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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking right now, terror standoff. a major operation under way as police surround those two brothers suspected in the deadly attack in france. after a dramatic shootout and chase, now holed up in a small print shop north of paris. at least one hostage. security forces block off the town. helicopters swarming overhead. french special forces take positions on roofs. more than a thousand children locked down in nearby schools. runways at france's biggest airport shut down. developments unfolding as we come on the air. also happening now, another blast of frigid cold. palm trees and fountains frozen as far south as florida. a new storm with snow and powerful wind gusts creating whiteout conditions. and punch line. an audience member lashing out at bill cosby last night accusing him of being a rapist taken away by police. the comedian's response and the
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joke he made to one woman that some say went too far. and good morning, america. let's go right to the scene of that hostage standoff. a major operation unfolding right now. the gunmen holed up in a small printing business holding at least one hostage. police are communicating with them and it's all happening in a small village about 20 miles outside paris very near the major international airport. >> vans filled with police are heading into that town right now cutting off access to it. a message on city hall's website warning people to stay inside. one of the those schools on lockdown just 500 yards from the center of where all this is being happening and then another school the elementary students being evacuated. >> the teachers have been singing nurseries to the students to keep them calm being evacuated right now. full team coverage of this breaking story.
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abc's terry moran starts us off in paris. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is it. this is happening now and this showdown began overnight here in paris. the noose on these suspects closing in gradually. this massive police manhunt focusing on this area north of paris and about 3:45 this morning paris time there was a roadblock set up in that area the suspects came upon it. they exchanged gunfire and they retreated into this industrial area where they are now cornered. police believe they are very dangerous, of course and they are ready to die fighting. helicopters in the sky above an industrial area in a town 20 miles north of paris. police and s.w.a.t. teams moving into position. the suspects brothers cherif and said kouachi cornered. the town in lockdown. residents ordered to shelter in place. if you live in the town tay in
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your home. children in schools are in lockdown. in a high school not far from the standoff students and teachers are trapped hunkered down. we spoke with this teacher. >> in the school there are about 900 persons and they say to us to stay in the high school and to be calm. but we can't because we are really scared. >> reporter: eyewitnesses in dammartin-en-goele said the brothers calmly took over the printing company telling people to leave saying we don't kill civilians. at charles de gaulle airport two runways shut down. others allowing only takeoffs after earlier reports the kouachi brothers may be armed with a rocket-propelled grenade. government officials say the standoff began when the brothers came upon a nearby police roadblock, exchanged fire and then retreated into the printing company. french president hollande arriving at a crisis meeting reveals his government has stopped several attempted terrorist attacks in recent weeks.
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but right now, the only question how will this one end? so the situation now, the focus on that standoff north of paris, but this is a rapidly expanding investigation. police have arrested several other people held them for questioning and right now, they are investigating whether a deadly police shooting here in paris on the south side may be linked to this same group of radical islamic young men here in paris. this is a city and a country right now in the grip of terror. robin. >> certainly is. all right, terry, we go to the town under siege just under an hour outside paris. blocking the roads to keep them from escaping in that direction and abc's alex marquardt is on the scene for us. alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a very dramatic scene playing out in this small french town. police have blocked all roads in and out. the highways the small side roads dropping a net on this
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town. there is no one in the streets except police and journalists. the town as you heard, telling residents to stay inside. most of the schools on lockdown the students in these classrooms we spoke with one teacher who told us the students are staying away from the windows sitting on the floors watching tv and singing songs to stay calm. we are right next to a school here the shutters are closed. when we went past we heard the students chanting charlie, charlie. a reference to the attack of the employees of "charlie hebdo." the ecole here 350 students have been evacuated. so these events are moving very quickly, a tense situation. as these police try to in the words of the interior ministry neutralize those suspects. >> can you tell us more on how the suspects ended up in this area? >> reporter: well the suspects had been sighted about 25 miles
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farther away from paris from here yesterday in a wooded rural area. so that's where the s.w.a.t. teams descended going village to villages house to house looking for these men. early this morning, they hijacked a car and started driving towards paris, running into that police checkpoint that terry referenced. it is at that point their plan went off the rails and they turned into this town into industrial zone where that small printing company is going in there and taking as far as we know at least one hostage. >> and, again, alex, roads to the airport have been blocked at this time. >> reporter: as far as we understand we haven't seen all roads have been blocked. charles de gaulle is the main airport in paris. what we do know all of the roads around this town this small french town where this hostage situation is playing out have been blocked. a very tight security net controlled by the gendarmerie and assault police restricting
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the flow of people in and out. as i tell you, there is no one in the streets except police and journalists. very much a town under siege, rob robin. >> thanks. we want to go to brad garrett and, brad you spent years as a hostage negotiator for the fbi. very simple question, how do you negotiate with people who say they want to die. >> because the key, george, is intelligence not to talk them out because thesethers are not going to come out and put their hands up. so you keep them talking, you talk about family you talk about their life you talk about jihad, whatever they want to talk about, you engage them. during that time period you've talked to the printing shop persons. what's the layout of this place? who is inside it? have they now placed mikes and cameras through micro slots inside this location so they can actually see what's going on so the whole key is maximize intel and my sense is going to be this will end up in a tactical assault but you don't want to do
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that until you know the maximum amount of information. >> what is it that could trigger that kind of an assault? we remember that in sydney a month ago when they believed some of the hostage were in danger. >> that's going to be the key. obviously if they go after the hostage or there's any belief that they're picking up through intelligence that the hostage is in danger they're going to go in. now, they've made comments george that they don't want to hurt hostages and i think that's probably right as they use the word civilians. so that is -- that's going to buy them more time as far as the negotiators talking with the two brothers. so i want to -- all i'm suggesting george this has to end in some tactical fortunate because i just don't see another way out of this. >> these individuals have shown as you said some contradictory impulse as we've heard, some reports from inside the magazine just a couple of days ago. separated out the women from the cartoonist from the men around the editorial table. that report this morning that you just referenced that they allowed that gentleman who was a
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client of the printing business to walk away saying we don't kill civilians yet they are holding that hostage. >> correct. but that just may be a bit of a bargaining chip. someone that they can use to sort of stand off or buy some time because they know in reality there's no place to go. they are at the end of their rope and they're going to talk it through and perhaps do the whole martyr thing, talk about why they're doing what they're doing, you know it's a higher calling, it's a higher order because that's what they believe i'm sure in their mights so let them talk about that and get them to a comfort level. the more you know and another key point, george what kind of weapons do they have in there? do they rocket-pro-telled launcher. it's a big deal if they have it. if they have two ak-47s tactic tactically you may be able to neutralize it before anyone else gets hurt. >> anyone the police can put on the phone to make a difference? >> you have to be careful with third party negotiators because
