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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  January 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he numbers will slide down and by early tomorrow morning when the snow and sleet begin possibly as a mix and rain mainly south and east of town we'll be about freezing or slightly above. potential is for some accumulation and we'll lose some to melting and maybe some to a mix. it's a fast moving system and we think we'll get probably close to an inch in the metro area as it settles in and melts some. the heavier accumulations up to a couple of inches in the far northern and western suburbs. mostly rain south and east. with these clippers that have some energy like this one had, there's always a chance of a snow burst or snow band to some areas that could be locally higher amounts than what you see. it will come and it will go. we'll be in good shape by late tomorrow night and into the rest of the work week. more about the potential and possibilities of this, what's possible? we'll jump into that for you here when i join you in studio in a couple of minutes, alison? >> ebbing ok doug, we want to remind everyone that "7 on your side" whenever weather threatens. stay ahead of the weather by tracking conditions on the storm watch weather app for your android or iphone. we constantly update the
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forecast on facebook and twitter and, of course we'll let you know about any impact on schools on our website. >> heavy equipment now moving into place to help search for a missing annapolis couple and their four grandchildren. the six are all feared dead after a fire destroyed the multimillion dollar mansion along the annapolis waterfront yesterday. the small pockets of the structure smoldered into this afternoon. the maryland bureau chief brad bell live there tonight saying he's got the latest on the search and the outpouring of love. brad? >> yeah leon, last night when we were here smoke was still billowing from the house earlier today at noon still an awful lot of smoke. we can say that the smoke has subsided and as we zoom on in towards the scene out there, you can see some gentlemen wearing bright orange. that is the crane operating crew. tomorrow morning, they'll begin the search for the six people presumed lost in this house.
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that work is going on even as outside of this property people are mourning what they suspect is going to be a terribly tragic end. will makes the long walk down childs point road and he's already taken a train from his home in new york this morning to pay respects to the man he considered a mentor now believed lost in this massive fire. >> don was an inspiring character. >> the i.t. executive don pyle his wife sandy and four young grandchildren are officially considered unaccounted for after this fire destroyed the pyles' massive waterfront castlelike home yesterday morning. family members had told authorities all six were in the house and they believe none survived. >> it's just very surreal right now. i can't believe that he is gone. fire marshalls are not confirming any fatalities. they haven't begun searching. that process even with the assistance of the a.t.f. agents is expected to take days. the home is so massive, this
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huge crane must be used to lift debris. >> the standard house, 2500 square feet, so you're looking at five standard houses put together. there are a lot of businesses that aren't 16000 square feet. >> and so investigators say it's far too early to suggest a cause of the fire or answer why nobody in the house made a 911 call. when that investigation develops, the human impact spreads. today, the school attended by owl four children is closed and late this afternoon, two very young classmates place flowers of their own at the gate. >> they have done so much for our family so we just thank them for being there. >> we're book live at the fire scene. the investigation is being led by the anne arundel county fire department and they are being assisted by the police. right now, this location is considered a crime scene. not because they believe that there is any crime committed but simply because investigators
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have no idea how this fire got started. so they've got to preserve all this evidence. we're told that this investigation is going to take days if not longer. in annapolis, brad bell abc 7 news. >> thank you, brad. abc 7 will remain on the scene of that devastating fire tonight as the search for that missing family and the search for answers continues. watch for updates on line at and as well tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> leon a man who made millions of dollars starting a social media site is charged with murder. today, a judge ordered 38-year-old minh nguyen held without bond in connection to thursday's shooting death of corey mattison inside an ashburn home. police say nguyen who founded the social site plaxo traveled from virginia to california to kill mattison his ex-wife's new husband. caroline tucker just spoke with
