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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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stormwatch tonight. a system headed our way could bring with it some snow. right now, temperatures are in the 30's but they'll drop this evening. abc 7 meteorologist steve rudin has a timeline of when the storm will hit. steve? >> all right, maureen, it's quiet and dry out there right now. but big changes as we move through the overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning and the timing just in time for the rush hour commute. that's what's going to bring big, big problems with the d.c. metro area. satellite and radar that storm well off to the north and west of us. it's going to dip our ways on we move through the overnight hours and into early tomorrow morning. already, you can see how it's beginning to add clouds to ohio and to west virginia and pennsylvania. our skies will become cloudy over the next several hours. national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory. it starts at 4:00 in the morning and includes the district. all surrounding county off to the north and west of us as far as western maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. how much snow are we talking about? about an inch inside the beltway. lesser amounts further south, a
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bit more to the north of us. we'll track the hour-by-hour forecast, how it's going to impact your rush hour commute tomorrow morning and what we can expect for the rush hour commute home tomorrow night. all that coming up in a few minutes. maureen? >> thank you steve. as the weather changes the abc 7 weather team will keep you updated on as well as on facebook and twitter. join us for "good morning washington" starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning. under an intense amount of security, jury selection began today in the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. attorney for the 21-year-old wanted to move the trial in hopes of finding a different pool of potential jurors. but the judge refused. scott is live in the newsroom. scott? >> yeah maureen let's first talk about some of the numbers here. e if you've got 1,200 potential jurors. that's going to be narrowed down to 12 plus six alternates the defendant dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 30 charges and one more number for you here.
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the witness list somewhere between 80 and 100. today, the pivotal start to that intense process. avoiding eye contact most of day one, dzhokhar tsarnaev faced potential jurors and a potential fate of the death penalty. victims of that bombing that killed three and injured hundreds holding on to that boston strong motto. >> try to destroy people and their spirits and all this makes me want to change the world. >> tsarnaev was caught days after the bombing and after a shootout that killed his co-suspect and brother as well as an m.i.t. police officer. the defense will try to show that dzhokhar was pressured and influenced by his brother. >> the prosecution is going to point out how much independent action the younger brother had and how many things he did on his own. >> jurors will hear plenty from victims and about others like erica brannick from maryland there to cheer on her mom when the bombs exploded waiting up in the hospital she told our news
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partners at wtop. >> knew instantly something was wrong. my mom looked at my nurse and said how am i going to tell her? we'll tell her together and she said they had to amputate your leg and i started crying. >> it is the most analyzed trial since the oklahoma city bombing case. legal analysts say it's not a question of if he will be convicted. but more so if he'll be given the death penalty. of course still plenty that has to take before that and the trial could take three to four months. maureen? >> thank you, scott. a judge in pennsylvania says a man accused of gunning down two state troopers will stand trial. eric freign appeared in court today clean shaifb. far dry from how he looked when authorities arrested him after a 48-day man hunt. prosecutors played surveillance video of the attack. it showed one trooper mortally wounded and another crawling
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into their barracks. they plan to seek the death penalty. canvas a college park neighborhood tonight where a man was killed after being shot. the body of steffan powell was found in the parking garage of a camden college apartment on new year's day. if you have information about powell's death contact prince george's county police right away. and we're monitoring developing news out of fairfax county tonight where police have released new information about the investigation into the death of john gear. gear was shot and killed by police officers at his home in springfield in august of 2013. about an hour ago, fairfax county police announced private first class adam torres shot gear. that is onethe first pieces of information released by police about the shooting. our crews spoke with fairfax county police tonight. we will have complete coverage this evening on abc 7 news at 11:00. a new name has joined the race
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for the district eight ward seat. marion christopher barry, the son of the late marion barry picked up the paperwork to run. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest washington. sam? >> maureen, april 28th there is a special election to fill two seats here at d.c. city hall the wilson building. that of ward four council member muriel bowser who became mayor and that of marion barry who died in november. his son christopher is in. he was often at his father's side when marion barry ran for the ward eight council seat. this afternoon, christopher barry came to the board of elections to pick up petitions to replace his late father as ward eight's council member. >> i feel like i have the clearest vision and i have the most experience as far as just being a d.c. resident, as far as being a ward eight resident lifelong. and just having a love for the city. >> he had a high profile role in the ceremonies and rememberance
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of his father and stepmother cora barry's side at most events. he was mobbed by the crowd during the funeral procession for his father in ward eight. he said that had an impact on his decision. >> that was really a big moment really just feel the love and being embraced by the people that is kind of a turning point, i would say. i was definitely there. auto he's a child much of washington met when his father was mayor and mother was first lady. he spoke eloquently at both their funerals. he has had some substance abuse issues. the question -- how will that play out? will it be an issue in the race? so 34-year-old christopher barry is in. he faces 24 that's 24 other candidates who so far picked up petitions to run for the vacancy. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> thank you sam. d.c. mayor muriel bowser has begun her first week on the job. among her first moves -- opening a satellite mayor's office in
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ward eight. that community is one of the city's poorest and the mayor also moved her office to the third floor of the wilson building. her predecessor vincent gray worked on the sixth floor. that will put her closer to staff members and other city officers. a memorial took place today for hari simran. searchers found his body late last week. the yoga instructor disappeared during the hike. investigators believe he died in a fall. simran's family says it plans to create a foundation in his honor. a critical decision in florida. a judge rules a ban on the same sex marriage is unconstitutional. how marriage ceremonies were able to start immediately. next. and major delays this evening for a commu
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>> same sex marriage has become legal in florida at midnight tonight. but due to a judge's ruling today, couples in miami are already tying the knot. seeing no reason why same sex couples have to wait the judge issued her ruling and began performing ceremonies herself. supporters for her decision say it is long overdue.
