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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 2, 2015 2:30am-4:01am EST

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good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. a widespread slow-moving storm is moving from the plains to the northeast. planes are cancelled and roads are dangerous. complete coverage in a moment. >> new england patriots come from behind and hold off the seattle seahawks with a last-minute interception to win the super bowl. 28-24. tom brady and coach bill belichik. >> bobbi kristina the only child of whitney houston and bobby brown is in an atlanta hospital this morning. she was found at her home 0 unresponsive. some reports say the 21-year-old is on a ventilator. >> a new study from the cdc is warning parents that many of the pre-packaged meals and snacks geared for toddlers contain high levels of salt and sugar.
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parents are urged to pay close attention to ingredient labels. those are some of our top stories on this monday february 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> all right. plenty to talk about with the super bowl. you know how that turned out but you need to pay attention to this winter storm. far reaching winter storm. the farthest reaching storm we have had of the season so far. 100 million people from nebraska to maine will know this storm before it is done. >> heavy snow arriving in new york city on the way to new england. schools are closed in several cities including detroit, boston and chicago. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: from the snowplow drivers to the shovellers to the snow blowers, a massive winter storm is moving across the region dumping inches of snow and blizzard-like conditions for chicago. >> everyone here's on the job today so people can get to their job. >> reporter: a brave few headed
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out in the windy city but stuck to the sidewalks, not the streets. >> on foot yes. i'm probably not going to move my car today. >> reporter: in iowa wisconsin ohio scars skidding off highways and truck drivers turning in to rest stops. in the northeast anticipation and preparation as the region recovers from the blizzard. from new york city to boston serious concerns for commuters. >> if i you have the option to stay home or avoid travel we ask that you do it. >> reporter: in the big apple, the city preparing for snow ice and rain. >> the biggest threat in this case would be ice. we would expect a lot of icing on our roads and sidewalks. >> reporter: travel is already an issue at airports. more than 2,000 flights cancelled nationwide. crews at o'hare international working overtime to stay ahead of the snow. one of the big concerns in chicago, the blowing snow. wind gusts 40 miles an hour. alex perez, abc news chicago. the new york area the snow
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falling now is expected to turn to rain later. >> a live picture on the streets of new york. you see the people out there trying to clear the walkways already. this will make the commute for millions of people a little difficult and certainly dangerous. our coverage continues at accu-weather. forecaster stephanie olmo has latest. >> reporter: good morning. many people across the northeast region even in new england area picking up some snow at this time. 12 to 18 inches expected just south and west of boston. getting to the east coast of maine, please do exercise caution if you are doing traveling on 95 also i-80 this morning. we are also concerned for a rapid freeze up in central pennsylvania all the way down to west viriginia as warm air continues to track north causing slick travel. behind the storm system just very cold conditions. temperatures going to hit below freezing. across the west moisture continues to track east bringing rain to the ceoal areas of
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washington and oregon. reena and t.j., back to you. >> thank you so much. we turn to the super bowl where the new england patriots defeated the seattle seahawks 28-24. go head reena. i'm choked up. >> the pats came from behind taking the lead with over two minutes left in the game. seahawks didn't give up driving to the one yard line with 20 seconds left. an interception saved the day and prevented another heart breaker for new england. >> it's a big challenge. it's incredible to experience this feeling once and i have been fortunate to play on four great teams. i'm very blessed. >> i'm got married this year expecting a child this year and world champion. hell of a year. >> he caught a touchdown pass two weeks ago. but for a tackle brady was named the game's mvp and has thrown more touchdown passes in a super bowl than any other quarterback. >> tied with terry bradshaw and
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joe montana now. the only quarterbacks who have won four super bowls. >> there's a lot of talk in the first half about his half completion record. they were talking about half completions. >> what's a half completion? >> i don't know. i kept thiping -- >> you didn't hear it right. what was your beverage of choice for the game? >> i was thinking. >> should have been at your party. >> gatorade. >> that's what you were drinking. >> the beverage of choice for the super bowl. >> was it in a big punch bowl? >> sure was. >> okay. our super bowl coverage isn't going end here. look for live reports on "good morning america" and "america this morning" and social media reaction on president obama congratulated the patriots before his big day on capitol hill. he will unveil a $4 trillion budget. his blueprint for what he is calling middle-class economics. almost a half trillion is earmarked for instra structure projects and a one too far tax on foreign profits and a pay
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raise for the military and government employees. japan's prime minister heightened security while promising to continue nonmilitary support in the fight against terror. isis posted a video apparently showing the beheading of kenji goto. it made no mention of the jordanian pilot at the center of a swap that never took place. a journalist is reuniting with his family after locked up for a year in an egyptian prison. two of his colleagues are behind bars still. more from molly hunter. >> reporter: we begin with breaking news out of egypt. one of our journalist peter greste has been freed from prison. >> after 400 days locked in an egyptian prison, al jazeera are journalist peter greste is a free man. they reported it late sunday and this morning he is headed home. >> he is safe healthy and very happy to be on his way home.