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the victim's wife and she says her husband died a hero, right? >> alison denise mattison says her husband was a hero every single day of her life including the day that he died. protecting her and her children. i'm going to show you what it looks like here outside their home. signs like this saying "you will be remembered forever." and that's exactly how he's being remembered tonight. >> i could ask you to reach for the stars and he would fly into space and get them for me. your heart is bigger than your height. and that's saying something, he's six feet. >> denise mattison reads the birthday card her oldest daughter wrote to her stepdad corey. the father who was shot and killed last thursday night her husband was a man of god. >> that is what my husband's life demonstrated. and it was taken away way too soon. >> denise's ex-husband minh nguyen the wealthy silicon tech executive is charged with shooting and killing mattison at
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their home. police say three kids were home at the time. >> my sweet husband literally laid down his life. he saved me and he saved us! he's a hero. >> she doesn't want to talk about what happened. just about the man who took her breath away. >> he swept me off my feet. and i fell in love with him before i even knew it. >> they married this past july. >> my husband is the most handsome man in the entire world! >> denise says her husband would pray every morning. >> he would say lord god, thank you so much for this day. thank you for one more day on your beautiful earth. and that's how he lived. >> hearts plaster their front door with words like "grace" and "god heals." it's comfort at a time when a family's heart is broken. >> now, in court today, wynn's attorney did not want to comment following the appearance. however, nguyen will appear back in court january 28th fof a bond hearing. meanwhile, the mattison family here is preparing for funeral
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services. later on this week tomorrow calling hours will happen and then a funeral will follow on thursday. all of that will happen at the reston bible church in sterling. and a go fund me account has been set up in their name to try to help them with these expenses. definitely a very sad, sad time here in ashburn. live tonight, caroline tucker abc 7 news. >> caroline, thank you. new at 5:00 now, a baltimore judge is dropping all charges against the suspect in the felicia barnes murder case. michael johnson was convicted in 2013 of killing 16-year-old barnes. however, today, the judge said there was not enough evidence for a guilty verdict after two mistrials. barnes was from north carolina and disappeared while visiting her family in baltimore in 2010. her body was later found in the river. >> president obama is preparing for his first state of the union address facing republican majority in the house and the senate. plus a partisan balance doesn't
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appear to be slowing the president's push for big changes focused on the economy. karen traverse is live at the capitol for us this evening and has a look at the issue that's expected to dominate tonight's address. karen? >> good evening, leon. president obama is facing a very skeptical audience in the republican controlled house and senate. but his message tonight for the lawmakers in the room and americans watching at home will be optimistic. centered around the theme that america is on the rebound. >> for the past two weeks, president obama is in on something of a spoiler tour. >> the country is coming back. i want everybody to feel like things are getting better. >> rolling out many of the policy proposals he'll formally unveil in tonight's state of the union address. the white house wanted to start drumming up support for his agenda which is aimed squarely at the middle class. some of the initiatives the president will lay out include tax cuts for middle income earners. free community college for two years. and guaranteeing seven days paid
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sick leave for workers. the white house plans to pay for these proposals and more with significant tax increases on the wealthiest americans. president obama is coming into tonight's speech with some momentum and is looking to capitalize on americans' growing sense of optimism when it comes to the economy. gas prices are plunging and 2.95 million jobs were added last year, best year since 1999. 41% of americans right now say the economy is excellent or good. up significantly from just three months ago. tonight will mark the first time that president obama delivers his state of the union to a republican controlled house and senate which means his address may turn out to be more of a wish list. it's unlikely republican leaders will act on his proposals. >> he doesn't set the agenda in the senate. we're going to try to do the things that we think will make america a better place. >> all signs point to preside obama staying on offense for his last two years in office. he's, of course not on the
