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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. new overnight, that miracle survivor. what we are now learning about how a 7-year-old girl lived through the plane crash that killed the rest of her family. her brave trek through the cold, wet woods for help. >> she walked through briars and thorns. also this morning new information about the girl, her family and her father's experience as a pilot. wild weather. homes destroyed by suspected tornadoes. travel treacherous, the nasty mix of snow and ice and rain making for white-knuckle driving. a salt spreader even crashing into a house. the misery for millions on the roads and coming next, the deep freeze. flu epidemic. a virus on the march going strong in morning in almost half of america. the risk children face as they head back to school after the
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long holiday break and the best way to protect them. and who is paul mccartney? that's what they were asking. the twitter storm stirred up after kanye west released a new song, a collaboration with the famous beatle. wait until you hear how his young fans are reacting. good morning, everybody. paula is off this morning. it is, however, great to have elizabeth vargas, anchor of "20/20" with us this morning. >> it's great to be here with all of you and we're going to start with a story we led with yesterday. there are brand-new developments this morning in that remarkable story of a little girl who lived through a plane crash that killed her entire family. she then walked through the woods barefoot and bloody to get help from a neighbor. >> and we're now getting a better sense of her bravery that night and we're learning more about her family. how much her father loved to fly and the hours he spent in the
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cockpit. abc's gio benitez has the very latest from the scene in kentucky. gio, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning to you. that little girl is now out of the hospital reunited with the rest of her family. take a look behind me. those are the woods that she walked through. it was freezing that night. this is the house that she knocked on the door of. a remarkable journey for that little girl. this morning, a new photo of the gutzler family posted by a relative on facebook and now new details about a little 7-year-old girl named sailor. the sole survivor of the plane crash that killed her father, mother, sister and cousin. >> the 7-year-old has just come out of the woods alone, scratched up, and i think she was involved in a plane crash. >> reporter: the plane taking off from key west, florida, friday night, dad in the pilot's seat taking the family back home to illinois but just before 6:00 p.m. local time he reported engine problems losing contact with air traffic controllers. the plane crashing ending up upside down.
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but nobody seems to have seen it fall from the sky. faa records revealing the dad at the controls, marty gutzler, was an extremely experienced commercial pilot and a certified flight instructor. police say little sailor, alone, barefoot and bleeding walked through the dark, thick brush and woods following a light in the distance ending up at the doorstep of larry wilkins trembling. >> we thought her arm was broke and her left foot was hurting pretty bad. she was barefooted, by the way. she had one sock. >> reporter: police saying sailor had to get through hills, creeks, even railroad tracks in total darkness. >> she walked through briars and thorns and very steep -- you know there's one creek bed that was probably 12-foot deep that she walked through to get from point a to point b. >> the whole time knowing her parents had died.
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>> i wouldn't want to go in that woods right now in the dark. there's no doubt in my mind. she's a brave little girl. >> reporter: back home the family is beloved. marty gutzler and his wife kimberly owned this furniture store in nashville, illinois. their home where all the neighborhood kids would gather. a basketball hoop right out front. family friends say marty, a longtime pilot, had made that same trip to florida before. >> he loved flying. i mean, you didn't have a conversation with marty without him talking about flying. >> reporter: and we've now learned ntsb investigators are on the ground here in kentucky right now. they will see the crash site for the first time today. elizabeth. >> all right. gio, thanks so much. and let's bring in abc news aviation consultant colonel steve ganyard. steve, you just heard ntsb investigators now on the ground. what will they be looking at right away? >> remember that the pilot reported problems with one of the engines prior to the mishap so they'll be looking at the mechanical problems that might have brought this airplane down but we also
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know they went through a fairly significant area of heavy weather so perhaps weather played a role, as well but these are all parts of the puzzle that will need to be put together. >> i know you spent the night overnight studying all the flight data from this flight the altitude the speed. what were you able to deduce happened? >> again, they were going through an area of weather when the problem occurred so maybe there was a weather factor in there but we saw them also in a very slow controlled descent and then there was a left-hand turn off to the west right prior to going off the radar, so perhaps they were setting up to go in to divert to another airport where they could land safely but about 2700 feet all radar contact was lost. >> and was that -- how soon or after was that when the pilot had radioed he was having engine trouble? where in that descent did that come? >> just minutes after that. so this happened fairly quickly. i'm sure that there was lots going on in the cockpit. we don't know what other circumstances there may have been. maybe it was both engines but that's what the ntsb will be there to find out today. >> lots going on in the cockpit but marty gutzler was an experienced pilot. he was even a flight instructor. >> he was.
