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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> the guests of honor for a baby shower never made it to the party. what we are learning about the tragic crash that killed the mother to be and four others. safety concerns in alexandria after an elderly man is attacked in his home.
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and a frigid start to the weekend. bad weather may hit at the very worst time, right in the middle of the monday morning commute. we begin tonight in alexandria, where the police are searching for the burglar who stabbed an elderly man. officer say the elderly man was attacked in his home on jackson place after he walked in on the burglary. richard reeve is live in alexandria with the latest. >> kimberly, what is most frightening about this is the randomness. this is a very nice upper-middle-class neighborhood in alexandria. house is an older model. the idea of two elderly people being attacked at their own home in the middle of the day has a lot of people worried. >> it's pretty sad. >> an unmarked police car sits outside of this home on jackson place. the crime scene tape a reminder
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of friday's burglary assault. at 4:00 in the afternoon, an elderly couple came home to find a man robbing their house. the suspect stabbed the 84-year-old man, injuring him seriously, and fled. the victim saw the police at braddock road and mount vernon avenue minutes before. the notion of a violent attack and robbery in this quiet alexandria neighborhood has many concern. >> just sadness that somebody -- not just that something would happen, but somebody would obviously stakeout the house and knew it was an elderly couple. it makes it sadder. it mean summary is watching the house and watching what is going on and waiting for an opportunity. >> i think anybody, anywhere has to be vigilant and careful. but this is just not very common to happen in this neighborhood. i am surprised to hear that. >> the 84-year-old man is still in the hospital, in serious
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condition. the police have a vague description of the suspect, an older man, in his 50's. very unusual for this kind of crime. the police plan to be back here noon at sunday to campus the neighborhood. they are hoping to find witnesses to interview and perhaps some kind of video surveillance. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> miserable conditions for some people living in a condominium in olney who have been without heat since yesterday. we have where the repair work stands tonight. rebecca, is the heat back on? >> we spoke with residents who say it seems to be coming back on slowly, but it is still very cold inside. the contractors have been trying to get repairs made, but it took some time. it has been two days, now going tonight's without heat. -- now going two nights without heat. the residents are very
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frustrated at camelback village. they say the management has not done proper repairs, and tonight it's very cold. kimberly? >>facing a second night without heat, this family says they are worried about their infant daughter. >> she is three months old. you can see your breath when you are talking. it's scary. >> residents are relying on space heaters. they say they have battled management. this problem happened when workers accidentally punctured a pepco line, trying to fix a water hike that the management company -- when they were trying to fix a water pipe at the management company and condo management is responsible for. >> if they come to a board meeting, they will hear about it. >> elderly residents said they cannot easily relocate. others had paid for hotel rooms by the time the management had
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put up flyers notifying residents that the red cross had set up an emergency shelter. >> we were waiting to see if they could get the heat operating before we went ahead with that. >> people who are elderly and who have three-month-old babies cannot wait to get answers about heat. this worried father says he is fed up about not getting any response from the management company. >> any i call them, i don't get a response. >> we are going to try to help you out. >> thank you. >> we have been reaching out to the management company. we spoke with him twice, but have not heard from officials. these are maintained by the condo association and the management company, but they have not been doing as much maintenance as they need it. they have been running into consistent problems. there are shelters from the r cross, but it is still very cold inside. they think that it feels like
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the heat is coming back on, but not enough. they're hoping for a warm night tomorrow night. reporting live from olney rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> you certainly need the heat tonight to keep warm in this frigid weather. let's get to eileen whelan for a look at the weekend forecast. >> the rest of the weekend will be dry but bitterly cold tonight as we fall into the single digits. in olney maryland, the temperatures are right between 10 to 12 degrees. dulles airport, it is nine degrees. certainly a very cold night. lows tonight will range from about eight degrees in the far northwestern suburbs to about 20 degrees in the city. the next weather system will bring icy conditions and monday morning. the rain over texas will be
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moving in our direction, but will not bring rain tomorrow. it will be dry with increasingclouds, temperatures milder, in the mid to upper 30's. freezing rain overnight sunday into the monday morning commute. coming up from the belfort furniture weather center, i will detail the timing and the impact. >> dominion virginia power says this week's cold blast set a new record when it comes to power demand's during the winter. the company supplied more than 19,800 megawatts at 8 a.m. wednesday. the previous record was last jaded wary. dominion has 2.4 million customers in virginia. prince george's county police have identified the seven-year-old boy who drowned in a pond and oxon hill last night. they say the boy was playing in the area of south view drive when he walked onto an ice covered pond. the ice gave way and the boy
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fell in. three police officers jumped into the water to pool the child out, but he later died at the hospital. the officers are recovering tonight. maryland state police are trying to determine which driver ran a red light in queen anne county, maryland, that killed five people. this happened early this morning on route 50 and route 213. five people, including a pregnant woman, died when ta tractor-trailer t-boned the vehicle they were in. >> the tractor-trailer rolled over on the vehicle. >> 24-year-old regina ayres was killed, so were served boyfriend, travis, her seven-month-old daughter that her seven-year-old daughter. her pregnant sister was also killed. the family was traveling to baltimore for her baby shower.
