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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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up first, a winter weather alert. snow is expected to fall all evening, adding to the several inches. >> all of the local schools and federal government are closed. that list is scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >> we have live team coverage in a moment. >> but we start with chief meteorologist doug hill with a timeline of the storm. >> more snow coming our way overnight. snowmachine showing moderate areas of snow moving from west to east. just to the west, a break in the action, but more snow filling in. the wider view, most of the action to the south and east, but more snow moving to the west. we thought all along the heavier amount would to the south and southwest of the city. that has been the story. by the time it ends early in the
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morning, we think four to six inches. a good six tyo o 10 inches south and east. more areas of snow, especially south and east of the metro. with just a few inches on the ground tonight, so far we have had problems driving and walking. steve rudin is in the stormwatch 7 weather center with that story. >> the snow continues to fall, but not as rapid and as much as earlier. the streets of rosslyn are plowed, but mostly snow-covered. everything that continues to fall overnight will stick as snow. look at the temperatures out there, today's high 20 degrees. yes, just 20 degrees at reagan national airport. 27 degrees below average for this time of year. now we have temperatures only in the teens. a will not rebound, they will not move a whole lot overnight.
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it stays cold as more snow is on the way. coming up, doug and i will tell you about what to expect not only tomorrow, but the next chance of wintry weather in the 70 outlook. >> steve, we will see you shortly. the snow was slamming parts of maryland. in montgomery county responders are dealing with twice the number of typical emergency calls. tom roussey takes us now to waldorf. hi, tom. >> just got off the phone with the maryland state highway administration. so often their problem areas are in the western parts of the state. not this time, it is southern maryland. part of the reason they have been getting the most snow here, but also, look, the snow has layed completely on the road. the temperatures are in the teens, and the plows are battling against trying to get the snow off the roadway.
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but it is a tough battle. here is video from la plata of a car that was stuck in the median , could not get out. another vehicle that we saw on 301 in waldorf sliding down the street. that is an was able to write themselves. a number of folks having trouble. the plows are out, but it is a tough battle as the temperatures are so cold. most cars that we have seen have been able to get down the road ok. one of the reasons as we come back alive, this is one of the few areas untouched by the wind. we probably have roughly three inches or snow. i try to make the snowball, look what happens, i cannot do it. it is a fluffy snow that we rarely see, the colder kind of snow. it is good news that we got back, because it is a year to drive on. -- because it is easier to drive
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on, but that said, be careful. live from waldorf, tom roussey abc 7 news. >> if you have to go out, please be careful. one person is dead in calvert county after a car crash. the victim was trapped inside the vehicle. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> metro was adjusting service schedules because of the snow. metro access service is suspended all the way until wednesday. metro buses are operating on a severe snow service plan, and tomorrow metro trains will be on a saturday schedule. if eight inches of snowfall's, they will suspend aboveground rail service and only serve underground stations. if you are planning on air travel tomorrow, double check your flights. hundreds of flights have been grounded because of the snow. if you have a ticket for tomorrow, call the airline check the status of your flight before you head to the airport. the president's plane had to
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land because of the snowy conditions. he returned to joint base andrews just before 9:00. he left california early because of the bad weather. >> the district is launching more than 280 trucks to treat the roadways and they are using a specialized salt to melt the ice. richard reeve is live in northwest. how are things looking? >> here in adams morgan, just a couple of inches. that is what we are dealing with. here on 18th street, it is like a ghost town. nobody is around. the big issue is the streets out here on 18th street, not too bad. slush, i would say. main streets like new york avenue, very good, but this is they struggle all might long. this is what slick sounds like. [clicking] on the d.c. streets. >> is very slippery.
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>>'s february storm is making a challenge for drivers. >> just trying to take my time getting home from work. >> from this point of view -- >> i'm declaring a snow emergency in the district. >> 285 salt spreaders and trucks. >> we will treat the neighborhood streets later. >> they are taking the snow fight to the streets by going green. >> green? that is treated salt, effective down to about seven degrees. >> still, plenty of misery to go around. >> my bosses from minnesota. >> most folks just wanted to stop. back alive, this is a good way
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to show you the kind of snowfall we have had here. we are told the federal government will be closed tomorrow, d.c. public schools will be closed tomorrow, and the road crews will be out all night long to deal with all of this. live from northwest washington richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> the d.c. cab service tomorrow starting at 7 a.m., a flat fee of $15 will be added to every meter charge, in effect for 12 hours. >> virginia governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency for the commonwealth. state present responded so far to more than 350 crashes. the national guard is standing by to help if needed. jay korff is an staffer tonight. what are you seeing? >> we have seen a number of those crashes, and it is still snowing. that is i have 95 -- i-95 behind me.
