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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> he was the most quiet and funny. he would always have a smile. >> a heartbreaking story hearing from the relatives of the maryland toddler found dead after he was reported missing in ohio.
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plus, trouble for a local councilwoman. an arrest after a traffic stop. and a father and daughter recovering from injuries. all of those stories in a moment. we begin with the roller coaster temperatures in the forecast. it will feel like spring and winter in just one day. eileen whelan has the look. >> we have the up-and-down roller coaster ride, 60's tomorrow, teens and the forecast by the middle of the week. this saturday night, a steady rain the past few hours. that has moved to the northeast. things much quieter, although some drizzle still possible. another thing i'm watching closely, dense fog beginning to form, especially at dulles. an hour ago, visibility was less than a mile.
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use extra precaution because visibility is reduced. temperatures all above freezing, upper 30's, the war 40's, and the temperatures will continue to climb through the overnight hours. approaching 50 degrees by sunrise. the high tomorrow in the 60's, showers with a strong cold front sliding through, dropping temperatures 20 degrees monday. then an arctic blast by midweek. coming up, just how colby temperatures will be. --just how cold temperatures will be. >> we are hearing from the family of a toddler found dead in ohio. the family took him and his sister to ohio a few weeks ago. the children's father contacted the police after the mother stopped responding to his tet xts and calls. you spoke with his cousin? >> that's right, the first time
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the family has spoken out. it was new year's eve when the police found the body of cameron bedford dumped into the ohio creek. the attic on to ohio to try to get him and his sister. his cousin says the daughter is now back in maryland with her father. >> we have her now, thank god. >> the police have arrested cameron bedford's mother and are up holding a columbus, ohio, man, on related charges, saying that somebody had eaten cameron so severely that is skin came off -- had beaten cameron so severely that his skin had come off, leaving open wounds. i was filled with rage about this, because cameron was the most quiet and funny. he always had a smile. >> the family is waiting for more answers. >> we just know somebody did the
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beatings. we do not know who. we'll have to wait until the dna comes back. >> his cousin always wanted a son and took care of his aging mother and his girlfriend. >> sean was a very loving dad. he would eat after them to make sure that they ate first. >> the years that they were a couple he said she never spoke much, but she'd lied to social workers when she left maryland and took the two children. >> she fabricated a live to leave. sean would never do that. he is one of the kindest people i know. >> the family has not been able to plan the funeral yet for cameron. sean beckford first have to take time off of work to find his children, now dealing with cameron's death.
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a cousin has set up a go fund me page to try to help pay for the funeral. >> new information on a macatee county mother charged in the disappearance of her two children. the washington post reporting prosecutors will not challenge a recent psychiatric opinion that kathryn hoggle is mentally incompetent to stand trial. her children were last seen with her when they vanished in early september. they have not been found and hoggle refuses to stay away they are. we are hearing from a capitol heights councilwoman who was arrested and charged with several traffic offenses. the police took elaine williams and custody last night. richard reevs that story. you spoke with williams? >> yeah, that's right. williams' license was suspended.
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she was not even supposed to be driving. she was arrested after going to race stop sign, then the police later arrested here near that metro station. williams admits she has had traffic violations, but says she was surprised when the handcuffs went on. >> i was shocked. it is the most humiliating thing i've ever experienced. >> elaine williams said the police may have been within their rights to handcuff her and take her to jail. officers arrested her last night after a traffic stop on capitol heights boulevard. the police say she was pulled over after failing to obey a stop sign. the officer learned that she was wanted by the maryland transportation authority for failing to appear on a previous violation. wheels believes that is when she was ticketed for the rear light out on a car that she had borrowed from a friend in october.
