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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> the big weather maker that will have a huge impact on your morning rush-hour commute. >> and crews are prepping the roads, but are you ready for the massive temperature change? >> it's pretty bizarre, 60 to 30. >> the battle over school start times in montgomery county may not be over.
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and following in his father's footstep,sps marion c. barry files for his father's former seat. >> up first, we are on storm watch. frigid temperatures in the 20's at this hour, and overnight we have some snow moving in. >> what will the morning commute look like? steve rudin is in the weather center with this winter weather alert. >> the forecast remains consistent. we will have snowfall to develop during the late or early morning hours, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, quickly moving out. it is located over chicago moving into indiana and ohio. our clouds have increased. the national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory
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for the areas in purple, including the district, arlington, prince george's county, and points to the north and west, but it does not include southern maryland because we are expecting lesser amounts of snow. maybe an inch of snow around the capital beltway. towards rockville and gaithersburg, possibly one to two inches of snow. near the mason-dixon line, two to three inches not out of the question. tomorrow, snow, slick roadways, temperature of 18 to 26 so anything that falls will stick to the ground. more the timing coming up. >> jacqui jeras and eileen whelan and the "good morning washington" team will update the forecast and let you know if it is impacting traffic starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning. >> crews are already preparing for the snow. in northern virginia, brine went
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down on the roadways. this dose of winter is creating a weather with flash. jay korff is live in falls church. >> right now the roadways look great. it is bitter cold and windy. right now the key is our individuals prepared. this is probably the thing i take with me wherever i go this time of year. depending on the conditions, have to have the scraper, the shovel, and the ice melt for what is about to happen tomorrow. d.c. area residents are suffering from an exasperation ng winter weather. winter with flash -- winter whiplash. >> forcing pedestrians along georgetown to bundle up and hunker down. >> i don't know, i never saw
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that. it's almost like canada. >> it's too cold for me. it is too cold. >> i'm from california, so this is frigid. >> people are also preparing ahead. an in ch or ch or two of snow could fall and temperatures are expected to drop into the single digits later this week. >> i came to get a shovel. i don't want to get trapped. >>rtation crews in d.c. maryland, and northern virginia spent much of the day pretreating roadways. >> two inches shuts the city down because people don't know how to drive in it. >> we have changed locations. we are live at cross the
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pedestrian walking bridge in falls church. the roadways are great. these roadways have been pretreated. the hope is that this busy roadway will not be jampacked in the morning. jay korff, abc 7 news. >> for information about how the weather is impacting your neighborhood, download the stormwatch 7 weather wrap to your smart phone. you can also follow us on facebook and twitter. >> developing situations from spotsylvania county were a former church volunteer has been charged with aggravated sexual battery. he volunteered with children at fairview church. he was arrested in december 31 after an anonymous tip. the alleged victims, aged 11 and 12, but say they met him at church. detectives are working to determine if there were additional victims. if you have information, contact spotsylvania county police. >> in rockville, the police are
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investigating a deadly crash that killed a woman on veirs mill road just a 46:00 tonight. b-- just before 6:00 tonight. investigators say the driver suspected of hitting her stayed on the scene. there is no word on the circumstances leading to the crash. >> news chopper 7 was also over the scene of a fatal train collision in gaithersburg, hit by a marc train at about 4:00. the man died at the scene. no passengers were hurt. marc service resumed several hours later. >> for the first time in more than a year, fairfax county police are releasing new information about an officer-involved shooting. john geer who was not armed was killed. tom roussey has been following this case from the beginning and he is live in fairfax with the newest details. tom?
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>> both federal government and also geer's family took the county and the police to court to get more information. they both won. today, county started releasing more information, giving us this sheet with new details about what happened 16 months ago in springfield. today's release says that while john geer was in his doorway, the police spoke with him more than 30 minutes when he began lowering his hands. that is when officer adam torres shot him one time. the family says this account does not agree with what they have said all along, that his hands were above a shoulders. this is a cell phone image moments before the shot, and he had no gun, although the police now say they found a loaded but holstered gun on a stairway landing. today the police would not answer questions, but the county board of supervisors did. >> a long time has passed.