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>> there's still a sense of unreality about it all. to me it is yet to quite sink in. >> reporter: jubilation from his family. his brother tweet hard to believe but yste is a free man. his butt has left egyptian air space. gyp yippie. his first call to his boss asking what australian voice to you want to hear and without waiting his response peter. >> we have to get our two guys out who are still in prison. >> reporter: two of the channels journalists remain behind bars. they are still in egypt's infamous prison. ed a vokcy groups are demanding they be set free. all three journalists have consistently said they were just doing their jobs. that journalism is not a crime. al jazeera says they won't rest until they are out of jail. molly hunter, abc news,
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jerusalem. police in western georgia are searching for a suspect after the discovery of five bodies in a home. they say thomas jay lee killed his wife, her daughter and parents them bodies were found after the employer of one of the victims called 911. the man had not shown up for work in several days. a star of power ranger tv series has been arrested for the murder of a roommate. police in palm dale say i he stabbed his roommate with a sword. he played the red power ranger in 2002 and later played decker on power rangers samari. three hikers rerefer covering in oregon after falling 500 feet on mount hood. they were up when they tumbled in a crater. they landed near a volunteer rescue team. rescuers had to form a human shield around the couple to protect them from falling ice. another hiker slipped right in
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to one of the mountain's steamy volcanic vents. he also survived. for some a favorite super bowl snack is wings. in texas if more it is barbecue. a san antonio restaurant was thrown for a loss when someone intercepted 200 pounds of brisket. >> it had been put in the smoker overnight. when employees checked on it in the morning it was gone. other barbecue restaurants have been hit by thieves not only on super bowl sunday. they do meat well in texas. it is worth stealing. not saying you should but it is worth it. >> it is heart breaking because that type of cut, the cost of it, just buying it is up 60%. so that's not cool. come on. you can pay for your brisket, especially if it is that good. texas brisket. come on. you can pay for it. >> it is good meat. coming up the patriots super bowl victory through the eyes of our power house boston station. and the helium balloon trip across the pacific ocean and the
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when you use promo code go. call now. ♪ public health investigators are scrambling as america's latest measles outbreak appears to be growing. >> 84 cases are reported coast to coast. the latest case in new york where an infected college student boarded an amtrak train at penn station. dr. richard besser with the story. >> reporter: when -year-old showed up with a telltale rash no one was taken more aback than his mother. >> when they told us it was measles it was a weird,
2:44 am
old-fashioned thing like who gets measles. he had his vaccination. so it was shocking that he still got measles. >> reporter: in rare cases the vaccine doesn't work. he made a full recovery but his story may become more common. >> the mercury has to go. >> reporter: a tiny minority of parents has made vaccinations a controversy. ever since 1998 when a discredited study claimed autism was tied to vaccines some parents have opted out of the shots or have chosen to delay them worried more about vaccine side effects than the diseases they prevent. dottie started her children on the normal vaccine schedule but stopped worrying there were too many shots. >> by biggest concern is the amount of vaccines that our children are subjected to which are, you know they get 69 vaccines by the time they are 18 years old. it is double the rate that it was back 30 years ago.
2:45 am
there's been no long-term studies to say whether or not these are actually truly safe for our children. >> reporter: even though the study linking vaccines and autism was debunked even called fraudulent and no link has been established the anti-vaccers as they are called still have concerns but dr. stuart cohen like many pediatricians decided he will not treat families who with do not vaccinate their children. >> i'm drawing a line in the sand. >> reporter: isn't it a parents right to vaccinate or not. >> would you say you are allowed to go out without a seat belt or a boating trip and decide who wears life jacket and who doesn't. that is like playing russian roulette. >> dr. richard besser abc news new york. >> a lot of people think they are crazy cooky parents that don't get their children vaccinated but the mmr side effects are fever, rash swelling of the lands, deafness
2:46 am
long-term seizure, coma. on the other side of it that's what these parents who come off as cooky part of their argument on this. >> people say it is a no brainer you are supposed to get your kids vaccinate but a lot of doctors say the benefits isks of having these vaccinations but as we all know parents have concern over a debate like this. so you can't call them cooky. some of them are. >> can't call them cooky. is that what you said. >> yeah. a big morning in boston them patriots won over the seahawks. >> you can imagine it is well received in the team that's next on "world news now." >> a
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one team experienced the thrill of victory and the other the agony of defeet. >> the patriots 28-24 win over the seahawks. here's how our power house boston station wcvb covered it all. >> reporter: pretty excited as you can imagine. we are on causeway street. you see the garden behind me. if you look to my right you can see the blue lights from the police detail over there keeping an eye on things. you see some excited fans. celebration, winning never gets old. here's what some fans said to us
2:49 am
after the win. take a listen. >> best ending ever. >> we won! woo! >> they played awesome. >> we knew they would do it. >> we knew it. we had it in our hearts. we believed in them and we are so proud. represent boston. [ cheering ] >> people obviously are very excited, happy and proud of their team yelling the patriots mott toe go your job and the team did that very thing tonight. >> there are a lot of people out here in kenmore square. they are stopped at the barriers by police. playing to the cameras. they are excited and jumping up and down. now you have the community coming out and jumping up and down and celebrating in true boston fashion. live in kenmore square where there's just a great time. >> we encourage these kids to come out and celebrate
2:50 am
peacefully and have fun and that's what is going on and we are pleased with the process so far. >> i want to show you what is going on the far end. can you see the patriot fans. the patriot fans don't want to go home. easy question. how is this. >> words can't describe how i feel. the last play i started crying. it was a great play. >> they were chanting something about tom brady first and now it seems to be oh yeah, we're number one, something like that. >> a lot of this at soccer matches. >> live television. >> are we? >> what do you think of the end of the game? >> go patriots. amazing ending. >> where did you watch the game? were you inside. >> eastern standard. >> wa was it like in there. i was having heart palpitations watching the last few minutes. >> it was amazing. i was getting a heart attack at the end of it but glad to hear we pulled it out, right. >> what's your name.