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that actually can trigger action depending on the relationship so might they do that at some point, yes. my sense would be they're only going to do that if this becomes prolonged. >> okay brad garrett, thanks very much. >> we are learning more about the suspects this morning. the two brothers with apparent ties to al qaeda and on the no-fly l list in the u.s. and brian ross is here in new york and has more on this side of the story. >> good morning. growing evidence of ties between the two fugitive brothers and al qaeda which, of course has issued repeated calls to his followers to attack that french magazine much of all the al qaeda groups in the world the network in yemen is considered the most active in going after western targets. their online magazine inspire actually put the picture and name of the editor of "charlie hebdo" on its target list. and now u.s. authorities say the elder of the two kouachi brothers, said traveled to yemen in the year 2011 and trained with al qaeda. >> al qaeda's goal is to have
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cells of followers in western countries and to carry out attacks against the west. >> reporter: the ties of the two brothers to terrorism were no secret. u.s. officials say both brothers said and cherif have been on the u.s. no-fly list for years. and the younger brother was convicted of terror charges in 2005 when he tried to join al qaeda in iraq. >> this is not unusual in these cases tom move from one sort of extreme behavior to another and then sort of settle on violent jihadism as an answer to what they perceive to be their problems. >> reporter: for all the signs of a well-planned combat-like attack seen in the eyewitness videos the two gunmen did make mistakes. most important was a national i.d. card found in the getaway car they abandoned which allowed authorities to so quickly identify the two and begin the manhunt. and now there's huge in trying to take these two brothers alive to learn if there are more like them who are operating or believe they are operating on behalf of al qaeda
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and could have other plots in mind. >> that's so key because you need additional intelligence to be gathered. >> absolutely and this could be more than lone wolves but actually perhaps a cell because the younger brother was convict add long with a handful of others ten years ago for trying to join al qaeda in iraq. so there's great concern that there are more like them out there. >> and that's why they were taking their time and trying to -- >> time is on the side of the police at this point. >> brian, thank you. >> we'll bring in martha raddatz now down in washington. martha, so many questions about how the brothers were able to pull this off. they had been tied to terrorists in the past. one of the brothers actually had been arrested and charged so they were on the french radar but still slipped through. how? >> reporter: that's something undoubtedly the french authority also have to explain. you're talking about a suspect who french officials knew went to yemen for training by al qaeda in 2011. 2011 is when american-born cleric anwar al awlaki was being hunted by u.s. officials. he was considered the most dangerous terrorist in the world, was later killed by a u.s. air strike. now, you can't track every
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suspect 24/7. there are lots of people in france and elsewhere who want to join jihad but there are not that many who authorities have been involved with terrorists and returned to the country. it seems he should have been tracked and that doesn't mean physicallying traed but electronically phones internet so a lot of questions about how they slipped through. >> but their background would have put at least one on u.s. no-fly lists, as well. >> something u.s. authority was have done. it would seem anyone during those years who traveled to yemen and returned to the u.s. was certainly tracked. after we returned from there on one trip my producer had the fbi unexpectly show up at his house in virginia and wanted to know what he had done there and who he had seen george. >> okay thanks very much. to pierre thomas also in washington this morning, of course pierre this puts all of us in mind of the threat to the homeland and seen attacks over the last months in ottawa in canada in sydney in australia and now in paris, france officials here concerned, as
7:14 am
well. >> reporter: this is not some distanced threat. the fbi has been deeply concerned that the threat you see unfolding in paris right now could happen here at any time. there's clear evidence that there are radicals here among us. this year alone, the fbi has caught a dozen or more mostly men but some women trying to join terrorists in syria and iraq including isis the people known to chop off heads. the fbi director has said repeatedly those who go and get training could return to the u.s. and strike with or without direct orders. he's also flatly stated some radicals have probably gone and returned we don't know about. and the people who have been radicalized on the internet you can see why the fbi's typically has about 100 terror investigations ongoing at any given moment. >> put up alerts to police offices around the country. >> reporter: in fact the fbi is soon going to be brief law enforcement officials around the country about what happened in france because they want to give out best practices, lay out the
7:15 am
terror tack continues used here. there's intense interest in what happened there because, again, the u.s. has so many soft targets of its own. >> pierre thomas thanks very much. our team will stay on this. right now to amy with other top stories. >> good morning. we begin with a major new proposal from president obama, free tuition at community college for anyone willing to work for it. in a video posted online the president says the first two years of community college should be free for, quote, responsible students who keep up their grades. he'll outline the proposal today. critics say such a plan is almost impossible politically especially with no specific price tag. new video overnight in the search for the black boxes from airasia flight 8501. you see divers in the murky water inspecting the plan tail section in strong currents off indonesia. weather continues to hamper the search. earlier there was a report that pings from the black boxes had been heard but officials now say that was not the case. well there's new optimism on wall street ahead of this morning's important monthly jobs report. the dow surging 323 points
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thursday. today's report from the labor department expected to show the economy created 243,000 jobs in december capping off the best year of job growth since 1999. well a frightening ordeal for a southern california family. their little girl taken right out of her bedroom. the 3-year-old was lying in bed when a man pulled off her window screen reached in and kidnapped her. the father heard the commotion and ran after the kidnapper, getting his daughter back. she was not hurt. police later then caught the suspect. they say he had no relation to the family. it appears to have been a random attack. well former california school accountant seen stuffing school lunch money into a bag and her bra sentenced to five years in prison. judith oak stole nearly $2 million over a four-year period. she has been ordered to repay all that cash. and a wild scene near washington a dump truck rounds a corner and rams into two police cars outside a shopping mall.
7:17 am
the officers escaping just in time. their car, however, crushed. police say the mentally ill driver was off his medication. and finally an updayton 0 the ex-wife of that oil eye cone who recently refused to cash a divorce settlement check worth nearly $1 billion. well sue ann arnall has apparently had a change of heart. there's word this morning she's cashed that handwritten personal check from her ex-husband harold ham for the exact number $974,790,317. she had insisted the figure was not enough after 26 years of marriage but now as is a woman's prerogative she's changed her mind. >> and 77 cents. you forgot that. >> everything counts robin. >> everything counts. >> adds up. >> might as well. now to the record-breaking bitter cold frigid temperatures still blanketing the eastern half of the country. begin ser tracking it all and just started snowing here in tooimgs. >> you can see some of the heaviest snow bands in the northeast right behind you on that camera but see them on the
7:18 am
radar too. this would be very very fast behind it another push of cold air. this morning, more than 200 million americans waking up at or below freezing. >> is it comfortable? i don't think so. >> i can't take this anymore, man. >> zero visibility right now. >> reporter: whiteouts forcing cars off the road from minnesota to michigan. blizzard conditions shutting down part of iowa's i-35. 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts howling in north dakota. a broken water main freezing the ground in indianapolis gluing cars to at least an inch of ice. cars in pennsylvania encased. that january chill digging all the way into florida. 19 degrees, a record low for pensacola. palm trees and fountains frozen even flurries in jacksonville. those flurries in jacksonville almost look like it had to be dandruff. it couldn't have been snow but,
7:19 am
yes, it was right there in florida and the cold behind it feels like 23 below in minneapolis. >> good morning, washington. we continue to track a line of light snow showers moving through southern maryland, stretching toward the eastern shore, where it is heavier. we had a few in ec half an hour ago -- in d.c. half an hour ago. little accumulation will be expected.
7:20 am
in the teens, better than yesterday, but a cold front will pass through the area later today. temperatures will get above the freezing mark for a couple coming up on "gma," the very latest from the scene of that standoff in france. new details streaming in. also ahead, bill cosby heckled and audience members lash out. we'll get cosby's response and the joke he made that stunned the audience. wild winter fun. incredible things people are doing to prove how cold it really is. did you know enamel is your teeth's first line of defense? but daily eating and drinking can leave enamel rough and weak. introducing new colgate enamel health toothpaste its unique formula replenishes weak spots with natural calcium... ...and gently polishes... ...for strong, healthy enamel. strengthen the enamel that protects your teeth. introducing new colgate enamel health toothpaste. replenish and polish for healthy enamel. colgate. #1 brand recommended by dentists.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is 7:20 six.
