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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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george's county. gaithersburg below freezing. that will be the story. lower the temperatures go for the longer period of time the better the chance we'll see things kind of glaze over puddles freeze temperatures will drop near 30 later this evening with a light southeasterly breeze and then as we head through the overnight hours, we're looking for temperatures of 25 to 31 degrees and on top of that we may well see areas of fog forming overnight and that with subfreezing temperatures could put an icy glaze on windshields or any dry surfaces. so that's what we're looking at here. the snow is out of the picture for sure as the clipper has moved off to the east, off the delmarva coast. a little disturbance across ohio we'll keep an eye on. that's the leading edge of air that will give us some fog and during the overnight, some areas might see a sprinkle or snow flurry especially north of town. look ahead to another storm system we'll have to deal with on saturday. busy weather day indeed maureen. >> certainly is. thank you. the snow stopped falling more than an hour ago but we have a look now at the roads and what
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situation and conditions they are in at this hour. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in leesburg. jeff? >> well maureen talking about the temperatures, it certainly feels a lot colder now than it did maybe an hour or two ago and this was the rush hour. a lot of people are concerned about, but it's not prooufb to be any problems. this is route 7 in leesburg. very busy road. it's been clear for most of the day. this cold and the snow really the pavement not cold enough for it to stick. its been warm on the roads so things not sticking. not creating a lot of slipping and sliding. certainly good news. all over leesburg though and all over the place, we saw trucks out there getting a good workout. certainly happy about getting that work after somewhat slow winter time. very picturesque scene out here in leesburg. looks like a snow globe. all over the place, we were on the roads in ashburn, chantilly and herndon as well. really did seem like drivers were taking it easy and driving cautiously. certainly good news. vdot was everywhere. about 800 of those trucks out on the roads today and this is the
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kind of snow that we've been dealing with that hard packed snow. really wet stuff. good for snowballs. that's for sure. that's probably what a lot of kids were doing. loudoun county schools were canceled today. evening activities canceled for arlington and fairfax county schools as well. rush hour moving smoothly. people driving cautious and the roads pretty much ok. live in leesburg, jeff goldberg abc 7 news. >> thanks jeff. you can get up-to-the-minute information about the weather on our website at you can also see what the weather looks like in your neighborhood on the abc 7 stormwatch weather app on your smartphone. a news conference begins in just a few minutes with new information about the investigation into the metro smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza station. we expect to hear from lawmakers and the ntsb. roz slater is live at the capitol tonight with more.
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>> we expect that briefing to start in a couple of minutes or so after a closed door meeting between the ntsb and 12 members of the national capital delegation. that's all our lawmakers. what they've been talking about, of course is that deadly metro incident last week where smoke filled the tunnel at the l'enfant plaza station. it trapped some 200 passengers on that yellow line train. one passenger died. as a result it was, and dozens of others were hospitalized. now, these investigations usually take time. but -- and they are in the early stages of it. but lawmakers from here asked for this meeting because they say they have questions that they need answers to now about the safety of the system about what happened in the emergency response. about maintenance for this regional transportation system and, of course a lot of that funding comes from congress. in the meantime everything about metro and the incident is under the microscope. once this briefing is finished we're told we'll have a briefing from the ntsb itself.
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that wd 7:00 tonight. as soon as we get that information, we'll have it for you later on this evening. i'm roz slater, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much roz. we have developing news out of annapolis. authorities confirm research teams have recovered two bodies from the charred ruins of an annapolis mansion. don and sandra pyle are feared dead along with their four grandchildren. their remains on the way to the medical examiner's office in baltimore for identification. the cause of monday morning's fire is not yet known. fresh from his second to last state of the union address president obama is in idaho tonight. the trip is the president's first while in office to the conservative leaning state. the president will push the economic proposals he outlined last night during a speech in boise. those proposals including a tax increase on the rich face strong opposition from the republicans. >> if he wants to raise taxes, will make it very difficult for us to come to some agreement of
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how we're going to reform our broken tax code. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has accepted the house speaker's invitation to address a joint session of congress next month. the topic will be iran's nuclear weapons program. the president promised to veto new sanctions against iran while talks with that country continue. historic talks are getting under way in cuba. the highest level u.s. delegation in decades arrived in havana this afternoon. they will talk with the cuban government about eventually loosening the trade embargo in place since 1962. both conversations, rather more conversations, both in havana and washington are expected later. a man accused of planning to attack the u.s. capitol has been indicted by a grand jury. christopher cornell faces several charges including attempting to kill u.s. officials. cornell was arrested outside a gun shop near cincinnati on
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january 14th. and court documents claims that cornell planned to wage jihad by attacking the capitol with pipe bombs. he's being held without bond. inauguration day in maryland today. the state's 62nd governor larry hogan took the oath of office in annapolis and promised it was the start of a new day for marylanders. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been following the festivities all day. brad? >> yeah maureen, at noon today, lawyers mall here, the plaza in front of the statehouse was absolutely packed with people. and overhere, up on the statehouse steps stood a big stage for the inauguration. well, right now at 6:00 here's that stage loaded on a trailer ready to get out of here. it's kind of symbolic because the new governor said for him it too is time to get to work. >> sworn in as maryland's second republican governor in a generation, larry hogan made it clear he plans to lead maryland
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in a new direction. >> let me say loudly and clearly, maryland is open for business. >> hogan promises bipartisanship as the most forceful statement of the speech was a clear reference to the administration of former governor martin o'malley and a promise to cut taxes. >> we must get the state government off our backs and out of our pockets so we can grow the private sector and put people back to work and turn our economy around! >> maryland's last republican governor says hogan won't back down from his principles. >> larry won for a reason. he understands why he won. that's what you heard today. >> it's what may be on display for a while when hogan reveals his budget plan facing a $750 million shortfall, it's expected to include major cuts. prince george's county executive baker is among those who will be watching closely. >> especially around our education system. there are great needs in the county. >> today, though, was hogan's time to celebrate.
