eyes and nose to disperse unruly demonstrators. more than 1,000 additional officer on the ground, and the
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fbi set up shop. 100 agents already here. the ferguson mayor trying to reassure residents fearful of more unrest. >> i want people to understand they are going to be safe in thinker homes. the police departments are ready to protect business and life. >> reporter: some schools near ferguson canceling monday and tuesday, others promising to cancel if the grand jury decision is made this weekend. many business owners have already boarded up their windows. worried that protests could turn violent once an announcement is made. >> so much tension there this morning. thank you. and this morning president obama is calling for calm. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos. >> what is your message to the people of ferguson and others who are looking to protest? >> well, i think first and foremost, keep protests peaceful. you know, this is a country that
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allows everybody to express their views. allows them to peacefully assemble. to protest actions that thing are unjust. but using any event as an excuse for violence is contrary to rule of law and contrary to who we are. >> president obama weighing in this morning. and you can see george's entire exclusive interview with president obama tomorrow morning on abc's "this week." paula. >> thank you. and we have been seeing the i thi images all week of the monster blast that dropped record snow on western new york. now as residents are digging out, there's a major snow melt that could mean historic flooding. rob marciano is in buffalo with the latest on these developments. hope you're staying warm. >> we are. temperatures in the 20s right now, paula. but we're going to warm up. some of the snow is going to melt. what a struggle it has been for
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south buffalo. so much snow in some cases, shoulder, head high snow. a snottering amount of snow here. the big dig is on south of buffalo. buried residents getting out of shoulder-deep snow. trying to remove the piles of snow on roofs, yards and driveways. some still stuck, calling out for help. we're riding with the chief of the fire department, responding to more than 250 emergencies since tuesday. there's a 91-year-old woman inside the house. we need to get her out because this roof might come down. >> i'd rather take you out when i had the chance than dig you out. >> reporter: within minutes, another call. reports of a man lying unresponsive in his garage. we speed through narrow, snow covered streets. it's not good news. out of respect, back the cameras back. a man died of an apparent heart attack, trying to dig the home
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out of the snow. another fatality for the snow. and warming temperatures and rain means flood watches. >> the warming will bring melting. melting will bring water. water will bring floods. >> reporter: homes in this part of new york state are built with roofs that can witstand three and a half to four feet of snow. that's about 20,000 pounds. the current snow pack has 6 inches of water, and heavy rain and soaring temperatures, hundreds of the snow-covered roofs are at risk for collapse. putting homeowners, the new york national guard and others in a race to dig the homes out in the next 36 hours. volunteers are in full force. the shovel brigade mob of north buffalo to march south and help them dig out. the melt is coming. we have the flood watches tomorrow. a little freezing rain today before the real rains tomorrow night. could be heavy. as much as a half an inch of
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rain. and then temperatures really rise. tomorrow, near 50 degrees and near 60 on monday. look at the temperatures. 66 degrees in new york city, 64 in atlanta, 69 in d.c. and then more cold air come. so the next three days, guys, is going to be critical. how much of the snow melts and where it goesthat's why we think there's going some flooding. back to you. >> great reporting. we will check with you later on the show. >> looking forward to the warmup, but tricky for buffalo, no question. a lot of other news, and over to ron claiborne. >> good morning to you, dan, paula, rachel, good morning, everyone. a terror arrest in london. a 19-year-old british man arrested at heath row airport on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism. he was getting off a plane from jordan and was said to pose no risk to the flight he was on. and back at home, passengers
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aboard an american airlines flight that landed got a jolt friday night when a bus collided with the packed airliner. they just landed from dallas, texas. no injuries were reported. and americans are being warned to stay away from mexico's popular resort town of acapulco because of protests there. they are protesting the disappearance of 43 students, blocked highways into town and blockaded the airport. violent protests have erupted in cities across mexico. the u.s. embassy in mexico has banned non-essential travel byes it personnel. americans going there are urged to stay in tourist areas. and the broadway is paying tribute to mike nichols. the marquee lights were dimmed in honor of the legendary director and producer. his work spanned more than six