7:27 am
i'm jummy olabanji. there are schools in the region opening late again today. for a complete list, check the top and bottom of your screen or head to we will head to jack taylor at the wtop traffic center, keeping an eye on the roadways. >> sounds like we have friday volume which is very good in my memory county. southbound to 355, sounds like a tractor-trailer broke down. we have a water main break and wilson lane north of river road. river road is open in both directions. an accident just before duke street on 495. heavy truck slowdowns north of springfield. the sun will come up, but i do not think the temperature will get over 30 or 35. >> we are above freezing this afternoon. we have a cold front triggering snow showers across southern maryland and toward the eastern shore they are getting heavy across new jersey as well, but just flurries if anything in ecb
7:28 am
now -- in d.c. now. notice the wind is to the south but that will change to the northwest later today, and it will be howling at times. partly sunny skies expected with flurries this morning. tomorrow, we will push that cold air behind us, mid 20's. but we will see clouds increase on sunday with temperatures back in the mid 30's. >> thank you for watching. we will see you
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good morning, america. right now a major operation under way in france. brothers behind that terror attack completely surrounded by police. also right now, bill cosby heckled during his performance and the joke he told that raised some eyebrows. sia responds over the outrage over her new music video. what she's saying this morning. we look this friday morning and go right back to the france the standoff and the brothers holed up inside a small printing business at least one hostage and new details coming in about those negotiations. abc's terry moran is in paris with those details. good morning again, terry. >> reporter: good morning. again, robin, this is fast-breaking developments here. the police want to resolve this without a shootout. we are told that they heard the brothers want to die as martyrs. they are trying to avoid that. a spokesman for the city hall of that town dammartin-en-goele,
7:31 am
has told abc news that the suspects are holding one male hostage right now. negotiations however, are under way. so right now while they are surrounded by a virtual army of police operations that has been under way for days slowly closing the noose around them right now there is a pause while negotiations are under way at the very least to get this hostage who is one of the executives of the printing company where they have held up. his daughter has said that she has tried to contact him. he has not responded. she says that's very unusual. police are engaged, we can say, in negotiations with the suspects trying to resolve this without a final shootout that could end very badly for many people. they also want to get at these suspects. robin, because they believe they may have a lot of information, obviously, going forward. right now police are investigating this shooting that happened yesterday on the south side of paris, believe it may be
7:32 am
linked to this same jihadist group so they want to resolve this through negotiations which are under way now. >> terry, thank you very much. and brian ross was alluding to that earlier as well about getting the intelligence that they need because it could possibly be part of a cell. >> doing all they can to keep that hostage safe. we'll stay on top of this all morning long and come to you with the latest developments. we move to bill cosby. last night brutally heckled. he had a calm response but raised eyebrows with other remarks during his set. abc's linsey davis here with that. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. allegations against bill cosby first resurfaced during a stand-up comedy routine and last night they were mentioned again at another stand-up performance this time by the embattled comedian himself. for several weeks people have been clamoring for cosby to address the allegations against him and for the first time he did in the form of a joke. bill cosby in the middle of his performance when a heckler lashes out accusing him of being a rapist. security rushes in to escort the man out but as the audience started to boo him, cosby urges
7:33 am
restraint telling them shhh shhh no clapping nothing. just have patience, okay. the disruption coming minutes after cosby made a joke about a female audience member who got up from her seat during a show. cosby asking her, where she was going? >> she said something along the lines of i'm getting a drink and do you want one? and he said no i've already got one and had a big bottle of water and then he sort of paused for a minute and said but, you know you should be careful about drinking around me and the whole audience sort of oohed. >> reporter: an apparent reference to the string of allegations around him that he spiked their drinks and secretary wally assaulted him. >> just this sort ofshocking moment. >> reporter: after the show cosby releasing this statement saying quote, one outburst but over 2600 loyal, patient and courageous fans enjoyed the most wonderful medicine that exists for humankind, laughter. i thank you. i'm far from finished. the backlash wasn't just inside the show.
7:34 am
more than a hundred protesters gathered outside chanting and calling for a cosby boycott. >> had has not been easy at all. but he's not a coward. >> reporter: meanwhile this morning his cosby show tv wife of more than eight years is facifirestorm after defending her co-star and friend in an exclusive interview with abc news. >> this is not about the women. this is about the obliteration of a legacy. >> reporter: tweets calling phylicia rashad's stance ludicrous and unbelievable. >> people are slamming your defense of bill cosby. >> god bless them. one and all. i mean that sincerely. >> reporter: based on reports from people watching his performance there was initially a varied response to bill cosby's joke including some gasps, but the majority of the crowd apparently laughed and cheered. one reporter tweeted that he talked to several fans as they exited and they all seemed to find the joke funny. robin. >> all right there, linsey. we move now to fedex workers delivering misery to one family.
7:35 am
now we've seen drivers mishandling packages and things like this but this goes beyond that. one driver swiping their dogs. abc's reena ninan has that story for us. >> reporter: canine kidnapping. take a look as this fedex driver pulls up in front of this houston home. but instead of leaving a package, he takes something precious. the family's two french bulldogs sheila and bruno. wednesday afternoon the family noticed they were missing from the backyard. so they searched the neighborhood then checked surveillance video. this is what they found. here's the driver snatching the first puppy, sheila and putting her in his truck. but when he goes to swipe bruno, sheila makes a run for it. but the driver is on her tail literally scooping up the pup and drivi away. >> once we seen them on the video, he was like i can't believe it. we're supposed to trust these people. >> reporter: the family was beside itself until a fortunate twist. >> then we saw your story.
7:36 am
>> reporter: a vet on the opposite side of town saw the surveillance video on abc's houston affiliate ktrk and recognized the puppies. a client had delivered them to his office after finding them huddled together in the middle of a neighborhood street. >> they were in great condition. they looked happy. they're healthy. very playful. >> i want them back. >> reporter: abc cameras were there when 5-year-old savannah was reunited with bruno and sheila. it's not clear if the driver let the dogs go or if they escaped. fedex ground telling us they're taking this incident seriously and continue to work closely with authorities investigating this matter. pending the completion of this investigation, the driver will not be providing services on behalf of fedex ground. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> so glad those puppies are reunited with those little kids. yeah but -- cameras are everywhere. thank goodness for those cameras. time for the weather and ginger. >> cameras are everything even
7:37 am
if you take a walk on the beach and see this. the ice boulders are back on lake michigan break off and then the waves roll them until they get nice and round like that. i always loved this time of year when it happens. the beautiful part of being really cold right. this is the not so beautiful part. the roads in buffalo more than 9 inches of snow in buffalo, new york already this morning and the lake-effect snow machine is in high gear. we've got the radar here. you can see in southwest michigan from cleveland to earrie to buffalo. we're talking feet of snow up to five feet. >> 39 degrees in d.c.. the wind chill factor is in the teens everywhere. flurries and light snow showers across the region. no accumulation is expected. sunnier this afternoon >> all that weather brought to you by kellogg's. everybody making fun of my boulders. it's cool.