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a suspected truck driver is being blamed for causing it overnight crash that injured a greenbelt police officer. the officer was in his vehicle at a traffic stop on greenbelt road and hanover parkway when he was hit by a third car. the officer suffered minor injuries. the driver that was pulled over was not injured. the driver of the third car was not hurt, but she has been charged with driving with impaired vision and driving under the influence. additional security measures are planned for a rally tomorrow in paris to honor the victims of the terror attacks. tonight, the police continued search for the person being called the world's most wanted woman. chuck sieverts and has more. >> the most wanted woman in the world is on the lam.. french authorities say that hayat boumeddiene a member of the sleeper cell, days before the attacks led to spain, then stopped in turkey before slipping into syria. >> we believe that she may have
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wanted to go to syria to have sanctuary. >> the 26-year-old was not always an islamic radical, seen here wearing a crossbow. this is her in a bikini, smiling and hugging her partner, amedy coulibaly. they seized this kosher grocery store friday and killed four people. housings gathered for a vigil. in a heavily jewish part of town, a man said the incidents will not stop them living their lives. >> we have to confront anti-semitism. that is what we are going to do. we will exercise our jewish lives, free from whatever adversity. >> senior u.s. intelligence officials say that the "charlie
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hebdo" attacks were supported by jihadists. >> the french embassy in northwest weston has planned another tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in france. they will hold a silent march at 2 p.m. in front of the newseum on pen coming up -- search teams recover more wreckage from air asia flight 8501. the key piece of evidence that remains missing. more trouble for george zimmerman, arrested again this weekend. and maryland governor elect larry hogan has to pay up on a bet.
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>> the tail section from the air asia jet that crashed into the java sea has been lifted from the ocean. the black boxes that the authorities were hoping to recover were not found today. the chief investigator said they will likely be found in a few days.
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the batteries that send out the signals from the black boxes last 30 days and it has been 13 days since the crash. checking news around the nation, george zimmerman is out on $5,000 bond after being arrested for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. the incident happened monday at his home. officers were not able to track him down until last night. this was zimmerman's third arrest since being acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> i don't like to speculate about emotional things. it is clear he has not been very lucky wi >> a judge ordered him to stay away from his girlfriend. no boston cream cupcakes for maryland elected governor larry hogan. he has to make good on the bet. they made a friendly wager on the playoff game between the ravens and patriots.
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the ravens, sadly, lost, which we will hear about in sports. hogan will send a bushel of maryland blue crab seasoned with old bay to the boston mayor. speaking of football, katy perry will not be the only musician performing at the super bowl next month. lenny kravitz will join her on stage at the university of phoenix stadium. no word on the collaboration but some hint that it could be a version of lenny kravitz's "american woman." parts of the c&o can now turned into near solid ice. we checked with park police, and skating is allowed on most stretches of the canal, which
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for the most part has very shallow water. but it is a situation where you state at your own risk. eras never a guarantee that the ice is frozen. and there are signs in place were the canal water is deeper. >> i am so glad to hear that because that is something i was get concerned about. it does not take a lot for somebody to slip through. >> if it looks frozen, it may not be all the way. and did you see the potomac? >> it looks kind of beautiful, but just a testament to how cold it is. some of the weatherbug temperatures right now, also the high temperature today, on the right-hand side of the screen. 20's across the board at reagan national. we made it to 30 degrees, but only 28 at buffalo trails elementary school in aldie virginia. 16 degrees right now in the district.
