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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 5, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this afternoon, a d.c. woman is trying to understand why a group of kids would attack her for no reason. it happened in columbia heights not far from the shopping center. it left her with a shattered eye socket and broken nose. stephen tschida is there live and we understand police have made some arrests, right? >> yeah, several arrests, alison. three girls and one juvenile boy. the girls are about 12 13. the boy also in that age group. this is what happened. 6:30 at night, january 22nd the woman was walking northbound here on hyatt place and heading up towards that corner right up there. she saw a group of about 10 kids gathered. didn't think much of it. just as she walked past one of the kids slammed her in the back of the head and she collapseed to the sidewalk. they began this vicious attack. we spoke with the woman a short while ago. she said she is -- she's recovering slowly but she and a lot of other people in this community, columbia heights,
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very concerned tonight. >> just seems like the community needs to do something to help young people that are at that age to take responsibility for the people -- young people in the community, you know we all need to look out for the young people even if they're not our kids. >> yeah but some people are also saying maybe the parents of those children should have done a little bit more and looked out for those kids a little better as well. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> a montgomery man dubbed the beer pong rapist has been found guilty. the jury convicted joey poindexter of eight counts of sexual assault. attorneys say he would get teenaged boys drunk at beer pong tournaments and then sexually assault them. tonight at 5:00 you'll hear from one of the jurors and what poindexter revealed in a wiretap conversation. leon? >> alison police swarmed a
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frederick county high school after shots rang out outside and now two freshmen are recovering after being hit. maryland bureau chief brad bell live outside of frederick high school tonight with the very latest. what is the latest? >> leon give you the lay of the land. this is the front of frederick high school over here this big area with no windows. that's a gymnasium and it was right outside here where the shooting happened last night. we can show you videos from the krein scene. it was traumatic. last few seconds of a j.v. basketball game going on in inside when all of a sudden people heard shots on the outside. well as you said two young men freshmen at thomas johnson high school were shot and injured. today at thomas johnson high school increased police patrols because of the tension that something else might happen. police tell us they do not believe this was a random act. they believe the victims were known to the shooters.
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but for parents out here that have to deal with this and other students at frederick high school that does not lessen the pain. >> it's not fair that you have outsiders come in and, you know cause the kind of disruption and fear and everything that goes on. >> well abc 7 news has been on this story from the start and really just in the last 15 minutes, talking to my sources, i've gotten a much clearer picture of what police believe happened out here. they say there is a gang connection coming up at 5:00. we'll tell you much more about that. at frederick high school brad bell abc 7 news. >> all right. see you at 5:00. thank you. this afternoon, a u.s. army veteran is under arrest accused of threatening to kill his wife and other people in her office at the u.s. capitol. he is charged with threatening to hurt people. we'll have more on that story coming up tonight at 5:00 as
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well. federal authorities say they have video evidence of an ohio man's plan to try to blow up the u.s. capitol. they recorded conversations with christopher lee cornell over a six-day period and they're trying to figure out how to protect the informant's identity on those audio and videotapes. he's pleaded not guilty to the charges he's facing. >> a major cyber breach at health insurer anthem could affect tens of thousands of people. the company says hackers gained access of personal informations to customers and employees. and now the f.b.i. is investigating. karen traverse has more of what you need to know. >> anthem is the nation's second largest health insurer and it's now the latest company to face a major security breach. the company says it was a very sophisticated internal cyber attack. the hackers gained access to the company's i.t. system. >> some of the hackers now are so good it's almost impossible
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in reality to keep them out. and on top of that you don't know that they're in. >> the personal information of tens of millions of customers and employees, even the c.e.o. compromised. that includes birthdays, social security numbers, home addresses and employment information. all things that can be used for identity theft. the company said there was no evidence that any medical or credit card information was compromised. but the damage may be done. >> the data that was stolen is really all the elements that you need to create credit. >> law enforcement sources tell abc news that hackers often sell stolen information to criminals on the black market. >> data is very valuable. so that personal information, our information has a street value. >> president obama pushed congress to pass legislation that promotes better information sharing between private companies and the government. >> we want the businesses to be able to share information with the intelligence community who can help protect them but with
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other businesses so they will not be attacked also. >> anthem says it will work with its affected customers to provide free credit monitoring and i.d. protection services. karen traverse abc news, washington. >> this is just the latest hack attack that has people for good reason being very nervous now about their personal information. >> it's happened at retailers like target and also at major banks. but now, the nation's second largest health insurer has been hit with a data breach. i'm working on a story about why this happened and what victims have to say about their personal information being out there. the story coming up tonight at 5:00. >> we're following a developing story out of africa this afternoon where they appear to the run. they launched an attack on a town in cameroon yesterday killing almost 100 people wounding another 500. but then military forces from cameroon nigeria and chad launched their own offensive against that group.