7:38 am
icy conditions on i-35 between austin and dallas. >> i love this time of year. >> that's the good part. there's beauty in it. >> i saw that. it was fascinating. >> on your side ginger. on your side. coming up the surprising new study about headaches. why visiting the doctor may not be the answer. sia responds to the backlash over her new music video. what she's saying this morning. the promise of tomorrow awaits. welcome the morning with a vitamin-dense bowl of sun-grown grains and fiber. drenched in a bath of lean protein. nourishment. powerful and delicious. tomorrow, serve your body well. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow ♪ kellogg's® special k red berries. see you at breakfast™.
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the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and it was a real easy switch to make. we're back now, 7:41 with sia apologizing for offending
7:42 am
people in this latest video featuring shia laboeuf and maddie ziegler from the tv show "dance moms" dancing in a cage and their big age gap makes it inappropriate and hard to watch. linzie janis has the story. ♪ i'm the one good time ♪ >> reporter: she's the platinum haired australian pop singer known for her 2014 grammy nominated song "chandelier." ♪ one, two, three, one, two, three ♪ >> reporter: but this morning, sia is apologizing after her latest video for the song "elastic heart" triggered outrage online. it shows a grunting 28-year-old actor shia laboeuf wearing nothing but a pair of nude colored shorts and a 12-year-old magnitude maddie ziegler from "dance moms" in a blond wig and flesh toned leotard. within minutes of its release wednesday, thousands weighing in online. writing "i like sia but i think
7:43 am
this video is child pornography" and "very thin line between art and pedophilia." sia who no longer shows her face in public apologizing on twitter thursday writing "i anticipated some pedophilia cries for this video. all i can say is maddie and shia are two of the only arcs i felt could play these two warring sia self states. my intention was to create some emotional content, not up set anybody." >> i think there's a lot of compassion towards thee characters who represent maybe her past and present. at the end it's very emotional. ♪ ♪ i got an elastic heart." >> reporter: maddie ziegler first wowed fans in her "chandelier" video. even recreating it live on "jimmy kimmel." sia singing in the corner with her back to the audience.
7:44 am
♪ temperatures rise ♪ >> reporter: last year the 39-year-old telling abc news she's uncomfortable in the spotlight. >> i've been writing pop songs for pop stars for the last couple of years and have become you know friends with them and see what their life is like and -- that's not just something i want. >> reporter: now the singer who hoped her video would pro-smoke emotion finding herself engaged in controversy. >> abc news has reached out to shia laboeuf and maddie ziegler and her family but they declined to comment. this video also receiving a lot of support from people online calling it deep and beautiful. it's not been out for 48 hours ye more than 13.5 million views on youtube, guys. >> a lot of people talking about it. thank uyou. some of the best bargain as valuable this month. what you should be buying right now and what can wait. fun in the frigid cold? ♪ freeze frame not. >> you're not the only one who loves this time of year. the creative ways they're making the best of these temperatures.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
♪ freeze frame freeze frame ♪ who says you can't have fun in the freezing cold. one minnesota man is turning it into a winter wonderland with a positive attitude. >> oh. >> oh, gosh. his latest stunt going viral right now. t.j. holmes where is t.j.?
7:49 am
he's outside with the good folks out there. hey, t.j. >> where you new guy. i'm looking at this all wrong. this is an opportunity to be outside with these good folks and to enjoy the cold. his trampoline. that is minneapolis school principal nathan ziegler making the most of the subzero temperatures by hosing down his trampoline. >> now we add a second layer of ice. >> reporter: and going big. the former science teacher conducting fun and frosty experiments like this for nearly a decade. freezing bananas in t-shirts is one thing. freezing bubbles? yeah you melt it. >> even his wife's hair. >> your hands are freezing. >> there we go it's frozen.
7:50 am
>> reporter: how about this sledding with a towel frozen solid. ziegler now joining other viral legends from winters past including this frozen one. >> don't worry, he's all right. then there's guy in chicago last winter. showed us what 35 below zero looks like blowing into his living room. viral videos proving this miserable cold can be more than it's cracked up to be. okay not subzero here but ginger is with me and we can do something as an experiment. >> so you can take water that's been outside all water that you've got there. hit the bottom of it. you see it it starts to crystallize. it's starting to work. it crystallizes on impact. you could pour that out and would come out like a slush. >> that's the fun out here. >> have some fun with this. >> i know -- we're going to send hot chocolate out for everybody. hopefully that won't.
7:51 am
we'll "shark tank" your life, as well coming up. rl "shark tank" your life, as well coming up. rl "shark tank" your life, as well coming up.
7:52 am
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news up eight. >> i'm julie on the bungee. it is 7:56. we learned in the -- i am jummy olabanji. we learned in the past few minutes -- schools have closed because of heating issues. check the top and the bottom of the screen or head to our website, we will head over to jack taylor with a look at the traffic report this morning. >> kind of a friday pace. we have an issue in virginia
7:57 am
getting up toward seminary road. this is north on 395. everything moved over to the shoulder. this camera is near duke street. we have had some slowdowns back to springfield. in bethesda, wilson lane remains closed at river road. we have had a water main break overnight. the track's move -- the traffic is moving along river road. leesburg, eastbound on route 9 at route 7, an accident blocks the left lane. kind of a nuisance with the cold weather. >> i know. freezing this afternoon -- getting above freezing this afternoon for a short while. also some nuisance snow showers, flurries. most of that is to the eastern shore, but new developments in western parts of loudoun county. flurries more than anything else, but no accumulation. be cautious and keep an eye out for it. it will be a blustery afternoon. clouds now, a little more sunshine later today. a cold weekend, but dry there is
7:58 am
>> thanks for watching this morning.
7:59 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking news
8:00 am
on the manhunt for the suspected terrorists in france. we are live with the latest details just coming in. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ actress melissa gilbert opens up about her decision to reverse her breast augmentation revealing why she did it and the pressure she felt to get implants in the first place. ♪ on top of the world ♪ one woman's love for sweets led to a weight loss journey. see her truly incredible transformation and her inspirational advice touching so many women right now. two entrepreneurs with big ideas here to enter the "shark tank" with their pitches for barbara corcoran. will she bite or will they be shark bait as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. we'll get to all that discuss ahead but the situation in paris in france right now unfolding continues to develop. i want to go straight to amy.
