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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> in the breaking news coming in from maryland this noon where crews are responding to a deadly accident. >> this one happened on route 97 on the howard county and montgomery county line. take a look at these images from news chopper 7. police say at least two cars were involved including a snow plow. they say the driver of the car lost control and slid on the ice and snow. right now make sure you stay with abc 7 on air and on line
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for any updates on this breaking story. now to our winter weather alert. many are out and about enjoying a four day weekend as the overnight storm forced schools and the federal government to close today. >> the snow is over for the most part. for now but we may be seeing its impact for a while. doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast. doug? >> interesting view out there with the snow behind us and sunshine. potomac river with ice and snow on. it that's what the bitterly cold air has done. we'll see some melting on roadways. that's good. late tonight, we'll refreeze it again. temperatures upper teens and lower 20's in most areas. up to 25 at reagan national airport right now and the snow off the coast now. everything off shore. we're seeing the sunshine. again, we're warming a bit. i don't think we'll get to freezing. at least we'll get into the upper 20's. what's going to happen around the area for the rest of today is temperatures getting close to 30. tonight, we'll drop into the teens. that means a refreeze and then
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32 tomorrow. that's 32 tomorrow before the next arctic cold front moves through. future cast shows the timing. midday hours tomorrow. sunshine and increasing cloudiness. snow coming through the mountains with the next front and again, it may coincide heavier snow showers moving through during the rush hour tomorrow morning and then a bitter blast of wind will follow behind it. there's a good chance we could have record cold temperatures in many parts of our area by friday morning. let's find out what's happening also around the area. jacqui has a lot to share on this tuesday. jacqui? >> yeah we're taking your photos and talking about cold now that the snow is over and done with. we got some measurements in and take a look at the snow covered photos. first one i want to share with you from upper marlboro, five inches snow there. here's a photo from breezy point, maryland, seven inches there. stephanie, thanks for sharing that photo with us and here's some innovations for you, brad bell, abc 7 took this photo as a
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woman was using a cardboard box to scrape the snow off her car. you have to do what you got to do. here's a look at the official snowfall totals across the region. the numbers could tweak a little bit. 4.7 at reagan national. seven inches and eight in lexington park and we want to share with you our forecast of what we had compared to what we have. you can find this on line on our facebook page as well as on twitter. doug and i will be back in another few minutes. back to you. >> thank you. our stormwatch coverage continuing this noon in the district. d.c. mayor muriel bowser held a press conference a half-hour ago after a snow emergency was put into effect this morning. that allows the city to clear snow emergency routes but also means if your car is parked in the way, you could be ticketed and towed and it is not cheap. sam ford is live in northwest d.c. this noon with an update from the mayor on the plan going forward in the day. sam? >> yeah jumpy, -- jummy, if you are ticketed and towed it could cost you up to $370.
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they have towed 132 vehicles so far today. but they are lifting the snow emergency at 2:00 this afternoon. but one of the things they said was that they essentially ticketed and towed on the snow emergency routes and a lot of people have to move their car anyway. so that way, as they didn't have 400 or 500 cars being ticketed and towed. that's one of the concerns. they have 385 trucks, various types, out on the streets clearing the city. and the mayor has asked people to think of those in need. and if necessary, call the city for help. >> really? why are you doing it? >> to help out. >> ok. well those were some young men at rhode island avenue obviously, who were out helping various people in the community. they said that they were doing this for -- because they wanted to do it. but the mayor asked various residents if you see people in need, go and help them if you
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can. >> temperatures that can be ainge dangerous for many our friends and neighbors are dangerous for them including seniors, homeless and anybody who may be living in their home without adequate heat. if you're worried about the safety of friends or neighbors, i ask you to call on the government at 211. >> ok. that's for d.c. residents. d.c. residents can call 211 and get help for people who may be in need. also the bus service seems to be going -- coming back. we've looked out here and we see that it is coming back. particularly on the major streets. and they say they're going to be making sure that they plow on some of the secondary streets so that the buses can travel there as well. some complaints about the taxi cabs. there's a $15 surcharge but the city's idea is they want as many cabs out here as possible so pay them some money and they will show up. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> funny how that works out, sam. thank you. our team coverage continues in
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virginia now where parts of southern virginia saw some of the most snow from this storm. our jeff goldberg is live in fredricksburg with a look at conditions there right now. jeff how are things? >> things are pretty good autria. you know, we had in this untouched area probably about five or six inches of snow. pretty powdery kind of stuff. what a difference a few hours makes. it's sunny, gorgeous and beautiful. this is a major road in fredricksburg just a few hours ago, it was covered in a fair amount of ice. now it looks like the moisture is hardly even noticeable. this is going to be the challenge over here when it comes to plowing, though in the next 12 13 hours or so is the less side roads where there's still a lot of snow building up. crews will have some challenges with that. we take a walk down here a little bit. you can see the plowing going on. hey, guys how are you doing over there? in the parking lot here and every parking lot we've seen in fredricksburg, we have seen a lot of private plows, a lot of pickup trucks out there doing a lot of work. that's been going on since very early this morning. they've certainly been on it.