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at least 10000 people have died in violence involveing them since last year. jordanian airplanes launched new air strikes today. the move comes after militants released that video of the jordanian pilot being burned alive in a cage. our senior political reporter scott thuman is monitoring this situation from our live desk. scott? >> alison the kingdom of jordan had vowed harsh retaliation. we are seeing that today. a number of air strikes launched this morning by jordan's fighter pilots dropping bombs and missiles against isil in syria. but the bureaucratic side of this war is also being fought right now here in washington where congress is saying there should be no more delay. president obama needs to get authorization for this war. i asked senator tim kaine of virginia today one of the first to call on the president to seek approval if there is any way that congress then might deny that request. >> yeah great question scott.
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look i think the overwhelming majority bipartisan majority in both houses says we should take military steps against isil. if the president had asked for this authorization in september, he would have gotten it. that's not to say there aren't some important details where there are differences of opinions. >> so coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll outline with those differences are and we'll tell you about some u.s. military moves in hopes of making sure an american pilot doesn't end up a victim just like the jordanian one executed in that just horrific fashion. live in the newsroom tonight, scott thuman abc 7 news. >> no god condones terror. no grievance justifies the taking of innocent lives. >> words from the president today about the use of violence in the name of religion. his comments came at the annual national prayer breakfast at a hotel in northwest d.c. as jeanette reyes reports, the event drew nearly 3600 people inside and protesters outside. >> the national prayer breakfast is being held inside of the
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hilton hotel here in d.c. along connecticut avenue. take a look here. president obama and religious leaders from around the world gathered for an hour of prayer. >> i want to offer a special welcome today to a good friend hi holiness, the dalai lama. >> obviously, the event is inside of the hotel but you can hear a lot going on around me here. it has to do with the dalai lama who is attending this event. we have dozens celebrating his visit on one side of the street and another group protesting there. at issue are allegations against the dalai lama's ban of prayers to a popular buddhist. take a lven to people on other side of the issues. what they have to say. >> they can disagree with the dalai lama but they can't disrespect him like this the dalai lama is the leader of the buddhism. he is our spiritual leader. and we take it very personally that this is an attack on us. >> inside india and other parts
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of the world they say if you practice this faith, we will not serve you in medical clinics. we will not treat you. and in this day and age, it's outrageous that people should be discriminated against on the basis of their faith. >> there's no official meeting between president obama and the dalai lama but that doesn't rule out a chance encounter today. jeanette reyes abc 7 news. >> few hours after that breakfast, house speaker john boehner announced that the pope will address a joint session of congress on september 24th. he'll become the first pontiff to do that during his five-day trip to the u.s. this fall. this morning, pope francis hold his second google plus hangout. he spoke with special needs and disabled students from the u.s., brazil india and spain. the pontiff focused on how to use technology to empower their education. but he also admitted that he himself has no idea how to work a computer. >> you know, the pope also raised some eyebrows with a comment during his general audience in st. peter's square yesterday. he told the thousands of people gathered at the vatican that
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it's ok for parents to hit their children in the name of discipline. the pontiff relayed that message in a story about a father who would hit his children but never on the face so as not to you humiliate them. pope francis said he thought that was great and showed a sense of dignity but iishing, doing the right thing and moving on. our question of the day is asking what do you think about the pope's comments? log on to the wjla facebook page and join in the conversation about this. we'll share some of your responses a little bit later in this hour. so of course discipline just one of many many issues that parents deal with every single day. >> that's right. still ahead here if you're one of those parents out there, some ideas to help you monitor what your kids are doing on line without becoming a spy in the process. >> and then a little later a vienna woman is fighting back after her basement floods and 7 is on her side to help. >> plus, start talking about the future with the fans but they make one glaring omission. >> but first, up and running.