8:01 am
a second hostage situation. >> that's right, george. good morning, so much to talk about. more breaking news in france. the two suspects in the paris terror attack holed up inside that industrial building northeast of paris right now, but as george just mentioned there was word coming in just moments ago there is a second hostage situation, some 20 miles away in paris. terry, what can you tell us? >> reporter: there are reports right now of a hostage situation that has developed as you say just in the east of the city the port de vincennes area. this is something that has developed while we have been on the air. reports of one hostage taken and anti-terror police are involved in this operation, although there is no official confirmation this is linked to the kind of terror attack that has struck paris over the past couple of days. but, police have put out an all-points bulletin searching for two suspects involved in the
8:02 am
shooting of a policewoman yesterday on the south side of paris. those suspects one of them a muslim male from africa. described as armed and dangerous but right now what we can report to you is a -- the second hostage situation that has developed on the east side of paris, the port de vincennes neighborhood reportedly a kosher grocery have been been taken over a hostage taken. breaking as we are on the air. >> all right, terry, we will be checking back in with you throughout the morning. of course as we mentioned earlier this is the second hostage situation, the initial hostage situation has police and s.w.a.t. teams swarming that area. it's an area where they've closed roads. they're evacuating schools as we speak and even partially closing nearby charles de gaulle airport, of course one of the busiest airports in the world. that is just eight miles away from where this scene is unfolding where we've seen so much activity just outside of
8:03 am
paris, of course so much to talk about and it is developing as we speak right here on the air. let's go to abc's alex marquardt with the very latest developments. alex, what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, amy. well we've just spoken to someone from the town who tells us negotiations are under way with those two suspects in that small business which is a printing company. we've been told that there is one person who is being held hostage. this is a small company of just five employees. the daughter of the owner whose name is michael katalan says she has not been in contact with her father which is quite rare so hasn't been confirmed he is the hostage but she has not been in contact with him. one hostage, meanwhile this town is on lockdown a very tight security net by the police all around this town. no one being allowed in or out. no one on the streets. residents being told to stay inside as well as students who have been told to stay inside their schools, but gradually throughout the course of the morning and afternoon they have been evacuating a number of the
8:04 am
schools including one called the ecole premier, students around 160 were evacuated and just moments ago we learned this school behind us you can see the shutters have been closed is about to be evacuated. there has been a large convoy of police vans presumably at some point to take away these students a colleague of mine just spoke with the mothers of some of the students who said that they are trying to keep the students calm by having them watch movies. amy. >> and, alex, it's your understanding negotiations are going on right now. any idea of how that communication, if any communication is taking place between the suspects and the authorities? >> reporter: well this has been going on for quite sometime now so imagine they would have established contact with those two suspect, those two brothers quite early on. now, whether this is a conversation or a negotiation is unclear. one might have to speculate that given the backgrounds of these two men, we know at least one
8:05 am
went to yemen to be trained al qaeda that these are islamic extremeists so this might not be a negotiation. the concern for the police try to interthe situation without bloodshed. >> all right, alex marquardt there for us in france and, alex and terry, of course, will continue to cover these developing stories as they happen in france throughout the day. you can count on abc news for the very latest. in the meantime, we have more developments here at home. the big story, the supreme court meeting behind closed doors today to consider legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. the high court has five cases pending from states that ban gay unions. the issue is whether those bans violate the constitution's guarantee of equal protectionened the law. if the justices decide to take up the controversial cases, a ruling could come as early as june. also this morning, wall street will be reacting to the monthly jobs report. 243,000 jobs were created in december. the dow surging 323 points
8:06 am
higher thursday thanks in part to expectations that the economy will continue to improve. and in medical news this morning a word of caution for the 12 million americans who see a doctor every year for headaches. a harvard study found they're being overtreated given unnecessary tests and medications they may not need racking up $30 billion in health care costs, c.a.t. scans and mris for headaches from doubled and may increase the risk of cancer. the most common type can be diagnosed with a simple physical exam. finally talking about a surprise a massachusetts woman woke up feeling really sick so she headed straight to the hospital for tests. well, it turns out she was pregnant. a total shock to her but it gets better because just one hour later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and if you thought the newborn might be premature you'd be wrong. little ellie weighed in at 10 pounds, 20 ounces. the mom said she never had any
8:07 am
morning sickness she never had any symptoms except for maybe a little weight gain but that was it. incredible. >> we're told this happens more often than you think. >> wow. yeah. new i was pregnant when -- eight weeks later -- it's crazy. congratulations. >> how is that possible? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. >> apparently it is. >> i guess so. okay. let's go over to lara in the social square. >> what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." "pop news," winter is coming. i know it's already here but this is big news for "game of thrones" fans and this beautiful gal, barbara corcoran in t house with how to sell yourself without a face-to-face meeting. also answering your questions on twitter and then come on over here because emeril is with us surprising up a new menu new year great ideas from pinterest, that means food is involved. all that and more coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. stay warm. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by centrum silver
8:08 am
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8:13 am
and tina this sunday night? there's a preview. >> this is our third time. how going to keep it fresh? >> we're not. >> no. >> we're -- what we're going to do is a best of. we'll take some of the jokes -- it's not going to make a lot of sense talking about movies coming out two to three years ago. >> i think there should be a "hunger games" type of thing where we put people through the challenges. >> "hunger games," i love it. as we all know no one is off limits. remember last year the girls got george clooney pretty good. >> he showed them though. >> he did. he did. proved them wrong. so who will be skewered this year in the most lovely of ways? tune in. this is again the last year hosting so they will want to go out with a bang no doubt. be sure to join us right here monday morning on "gma," we're going to bring you all of their best mopes live from l.a. >> you're heading out there shortly. >> i hope so. ginger -- >> you should be fine. it depends which airport.
8:14 am
laguardia has delays. >> isn't that nice on "good morning america" we do personalized travel updates for you. that's just one of the many things -- >> i'm also flying to l.a. >> by the way, ginger and i, airport lounge. >> see you there. >> oh man. >> girls day. hey, winter is here. duh. this is it. it's finally here. outside, yes, but if you're a "game of thrones" fan, amy, you know what i'm talking about. >> yes. >> hbo has just revealed the premiere date of the much anticipated season five of the show. it is april 21st. mark it down ms. robach. the control room losing their minds, just imagine screams of excitement and for those who need a refresher on life in westrose imax will show it at 150 theaters january 23rd through 29th where you will find half of the staff at "good
8:15 am
morning america." >> just hearing that music i'm so excited. yes. >> i know. we're like -- that's good. >> you enjoy that. >> i really -- i promise it's good. >> that one was for you. and then this one, well this one is for me. if you have a thirst for "downton abbey" that needs to be quenched perhaps you might enjoy the "downton abbey" wine collection. the countess of grantham collection featuring a chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon made with grapes from california to reflect the ladies' american heritage. the wine is being made by the family owned winery with 130 years of winemaking experience. you do not have to be an aristocrat to afford this. $15 a bottles. >> running in with glasses. >> no? >> as i have done in the past i'll promise you i will deliver. remember when -- brad and angie came out with a wine. you tortured me and i brought it
8:16 am
to you all and i believe you all enjoyed it and i dare say this one will be just as good and that is "pop news." >> how >> have fun in l.a. >> first weather. >> first i want to stand in the snow with all my friends. you have a little something. let me get that -- chunks of snow. my new friends from portland maine. your names. >> susan. >> elizabeth. >> so good to have everybody here. thank you for hanging out in the cold. this is downright warm compared to yesterday and some warming, especially in the south. look at that. mississippi university chris took that a frozen fountain. we have frozen fountains in new york city but as i mentioned the windchill of the second push of air, the second blast of cold. you'll feel it this morning, 22 minneapolis is what it feels like 27 below for duluth. feels like 9 in louisville but >> our second blast of arctic hare comes in tonight and into tomorrow. a brief warm-up. 25 in gaithersburg, 27 in frederick.