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after speaking to several hundred people outside the statehouse, the governor and his wife came in out of the snow to shake the hands of hundreds of supporters. >> i am just very optimistic. i wanted to see the beginning of a change. >> well at this hour the new governor is on his way up to baltimore for an inaugural gala tonight. he'll introduce his budget to legislative leaders tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and just about five minutes ago i spoke to house speaker mike bush and i asked how long he figured the good will between the democratic legislature and the new republican governor would last. and he said well they'll see what's in the budget. in annapolis, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you, brad. senate majority leader harry reid will have to have surgery on his right eye. you might remember he was hurt in an exercising accident. a statement from the senator's office says the surgery is needed to help him recover full vision in that eye. reid also suffered broken ribs in the accident on new year's
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day and those injuries are healing well. next at 6:00 charges filed against marion christopher barry. latest in the case against him. and new information about a shooting on a metro bus. one person is in custody but the search is on for a person of interest.
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>> marion christopher barry was
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released on his own recognizance a short time ago. he pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges related to an indent at a bank in northwest washington. barry must stay away from the p.n.c. branch where he's accused of threatening a teller and destroying a security camera. barry is a candidate for his late father's ward eight council seat. one person is in custody tonight in connection with a shooting on a metro bus. delante brown was arrested overnight in prince george's county. brown is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the shooting happened just before 10:30 monday night in the 100 block of eighth street northwest. a person of interest in the crime, the woman you see in this surveillance picture is not yet in custody. an investigation is going on now in montgomery county after an s.u.v. crashed into a home. it happened in the 800 block of locksford terrace in wheaton. no one was hurt. as you can see, the building was significantly damaged. the cause of the crash has not been identified.
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still ahead, a painstaking process to restore some history. how you can go behind the scenes at the air and space museum to see the restoration up close. next. and the storm system moved out of our area. there may be more on the way. >> the stars are out in washington, d.c. kevin durant is here to take on the wizards. max scherzer is introduced to the washington national nabs. he had 210 million reasons to join this ballclub. i'
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>> for one day only visitors to the smithsonian's air & space museum will see an unusual side of the museum and its collections. our caroline tucker gives us a preview of the behind-the-scenes tour. >> when these two pieces are brought together -- >> preservation is under way at the air & space museum. >> aluminum skin. >> ann macombs is working. >> this type of fabric continues to shrink as it ages. >> to piece together a time
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capsule. >> lost an engine on a couple of occasions. it lost its electrical system on one occasion. but bless its little heart, it brought them back safe each time. >> this world war ii bomber nicknamed flak bait is one of the artifacts getting some care inside a hangar out of the public eye. >> original art the original paint. >> but this saturday visitors will be able to boldly go where not many have gone before. behind the scenes. >> one of the main points of concern is the fact that we had this cracking in the wooden supports. >> the star trek enterprise model is one in those off-limits spaces where conservators are preserving tv history. >> on the one hand it's a thrill but a big responsibility because it's kind of artifact that you don't want to screw up. >> they've used the national news x-ray man to see what's inside. >> there's a labyrinth of wiring. light fixtures and transformers. >> this is the side of the u.s.s. enterprise many fans never got a chance to see on the
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show. it's where they connected all of the wiring for the show. now, visitors will get to look at a different side of history in the remaking. caroline tucker, abc 7 news. >> very interesting. open house takes place this saturday and we're asked to tell you to be sure to arrive before 3:00 p.m. so you can get inside. there may be lots of crowds. for more information, check out our website at and we are happy to hear that the snow has ended. but you left a little bit of a question mark in your last -- >> yeah. one concern tonight is refreeze. that's a real concern. and the possibility, another coastal storm could come our way on saturday. so let's get busy and cover the bases for you. first, though a time lapse. this from cardinal ridge elementary school in centreville and the snow came down heavily for a while. quickly covered everything up. started to melt off. and this last image that i want you to take a look at a little bit of shine from the lights.