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decades. he was the husband of diane sawyer. he was 83 years ef age. and two ohio men are free after spending 40 years in prison for a crime they didn't mmit. ricky jackson was a free man friday. and his codefendant, wiley was set free a few hours later. they were wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death. a witness who was 12 years old at the time later admitted to lying in the case. and the father of a 2-year-old boy who survived a 230 foot fall off a cliff, he has awaken. sebastian johnson is listening to bedside stories from his mother. he fell off a cliff during a family outing. and for the first time, a female chef is in charge of dessert at the white house. susan morrison is taking over as executive pastry chef after making presidential sweets for
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two decades. her first big task, crafting the gingerbread white house on display during the holidays. and finally a florida family survived a terrifying encounter with the bear thanks to the not so ferocious guard dog. meet daisy. she's a little bit banged up right now. her owner returned from the grocery store. when the bear came into the garage. daisy went on the attack, managing to scare off the 200-pound bear. daisy has dozens of stitches, as you see there, and broken ribs. but friends set up a go fund me account to help with her veterinary costs. tough little dog there. >> and it says that daisy is a hero. >> pretty cool. >> really cool. thanks. and switch gears to the developments in the explosive and expanding scandal involving bill cosby. he was performing in florida
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overnight, meanwhile, more venues are canceling his shows, and more women are coming forward. and reena ninan is on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. talk about divided public opinion. just before the show started, an announcer warned the crowd there might be hecklers. they appeared to stand behind the 77-year-old comedian. bill cosby receiving a standing ovation in front of a sold out crowd in melbourne, florida. >> i felt if i close my eyes -- >> reporter: new this morning, cosby speaking out for the first time about the decades-old sexual abuse allegations against him, telling florida today newspaper, i know people are tired of me not saying anything, but a guy doesn't have to answer to inknew wen does. people should fact check. but now at least six different venues opted to cancel the shows as the number is rising of women alleging the man once known as
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america's dad drugged and sexually abused them. including teresa who spoke to abc news. >> i was taken advantage of in a vulnerable situation. >> reporter: she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her when she was 19. her story similar other women speaking out against the comedian. >> i was sick. i was confused. i was foggy. >> the next thing i remember is waking up in bed naked. >> reporter: cosby's lawyer releasing a statement saying that the rising number of allegations are becoming increasingly ridiculous and illogical. and adding when will it end, it's past time for the media vilification of mr. cosby to stop. with 28 tour dates on the books, some fans and venues continue to stand behind him. >> it's tough for him right now, i'm sure. and for his family. >> well, this was supposed to be
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the year of the comedian's comeback. but a special plan with netflix, postponed. and another scrapped. and the next show for november 28th was canceled. it was a mutual agreement between the venue and mr. cosby. >> more shoes to drop. paula to you. and we have new information about the gunman who opened fire on florida state university students earlier this week. authorities are now investigating packages he sent out just before he went on that shooting spree and was killed by police. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> oh, my god. >> there has been a shooting. >> reporter: for those who knew the gunman who shot three people at florida state university's library, his campus rampage isn't 31-year-old myron may's on inexplicable act. >> i was stunned. >> reporter: former class fate
7:15 am
and current mayor of spring lake, north carolina, is one of at least eight of may's friends told to expect a delivery after the shooter was killed by police. so far the fbi has intercepted at least three of the packages. the one headed to north carolina plus one in texas and virginia. another former classmate, joe paul, says may contacted him on facebook hours before the shooting. >> i put two and two together that he asked for our information because maybe he was sending us a manifesto or -- i don't know what he was sending. >> reporter: federal authorities confiscated the packages and say they pose no danger to the public. police in florida suspect they contain nothing more than his journals and videos he claims show the government was targeting him. this morning students are again walking through this library door where may fired his shots. police say those packages full of rambling writings and videos don't provide a moe tiff. at least not a one that makes