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everybody knew this storm was coming. vdot has also been an all hands on deck situation. 900 pieces of equipment and trucks in the stafford and fredricksburg area. farther north, closer to fairfax county loudoun county prince william nearly 4,000 pieces of equipment on the roads. so while the things are looking good with the weather, the snow is certainly melting a little bit with all this sunshine, still a lot of work to go ahead for the crews that are still dealing with the after effects of this storm. live in fredricksburg, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jeff. new this noon metro is in the process of restoring limited bus service. that means only selected routes will be operating. mostly on major roadways. service started back up around 10:30 this morning. however, metro access service is still suspended until wednesday. and trains are running a saturday schedule until midnight. and our storm watch team coverage continues now in maryland. our kevin lewis live at one of the metro stations there.
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is it busy today, kevin? >> it's gotten busier as the day has moved along, jummy. when the snow starts falling, you think reporters, police officers, doctors, firefighters the only ones that have to show up to work. but we've been at the grovenor station since 4:00 this morning. some people even with office jobs are reporting to work today. we did spot at least one benefit for them if you've ever wanted a private ride into the district you could forgo the cab or limo this morning, the red line a much more affordable option. we saw multiple trains between 5 clock -- 5:00 and 6:00 this morning rolling into the station. no more than one or two people on board. metro rail on a saturday schedule today. trains on all six lines are running every 12 minutes. peak hour prices, however, are still in effect. metro tells wtop radio this storm just came too quickly to change the decades old fare technology that it has. either way commuters we talked to forced to pull up their boot
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straps and head into work today. they seem to be in pretty good spirits. >> lot of people have a snow day today, why don't you? people down there. >> why don't you have a snow day? >> we have a late arrival day. but i have some clients who are in other cities who don't know that there's snow here. >> why are you showing up to work today? >> things to do at work that aren't going to get done if i'm not there. so i thought the snow wasn't all that bad. my husband dug out the driveway this morning. so i really don't have an excuse. >> she's probably the happiest commuter that we spoke to today. taking a live look on the platform here. a few people waiting for the trains to come on in to go to the respective destinations today. metro tells us it is operating the trains on a saturday schedule. partially because they weren't expecting high travel volume but also to give them enough time to
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clear the rails to make sure there's no cracked rails and no disabled trains. so far so good. i'm kevin lewis abc 7 news. >> all right, kevin. now to some of the fun stuff because a lot of people are taking the day to enjoy the weather. a big snowball fight wrapped up in the district and our mike conneen is live in dupont circle with all the details. mike usually, you're the one getting pelted. it looks like your hat, that happened again this year. >> i think that's an understatement autria. i think i took snowballs to every part of my body. in fact i want to take off this scarf and wave the white flag because everything on me is just snow and the snowball fight believe it or not, an hour later still happening. they started flying around 11:00 and we saw first just about a dozen people. in fact, initially, there were more members of the media here from local national, even international outlets to cover this. but slowly but surely the energy built the crowd built,
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some might say the hostilities built. and now they are still going at it here. it was intense in that mosh pit of snowballs being thrown and although the conditions aren't great for snowballs, people were throwing anything they could. even handfuls of powder at each other. it was insanity in there. but, you know, the organizers of this event say people who live in washington they work hard. they have demanding jobs and getting a snow day like this, it's really a beautiful thing to see all sorts of people come together and celebrate the joy of snow. here, you see they're ambushing each other once again. this has been going on again for about an hour. they've done that maybe 50 times and they are not giving up. they are loving this snowball fight. coming up today at 4:00 here on abc 7 we'll be talking to some of the folks participating, why they came out and some of the creative costumes they're wearing. back to you. >> all right. good to see these guys are enjoying a snow day and you too, mike. thank you very much. coming up on abc 7 news here at noon making the most of this
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snow day. remember this video? when the national zoo will be opening its doors today. >> and doug is back with the next chance to see more snow showers this week. a live look now at the smithsonian castle on the national mall. all snow cov
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>> the animals like to take a little snow day. the national zoo opened back up at noon today. about 15 minutes ago. the animal houses are open and zoo officials say that a few animals may be outside but don't expect to see this. remember when bow-bow took a little tumble and out playing in the snow. this was the last time we got a
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decent amount of snow. the zoo says, though, the much beloved giant pandas will most likely be inside today. enjoy that video. >> must have rolled down the hill six or seven times. >> i know! >> having a great time. >> so cute. so cute. >> all over the place. kids home from school. hills nearby, that's all you need. >> this is the kind of snow day when it stops snowing early in the morning. >> it's crunchy and slick, too. perfect for sledding. maybe bring a little fresh coating of snow showers tomorrow. let's get started. couple of live images from the weather bug network. brilliant blue skies out there. chilly temperatures. 20 degrees right now. high school in laurel beautiful sunshine and the streets are melting. you can see the same scene at the rockville campus at montgomery college where the parking lots have been plowed and melting. here's the deal. even though it's melting off now, it will refreeze tonight so icy spots definitely a concern after sunset late tonight and overnight as well. temperatures for you at the moment 19 degrees in gaithersburg and hagerstown.
