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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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whitney houston's daughter rushed to the hospital today. what first responders found when they responded to her home. and we're following breaking news from overseas. there are reports that isol has killed a japanese hostage. we begin with a winter weather alert. it's been a cold yet calm start to the weekend. that's about to change tomorrow. good evening. many parts of the d.c. area could see a wintry mix on super bowl sunday. the d.c. snow team plans to deploy about 200 trucks tomorrow morning to treat our roads. here's the timeline of what is to come. >> well, you know, i have to say for the most part i think the majority of our super bowl sunday will be dry. it's later in the evening especially when the game is
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getting done and you are heading home after the super bowl parties the roads may be a little bit slick. let me start off though with the impact forecast for this next bout of wintry weather. this is going to be a predominantly rain event. most of the rain overnight sunday and into the day monday. however, enough cold air will be in place by the start of the precipitation that it may begin as a wintry mix. as of now, clear skies and cold temperatures. 34 at reagan national. 30 degrees at dulles as well as b.w.i. marshall. overnight, clouds begin to increase as the weather system approaches. 26 degrees our low temperature tonight. here is that weather system on our storm watch 7 storm scan. you can see the precipitation in the mid section of the country. some of that may greet us through the midday hours tomorrow. if anything, just a light, light wintry mix. then i think after 7:00 p.m. we'll really start to see a better likelihood of some snow sleet, and maybe even freezing rain. but overnight sunday into the day monday, it will be
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predominantly rain. so i'm not expecting too many issues on the road for early monday morning. we'll talk more in detail about this entire system and the workweek forecast coming up. >> all right. and more weather in the northeast. the northeast bracing for it. just days after a blizzard hammered neighborhoods. forecasters expect to bring a new storm. 5 inches to a foot of snow in the midwest this weekend. similar amounts in the northeast on monday. boston could get another 10 to 14 inches of snow. this week's blizzard already dropped 2 feet of snow in boston. be sure to stay with abc 7 and as we track the winter weather. look for updates on our social media platforms and download our storm watch app so you can receive alerts right to your mobile device. breaking news now concerning isil. the japanese government says it is working to verify the authenticity of a video released by the terrorist group. the video reportedly shows the beheading of a hostage and comes one week after isil killed another japanese hostage
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. isil had threatened to kill him unless the female bomber currently on death row was released. the white house says the u.s. strongly condemns isil's actions and calls for the immediate release of all remaining hostages. following a developing story from outside atlanta, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown bobby christina is in the hospital after she was found unresponsive in a bath tub in her home. police say the 21-year-old woman was found by her husband and a friend and then given c.p.r. less than two weeks before the third anniversary of the death of her mother whitney houston. the singer was found dead in a hotel bath tub in beverly hills from an accidental drowning. a medical examiner listed drug use and heart disease as contributing factors. d.c. police are investigating how a body ended up in a waterway near reagan national airport. officers found the body just before noon in the 3800 block of thomas avenue near the
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southern end of the airport. police are not saying whether the body was that of a man or a woman. the medical examiner will make an identification and determine an exact cause of death. some fairfax county residents are calling for answers in the shooting death of a man by police. residents asked questions during a town hall meeting held this morning a day after fairfax county police released thousands of pages of documents in the case involving john gear. we'll go live to the newsroom for reaction to that document dump. kevin? >> mount vernon has held its annual town hall for some 20 years now. it just so happens this year's came in the wake of fairfax county deciding to dump all of these potentially incriminating documents. and so members of the group justice for john geer attended today's meeting and had one objective in mind. >> a town hall meeting with hard-hitting questions about the shooting death of john geer. it followed a surprise friday evening document dump some
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11,000 pages of data detailing why fairfax county officer adam torres shot the unarmed man during an august, 2013 standoff. police also released video of the takedown in addition to audio of torres' internal affairs interview. >> it was justified. i have no doubt about that at all. i don't feel sorry for shooting the guy at all. >> i got about three hours of sleep last night. >> mike curtis postponed his bed time and searched for answers. >> i think the release of the documents at 7:30 on a friday is just further proof they're not committed to transparency. they could have released it earlier during the week. obviously they don't want it to be picked up by the media. >> could we get a comment? >> you know, you're in here asking questions. >> if people could just get a comment from you in regards to what's going on. >> fairfax county board of supervisors chairwoman sharon boliva dodged reporters. her colleague took a more transparent approach. >> i'm not happy and people are not happy to have had to wait