2:51 am
>> parker from new york. patriots fan. >> we blocked great. we made great catches. it's a team effort. i always -- never one player. it's incredible to experience this feeling once and i have been fortunate to play on four really great teams. i'm very blessed. >> oh man. we are just not even really worried about that. just got to enjoy the moment right now and not really worried about the following years. enjoy this moment. we just won the super bowl. >> he's like a big kid. such a joy about rob gronkowski. people know him from twitter and social media. a kid at heart and loves playing football. >> i can't help but wonder if god was a seattle fan. >> god was a seattle fan. i have to hear this. >> because they are going to get a lot of snow. almost like raining on your parade. >> this is seattle. >> that's seattle. like 70 or 80 degree s, bright clear skies but people are a little quiet tonight.
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>> big day. >> happy birthday. >> two men in a helium balloon completed a record-setting flight across the pacific ocean. >> they took off from japan a week ago. 7,000 miles later they made history. here now abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: this was the dramatic reunion moments after two men landed back on earth, making history after a record-setting balloon voyage pilots of the two eagles balloon troy bradley and leon -- greeted by teammates and mission control. they were picked up by this
2:56 am
shrimp boat. you can still see the white balloon and yellow capsule on the boat. rushing by boat to meet the men after they splashed down the this pacific ocean, several miles off of the coast of baja mexico after realizing a -year dream. >> there we tense moments but the realization it was actually happening was incredible. >> the pair took off in japan last sunday aboard this state of the art balloon from 12 to 22,000 feet. the airborne explorer sharing views of japan's mt. fuji and the clouds far below on their 6600-mile trek across the pacific ocean. tweeting out a gondola selfie. bradley phoning home to mission control >> the mission is going wonderfully. enjoying a beautiful sunrise over the pacific. >> for seven days they lived in a capsule the size of a king-size bed. taking turns to sleep on a single cot, battling 50-degree temperatures and at times having to wear oxygen masks because of
2:57 am
the high altitude. their feet planted firmly on the ground but their heads still on cloud nine. aditi roy, abc news. >> they broke the distance and time record for how long they were afloat. everyone knows hot air balloons -- this isn't hot air i. i is gas. they let out air pressure you see the weight. if you want to go up you have to drop weight. >> literally drop it from up in the sky. >> you drop it down to the ground and that lets you go up a little bit. i know this so well because this is a hoob by of mine. something i have done for years. >> you know the hot air very well. >> i said it is not hot air. just said that. >> knew it was coming right? no he didn't. that's the news for this half hour. we're still recovering from the super bowl. stay with us.
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this morning on "world news now" with super bowl victory. after the deflate-gate controversy, the patriots take home nfl's biggest >> we never doubted each other. that's what it took. a great football team we beat. so happy for our team. >> tom brady breaks a record. as advertisers try to reach out to dads. stay tuned for extensive coverage. extreme weather. the nasty winter storm that slammed chicago with snow and gusty winds takes aim at the northeast. a dangerous day to commute. difficult rescue a his ban and wife climbing one of the biggest mountains fall 500 feet in to a crater. >> they stood shoulder to shoulder and stopped the ice. >> how did they manage to survive? it is monday, february 2nd. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:01 am
well happy monday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. we're still recovering from the super bowl. >> recovering what did you do? >> oh well. you know. super bowl. >> which means? >> get excited. you know? eat a little too much. >> what a game. finally, finally football. we are not talking about deflate-gate for a change. no controversy in the nfl. just a good game. it was a highlight just to get back to football for a change. >> what would you say is your favorite moment? >> that's a tough one to say. that was with really difficult -- that catch, kers at the end, the juggling catch, you swore they were about to set up and score this touchdown. that catch, i jumped off the couch and said this is it. but we know how that worked. >> sherman face was my favorite. >> of course. >> we will get to that. >> we will begin with the super bowl two very good teams resulting in a good game.
3:02 am
>> fans in boston there you see him and the rest of new england are celebrating this morn ing. but are all of those off the field controversies and distractions truly forgotten? alex has the coverage. >> reporter: the footballs here were you should under special care as super bowl xlix got underway overshadowed by deflate-gate after weeks of controversy the new england patriots are going home winners after deflating the seahawks in arizona. with a final score of 28-24, victory was sweat for new england at the university of phoenix stadium. >> we got a good feeble team and these guys played 60 minutes. i'm so proud of all of these players. i love these guys. >> we never doubted each other. that's what it took. it was a great football team we beat and i'm so happy for the team. >> reporter: tom brady broke joe montana's record for most touchdowns thrown in a super bowl. stars around the world watching with in the stands when katy perry had the star power to carry the half-time show.