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train service resumes on a busy commuter line while investigators try to figure out why that car was on the tracks.
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>> a survivor from that deadly plane crash in taiwan says he
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suspected problems before the crash. the man says the engine didn't feel right shortly after takeoff. he was one of only 15 survivors. dash cam video showed that plane banking sharply, clipping a bridge careening into a river but missing some apartment buildings. 32 people are confirmed dead and 11 are still missing. the investigation continues into what caused a fiery crash that killed an s.u.v. driver and five passengers on a metro north commuter train in new york. >> train service resumed today on that affected line as we learned more about the woman driving the s.u.v. >> as the faces and names of the deceased are revealed today ntsb investigators are busy at work trying to answer those lingering questions. the most important on their minds, why did this accident cause so many passenger deaths? >> very very unusual for the third rail for any type of a rail to sort of peel up and end up embedded in a rail car. >> investigators are trying to understand why that electrified
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third rail buckled and punctured the train itself and did the safety mechanisms deploy immediately stopping electricity? investigators are also asking why was the driver on the tracks to begin with? were the warning signs adequate? >> we have somebody that's looking at the rail traffic signals, highway traffic signals as well as the crossing gates. >> and another big question -- why did the driver, 49-year-old ellen brodie pull forward in those critical last seconds. >> we want to put together a timeline to understand any video evidence that we may have. i understand there's a gentleman who was directly behind the s.u.v. when the accident occurred. >> the national transportation safety board will have a briefing at 5:00 today. hopefully we'll get an answer to some of those questions. we'll bring you all those details as they break.
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lona zack abc news. >> heads up if your travels take you west along i-66. virginia department of transportation will be closing one lane at west moreland street for the next three nights and using a crane to move some steel beams into place so they can widen that bridge. those lanes will be closed between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. and also tonight, vdot will be holding another public hearing for comments about plans to widen 66 to add toll lanes between the beltway and haymarket. that meeting starts at 6:00 at vdot's northern virginia district office at 4975 alliance drive in fairfax. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation at this point in the morning. bob emler, how does it look right now? >> bob? i don't know if bob can hear us. we can't hear bob. >> green on the map. that's good to see. >> all right. well weatherwise, wow it's chilly and you can hear the winds howling. >> yeah. this is the last day i look at a
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royal caribbean ad and walk right outside. not until march. >> i'll tell you, really only a few snow flurries but front come in earlier this morning. skies cleared. it is brutally cold out there. wait until tonight when we see how low the temperatures are going to get. let's get started. this is a time lapse through the day from our weather bug camera. high clouds and low clouds briefly with a passage of the cold front. temperatures never managed to get above 34 35 degrees in arlington or anywhere else across the area and now the numbers are starting the other way with the numbers falling into the 20's north and west of the metro area. 24 in hagerstown. 23 closer to metro area just below or just at the freezing mark. that's part of the story. the other part are the changes in temperatures. now, remember yesterday if you were watching i said tomorrow meaning today at this time i'd be showing temperatures so much colder than they were the day before because yesterday was so warm. this is this crazy roller coaster weather we talked about.
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here's the deal. right now, it's 25 degrees colder in dulles than it was at this time yesterday. 21 degrees colder at reagan national and tonight numbers will drop into the single digits. don't forget the winds. these are a big player. wind gusts at 25 33 miles an hour. dulles, that is knocking the wind chill down to low territory. we'll have an average wake-up temperature tomorrow at 14. some areas will be in the single digits. then the next seven days warming close to 50 degrees as we get to saturday. maybe a bit warmer into sunday and right now, it looks like rain will be the story. 30% chance sunday night and monday. remaining on the chilly side as we go through next week. today is the five-year anniversary of the middle of snowmageddon. coming up in a little less than 30 minutes, i'll take you down memory lane with some video. who can forget? >> i can close my eyes and see it like it was yesterday. >> i got stories! >> me, too. >> 10 straight hours that night. >> at least!
