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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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. good morning, america. breaking overnight, is he ready to play? the new ruling making major waves overturning ray rice's suspension from the nfl for hitting his then-fiancee in that casino elevator. >> i was furious. >> as she breaks her silence over what happened that night. miracle rescue. >> two little babies in a snowbank. >>wo boys with lots to be thankful for after a plow buried them under a pile of snow for nearly eight hours. >> motivating each other to not go to sleep. >> how they were spotted and the stroke of luck that may have saved their lives. caught on camera, a motorcycle gang terrorizing drivers while trying to escape
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from police. how detectives are using this video to track down the bikers who ran wild on the streets. and the big tease. an early christmas present for "star wars" fans. picking apart the just-released trailer for "the force awakens." we're going frame by frame looking for secrets. hey, good morning. before we get to the top story. take a second to nerd out over the new "star wars" trailer. it's 88 seconds long, but there are details. >> we should have a disclaimer, nerd alert. >> that should always be flashing. >> cloaked figure who whips out a new style light saber.
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>> hand guard. >> and han solo's ship returns. the millennium falcon. this is bringing grown men to tears. what does it all mean? wear going to take a closer look coming up. >> also coming up, rob and i are going to have a light saber duel. spoiler alert, it doesn't end well for me. just so you know. and coming up, coverage of black friday, is the big day losing steam, what does this mean for your shopping strategy going forward? >> start with the big decision overnight on ray rice. the star running back indefinitely suspended from the nfl for beating his then-fiancee. he must be reinstated immediately, this is a big hit to the league and the kmishs. and ryan smith is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, they have been battling over whether the player was fully transparent about the elevator attack in
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february. but now an arbitrator, siding with rice over the kmiscommissi, clearing way for him to return. this orning, former baltimore ravens star ray rice allowed back into the nfl. this after a retired federal judge ruled they were wrong to boot him in the sidelines after the release showing him hitting these then-fiancee in an elevator. a huge blow to roger goodell who said they didn't tell the whole story. >> it was clear there was an act of domestic violence. but inconsistent with the way he said it happened. >> reporter: the judge called it arbitrary. i'm not persuaded he lied to or misled the nfl. and slamming the previous cases, saying they are admitting to
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failure in the past to sanction this type of conduct more severely. speaking out after the decision, rice, through his lawyers, saying in a statement, i will continue working hard to improve myself and be the best husband, father and friend while giving back to my community and helping others to learn from my mistakes. now he's eligible to return to the game, the question becomes, will an nfl team have him? >> if there's a team that will help them win in the short-term or the long term, somebody will give him a second chance. >> reporter: and rice's fights with the nfl aren't over. he has a separate grievance to recover millions while suspended. and roger goodell is under scrutiny. robert meuller looking at the handling of the ray rice case. that could come soon. >> it seems like the arbitrator
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came down on rice's side on that particular issue. >> that's right. you have to see what happens in the investigation. >> more shoes to drop for sure. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> and the playoffs are just around the corner in the nfl. and rice's wife is breaking her silence. she says that everyone deserves a second chance. speaking out about what exactly happened inside that casino elevator. linzie janis is here with more. >> good morning. we saw the now-infamous video. wondering how did janay rice feel? we hear they rode home in silence, she was so distraught, she didn't know what to say. now she is telling us about the fight in her own words. janay rice is breaking her silence for the first time since her husband was caught from the baltimore ravens. sharing the reaction to the shocking video of the elevator altercation with her now
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husband. telling espn, i was sick to my stomach, i just broke down in tears. even confronting ray about what happened after the couple watches the horrific scene play out on the news pip asked him why he left me on the floor like that. how he felt when he saw i was unconscious. he told me he was in shock. and speaking to abc news about the tense moments following the release from jail. >> i was furious. we didn't talk the entire ride, he tried to speak to me. i didn't want to hear anything. i just knew he hit me, and i was completely over it. i was done. >> reporter: and while ray publicly accepted responsibility and apologized to his then-fiancee. >> i made the biggest mistake of my life. me. she can do no wrong. she's an angel. >> reporter: janay says it was weeks before she was ready to hear him out. >> i just didn't even want to
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entertain it. entertain him, anything he had to say, any explanation. in the back of my mind and in my heart, i knew our relationship wouldn't be over. because i know that this isn't us. >> reporter: and despite nfl commissioner roger goodell saying he wasn't given the whole story by ray. >> we got new information from the first time i met with him to my initial discipline. which three weeks later i acknowledged was not sufficient. >> reporter: according to janay, ray held nothing back. ray told the commissioner and his colleagues everything that happened. there was no reason to lie because we knew that there was a video and we assumed that the nfl knew what was in it. well, janay says she watched that first video of her now-husband dragging her unconscious out of the elevator, but hasn't seen the second video that shows him knocking her out. she doesn't remember what they were fighting out. it's foggy. >> they have been reliving the