3:03 am
♪ you're going to hear me ♪ >> reporter: with a little help from lenny kravitz and surprise guest star missy elliot. ♪ it was a wild end to a wild season for the naval, marred by controversies over deflated balls and players accused of domestic violence. but for patriots fans this was a super ending they had waited for. alex stone, abc news glendale arizona. that win so sweet for them huh. >> you know what the story of the game is going to be the call. you have a guy in the back field whose nickname is beast mode. he has four plays to go one yard and you throw a pass. a lot of people will question that literally for years to come. >> i liked the halftime show. >> katy perry put on a good show. what was that. >> motorized lion. >> that was impressive. good to see misty, lenny
3:04 am
kravitz, the coolest dude on the planet, i believe. this walk was hilarious. it took him 20 minutes to take the walk. >> what took so long everyone had to touch it? don't they know it is cold and flu season. >> dr. s beer didn't appreciate what was happening with that trophy. >> more to talk about with our coverage of the super bowl including commercials half-time performances and look at the key plays. that's next in the half hour. another storm to talk about. huge winter storm that is proving february is no doubt the cruellest month. the slow-moving monster has blizzard warnings, power outages, school closings the whole mess. got started in the midwest and won't be done until it reaches maine. lower michigan could get up to 14 inches of snow before the storm moves out. it is chicago's air travel that is taking the biggest hit from the storm. the 2500 flights cancelled nationwide on sunday half were at chicago's two airports possibly worst, the few flights that flew in to the storm, one passenger shot some video here
3:05 am
out the window as one of those rare flights landed at o'hare. you seeing this? hard to see anything but snow out there. not the picture i wanted to show you but you get the idea. take my word for it. the snow is falling in new york city where salt spreaders are deploying to treat the roads. morning commuters can expect an icy mix. the latest from accu-weather's forecaster stephanie olmo. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning, reena and t.j. we continue to have these winter storm warning advisories in effect across the northeast. also the new england area a. 12 to 18 inches is expected just south and west of boston. expanding north to the east coast of maine. please exercise caution if you are doing any traveling on i-95 also i-80. we are also concerned for rapid freeze up. central parts of pennsylvania expanding as far south in to west virginia. also definitely want to be careful across those area a's, as well. behind the storm system, very
3:06 am
cold conditions will continue to track east. meanwhile, across the west moisture bringing in some rain. reena and t.j. back to you. >> thank you, steph. two major legal cases in the boston area are postponed today because of bad weather. week five of the jury selection for the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev is set to resume tomorrow. 100 jurors have been questioned. defense making another attempt to move the trial. attorneys say a viral photo of a man shoveling the marathon finish line is proof that a fair trial cannot take place in boston. the storm is also delaying the murder trial of former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. he's accused of killing oden lloyd who was with dating the sister of hernandez's fiance. hernandez scored a touchdown for the patriot s in the 2012 super bowl but he was in isolation and not allowed to watch his former teammates win the game. the former star of the power rangers tv series is under arrest accused of fatally stabbing his roommate with a
3:07 am
sword. police in palm dale california say ki ricardo mendina stabbed his roommate in the stomach with a sword. he later played decker on power rangers samurai. the latest on the tragic situation involving bobbi kristina brown. her father bobby brown and other family members gathered at her bedside at an atlanta hospital. abc's steve osunsami. >> there is cpr in process. >> bobbi kristina is hospitalized after found unresponsive in a bathtub and her father singer bobby brown is speaking out. privacy is requested in this matter. please allow for my family to deal with the matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at the time. the only child of whitney houston and bobby brown is needing a ventilator to help her breathe.
3:08 am
e! is citing conflicting reports but none of them good. tmz is reporting that doctors are keeping her in a medically induced coma to reduce swelling on her brain. multiple reports say her father is by her side and there are pictures of family outside of the hospital. >> the incident with bobbi kristina happened eerily close to the three-year anniversary of whitney houston's death. she died a day before the grammy awards. >> whitney houston was found dead february 11th 2012 with a dozen bottles of pills in her hotel suite. >> 46-year-old female found in the bathroom. >> reporter: one year ago brown and her husband married and sat down for this interview. the two were raised like a brother and sister by the late whitney houston. >> just like her death took us by surprise our love for each other took us by surprise. >> reporter: the hospital isn't sharing official word on her condition. we expect to hear word from police. steve osunsami abc news roswell, georgia. the faa is investigating the
3:09 am
purported sighting of a drone by united airlines pilot on approach to boston's logan airport. flight 1087 was landing on approach from chicago on saturday. the pilot reported seeing what he thought was ooet area drone or balloon. since that plane was at 7,000 feet some say it is highly unlikely what the pilot saw was a drone. something missing from the dallas skyline this morning. the city's former xerox building went down yesterday, as you see. the thick cloud of smoke. it took ten seconds and 550 pounds of explosives to turn 15 stories in to an enormous pile of steel and concrete. the implosion clearing the way for a new shopping center. if you knocked back more than a few cold ones for the super bowl you may want to hold on to the cans. >> i already tossed them. a houston landmark called the beer can house. the roof walls every inch covered with beer cans. 50,000 of them. >> the original owner and his wife say 17 years worth of cans
3:10 am
to build the masterpiece and their neighbors were happy to pitch in by emptying as many cans as possible. >> rowdy neighborhood. coming up who correctly predicted the score at the super bowl game. and reaching out to dads and super bowl ads. did it really sell? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer wet jet. d i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting!