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ballot in 2016 but the progressive agenda he's indicating he'll pursue could significantly shape the race to replace him. reporting live from capitol hill, karen traverse, abc 7 news. >> thank you, karen. folks, count on abc 7 and newschannel 8 for complete balanced coverage of tonight's address. we'll carry the entire speech and the republican response live on both stations. and on as well all starting at 9:00 p.m. and then stay with newschannel 8 for reaction and analysis. students will pay more to finish the school year. university system voted friday to raise tuition by 2% starting in the spring semester which begins just six days. this will impact the university of maryland college park frostburg state universitysalisbury university and towson university. the rare mid-year increase in response to $40 million in state budget cuts to the university system. >> well we are hearing from
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metro officials for the first time since last week's deadly incident on that yellow line train. the agency is facing criticism, of course for its response when smoke filled that tunnel and the l'enfant plaza station. one woman died. more than 80 others were hurt from breathing in the smoke and the fumes while waiting for help. joce sterman live outside the wilson building with what metro is telling d.c. leaders and what questions remain unanswered now. joce? >> alison so many of them remain unanswered. the board chair today provided only one specific response about what happened last week. and we know it's frustrating for all of you you step on the metro and you wanted to feel like you're safe in doing it and the city council understands that. as they learned today the answers were hard to come by. >> metro's board chair tom downs on the hot seat at a d.c. council briefing about the incident on the yellow line. >> council me tell that the facts are important
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before jumping to conclusion about what needs to be fixed. >> but with council members and metro riders still in the dark about the facts, they want answers and so do we. were the maintenance records and is everything up to date for the ventilation? >> i can't speak to it. that's a part of the investigation that the safety board is reviewing. >> maintenance and repair records the "7 on your side" i-team has asked for on lockdown as the ntsb reviews them and the investigation limits what metro can say although downs did use today's briefing to shut claims from critics that underground systems that should have moved smoke from the tunnel did not function properly. >> the allegations that the fans weren't working was dead wrong. >> but what went wrong last monday is still a mystery. council members don't want to wait to hear solved. they're waiting for a briefing with the head of the ntsb. >> what do you do in the meantime to assure the system is safe? >> i'll try to ask as many questions as possible.
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>> once the council gets those answers what they find out will have to be confidential. and we did some digging today. talked to insiders in this industry who tell us that other transit agencies get audited by a federal organization and one locally. we talked to both of them today and asked for copies of the most recent audits and we're told we couldn't have them today but we did put in a request and as soon as we get that information, we will bring it to you. live at the wilson building joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> we'll be watching for that joce. and count on abc 7 and our investigative team to continue to push for answers in that deadly incident on board metro. we will bring you all the developments in this case as soon as we uncover them. >> just ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00 a woman pulled out of a burning home. what her hero is saying and what firefighters say made the battle more difficult and more dangerous. >> plus dogs rescued from certain death. how they're doing after being found frozen and starving and
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the coincidence that led police right to them. >> a d.c. resident is very worried. this giant tree is going to some day soon fall over right into her bedroom. i'm chris pabst, coming up we'll tell you why the city which owtt2wút3nú!d! bt@qv+( tt2wút3nú!d! "a@qf'l tt2wút3nú!d! bm@qm,@ tt4wút3nú!d!" dztq )
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>> a d.c. woman is begging the district government for help saying that she is afraid to sleep in her own bed. >> and it's all because of something that's growing outside of her window just not on her property. >> right. "7 on your side" chris pabst takes a look at the problem and what can be done about it. >> uvable. totally unbelievable. >> it looks like something out of a horror picture. >> angela bird moved into this home when she was 5. >> my dilemma. >> she's watched over the years as its american elm has grown tall and leaned ever closer to her home. with the ground now sinking on one side and the roots rising on the other, she's had enough. >> month after month, you're like hey, that tree moving a little more? >> starting 10 years ago bird began asking the city that owns the tree to remove it. and after 10 years it's still here. d.c. government does keep an
