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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 18, 2015 2:37am-4:01am EST

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pacific northwest as well. >> 50 as and 60s from seattle to new orleans. 30s in the northeast. teens in kansas and detroit. single digits in chicago and minneapolis. a big honor for a southern california man overflowing with animal magnytism. >> "people" named dr. -- the sexiest vet alive and he's listed in the men at work section. the 30-year-old veterinarian traveled the world visiting six continents just to help animals. >> dr. anton does modeling on the side and worked as a personal trainer and to be precise in our title here the official title is sexiest beast charmer alive. >> how many ladies will bring their dogs and cats in dog and cat are just fine. just take a longer look at him? can you keep him overnight? can i come over so you can -- >> oh yeah. >> look at this guy.
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ripped. >> apparently snakes are hi favorite. >> really? snakes. >> so if you have snake you may get extra points. >> a lot of snake clients coming up. >> scott in control said he is engaged. why didn't you tell us that before you gave us the story? coming up from a girl scout cookie of on the sing along toys the toy insider mom reveals tomorrow's toys today. how a few moments of meditation a day can help you in business and even quit smoking. what researchers are revealing. the super bowl of dog shows the talented competitors and the big upset at westminster. it is quite a tale. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special
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the party never stops in the big easy.
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i feel like this is every day. in new orleans. >> this is a live look at bourbon street where the party for mardi gras is winding down. >> the revellers are out. >> i'm told there is no open container law which explains why people have drinks in their hands. from partying to mindful meditation there's actually a revolution taking place in america. they say the simple act of meditating can change your mind making you happier, more effective and healthier. as we meditated in the last break i feel i can read the tell prompter better. >> we have to ask the question is it really all it is cracked up to be. abc's lana zak finds out. >> reporter: it may seem like a strange location to find zen but mindful meditation is popping up in places you would never imagine. >> what you will find is they have the ability to be in the moment and slow things down. >> reporter: george mumford taught meditation to greats like kobe bryant and michael jordan.
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>> mindful meditation helped them to do that. >> reporter: from the basketball court to the board room it is a secret weapon of the business elite. >> in the old days i was embarrassed to tell people i was meditating. >> reporter: he teaches at harvard business school. >> you have to be be authentic, grounded and mindful. >> reporter: they say it improves focus, reduces stress boosts the immune system and possibly slows ageing in the brain. others are skeptical of these claims. how much of this can be scientifically proven? >> there are a couple of brain regions that in particular have shown consistent evidence. the thickness changings and activity changes. >> reporter: behavioral studies are studied today. >> smoking cessation trial, we found it is twice as good as the leading treatment out there. >> i have never done this before. >> reporter: with electrical leads attached to my head i
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accept the challenge and watch the brain respond. lana zak, abc news, new york. >> incredible. i think it works for a lot of people. they say the key is turning off the voice in your head. dan harris swears by it. he says you have to turn off the voice in your head. >> in his book 10% happier, he says how when first starting out you hear the voices in your head but then let it come and go. >> like reena. i let it come and go. >> or my singing let it go. try not to let it come in to your head. >> exactly. toy time coming up. you have to see the toys of tomorrow. >> announcer: "world news now"
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we're far enough removed from the holidays now where all of the toys you got the kids let's just say it they are bored with them by now. thankfully we are joined by the toy insider mom lori shakt with a preview of the top new toys from the toy fair including this beautiful music. making me cry. there's elsa. tell me about elsa over here. >> the 112th international toy fair is in town and you have to understand that toys go through a long journey until they get from being thought of until they make it to the kids shelves. so toy fair is not open to the public but is open to the media.