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good news and bad news for a business outside of san diego ws giant boulder rolled down a hill and smashed in to the back of their building. it seriously damaged the sec story and sheered off a natural gas meet cher caused a leak. the good news. it happened in the middle of the night so no one was there and the owner says business will go on as usual. another tum thabl a husband and wife climbing team took. 10,000 feet up on one of the tallest mountains in oregon? they fell hundreds of feet but what saved them is a stroke of luck. clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: 10,000 feet up oregon's mount hood husband and wife climbers michelle and brian carlson suddenly begin to tumble down. >> they fell 500 feet and landed in the bottom of the crater. >> reporter: sliding down a 50-degree slope the carlson's
3:15 am
speed right past of members of the all volunteer portland rescue team. they finally stop but are facing a new threat ice chunks the size of bowling balls careening downhill. to protect the injured couple rescuers form a human shield for six hours. >> shoulder to should er and stop the ice that was coming down the mountain. >> what does that say to you? >> they are the heros today. >> reporter: the oregon national guard airlifted the couple to a hospital. michelle carlson has two broken ankles. her husband a broken leg. but they weren't the only ones needing rescue on saturday. about the same time a third climber fell sliding right in to one of the mountain's steaming volcanic vents spewing toxic fumes. >> this climber, however, was just amazingly fortunate. he was very bruised up beat up cut up but he did not appear to have any broken bones. >> reporter: the rescue team
3:16 am
says over 8,000 people climb mount hood every year, and three of them are lucky to be alive. clayton sandell, abc news denver. >> coming up here, we are checking out our favorite super bowl ads. this year appeared to be the year of the dad. this isn't your father's father figure. and parenting movement sparking controversy. it is called free-range parenting and it looks a lot like how our parents raised us. that's in the next half hour of "world news now."
3:17 am
look outside the university of phoenix stadium in glendale arizona. a short time ago the new england patriots captured another super bowl victory.
3:18 am
a lot of folks tuned in to see the game but many tuned in to see those high-priced commercials. >> this year there was a common theme, social messages including mcdonald's commercials that got viewers talking. the fast food giant announced they will accept new form of payment today. it will let customers pay for orders with what it calls lovin' which could include selfies and hugs. >> i could go in and say i want to pay with a hug. >> and you get free fries. >> see how that works out. >> another snickers commercial. had some people looking back here. all the way to the '70s thanks to the magic of digital editing. back toe living room of mike and carol bra marcia. not quite herself on a rant played by danny trio from sons of anarchy. steve was at the stop of the stairs playing jan. amazing what they can do with technology. >> looked very real. another common theme running through the super bowl ads
3:19 am
showed a new kind of father figure. >> gone are the days of father knows best dads and dumb dads. this year dad s got real. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: a former footballer talking about his dad. >> what kind of excuse can you give your father when he has prosthetic legs? my dad was cleaning gutters. >> reporter: and talking about being one. >> i make sure they know how much i love them and how much . >> reporter: and another. >> it is about a choice you make to love your children. >> reporter: and yet another. >> what kind of dad do you want to be? >> this kind. >> reporter: what this is maybe a trend. because go back in time go back well past even the first few super bowls and tv gave us a certain sort of dad. >> make room for daddy. >> reporter: make room for daddy or leave it to beaver or father knows best. dads who were not perfect but were perfectly intelligent. >> active participation is the basis of good citizenship. >> reporter: it was almost unreal but as time went on dads
3:20 am
got downgraded to comically dumb. homer on the simpsons is the symbol. so purposely hapless he wasn't real either but these dads it is a toyota commercial. and this dove commercial with a single line of dialogue. >> da da. >> and dads who seem neither too wise or dumb but just real and good at being fathers. this son is getting in on it aln the night of american sports, manliness on the field, what else goes in to being a man and maybe that is a trend. john donvan abc news. >> you had a lot to say about dads. did you feel moved by this. >> nice touch with the dads but a lot of people -- it is one thing to be inspired and uplifted and have those themes but some themes were down right depressing in some of the commercials. if you haven't heard yet, you probably saw it but everyone had a reaction to the nationwide insurance ad and which they showed a cute kid and he is
3:21 am
going along with a story and he said i didn't get to live all of this because i died. so essentially a dead kid ad. they are trying to bring attention to accidents. most kids die from accidents around the home young kids. but a lot of people thought it was depressing and not the right time to have an ad like this during a celebration while people are reveling in the super bowl. >> total downer. hits you. >> almost fell off the couch. it sobers you in the midst of your party, if you will and the country was in a middle of a party. >> hours after the super bowl what is the ad world buzzing about, this one, right. >> advertising 101. nationwide put out a statement we knew not everyone would like it but the point wasn't to sell insurance but get everyone talking. perfect prediction for super bowl 39. >> and a what was the most talked about moment of the game itself? "the mix" is next. stay with us.