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ongoing list of the trees that are scheduled for removal. "7 on your side" obtained that list and that tree is not on it. but there are other trees the city does plan to remove that are much smaller and don't pose a threat to homes. like this one. you can tell by the red dot. here's another red dot. this tree is a little bit bigger, though not nearly as big or as threatening as the one that's not coming down. >> very unnerving. >> "7 on your side" contacted d.c.'s urban forestry administration and we're told since the tree is healthy despite its lean it doesn't need to be removed. they said "the tree has been inspected. there is nothing causing us any concern or worry at this point. all functions of the tree are working fine. there's no risk that we see." to which bird replies -- >> healthy trees can come down too. i'm trying to get ahead of this problem. it's an accident waiting to happen. >> now, if you have a problem,
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you think chris and the "7 on your side" team should look into for you, let us know. send us an e-mail to tips at or call the "7 on your side" hotline. 866-236-3401. >> all right. we've known this week that wednesday would be the day to watch. and it sounds like it's shaping up that way. >> one of the most frequent asked questions i get over the years when we have these systems, could it really blow up into a coastal monster storm. it's a question if we have one to two or two to three. in my world not a big difference. for a lot of people, it's important. line it up in a box for you and we'll do that right now. we'll start, though and do this to share our images we look in southern frederick county. we end the sequence now. few breaks in the overcast but later tonight, the entire area will become overcast. showers that we had earlier have
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moved across the bay to the eastern shore. let's check numbers. hit 50 in virginia today. still in the mid 40's all across the region. and temperatures will be slow to fall. but fall they will tonight. so the stage will be set with temperatures about freezing in the morning and early in the morning starting at 6:00 a.m. in the metro area and 4:00 a.m. north and west winter weather advisory goes into effect and will be in effect until 6:00 p.m. until it's canceled a bit early. it depends on what happens with the temperatures the amount of moisture this clipper system brings in. 41 at martinsburg. 49 by fredricksburg. by early tomorrow morning temperatures outside of the city will be somewhere right about freezing. above freezing in the city. these temperatures are critical. if we're callingn the lower 20's, whole new ballgame in this system. because we'll be so close, we'll lose some of the snow to melting initially. that complicates how much will fall. let's look at the system itself it has a little precipitation with it. most of the precipitation will come from the southern jet
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stream coming across southern missouri and western ohio valley. they'll merge together and the setup will be in place for this thing to grind up out snow and sleet. because of the temperature issues, it will be iffy who sees what. our best thought is for the d.c. area and to the north predominantly it will turn out to be sleet and then snow. you can see it depicted in the futurecast. other models bring it earlier than 11:00 and bring a lot more rain into the area. there's no consensus. a lot of times the models will come together with a common solution. which one do you believe? we're taking the middle ground and thinking we'll probably begin 6:00 to 8:00 in the morning between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and most of it will fall. you can't figure it out ahead of time, this gives us a hint that sometimes we'll get bursts of rain or bursts of snow or these systems and that could be the story tomorrow. it will clear out late tomorrow night and thursday and friday whatever we get will melt. we'll do a couple of days of warm temperatures in the 40's with sunshine. tomorrow will not be warm and we'll be sunny. here's what we think. mostly rain south and east of
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the metro area and even south and southwest. up to an inch in the metro area. one to two further north. remember the snow bands and the snow bursts that we get with these clippers sometimes. if that happens over your area then you will locally get heavier totals. it won't be widespread we think. again, temperatures will make the difference. we'll get it all out by tomorrow night and good to go. check out the temperatures. climbing above freezing. see kind of a mix changing to snow especially north andest with of town. and kind of be history by thursday and friday with sunshine and mid to upper 40's. another system is going to come. this one from the south on saturday. temperatures enough that we think it will be mostly a mix or even rain with highs near 40. worry about that after we get through tomorrow's system and in the weekend, beyond now it looks like it will settle down and be pretty pleasant with partly cloudy skies. never a dull moment. >> not at all. we have some breaking news just coming in right now, word of a triple shooting involving juveniles. we're told there were two different crime scenes in northeast washington right now. police are investigating.