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the first look they get and now we have products like this. so if you thought "let it go" was gone -- ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> i love it. so you put the mic up. ♪ let it go let it go. elsa join in. fascinating. she sings as soon as you put the mic up to her. >> this sing along elsa. she is a prototype. little girls will sing the full length song when they put the mic up to her. this will be a working mic and the girls sing. >> elsa and i can -- so it is for children. >> as the parents of 1-year-old twins you know how important sleep is. super max is inspired by a little boy named max who has been battling childhood cancer. max found out the turtle itself the green light because it has three lights that illuminate the
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light in the room but green light is a healing light to them. >> very calm. >> they are compact and easy to clean and makes kids feel safe in their surroundings. >> beautiful. >> really nice. >> and perfect to keep them asleep which is so key. >> so key. >> i know very well. now -- i love as soon as i saw it i have to admit. >> they are afternooning up what we can do with radio controlled. i will let you play with this. it is a 4x4 all terrain. does 360s. you can play with it anywhere. in the water, in puddles. it will gofer go over snow. >> it will do anything. >> anything. >> it is the world's greatest toy. look it jumps up. oh, my gosh. can i take it home? >> this is a sample. >> i will get you one in the fall when it is out. >> comes back. >> let's talk about -- >> let's move on. this is interesting. it is for the engineer in you.
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>> this is from vex robotics it is a hexalator. kids put it together and crank this up and they are learning about the mechanics of making machines making these ball machines. >> you are telling me a kid can put it together. >> it is for 8 and up and comes with all of the instructions they need. >> my question is can an adult put it together? i don't know. let's go to this. this is fascinate sghg creative play and technology meets with this is crayola color life an mission studio. this is not out until the fall. this is another prototype. it is a coloring book. ten characters they color them in five backgrounds and scan in everything to the app and make movements on the mannequin. whatever movements they make this picks up and it fills in the gap where they don't move and suddenly they have a fully animated little short series of films. they learn all about animation. >> after i played with all of
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these toys i'm hungry, so hungry. >> yes, you are. this is from wicked cool toys. this is the girl scout oven. no longer do you have to wait for someone to knock on your door to order once a year. now you can make your own thin mints. it is really cool. it is a full working with oven. it has all of the tools. >> these are real right? >> you can eat one. >> it tastes like the real thing. kids, don't talk with your mouth full. >> it is an ofn in the front and warming tray and kids can put on frosting and they are delicious. >> you make toys so much fun. >> you are never too old to play. >> absolutely. thank you to the toy insider mom lori. and to find out more info head over to our facebook page at wnn you are watching "world news now." i'm playing with the truck. come on lori. let's go. >> i'm going to let elsa sing
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cascade. now that's clean. ♪ we're a couple of weeks removed from the super bowl and the oscars are this sunday but
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last night we enjoyed a competition as tough as the ohs the westminster dog show. >> one of the oldest comp tigs in the country and abc's dan harris has the highlights including the top prize, best in show. >> it's the ultimate canine competition, and these are the final seven dogs up for the top spot best in show. >> portuguese water dog. english springer spaniel, 15" beagle standard poodle old english sheep dog, terrier, shih tzu tzu. >> it takes rounds of competition and grooming to get here. >> is there hair spray in here. >> yes, so you don't want to touch it. >> backstage it is about sequins, pony tails and braids. >> if i knew they were going to do this hat thing to you i would have tried to intervene earlier. >> reporter: then the nail clippers, hair cuts and last-minute naps. the westminster kennel club dog show features 2700 competitors
2:57 am
from 15 countries. they come in 192 breeds. >> the breed is officially known as rhinoceros. >> reporter: in the end regardless of name size or swagger, it came down to this. >> best in show is the beagle. >> the beagle. >> reporter: winning that big silver trophy and a lifetime of pristine. dan harris abc news new york. >> oh, score one for the bitches. that's the proper term. i have to say dog males won best in show 70 times to the bitches which is 70-38. >> i'm just going to smile. that's what i'm going to do. >> i'm going to go hide in the bathroom. bye.