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>> it could be worst what we're feeling right now is what you're saying. >> yes. >> it will put warmth into our day today. a u.s. navy photographer snapped this beautiful picture of a rainbow. this is from the deck of the u.s.s. john c. dennis. aircraft carrier was in the pacific when this picture happened. beautiful. >> jealous. nice play to go for a jog. >> yeah. absolutely. >> all right. back to the traffic here. let's see how things are looking right now. looks like bob is looking at 270. what's that look like, bob? >> not too bad out there now, leon, on the inner loop out of tysons heading on 270 is some volume. 270 itself bogs down a bit from montgomery village in germantown towards clarksburg. 95 traveling south, only briefly slower over to the occoquan and then headed south towards stafford. just a little bit of a slowdown here and there. lanes are open and traffic is generally running well here on 395 headed south of the pentagon. it does start to bog down a
4:21 pm
little farther south getting into landmark. connecticut beltway on the inner loop. some delays. outer loop crash after 270. that's cleared away. still some delays on the outer loop through silver spring. i'm bob emler with wtop radio. >> thanks bob. still to come here on abc 7 news at 4:00 they have kind of a cult following. we can tell you when they are planning to open their doors in our area. >> the team is ready to come together to bring olivia home safely. we'll get you caught up with your weekly scandal scoop.
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>> suge knight is out of the hospital and back behind bars after suffering a potentially fatal blood clot in los angeles. knight pleaded not guilty tuesday to murder charges in a fatal hit-and-run incident. he then complained of chest pains in court and was taken right to the hospital. the former rap mogul is accused of running over two men killing one, injuring the other. he faces up to life in prison if he's convicted. >> all right. tgit back tonight with another spine tingling roller coaster episode of "scandal." >> so olivia pope is still missing and right now, fans have a lot of questions. lot more questions than answers really. jummy has this week's "scandal" scoop. >> if you were "scandal" last
4:25 pm
week, you know that olivia pope is still missing. in the preview for tonight's all new episode, we know the stakes to get her back are very high. >> i have been taken against my will. you must declare war in the next 48 hours. i will be killed. >> we know the president does not want to go to war. will he risk the state of the union to save the woman he loves? another question tonight -- who is behind the kidnapping? could it be the vice president and his mistress elizabeth north? who knows? we also don't know who will save the day. could it be jake ballard? or even papa pope and b6-13. speaking of b6-13, could that be headed for a spinoff of its own? shondra rymes told "the hollywood reporter" i have three versions of a spinoff in my head that i obsess about constantly. we'll have to wait and see.
4:26 pm
tonight it's all about "scandal" followed by "how to get away with murder" at 10:00 and make sure to stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00 because we go behind the scenes of the hit new show and visit a campus not too far away from here that was the scenic inspiration for the show. that's tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news. >> this afternoon, harper lee's publisher is responding to claims that the -- or allegations, rather, that the author was not involved in the decision to publish her second book. we told you about this earlier this week. but in the last 24 hours, reports have surfaced that the 88-year-old lee is in poor health and in an assisted living facility and may not have been involved in making this decision. in fact, there are allegations she may have been manipulated. this afternoon, harper collins issued a statement from lee's
4:27 pm
attorney saying that lee is "happy as hell" to see it hit the stands this summer. that will no doubt sell some books. >> you know it. all right, parenting can be a challenge in this digital age. still ahead, a look at some ways you can help your kids navigate the world on line without actually spying on them. >> and then a little later, you may think they're offering anything but to find out the one thing that starbucks is adding to the menu. >> and a vienna woman is suing her own town. why she says an act of god had nothing to do with
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>> the town of vienna says it's an act of god. >> but donna brouss says she's not giving up their fight to get them to help pay to some of the damage to her house after a water main break. chris pabst is in vienna with an update on her story. chris? >> leon and alison, the argument here is simple. the town of vienna says if there's a water main break and that causes damage to your personal property, the town is not responsible to reimburse you for those damages. but the woman we spoke to today disagreed and she's now hired an attorney to sue the town where she lives. now, this water main break happened on january 22nd under the street outside of donna's home. it caused more than a foot of
4:31 pm