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i am not ok with that. >> she said the delay in getting information has to do with the investigation being passed from the county to the federal government. >> we need to make changes to prevent this kind of delay. we absolutely will be doing that. >> for weeks, mike curtis has been organizing a protest scheduled thursday. nearly 200 people on facebook said they are going. >> they actually said they got permission from the court to release information. the court ordered them to release the information. >> the u.s. attorney also took issue that after 16 months before negotiating with geer, they now say he threatened him with a gun. >> it seems convenient. >> the family attorney says the county was ordered by a judge to release a lot more information than they did today and they
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have 60 days before the deadline in which they have to do so. tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> thank you, tom. former virginia governor mcdonnell will be sentenced tomorrow one federal corruption charges. the jury convicted bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen, fork struck jing -- for extracting justice. lawmakers and family members have asked the judge for mercy. >> he has been really blessed to have a very large and tightknit family through this process. a lot of great friends. >> i have known bob quite a while. he is a man of tremendous faith which is sustaining him at this time. >> abc 7 will be live in richmond all day for coverage of the sentencing and the reaction. look for live reports through the day beginning on "good
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morning washington." >> also a big day in boston as jury selection resumes for dzhokhar tsarnaev. today he watched as the first of 1200 prospective jurors filled out questionnaires and answered questions. he will face 30 federal charges connected with the april 13 -- april 2013 bombing in boston. the government is seeking the death penalty. >> just into the newsroom petco says it is pulling chinese-made dog treats from their stores. the incident that started in 2007, petco is the first national pet retailer to pull the treats from their shelves. petsmart says they plan to have them off their shelves by march. >> following reports about a troubled bar in northwest washington shut down after a fight will not reopen.
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mcfadden's was closed and its liquor license suspended after five people were stabbed in a fight. tonight, a chairperson for the commission sent a message on twitter that said in part mcfadden's will not reopen and its physical assets will be sold. stay with abc 7 and for up eight. the battle over school start times in montgomery county may not be over. wtop reports that the school superintendent will discuss pop sibyl -- possible options to changing bell times. in october they said they would not move forward with the play sing it was too expensive. >> still ahead -- >> marion barry's son is running for his father seat on the d.c. said he but will the name be enough to help him win? >> we are tracking the snow.
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>> following in his father's's,
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today marion christopher barry posted papers to run for his father's vacant seat. >> he is one of 20 hoping to run for the vacant seat. roz plater has more. >> i just saw a sign in the window, always fighting for the people, mayor for life, marion barry -- that is an indication of the area where he is love. the question now is if the goodwill will transfer to his son. he now uses his given name, marion christopher barry as he will run for his father's ward eight vacant council seat. >> i feel like i have the clearest vision and i can offer the most help. >> he has never run for roth
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this, but his name has been in the headlines. -- he has never run for a seat, but his name has been in the headlines for brushes with the law. he said he wanted to honor his father's legacy and he said he was mobbed by well-wishers at his father's funeral, urging him to run. he joins an already crowded field, roughly two dozen potential candidates. we reached out for reaction from some names that political watchers consider front runners. >> i applaud chris for wanting to learn about politics at this time, following the passing of his father. and whatever, what i believe ward eight needs right now is an experienced leader. >> and a former school board member who is confident. >> i love christopher like a brother and his name has an impact on the ballot. you have to take it into consideration. >> each candidate needs 5000
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petitions by january 28. the special election is april 28. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> now, get in the truck. it is freezing. >> the snow is moving our way. >> and quickly. this will not be a big snow maker, but a big impact on the rush-hour commute. wake up early, "good morning washington" starts at 4 a.m. get ready for the snow. 30 degrees right now at reagan national airport, the wind out of the north with west at 13. the high early today was 52. a big difference from the 60's we had yesterday. right now, all of the areas under or below freezing, 30 degrees reagan national, 25 dulles. 23 cumberland, 24 martinsburg. it is cold. the windchill factor this is
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what is on the way towards the middle of the week. detroit, five below, feels like 20 below in duluth. this is where the snow was located, over indiana, lower michigan, moving into ohio. this will quickly move across our area late tonight, early morning hours tomorrow. by about 11:00 tomorrow morning, most of this will be over. it will leave in its path about an inch of snow around capital beltway. not expecting significant snowfall totals. once the snow moves through, that will open the gate way for colder temperatures. the national weather service has posted a winter weather advisory. all of the areas in purple, including the district, fairfax arlington, alexandria, prince george's county, the panhandle of western virginia, western maryland winter weather advisory's until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. i expect some of those areas will come down before that.