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but if you think about it, you have a heavy airplane. it's night, you've got bad weather. you lose an engine, even the most proficient pilots would be challenged by this scenario and one little mistake could have led to disaster. >> all right, steve ganyard, and it's still remarkable, steve, isn't it that that little 7-year-old girl walked away from that flight. >> it is remarkable. it's a great miracle. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us. in our next half hour we'll hear from other sole survivors of plane crashes. an exclusive and very lucky group. >> they are, in fact many of them still bearing the scars, both physical and emotional. we'll hear from them coming up later. we do move on to those nasty storms hitting as millions are returning home from holiday vacation. coming soon a blast of some of the coldest air we have seen so far this winter and as always, meteorologist rob marciano is tracking all of it for us. good morning, sir. >> good morning, dan. this is a powerful storm. look at it. a lot of moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico and a lot of cold air coming in behind this thing.
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all the advisories, winter storm warning for the next 12 hours across northern new england and winter storm watch for the next system coming in all the while the last 24 hours has been a rough one for much of the country. overnight, fierce storms s through texas, the northern plains and the gulf coast. snow and ice in amarillo, texas, causing wrecks and major problems on the roads. a blizzard in the northern plains. snow and 50-mile-per-hour winds near grand forks, north dakota, made for whiteout conditions. near pittsburgh, pennsylvania, this salt truck slides out of control right into this house. icy roads caused this 12-car pileup on interstate 90 in backing up traffic for miles. >> our car didn't get totaled but people are getting injured and it's quite serious. >> reporter: in the gulf coast severe thunderstorms ripped through mississippi and alabama. high winds tearing down trees. at least six reports of tornadoes devastating homes in seven counties. torrential rainfall and severe flooding in tuscaloosa making
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travel there impossible. some power outages well across alabama and the threat for severe weather will continue today across alabama, georgia in through florida, heavy rain there and then the low itself gets into northern new england, the back side will bring more in the way of snow through chicago and across parts of upstate new york then comes the cold and the wind so the wind chill advisories for this morning, minus 19 is what it feels like in goodland minus 14 in denver and minus 19 as well in minneapolis. cold stuff, 80s in florida. >> the injustice. rob, thank you. you know winter has fully arrived when we're talking about both frigid weather and the flu. according to the cdc, the flu has reached epidemic levels with half of the united states, 22 states seeing high flu activity. at least 15 children have died so far and with kids nowng back to school tomorrow after the holiday break, we wanted to
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bring in dr. jen ashton for advice. good morning. >> good morning. so aren't schools like petri dishes at this time? >> they always are. this year it's all about the strain of flu known as h3n2 what is hitting particularly hard especially kids and teenagers. but there are some things that we're doing even in my house with my kids as they get ready to go back to school that you can encourage your kids to do to help prevent or reduce the risk ng sick. the cdc is still recommending the flu vaccine, even though it's not a particularly good match, it can offer some benefit. we always tell our kids, wash your hands, keep them clean. the more you wash them, the better. getting a lot of sleep is definitely helpful. covering sneezes or coughs with tissues, and if they're not feeling well, keep them home from school. it's so important. >> and it's not too late to get the flu shot. >> no, we still have four more months of the flu season. >> when we talk about the flu reaching epidemic levels, that's a bit of a scary term but doesn't it become an epidemic every year? >> pretty much. this is really just a descriptive term that means
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that they're seeing more cases, either confirmed or flu-like illness, than they would expect to see in a given population over a certain period of time. now, if you look back to last year, the flu peaked around late december. we don't know yet what we're going to see because, again, we still have about four more months left in the flu season, but, again, we have to wait and see. right now it's not looking too good. >> no, it's not so get that shot. >> absolutely. >> dr. ashton, thank you very much. >> you know, also what about pediatric pro-buy ottie otbioticprobiotics doesn't that help too? >> that data is still ongoing. more for g.i. illnesses but when talking about influenza even in a year where the flu vaccine isn't well matched there is some evidence if you get sick your symptoms may be less severe. >> interesting. all right, jen, thank you. coming up next the new progress reported from searchers working to recover wreckage from the airasia plane that crashed in the java sea. ships with sensitive sonar equipment locating more large