this brown murky water to rush into her basement. her furnace, water heater walls and flooring all had to be replaced and with furniture, electronics and other belongings she's out an estimated $30,000. now, since the town of vienna calls this "an act of god" it only paid for the initial cleanup. she is now responsible for the rest. so she has hired an attorney to fight the town. >> there's nothing i can do to protect myself from it or from happening again and it's just not fair that they're not claiming responsibility. >> now, "7 on your side" has reached out to other local water companies like wssc and d.c. water to find out what their policies are if they would reimburse home owners for damage caused by a water main break. that informationng up at 6:00. in the town of vienna chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> see you then. a few flurries could be seen
4:32 pm
around the area today. >> and the real story is the cold. we could be seeing some singledi tonight. doug hill in the storm watch 7 weather center and with the happy news. >> major turn around from yesterday's temperatures in the 50's. so what will happen is these gusty winds will diminish a little bit tonight. as they diminish, that will allow the temperatures to fall off more rapidly. let's get started with a look at some of the numbers around the area right now. 25 in gaithersburg and the temperatures are headed down. by tomorrow morning, these are the air temperatures that we're forecasting. 9 for a wake-up temperature in frederick and hagerstown and dulles. 8 in manassas. 12 at andrews. very cold night. we will pull out of it and have a nice recovery with partly cloudy skies and southwesterly winds near 41 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. i want to remind you in about 15 minutes as we continue our trip down memory lane about snowmageddon, we'll show you
4:33 pm
video. why don't we have a snowstorm? maybe this video will get your fix. we'll see. >> we like it if it's only on television. thanks, doug. new at 4:00 now news that has our newsroom buzzing all day here. wegmans new alexandria story will be opening up in june. it will be at telegraph road and bula street in the kingstown area a it will be the seventh wegmans grocery store in virginia and first with the full service restaurant inside. >> the director of the food and drug administration we've learned is stepping down. in an e-mail to employees, dr. margaret hamburg said the decision wasn't easy and called her tenure rewarding. dr. hamburg took the post back in may of 2009. the agency's chief scientist will serve as acting commissioner once hamburg leaves in march. for many of us, getting in shape is a priority. >> uh-huh. and a small piece of wearable technology that some people i know actually wear a lot is making it easier to track your progress as you work out.
4:34 pm
but "7 on your side" wanted to know at what cost to your privacy? jay corbett has been looking into this question and joins us with what he's found. hey, jay. >> hey, leon and alison. as i'm working out, i have this fitness bracelet on my right wrist tracking all kinds of information. there you can see about 4600 almost 4700 steps recorded in this day. these things are all the rage. millions are using them. they can count everything from your steps to your sleep patterns and caloric intake. a lot of folks love these things. they can really track their fitness goals, what they set and they can accomplish things more easily. but one on-line security expert we spoke with said users should be aware that your information could be sold to a third party. >> i think people should be a little more educated. i think as consumers, people should embrace these technologies as opportunities. but at the same time should be very cautious about what
4:35 pm
applications and services are exposing to do and understand what you're giving away. >> all righty. moved over to the weights and to active he will you coming up at 5:00, we're going to talk about a personal fitness trainer who is absolutely hooked. addicted to her fit bit but she has no privacy concerns. our full story on abc 7 news at 11:00. back to you guys. >> and full disclosure folks, jay is the fittest person in our newsroom. hands down! >> absolutely. >> he's a competitive runner. >> and biker, too. >> probably did 10 miles before coming to us with that report. thanks, jay. a digital parody expert is out with some new tips for keeping up with kids in the digital world. he says most parents are doing it wrong. he says the majority of households monitor their children's activities on line and set parental controls rather or spy on them. he says because half of those kids are also administrators of
4:36 pm
their own on-line accounts, they usually find a way around the rules. >> pushes the boundaries, that knows how to fight back. they figure out those ways very quickly. >> also examples where good kids can make one silly mistake on social media. >> he suggests setting boundaries and establishing trust. >> abc 7 wants to invite you to take part in a town hall meeting. your voice, your future fight for freedom will air live monday night on our sister station, newschannel 8. our panel of experts will be talking about the escalating terror threat and the impacts on free speech and expression. you can sign up to be in the audience on hall. well the pope says it's ok. but what do you think? your responses to our question spanking your kids. coming up. >> and a postal worker's persistence. find out how it saved a life.