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wait a second, there is a plow truck. we have seen a lot through the evening. many salt trucks, now plow trucks. it's like they are heading to route one, which is just to the east. this is the reason why, all of this snow wreaking havoc on the region. >> it is bumper-to-bumper everywhere. >> a snow storm with remarkable endurance and into virginia, creating gridlock along the i-95 corridor. john abrams' trip to north carolina should take at least five hours, but tonight it will take at least 10. i-95 in fredericksburg was like a slow-moving parking lot. it was so bad that for several minutes on the interstate, people were getting out and clearing off their windshields. state police responded to more than 1000 calls from 4:00 until 8 p.m., among them a lot of car
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crashes. the owner of this mason-dixon café in fredericksburg closed early because employees were having a hard time getting in and customers were not venturing out in this. >> a lot of snow. very pretty. but not always good for business. >> we have been tracking to from richmond all the way to washington, d.c., on i-95. it has been gridlock for hours. stay home. live from stafford, jay korff abc 7 news. >> for updated snow to roles and road conditions, "good morning washington" will start early at 4 a.m., and there is also information at and on our twitter and facebook pages. >> five people were killed in our communities, and the people who did it got away with murder.
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tonight, we begin our week long search for the killers among us, 7 on your side investigative reporter jennifer donelan starting with the mysterious story of a local schoolteacher. >> a retired schoolteacher, a snowy parking lot, and a murder. >> i'm thinking we could have had so much more. >> in her home, she looked at pictures of her sister, myra. cason, a 63-year-old mother, retired from anne arundel county schools and was an active authority member. >> she would give you the shirt off her back. >> the sisters were best friends. >> i don't know what happened. >> three hours after an appointment on january to 38, 20 11, she was found inside of her vehicle a few miles away and a
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shopping center parking lot on ritchie highway, glen burnie. she is slumped over the wheel, shot dead. >> it so puzzling as to why she was over there. >> did she meet someone or what she forced to the parking lot? robbery as a motive was in the headlines at the time, but the police will not say. nne arundel county cold case detective believes the answer will come. >> people talk eventually. >> the file on the case is massive, with one particular clue. >> we know that there was a dark car in the parking lot. it's important for them to come forward and talk to us. >> come forward and catch a killer still walks among us. >> there will be justice for her. >> do you have information in this case? kyle anne arundel county police.
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tomorrow at 5:00 the story of an 18-year-old girl's body was found on a virginia farm. i'm jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. >> a train derailment barks an explosion in west virginia. the lingering concerns about hazardous materials in a possible clue about the cause. >> the biggest winter storm event of the season.
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>> hundreds of west virginia residents are spending the night in shelters after a train carrying crude oil derailed south of charleston. and news crew doing an interview captured what happened next. wow, there are no reports of injuries, but the flames destroyed at least one home. the department of health is working to keep oil leaking into the river from leaking the wrote -- reaching the local weather supply. investigators are not ruling out winter weather is a possible cause.