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23 in annapolis. we have melting even with temperatures below freezing because we're at the time of year where the sun angle is getting a little higher and in the middle of february enough raident warmth of the sun with the cold air mass to start the melting. again, it will refreeze late tonight. as far as the numbers go we'll peak around 29 degrees this afternoon. a lot of sunshine. tonight, we'll drop. it won't be as cold as recent nights dropping near 21. but there's more cold air coming here. 13 degrees in upper michigan right now. 18 in chicago. the below zero in duluth already and that's the leading edge of this next arctic air mass that will pay us a visit starting tomorrow afternoon. here we have on the future cast indicant through the day tomorrow bringing snow showers and snow squalls. i don't think it's going to be the same force of snow squalls and winds that we saw on saturday evening but it is the leading edge of arctic air. there will be snow showers. that will be an issue. temperatures will fall below freezing late tomorrow afternoon.
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it may start rolling through the area during the last hour hour and a half of the rush hour. clearing out and becoming breezy with colder air and so much cold air will pull in there will be record low temperatures around the area by friday morning. as a matter of fact many suburban areas may have air temperatures below zero like rockville and leesburg. very cold air mass to deal with. as far as the futurecast goes we'll kind of take a close-up view here of the timing and then the closer view you'll see at 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow afternoon, the snow showers moving through with the arctic front. the gusty winds develop and then it will get downright cold for a while. future wind chills tomorrow morning, single digits. through today not too bad. temperatures warm up a bit. watch what happens tomorrow night and into early on thursday morning, wind chills below zero and then even colder air moves into the picture for friday. so winter is going to hang around a while longer. here's the forecast tonight. 19 degrees with a few clouds overnight and then for the next seven days check the numbers. they go up and they go dramatically down.
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single digit numbers all over the place. a little warmer for the weekend. chance of a little rain or snow. but right now, it's sunshine here in arlington, around the area. eileen outside here in rosslyn in front of the studios with our storm chaser. what are you seeing out there? >> all right, doug. lots of sunshine! it looks so nice. i have to say this sun feels good! when you're in the shade, though, it's not as nice. it's 23 degrees here in rosslyn and i'm standing in some of the mounds of snow right by our storm chaser after all the plows that have worked so hard. i kind of want to show you what we're looking. if you were watching earlier this morning we had a lot of roads that were completely snow covered but the sun, the magic of the sun has melted away all of the snow so driving conditions much improved. but i want to show you is see all this slush? notice all this water, the puddles, you can hear it. gross, this is disgusting. but nonetheless, i caution everyone because it's later tonight, after the sun sets a lot of this is going to freeze back over and we'll be in for a
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lot of ice overnight. now, maybe, kids you're watching and saying am i going to get another snow day tomorrow? i'm not the one that makes the decisions but i think you're going to go to school. there may be some delays. of course the storm watch 7 weather team and abc 7 will be with you along the way. but until then guys it's nice! a lot of people off. enjoying it. walking very cautiously. i got to say nice day to hang out, put the shades on. sun is great. snow is great. i'm happy. it's mardi gras. back inside to you guys. >> you look so hip. she's so hip with her shades on out there. >> all right. eileen, thank you very much. she's excited about the fact that it's mardi gras. our live team coverage of this winter storm continues. we'll get a check on the conditions in woodbridge coming up next. stay with us.