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sections of the jet. but getting them out is the problem. abc's muhammad lila has the very latest now from indonesia. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it's now been a week since the airasia flight took off from this airport. investigators have honed in on where they think the debris is but they can't get to it because of t w weather. investigators say they found a fifth large piece of debris, this one 32 feet wide but the waters are so treacherous, when divers tried to go down, they couldn't see a thing. so far no one, not even the two advanced american ships patrolling the search area have located the plane's black boxes but indonesia's meteorological agency now says weather was the likely factor in the crash saying in a new report the most probable weather phenomenon was icing that can cause engine damage but, of course, until that black box is found, what happened to the plane remains a mystery, and every day that passes, that black box is losing more and more of its battery power. dan. >> muhammad, thank you. the clock continues to tick there. meanwhile, this morning
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north korea is reacting angrily to new american sanctions. the white house taking punitive measures after that cyberattack on sony pictures allegedly orchestrated by north korea in retaliation for this, the movie "the interview." meanwhile, in may be a bit of image polishing the north koreans have released this new video of their quote/unquote supreme leader kim jong-un visiting an orphanage. at one point he is oddly seen smoking a cigarette. we'll show you that in a few seconds. let's bring in abc's martha raddatz who is in washington. martha, so let's start with this angry new rhetoric from north korea. what are they saying and is the white house running some risk of escalation with new sanctions? >> reporter: well, dan, no surprise. north korea denied any role in the hacking and accused the u.s. of groundlessly stirring up bad blood and showing what they call an inveterate repugnancy and hostility towards the north. but the spokesman from north korea says this will only harden its resolution to defend the sovereignty of the country. the reaction is fairly muted and
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somewhat familiar so i think so far the tension has not been raised too far. >> are these sanctions likely to do much damage to the north koreed they already are? >> well we don't think any of the people involved in this round of sanctions has anything to do with cyberattacks and, of course, we know there have been all kinds of sanctions on north korea. this is just one more round and the u.s. wants to be careful not to cause pain to the north korean people who are already suffering so much. the white house has made it clear this is just the first round of payback for the cyberattacks, so we'll have to wait and see. >> yeah, maybe they'll get kim jong-un to stop smoking in orangeages but -- >> good luck. >> martha, thank you. we appreciate that and we should say martha raddatz will have much more coming up later this morning when she hosts "this week" right here on abc. >> what a bizarre picture. >> it is. >> go see some kids -- >> one in a long line of by saar bizarre pictures. >> very true. let's turn now to ron claiborne with the other top stories developing this morning. hey, ron. >> good morning to you, elizabeth and dan, sara.
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we begin with the boston marathon marathon suspect on trial and jury selection against djoker dzhokhar tsarnaev will start tomorrow. a motion to postpone it was rejected. if convicted he could face the death penalty. 2013 bombing killed three people and wounded 260 others. thousands of police officers from across the country are expected for today's funeral of the second nypd detective ambushed and murdered last month. on saturday hundreds of mourners packed a brooklyn funeral home for the wake of wenjian liu. the 32-year-old officer was shot and killed along with his partner rafael ramos while they were sitting inside of their patrol car. overseas now, a major rescue operation underway right now after a huge cargo ship capsized off the coast of scotland. you can see the end of the ship sticking out of the water there. the eight members of the crew are missing. the ship registered in cypress was carrying cement.