3:22 am
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
all right for the the "the mix" now we have super bowl edition here. madden is a popular football game, 20 years this thing has been around at least. >> yeah. >> they do this mock game on madden. this game accurately predicted the final of the super bowl. here you are. you are seeing -- it looks life like. the seahawks and patriots played each other on this video game. the final score 28-24 patriots. the final score of the actual game was 28-24 patriots. not only that the game predicted that tom brady would be mvp, he would have 335 yards and four touchdowns. bray de's actual numbers 328 yards four touchdowns and mvp. this is as close as you can get to predicting the game. they are 9-3 over the past several years of doing this. >> do they do other sports? >> i don't know. >> you and i may have to go to
3:26 am
vegas and ask them to weigh in. >> now you are thinking reena. now you are thinking. marshawn lynch maybe one of the best running backs in nfl history. >> a lot of people say no doubt one of the best in the game. >> how different would the game have been if someone had given him the him the ball coach. >> look at these names. should just gave in the the ball. should have just gave me the ball. >> english is not the strong point here. >> hey, mr. lynch why were you there for the last play? i was only there to i wouldn't get fined. i'm just here 0 so my coach can pass the ball on the one yard line. >> these are well deserved. the guy is called beast mode. let him punch it in. >> why, why didn't they give him the ball? >> the coach has an explanation and said it had to do with formations. they were not matched up appropriately and the pass was the right approach. >> even i would have coached it
3:27 am
better. >> yes, you would have. >> i nomar shawn lynch. >> yes, give him the ball. >> a week is enough to know what to do with him. >> the other one trending as well is sherman face. richard sherman is one of the biggest trash talkers in the league defensive back for the seahawks of course but this is him watching the final play. the one in which they threw the interception. a lot of people just lovin' on the chance to jump on him. you see this? life comes at you fast. that is the face he started with and ended. a lot of people are making these for him. they are piling on him because he is a trash talker. >> don't talk trash. comes back to i you. always does. no matter how good you are. >> that's why we don't talk trash on the show. >> never. against our
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
3:00 this morning on "world news now," super bowl combat. we will have the unforgettable moments. >> day of the storm. heavy snowfall and blinding winds making this monday miserable for millions of americans. from the travel delays in chicago to the icy commute in the northeast. what was it that gave the crew out of a boston bound jetliner a scare. was it a drone or something else that could have put an entire flight in jeopardy? later in "the skinny," who made the super bowl star studded from the a-lister spectators to the katy perry extravaganza halftime. who impressed you the most? it is february 2nd, monday ♪ you're going to hear me -- ♪ >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> hi, everybody. >> good morning to you. i'm reena ninan.
3:31 am
>> i'm t.j. things are wacky around here from an interesting super bowl night. >> yeah, it was interesting. talking about the katy perry halftime show and you are going to be so proud of me. i have a special this half hour, my highlights, my take on the super bowl. >> i haven't seen this yet. >> you haven't. you specifically asked not -- i even cc'd you on the script. will you make sure i got this right? >> anyone who's watched the show or reena and i at any point know about her sports prowess so you have to get her take. i'm looking forward to watching it along with the viewers and see how it works out. >> there's a possibility i may not return tomorrow because espn may want me. just telling you. the top story this half hour is of course the super bowl. the new england patriots rallied from ten points down early in the second half to beat the seahawks 28-24. >> tom brady threw for four touchdowns including a three yard pass to edelman.
3:32 am
two minutes left in the game. brady has thrown more touchdown passes in a super bowl than any quarterbacks in history and has four victories as a quarterback which ties for the all-time lead. he calls this a team win. >> a lot of guys did some great stuff out there. took everybody. we knew it was going to take everybody. it was a 60-minute game and proud of the way everybody played. >> it is awesome. a dream come true. working my tail off all year to get to this point and i accomplished my mission, a win with the new england patriots. >> gronk, ron gronkowski caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter to put the pats up temporarily. gronk is the nfl's comeback player of the year. the comeback was part of fuelling new england's success. back home at bosses on the boston fans are out in full force despite the chilly temperatures.
3:33 am
they gathered on the boston common and paraded through the streets singing and chanting. most appeared to be college students and there are no reports of trouble. good fans, huh? >> celebratory night. >> yeah. >> the big play you didn't see it there but everybody will be talking about why, why, why the seahawks didn't give it to marshawn lynch when they were on the one yard line and punch it in at the end of the game. they threw a pass interception. they are going to be second guessed a long time for that. >> it happens. >> it happens. >> what can you do? >> not supposed to. >> best plan s -- >> that's reena's take. you will get more of this in a while. more coverage. the halftime performances, key plays. you are going to get this from reena's perspective. she's the resident sports expert. you will see this throughout the morning. "america this morning." we will take you live to arizona. stick around for all of that good stuff. we turn to our other major story this morning, the widespread winter storm on the move at this hour. heavy snow falling in new york city area as the snow blows across the northeast but it will clear out of chicago which got hit hard over the weekend. abc' alex perez is there. >> parts of wisconsin, michigan
3:34 am
and illinois buried under snow. in the windy city, salt and plow trucks racing to keep up. a slippery sloppy mess making getting around a nightmare. >> it's like mud, heavy mud. >> reporter: if you are driving out this, how bad is it? >> it's terrible, right? you can slide. you can get stuck. my roommate got stuck trying to get home from work. >> reporter: one of the big concerns, blowing snow, wind gusts as strong as 40 miles an hour. a blizzard warning with possible whiteout conditions. in the chicago area, 100 million people in the path of this massive storm stretching from the midwest to the northeast. iowa also in the middle of the storm. strong winds and whipping snow. icy conditions causing accidents and shutting down several sections of i-80 in eastern nebraska. at chicago's o'hare airport, crews working non-stop to keep runways clear.