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pain while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. >> welcome back. getting you back outside live. you are taking a live look at a snowy reflecting pool. we promise there is some actual water under there beneath all that snow. you can see the district is completely blanketed this afternoon. and it's that way all around the region including in the commonwealth. our jeanette reyes is live in woodbridge, virginia with us this noon with how things are looking there. jeanette? >> well ladies we are here in woodbridge, as you mentioned. good thing about snow days is that around this time when the sun comes out the kids come out and apparently so do the adults. take a live look here behind me.
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you have these fathers playing with their daughters here. they've been here all morning long. but, you know there's nothing else better to do really unless you want to dig your car out. the side streets are still quite an issue. still a lot of snow on the side streets. take a look at the images that we got this morning. you'll see a lot of that. the primary roads, vdot has done really an excellent job cleaning up those streets. interstates and primary roads but the side roads, you'll see a lot of problems with that. according to state police virginia state police they've had over 2200 incidents reported around the state, 600 disabled vehicles but on a positive note, it's hard to believe people really did a great job staying off the roads. and we actually found a few drivers this morning that were also impressed with how quiet the streets were all throughout the morning. take a listen. >> it was slow. took me an hour longer to get here from richmond than normal. >> the roads are you know it's
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slippery but i think it gets real bad when there's too many people on the roads. >> and you know ladies it's interesting, i was talking to a family from alaska. and i told them what do you think about this? and they're like our snow plows don't even come out in this kind of weather. so they were like no big deal. really excited, obviously with all of this snow. you certainly want to keep in mind that the roads are still slick even though you can see the pavement really on all of the primary roads. you want to keep in mind that there are still a lot of ice patches being reported even on the interstates so keep that in mind. also, make sure you clean off your cars completely so that snow is not hitting those cars behind you. other than that, things looking pretty great this morning. come out and go sledding why? not there's no age limit on that. back to you ladies. >> that's true. fun for all ages. i guess it is relative you know. this would make alaskans laugh and folks from boston as well. >> yeah. especially in boston. oh my gosh. >> well we've been getting your picture into the abc 7 newsroom
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all morning long and including this noon. >> kelly lynn joins us live at the live desk to share what you're sharing on social media. >> i thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the animal shots when you were standing right here. here's another one. a cute little dog. all you can see is the snow on his nose like that one. and then a group of dogs out having a good time like the kids in the snow making the best of it. here is a beautiful shot so many people talked about how beautiful the snow was to look at and i think this is a perfect indication of that. just a gorgeous photo off someone's deck and this is a shot of someone's house. if you look a little closer, you'll see that this s.u.v. is carrying a jet ski. not the perfect weather for that, ladies. he'll have to hold out on that for a while. >> well you know there's always hoping. you know a few weeks from now, it could be 80 degrees. kelly, thank you.
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keep those snow pictures coming. you can tweet us at abc 7 news on twitter with the #wjla and we'll try to make sure to get the pictures on for you. next on abc 7 news at noon digging out. we'll check out conditions in st. mary's county. and we'll also go out to reagan national airport to see if flights are finally getting back on track. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to this hour long special edition of abc 7 news at noon. >> the d.c. area you're taking a live look at the capitol is still digging out from this latest round of winter weather and unfortunately, we are not out of the woods just yet. chief meteorologist doug hill has more now on when we can see yet another round of old man winter. >> as early as tomorrow afternoon with another arctic front, want to start this bit of coverage. you know it's really cold when the river freezes over and this is a story just upstream from where it goes into the chesapeake bay on the campus of the naval academy. notice some of the snow will melt off in the sunshine on top of the ice. but still icy conditions. picture from friends at the chesapeake beach. chesapeake bay has ice on it as well. right now, we're in the 20's. we'll climb a little bit and be in the upper 20's this afternoon. even though we'll stay below freezing and melting on streets and sidewalks and parking lots. if it doesn't dry up it will
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refreeze tonight. we head down into the lower 20's. forecast for this afternoon, 29. some sunshine. bit of a breeze. it will not be windy. futurecast shows mainly clear skies tonight. clouds increase tomorrow and here it comes, next arctic front and another chance of snow showers. it will come through just during the last hour and a half of the rush hour. temperatures will fall. very cold temperatures will follow. in fact we could set some record low temperatures across the mid atlantic and the d.m.v. here come friday morning. tomorrow 32. it turns colder with the snow showers. next seven days get a quick peek at that. >> ok doug. see you back here in a few minutes. lots of people get a chance to sleep in this morning. now it's time to dig out. brad bell is live in lexington park in st. mary's county this noon where he has had his shovel ready all morning long. looks like you've swapped the shovel for


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