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in laurel, maryland, scotchtown hills elementary school, 13 degrees currently. really cold air, clear skies calm wind, temperatures continuing to drop. waking up tomorrow morning possibly down to about eight degrees at dulles, six degrees manassas, upper teens in d.c., definitely bitterly cold early in the morning. keep that in mind when you are walking the dog, getting to church services, etc. a nice and bright start to the morning, clear skies not much going on in the mid-atlantic and northeast. in the deep south, rain and even went to re-weather in portions of central texas -- and even went to re-weather -- winter weather. this will be moving northward toward the day tomorrow and bring us icy conditions early monday morning. at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning clear skies, clouds increasing through the day.
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a little bit of a southern breeze. a bit milder than today, but still temperatures in the 30's. it is still cold. overnight sunday into the early morning hours of monday, the precipitation is moving in from the southwest to the northeast. where you see the purple is the indication that the temperatures will be near freezing. we may have pockets of freezing rain. 6:00 a.m. monday, more pockets of freezing rain across mocst of the region. ice accumulations will be light if any, confined to the west of i-95. not a lot of ice but enough to coat the roadways and give it that glaze and make it unsafe. as we continue through the mid to late morning, temperatures climb above freezing. we transition by the afternoon monday into a chilly rain, but
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the timing could not be worse interfering with the monday morning commute. freezing rain, don't have to worry about snow, but sometimes freezing rain is worse. it will heavily impact the monday morning commute. "good morning washington" will be starting at 4 a.m. to update you on the latest. the seven-day forecast --oh, no, i jumped the gun! here we go, i don't know, maybe it is the cold. the clicker is not happy with me. we will have more on the seven-day forecast after sports. >> the weather not cooperating with the commute. >> not at all. i think after tuesday we may have more delays. >> so, the ravens. what a great season. >> and it has become a great rivalry, the patriots and gravy and for step usually joe flacco and the ravens come out on top but not tonight. college hoops, including action
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from the hoyas and uva. sports is coming up.
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maxx life. shop >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> if there is one team that knows how to win in the postseason, it is the ravens, especially against the patriots. third quarter, joe flacco throwing in the flat. forsette with the 16 yard touchdown. 28-14. but you cannot count out the pats. lateral thrown again, 50 yard score. we are tied. fourth quarter, the ravens with the three-point lead. brady, to the end zone, on
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target, 23 yard score. that is his46th playoff touchdown, that is a record. joe flacco, deep 2 the end zone, overthrown, picked off. the ravens with one more chance. the pats punt back to the ravens with 24 seconds left. joe flacco, hail mary -- wait for it, kimberly. batted away incomplete, the ravens lose, 35-31. >> it was definitely tough after losing a game like this, but could not be more proud to be on this team with that group of guys. i think you very quickly reflect and get back in there and realize at the end of the season we came together a bunch, did a lot of great things. we will be back. >> the capitals were at the
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verizon center hosting the red wings, who just be calgary 4-2 on the road. could the caps hold it down at the phone booth? in the second, the red wings turn it over, the caps on the attack. joel ward scores, his 11th of the season. 3-0 caps. they win 3-1. college hoops, the terps are ready for another big ten victory after a bad performance on the road against unranked illinois wednesday. in indiana, taking on purdue. dez wells dribbles through traffic, the band the harm. later in the second, through the lane, the up and unders scoop. the terps up five. the terps win 69-60. georgetown in a close one with providence.
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closing seconds of the game, paul white launches the three, no good, but it is tipped into the hands of joshua smith, who puts it in, overtime. white gets the ball on the corner, he is strict on the way. time runs out. georgetown loses a tough one 60-57. top 20 matchup, acc, virginia-notre dame. tied at 53-53 anderson in the corner. drains the three. virginia remains unbeaten on the season 62-56. navy-army. less than four minutes to go, navy with the lead. the midshipmen, they go hail mary smith dunk. navy beats archrival army, 75-66. colgate-american. double overtime, 20 seconds left
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, gardner, inside. knocks down the floater. the eagles go on to win 71-69. and the nfc playoffs, it is now a final. the seahawks beat carolina, 31-17. unfortunately, the ravens could not pull it out against the patriots. >> i know that you are dedicated, what how do you stack up against this guy? one man was determined t
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>> one man is determined to swim in the ocean every single day for a year. but he does not live on a tropical island, he lives in new jersey. he does not believe in wetsuits either, only swim trunks. he says he was inspired after taking part in the polar plunge last fall and wants to start collecting donations for charity. >> wow. ♪ music ♪ i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase like 60,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000


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