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worst moment of their lives over and over. thank you. >> thank you. and switch gears a major shift in america's holiday shopping landscape. on black friday, some of the usual scenes of mall mayhem. but with the huge sales beginning earlier and earlier. is black friday losing some of its bite. what does this mean for deals going forward. becky worley will have shopping tips, but first to gloria riviera at the tyson's mall -- tyson's corner mall, i'll get it. >> reporter: shoppers will be back in hours, you can hear the christmas music behind me. it was crazy on black friday. saying it took an hour and a half to park. once inside at some stores, a two hour wait for the cash register. in some stores, it looked like
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the chaotic frenzy you might expect. >> it's been insane. >> lots of people. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: but black friday 2014 is nothing like years past. retailers have been pushing sales since halloween. enticing bargain hunters by opening doors on thanksgiving. now known as gray thursday. >> black friday's as relevant as ever, the deals are good. but it's shifted from friday morning to thursday evening. >> reporter: big box stores saw big crowds. >> tvs, go back to electronics. >> reporter: and some brawls. in california, a duel for a barbie dal. >> the girl socked the guy in the face just to get the barbie. >> reporter: and at a texas walmart, police had to intervene when shoppers went for each other over flat screen tvs. arrests were made after fights in indiana and california. but many shop online, skipping
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the mania of the mall altogether. and some who did brave it stuck to ground rules. >> come in with a budget and stuck to it. >> pretty much, yeah. >> reporter: is a quieter black friday the new normal? >> they are starting to get out ahead of each other. before it was hypercompetitive. didn't like that. trying to differentiate. it's here to stay. >> reporter: still, shoppers are ready to spend. with perhaps a new dose of sanity. >> i'm going to come back tomorrow. >> reporter: walmart tells abc news that their customers started shopping while turkeys were still in the oven. target says thursday online sales were up 40%. here at this mall, shoppers will be back in a few hours. my favorite scene, all the dads at the american girls store to get their hands on a doll. they are not leaving empty handed. >> and the dads are saying, i
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didn't know they cost this much. thank you so much. get a jump on the holiday shopping as well. if you prefer to shop on the couch in sweat pants, a la my co-anchor, dan harris. i'm with you. the internet is burning up with great big bargains. and becky worley has the deals a click away. >> reporter: good morning. this weekend, especially online, is like being a tween. it's the awkward time between black friday and cyber monday. am i getting the lowest price? yes, in many cases. if you see the size abrand you like, grab it., an lg tv for $398. over at, they have a samsung 40 incher for $298. these are major brand names at great prices. it's a great time to buy a tv. let's shift on to clothes,
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dropping overnight, including in ferguson. >> that's right. good morning, paula. good morning, everyone. protesrs are demonstrating over the grand jury's decision in the michael brown shooting. clashed with police. in ferguson, missouri, 16 people were arrested outside of the police station in that city. and in other cities, protesters interrupted black friday shop. in st. louis, some stores had to shut their doors after nearly 500 demonstrators marched through a packed shopping mall. and in seattle, washington, stopped them from disrupting a tree lighting ceremony bringing the shopping to a standstill there. and in san francisco, police in riot gear confronted protesters who hurled bricks and bottles and damaged some stores. and a terrifying scene for shoppers at a nordstrom's in chicago, a man walked in and shot a female employee. the woman is believed to be the
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gunman's girlfriend is in critical condition, the gunman died. and pope francis is in istanbul, turkey, urging religious tolerance. going through the blue mosque and paused for prayer with muslim leaders. he said military action against isis militants is justified and urged muslim leaders to be more forceful to stop the spread of extremism. oil prices are plunging. on friday, it's a four-year low. tumbling to just over $66 a barrel. while that is good news for drivers, the nationwide average is down to $2.78 a gallon. meanwhile, some countries that depend on oil revenues, such as venezuela have started slashing their budgets because of those plummeting prices. and the white house is getting spruced up for the holidays. this year's official white house christmas tree arrived on
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friday. michelle obama, the first lady, sasha and malia and the dogs greeted the tree. the 18-foot fir comes from a farm in pennsylvania, allegedly. and will grace the blue room of the white house once decorated. and thanksgiving is over, let the untangling of holiday lights. you are going to have a hard time beating this guy. check it out, an australian man who set the guinness world record for most lights. 1.2 million christmas lights set up in a shopping mall in australia. that's equivalent to 75 miles of twinkling l.e.d.s. he holds the record for residential lights with more than 500,000 bulbs at his home. >> when did he start stringing those? >> back around july. >> spare time. we appreciate it. now to a very different kind of story.