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and another ship, this one carrying cars, ran aground off the southern coast of england causing it to heavily list as you see there in that photo. this was saturday night. the coast guard helicopter was called in. 25 of the ship's crew members off of that vessel. and president obama returned to the white house this morning after a two-week vacation in hawaii. i envy him. the president spent his last day -- >> wouldn't you rather be here with us. >> well, that's my second choice being hawaii. he spent a few hours at the beach visiting a cemetery where his maternal grandfather is buried and he also hung out with pearl jam rocker eddie vedder. >> what? >> if you can do it why not? >> actually they're neighbors. >> i didn't know that. dozens of passengers finally on the ground in san francisco after being stuck on a plane overseas for nearly 28 hours or at least part of those 28 hours and it all began with fog that shut down the airport in abu dhabi stranding the passengers on their flight for 12 hours. the flight was packed with children, seniors and hundreds of other passengers who
8:16 am
some say they expected a little better from that swanky airliner. >> they kept telling us that we were going to leave 15 minutes from now, 20 minutes from now, 30 minutes from now for 12 hours. >> everybody was fighting with each other and the flight attendants were fighting with us and we were fighting with the flight attendants. >> the airline apologized for the ground delay. abu dhabi, by the way, is a dry country so probably didn't have alcohol on board all that time. >> well, that's probably a good thing apparently. they were already fighting sober. >> exactly. >> and finally the story of a california woman playing post-christmas santa or so it appeared. this woman tried to come into her house, her house, by going down the chimney. >> ooh. >> she got stuck halfway down. you can see her legs there dangling. >> oh, no. >> firefighters -- funny now, probably not for her -- had to break down the brick wall. took them two hours to pull off that extensive rescue. the father of her kids says she was able to call him from her cell phone while stuck inside of that chimney, and a man also --
8:17 am
that man, the guy, the father of her children also nearly fell off the roof trying to get her. she finally got out with minor scratches and a lot of soot. i know you're going to ask me why was she trying to get into the house through her chimney? i don't know the answer to that. >> this is after christmas. >> this is after christmas. >> the caption of that is you're never going to believe where i'm at right now. >> i'm stuck in the chimney. get me out of there. >> that's one of the most bizarre stories. >> we got more. plenty more. >> well, coming up another bizarre case of a woman accused of making believe she was a lawyer and even handling cases in court. she needs her own attorney now to help her answer some serious charges that include identity theft. abc's aditi roy has more on how her story unraveled. >> answer the question. >> that is enough. >> reporter: on "how to get away with murder," viola davis plays annalease keating, a notoriously skilled criminal defense lawyer. this morning police say this utah woman, carla carbo, went to criminal lengths to show off her
8:18 am
courtroom skills, but since she's not a lawyer and has no legal training, carbo allegedly stole this woman's identity. real-life lawyer carla stirling even defending an accused thief. listen to her in court trying to get a felony plea deal reduced. >> we amended the felony of third degree to a misdemeanor class a. he understands the pleading agreement. >> lawyer or not, it worked. but that plea deal has since been voided after she landed in legal trouble herself charged with fraud and forgery for posing as stirling. the lawyer whose name and license she allegedly used for the scheme. >> i'm surprised at her brazenness that she took things to that level to walk in open court and lie to everyone there. >> reporter: the real carla stirling says she learned about carla carbow when she got a call to appear in court about a criminal case she knew nothing about. >> she made a statement i'm not a criminal attorney. >> i was upset. i wanted to cry. >> reporter: in a statement carbo's attorney tells abc news
8:19 am
she maintains she is not guilty and that she has found herself in a predicament due to a series of misunderstandings. carbo now getting ready for her next court battle over her own freedom. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. thank you, aditi. now we're going to move to a story that will make some of us myself included, feel like fossils. the rapper kanye west has just released a new song, a collaboration with this gentleman, paul mccartney. >> the problem is many of kanye west's fans are hitting twitter to say they've never heard of the legendary beatle. sara is covering the story for us. we were talking about this earlier. i'm shocked. i mean he's like -- this is the most iconic group ever. >> i am shocked and i think some fans -- that's why i'm glad he believed you white when you said it. not only do they not know who he is, they actually think that kanye discovered him and is doing a genero thing by spotlighting this clearly talented musician. evidence of a generation gap that is part shocking as elizabeth said and part hilarious. ♪
8:20 am