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so long to find out actually what happened. >> i have no personal involvement here. >> he never met john geer but is captivated by the case. yesterday was the first real information released. >> you know, and that's really just a failure of the policy. >> most of the other officers on scene disputed torres' account contending john geer had his hands up and did not reach for anything at the moment he was shot. the big question remaining tonight, kimberly, will officer torres face charges in geer's death? live in the newsroom, kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> this story certainly not over. prince george's police want to talk to anyone who may have witnessed an accident that killed a man in marlow heights. 19-year-old derrick bradford of southeast washington was hit by an s.u.v. on branch avenue at the suitland parkway on thursday and later died of his injuries. police say the driver had swerved to avoid a car that had cut it off. the driver who hit bradford did
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remain on the scene. dozens of district residents spent part of the day without water. an eight-inch water main broke on harvard street northwest between 18th street and adams mill road. as richard reeve tell uss us the pipe has been fixed but residents had to endure quite the inconvenience. >> the sounds of the d.c. water repair crew ek owed across harvard street saturday morning. >> it was 9 degrees outside. water should not be running down the street. >> it was this eight-inch pipe that cracked and broke around 5:42 a.m. d.c. water spokeswoman said it was the cold that caused the break. >> we were notified. this was a surprise. >> leaving alan peterson and residents in about 60 apartments with only hot water in storage tanks. >> couldn't take a shower. couldn't shave. it's annoying, but just part of being -- we live in an older building. we have a lot of other
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benefits. >> the break left icy sidewalks and forced a block of harvard street to shut down. it is the latest of seven area water main breaks since january 11. >> infrastructure is not sexy. so you can't see where your dollars are going. we're crumbling. >> again, you see a very familiar picture, a d.c. water crew making repairs on what was a water main break. they told us they have about 1350 miles of water pipe in their system. each year about 1% of that is replaced. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> coming up at 6:00 the push to stop the spread of measles. how health warnings extend from coast to coast. and 7 is on your side with a consumer alert. find out if you own one of the millions of vehicles recalled over faulty air bags.
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>> baseball fans packed a chicago church today to remember legendary cubs player ernie banks. chicago mayor rahm emanuel told the crowd that banks was a humble hero who taught younger generations how to play the game of life. 83-year-old banks died more than a week ago of a heart attack. a handful of protesters turned out for bill cosby's appearance in sandusky, ohio last night. police had extra officers on the scene. there were no incidents. at least 15 women have claimed cosby sexually assaulted them with some of those claims dating back decades. cosby has denied the allegations and has not been charged with any crime. the measles outbreak that originated in california in a theme park there has spread to more than a dozen states. as we reported last night, a d.c. public health official says a case of measles was documented in the district this
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month. as abc reports, warnings extend from the big apple to sunday's super bowl. >> from coast to coast, a growing danger is spreading -- the measles. the latest warning in new york, an infected college student boarded an amtrak train at penn station north america's busiest transportation hub. >> if you were on the train and were not vaccinated and get a fever check with your doctor. >> the trip went from new york city to albany, possibly exposing hundreds of thousands of commuters along the way. the country has confirmed dozens of cases in 14 states. that includes arizona, where super bowl xlix is just a day away. 1 million people converging in phoenix for the big game. a recipe for disaster if an infected person showed up. >> you want to make sure no one goes to that setting who could have measles. >> medical students from the university of arizona will go on hand at the super bowl to help spot people with these l-like symptoms. in california doctors' offices are fielding hundreds of phone
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calls from concerned parents. the virus lives in the air and on surfaces for up to two hours, meaning even after a sick person leaves the room anyone without immunity can get infected. many doctors blame parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated fearing unproven side effects. >> we should be fully informed with what exactly is in each and every injection that goes into our child's body. >> now some pediatricians are refusing to let unvaccinated families into their offices. >> you're putting the community at risk, your child at risk it's just not okay. >> abc news, washington. 7 is on your side with a consumer alert for drivers. more than 2 million toyota, chrysler, and honda vehicles are being recalled for faulty air bags that may inflate while the car is running. the recall includes some models of the jeep grand cherokee, honda odyssey, toyota corolla, and toyota avalon made in the early 2000's. federal officials say the recalls are being implemented
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after original attempts to fix the defects didn't work in some vehicles. now we have the full list of recalled vehicles on our website. that's still ahead tonight eileen is tracking the chance of more wintry weather this weekend. we'll show you what to expect and where. you know... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious... and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! ththe tay side of fiber.