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a motorcycle gang terrorizing drivers and taunting police in southern california. much caught on video, as you can see. video that investigators now hope to use to track down the bikers. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: caught on tape. this fast and furious faceoff between hard core bikers and police on a busy los angeles street. these reckless riders ripping it up at full speed for miles. the hot pursuit taking a terrifying turn when one rider crashes and takes a dive. his bike hurled against the pavement. the man later arrested while his fellow bikers go on, taking the cops for a wild ride. the swarm of nearly 20 bikers, hiding under a tunnel, allegedly to avoid a police chopper, and swerving into oncoming traffic, barely missing an suv. >> they're putting everyone on the roadway at risk. >> reporter: it's the latest in
7:17 am
a string of high speed chases on the roads. take a look at this mob, popping wheelies past a minivan, and taunting a highway patrol officer. just last month, 100 riders captured wreaking havoc on the streets of philadelphia. and this shameless showdown in new york last year, nine bikers charged after chasing down an suv and beating up the driver in front of his wife and young child. but what's more shock signature irony, at least one of the members of that gang was a police officer. >> these high speed chases are on the rise all across the country. it's extremely difficult to stop these bikers. >> reporter: for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks. and it's fair to say, on another note, "star wars" fans are happy after the brand new trailer. it's not next until next december, they're trying to pick up on any clues to the big
7:18 am
picture. and nick watt is doing a little investigating. >> there has been an awakening. have you felt it. >> reporter: yes, yes, i have. like every geek in the nation, i'm pouring over the 88 seconds of the "star wars" the force awakens trailer. >> i had chills when the music came on. hi it chills. >> we got to see a few of the characters. >> the millennium fall don again. >> reporter: got you fired up. >> yes. >> i grew up on "star wars." >> reporter: as yoda said on his death bed -- >> what you have learned. >> reporter: so here is what i know. the millennium falcon is back. the x-fighters are back. but there's a new droid wheels and what looks like an upgraded light saber. desert scenes also suggest a
7:19 am
return to luke's homeland. but the big questions, unanswered. >> i wonder if the speeder is going to be like luke's kid? >> the characters flying back and forth, awakening. what does that mean. >> reporter: where does the force awaken? playing this trailer over and over, and talked and talked. >> just feels like "star wars." that was my big concern. >> we see tatoonie or the snow. >> it's like scuffed. >> clearly seeing a teen that has listened and understands the importance of these little tiny details. >> reporter: this guy in l.a. hasn't seen it yet. >> i'm expecting, han, luke, and c-3po. and maybe some of the new cast members. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abc news, hollywood. >> those guys sitting around talking about the movie.
7:20 am
that was serious nerdry. that was hard core. awesome. >> they were geeky. >> go for it. >> geeking out. and some of the originals, harrison ford coming back. you had chills, not just because of the weather. >> i was getting chills, the x-fighter, the updated r2-d2. kind of like a dyson ball. >> does it sweep or shoot? >> she's just freezing in the studio. ron, give her your jackets. take you to the northwest, it's raining, so much so that the river is in flood zone with the waters overtaking the banks and raging like a river in spots. taking down debris. cresting right about now. they will recede through time. just north of there, it's been snowing. got a pulse of cold air. everett, washington, and sent to us by laura holland. 2 inches of snow there. but before that, another couple
7:21 am
hours of winter weather have is are. and winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. portland to san francisco, heavy rain. and some down to los angeles by the time we get to the end of >> good morning. it is a cold morning out there but it is not as bad as yesterday because the winds have dropped down. temperatures generally below freezing but the wind chills are ideal because the winds will be out of the south. a few snow showers coming our way. for the most rt today we'll improvon yesterday's 42-degree high. look for 4and 48. tonight chilly temperatures. about 55 degrees here in the studio. >> give my coat. >> the winter coat. >> this is a member of our beloved floor crew. >> scottie, thank you. >> chivalry is not dead, ladies
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and gentlemen. coming up on "gma," vanished. the few twists in the missing college football right before the biggest game of the season. the mysterious text he sent his mom just before disappearing. plus two boys plowed under five feet of snow and living to tell about it. they're going to love you. at famous footwear we're not just selling the hottest shoes of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots. only from famous footwear. victory is yours.