8:17 am
our wind is blustery, the feel factor in the teens across the region. a few snow showers possible through the morning hours, highs above the freezing for a number of hours this afternoon. overnight temperatures it and >> and a happy 32nd birthday all from houston here. they're all bundled up. you guys staying warm? >> yeah. >> they are. we are going to get inside but until that -- it's your 60th birthday. happy birthday. birthdays out there. >> i feel like we're in a club. it's dark and -- >> yeah. >> i know. i guess it's appropriate. burning up the "gma heat index," melissa gilbert opening up about why she took out her breast implants. abc's abbie boudreau has that story for us. >> i'm all caught up on my chores and my school work too. >> reporter: former childhood actor from "little house on the prairie" --
8:18 am
♪ >> holler for the maksim and val chmerkovskiy sandwich. >> reporter: 00-year-old melissa gilbert is finally feeling comfortable in her own skin deciding to remove the breast implants she's had for the last 20 years permanently writing in a recent blog i had spent most of my life pressured to look a certain way and i believe the hype. i'm concerned for my health and i don't like the way they look or feel. the mother of two says she felt like she had lost herself and needed to focus on what was real and true. gilbert initially got breast implants in her 20s after divorcing her first husband who she says made her feel insecure about her post-baby body. she says back then "going from an "a" cup to full b/c cups made her self-esteem soar" but that's not always the case for women like wanda may lombardi cheeseoosing to get implants after a benign tumor. >> in reality i never liked
8:19 am
them. >> reporter: after 20 years she had them taken out. >> i actually wish i had done it sooner. >> reporter: beverly hills plastic surgeon says more women are opting to go back to natural. >> what are you seeing? >> we have a backlog who had it done 10 0 years ago and want them out. >> reporter: once out -- >> the typical thing is i feel like i have my own body back again. >> reporter: seeming happy to have her body back ms. tweeting postop surgery went great. now the recovery begins. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau abc news los angeles. >> good luck to her. back in the light over here and next up in the "heat index." some of the biggest bargains in the stores this year. deep january discounts on all kinds of things and rebecca jarvis is going to sort through what to buy now and what to hold off on. ♪ >> reporter: january is here and after a busy shopping season there are even more deals to be had right now. yes, january is actually the
8:20 am
best month to bag some of the biggest discounts of the year. how big are the discounts right now? >> you could find a scale of 20% to 50% and sometimes more if you shop carefully. >> reporter: one of the best january markdown winter wear up to 75% off at the gap. plus $25 in coupons for every $50 you spend. at macy's deep discounts on outerwear for the whole family like this tommy hilfiger with fur trim originally $225 now 90. or this michael kors down coat original price, $250 now just 99. ♪ and for your home, stock up on bedding. >> you wantk for sales on sheets. you can find discounts of 20%, 40% and more. >> reporter: and that's not all. that flat screen tv you wanted last month is marked down 25% at best buy this month. and fitness equipment is 40% off at target. so for anyone who made a new year's resolution to stay
8:21 am
healthy, this is a good time to shop. >> it absolutely is because a lot of exercise equipment is on sale ellipticals and treadmills on their deepest discounts. >> some things you should steer clear of. humidifiers receive theirs next month of the wait for april for that new laptop and digital cameras and mattresses see their lowest markdowns in may going as low as 50% off. >> except for emergencies a lot go by the calendar. if you time your purchases you can get a great deal. >> we love deals. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> did not know that about the mattresses. thank you, rebecca. now to our big finale in our "gma" resolution revolution week and it's been an incredible week and we finish with an inspirational story, a hot new memoir called "it was me all along." telling the story of a young woman who loses half of her body weight and at the same time loses touch with herself.
8:22 am
what should have been a night of celebration became a rude awakening. >> i made this chocolate cake for my 20th birthday party and i ended up eating the entire thing slice by slice by myself and felt such tremendous guilt afterwards. >> reporter: andie mitchell was a 20-year-old, 5'9" and 269 pounds. >> the number was just terrifying to me. if i only ever gained weight throughout my life i felt like at some point i'd weigh 300, 315, 350 and that just -- it was sobering. >> reporter: a secret eater and sweets fanatic since childhood food had always been her trusted confidant. >> i loved anything sweet, any desserts or cakes, cookies, ate them when i was sad, ate them when i was happy and they just meant everything. >> reporter: determined to stop gaining and start living a
8:23 am
healthy life, andie began her weight loss mission. >> i started eating better i started, you know cutting back on desserts i started running which was huge for me and eventually just got into this practice of trying to eat mindfully. >> reporter: but the struggle to find a balance was just the beginning. because with each pound lost andie says she lost a part of herself. >> i wanted to make peace with food and i had to kind of find a new balance, a new way of life. >> reporter: and now her journey towards acceptance chronicled in her memoir "it was me all along" which struck a cord with women everywhere. one calling it life-changing and powerful on facebook and another reader on twitter saying "you're truly inspiring and all girls should read your book." she has come so far so let's see how andie is doing now. come on out, andie mitchell. you can do it and look at andie
8:24 am
now. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you look great. >> thank you so much. >> congrats on the book. "it was me all along" being talked about by so many women. it's so honest. the idea that losing all of that weight doesn't have all the and the. >> right. >> you were saying in the book i thought it was so pivotal. when i lose -- when i'm thin i'll be this. i'll be that and then you were thin and it wasn't the case. >> no. no. it wasn't the case. i mean, you know i think it's easy to think that when you lose weight you know, your weight has been the cause of all your problems. and for me i found out when i lost weight that my problems were what caused a lot of my weight gain over the year. >> so what is the message, the takeaway from -- for women who sort of dream of that moment dream of looking like you and want to do it? >> i think it's finding a new coping mechanism outside of food. i think it's learning to eat mindfully, practice portion control and just recognize that you know there were some good
8:25 am
things in your life that formed who you were when you were overweight and that's okay. it was always you and just kind of find the self-acceptance. >> i love the title "it was me all along." and you have some food. guy, bring it in. this stuff is delish. the cake is really an important story because you now say that this is the cake that you talk about you ate the whole thing. >> yep. >> made it for your own birthday. >> and now you can do it. >> now you can. >> you can have -- how do you do that. >> first of all i would never turn down an offer for cake at 8:00 a.m. but if you're going to live a healthy lifestyle you have to find a way to incourt rate a lot of your favorite foods. treat this. maybe have it a few times a week and still be healthy and maintain your health. >> i want to ask you about a healthy lunch. >> yes, so the easiest way to have a healthy lunch is have a salad. i have salad most days. you can marry the mix-ins, different protein, different dressings and find it super filling, a huge amount of vegetables that sets you up for the day. >> why are we looking at egg
8:26 am
rolls and lasagna roll-ups. >> these are great. these are wonderful. so you just -- you want to make sure that you are, you know practicing, you know moderation and -- >> moderation is key and everybody, we have the recipes. so sorry. "it was me all along" is in stores right now. we'll be right back. >> thank you.
8:27 am
>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> i'm jummy olabanji. the frigid temperatures mean some schools around the region are opening a little late. you can find a complete list rolling at the top and bottom of your screen and as always, now for a check of the roadways, we head to jack taylor at the wtop traffic center. >> wilson lane remains closed north of river road up toward algonquian avenue because of a water main break. river road is open across most lanes at the intersection. all travel lanes are open. good news out of personal bill. the earlier crash headed to leesburg on eastbound route 9 is cleared.
8:28 am
this is a good way to finish up the weekend. >> happy friday, everybody. the weather will be changing over the next couple of days. a few flurries will be possible this morning. sunshine by this afternoon. temperatures are trying to work above freezing and will do so about midday, but the feel factor will still be in the teens and 20's through much of the day. still kind of a cold one. highs will range from 32 to the north and west to 38 degrees or so downtown. tomorrow we will drop the temperatures back into the 20's. it will rival what we had yesterday and will be bitterly cold. clouds will increase sunday. we worry about monday because a mentor he -- a wintry mix will move and. >> thank you for watching this morning. we will see you around 8:57.
8:29 am
♪ oh here we go feeling in my soul ♪ great crowd.
