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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 17, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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here illegally from being deported and the ruling will be in place until heard and resolved before the court of appeals. >> the economic unrest in greece has that country is a few days away from facing huge debt of its own. hundreds gathered supporting the hard line stand the government is taking against european creditor thors. they issued an ultimatum to greece yesterday saying it must accept a key condition or left to fend for itself. analysts say it would force greece to stop using the euro. americans are continuing to pay more for gas as prices increase for a third week in a row. aaa says the american price for a gallon of gas is $2.25 a gallon. that's up 17 cents since last week. analyst s say fuel markets are rebounding and the upward trend will continue. an upscale arizona clothing boutique says the latest must have accessory for women is a stun gun. the taser starts at $300.
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they come with six fashionable colors including of course girly pink. the owner of clothes minded believes women looking for protection would rather shop at her boutique than a gun store. >> this is a very chic place to shop. so why not look for a chic taser? >> self defense experts say tasers are an effective weapon for women because they are less dangerous than firearms and can be operated further away from an attacker than pepper spray. >> i guess if you are going to tase somebody you might as well look good doing it. yikes. >> today is mardi gras or fat tuesday. but in plenty of places like brazil it is known as karn carnaval and that means elaborate costumes for the parades in rio. >> they roll through a half mile strip. tens of thousands of people packed both sides of the route to see and probably participate in the celebration.
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>> always wanted to go and if everyone has a really good time today maybe they will forget about brazil's incredible collapse at last summer's world cup. oh that hurt. happy carnaval brazil. hey, brazil that is not from me but from people that told me to say that. i'm sorry. >> why did you have to remind them of that? why? you should have skipped that read. >> tough one. a good opportunity to key up shakira music. >> partying in brazil. ♪ >> do that again please. >> ♪ >> okay. well let's move on people. coming up -- >> i'm sleep deprived. let me tell you about this. couples who watched "50 shades of grey" and whether it put them in the mood. also ahead, the photographer in love with his job because he captures couples most magical moments. the innovative business.
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or other final expenses. we're committed to our customers. we make insurance simple! (representatives speaking) ♪ beautiful snowy pictures there of the white house. >> i wonder what the president does on a snow day? does he come down in his pjs and slippers and roast marshmallows. >> only way to go. >> they are getting three to six inches today. federal government shut down. some places in new york jfk delayed an hour. in d.c. okay for now. >> earlier today there were complaints of d.c. from
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airlines. but definitely a snowy time in the northeast. all of the snow we have been getting this winter coupled with relentsless cold temperatures spells a dangerous recipe of ice which is what you don't want when you are trying to get around. >> especially on the road. knowing what to do when you are fiesing icy conditions can make the difference. here's abc's gio benitez with more. >> reporter: from a dramatic snowy pileup in ohio involving a tractor-trailer to five carings slipping and sliding in to each other in vermont. remember the massive 170-car pileup in michigan last month? in the midst of blinding lake effect snow a truck full of fireworks exploding. one person killed. but there are things you can do right now to stay safe on the roads. first, know when black ice forms. if rain is falling and the air is at 32 degrees or below chances are black ice is on the road.
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>> slick looking road. no water on my windshield. below freezing. these are ingredients for cars to skid out and crash. >> reporter: it's most likely to form on shaded roads and on bridges and overpasses. if you hit black ice, don't hit the brakes. lift your foot off the accelerator and don't overcorrect your steering if the car slides. keep in mind it will take twice with as long for your car to stop on black ice. while you are usually trying to avoid snow on the road, if you hit black ice head toward the snow. you'll want your tires to grab ahold of it. abc news new york. >> great advice there. the aaa has some interesting advice in these conditions. take a look at that. those kinds of accidents. that i say don't stop for accidents or stranded vehicles along an icy roadway. that may seem counterintuitive but think of the accidents that happen when people are jumping out of their cars trying to to help others and it can crowd the
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roadway and lead to dangerous situations. >> and reena ninan has good advice don't bother going out. stay home make hot chocolate and make a grilled cheese sandwich with. everybody has cheese and bread. >> i don't have cheese. i will have a bread sandwich. >> g secret recipes. get out of the cold for a second. we are going to heat things up. we are talking "50 shades of grey." >> you are excited about this one. it is a big hit with women but we will find out how it fared with couples. you are watching "world news now." >> it's going to get hot. >> announcer: "world news
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♪ i'm not sure why we are playing steamy music right now when it is expected to be incredibly cold. >> yeah it is. it is times square. a little flur riffs right now. around 20 degrees but see that steam coming up across the steam pipes on the street or was it from "50 shades of grey"? look at that steaming up the roadways in times square. >> by a movie theater, wasn't it? >> there you go. "50 shades of grey" proved to be a box office hit over the valentine's day weekend. that's how you have to talk about it. >> is that your sexy voice. >> bringing in $80 million, reena? >> but if the appeal was sided, mara schiavocampo sat down with couples to see if the movie