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my grandkids bought this nest learning thermostat. programs itself... connects to their precious phones. i don't like it. being cold builds character. walking back and forth to the thermostat builds leg muscles. when the internets come to life and all these gizmos turn on us, these kids won't be able to run away on those shriveled little calves. will they love their nest thermostat then? i don't think so. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home. >> and good morning washington. dave her you wouldn't know it but the thaw has begun even though temperatures are still below freezing for the most part. the winds are calm out there and today they will be out of the south. so we'll start to feel milder today and more so by tomorrow and monday temperatures around 60-65. to the north, snow shower activity, getting closer to
7:28 am
hagerstown, westminster. don't be surprised if you see a flurry out there. for r the mt part cloy skies. we will improve on yesesterday' temperature whichch was 4 look 2. today 43-48. tomorrow 33-39. tomorrow, a big travel day. partly cloudy skies. 55-60. milder still ononday and then cold again on n tuesday.
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if we burn, you burn with us. >> that's what dan says to me on a daily basis. we love jennifer lawrence in the new "hunger games" movie, mockingjay part 1. she's a force to be reckoned, but showing off another talent in the movie fans are going wild for. have you seen it yet? >> in your self-defense, when i make threats like jennifer lawrence, not nearly as intimidating as her. and the astonishing transformation of jake gyllenhaal he lost 25 for the movie "nightcrawler." you will not believe what he looks like now. but up first, the mysterious
7:31 am
disappearance of an ohio state football player. >> his family and friends are out searching for him over the weekend. and michelle franzen is here. >> reporter: good morning. costas karageorge went missing ahead of thanksgiving, and the final home game where he and other seniors are planning to be recognized for the end of the season. his family left without his wallet and i.d. and fear a history of concussions may be to blame. this morning, columbus police are stepping up their search for costas karageorge, the ohio state football play chore disappeared three days ago. >> this is a missing person's report. >> reporter: according to the associated press, he sent a text to his mother the morning he went missing. telling her he was sorry if he was an embarrassment, but concussions messed his head up.
7:32 am
he was seen at 2:00 a.m. on wednesday, he needed to take a walk following a fight with his girlfriend. tracking his phone to an area three miles from his home. >> we have detectives following up on the leads. we will look until we find him. >> reporter: family members are worried about his mental state. his sister, sophia, telling the columbus dispatch that he's not himself and maybe doesn't know what's going on. >> if you see this and you're out there, please come back, and we'll welcome you with open arms. >> reporter: the university is refusing to comment on his health. saying in a statement to abc news, we are not able to discuss or comment about medical care regarding our student athletes. >> and just keep his family, please, in your thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: today the ohio state buck eyes are set to take on the michigan wolverines. one that this walk on player was looking forward to. >> tuesday afternoon he was excited about the game and how
7:33 am
fun it is to be in michigan week. he's a competitor and looking to make someone happy, someone proud. >> reporter: police say there's nothing to indicate foul play and treating it like a missing persons case. friends and volunteers are searching the area, and some former osu football players are stepping up and offering a cash reward to find him. >> a lot hanging over the team on a big day. >> yes. and back to ron with the update on ray rice. >> good morning, everyone. begin with janay rice breaking her silence. this after her husband, football player ray rice is officially allowed to return to the nfl. janay rice sharing her reaction to the shocking video of her elevator altercation with her now-husband. telling espn i was sick to my stomach, she said, i just broke down in tears. on friday an arbitrator ruled that rice should be reinstated
7:34 am
immediately. a rude awakening friday morning after a single engine plane crashed in the backyard. everyone made it out alive, no one on the ground injured. and roberto gomez, also known by his nickname chesperito. he was on tv for 40 years, entertaining generations of children. he was 85 years of age. and a utah man, random acts of pasta. he bought one of olive garden's never ending pasta, and doing something bigger and better with the carbs. he picks up the pasta and hands it out to the homeless. so far he's fed about 125 people and he says that olive garden has given him the green light to keep doing it. >> there was a cartoon in the new yorker recently. two women at lunch, one has been
7:35 am
gluten free for a week, and i'm already annoying. >> that's what it makes you think of. >> eat the pasta, of course. >> exactly. very much a favor that have. speaking of pasta, let's get it over to the weather. >> speaking of pasta. marciano, he's italian? >> i just made that up. more credit than i deserve. >> both of you offended me. thank you very much. by the way, the more you eat, the warmer you stay in the cold. that's a horrible transition. but it's true. and new york city, beautiful skylight in downtown. it is a chilly start, feeling more like the end of december than the end of november. and we're going to continue that trend. at least for another day. we're looking for 38 degrees for the high temperature today. but we have a warm front, 65 degrees in memphis. pushing up to the north. and tomorrow, 50 degrees warmer than today. but look, there's another cool front. and that will push to the south and east. it will will short-lived as far as the warm air is concerned.