3:35 am
already, more than 2200 flights cancel aid cross the country monday's commute is shaping up to be a mess for much of the country in the storm's path. the storm now setting its sights on the northeast where they are still recovering from last week's blizzard alex perez, abc news, chicago. no school today in boston not because they are celebrating the patriots wind but snow and ice is a problem. >> and the new york area commute could be dangerous. connecticut drivers are told to stay off the roads. our coverage continues with accu-weather forecaster stephanie olmo. >> people in new england and northeast region waking up to snow on the ground due to this significant winter storm system. gusty winds behind it causing blowing and drifting of snow causing delays. 12 to 18 inches expected across the south and west of buffalo expanding to the east coast of maine. please do exercise caution if you are traveling on i-95, also i-80.
3:36 am
reena and t.j., back to you. >> thank you, stephanie. turning to japan. vowing not to give in to terrorism after the murder of a second japanese hostage. japan's prime minister heightened security while promising to continue nonmilitary support in the fight against terror. isis posted the video showing the beheading of kenji goto. it made no mention of a pilot at the center of the prisoner swap that never took place. in egypt an al jazeera reported was released from prison. he was accused of spreading false news and collaborating with the muslim brotherhood which is banned from egypt. two of his colleagues are still held. the faa is investigating the reported sighting of a drone by a pilot on approach to logan airport over the weekend. because the sighting was thousands of feet in the investigators are are not sure
3:37 am
what the flight crew actually saw. here now kendis gibson. >> something flew by us, 100 feet above us. >> reporter: a united airlines jet flying at 7,000 feet when the pilot spots a mysterious object. i don't know if it is a balloon or drone. >> reporter: it came close to that 737 commercial jet. >> went by very fast. that object was slightly faded. it was red and blue. >> do you know what size. >> we were laughing about it up there. we might have football fever but i was football shaped. >> reporter: no laughing matter to the faa that says the object was with a drone but at 7,000 feet many wondering what did they see in the sky. >> the probability it is not a drone but the possibility exists. the main thing that drones that get that high are not commonly found today because they are very expensive. >> the object different from other drones buzzing around the country every day, those tiny personal use copters a big problem for pilots. >> one crashed on the white house lawn and another to transport drugs goes down at the mexican border.
3:38 am
the rules remain cloudy. no flying within 400 feet of air traffic with more government guidelines expected this year. kendis gibson, abc news, new york. the president unveils his $4 trillion budget today. it is mr. balm obama's blueprint for what he is calling middle-class economics.obama's blueprint for what he is calling middle-class economics. it includes an ambitious public works project and a pay raise for federal employees and the military. it's not likely to get very far in the republican-controlled congress. turn to utah now where you n't stop the baby. en the baby's ready to come n, the baby is going to come. that's right. mother to be dropped her rself at the hospital for a livery when she decide she sn't going to make it. police got to her in time to catch the baby as it was born. mom, her baby boy and the cops are all doing fine. >> don't have a name yet. what's a good name for a baby born on the highway? >> chip. >> not bad.
3:39 am
>> not bad. >> our producer said trooper. >> yeah, scott said trooper. >> what do you call a kid born on the highway? >> i would call him not obedient. >> kids going to do what a kid is going to do. >> absolute truth. >> come on, mom, making bad decisions before i am born. why did you get in the car and drive to the hospital? >> hard to tell. never know when it will happen. >> were you caught by surprise? >> no. mine were both overcooked and i had to -- >> had to get them out of the oven. >> get them out of the oven quick. >> producer is like please, before this goes any further. coming up in "the skinny" we return to our coverage of the super bowl, the celebrities who showed up and who really rocked it. while singing in the stadium. and parents taking a more hands-on approach and even allowing kids to go to the playground unsupervised. is this carefree or careless? the controversy next on "world news now."
3:40 am
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topping our health headlines a new study from the cdc this morning says it's warning parents about what they are feeding their toddlers. a new study finds many packaged meal and snacks for kids contain high levels of salt and sugar. seven in ten toddlers' dinners had too much salt, mostly from breakfast food or snacks. researchers are advising parents to read labels closely. speaking of parenting an old school style of child rearing that is attracting a new
3:44 am
generation of parents and it is stirring up controversy. >> it is called free-range parenting. our parents called it letting the kids go outside and play unsupervised. here's abc's david wright with more. >> reporter: would you let your kids go to the playground unsupervised? >> that was awesome. >> reporter: devora and raffi got in big trouble in silver spring, maryland, for doing just that. >> two with police cars pull up here. >> reporter: wrath ir their parents got in big trouble.facing an investigation from maryland child protective es for letting roam on the streets unsupervised. in maryland letting anyone under 18 out unsupervised is neglect. devora is 6, raffi is 10. despite the horror stories you see on the news, they trust their kids and their community. >> i'm just parenting the way i was parented and the way that almost every adult i know was parented. >> no parent should have to go through that at all for trusting
3:45 am
their child, their community and their own parenting. >> reporter: lenore has championed so-called free range parenting for years. in 2009, she let her son take the new york city subway with alone. he was 9 then. now he's 15. >> you turned out okay? >> i'm alive. after i got home, i was ecstatic. i felt like i was on top of the world and felt very brave and that i could do anything. >> reporter: plenty of parents say it is down right irresponsible. >> a 10-year-old should never be in charge of a 6-year-old. any kind of thing could happen to a child at that age. >> reporter: they are vowing for the right to raise their kids how they please. >> raising independent children, responsible children and giving them freedom that i enjoyed is a risk worth taking. >> should be our decision. >> exactly. in the end it is our decision as parents. >> reporter: but it is not at all clear maryland will let them. david wright, abc news, new york. >> reminds me of a book i'm reading right now.