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lived up to the hype. >> oh yeah. >> right behind this door. >> what is? >> my play room. >> the sexy steamy novel turned film dominating the box office. bringing in a record-breaking 81 million bucks domestically. >> you said you didn't do romance. >> i don't. >> reporter: "50 shades of grey," the movie about a couple and their sexual exploits is piquing the interest of popcorn lovers but had us wondering what real-life couples felt about seeing the fantasy flick on the big screen. >> on our way. he's so happy about it. >> reporter: we invited three couples to give us their two cents on the moneymaker. >> who enjoyed the movie? >> reporter: despite the box office love our couples weren't exactly feeling the same way. >> i told her from the get-go i'm not seeing this movie. >> i was bore toward the end. nothing stood out. >> i hated it. >> was it sexy? >> i thought they did enough to
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make it sexy. i feel like she was pretty much naked the entire film. >> i found it a little vanilla. could have been spicier. >> but could the movie heating up the big screen also heat things up in the bedroom? >> did it put you in the mood for romance? shall we say? >> the book did a better job. >> david will be the first one to tell you. >> while for some the movie may serve as a catalyst for conversation, relationship experts say it is important to remember it is fiction. >> "50 shades of grey" is not your play book for sex. it is there to initiate conversations about fantasy, to get couples to start to think of what they want. >> does it open up the dialogue of maybe places you may want to go that you haven't gone or romance? >> the movie makes you think of other things you can try in your relationship. >> you definitely think what could we do what couldn't we do? what are our own boundaries and limits and how can we test that out.
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>> mara schiavocampo abc news new york. >> the guy who raised his hand who said he liked the film, boy did he win points.
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♪ well if urptent celebrating romance last weekend by watching 50 shades of gray maybe you were celebrating in another way by getting engaged.
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>> almost as good. 14 million couples got engaged which means it was likely a busy weekend for the man you are about to meet. his job capturing that once-in-a-lifetime moment no pressure of course, here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: photographer james ambler's mission on that day. >> there's a huge amount of pressure on me. i have no only one chance to make this work for the client. >> reporter: make someone happy by getting a happy picture. >> this is the most important moment in his life he want ms. toe capture. >> reporter: this is his passion. after setting out from school to be a waf photographer he hit upon this as his subject. ♪ ♪ >> this moment and this one and this one. this moment of will you marry me and what comes after. he made ate genre. >> which one of these will marry? paparazzi proposals. >> after selling the idea on "shark tank" and getting money for it he made it a business with a lot of clients, some 700
2:57 am
so far including these two. as always, one of the pair is in on the secret. [ music playing ] knowing that timing is everything, amble rerks rolls camera. and what a great moment for the two of them -- make that three of them because james is why they will have this picture forever. john donvan abc news. >> that's good. >> what was your moment like? >> we were on top of a mountain in south africa. >> fantastic. >> i wish he had gotten the photographer james. i wish we had that moment. >> we did ours at the gettiville in los angeles. my wife was so surprised he knocked the ring out of my hand and almost over a balcony. >> over a call bonny. >> and we forced a couple to take a picture of us going, yeah. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," extreme weather. the snowstorm hitting the east coast this morning, shutting down the federal government in d.c. in boston roofs are collapsing from all of the snow. >> the beams started to collapse and split and fall in to the attic. >> tens of millions of americans in dangerous conditions with spring more than a month away. forced out, a train loaded with fuel crashes and burns. hundreds evacuated from their homes in an explosion i have situation. later, be my eyes. using smartphone technology to link the visually impaired with everyday help. >> we are totally blown away by how people react and how positive it was. >> reporter: innovative technology that's making a difference. it is tuesday, february 17th. ♪
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm ryan smith. t.j. holmes is on assignment. >> i'm reena ninan. good to see you. >> good to see you. it's been a while since we have done this together. >> do i look tan and well rested. >> you look zen. >> florida did it. >> working the night shift it takes you a week to adjust and then by that time it is time to return. the powerful new storm hitting the northeast this morning. 90 million americans bracing for more biting cold and fresh round of snow and ice. >> it's already coming down in washington, d.c. take a look. barely you can see the white house there with more than a half foot of snow expected. federal offices closed today and for many schools, classes have been cancelled or delayed. for more here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: this is the big chill that will not melt away. in new york city it was the coldest february day in nearly three decades. >> it's cold when your eyeballs
3:02 am
ache. that's ld. >> reporter: in long suffering boston no relief with the mercury at three below. >> maybe if you are going to visit boston come in june. not february. >> reporter: heavy wet snow is a has hard to buildings, crushing the roofs of homes and businesses. >> the beams started to collapse and split and fall in to the attic. >> reporter: meaning work crews have to move fast. >> this is so much heavier than it looks. >> reporter: the weight of the snow crushed the roof of this lowe's hardware store in massachusetts. in west philadelphia firefighters had to battle subfreezing temperatures in addition to flames. the result left this look like an ice palace and casualties from pennsylvania kentucky to kansas and there's only more cold in the forecast. a new storm moving in carrying still more snow with the threat of more ice and arctic