7:16 am
sense to anyone except perhaps the shooter himself. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, tallahassee, florida. >> and ryan, thanks to you. we move on to a very different kind of story. the new video going viral this morning. a hard-working housekeeper never taken a day off, getting a shock of the best kind. this is an elaborate and an emotional surprise. and abc's rachel smith in for sara haines has more. great story. >> it's a touching story, dan. it's not too often we hear of prpranks being pulled for a goo cause. but that's the case for a single mom of three from cleveland who gets the surprise of her life. get out the tissues. it's the season of giving, and this lucky maid got a gift that will change her life. carla simmons has never taken a day off. >> kara is an amazing person and sister. >> reporter: her closest friends conspire with the prank it
7:17 am
forward. her health issues forced her to fall behind. when a new job pops up, she shows up. >> so funny, i cleaned already. >> reporter: she thinks she's coming to clean a home. but really she's being tricked into a day of pampering. >> it's a big -- >> reporter: first, taste test a meal by a master chef. lobster, truffles, even kobe beef and a massage. then -- >> if you want something, set it aside for later. >> reporter: told to try on designer duds. and a deliveryman arrives with a package for the owner of the house. >> is there a problem? >> these are my items. >> what? >> these are my items from the home. >> we have things that might clear it up. come with me just a minute, ma'am, please. >> reporter: the surprises didn't end there, saving the
7:18 am
best for last. >> what your family doesn't know is that this is actually your house now. >> oh, my god -- >> reporter: and when she thought it was all over, there was one big surprise left. >> we have another final surprise for you. we wanted to send you and your sister on an all expenses paid vacation to the riviera maya to see the mexican pyramids. >> how cool is that, right? barefoot wine is responsible for pranking it forward. it has 2.5 million hits. >> she had no idea what was coming next. that reaction was priceless. >> the meal tasting, the massage. the designer duds. >> she looked happy with the two forks at the table. >> and just stunned at the end. love it. >> you love it, so hard-working, single mom, three kids, working, working, working, just the surprise of her life.
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okay, rob marciano, do you have tissue, that was heartwarming, and you're crying for a different reason. >> that said, they're starting to freeze up on me. temperatures once again below freezing. it's a chilly start to the day in buffalo. but as we mentioned earlier, things are going to warm up. that's good, but bad in a way. because of this, this storm system that's coming throughout plains, we to want start off with that. this is going to produce a severe weather threat not only today, but tomorrow as well. southeast texas, notably, will see strong and severe thunderstorm to san antonio to austin. large hail, possibly a brief tornado. east through i-10 and today and tomorrow. expand to mobile and tallahassee. another storm coming into the northwest. dump large amounts of snow in the inner mountain west. take the snow pack up to 2 feet potentially there. and a weak system, light prescription through chicago, pittsburgh, and even buffalo
7:20 am
today. and it could be enough to have a little bit of light freezing rain, at least to start. and then start the warmup and remain above freezing for the next few days. east and west, take you through the fly. maybe a shower or two there. and sunny across the desert >> a c chilly start to this morning here in the e d.c. area. we had clear skies duringng the overnight hours, so that will lead to sunshine today. we are going to be about 10° warmer than we were yesterday. mid to upper 40's, then we will drop tonight into the 30's. not quite as cool during the overnight hours. as we head into the >> standing outside of john f. kennedy high school. it's saturday, they have had no school. but haven't had school all week.
7:21 am
not a snow day, but a snow week. >> yes, been a crazy week up there. thank you. more from you later. also coming up, new details in the mysterious deaths of a married couple with ties to chris christie. was this a murder-suicide, or victims of a violent home invad invader? >> a window washer plunges 11 stories and lives to tell the story. that timing that may have saved his life. and black friday apparently starts now. the secret ways to get the very best shopping deals right now. abc rebecca jarvis has it. ♪
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coming up on "gma," the miraculous survival. a window washer plunging 11 stories. lucky break that saved his life. and secret ways to save this holiday season. what rebecca jarvis learned going head to head with a super shopper. keep it right here.