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3:00. . this morning on "world news now," take rouse conditions. dramatic rescues and the frigid outdoors. another round of snow hits the northeast today. >> everybody is working and scrambling the best they can to make the best of it. >> boston's attempt to dig out and the state of emergency from ice storms in the south. deadly road rage. police reveal alarming new details about a mother gunned down after a driving lesson with her daughter. >> not used to waking up and not seeing our mom. >> did the victim provoke the shooter? later, dog show upset. all the remarkably talented finalists at the westmstster compition and the surprising under dog taking home the prize. it is wednesday, february 18th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes. he's on assignment. the dog show is the talk today. >> quite the talk. >> the big upset. we'll be telling you about that one. >> are you in to dogs? >> i like dogs. >> what would you say, if you have to pick one type of dog, they are cute. >> beagle. they are cute. >> mutts. >> go to a dog shelter and i will explain why. >> let's talk about the snow and cold. we begin with parts of the southeast digging out from under the first major snowfall of the season and washington, d.c. bralsing for more snow today. five inches shut down the capitol yesterday. parts of maryland saw seven ininches. crews are working around the clock to remove the snow 7 1/2 feet at this point. it is not just the snow but the arctic cold causing the problems. abc's tom llamas has the latest. >> reporter: in the northeast lift threatening weather leading
3:02 am
to life saving rescues. in t.j. new jersey tense moments, three teenagers stranded on a frozen bay, one falling in. rescue workers putting themselves at risk to drag her through the icy waters back to land and safety. in maine, two 15-year-old boys snowmobiling to their grandfather's house disappear, missing overnight as temperatures plunge below zero. thankfully they are found alive. a different story in the mountains of new hampshire. sub zero temperatures and 100 mile an hour winds a search for a missing hiker called off. they are body discovered a day after she went missing. all over this area firefighters battling blazes up against the elements and frozen hydrants. even niagara falls freezing over. steam rising from the waters below. in boston in the snowiest month in more than 100 years. >> everybody is working and scrambling the best they can to make the best of it. >> reporter: we're in a part of boston you have not seen since the bad weather rolled in,
3:03 am
fenway park. the green monster doing fine but nearly five feet of snow has fallen since february. so that right field wall with no match for mother nature. it's going to be cold here for a while. 55 days until the home opener. tom llamas, abc news, boss on the. >> how did he get in to fenway? >> i don't know. he looks good in there. >> we will have to find out. e-mail to see if he has extra keys to fenway. power outages and icy conditions. >> knoxville lost power more than 24 hours ago when freezing rain snapped power lines. another cold front is on the way and meteorologist joust justin povick has the latest from accu-weather. good morning, justin. thanks and good morning to you. the northeast preparing for a bit of wintry weather on this wednesday. snow moving in now. it is not a solid shield of snow. so the image looks worse than the bite. there will be bursts of briefly heavy snow. an inch or two a possibility. that will carry forth to the
3:04 am
interstate 95 core dompl i will tell you what the cold might be worse in the north. real feels in the minus double-digits. ryan reena, back to you. the derailed tanker cars in west virginia are still smoldering this morn ing and hundreds of families are still evacuated following the derailment that sent fire balls in the sky. trains like this go through thousands of american neighborhoods. so the feds are working on rules to require tougher tanker cars. terror experts are dissecting the latest chilling isis video that shows the brutal execution of 21 egyptian christians. abc news is not showing the actual video. they are paying close attention to the accent of the english-speaking jihadist thinking perhaps he might be an american. >> today we are on the south of rome. >> he says south instead of srk oth so he is not from canada.