3:03 am
temperatures later if the week. even president obama getting a taste of the latest storm on his return to washington. lana zak, abc news new york. affects everyone even if you loif at 1600 pennsylvania. along with the latest round of snow a mid february freeze. >> it was 13 below zero in niagara falls. and the falls are getting icescier each day this winter and justin povick continues our coverage. good morning, justin. >> ryan reena, thanks. good morning to you. a slippery start for many people throughout the mid-atlantic and the northeast. not a big snowstorm for new england. around the northern fringe of new york city ands be on the a couple of inches on the average. southbound southern suburbs of philadelphia toward baltimore and d.c., here's where we are digging out under a half foot or more of powder. yes, it will be slow early on but will gradually improve throughout the day as sunshine returns. the southeast, not a lot of sunshine here in to the sunshine state of florida. will be some welcome rains
3:04 am
around tampa, ft. myers, orlando, and jacksonville. a couple of travel delays along 75 and 95 and out west. here we go once again, high pressure in control. a lot of sunshine. ryan and reena, back to you. >> thank you, justin. transit officials in the boston area are scrambling to get buried train lines up to speed. after a week of disruptions they called in emergency manpower a shovel by gad to dig out the tracks. 200 union workers cleared the snow along with inmates from the corrections department. it may take 30 days to fully restore service. those winter storm condition cans may have played a role in this, the derail of a train. carrying crude oil in west virginia, the derailment ignited at least 14 tankers and set one house on fire. abc's david kerley has more. >> reporter: tower the ing explosions fuelled by crude oil sending flames hundreds of feet in the air. fires from the derailed tank cars still burning.
3:05 am
crude spilling in to the river with one witness saying a half mile of that river is on fire. it happened about 30 miles east of charleston west viriginia, along the kanawha river. one resident tells us the freight engine plowed through the home of a local pastor who survived. >> the cars were exploding and it was a considerable amount of fire. we could see it a mile away. >> reporter: as these pictures show the explosion happened close to homes. more than 60 nearby homes evacuated. 200 to 300 people sheltered in the middle of a snowstorm nearby. the csx train had more than 100 cars. 25 derailed. it is -- crude in new mexico, more flammable than other oil. the amount of oil has jumped dramatically 400% from several year and tank cars are vulnerable and need to be reinforced. a year and a half ago 47 people were killed in a derailment near the maine border with canada.
3:06 am
once the fire burns out a look at the environmental damage. the inlets from the river have been shut down and residents have been asked to conserve water. david kerley abc news washington. we are getting the first look at a controversial videotape at the heart of a lawsuit filed against the police in st. louis. on the tape you can see police making an arrest and apparently a surprised officer shouting everybody hold up before the camera is shut off. the lawyer for the man arrested claims the cops used excessive force. the police union says the tape shows proper procedure against someone resisting arrest. >> one of two wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate told detectives she did it to protect herself and her family from an on-line fictional character known as slender man. a video of the police interview was played during a pre-trial hearing them girls were 12 at the time of the attack and have been charged as adults. defense attorneys are trying to have the case moved to juvenile
3:07 am
court. in denmark tens of thousands of people gathered in copenhagen to remember the victims of a pair of terror attacks. it took place outside of the cultural center where a gunman shot through the windows during a panel discussion on freedom of expression. a security guard outside of a synagogue was with also shot and killed. the suspect died in a shootout with police. a north carolina man accused of three muslim students to death now faces charges of triple homicide. investigators say craig hicks gunned down the neighbors who were his neighbors in a dispute over parking spaces. they say there is no evidence it was a hate crime but they are still on the case. the fbi is joining the investigation. in houston a suspect is under arrest for a fire that broke out last friday at an islamic center. police say darryl ferguson claim a admits to starting the fire but says i was an accident. she a transyents who may have been trying to stay warm. president obama's top labor
3:08 am
official is in san francisco in an effort to resolve the dispute over west coast ports. mongts long agos between dock work withers union have broken off. that left billions of dollars in cargo still packed on coin taner ships imacting everything from grocery to car production. the washington monument is shorter than we always thought it was. since it was finished the monday numb's height has been recorded at just over 555 feet, five inches. a new measurement says it is 10 inches shorter. the new height is a as a result of the change of the spot where the measure is taken and surveyors are saying over time lightning has rounded the tip taking off 3/8 of an inch. today the big day in new orleans. mardi gras. >> oh yeah. fat tuesday. >> fat tuesday. >> where are our beads, by the way. >> that's right. >> rob nelson tweeted them we should get them back. last major party before lent is
3:09 am