8:30 am
we promised hot chocolate is on the way. we have it for you. so great to see you out supporting us. >> you know what ginger -- >>re fantastic. they are still the best crowd in america. >> come inside. no they want to be out there. >> yeah great. inside here it's sizzling hot because emeril is here showing the power of pinterest to bring you some great new recipes for the new year. he is huge on pinterest. >> that means food is coming. >> yes. >> speaking of huge robin is going to be live in texas on monday morning before the first ever college football playoff national championship game everybody is talking about this. jimmy kimmel will be joining robin and he's going to judge his lord of the posterboard contest where he encourages them to make funny gameday sometimes. >> have you seen it? >> robin has hers.
8:31 am
>> i'm in on it. come on jimmy, meet me in texas, big guy. >> it's happening. it'll be so big. this game is -- >> ohio state and oregon they weren't even supposed to be in the championship game so -- >> it was supposed to be penn state. >> no but this proves why we have a playoff system for the first time and it's working and it's going to be exciting and especially oregon so fast on offense, so looking forward to that. >> yeah. >> espn robin, all over it for you and robin isn't the only one getting in on the fun of that. our audience working feverishly on their posters and we'll crown a winner coming up in our own version of jimmy's big quest. >> why not. let's get to george. >> we have a contest over here too. our latest edition of "shark tank," your life. i'm here with barbara corcoran. two aspiring entrepreneurs go head-to-head. there is a twist this week. our candidates will not be able to see you. >> ooh. exciting. >> so how do they break through and set themselves apart if they
8:32 am
can't look you in the eye. >> listen you can't look everybody in the eye when you're making a sales pitch. you often are stuck on the phone. the fact of the matter you have to bring a lot of energy and it's a first date. you can't bring up anything that they don't want to hear from because you're actually trying to sell your best feature thes. >> let's met our competitors. bring out candidate number one. >> first into the tank an inventor who says he has the perfect product for anyone who wants to spring into action each morning and get a jump on the day. but will his new alarm clock ring barbara's bell? >> i guess we'll find out. candidate number two. >> next into the "shark tank" is an entrepreneur who says that viewers will gobble up her tasty snack. to lose weight and get fit. but will brittany get shark barbara corcoran to bite? >> we'll get right to it right now. first up paulson moot from prook lynn. >> hi, barbara. you're a successful shark and
8:33 am
your mornings probably sound like this. >> yippee. >> well, unfortunately most of us hit our alarm and our mornings sound like this. >> zzzz. >> well i've invented the new product that's going to get the morning to the masses. and it's called the ramos alarm clock and does not say no to snooze. in the morning when the alarm goes on the only way to turn it off is by getting out of bed and walking to a wireless control panel and pumping in a code. this not only gets your body up but also your mind so you're ready to start your day in a successful way. >> okay. that's from paul. next up brittany cheeyy. >> i know you like to eat healthy but like to have fun. may paleo ga goal la is free from grains, small much bas, tastes like candy but it's healthy eat it from the bag or pour it with milk.
8:34 am
it's paleo. it's simple and clean. keeps you strong and lean. eat paleo scavenger. >> a little different right there. gut reaction. >> to paul he sounds like an infomercial. i wouldn't buy in because every great pitch is actually telling a story and the mistake he made he should have said hey, i can't get up in the morning. there's a lot of people like me and let me tell you what i've invented. it sucks you in. >> how about brittany. >> brittany has a great gimmick. a little beat. if i had a dollar for every granola bar product i've heard a pitch on i would be a billionaire not a millionaire. she has got to deliver what's so unique about that product and i didn't hear it. did you? >> well i -- the rap was unique to me. >> yeah but you got to buy in. she didn't get that money out of your pocket. >> not yet. any questions? >> any questions of these guys. yeah shall how much money do you want? i don't want to put it in. get it. how much money do you want because i don't want to put it
8:35 am
in. that's a joke. all right. i'm out of here. whatever. >> not going to get any answers. you are going to have to pick a winner. we won't reveal it. write down the winner then we'll reveal it later. the ram moss alarm clock, the paleo scavenger snack. vote on at yahoo! and be back at the end of the show to find out who won. be sure to tune in to "shark tank" at 9 p.m. eastern on abc. we're all thinking about it now. ginger a final check of the weather. >> it is still a little write flurry out there. we are handing out the hot chocolate. cheers i got one for myself. everybody warming up. let me know if anybody else needs one. we want to check the forecast. how about for the nfl games? anybody watching these. ye them. certainly chilly but lots of sunshine there in foxborough. you see the kickoff temperature, 19 will more like ten in the pacific northwest. showers on the way with light winds in seattle then the sunday games, green bay, you know it's
8:36 am
going to be cold but how cold? 17. feeling like 10. whoa. somebody is a cowboys fan then denver kickoff, 44. temperatures falling. was that you? >> yeah. >> yeah you a cowboys fan too? >> yes. >> all right. we'll let it go because >> good morning washington. 30 degrees wind chill factor in the 20's. expecting flurries and snow showers this morning, giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. >> all that weather brought to you by sprint and earlier we told you about jimmy kimmel's lord of the posterboard contest where he gets fans to make fun of college football signs. well we challenged our own viewers to make their most creative signs. time to crown the winner of the post posterboard challenge. hold them up everybody. >> i looked beforehand. i like this one.
8:37 am
it goes into this because they got engaged. i went to the knicks game and i can't pick between this. i got a papercut is real good. get the crown. you'll have to share all of the warmth. thank you all for participating. mine is for jimmy and it says we both have narcolepsy. that's for you, jim. all right, well be sure to catch the inaugural college football game championship between the ohio state buckeyes, the oregon ducks monday night at 8:30 eastern on espn. oh no i got a go ducks from the same dallas guy. traitor. george. >> thank you. she led the mission to save captain phillips. coming up the four-star navy admiral who has been making history and her message for young women everywhere.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
listen up "gma" is looking for the perfect couple to throw the perfectly unconventional wedding for. >> forget about the flowers and cake. >> this will not be a traditional wedding. >> to make sure "gma" will have two wedding ringers to help officiate your wedding vows. >> i'm talking about me and josh gad. sounds good? you don't even have to answer that because you know it does. so go to on yahoo! to find out how to enter. it's girl power friday and nothing says power more than four stars. and this high ranking navy admiral has commanded ships on the high seas rescued hostages
8:41 am
from pirates and continues to shatter the glass ceiling paving the way for women in the military and girls who dream big. meet admiral michelle howard. >> captain phillips, can you hear me. kappes phillips, can you hear me. >> reporter: she ran a mission that became a hollywood blockbuster. "captain phillips." >> captain are you okay? >> yeah yeah are you taking care of this? >> thanks, guys. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: what was the moment like when you heard we got him and he's safe? >> that was a big yes moment for us. whew. >> did you sleep well that night? >> i actually had to go start planning another mission. >> oh no. admiral howard would soon command headlines again. >> meet michelle howard. the navy's newly promoted four-star admiral. its first female four-star admiral. >> so we choose four-star admiral michelle howard. >> if you don't believe today was a first, when i called to
8:42 am
order four stars for women they didn't exist and you folks are seeing the first set in the history of the united states. >> i want to read off some of your accomplishments. vice chief of naval operations first woman to hold that job, first african-american to hold that job. highest ranking woman in the u.s. naval history, highest ranking african-american woman in the u.s. military. first woman to earn the rank of four-scar admiral in the 239-year history of the navy. one of only four women to ever hold the four-star rank in the history of the u.s. military. with all of these firsts is it an overwhelming responsibility? >> you don't necessarily -- when you look in the mirror say, oh i'm that rank. a lot of times i think i look and i see myself in the job. one of the -- what you talk about fun or best job, captain of a ship i remember the first time iing looked back in the
8:43 am
mirror and i'm like god. >> i pro you hadly serve. >> reporter: no doubt, race and gender have thrown up barriers and somehow you've been able to break through them. how? >> when i thought about the last 32 years of service, i marvel at the wisdom of my parents, the foundation my parents gave me and the persistence of going after what you believe in. >> what's the biggest mistake you've made and how has it influenced who you are today? >> not being objective enough and as i grew into adulthood, it beca clear, i had to be a much better communicator with the folks i worked with. admiral border said you know what change is hard. change for people's minds is like putting on a new pair of shoes. it just hurts. and so there was some hurting minds. >> chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and i believe that we
8:44 am
must open up service opportunities for women as fully as possible. >> great strides have been made by the navy as you've personally witnessed in terms of women. do you believe women will be navy s.e.a.l.s one day, should be? >> when i started off at 12 i wouldn't have predicted i would have been on a ship. i wouldn't have predicted i would have had command of a strike group. i think the service has changed and we become more inclusive in that we're patriot. >> to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> what would you like to see happen in the next decade? >> since you talked about girl power i would like to see girls understand our navy and our services. it becomes a plot that wow, that's something i can do and then go after it. girl power means we have a way to go. because at some point, we need to be a nation and a people where power means we think of women. >> wow. >> what a remarkable remarkable woman. i have chills just listening to her.