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still she wonders why the police had to arrest her in such a fashion. >> it was not a criminal offense. it was nothing that should have been so -- so extraordinary that the police could not have handled it through such an uncomfortable situation for all concerned. >> you thought it was wrong you were put in handcuffs? >> well, of course, as the person arrested, i feel like that's true. >> other than a short press release, prince george's county police are not commenting. williams was released on her own recognizance. tonight she said that she planned to discuss with the police the future plans. she said she does not know what she is going to do. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> d.c. police searching for the driver who hit two people on a motorcycle and never stopped. officer say the vehicle struck the motorcycle this evening on 15th street northeast. a father and his teenage
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daughter were on the motorcycle. a were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. ddot says a streetcar in test mode crashed into a car today near fifth and eighth streets northeast. nobody was hurt. there is no indication the crash would affect the scheduled openings the week of january 19. the cause of the crash is under investigation. new details on the murder of a potomac woman thanksgiving day. shannon jones' boyfriend entered a not guilty plea yesterday in new york court. he is accused of strangling jones in her apartment near cornell university. he is charged with second-degree murder and remains in jail. six university of maryland students have to find a new place to live after a fire gutted their home. only three students were inside when the fire broke out on dartmouth avenue. a smoke alarm woke them up.
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that is when he realized the room was full of smoke. all three students escaped safely, but one firefighter suffered minor burns while putting up the flames. >> i'm just glad they are safe. possessions can be replaced. that is really what you take from this. they are alive and safe. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. a three-day celebration for d.c. posner was mayor muriel bowser wrapped up this weekend. today there was an inaugural kids party at the tennis and learning center that featured games, face painting, live entertainment. families are glad that the mayor planned an event that included children. >> i think that the mayor is doing something great for the kids. i just wanted to come out and share with them some of the fun times. >> mayor bowser is scheduled tomorrow on "meet the press."
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d.c. police chief cathy lanier will also appear on the show. coming up, a major discovery at the autumn of the java sea, linked with recovery efforts for the area asia flight. plus, a significant change for the person diagnosed with ebola in britain. and a well-known name in politics could be exploring a presidential run in 2016.
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>> former massachusetts senator has died at the age of 95. he died of natural causes. he was the first black person to win popular election to the u.s. senate in 1956. he served two terms. brooke was honored in a to needy nine with congressional gold medal. former arkansas governor mike huckabee says he is leaving his
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fox news talk show as he considers a presidential run. he told followers on facebook you will not decide until late spring. the former baptist preacher is a favorite among social conservatives. he ran for the nomination in 2008. a funeral be held tomorrow for the sleigh new york city police officer wenjian liu. hundreds of officers gathered in york today for his wake. liu and ramos were shot two weeks ago when their patrol car and then their killer committed suicide. officer ramos was buried last week. the trial for boston bombing marathon suspect -- boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev will proceed as scheduled. in a decision issued today, the court of appeals of boston said the defense attorneys had not made the extraordinary showing required to justify a delay or
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change of venue. the april 2013 bombings killed three and wounded more than 260. bad weather is hampering recovery of air asia plane crashed. sonar has to tactic the plane's wreckage in four large pieces submerged in over 100 feet of water. fishing out the flight data recorders lists the top priority. the uss sampson and uss fort worth are playing a key role in the mission. >> we rely on radar, sonar helicopters, even personnel using eyes to look out for debris or recognizable aircraft parts. >> 162 people were on board the jet when it crashed last weekend. after nearly a week of searching, only 30 bodies have been found. the british nurse diagnosed with ebola is in critical condition. two days ago, she was talking reading, sitting up in bed.