7:36 am
32 degrees in indianapolis on monday, the chilly air pushing to the south. here's a taste. the cold blast in the northern tier. temperatures overnight, 9 degrees. they drop 32 degrees in one hour. if you can believe that. oh, my goodness. and gets into minneapolis and kansas city just a little bit with temperatures there in the single digits. want it warm, go to so-cal. and 79 in phoenix. not as warm as a few days ago. and next week, rain in the pacific northwest sliding south. tomorrow, the biggest mess is out west. and santa barbara and san diego by monday. a few showers across the ohio river valley. other than that, >> good morning, washington. dave here. we'll start to thaw ouout this weekend. mostly cloudy but not as cold.
7:37 am
43-48. temperatures upper 30's tomoow. big traveday. 5-60. >> this weather report brought to you by nuetrgena. >> he said pasta because he was hungry and he knew you were hungry as well. >> connecting the dots. talk to the fist. thank you. coming up, the brave boys trapped for seven hours underneath the snow. they tell us what they did to survive. an extraordinary story. >> unbleechbl. and going viral. a toddler's attempts at gymnastics. she didn't give up. it's straight ahead in "pop news" with rachel. shake it off, girl. you go. graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin
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. it is a horrifying story. but it has a happy ending. >> that's right. two boys playing in the snow until a snowplow came along, burying them alive. and police asked neighbors for help, they responded, shovels at the ready. and they are now telling their story from the hospital. gio benitez spoke with them. >> reporter: all right, here to see the two brave boys. this morning, the two little boying trapped for seven hours in snow are telling about the ordeal. 9-year-old elijah and 11-year-old. do you feel good? >> so good. >> yeah? >> i just to want go home. >> reporter: watch the dramatic video of their rescue. >> trapped in a snowbank, two little babies. >> reporter: a snowplow threw a wall of snow on top of the
7:43 am
cousins as they played, creating a snow fort. it was an air pocket to breathe. their legs buried. nobody could hear their screams. you were trapped with a block of ice on you. >> only could move one of his arms. >> reporter: the pile of snow is almost as tall as i am. and the moms never heard the kids screaming inside. >> motivating each other to like not go to sleep. keep yelling, keep moving our body. trying to break out. because i knew if we would have fallen asleep, we wouldn't wake up. we probably wouldn't wake up, would be so cold, frozen, probably. >> yeah, we were scared. >> reporter: and finally at 2:00 a.m., this. an officer spots a shovel and starts digging. the community helping. >>let them be all right. >> everybody was working together, trying to get the kids out. you started to see more and more movement. and here the voices. it was a great feeling.
7:44 am
>> this day the city came together for my boys. >> reporter: what do you want to say to the community? >> i thank you for trying help us get out. us two little kids. even though you don't know us. >> reporter: a nightmare turning into a thanksgiving miracle. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, newberg, new york. >> how chilling. the mothers were walking back and forth and had no idea. >> those kids are brave, smart and will have a bond forever. >> yes, they will. >> quite a story. >> quite a story indeed. is coming up on "good morning america"? is there anything that jennifer lawrence can't do? the verkdict is no. the latest success story is ahead in "pop news." dan, do you think she can do anything? >> yes. >> she can do no wrong. advil stops pain right where it starts. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. fact.