what it is. parades rolling through the streets of the big easy. >> and lots of beads. four parades scheduled for today an the forecast says it will be chilly but not raining. >> reporter: thousands of people will pack in to the french quarter wearing beads presumably having a hurricane or several of them. that's the drink. the party ends -- does it really end at midnight. >> yes, i have. it really never ends. it just keeps going. >> i'd like to see mardi gras pictures of you. >> you would? >> yeah. >> i think there were some. i think we burned them. i think that's what we did. >> you wanted a career in television. >> yes. >> good for you. >> the party did have an end date. i just don't remember when it was. there's the train there. coming up in "the mix," get a glimpse of a hamburger cooked 20 years ago. would you take a bite? >> no. how the host of the oscars neil patrick harris is getting ready
3:10 am
for razzle-dazzle on hollywood's biggest night. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning ingredient softens your carpet with every use. it's resolve, so you know it cleans and freshens but now it also softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and try resolve for amazing stain removal the first time. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information
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topping our health headlines. eat 30 grams of fiber every day. a study monitored the weight loss of those who did that and those who followed the heart association diet. those who ate the fiber lost 4 1/2 pounds. the others lost under six. experts say a simple diet is easier ito stick to than one that is restrictive. another new study finds those who went shopping while hungry spent more money and bought more non-food items like clothes and shoes. the study's authors say it might
3:14 am
have something to do with our desire to collect things particularly when we are feeling unfulfilled. >> i shop all the time. what does that mean? >> you have to eat more. >> got to eat more. deal. according to the cdc, more than 1 million americans are legally blind. 12 million visit chully impaired. technology played a significant role in helping the blind. we are on the verge of a true game changer. >> it comes in the form of a smartphone app that allows any of us to lend a helping hand. here's abc's tech tribter tina trinh. >> with the help of her guide dog ramona the daily commute to her office in new york city is easy. still everyday objects can pee a problem. today it's a phone that doesn't yet have have braille dots on the plate. a new app called be my eyes is
3:15 am
about to solve the problem. >> they link them with volunteers an the world willing to be their eyes. if you are a blind user you basically point your phone's camera at whatever you need help seeing. >> reporter: the app created by danish developers. he came up with the idea houston he realized many of his blind friends use the video calling feature for assistance. >> always had to call someone. and that's why i came up with the idea we should make something to access the call? she dials up a volunteer that can help her navigate the face plate. >> the bottom left button speaker. >> that's the speaker right there? >> that's correct. >> my finger is on it. >> okay. >> what's the middle. >> volume. >> now she knows where certain buttons are located, she uses a brailler to emboss it with braille dots. >> okay. we got it.
3:16 am
mission accomplished. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> reporter: at last count, over 12,000 blind users downloaded the app compared to 134,000 volunteering to be their eyes. >> we are totally blown away by the how people react and how positive it i was. >> reporter: for chancy the app makes her life that much simpler. >> if you are blind you can't read a label or control or an image or symbol. it's not a show stopper. whatever happens, we go on with our day and make do. sometimes that means asking a friend or family member or a person in a store. this app just makes things quicker, easier more efficient. >> reporter: for volunteers it's a surprisingly simple way to make a difference. >> sir, have a great day. >> you too. >> reporter: and our tech guru tina trinh is joining us now. so incredible teen nachl you wonder what happened before this technology for blind people. >> exactly. there are apps out on the market
3:17 am
right now that are geared toward blind people an they do very specific things but this is the first one that lets everyday ordinary people help out. i think you see it in a response. it has been amazing. a lot of people getting on board. >> anybody can be of service. >> anybody can help out. you sign up download the app and you can be contacted at any point but not after 10:00 p.m. but be ready to lend your eyes and make a difference. >> make a real difference for folks who are sight impaired. >> sounds wonderful. thank you so much. our tech guru and up next we are gearing up for the the big show. how neil patrick harris is preparing for his biggest hosting gig yet. he can act, sing but can he dance? and is -- ready to be the ring master for the hollywood super bowl. misgaga revealing to the world she is now engaged. we will meet mr. gaga. i wonder if he likes that and find out how he popped the
3:18 am
question later on in "the skinny." you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" contin
3:19 am
♪ wow, makes you feel so powerful when you hear that music. and the academy awards are less than a week away -- that's how i want to read it. >> yeah. >> hollywood is buzzing in preparation for the big show, especially the host. one man, three letters. >> nph, neil patrick harris in case you didn't know. mary bruce is in hollywood to see what the host with the mostest has up his sleeve. ♪ sing you a song ♪ >> reporter: he sings, dances he acts. >> legendary. >> reporter: and now this triple threat is about to pull off the triple crown of award show hosting. >> i'm neil patrick harris and i'm hosting the oscars. >> reporter: it's been a busy
3:20 am
year for harris. he wowed broadway and won a tony for headway and then his creepy role in the oscar nominated film gone girl. and now his biggest gig of all. >> the job of the host is like a good dinner host is to welcome them in. take their coats, show them the house, make them feel comfortable. >> reporter: he would know. he has done the tonys and emmys. so much hosting, he jokes he has an obsessive hosting disorder and he has been dropping hints offen line and there's sure to be razzle-dazzle. he is getting help from the writers behind this disney's smash hit ♪ let it go ♪ >> what they are doing i'm not at liberty to say but i can tell you it won't be a song called "it will o". >> reporter: he is offering spoilers on what he will be wearing. >> fuchsia, never fuchsia.