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from phillips.
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>> you knew the wind last night would bring something different our way. >> exactly. we'll start to see some clouds increase tonight before our next weather system arrives. >> okay. >> overall today it was really nice. just started with the weather bug time lapse for you. lots of sunshine all day long despite the bit erlly cold temperatures. a great time lapse from the weather bug camera at the national institutes for standards and technology in gaithersburg. beautiful western facing
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camera. you can see a few high, thin clouds on the horizon. really made for a lovely sunset. it was chilly today. 34 degrees right now at reagan national. at dulles, 30 degrees. 27 at b.w.i. as well as in gaithersburg. 28 chilly degrees in manassas virginia. those high clouds that i was alluding to off to the west you can already start to see a little bit on satellite and radar. the next weather system bringing copious amounts of rain to spots like the chicago area and all the way back down into texas. on the northern extent of this system a little bit of snow. the system itself, will track eastward and it looks more likely that the storm system will track right over us. it's going to be pulling in some warmer air. so although we will start with a little wintry mix tomorrow, tomorrow evening, we'll eventually all change to rain. when the bulk of the moisture moves in it'll all be rain. we're not talking about a lot of snowfall accumulations or anything of that nature. i'll show you our future cast for the rest of the evening. nice and dry.
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the clouds increasing overnight. and this one computer simulation which is a little bit of an outlier but i wanted to show you, at 9:00 notice all the blue around here, meaning snow. so i think tomorrow morning there is a slight chance that the warm front lifts to our north. that we may have a little light snow. it would be very, very light. in fact, some of it may not even reach the ground. the rest of our sunday i think pretty much dry but it'll be rather cloudy. now, a lot of you heading to your super bowl parties. tomorrow evening i think it should be fine. it should be dry. however, i caution you, later on after the game is over getting closer to 10:00 notice more of the precipitation spreading into the region. you see a lot of color. so the pink indicating where there may be a little sleet. blue snow. and green rain. so with temperatures still cold today, tomorrow will be at about 40 degrees but the roads may be a little slick especially the untreated roads, sidewalks, bridges overpasses, etcetera. but it's then going to be a quick change as the warmer air moves in overnight and it's going to be all rain.