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>> good morning, everybody. guess what? it is going to be a warm start to today. was chilly yesterday , but we are warming up into the mid-40's. little bit of a rain as we get tords sunset sunday nday, but mt of will remain n dry. ad into next week, we
7:28 am
are talking about wednesday nexteek aas a low forms off f the coast of carolinas coast will f the really be dependent on whether we stay dry. let's talk about the weekend. clouds moving it tay, but your satday will be fantasastic. on sunday, we will start out here comes ne, then the rain. times, d be heavy at starting after sunset and continuing into early monday morning.
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♪ wave your hands in the air. beyoncé loving to surprise her fans. and the most recent deliver this is new video, yeah in her bathrobe there, for her song, 711, or is it 7-1-1? i'm not sure. she's dancing on the balcony and a few other places. wow. >> this is probably not a high budget endeavor. shot on a hotel balcony and maybe a hotel bathroom, and she can make it fantastic. >> she can pull it off. >> just like her sheer presence. >> you were pulling off the same moves. >> i pulled a few muscles. it's never going to happen again. here on "gma," getting ready for the holiday season. rebecca jarvis, she's going to pit herself against a savvy shopping mom armed with a secret
7:31 am
weapon. and the question is, who came out the big winner? we'll tell you coming up. first, the millionaire couple with ties to the governor of new jersey, chris christie. >> fire fighters rushed to the home to pull john and joist sheridan from their home. linzie janis is on the story. >> reporter: this morning, the mystery deepens over the death of john and joyce sheridan. a prominent new jersey couple with powerful connections and close friends of governor chris christie. >> command to division two. we found a second victim. we need a second recovery team. >> reporter: they initially believed the september death was a murder-suicide. finding the bodies of joyce, a beloved retired school teacher, and her husband, john, ceo of a top new jersey hospital and the a former state official. after responding to a suspicious fire at their home. >> i believe my neighbor's house may be on fire. >> reporter: but a source close
7:32 am
to the investigation says they were stabbed multiple times, at least three different weapons. police have only retrieved two of those weapons. now the state's attorney general's office launching a separate, parallel investigation. amid concerns over the progress, local detectives have made. officials telling abc news the state investigators are providing additional manpower and expertise. a spokesperson for the sheridan family exclusively telling abc news, regardless of the reason, the couple's four sons appreciate the help. >> they sense and know and understand that there's a lot of frustration. and people feel we should just know. they understand this isn't for lack of trying on the part of law enforcement. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> thank you. a real mystery there. now to a story we have been talking about all morning. there it is, this is what happens when a man falls 11 stories and lands on top of your
7:33 am
car. >> the window washer is in the hospital, and the car owner in his own words is telling us what it was like when the unthinkable happened. matt gutman reports. >> reporter: in hollywood action flicks, you rarely survive falls like this. but somehow a window washer in san francisco friday morning did. plummeting 11 stories right past pedestrians, smashing into the roof of mohammad al co zion's car. >> the thud of the body on to the car. >> just a huge boom. >> reporter: police say the window washer bounced off the car and on to the pavement. after he rushed to help the man, he looked back at his car. >> when i turned around, i saw my car. it was pressed. >> reporter: police say it's miraculous that pedestrians were spared. >> everyone that was on the ground level is very lucky. >> reporter: as was the window washer. that camry apparently partially breaking his fall.
7:34 am
>> it appears that's what helped him out. >> reporter: look up in any city in america, and these professional daredevils are on the buildings. i was with a crew in miami 400 feet up. but before they let me into their office, the crew gave me a safety briefing, providing a number of fail saves. >> this is your working line, this is your emergency line. >> reporter: but the leading cause of accidents, like the one that brought lower manhattan to a standstill earlier this month, is faulty cables. after two tortuous hours, that pair was rescued from the just-opened world trade center. they were unhurt. but that san francisco window washer, not as lucky. authorities say he is still in critical condition. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm petrified of heights. >> absolutely. never do that job. it's amazing that he survived. and send him good vibes from here in new york. let's get back to ron claiborne with an update on the top stories.