3:21 am
no matter what anyone tells you, never fuchsia. >> reporter: there's no question. the stakes are high for harris bu he says he's not nervous to host the biggest night in hollywood. harris says it is far more nerve-racking to be one of those nominees waiting for your name to be called. mary bruce, abc news, hollywood. >> he is such a fantastic host. i can't wait to see him. we were talking, what films has he done we both saw "gone girl" and he was in exaggerated version in the harld and cue mar movies which i know you love. >> my top three. what was that about again? just kidding. i know white castle. >> yes. you got it. he's amazing. i can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. >> i bet it will be good. the reason he goes by three names is because the screen actors guild already had a neil patrick -- no harris, he had to put in the patrick. >> >> which is why i do by ryan
3:22 am
reena ninan. >> only on "world news now." >> more coming up. another. introducing new vidal sassoon salonist first, brush roots with rich colour cream. then, add serum... and blend through lengths. our most advanced system outside the salon. visible depths and tones. new vidal sassoon salonist. thank you for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand,
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time now for "the mix." i missed the "the mix." you missed your opportunity. uber was offering motorcade rides. they are calling it uber cade like the president's motorcade. >> balling out. look at that. >> exact words that came to my mouth. cadillac escorted by two suburbans adorned with u.s. flags. you wonder why would police confuse your uber cade with the president's? this is what it doesn't have, the police escorting your vehicle and the president's bulletproof sedan and two limos used as decoys but it didn't matter. most people were able to use the discounted ride. it ended at 3:00 p.m. it was widely popular.
3:26 am
>> how could it not be? i would use it to go to the grocery store. >> don't you do that. >> i do actually. that's funny. everywhere i go. doesn't matter, drive-thru, i always go with an escort. >> mcdonald's. >> speaking of mcdonald's look at this. we need guidelines in case you get sick or something. >> what are these dudes talking about. why are we showing two guys holding a hamburger. these are two guys from australia, 20 years or so ago. 20 years ago they went to mcdonald's and a friend was supposed to join them and they bought a couple of quarter pounders and cheeseburger and they said dude hold it for me and they did for 20 years and there it s. no mold on it. looking just as good as it was with made just six months ago. and they threatened to bite in it to. they didn't. now they have a facebook page set up where they are trying to challenge kanye west to a
3:27 am
contest. the whole point is they had the burger under lock and key for 20 years and counting. they are still holding it. >> can you imagine if they took a bite of it. it would be a massive e. coli. >> they don't seem to care. by the way, this is only things that unmarried dudes can do. i don't see how i could hold a 20 year burger in my fridge are. >> your wife would be. >> she would be beside herself. it would be in the trash before i knew it. >> when you travel, neck pillows, all about the neck pillows. >> yes, need them. >> a mix of fashion meets function. a scarf that transforms in to a neck pillow. you can use it for napping. tiffany from california came up with. this you have to pull this out and blow in to it. and it inflates. >> that's great. >> a built-in october to conceal the blow up pillow and a it retails for $65. >> i think it is worth it. >> unfortunately it is not tsa approved. i'm justxñaó5ñ
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," arctic anxiety. the brutal cold and the snowstorm sweeping the country shutting down the federal government today. accu-weather's chilly predictions. the suspect accused of killing the american sniper and what he told police about the crime. the case getting worldwide attention. scare at sea. passengers on a whale watching boat become part of the action. the close encounter and the safety questions. later in "the skinny," getting personal with lady gaga. her big news and it's not about a record deal, new song or concert tour. it is tuesday, february 17th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> this is reena ninan. i'm ryan smith and we were
3:31 am
talking how we are getting over the weather. >> so over it. i feel like we can't complain because boston has been buried. if anyone across america wants to complain you have to feel for boston. >> boston you won this one. >> they deserve 70 degree weather for the next three years year round. >> speaking of cold weather let's get to the snow and ice numbing cold air gripping 20 states this morning. >> the nation's capitol covered in white as the storm moves up the east coast. federal government shut down its offices across d.c. and many schools are either closed or delayed. shoppers in virginia hit the stores yesterday to stock up ahead of the storm. bread, milk and other basics were the first to go. as the new storm moves in, new england continues to dig out from the last one. abc's rob marciano has the latest. >> reporter: the east coast on ice. single digit temperatures in new york. the coldest february day in nearly three decades. in boston, a bone-chilling negative three. in philadelphia, firefighters battling near zero degree temperatures and this blaze.