4:37 pm
>> first 7 is on your side to protect your elderly relatives
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$99.99 a month with $200 back and get a firm price quote of your total monthly charges upfront and in writing so there are no surprises switch today and see why verizon is ranked highest in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. just call 1.888.410.4404 today. >> your side" consumer alert for coffee lovers now. coconut milk is coming to a
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starbucks menu near you. the coffee chain says it will offer coconut milk in coffee and tea for an extra 60 cents starting february 17th. starbucks says it received a number of requests for an alternative to dairy and soy and the coconut milk is certified vegan. a wake-up call now for every family with an elderly relative. >> as autria godfrey found out criminals are resorting to threats to get money from senior citizens. >> her aunt lost more than $100,000 to thieves who preyed on her vulnerability. it started when her aunt received a phone call after a local flood left many people homeless. >> he needed help. he needed someone to buy a telephone and send it to his brother so that they could -- brother could work at it and they could talk to each other. >> hansen's 83-year-old aunt did that, bought a phone and dropped it in the mail to address they
4:41 pm
were given. they told her you've won the california lottery. to get the money, you have to pay $4500 in taxes. she did just that. her family finally intervened and said don't fall for anymore lottery scams but the con men got smart. they had her start buying these green dot cards and the money was gone in an instant. >> she bought the green dot cards from walgreens. when she called the next time she would give them the number. >> when cash is put on a card and the card number is used the cash is gone. that happened over and over again. at one point, her aunt questioned the caller asking why they needed more money? >> they scared her. they told her that you know you have to send this money or we're going to come to your house. >> postal inspectors say threats are becoming more common. many seniors, especially those who live alone are easily frightened. >> they may go out to google maps and get a description of her house, the paint color and they will give them a detailed
4:42 pm
description of their home or vehicle in the driveway. once the nightmare starts it's a nightmare for a long, long time. >> hansen's aunt now lives in a retirement community with no phone and unfortunately, no money. her life's savings were wiped out in this scheme. autria godfrey, abc 7 news. >> those postal inspectors are really busy. detention time-out taking something away. >> public way one man is helping parents discipline their kids. >> snow and frigid temperatures aren't just plaguing the east coast this winter. where they're really bubbling up big time. >> i'm robert burton. after the break, why some fans didn't appreciat
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
>> this is the time of year when football teams start working on their season ticket holders o get them to sign up again. >> that's right, but the letter is going out to redskins fans this week has one glaring omission. and robert burton is here now on explain what that is. >> yes. something that makes you say wait a minute. >> got our attention. >> hold on. ok. every off-season if you're a premium club member or dream seats holder for the redskins you'll get a letter and maybe a gift along with it for being a
4:46 pm
loyal fan. well, the letter fans received this week raised some eyebrows. for skins fans it's been a bumpy ride. but this week fans got a little something in the mail from the redskins redskins. according to "the washington post" in a thank you letter sent to redskins premium club members mentions of two you new hires and a list of four players considered to be the nucleus of the team. linebacker ryan kerrigan receiver deshawn jackson along with pro bowlers trent williams and alfred morris. >> who is missing from that list? >> ozzie 3? >> the face of the franchise was not included as a draw for redskins fans. >> i'm a little disappointed they left him out. but i understand like an open competition next year. so i guess we'll see what happens. but hopefully he wins it and hopefully leads to the playoffs. >> this is one of my favorite jerseys here. >> tony of temple hills, maryland is a frustrated premium member. so frustrated that he shredded
4:47 pm
his letter. but he tells us it wasn't because r.g. iii was left out. >> i'm not so upset about that really. you know, the guys that they mentioned in the letter are guys who have produced on the field. robert is a nice guy and seems to be a good guy and all of that. but the reality is win football games. >> we reached out to the redskins organization and received an official no comment on the omission. so there you have it. some die hard fans actually not too upset about it. but it looks like r.g.iii is actually going to have to work for the position? beat out the other guys for this one. >> i hope this motivates him. >> exactly. motivation is always good. >> all right. robert, thank you. well a college in vermont is searching for its missing four foot long brazilian rainbow boa constrictor. oh, boy. that's not good.