7:35 am
>> hello there, good morning. we begin with ferguson, missouri. with that town on edge awaiting the grand jury's decision. overnight, three people wearing masks associated with the hacker protest group anonymous were taken into custody. this was after authorities arrested two men for trying to illegally purchase guns. and bill cosby had a standing ovation in florida amid sexual puce alleges. he says a guy doesn't have too answer to innuendos people should fact check. and the undefeated division iiim.i.t. engineers. 17 players are high school valledictorian valedictori valedictorians. and they are in their first-ever playoff. and finally, when little sophie has had enough of playground swinging, she puts
7:36 am
the english bulldog in the swing. it's name is ozzie paws bourn, the prince of barkness. a long and odd name. it's hard to tell if he's enjoying the ride or can't wait to get off. >> i don't think he has a chance of removing himself from the swing by himself. >> he's stuck in there. >> he is stuck. >> i think the prince of barkness is playing happy. but he's got evil plans for later. he will deal with that family on his own time. thank you. let's get it back up to buffalo now and rob marciano in the snowy scene there. our own little prince of barkness. looking youthful in the hat that morning. >> you look 15. >> youthful. >> reporter: just trying to stay warm. you do what you got to do. temperatures in the lower 20s. above freezing today for the first time in days, and stay above freezing eventually. but it's an issue as far as the
7:37 am
start. maybe freezing rain and then the melt is obviously goi to be the issue. all right, let's talk weather briefly here. we have this little storm system. kind of the beginnings of what is going to be a big storm system affecting about half of the country. and a lot of this moisture, at least to start, will fall in the form of freezing rain. take a look at the maps. and we'll walk through through exactly what is going on. temperatures in the 50s in some spots. 30s in hartford. and the southerly flow brings it up. it's tomorrow night, and most is across western new york. that will help melt some of the snow here. here is the main crux of the storm. severe thunderstorms from dallas to san antonio. east to houston. temperatures today in the 70s. hail, maybe a tornado or two possible. and that threat pushes off to the east tomorrow. heavy rain with this as well. in some cases see up to and over 2 to 3 inches of rainfall across parts of the south. and another shot of cold air behind that. but before that happens, warm up
7:38 am
here drasticall >> a chilly start this morni. a lot of places starting in the teens. we will warm up into the mid-to upper 40's today. look at the >> reporter: volunteers are going to be marching south, guys. buffaloens up north, didn't get a whole lot of snow, the shovel brigade mob. we may become a part of if before temperatures become too toasty. >> that's cool. we'll have much more from you coming up. and also coming up, the new ways to save this holiday season. no reason to wait until black friday. the trick use need to know right now. and parents to be are turning to "the hunger games" movies for inspiration. now an improve this tip from
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♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground. ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, it's a whipped cream day... ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ it's not about the money ♪ we don't need your money keep sing, paula. she was singing on the break and now refuses. >> i don't mean to people to turn the channel. that's why. >> you have a beautiful voice. that woman you're looking a the, rebecca jarvis, our chief business correspondent. when you can score a deal, no reason to wait for black friday. >> the bargains are out there, and you have to know where to look. and she's pitting herself against a super shopper, but no coupons needed. >> reporter: it's the most wonderful time of the year to bag a bargain. apps like redlaser, shopsavvy and buy via, you can know whether you're getting the rock bottom prieps. >> this weekend is the time to start shop. black friday is black week. >> reporter: we went on the hunt at target at minneapolis, minnesota. we went with deal hunter alice.
7:44 am
what's the biggest amount of savings you've had? >> i've had 30 to 50% off of items. >> reporter: her secret weapon, her smartphone, loaded up with target's money-saving app, cartwheel. >> don't have to clip coupons. >> she scans for deals, her phone, i scan the aisles. see you at the cash register. over 10 bucks off. >> i wanted a coffee maker. i searched. and the coffee makers are 20% off. >> reporter: at checkout, we start off almost tied. 57.10 and $157.11. i saved $15.99. just 15.99. but using cartwheel, and a store credit card, alice reduces her bill of more than $157 to $102.