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>> d.c. bureau chief sam ford just arrived on the scene there. so sam what are your sources telling you about this? >> well, what we are hearing and believe me the police have a lot of questions at this point as well. if you look in front of me here you see cars on the sidewalk and in the yard and then beyond that, you see a van also in the yard. it appears that there was some kind of chase here definitely a shooting because people here said that they heard the shots. according to the police are telling us that three teenagers were shot. all with nonlife threatening injuries. this is the scene here again, you can see a car two cars here on the sidewalk and in the yard and then beyond that there's a van in the yard that the officer told me that the van was actually hit by another vehicle and put in the yard because of the chase or whatever the situation was here. then after the situation here the young people end in the 1500 block of isherwood here
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southeast. i don't know if it's seven or eight blocks here. that's where the ambulance came and picked them up and took them to the hospital. we saw the ambulance leaving there. but a lot of questions still. a lot of police on the scene here. where all of it apparently started, these were believed to be school kids because they had school uniforms on. unanswered questions at this point. certainly, i guess, a lot of this will be sifted out later. but that is the scene from here in washington on the 2800 block of i street northeast. roaring live from northeast d.c., sam ford abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you sam. what a scene, boy! >> let us know what happens out there. coming up at 5:00 what's behind a $2 billion windfall for delta that has congress asking questions about the price you pay to fly. >> plus the obstacles firefighters face as the fire consumed a northeast d.c. home leaving two people injured. >> one was found frozen to the ground and one of five found in
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deplorable conditions outside of a woo
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>> a search for answers is under way after several pitbulls are found chained between starving and freezing. >> diane cho shows us what's being done for the dogs who were only discovered because of a crime. most of these five pitbulls were ed and underweight
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when they were discovered but still, they were considered the lucky ones. >> any time an animal dies it's a horrendous case. >> police say a pitbull was found dead last weekend frozen to the ground. the lieutenant with the anne arundel police department say detectives were out investigating a recent homicide in the freetown community when they came across this littered area with trash and bowls of water where the dogs had been trained to trees left out in the cold. >> for such a cruel act for people to do this for animals, you don't know what they could possibly do to a human. that's problematic and these are people we need to talk to. >> animal control officials say the dogs are now recovering. some have even gained weight since they've arrived. >> we have to hope for a positive ending for the dogs that we were able to help. >> police say there's been a recent spike of violent crime in the neighborhood where the dogs were discovered. two were homicides and the third is being investigates as an attempted murder. >> naturally, as investigators,
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we're looking at whether these incidents are all related including the animal abuse. >> they're hoping someone will come forward with the information that they need. >> if you saw somebody come into this community and bring pitbulls over there, we want to hear from you. see if we can identify this. >> right now these dogs are still under protective custody. they're not available for adoption just yet. if you know anything about their potential owners police are asking if you call their anonymous tipline here in anne arundel county. diane cho, abc 7 not news oochlt-- abc 7 news. >> the new benefits of drinking a cup of joe that could stop a deadly form of cancer. >> the man accused in that deadly shooting in colorado as jury selection begins in his trial. >> i thought somebody died to be honest with you. >> heroic act that saved a woman's life as this fire
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burned. what made
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>> an elderly woman is alive tonight thanks to the bravery and quick actions of her neighbor. >> that's right. he ran into the home of oates street in northeast washington as soon as he saw flames. sam ford talked with the hero and explains the problem that firefighters encountered that left one of them injured. >> it was an all engulfing and
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scary fire. and before firefighters arrived -- >> i'm asking help help i'm in here. i'm in here. and he went in there. you know? >> her brother, larry watson ran into the burning building. an 89-year-old woman and 59-year-old man trapped inside. >> i was like where are you at? and i picked her up and brought her all the way down and carried her out. she was holding on to the top ofshirt. >> firefighters said the blaze was made worse by hoarding. so much stuff in the four unit building, it was hard for firefighters to make entry into the individual apartment and it fueled the flames and smoke. >> pack rat conditions with heavy fire from the first floor as well as fire on the second floor. >> a dehydrated firefighter as well as the 89-year-old resident were taken away by ambulance. another son arrived on the scene relieved his mother was alive. he said his brother was into
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flea markets. >> wherever there is a flea market, he has to participate. he participate in that. >> he collects stuff. >> right. >> so he can sell it. >> right. >> he also met the neighbor who helped them and thanked him. >> all i know is i heard them hollering and i went in there and got her i brought her out. >> it's believed the victims of this fire are going to be ok but the fire battalion chief says this demonstrates how dangerous hoarding can be. reporting from northeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> well, prince george's county police are investigating a homicide tonight. a man was shot to death outside of a home in capitol heights this morning. it happened around 10:00 on coral gardens court. no one else was hurt and the man's name an been released. police have not made an arrest. and now to a "7 on your s alert tonight. fairfax city police are warning people to lock their cars and hide their valuables after recent break-ins there. police say thieves rummaged through nearly 30 unlocked cars
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near george mason university last weekend. items stolen include an ipod and money. last night, several cars were broken into along burke station road and police have stepped up patrols in that area. let's get a check on the traffic situation this evening. bob emler in the wtop radio center. >> emergency road work continues in howard county. only two lanes are getting to the right. very slow on both loops getting to 95 north and there was a crash on the baltimore-washington parkway northbound on 410. it's out of the road now and still delays trying to head north up to riverdale. heading west on 66 volume getting out to centreville. same on the beltway up from tysons to 270. take a look and see what it looks like out there. very heavy getting up towards clarksburg. no incidents along the way and traveling south on 395.