music powerhouse kanye west breaking the internet with the legend, releasing a surprise single with sir paul mccartney on the keys. all while introducing his younger fans to one of the most famous men in the world. >> i have no idea who paul mccartney is. >> he's from like an old music group. ♪ hello mari, how ya doin' ♪ >> reporter: kanye's fans took twitter by storm asking a puzzling question. i don't know who paul mccartney is but kanye is going to give this man a career with this new song, and curved daily added "this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists." i guess he missed 1 of the 100 million albums the beatles sold over the years. >> if kids don't know who paul mccartney is, well, he does stuff. he makes good music but he doesn't make hits right now. until this kanye song. ♪ gives me money ♪
8:21 am
>> reporter: kanye and sir mccartney are already planning a second single reportedly featuring rihanna. the beatles fans have come to the famous composer's defense. "the downfall of america's youth has officially concluded with people not knowing who paul mccartney is." kanye's fans may be just discovering sir mccartney, but somehow we think that the man who guinness says is the most successful recording artist of all time is just fine with that. ♪ i want to hold your hand ♪ okay, now i picked out two of my favorite tweets. i still don't know who this paul mcarthur is. neither do we. how is it possible you live on this planet and don't know who paul mccartney is. >> i still love giving this nice man a career. >> the generosity of kanye west. >> they're so iconic. >> they are. >> elvis and the rolling stones. >> if you grow up in a house where they don't play the beatles, i get it. >> even in school. >> it is a cultural reference. >> yes. >> we're never going to settle this. rob. >> the beatles. >> we need to arm wrestle.
8:22 am
>> dan, it's settled. you're wrong. >> loud and proud, dan. >> i like that. >> save me, marciano. ♪ here comes the sun doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ >> let's go to florida. yesterday check it out temperatures in the 80s. look at that. look at that powder white sun and sand. it is gorgeous. temps in the water right around 70. so, yeah, dip your toes in there and it feels mighty good. southwest flow across much of the gulf coast will bring temperatures into the 80s and 70s and 60s across parts of the northeast today so we're looking at a dramatic warm-up then a dramatic cooldown as this cold front comes through, 30-degree >> good morning. big changes in our weather. showers out there right now. gray skies. temperature as well into the 40's. winds beginning to pick up. a few patchy showers.
8:23 am
more to come down to the south. look at the temperatures just to the west, 50's and 60's. they will be plummeting into the teens in the midwest. tomorrow 30's healing like 20's. midweek >> ron and i are taking requests for the next boy band from across the pond. >> i'll buy tickets. i may be the only one. coming up here "gma," the new reality for teresa guidice. starting tomorrow she'll be doing 15 months behind bars. how she's taking it and will it change her? the miracle survivor, people who live through the plane crashes that killed everyone else on board. you'll hear their stories. why later today they say is the best time of the whole year to find the love of your life. "good morning america" is brought to you by hp, make it matter. you'll need the right it infrastructure.
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>> life from the -- live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> the greenville police department is in -- is investigating a shooting. -- greenbelt police department is investigating a shooting. it happened just before
8:28 am
midnight. i nearby fight -- a nearby fight erected in gunfire -- erupted in gunfire. both teens expected to recover. >> showers, maybe a thunderstorm, very mild. tomorrow, much colder, in the 30's. midweek, temperatures only in the 20's. teens at night. >> thank you for watching. have a g
8:29 am
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♪ sound the alarm i'm ready for trouble oh ♪ >> these girls out here are crazy. >> oh, no. >> we know each other. do you remember me? >> didn't you used to be really fat? >> ha, ha. >> oh, those guys from "entourage" are hitting the big screen. and that's a little taste of what you'll get. if you want to be part of it, i don't know how you'll be part of it other than watching and laughing at it. at any rate, good morning, america. how you can win a part in the movie. >> if the boy band thing doesn't work out, rob. there you go. >> which it probably won't. >> probably won't. >> just call me turtle. >> just call me turtle. famous last words. also coming up, they belong to a very exclusive club, the sole survivors of airplane crashes. how do you move on from something like this? this morning they're going to share their stories with you. bus we start here with a reality star who is now in
8:31 am
her final hours of freedom. >> that's right. teresa guidice, one of the stars of "the real housewives of new jersey" is getting ready to report to federal prison serving a tag team sentence with her husband for fraud and leaving her four children behind. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more, mara. >> reporter: elizabeth, good morning. guidice is spending her last hours of freedom with friends and family including her kids while she's leaving behind her famous life for now she is . while she's leaving behind her famous life for now she is heading to a famous facility. >> you want me to apologize to ? for what? what am i apologizing for? >> reporter: this morning new jersey housewife teresa guidice cherishing her last day of freedom with her family as she faces a different type of reality on monday, prison. >> i want you -- >> i forgive you. >> reporter: the star known for her lavish lifestyle and fiery temper on the show that made her famous now has taken on a new persona, humility.