3:32 am
the scene turning to ice. but a bigger problem here in new england, snow weighing down the roofs of homes and businesses. >> the beams started to collapse and split and fall in though the attic. >> the roof of this massachusetts lowe's hardware store collapsing. this garage giving way. a woman sitting in her car inside unhurt. schools at risk, too. students sent home after teachers notice cracks and ceilings sagging due to the snow. we met up with diane barretto worried about her own roof. >> you have three, four, foot drifts and icicles. >> it is right above my bedroom. every time it creeked last night, it made me nervous it's going to cave in. >> reporter: on a 1600 square foot home, a foot of light snow can weigh 2.5 tons but heavy snow can weigh 14 tons putting a strain on the roof below. this is one of the nearly 60 roof collapses that happened in the past week. so a far this year eight feet of snow in the boston area. one more foot and it is an all-time record.
3:33 am
clearly stressing infrastructure here. rob marciano, abc news, quincy, massachusetts. >> incredible images there. with temperatures plunging in the danger zone, they discovered something disturbing. >> crews had to bring in heavy machinery you saw there to break it up before treating the roads. accu-weather's justin povick looks at the latest conditions. good morning, justin. >> reporter: ryan, reena, thanks. good morning to you. improvement on the way throughout the northeast and mid-atlantic after a slippery start early on around our nation's capitol and baltimore after several inches of snow. it looks like our weather will gradually improve throughout the day. cold still. even though the sunshine will return for the afternoon. there will be a couple of inches of snow from new york city north and eastbound toward boston. travel delays continue in to the early evening. ryan and reena back to you. more snow in the forecast around the great lakes today including the upper peninsula of michigan. take a look.
3:34 am
these mounds of snow in marquette were the totals for the season where they topped 12 feet and coping with single digit temperatures and unbearable windchills. the weather may have been a factor in a fiery train derailment. the train was carrying crude oil in west virginia. at least 14 tankers ignited sending up that big plume of smoke and flames hundreds of feet in to the air. several tankers ended up in a nearby river and official. and officials shut down water intake as a precaution. prosecutors in the american sniper trial could rest their case as early as today after a chilling video was played for the jury in which former marine eddie routh confesses to the fatal shootings of chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. ryan owens has the details. >> head down on the table, hands cuffed behind his back is how the jury first sees eddie routh in this police interrogation tape the night he killed navy
3:35 am
s.e.a.l. chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. finally he sits up when the texas ranger walks in and asks him what he did. it is so sad how it had to happen, and stuff, you know, how it did happen. the judge will not allow audio broadcast until after the verdict but the jury can hear as the marine veteran rambles and is often incoherent but seems clear on certain details of the crime, look shooting them at close range. i was up close to them. i didn't mean to be so close, he says. routh remembers who he shot first, chris kyle, the legendary shot profiled in the blockbuster "american sniper." >> the one i could clearly identify routh tells the ranger. i knew if i didn't take out his soul, he was coming to take mine. i'm tired of playing chess with my life. routh is arguing he was insane at the time of the shooting at this gun range where kyle
3:36 am
brought him to help him deal with ptsd. the defense argument that he was paranoid was previewed by his attorney in opening statements. >> what he said was that he had killed them before they could kill him. >> reporter: three, maybe four times, the ranger asks the question that matters most in an insanity case. each time he gets the same answer. you know what you did today is wrong, right? you understand that? yes, sir, replies routh over and over. in another acknowledgment of his guilt, routh apologizes to the victims families saying i'm so sorry for what i have done. using the killer's own words against him maybe the prosecution's strongest evidence. ryan owens, abc news, stephenville, texas. let's turn to this. you may not know lesley gore by name but you more than likely heard her famous hit. ♪ it's my party and i'll cry if i want to cry if i want to ♪ >> gore topped the charts with
3:37 am
"its my party and i'll cry if i want to" when she was just 16 years old. she was discovered by music legend quincy jones and wrote songs and performed the next five decades. lesley gore died in new york yesterday. she was 68 years old. >> love that song. lance armstrong has come out on the losing side of a fraud settlement. an arbitration panel ruled against armstrong and a former team management company. the ruling calls on him to pay $10 million to a promotional company because of armstrong's use of illegal performance enhancing drugs. armstrong's lawyers says the ruling won't stand and will be overturned by a judge. it happened again. a group of motorcyclists causing havoc on busy highways. dash cam video captured the chaos over the weekend. this is in galveston, texas. around 50 motorcyclists were driving recklessly in afternoon traffic. some clocked doing more than 120 miles an hour and it didn't stop there. >> popping wheelies, which is riding on one wheel, 70, 80
3:38 am