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>> so many couples who have been in these relationships for so long, they can finally get married and finally be equal under the eyes of the law and that's really important to me. >> florida will become the 36th state to legalize same sex marriage. when that happens, 70% of americans will live in states where same-sex marriage is legal. 7 is on your side with a consumer alert about new incentives if you opt to use the on star in car information system. general motors announced it will offer discounts whenever drivers ask for directions to participating businesses. dunkin donuts and priceline have signed on for the service and it will be offered to on star drivers in the u.s. and canada later this year. marriott says it has no plans to block wi-fi hot spots for its hotel guests. the announcement comes months after the chain asked the f.c.c. to allow it to use equipment to stop guests from turning their phones into a wi-fi hot spot. marriott now claims the f.c.c.
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request only includes mi-fi devices in conference spaces. critics say marriott wants to block hot spots so it can charge for wi-fi. new at 6:00, the former virginia governor will be sentenced tomorrow. live coverage from richmond is next. and some snow could affect your morning commute. important information about the stormwatch winter weather alert in steve's full forecast next. >> the wizards need to regroup and excel in new orleans and the ravens get ready to battle the patriots. and this play has conspiracy theorists crying foul. what the heck happened to the officials on this play? as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues!
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>> developing now, investigators are on the scene of a fatal train accident in gaithersburg. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon at north summit avenue and east diamond avenue. montgomery county fire and rescue tells us a marc train hit and killed a man. service on the brunswick line is suspended. metro is honoring marc tickets. tuesday, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will find out if he will go to prison for
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corruption. his attorneys and family are pushing for community service. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in richmond. jeff, what is happening there today? >> well we are at the jefferson hotel in downtown richmond where just moments ago, i spoke with bob mcdonnell's sister who is also named maureen. she tells me that the governor spent a lot of time today in prayer and preparing with his lawyers as well as spending time with his children and close friends. his sister maureen telling us that he has done everything possible to try to keep a normal routine these past several months and of course going into tomorrow's sentencing. that's been a big priority for the former governor many now, going into tomorrow the u.s. probation office has recommended that this former governor face between 10 years and a month to 12 years and seven months in prison. the defense, meanwhile, is asking for 6,000 hours of community service and no prison time. bob mcdonnell has been living on
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his own since last summer at this rectory in richmond. he and his wife maureen were found guilty in accepting gifts in exchange for granting williams access and influence. in speaking earlier tonight with bob mcdonnell's sister maureen, she said the governor was talking a little bit about how he was feeling with her earlier and here now is what the governor's mindset is at this moment. >> he's holding up ok under the circumstance. he's been really blessed to have a very large and tight knit family who have been around him throughout this process and a lot of great friends. >> i've known bob for quite a while. he's a man of tremendous faith and i think his faith is really sustaining him at this time and hopeful for a good outcome tomorrow. >> now, friends and loved ones say that they are hoping very much that the judge will consider the possibility of alternative routes to sentencing primarily with community service
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in lieu of prison time. that's something we'll hear from friends and loved ones tomorrow as they make their case through the sentencing. we'll hear from the former governor himself that could be a very critical and pivotal moment in this sentencing hearing tomorrow. of course, we'll be covering it from start to finish. count on abc 7 news fore latest in this situation all day tomorrow. live in richmond jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> thank you jeff. we'll be watching you tomorrow. today, however, we're watching what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. >> yeah, you know not a big storm but it's going to have a big, big impact on our early morning rush hour commute. as quickly as it arrives is as quickly as it's gone. take a look at what's going on outside right now. not a whole lot. skies are mainly clear and clouds are quickly moving in from the west. the winds definitely not a problem. they'll begin to pick up as we move through the upcoming work and school week. 52 degrees earlier today. average for this day is 43. we will see below average readings, temperatures for the