3:46 am
it is called "bringing up baby." it about american mother who it about american mother who rediscovers -- discovers french parenting an she is living if san francisco. she said you have to at an early age with kids let them experience and go through frustration and don't shield them from it but some people would say this is too extreme. >> isn't it something the way we re raised now they have a new rd for it like we are chickens the farm, free range and it's crime. n't that something? outside and play, knock yourself out. turned out all right. turned out okay. really? ay. we are free-range children. oh, boy. next up here, we are going back to the super bowl. celebrities on parade at super bowl xlix. >> the halftime to show the national anthem and who won twitter bowl. that's next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ time for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning is what else, super bowl xlix. >> turn to celebrities now. they were out in force you would expect in phoenix. you can see from these pictures, camera panning, john travolta, mark wahlberg, paul mccartney, excuse me, sir, among the high-priced talent in the stands. >> not all celebs were all smiles.
3:49 am
kanye west here caught on camera by a fan looking down right sullen. >> he was on a double date with wijohn legend and his wife christy teigen. they were at the waffle house. >> look at who was having a good time, kevin hart and will ferrell. >> they are always having a good time. remember super hero wager . we know who won now. >> chris evans bet chris pratt a seahawks fan and if the pats won he would have to pay a visit dressed as star lord to a boston-based charity that benefits the families of child cancer patients. >> thinke kicker here, he has to dress up as star lord and wear a tom brady jersey. >> now one of the biggest moments of the night, the halftime show. >> katy perry didn't disappoint. she rode out on a giant animated shiny lion. she had -- the dancing sharks were the highlight to be honest with you.
3:50 am
and this dude is so cool, lenny kravitz and misty elliot. and then she saved the best for last. ♪ baby you are a firework ♪ show them what you are worth ♪ make them go ah, ah, ah as you shoot across the sky ♪ >> how can you top riding on top of fireworks? how do you top that. >> she promised a good show. she delivered. >> it wasn't limited to the halftime show. >> idina menzel belted out the national anthem and this time did not choke. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> you nailed it, sister. >> some will tell you some tense moments while she strained for the high notes but she made it.
3:51 am
>> another high-caliber singer did not do as well. >> jazz and blues festival in jamaica over the weekend with. mariah carey, you be the judge. she is apparently lip syncing and this might be the worst you have ever seen in your life. ♪ >> oh. at least she looked really good. >> something to explain this. maybe she couldn't hear the song. something was going with on. >> no one is going to hate, hate, hate, leave mariah alone. she has a good voice. goodness gracious. >> everybody was on the rum, having a good -- they couldn't tell. >> jamaica, mon. >> had a good time. >> we'll be right back. stick around. it is jamaica. come on. on. rd. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready
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3:55 am
♪ ♪ >> all right super bowl xlix has been scrutinized and analyzed pretty much to death already. >> maybe not quite yet. may not be bob costas but i have a take on what happened last night on the gridiron. i'm in beast mode now. >> reporter: leading up to kickoff, deflated kickoff talk still hard to shake off. >> patriots fans, you want to see what a real football looks like? [ laughter ] >> reporter: idina menzel hitting the right notes. ♪ the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> reporter: but new england patriots coach bill belichik getting booed. someone should have told him to dress backfiring this touchdown pass. new england up seven. >> touchdown! >> reporter: the cameras kept going to this shot.
3:56 am
i couldn't help but wonder, is this game being played in the grand canyon? just before the fabulous half-time show the game tied 14-all. but in the third quarter the seahawks dominated. >> wide open. >> reporter: brady passes to amendola. now 24-21. patriots mounting their comeback. the go-ahead touchdown from tom brady to edelman. 28-24 patriots up. two minutes left in the game it is from the heavens shake, rattle and roll miracle catch by seattle's germane kirk. even i could have done that. all seattle has to do is make it eight yards, but 20 seconds left in the game, can the seahawks get that winning touchdown? >> intercepted at the goal line. >> no. this rookie from mississippi malcolm butler with the game winning interception. >> super bowl hero. >> so does that make him mvp? because this guy already has at trophy. personally i would have voted for the lion. is he available for weddings and
3:57 am
bar mitzvahs? a lot of people mad at this guy. check out #sherman face. that says it all. >> reena did that all on her own. >> i did. thank you. thank you. you thought i didn't know anything. >> thank you. reena did it on her own. she put the whole thing -- you took us through the game, the entertainment. >> i was serious about it. i was in the zone when i did this. i would like to thank sandy and pat in the control room who helped me to get the play-by-play. >> i thought you did that. >> come on, i didn't know who scored first. they helped me piece it through. >> i just gave you credit and it is not your work. >> it is my work but i had an assist. it's about assist. i call it an assist. >> that is basketball by the way. >> oh. y. >> oh.
3:58 am
3:59 am
making news in america. this morning, super celebration.
4:00 am
the knew england patriots with a gutsy win. brady earned his place among the best in history. live in arizona. >> extreme weather. a dangerous storm marking its way across the country. a triple threat of heavy snow high winds and icy conditions. accuweather has the latest. >> scare in the air. a jet rattled by what officials think may have been a drone but could have been something else. >> and battle of the ads. the super bowl commercial that made you want to laugh less and feel more. what madison avenue hopes tugging at your heart strings is tugging at your wallet.


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