7:45 am
saving $55. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: you definitely beat me by a lot. >> thanks. >> reporter: a lot. a small price to pay for holiday savings this big. it was nice shopping again. >> nice shopping with you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, minneapolis, minnesota. >> our thanks to rebecca. she is a savvy shopper regardless of what happened. >> have you started shopping? >> no. >> no. >> but you have your tree up. >> first thing's first. >> a step ahead of everybody. and coming up, pit bull, the man behind the catchy song, fire ball, and host of the american music awards on abc, what to expect on one of the biggest nights in music. it's all ahead on "pop news" with rachel. stick around, eastbound. v. e. r. b. . . . . . .
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♪ there's "pop news" going on. sara's getting married this weekend. >> today. sara haines, we love you. we hope you're not watching, but we love you. >> definitely not watch. we're glad to have you in, rachel smith, this weekendnd next. >> thank you. let's get to it. thanksgiving is just days away, and the stars are sharing how they are celebrating the holidays. one of the favorite bromances, ben affleck and matt damon, bringing their families together at matt's home in l.a. and jennifer garner says she's making her grandmother's sweet potato pudding. sounds delicious. and ben is bringing the wine as well as a special guest who is his mother. and another duo from hollywood, kevin bacon and keira sej wick,
7:50 am
serving up plenty of smiles at the food bank for new york city. even selfies in there. lovely ways to celebrate. and something on the minds of many this weekend, racing to the theaters to see "the hunger games" movie. it's not just a frenzy at the box office, but inspiring a permanent legacy. 29 babies have been released katniss since the release of the film in 2012. it was from zero babies before. may the odds be ever in their favor. >> how do you come up with that name in the book? >> she come up with lots of imaginative names. >> got me tripped up as i was reading. you're thinking about how to pronounce the names. >> catnip, maybe that's just me. >> says the lover of cats. >> totally high jacking the "pop news."
7:51 am
>> i have to get to this, as i am, you are too, counting down to the american music awards tomorrow night on abc. pitbull is hoeting the event for the for the second year in a row. he said to expect incredible performances. >> you're nervous. to host the amas, you have to be nervous. but that's what you have the backstage, how should i say? secret formula concoction for. >> and one of the stars to watch out for is selena gomez. giving an emotional performance of "a heart wants what itments," reportedly written about justin beiber. that's backstage from her rehearsals. and we'll have more inside details on the amas. >> i don't believe that pitbull gets nervous. >> not buying.
7:52 am
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all right. thanks so much for hanging with us this saturday. a big good-bye from all of us here in new york and rob up in buffalo. stay warm, everyone. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:56 a.m. i am caroline tucker. taking a look at some of the ouries topping the news in region -- prince george's county police and u.s. postal service inspectors will be in landover looking for clues in the murder barnett, the 26 year
7:57 am
postal carrier who was shot and killed. police will be near where the crime happened. for $125,000ward for information. tune into news channel 8 for the annual montgomery county thanksgiving parade. we will have live reports from the sidelines with kristin holmes. we turn it over to lauren, who has the forecast. >> it will be relatively speaking, a warm day out there. silver spring, a beautiful day. the warm up starting today. rain after sunset sunday. most of the day remains dry. midweek.uestions or -- for midweek. a possible coastal system forming. 27 degrees is the temperature right now in d.c.. a chilly start.
7:58 am
rain and snow in the ohio valley, but other than that, that is the only thing you will have to worry about. we are clear all the way through into the evening hours. sunday rain moving in night, may be early monday morning, but not looking too bad. temperatures in the 50's tomorrow. .0's could break records we will watch for mid next week. >> thanks.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my basecamp here at the columbus zoo. welcome to "wild coudown." throughout the world, all creatures depend on the ebb and flow of water. that's a source of life for all these animals, that one engine right there. from hippos in central africa... he's telling us to just kind of stay away. to caimans in brazil's wetlands. you sure it's safe? >> no problems. >> even flamingos in the world's driest desert. i can't get over this whole thing. why have they chosen here, i don't know? and later, one of my favorite bloopers. >> bah! >> ah! >>at


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