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next several days as a big push of cold air moves our way. 28 in frederick. same at dulles. 30 in manassas. it's cold out there but not as cold as it was to the north and west. these are wind chill factors. feels like 12 below in chicago. 15 below in minneapolis. we have that clipper system, that alberta clipper you've heard so much about over the past couple of days. this is what moves our way as we head through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. the morning hours, that will have the biggest impact across the mid atlantic as we will see accumulating snow right here in d.c. national weather service has already posted a winter weather advisory and all the areas shaded in purple including d.c. montgomery, prince george's arlington, prince william, off to the north and west of us, this goes into effect at 4:00 in the morning. extends until 1:00 in the afternoon. some of that will come down before that since the system is moving so fast. snow totals not very impressive. however, the timing, that's what's going to make it a bigger problem. around one to two inches north
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of the district and the further north you go along the mason-dixon line these are areas where we could see upwards of two to three inches of snow but the further south you go we're talking just around an inch. tapering off to just a trace in fredricksburg and nothing at all for richmond. not running into any big problems. let's take you through the morning hours tomorrow. temperatures will start off in the middle 20's and futurecast shows this. this is the storm quickly moves on in. and it's out of here by the noontime hour. and then we'll see our skies begin to gradually clear. hour by hour as we move through the next 48 here's the approaching snow. this is what it looks like 5:00 in the morning. all this is out of here by midday and look at that only around an inch or so around the district. here's the forecast for the overnight. 18 to 26. winds out of the west at just around three to eight. we'll see snow develop after midnight. it continues through the morning, rush hour commute and look for better driving conditions tomorrow around 30 to 35. quick look at the extended
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outlook. big cooldown on the way. >> no i do not plan to do any sledding, tim. >> it's time to go! >> let's hope the wizards are all waxed up and ready to go. auto oont kidding about that. they need this win tonight. wizards need to work hard in the big easy and the caps head to canada. ravens gear up for new england. all sounds cold to me. things were heating
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>> well pro football is taking center stage as the nfl moves to divisional alal round of the playoffs. ravens that start their season here on abc 7 with their preseason games are one win away from the championship now. joe flacco and the ravens still alive moving full speed towards a date with new england saturday. it's now life -- new life for baltimore. the ravens seemed to elevate their game in the post season and you can take this to the bank. joe flacco has played the best football of his career in the post season. his record against playoff teams is phenomenal although new england's is favored by a touchdown. >> we earn the right to be in this game and it's an honor to go play the new england patriots in the divisional round so they've earned the right to do that. we're the number six seed going to play the number one seed. we honor that.
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>> john harbaugh. everything is magnified in the playoffs and the most controversial play of the weekend is blowing up social media. look at it. by rule it's pass interference on dallas defender pulled the jersey and put his hand on the receiver's shoulder. never turned his head and dez bryant ran on to the field to argue the call. those are all penalties were the flag was picked up no explanation and it changed the game. the capitals hit the road and play the leafs in toronto wednesday night. alex ovechkin is the nhl's second star of the week with a goal and an assist in each of the last three games. but the save of the week in the nhl was braden holtby. florida had the shot on. pushed the crease. holtby with the save and the puck finds his back and everybody closes in. braden holtby the puck is on his back. you can't hit the goalie in that crease. back off, baby! braden holtby and the caps are playing well as they head to toronto. >> i don't think many people saw where it ended up i don't know. i don't know if he made a save.
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i think it ended up on top of me. i don't know. >> braden holtby the magician. wizards have lost three in a row and play in new orleans tonight. they dropped to fourth place in the east. they better start playing defense and turn this thing around. that's what got them there in the first place is solid defense. haven't done it the last three games. >> don't have to explain about the weather like we do. >> no it's new orleans. >> not a big storm. we'll make it through. take a look at what's going on. this is the winter weather advisory 4:00 in the morning until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, d.c., everything shaded in purple. in terms of snow totals this is what we expect right now around an inch around the capital beltway, the further north you go into northern montgomery county frederick county could see upward of one to two inches. >> keep a close eye on this developing weather. join us tomorrow. have a good night.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the avalanche. two young americans, suddenly gone. two sons olympic hopefuls. late details coming in. plus the a 0 million americans bracing for deadly cold. from washington state all the way to the east coast. the boston bombings. tonight, the brother entering the courtroom, facing the death penalty. what his family is now saying about america. and young american girls supporting him. breaking news. the son now under arrest. did he murder his hedge fund father and then allegedly stage it to cover his tracks? and nothing wrong with rooting for the cowboys -- unless you're from new jersey. governor chris christie hugging the cowboys owner. and tonight, his new explanation, right here.


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