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lead vocals. >> lead vocals. there are no lyrics to that song, yet. we'll come up with it. rachel smith in for sara haines once again. so happy to have you. >> great to be back with you this weekend. >> what do you have? >> i have some good stuff. let's dive in. the hunger for jennifer lawrence keeps growing. there's seemingly nothing this gal cannot do. and mockingjay part 1, it's smashing the box office. but the oscar-winning actress is taking the music charts with a song from the movie. this is it. the song you're hearing right now. it's called "the hanging tree." >> very calm and mysterious voice. >> rob says it's a little more spoken singing. >> spoken word. >> i'm sure she could sing with
7:49 am
quite a bit range if she had to. >> but j. law is number two on the itunes charts behind taylor swift. >> she won't be shaking that off. >> she is not shaking that off. >> paula heard it, she thought it was lorde. >> she wanted lorde to sing this. she was terrified allegedly to be singing in the film. but she did it. it's worked out great. >> validated. >> not bad. and next up, jake gyllenhaal is showing he will do whatever it takes, he dropped 25 pounds to play lou bloom in "nightcrawle "nightcrawler." but look at him now, oh, yeah. >> that's jake gyllenhaal? >> ten pounds of pure muscle. this is for the film "south paw." we heard he's trained in vegas and with real fighters here in new york. you can look for that movie in
7:50 am
theaters next year. >> doesn't even look like him. >> crazy. nice work. >> unbelievable, right? and that spawns a lot of chatter within the industry about nominations with his transformation. >> for what? what would you refer to? >> going into awards season. >> biggest pecks. >> those are not awards. >> guys, we have to get to the next video. >> okay. >> it is getting clicks on youtube. the toddler's fail. attempt to do a forward roll. but it doesn't exactly -- >> that sort of counts. >> she is not shaking it off. look at her go. she's trying. >> oh. >> wait, wait. >> look. >> okay, so she may not be -- she may not be the next gabby douglas, but giving a valiant effort. >> she wins something for
7:51 am
perseverance. no doubt. >> she gets up and she fixes the hair. >> and she's proud of herself. >> it's about partial credit. that's how i survived. >> and another undeniably cute video for you this morning. nothing gets between this dog and her ball. the dog's name is stella. and she's definitely having the time of her life. >> where did she go? >> oh! >> look at her go. >> how does she find that? >> i know. it's amazing, right? literally, it's like a canine version of a ball pit or needle in a haystack. >> that's cool. >> that is another one of these, i could watch this all day. however, we have to take a break. great "pop news." we'll be back with more "gma." keep it here. suffering from the flu is a really big deal. with aches, fever and chills- there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies.
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thank for joining us this
7:56 am
saturday, everybody. december is upon us. >> thankining me for joining us. >> i thank you every day. >> so many base thank you for watch. we'll be back tomorrow morning. i probably just got myself in trouble. we'll be here. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 7:56 a.m. i am caroline tucker. >> let's take a look at some of the stories top in the region. one man is dead after being stabbed in the district on the 700 block of 18 straight. the man with staff bones later
7:57 am
died at the hospital. the police have not identified the victim's name. funeral services are being held for the surgeon who contracted ebola. today's funeral service will be held at st. mary's church in landover at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> caroline, it is cloudy, cold, and there is a little bit of snow, that having said all of that, things are looking up in laurel. frostburg, it was snowing yesterday. the snow will not be melting anytime soon. temperatures are around the freezing point. windchill values are negligible, so the temperature is the same as the wenzhou. that is -- windchill. that is good news. snow shower activity along the i-83 corridor into southern
7:58 am
pennsylvania. that is starting to end. we will do better than yesterday's high of 42. today, look for temperatures 43 to 48. tomorrow, the big travel day, 55 better monday. 62 before it gets colder. >> sounds good.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> jack hanna's wild countdown is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." there's a lion out here. there's a lion out here. are y'all listening to me? the only thing better than meeting wild animals is spending the night in their world. a puff adder? >> it's going straight to your tent, jack. >> today, seven stories from exotic lodges and campsites around the world. >> right in front of your tent, jack. >> i could have sat here all morning and watched the kill. and later on, don't miss my "blooper of the week." no, no, no. no, no, i feel better already. so stick around for seven sensational bush camps, lodges, and more on today's "wild


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