miles an hour. driving in between cars. >> there were two crashes but no serious injuries. police wrote 28 tickets. mostly for minor violations. five bikes were seized and one guy was arrested for not having his license. here's a fish tale that is actually true. a whale watching trip turned in to a nightmare off of the coast of hawaii. 19 passengers and two crew members had to be rescued after a large wave broke over the catamaran they were on. five people including a pregnant woman were dumped in the water. some passengers wondered if it was a good idea to go out when the waves were so big and dangerous. >> everybody agreed to go. but when we were out there, i was wondering -- because it was just so rocky on the water. >> thankfully everyone was rescued and brought back safely to shore. >> good news. this good news too. today is mardi gras or fat tuesday and the party will be raging in new orleans. in the midwest they put the fat
3:39 am
in fat tuesday in a different way. >> what are we doing here, like a snowstorm. >> and where are my beads. >> yes. bakeries have been cranking out tens of thousands of sweet treats called paczkis. they are basically a doughnut filled with jelly or chocolate or custard. >> where are those? why can't those be here? those belly bombs are said to more than 400 calories and 25 grams of fat. not that bad. we can have a couple of those. just the thing to binge on as you get start to start lent which starts tomorrow. you know what i'll just say it right now, i love doughnuts. looking at these pictures i wish i could live inside a doughnut, eat my way out every day. >> i am going to out our floor director noel. >> yes. >> i noticed when i went to say hello to him today he had a doughnut at his desk. he has a special bakery he goes to. >> and he didn't share. >> he didn't share. >> first day back after the week. >> is this a mardi gras
3:40 am
doughnut? >> not going to go. >> come on. >> is that doughnut 20 years old? >> this is fresh, two days ago. >> that's nice. 50% off. >> generosity. >> special. >> thank you for showing that to us and walking away. love you. coming up on "the skinny," a dazzling -- i'm still thinking of doughnuts. a dazzling tribute to stevie wonder and the contestant on the bachelor with a confession that is rated x. "the bachelor" with a confession that is rated x. money-saving expert advice for buying a new car. with so many hot deals at the dealership what you need to know before the test drive. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne dual action.
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they say after seeing a magician make his assistant disappear mr.clean came up with a product that makes dirt virtually disappear. he called it the magic eraser. it cleans like magic. even baked on dirt disappears right before your eyes. mr.clean's magic eraser. if you are going through menopause i don't have good news. research shows hot flashes last an average of seven years. women have night sweats and hot flashes two years before their last period. and five years after. overall, black and hispanic women tend to experience symptoms significantly longer than whites and asian a's. researchers in switzerland
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developed high-tech contact lens that could be props for a super hero movie. take a look. they are the first of their kind. they are contacts that can zoom in and out with the wink of an eye. they have super thin built-in telescopes that can triple magnify what you see. the hope is it will help those suffering from age-related impaired vision and these lens would be ready for use next year. if you are in the market for a new car, chances are you checked out a few yesterday. president's day typically offers the biggest deals of the year. >> they sure do. >> i bought a car in june. >> should have bought it on president's day. don't be fooled by the too good to be true offers. paula faris shows how to save at the dealership. >> reporter: there's never been a better time to buy a car but with so many offers out there. >> zero financing. exceptional offers $199 a month. >> zero apr. >> we went to consumer reports to help fine tune your financing. first up, watch out for long term loans.
3:45 am
>> consumer reports recommends no more than a four-year loan. you don't want to go past that. in to 60, 72, 84 months you are paying for it well after the safety gear is replaced by newer features. >> reporter: while eight out of ten of us finance our loans through the dealership consumer reports recommends looking at a credit union or small bank. >> they don't take on as many risky consumer and have the ability to give you a better loan. >> don't reveal too much when you are at the dealership. >> you don't want to go in to buy a new car and say this is what or how much i want to buy. keep the information to yourself but be honest you are looking at a variety of sources. >> reporter: finally know your credit score. too many inquiries by multiple dealers can adversary affect it. >> open the door here. >> reporter: advice to put you in the driver's seat. paula faris, abc news, connecticut. >> another one. don't walk in the dealership and y, "i love this car." >> that's a good one. >> chill out on that. >> good one. i remember on "the cosby show"
3:46 am
dr. huxtable showed up and he wore torn up clothes because he didn't want people to know he was a doctor. >> right. >> to get theo a car. i can't remember how the episode ended. >> lessons from the huxtables. >> there you go. how to buy a car. coming up, could the "playboy" bombshell that caused a tearful breakdown for a contestant on the "the bachelor." and how today's biggest music stars got down to stevie wonder at the all-star tribute. "the skinny" coming up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ okay. leading us off is big news from mama monster herself lady gaga. >> it is official she's off the market. the singer that sang of bad romance has found eternal love with "chicago fire" actor taylor kinney. the couple seen here first when they met back in 2011 on the set of one of gaga's music videos. they look good together. >> they do. he is gorgeous. kinney popped the question with this appropriate diamond ring. >> heart shaped. >> gaga posted it to instagram saying he gave me his heart on valentine's day and i said yes. the couple shared the news with gaga's parents at their family restaurant here in new york. >> i'm so happy for her. true love. love it. last night we are reminded