8:32 am
in this clip from october's "watch what happens live," guidice tells andy cohen none of this feels real. >> i feel like i'm numb, all i keep thinking about is my daughters. >> reporter: and in an interview on "gma," guidice tells amy robach she must keep a strong front for her four young daughters. >> i have to take care of them, you know, they want to see mommy happy the way mommy has always been. >> reporter: while guidice has been relatively silent on social media, her daughter tweeted this in the early hours of saturday morning, "can't sleep, too much stuff on my mind." >> a judge sentencing guidice to 15 months in federal prison. her husband 3 1/2 years after the two pled guilty in march to multiple counts of fraud. while it's not a famous mansion in jersey, the federal danbury prison in connecticut might be famous in its own right. >> the prison she's going to is allegedly the one that's shown
8:33 am
in "orange is the new black." >> reporter: from "new york times" best-selling author to convicted felon, many believe guidice will find a way to bounce back. >> teresa is nothi survivor and she'll find a way to use this to her benefit. >> now, guidice says she is encouraging her daughters to visit whenever they can. as far as her reality show days are concerned, it's still unclear whether or not she'll return to the show once she getss an ex-convict. >> she is now more famous than ever in perverse ways so her stock has absolutely gone. >> in the headlines in a different way. >> so twisted. >> i'm a twisted human being but this is reality. >> all right. >> let's get it over to ron claiborne with another look at the morning headlines. good morning, sir. >> good morning again, dan and elizabeth, rob. >> call him turtle. call him turtle. >> it's all yours, baby. >> good morning, everyone. the ntsb is investigating that plane crash in kentucky that a 7-year-old girl miraculously survived. sailor gutzler of nashville, illinois, is now out of the hospital after trekking through
8:34 am
the woods friday night to get help. sailor's father, who was flying the plane, was an experienced commercial pilot and a licensed flight instructor. now to the wreckage recovery in the java sea for airasia flight 8501, ships with sonar equipment have located more large objects underwater believed to be parts of that plane. officials now say the difficult part will be retrieving those pieces. and edward brooke, a political trail blazer, was the first african-american to serve in the u.s. senate since reconstruction has died. in 1966 brooke a republican served -- elected first of three terms. the senator from massachusetts, he was 95 years of age. finally an amazing catch during last night's ravens/steelers play, number 55, you see him there, terrell suggs makes the interception with his knees never letting the ball touch the ground. after the game ravens coach john harbaugh called it the best catch in nfl history. >> wow. maybe. then he tossed the game ball to him and suggs dropped it.