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headed south of the pentagon towards landmark we find plenty of volume headed south towards landmark but with the lanes open. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> delta airlines expected to save $2 billion a year thanks to prices. there's no guarantee those savings will mean any reduction of fares that you'll see. in fact, some in congress want to stage hearings into why ticket prices remain high despite a 50% drop in oil prices. fares are 10% higher in fact than they were five years ago. and that doesn't include various charges that you get hit for like the things like checked bags and early boarding. >> well, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, a $119,000 hotel that goes to -- goes zero to six in under five seconds. >> and the visible difference in the man accused of a mas colorado movie theater as jury selection begins. >> coming up tonight at 6:00 heroin deaths in virginia are spiralling. today, lawmakers make a push for d.c.
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family turns to "7 on your side" after a problem deep within their walls goes unfixed. our story is coming up you want to
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reach horace and the "7 on your side" team, just e-mail tips at or call the "7 on your side" hotline and we may look into your problem. leon? >> speaking of people looking
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for places to live a man in arizona is turning his luxury car into a hotel on wheels. steve works in vacation rentals. and he's also a part-time uber driver. he combined both of those jobs to create the world's first tesla hotel. his tesla model s retails for $119,000 but now you can sleep in it for $85 a night. comes with two remote control candles and other amenities. >> if you, you know, want to set a nice mood in there, you get a premium air bed. i mean this thing is top of the line. full sized air bed and comes with all the linens. his advertising experience on line is the fastest hotel in the world. teslas can go from 0 to 60 in four minutes. no one final seconds against lafayette. >> read it and my guy went under and i told him to get up so he can get a chance to rebound and get another shot up but i kind of take it down enough to where
5:42 pm
we don't give it. and luckily -- >> that was gardener's third buzzer-beater of the season and he drained a three-pointer at the end of the previous game to knock off lehigh. and he also hit this driving layup last month as time expired against mount st. mary's. >> could be anybody. so as long as we get the wins that's all that matters. >>sn't always been mr. clutch on the court, he's a slam dunk in the classroom and beyond. >> everyone around campus loves him. he realizes what an opportunity he has here at a.u. and he's taking full advantage of it. >> i love him. how do you not love peewee? >> guy named peewee is winning all the games. >> as good as it gets. >> thanks tim. >> coming up next on abc 7 news- only in america, i think would somebody be honored like this. >> suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> what a remarkable man. >> yep. >> and so long overdue with that honor.
5:43 pm
>> thank god he lived long enough for us to be able to honor him this way. >> thank you for your service, sir. that's it now for abc 7 news at 5:00. coming up tonight at 6:00 now, a winter weather alert. what you need to know about the system headed our way. >> the republicans control the house and senate. president obama has big goals for the year ahead. preview of tonight's state of the union. >> and new information about the metro smoke incident. whattro is saying about claims that critical fans did not work that day. >> first at 6:00 a winter weather alert. several counties in our area are under a winter storm advisory and d.c.


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