4:48 pm
castleton state college sent out a campus wide e-mail asking students and staff to keep an eye out for the snake. the orange tinged tropical snake was discovered missing from its cage tuesday at the college's zoology lab. the school thinks that someone may have stolen it. >> maybe the snake realized he was in vermont. >> lake wait a minute. i'm tropical. >> get me out of here. >> good luck getting to brazil. >> really. >> well of course just one of the many scandals to rock the nfl this year was adrian peterson's choice to hit his child with a switch. >> pope francis told a general audience it's ok for parents to hit their children as a form of discipline. not with any sort of an object. our question of the day is asking what you out there think about the pope's comments. one wrote this, like the majority of people who responded, i agree with pope francis. he didn't say abuse them. leave marks, etc. on them. he said smack your kids. a smack on the butt won't hurt them. it will only help and let them
4:49 pm
know you mean business. >> suzy posts, spanking smacking whatever you want to call it is for lazy parents who want a quick fix. it teaches nothing but fear and whoever is bigger gets to hit. dave notes so glad to take parenting advice from an unmarried childless celibate old man. well you can join the conversation on our wjla facebook page. it is spirited. >> a barber in georgia is offering a unique service to discipline unruly children. russell frederick is the co-owner of a-1 cuts just outside of atlanta and he came up with the idea of a bad haircut with his son who was misbehaving. frederick believes it's an effective alternative to corporal punishment. take a look. >> you have to be creative with your discipline. you can't touch them and police and law enforcement are getting involved. i don't whip my kids. that's the way i chose to discipline him at the time. >> frederick said three other kids got these embarrassing haircuts in the past month.
4:50 pm
some people dubbed it the george jefferson haircut, frederick says he's seen positive results with his son after giving this george jefferson. >> look at his face in that picture. he's not happy. >> not happy! >> no. all right. well still to come here on abc 7 news at 5:00 tonight, a guilty verdict for the man called the beer pong rapist. see for yourself the evidence jurors saw and hear the confrontation between an accuser and the suspect. why one juror said this case made her sick. >> plus concerns over safety led to the banning of a popular photography tool. which major museums are telling the patrons to leave their fix at home. tell you about it coming up next hour. >> we are certainly in for a bitter chill but we're not alone. spain looking a bit more like siberia today. the spanish military is now fanning out across the country to rescue people who are
4:51 pm
stranded in the snow. >> yeah. i don't think i've seen very many pictures from spain for people covered in snow. >> unusual. >> lower elevations anyway. >> we promised we would give you some video. this is from five years ago. we were just in the middle of snowmagdeddon, three snowstorms over a nine day period. here we go. everybody wants to know can't we have just one? so i'm hoping for some of you this will do the trick. we'll see what happens. it's staying cold. this was a record setter in all kinds of ways. this was the middle storm the biggest one that we had in the three storm stretch. take a look at the numbers here. two day snowfall record of 32.4 inches at washington dulles. you'd see the rest of the numbers here are pretty impressive as well. b.w.i. thurgood marshall 25 inches. 17.88 at reagan national. leesburg 34. 32 inches at clarksburg. at the end of the winter we had 56 inches of snow in washington
4:52 pm
and over six feet of snow for the season at washington dulles. i mean that set the bar so high. we'll see if we ever do that again. we're setting the bar kind of low tonight for the temperatures. temperatures will fall even more tonight. we have the wind chills to deal with. feels like it's 19 degrees at reagan national and 15 in frederick. 8 above in hagerstown. the winds that are so gusty will diminish a bit tonight. that will allow ideal cooling with clear skies and lighter winds. we're talking an average wake-up of 14 degrees. maybe 7 or 8 in some colder suburbs. colted cold way to start the day. afternoon high of near 38 degrees in the afternoon. as we look ahead to the weekend, very mild and 50 degrees. for the die hards, there's this teeny weenie little chance sometime late monday if there's enough moisture left over from this system, it should end as a few snowflakes in a few spots.