8:35 am
>> really? >> yeah. >> i thought you were making that up. >> no, he dropped it. >> at least he dropped it in a celebration and not when it really mattered. >> a celebratory fashion. the ravens, if you're keeping score at home won that game, beat the steelers, 30-17. >> as predicted here. >> he's more known for his sacks. impressive to see him -- >> his what? >> sacks. >> his tackling -- >> his saxophone. his sax feen. >> quarterback -- take down the quarterback. >> the weather, the weather. >> for a loss. let's go to panama city, shall we? >> let us. >> the 70s. oh, goodness. all right. we've got some storms around the florida panhandle that we're going to have to contend with. dotham reporting a tornado warning. this will push across the panhandle and they could be severe and cooler air but temperatures in the 80s across
8:36 am
much of florida. the difference between orlando and international falls will be over 100 degrees. that is the temperature gradient and some of that cold air will come in here. that's the arctic blast we've talking about. windchills through the next couple of days will be dramatically lower than they are. feels like minus 18 in chicago on wednesday morning and minus 14 in new york and thursday morning, minus 10 will be windchill in the big apple so everybody getting a chunk of this. meanwhile, the cool temperatures, the chill out west where it was only 59 degrees in l.a., you're going to see a warm-up here over the next couple of days, back into the mid to upper 70s and take that as we head towards the golden globes. 38 degrees for the high temperature in dal >> get ready for a weather roller coaster. 58 to 65, mild and humid. showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, 36 t this weather report brought
8:37 am
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so many people talking this morning about our top story, that young girl who was the only one to survive a plane crash that really killed the rest of her family. >> it really is incredible. and this morning, no one may understand what she's going through and what she'll face more than the people who have lived through it themselves. and abc's gloria riviera is here with more on other people who were sole survivors of plane crashes. >> that's right. good morning. you know, in the last 40 years there have been just 14 sole survivors of large plane crashes and half of those are children. while there's no consensus on why children may be more likely to survive, bravery is one trait they all share.
8:42 am
this week, 7-year-old sailor gutzler walked away from a horrific plane crash that killed her parents and two other family members. the second grader's ordeal chillingly similar to that of another little girl's experience nearly 30 years ago. >> can you give me some light over on this side? >> reporter: in 1987 at just 4 years old, cecelia cichan became known as america's orphan after escaping this detroit plane crash with her life. none of the other 154 on board survived, her family included. the little girl who lived now 34 years old spoke out in the 2013 cnn documentary "sole survivor." >> i think about the accident every day. when i look in the mirror, i have visual scars. my arms and my legs and i have a scar on my forehead. >> reporter: gutzler is now joining cichan as one of the world's sole survivors, an exclusive club marked by tragedy and triumph. meet austin hatch. he survived not one fatal crash but two. the first in 2003 taking the
8:43 am
lives of his mother and two siblings. eight years later a second crash killing his father and stepmother. >> i'm not sure there's anyone who has survived two plane i think god had his hand on me and i think there's a plan for my life. >> reporter: francesca lewis was 12 when a small aircraft carrying herself, her best friend talia and her father went down in panama. >> i heard the rain and i was freezing. but i didn't ever think of rescuers coming. >> reporter: miraculously francesca was found after being trapped in the wreckage for a harrowing 52 hours. in 1988 george lamson then 17 years old remembers what it was like in the mi had chaos while galaxy airlines flight 203 went down in reno, nevada. >> the pilot said we're going down and hit the ground pretty hard. i thought i was dead and i didn't know if i was alive or not. and a plane blew up and knocked me down and i ran as fast as i could. >> reporter: there may be ways
8:44 am
to help ensure you could survive the unthinkable. studies show passengers sitting near the aisle and within five rows of an exit are more likely to make it out alive. what's amazing about these kids now adults is that almost all say while they live with survivor's guilt and devastating loss, they have found in many cases peace and purpose to their lives. cecelia cichan says she's living her happiest life and we certainly wish the same path to recovery for little sailor. >> i remember i covered cecelia and that plane crash and they identified her by the nail polish that her grandmother had put on her fingernails before they got on the airplane. that's how family members were able to identify her in the hospital. pretty incredible. thank you. >> we do share your sentiment about little sailor. thank you. >> thanks, gloria. coming up here on "gma," macklemore's surprise and very personal announcement. "pop news" with sara haines coming up. keep it here.