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incredible video from west philadelphia, where a fire left buildings covered in ice. water used by the firefighters froze on contact. it was three degrees at the time of the fire, with a wind chill 16 t below -- 16 degrees below zero. what a scene. >> we can top that, a close call for a news crew and hampton roads. an suv spins out of control just driving down the street. it comes to way stop -- right about -- there! >> my goodness. >> inches away from the camera. the reporter and photographer were in the news van at the time of the crash. a few minutes later they would have been right in front of the camera. a close call. >> scary stuff. you think about that with the crews covering it. >> absolutely, be careful out there. the snow event is nowhere near
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over, so to get the latest with doug hill and steve rudin. what is the latest? >> the snow continues, a little bit of a lull right now. we have tweaked the numbers a little bit. >> it is cold and everything is sticking, but a very fine snow. it is nothing to make a snowball or snowman with, but the accumulations are building and we will see more overnight. maryland, st. mary's county, so far today, about four inches of snow. dentsville maryland, three inches, to put five inches bethesda, called for three-putt two, and fairfax three and just. all of these areas, no school tomorrow, and the federal government is closed. the winter storm warning until 12 noon tomorrow that includes the district and surrounding counties, all of southern maryland. from the north and south spotsylvania, washington counties the winter storm
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warning and a winter weather advisory for extreme western maryland. we have a lot more on the way. changes are coming as we move into the early morning hours. more on that with chief meteorologist doug hill. >> a live look at live super doppler seven, the moderate areas of snow. generally from west to east, there have been gaps west of town, but they are filling in. the storm center itself, there is a surface low and another low to the south and west of the metro area. as that moves east, it will put the heaviest snow across southern maryland, the eastern shore, the middle peninsula and the northern neck of virginia. we thought all along the further south you go, closer to the storm track, the heavier the snow. the big question is how much of the area to the southwest will fill-in. that is why we have taken the snow total down an inch. coming up, points north, this
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may be the low-end of the range, but there is a chance south and east of the city to have significantly more. the track of the storm and computer modeling suggesting we get 3:00 in the morning, there could be heavier areas moving north. south and east of i-95 early in the morning, just aftermath that, as we get to the overnight, the darker color blues at 1 a.m., that is when the heavier snow is expected. as we had 4:00 in the morning, we have pretty heavy snow across southern maryland, the middle peninsula, northern neck, the eastern shore. sunrise, everything pivots out as the storm system moves offshore and intensifies and brings in drier air and clearing skies in the afternoon. we have taken the numbers down a notch. to the north, further away from the storm, 2-4 4-7 in the metro area, and 6-10 in southern
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maryland, the neck, the eastern shore, closer to the storm track. with temperatures in the teens we have had a huge impact from the snow. temperatures in the teens, the snow ending, temperatures in the 20's. the next seven days, another arctic cold front wednesday. that will give us scattered snow showers and temperatures will tank wednesday night, down to 12 degrees, only in the teens to about 20 degrees thursday and friday, and another chance of a wintry mix over the weekend. the fun and games never stop. >> it stopped a lot of games tonight. >> the fifth ranked maryland basketball team battles michigan state. the sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the maryland women's basketball team to their record on the road to play east lansing state. no team has gone through this conference unbeaten since the 1980's, but maryland is trying. downtown lexie brown, yes ma'am. the terps trail only once all night. this is a sleight-of-hand
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drive, draw, dish. a great pass from brown scoring 17 points. maryland survive 75-69 unbeaten. charlottesville, which is being hammered by the snow. 10 inches expected, but they still had a full house. john poole paul jones arena, number two uva. center pocket, ring it up, two-to from bend the arc. extending the defense, the bucket, the easy deuce. brogden had 18. virginia beats pitt. the georgetown hoyas are not in the top 25, but they are still a tournament team, probably a seven seed, but they have had seven days between games and host st. john's tomorrow night. the battle of new york, the rangers and islanders. in the third, the rangers on the attack, kevin kline -- not the actor -- the game-winner.
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11 goals scored in the nassau coliseum tonight. baseball, the auction of the year, the glove worn by jeffrey mayer when he caught derek jeter's home run and cap the orioles out of the american league championship series will be auctioned sunday in new york. the umpire refused to call for interference. it turned the series. pictures and catchers report to any camp later this week. and golf fans, david love iii is expected to be named the usa ryder cup captain. >> that was interference. >> oh, absolutely, without question. >> take that glove and burn it. surrendering to the wicket winter.
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it that encourages you to visit the florida keys. at least they are honest.
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>> we have another check of the forecast. >> areas west of washington are starting to fill back in with snow. >> the heaviest amounts across southern maryland, 6-10 inches not out of the question. we are talking 4-7 inches inside the beltway. >> icy roads are a special problem. a special start time of 4 a.m. for "good morning washington" with live updates and school closings. >> those of you don't have to go out, don't go. stay inside and stay safe.
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jimmy kimmel live is next. >> have a great night. okay, i need a better pizza.
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♪ jimmy: hey chris, what's up? >> chris: is this a bad time? >> jimmy: well, i'm about to do the show. everything all right? >> chris: well. i know this is crazy, but i'm here, so h so i was on the show last month and i thought things went really, really well. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we had a connection. but then you sent me home after the show was over. you started to have other guests. sometimes two at a time. >> jimmy: that's just the way we do it. >> chris: please hear me out.


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