4:53 pm
other than that that's all i got. sorry. >> thanks for taking us down memory lane. >> my pleasure. >> can't forget that one any time soon. all right. let's get a check on traffic and see how that's shaping up. bob emler in the traffic center. >> hi, alison. it hasn't been a bad drive out this afternoon. most of the way out to vienna and towards centreville. headed south from quantico down towards stafford you hit the brakes just a bit. not too bad. all lanes opened there as well. inner loop getting up from tysons today headed up for 270 and traffic on 66. we can take a look at that and some of the volume in both directions here in vienna, quite slow each way. no incidents along the way. i'm bob emler from 103.5 wtop radio.
4:54 pm
>> thank you bob. talk to you in a bit. neither rain sleet or snow will stop the u.s. postal service. >> what about smoke?
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
>> a postal worker is being hailed as a hero for going with his gut. >> tom roussey introduces us to the man who followed that feeling and saved a life. >> i could smell smoke. >> postal worker ken hopkins says this neighborhood has been on his route for two decades until a cold thursday last month, he'd never seen a fire here. >> had smoke coming out. >> he rang and knocked on one half of this duplex and then the other. >> the dog is barking the first time i rang it about 10 times and knocked on the window and rang the doorbell. he didn't answer it. >> he went back to the other half. no answer there either. he didn't think anyone was home back on the other side. but -- >> someone told me we'll try again. walk across the street and get away from the house. fire up in the window upstairs.
4:58 pm
so didn't answer the door. >> save my brother's life. >> this is the sister of 20-year-old aleksi who is the man that hopkins had woke up. he had been sleeping heavily while listening to music and even the family's dog la-la's barking didn't wake him. >> he had his earphones on that day and he didn't hear nothing. >> revas said it was hopkins' frantic knocking the second time that finally woke her brother. yesterday, hopkins was honored by both the postal service and the prince george's county fire department. >> thank god for getting me to wake up. >> tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> a callous remark from the defendant and disgust from the jurors after they find a rapist guilty. also the measles outbreak that shows no signs of slowing. and there were new confirmed cases. several babies at a daycare center. getting in shape with the help
4:59 pm
of a fitness bracelet? as you lose weight, you could be losing information. >> new details spilling out about that shooting that unleashed chaos outside of a high school basketball game in frederick. >> brad bell live outside of frederick high school with what he's learned about the two young victims and the search for the gunman. brad? >> well what we're hearing from our sources is that this shooting didn't have anything to do with the school or the basketball game going on inside. that it was likely a gang-related dispute. it should have been the perfect high school night. in the frederick high gym, rival thomas johnson high held a three-point lead in the j.v. boys basketball game with seconds left. when outside, shots are fired. two boys 14 and 15 are hit and stumble inside. >> everybody was running, all the players ran off the court.
5:00 pm
so it wasn't like -- it felt unreal. >> the shooter manages on flee on shoot. the young victims both freshmen at thomas johnson are flown to the shock trauma center in baltimore. one is hit in the torso and the other in the leg. today, the school is closed as police combed the grounds for evidence. an entire town trying to make sense of the violence. >> i was at home. my daughter was at the game last night and i got the call saying if there was a shooting. never happened here at frederick high. >> we spoke to relatives of both victims and they declined to talk on camera but did say the boys are expected to recover. at thomas johnson high extra police patrol the grounds and a student describes the mood inside as tense. >> everybody is quiet. very quiet. nobody is talking to each other. >> multiple law enforcement sources tell abc news the shooting is not believed to be random. the victims, they say, are part of a gang c


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