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right now, it's just wet there. overnight, it could be icy. that played out all over the place. here's the problem. you can see that shiny reflection, is it ice or is it just wet? i don't know. you got to treat it like it is ice because temperatures will fall below freezing in many areas. a little snowfall map for you so far. 3.3 inches reported in new market and frederick county. westminster, three inches. 2 1/2 in columbia. farther south and east you went in front of the washington area lighter the snow amounts. forecast of two inches of snow reported in rockville and a little over an inch in bowie. as far as the numbers go right now, this is key as we head through the night and overnight. above freezing and a few spots like reagan national at or below freezing. other places now like dulles and gaithersburg and baltimore, b.w.i. thurgood marshall and the temperature will be key because those red areas and slushy areas in the road could refreeze overnight. on top of that as temperatures fall, we could see some fog rolling in overnight as well. the setup is there for icy spots
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and keep a close eye on it to see if it could lead to delays. any information like that we'll share with you tonight. in the meantime here comes a little bit of energy following today's clipper. way out of here. a little bit of energy coming in tonight. leading edge is warmer air that will generate that fog and some models predict maybe a couple of snow flakes or rain drops could pass north of the city in the overnight hours, 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning but the main event, main traction is gone off the coast. all of the attention after the cold temperatures and the possible ice tonight it switches over west central texas. that's going to track along the gulf coast and head up the east coast late friday night and saturday. right now, it looks to be primarily rain or a rain/snow mix for the area. but this thing will have the ability to produce a lot of moisture. something we'll watch closely for you. tomorrow will be beautiful. we'll turn partly to mostly sunny and breezy. close to 50 degrees. more sunshine and 40's on friday and then all attention goes to the south of this developing coastal system. and again, that's going to be our main job the next couple of
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days trying to nail that down. so partly sustart. highs close to 50 in the afternoon, you'll see friday sunshine and then the possibility of rain or snow and rain mix saturday into sunday. we'll talk more about that too, for you maureen in a couple of minutes. >> thank you so much. and let's go to tim brandt live at nationals park where the new pitcher, mr. scherzer has arrived to great expectations. >> yeah. absolutely, mo. as a matter of fact after listening to doug i can tell you spring ball starts in 30 days. and max scherzer will be there. and how about kevin durant? will he be a wizard next year? it's all speculation right now. but i can tell you he's in town tonight and we will take you there coming up nex
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>> welcome back to nats park everybody. max scherzer is now officially a member of the washington nationals. he's introduced this afternoon. put on his new jersey, number 31. and he met with the media. seven years, $210 million, a strong arm. both scherzer and the nats a lot of security. thomas boswell said few teams enter the off season with more short term certainty and more long term options to build for the future. the nationals have both. and they also have the best pitching rotation in all of baseball. >> for me i've been part of
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some really good rotations for the past couple of years especially in detroit but what i've learned from that is you know, you get to watch these great pitchers pitch every single day and makes it fun to go to the yard even when you're not pitching. i'm actually really excited to be able to watch the other guys on this staff throw because it's stuff i can pick up on and try to emulate. >> when you have a staff like that, though you carry that swagger going into the -- when the pitchers and catchers report in a matter of weeks now? >> yeah you just don't feel like you're ever on a losing streak. you know the next guy can step up and get the job done. that was something that was very thrilling, very, you know fulfilling for me when i played in detroit. so i think we're going to have that type of talent here in washington. so that you know every day you come to the park somebody will go out and get the job done. >> so max scherzer is official. max scherzer today. kevin durant tonight playing the wizards. robert burton is with him. two miles that way at verizon. robert take it away! >> there he is right there, kevin durant getting the warmup. first one on the floor tonight
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here at the verizon center a he's a local kid so a lot of questions about is he going to come back here after his contract expires in 2016 to play with the washington wizards? we don't know that but we do know one thing for sure he'll get a lot of those and that's buckets. at the phone booth, robert burton, abc 7 sports. >> one of the best days in washington sports in a long long time. maybe in washington sports history. there's the story. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, robert and tim. what's the latest? >> well precipitation is over. it's out of here. tonight, we're worried about temperatures and maybe some fog refreezing temperatures. that will be the story overnight. 25 to 31 degrees. out tonight with some important updates on temperatures, icing and the weekend storm update. >> lots to take care of and
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on this wednesday night, the breaking developments right here in havana cuba. an historic day, and what's coming next. tonight, new details inside the talks between the u.s. and cuba. the first disagreement here. as both sides push for diplomatic ties. the first time since the cold war. the mystery russian spy ship that pulled into port here. the u.s. coast guard tonight now patrolling off florida for cuban refugees.d of course the american cars right here from the 1950s. back home before the super bowl the super scandal tonight. the new report what it reveals about those footballs. did the patriots cheat? the new storm coming. ginger zee is standing by. and the royal mess tonight. the headline breaking now about the newest sex scandal. what they've revealed. and the prominent americans caught in the middle of it.


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