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it did eventually show us shifting to all rain so i'm not concerned with any delays or closings come monday morning. then as colder air moves in as the system exits we could see a little snow at the end. it's really windy conditions as well. so about 40 degrees for the day tomorrow. a light, wintry mix. little to no accumulation expected. kind of a rainy day on monday. 42 the high. 30 on tuesday. it'll get cold once again. we rebound briefly wednesday. and then fall back into the 30's for the rest of the workweek. so this is not going to be a big weather system for us as far as wintry weather goes. but i do caution those people that will be coming home from super bowl parties 9:00, 10:00 that wintry mix may make the roads a little bit slick. >> 90%. pretty certain. >> that's pretty certain. we're feeling pretty confident about this forecast. >> now, not shooting 90% but pretty darned close. >> you have to shoot near 90% if you want to come back after losing a game that you probably
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weren't supposed to lose. georgetown looking to show they deserve to be ranked 21st? the country and it was all about the defense with the cats -- caps and canadxñaó5ñ
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>> and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> action in montreal with the canadiens this was a defensive battle to say the least. montreal goalie price was on fire. alex ovechkin had multiple opportunities for scoring but couldn't get past him. price 17 saves in the second period alone. 36 for the game. holtby was also outstanding. less than a minute to go in the game still scoreless. a good look. holtby uses a glove. he had 29 saves today. this one would go into overtime. no score. montreal had some numbers right
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here. he goes in front. pacioretty scores the only goal of the game. capital lose a tight one, the final 1-0. in college hoops, georgetown still holding on to that 21st ranking. it was crayton for the hoyas today winning the first half. 26-17 hoyas. hopkins tries the sweeping hook but isaac copeland comes out of nowhere. towers over everyone for the putback slam. hoyas 20-17 at the half. meanwhile the blue jays were ice cold and georgetown took advantage. 26-2 run. hits the jumper right there. he finished with 24. g-town wins this one big time 67-40. g.w. and rhode island. in a nail biter. less than four minutes to go in the game. 50-49. g.w., terrelle drives the lane, gets the bucket and the foul. that gave rhode island the lead for good. g.w. loses this one. the final 59-65. all right. on to espn's college gameday show virginia student tyler
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lewis had to make a half-court shot in 18 seconds to win 18 grand. he missed three but on the fourth you see here he nails it. the crowd goes nuts. kimberly jumps on to the scorer's table of course. i'm actually a little jealous because it's a lot of dough. but congratulations to tyler in the end. i'm not hating him. well the pressure was on serena at the australian open final. her opponent maria sharapova. serena going for her sixth australian open title and she took command early first set. serena up 5-3 with a set point. she blows the backhand by sharapova taking the first lead or first set 6-3. williams is fired up of course. second set went to tie-break. serena match point and ends in style with and wins. she passes chris everett and martina nat nat with her 19th
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grand slam title, second all time in the open. round three of the waste management open, italy's francesco molinari tease off on the three. the ball rolls into the cup for the eighth. something you don't see too often. fans start throwing beer cans. that's how you know it's super bowl weekend in arizona. never seen that before. all right. and a final note. the wiz are back action tonight hosting the toronto raptors over at verizon. john wall still questionable for tonight. kimberly, i'm pretty sure you have the d.v.r. set for tonight's big matchup in the a.c.c. >> virginia-duke? yes. >> you're ready for it. >> that's going to be a game. be
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>> not a shock the detroit lions are not in the super bowl
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but that didn't stop an actual lion from making a pitch for the game. lion at the zoo in salt lake city burst out of his pen and went straight to a new england patriots helmet instead of the seattle seahawks helmet. the zoo's previous super bowl picker the orangutan was 7-7 in his super bowl picks. wouldn't be the raw meat they put in that. >> destroyed the helmet. >> of course he did. a quick look at the forecast. >> for the most part, most of tomorrow will be dry but i think especially as we get later into the evening as you're coming home especially from those super bowl parties maybe a little bit of a wintry mix but then warmer air moves in and it's going to be pretty much all rain. overnight sunday is going to be a rainy monday morning commute and then the temperatures drop. maybe a few snow showers as the system exits. it's going to be blustery, too. tuesday noticeably colder. 30 degrees. at least the rest of the workweek shout be relatively dry. >> we thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at
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welcome to "world news tonight". measles outbreak. new case on an amtrak train. thousands of travelers at new york's busy penn station at risk. and just hours away from the big game, big worries in phoenix. can this contagious illness be stopped? winter blast. the east coast still digging out from a blizzard. now another deep freeze. wind chills below zero. major storm on the move tonight. >> medical emergency. bobbi kristina hospitalized after being unresponsive in her bathtub. the frightening scene just like the way her mother died. and, road rage -- the growing highway menace the latest incident caught on camera. and what you can do to stay cool behind the wheel.


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