8:45 am
i could have talked to her all day and to know that she's inspiring the next generation we're in a good place. >> really enjoying this series that you're doing on girl power and shining a light because so many types with athletes and intertapers we put the spotlight on them and i -- for young people to see admiral howard with four stars. >> people underestimate what a feat that is to rise through the navy like that. you have to go through so many hoops, so many levels. >> wow. >> thanks for bringing that up. >> we salute yes, we do. coming up we'll salute emeril lagasse here live great new recipes from pinterest for the new year. thanks again, amy. thank you, cable.
8:46 am
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bib on. always great to have our good friend emeril lagasse here. he will help pinterest your plate in 2015 swapping out those boring new year's resolution recipes with food that's delicious, all about visualizing the changes we want to make. emeril first of all, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> you are so popular on that site. it's a way to spice things up. >> if people are confused about what pinterest is it's a gigantic visual scrapbook and you can follow -- you can follow people as well so you can see what lara is doing with food or you're doing with food. >> usually eating. >> and it's very very popular and food is very popular and fashion, as well. of course we're doing food today. >> yes, we are. we are combierning forces with you at "gma." >> that's right. >> different little spin with the lazy susan. you'll take a dish -- >> okay. so -- >> so these are very very popular dishes on pinterest on
8:49 am
the emrelleril pinterest, chuck wagon chili. it's chuck, not ground meat. buy a chuck roast and sort of cut the meat the size that you want you braise it slowly with a lot of southwest spices in there like chili -- i like to garn i shall it with a little bit of our cheese or sour cream. really really delicious of course you can get the recipe. >> amazing that little bit of difference. >> the new chips and salsa. are you ready, ladies for this. the new chips and salsa, roasted cauliflower. >> yum. >> but not only -- roasted cauliflower and what we do we have a little curry dip that you can dip it this there, oh, yes, yes, indeed it's really delicious. can you do it with broccoli. cow do it with other roasted vegetables but cauliflower is the hip veg right now. would you guy as grow with ha. >> i like how you say cauliflower. >> cauliflower.
8:50 am
>> we did. >> cauliflower is the new black. >> it is. exactly right. okay. so now you're going to be blown away because this is another very very popular dish on pinterest. this is a potato ham and mushroom bake. >> right. >> yum. >> ki feed you? listen -- >> we're going to go for the cauliflower. >> is it beyond delicious. >> tell us about it. >> turn it around ladies. can you have the cauliflower. >> you might think it's baked but let me tell you what we did. go ahead. >> oh my goodness. >> we did it in a slow cooker. >> yes. >> you know -- we did it in a slow cooker. >> is that amazing? >> otherwise known as -- >> a crock pot. >> crock pot, right. that was -- back then. now they're fancy. now it's slow cookers. but, you know the great thing is that you can really -- you know you can really -- here's the thing. when you are like reading recipes it's hard to visualize what the dish really looks like.
8:51 am
with pinterest you see the dish first before you even get to the recipe. so that's what makes it really really so exciting and fun. >> cooking is so visual. >> absolutely. >> i also for a design -- there are so many great recipes and this one is particularly good. >> these different suggests like this can make a big difference in your dish. something so simple. >> isn't that unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> this a slow cooker. >> i cannot imagine ha. >> i didn't know they changed the name. >> it used to be crock pot. now it's slow cooker. >> i used my slow cooker last night. >> what did you make. >> buffalo chicken pulls and -- >> put it on the pinterest board. >> so easy. >> put it on pinterest. we want to know that. >> we all got together with you and michael and you ate -- >> i cooked for them before i went out. >> she's every woman. >> sometimes i preeat. that is true. >> thanks very much. >> all on pinterest.
8:52 am
your plate in 2015. please visit our pinterest page. check him out. huge on that site. coming up we'll get the winner of the "shark tank" your life competition. i'm so happy.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think of retirement. >> check out this trophy the coveted shark cup. we'll find out who's winning it now. barbara, your turn to pick the winner. paul and brittany. let's find out. >> get ready. brittany. [ cheers and applause ] >> you should know you're also voted by our viewers as the winner. you won on both fronts. how does it feel? >> it's amazing. thank you very much for letting me be here. this is awesome. >> you know you had the courage to be different and look what you got. >> all right.
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> robin, you're heading out, big college football game monday. >> and lara you will be live from l.a. >> we got it all covered. have a great weekend, everybody. >> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. it is a: 57. i'm jummy olabanji. we will get a check on the
8:57 am
friday morning commute with jack taylor at wtop. >> late problems trying to get into the district. inbound on the 11th street ridge at m street, a crash blocking the left half of the roadway. 295 in both directions coming inbound on the bridge. wilson lane at river road, wilson is open to both directions, but close at river road up to algonquian avenue to repair a water main break. a live look at the 14th street bridge. slow traffic begins near the pentagon to cross the 14th on the lower 14th, on the freeway, but all travel lanes are open. any good news for the weekend, a break in the cold maybe? >> we are pretty dry right now a few flurries possible this morning. also a little brightness in the sky. 30 degrees as the temperature with the windchill about 25. it feels like 19 in frederick 20 in hagerstown, warmer than
8:58 am
yesterday by about 15 or 20 degrees. more sunshine in the afternoon but it will be gusty, so you will feel the difference in the air today. in the weekend, back down to the middle 20's but sunday. clouds increase on sunday with 37 degrees. a wintry mix possible monday especially in the morning. >> looking forward to the sunshine. thank you for watching this friday morning. we will see you back for abc 7 news at noon.
8:59 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the comedy "girls," lena dunham.
9:00 am
from the new series "eye candy," victoria justice. plus shailene johnson works out the host as we wrap up "live's" kickstart the new year. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. ♪ [cheers and applause]


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