8:45 am
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♪ ♪ here we go. time for "pop news." both ron and rob are standing for this. at attention. >> bring it, bring it. >> "pop" is that good. so if you're looking for love in 2015, tonight is the night. it's time to get that online dating profile whipped into shape. according to the dating sites and plenty of fish, today from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. is
8:49 am
the most popular time of the whole year for online dating and if you're ambivalent about whether online dating can work for you, you're looking at its poster child. i met max, the new stepdaddy to my pups online, and we made it official five weeks ago so it can happen. >> wow. >> best story ever. best story ever. >> we're waiting for that phone call to do the commercial. ♪ bring it? ♪ >> i think you took three giant steps towards getting that phone call. and moving from love and marriage to the baby carriage. singer macklemore and fiancee trisha davis releasing an intimate video to announce they're expecting their first child together. ♪ the campground out by the lake where we swam ♪ >> now, the baby is due in may and he promised a work baby as well with an album on the way this year. >> i love that. congratulations. >> it's great. >> new dad here. >> you know how that feels. >> yes, i know. i have a 3-week-old at home. is it weird he's already asking
8:50 am
me for money? >> yeah. >> and keys to the car. >> he's very, very advanced. >> he takes after his father. >> if you've always dreamed of being bffs with vincent chase or riding shotgun with turtle or rob marciano, it's time to start packing your bags because you could be joining the cast of the new "entourage" movie. director doug ellen says he still has to shoot a specific scene for the upcoming movie and is giving fans the chance to be in that scene and hang out with the stars on set. now, if you want to win the role, there's no need to audition. all you have to do enter an online competition that raises money for the noreen frazier foundation a group that supports women's cancer research. so it's win/win for everyone. >> what's the rule? how do you know what -- >> it's probably going to be minimal. i they they can make it anyone. it's probably an extra. >> okay. >> nothing -- >> i just drive him around and pick up the scraps all day long, baby. >> i wish. >> you don't even have to enter online to be with rob. we'll handle it outside here. >> yeah. now to one of the rising stars of social media and my heart, he's known as sad
8:51 am
chihuahua to his fans but at home his parents call him bug and it seems bug just doesn't get excited about much. not even the holidays, the cold weather is a total drag. there's his little -- there he is. ooh. he also hates it when you peer over him at the computer screen. and he definitely does not like cats. >> he's like the grumpy cat of dogs. >> yeah, and they we have my little guys. they're not so much sad chihuahuas but tough puppies. >> you don't want to mess with them. >> that only took 99 tries to get that picture. >> beware of chihuahua, i love the sign. >> got a real glimpse into sara's life in this "pop news." we met her husband. >> i try to make pop a sara feature. >> we'll take it. >> we're losing viewers every second. >> no. it works. >> great "pop news" as usual, sara, we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. keep it here. when you don't get enough sleep... and your body aches... you're not yourself.
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ron and sara have switched seats. don't worry about it. we'll explain another time. >> because we wanted to. >> great to have elizabeth vargas. great to have you. e you. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is 8:56. in the news this morning, the greenbelt police are investigating a shooting that injured two teens outside of the synagogue. the victims, 19-year-old and 16-year-old, were walking to an event just before midnight when a nearby five -- fight erupted into gunfire. both are expected to recover. police don't believe the shooter
8:57 am
targeted the synagogue. police are searching for a driver that hit two people on a motorcycle and never stopped. an suv struck a motorcycle. a father and his teenaged daughter were on the motorcycle. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. here is a check of your forecast. >> it's a great day out there. like showers and fog. temperatures are mild. they will get milder through the day. 46 in beltsville. 45 in arlington. wind is up to 15 miles per hour. you can see the gray skies out there. that's going to be the story through much of the day. down to the south of us, you can see portions of prince william county, just a few light showers. a lot of moist and mild air. to the west of that, look at the
8:58 am
contrast, 50's and 60's. we will see our temperatures plummet. 58 to 65 today. mild and humid. tomorrow, 30's feeling like 20's, maybe a chance of snow tuesday. daytime highs only in the 20's by wednesday. >> keep the umbrella handy.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> bususiness news from the capital region. this is washington business report with abc national correspondenrebecca cooper. >> thinks for a look at business and finance in the washington region. as you gear up for the new year and new resolutions for success we are bringing you special show highlighting the best in business. our business high night -- highlighted a navy seal. this week, more from our top talkers in washington success story. celebrating the good food has become big business in washingtonon. it has morphed into a celebrated foodie destination.


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