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the concentration on the morning rush it will be messy. slick roadways, snowfall totals of about an inch. lower amounts further south. i think we will see a really tight cut off line of those who see nothing at all in those two -- and those who see just a trace. cumberland, these areas might see two or three inches of snow at the time the clipper moves out. morning low temperatures in the 20's. the storm moving in from the west, quickly moving out. then the skies begin to clear. the snow was expected to start at about 3:00 in the morning. as we move into the 5:00 hour, moving to 8:00 9:00, look at how quickly it moves out. at is good news. that means improving road conditions. overnight, temperatures near 18 to 26 degrees. once we get the snow out of here 30 to 35 degrees.
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the seven day outlook coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much. >> serena williams using coffee beans to rally in italy. sports is coming up.
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>> and the now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the wizards had lost three in a row after a sensational start to the season. tonight in the big easy, randy wittman challenged his ballclub defensively. leading defense set up the offense, john wall with the steal, takes it home with authority. john wall making an early statement. second half, this was a big bucket.
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paul pierce pulls up, long range. 14 points. john wall played well tonight. wall with his 20th double double of the year, 15 points, 12 assists. that leads the nba. the wizards win. college basketball come the maryland terrapins have moved into the nation's top 10. they are ranked ninth in the coaches poll, ranked 11th by the associated press. the terps continue to move up the rankings. georgetown has fallen out of the top. it is now all big east conference games until the tournament, time to build their resume. head coach jt-3 was asked about the rankings. >> are we aware of it, yes, but are we worried about it, no. if you win, it will take care of itself. if we get enough wins, that will
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take care of itself. >> notre dame head coach, taking the irish into chapel hill. marcus paige, great defense. no sir. notre dame holds on to beat north carolina in chapel hill, 71-70. for tennis fans or anybody who needs a caffeine fix, serena williams had just lost the first set of the tournament 6-0. she was exhausted and jet lag. she had to have a morning coffee, so she politely asked for an espresso. once they confirmed it was legal to order one during a match, the ball girl brought it to her serena drank it, won the next two sets and won the match. way to go, serena. new sponsorship coming up.
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finally, the no call in the lines-cowboys game. today the nfl reached out to lions head coach jim caldwell and said, yes, it should have been a penalty. which means absolutely nothing now. >> thank you. thanks for nothing. >> espresso for everyone. wow.
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>> 7 on your side with a consumer alert from the girl scouts. they are offering three new options this season, including two gluten-free options, a butter cookie with toffee bits a peanut butter chocolate chip and whole-grain oats, and a third cookie that is oatmeal raisins with yogurt chunks. >> i guess the oats make it healthy.
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>> a reminder that we are keeping a watch of the developing weather situation.
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for an updated forecast in with how it will impact the commute join jacqui jeras and i we -- eileen whelan starting early tomorrow at 4 a.m. >> probably starting at about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning nothing out there right now. >> you take weather advice from tim? >> about an inch falling around the capital beltway, hired -- higher amounts to the north. this is what we expect the next seven days. if you don't like the snow maybe you will like the cold. it is here. thursday, 24 degrees, waking up to temperatures near 12. these are in town temperatures. it will be colder in the suburbs. a little warmer by the weekend. >> jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- anne hathaway. the bachelor, chris soules. and music from heart. with cleto and the cletones. and now, and back once again, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi everyone. thank you very much. that's very nice. i'm jimmy i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you all for coming. we are back from -- [ cheers and applause ] two weeks off. this is our first show of


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