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officials at the london hospital where she is being treated say that her condition has deteriorated. she contracted the virus while volunteering with a medical aid group in sierra leone for stopped she is the first person in the united kingdom diagnosed with ebola. snow, ice, and rain are falling in the eastern parts of the u.s., a blizzard warning issued for north dakota and minnesota. some states had winds up to 40 miles per hour with several accidents in ohio and michigan, where rain and ice fell hard. nothing like that here. let's check in with eileen whelan, who has an unbelievable forecast tomorrow. >> 60's. it will feel really nice. >> and maybe warmer? >> a few spots may get close to 70 degrees. but it will not be a brilliantly blue sky kind of day. but very warm, especially with the cold temperatures we will
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have in the middle of the week. 43 at reagan national, overcast conditions, drizzle. visibility now six miles. keeping a close eye on the fog because at times visibility has dropped below a mile. dulles reporting under two mile visibility, something to remain mindful of overnight and the early morning hours. as far as the rainfall goes pretty much done with the rain as of now. i think we might have some drizzle overnight, but the bulk of the rain is out of here as of now. rainfall totals, about a half inch, right on the money here the district. at dulles .56. roughly a half inch, and all the moisture with rising temperatures overnight is what will create the fog. the temperature still chilly, upper 30's, the were 40's, but
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the temperatures continue to climb overnight in through the day tomorrow, as we soar up to in the 60's. there is rain on the way, so i'm not trying to oversell the warm day, because look at all this rain stretching from kentucky tennessee, into the deep south. that moisture will greet us tomorrow. here is the arctic front, the same front that is producing a lot of heavy snow in the upper midwest, blizzard conditions. the cold front sliding through by midday tomorrow, 4:00 p.m., the line of showers. with the warm air there may be an isolated thunderstorm, but the colder air moves in monday. after the long holiday, back to work, back to school, it will be bitterly cold, monday, even colder thursday. tonight, drizzle fog temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees, tomorrow well into the 60's.
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very breezy as the southerly use pumps in the warm air. the forecast highs tomorrow, in the 60's, 70's in the eastern carolinas. the upper midwest 10 degrees below zero. that air mass shifts towards the east monday, upper 30's monday. it will feel colder. then another front moves in tuesday bringing passing snow showers. would it will really do and what you will really notices wednesday, thursday, the arctic air mass moves in. highs in the upper 20's, overnight lows in the teens. in the suburbs, overnight lows in the single digits. keep that in mind as the kids go back to the bus stop, make sure they are prepared. >> 40 degree differential. >> quite a spread in the seven day. >> big college basketball day. another good day for college basketball, highlights of the hoyas versus creighton.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> that tough road test continued for the wizards last night, a loss to kevin durant and the thunder. tonight, the defending champs, the spurs in san antonio. john wall penetrates dishes to martin gortat, the two-handed smash. fourth quarter, the spurs miss the three, but the big fundamental, tim duncan, taps it out. score. they beat the wizards 101-92. college football, this does not come as a shock maryland receiver stefon diggs will into her the nfl draft. he will forgo his senior year
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after catching 67 passes for over 700 yards this season. those numbers could have jumped if he did not suffer from a lacerated kidney. he played 28 games in his maryland career. today he tweeted, "thank you to terp nation, i am forever grateful." the terps hosting minnesota looking for their first 14-1 start since the 1990's. second half, the terps turn it up.e rejection, trimble has it leading all scores. the terps win 70-58. georgetown and creighton at verizon. to the big man, joshua smith who finishes strong. georgetown wins, 76-61. third ranked virginia and miami. this is fun. overtime.
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justin anderson fires the jumper, giving the cavs the lead. uva wins 89-80. george washington taking on st. joe's. the colonials come up with this deal. the impressive bounce pass, the slam. st. joe's would actually make it interesting. gw wins 64-60. v tech and syracuse. hokies down by two points. he misses both free throws, a chance to tie war win it. but check out muller, the three-pointer is no good. syracuse hangs on and wins. the lady terps looked good on the big stage against nebraska. less than eight minutes to go, the terps off the miss. brown passes, she drains the three.
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that with the terps up by 19. maryland with the upset and the blowout, 75-47. the nfc wild-card matchup between the cardinals and panthers is in the books. carolina hosting a playoff game despite a 7-8-1 record. the handoff, initially ruled a fumble. take another look. crosses the plane of the goal line, touchdown. 14-13 cardinals. cam newton throws the screen pass, breaks the tackles. some great blocking, goes all the way. 39 yard touchdown. here line the lead for good, they win 27-16. and a final note, the ravens win, 30-17. some big nfl action going, right down to the final seconds. >> good sports news for local fans. >> that's what i get the medium
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bucks for. >> one boy takes a favorite outfit to a whole new level.
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>> we have all heard of hard-core sports fans, and now a nine-year-old indiana van takes that to annul new level.
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he wore his reggie wayne jersey for a full year in hopes of meeting him, and he got his wish this week. the nfl player says he is honored by dylan's determination.
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