3:49 am
why lady gaga is such a huge star because she has the talent to match her larger than life personality. look at her getting down there. the paid tribute to the legendary stevie wonder. >> the newly engaged gaga belted it out behind the piano for i wish during the all-star grammy salute. another powerful performance, andrea bocelli singing "i just called to say i love you." >> the night's most emotional moment is when ne-yo sang "isn't she lovely" and joined by his daughter to complete her surprise. her birth inspired that very song in 1975. for everybody who loves that song, she is the one playing in the bathtub as he's with her. the background music at the end of the song is beautiful. >> i didn't know that. a great night. take a listen. ♪
3:50 am
>> she's got a great voice. >> look at this. plants a kiss on dad, right there. >> what a great moment. signed, sealed and delivered with a kiss. >> then, by the way, it was time for the man of the hour to do what he does best. stevie wonder took the stage performing a medley of his biggest hits. the a-listers had a great time listening to the man who influenced them with his incredible career. this man is such a wonderful performer. >> i love seeing beyonce's cut aways. big news for one of the artists who performed for stevie wonder. pharrell has ten grammys but has his work out for him if he wants to match stevie wonder's 25. >> he will do this. he's adding children's book author to the list of accomplishments he's got. he's got a deal for a series of picture books, the first of which will be called, of course "happy." >> it will feature children around the world celebrating
3:51 am
what it means to be happy. it will be published by putnam books and will be available in september. ♪ >> on last night's episode of "the bachelor," the naked truth finally came out. what do i mean by that? contestant jade who showed so much promise from the beginning hosted chris the "the bachelor." >> things got intense when jade revealed her not so picture perfect past. at the center of the controversy some shots that would make hugh hefner proud. >> i was approached to pose for "playboy" and i did. if you want, i don't know, i could show you some of those photos. >> you know what chris' face is saying it all. >> he said no, no, no. >> it ultimately led to her demise. there he is right -- there she is right there.she is right there.
3:52 am
jade didn't receive a rose and sent packing for her next move. chris claims it wasn't over "playboy" but just over love. but who knows. >> that show gets more interesting every day. sure does. love. but who knows. >> that show gets more interesting every day. >> sure does. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night. ♪ ♪ wishing you love sleep and play. pampers. ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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♪ there he is. i love it. big hit with the critics and fans alike. mr. eastwood himself, "american sniper" nominated for six academy awards including best picture. less than a week to go to see how clint does. >> i'm excited. >> i have a good feeling. he will do well, i think. there are some other filmmakers we know that will be holding the oscar statues on sunday night. >> a group of hollywood hopefuls that mr. eastwood may find himself stealing from in the future. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> opportunities present themselves. >> reporter: this year the road to the oscars was paved with a dream, a smile and a banana. meet team oscar.
3:56 am
they are aspiring young filmmakers and actors hand picked to attend the biggest night in hollywood. >> where i come from, this is where most of us start. >> reporter: it's a dream come true for any budding artist. >> i went ballistic. i called every family member in my phone, management, everybody. i went crazy. >> reporter: the nominees are on pins and needles waiting to see if they make it to the oscar stage. these filmmakers already have a guaranteed spot. they will be standing up there, side by side with many of their heros, delivering the gold statues to the famous presenters. oh, yeah, and they get to hang out with actor channing tatum. >> i basically drive them around in my car for the next week, no, not at all but they go on tours and meet producers and actors and talk to them about their dream. >> reporter: it's those meetings that have the winners most excited. >> i don't care. i just want my stories to be told and hope i can meet people that can do that for me. >> reporter: chris has always planned to make it to the oscars
3:57 am
but first the 18-year-old had to finish high school. >> i actually went back to to a couple of my schools and they are like wow, we didn't expect that to happen this fast. and i was like i didn't expect it to happen at all. >> reporter: forget getting his foot in the door, he is about to throw the door to his dreams wide open. mary bruce, abc news, los angeles. >> incredible. a great way to get young filmmakers started. it is open to filmmakers 18 to 30 and they get that award. >> apparently it was usually only open to college students in the past. what are you excited to see at the oscars? >> "birdman" i thought it was -- i haven't seen it. i thought it got a lot of buzz. >> i'm thinking "american sniper." >> oh, there we are at the oscars. look at that. look at all of this gold statues we have. >> they are really made out of chocolate. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
>> and good morning to you at 4:00. we are under a winter weather alert this morning. our teams are all across the d.c. area. >> our weather team is tracking where the storm is now and what we can expect coming up in the next 24 hours. let's get straight over to jacqui jeras. we have jacqui and brian in the weather center now. >> you can see the flurries that were coming down. look kind of cool. almost hazy if anything else. good morning, everybody. we have snow continuing to come down across the region. live storm watch


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