3:05 am
>> reporter: >> the state department trying to counter isis with a social media campaign of its owning sending tweets calling isis fighters cowards particularly those who use women recruits for only sex. ashton carter is the new leader at the pentagon. he was sworn in by vice president bide about the white house. he replaces chuck hagel who resigned under pressure. in texas the defense started to call witnesses in the trial of the former marine charged with killing american sniper author chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. eddie routh's mother testified her son changed after serving in the military and she said she begged the vachl not to release him after he was hospitalized for mental illness. attorneys mounting an insanity defense showed jurors kyle's gun claiming routh was so paranoid he felt threatened by the weapons. new details are emerging inning the las vegas road rage case a case that took the life of a mother and grabbed national
3:06 am
headlines. nevada police saying tammy meyers got in her car with her adult son and his gun and drove around her neighborhood looking for the man who ended up shooting her. police have yet to find him. abc's ted row loonds has more details on the story. >> reporter: the heart broken family of tammy meyers a las vegas mother of four killed outside of her home over an apparent case of road rage is desperate for justice. >> my mom was protecting me this night, you know. she was doing what every mother would do. >> reporter: according to police meyers was driving home from this junior high school parking lot where she had been teaching her 15-year-old daughter to drive when she got in to an argument with three men in a silver or gray sedan d. after getting her 22-year-old son who had a handgun she went looking for the men in her neighborhood and eventually her son and the suspects ended up in a gun fight outside of the meyers' home. >> he returned fire. when the firing was done, he found his mother who was standing off to his side and behind him had been struck by gun fire.
3:07 am
>> reporter: meyer had been shot in the head dying a day and a half later. while the search continues for the man in this sketch and this car caught on surveillance video, the family is offering up tammy's prize possession a el camino as a reward police believe there could be surveillance video out and hope it will surface and they can use it to identify the missing suspects. ryan reena. >> thank you, ted. las vegas police are reviewing surveillance video that may show the deadly car crash involving bruce jenner. the video traveling was handed over to investigators on friday. jenner had said he only recalled hitting a white lexus and pushing it in to oncoming traffic but the video reportedly shows him slamming in to a second car as well. a russian citizen pleaded not guilty to helping to run what authorities call the largest computer hacking scheme ever in the u.s. prosecutors in new jersey say
3:08 am
vladimir drinkman and others stole 100 million to 200 million credit and debit card numbers from payment processing companies, retailer and financial institutions. krispy kreme apologizing after one of its stores in england advertised a kkk special. in this instance it was supposed to stand for krispy kreme klub. also the initials for the ku klux klan. obviously drawing a lot of outrage. >> that's a problem there. on to this. outrageous predictions about the most anticipated gadget release of the new year the apple watch. latest research expects apple to sell as many as 20 million by the end of the year. it will come in three models, standard sport and luxury starting at $349 with a top of the line gold-plated luxury model expected to sell for over $4,000. that apple watch comes out in april, hint hint reena. >> sure. >> by the way, if you can't
3:09 am
afford to buy the most expensive home in the country, maybe you can rent it. beverly hills mansion that hit the market for $195 million is also up for lease. you can move in immediately for a staggering $475,000 a month. the estate owned by real estate mogul jeff green sits on 25 acres, has 12 bedrooms 23 bathrooms, vineyard bowling alley and ballroom that holds 250 guests. >> looks like t.j.'s place. >> sure does. >> which is why i have been living there. >> let's talk about this. now the upside the latest storm that swept through the mid-atlantic. >> hundreds of people actually descended on washington, d.c. parked for a giant snowball fight. they made the best of it clobbering friends and complete strangers and even reporters. >> most of the participants were my lennials that spread the fight through social immediate
3:10 am
yachlt. >> grandma wasn't going to show up in cold weather. >> i don't think so. i don't think so. look at this. it is like a massive -- i love how the e-news broadcasters come in and get popped with a couple of snowballs. >> would have been great if he pulled out a couple. >> even happens here, see? >> that is real snow. >> it is real snow. so on the break we will have a snowball fight. apparently what i'm learning about this real snow is it drips all over your scripts. >> look at this. >> there you have it. coming up he caught it too. >> he caught it. coming up in the mix breast milk is not just for babies anymore. >> okay. first, we are getting wackier by the minute. baseball superstar suspended in the steroid scandal and now a-rod finally says he is sorry. will the fans forgive him? you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol toilet bowl cleaner. of all the places in your house, this one's the busiest. so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you
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♪ we are getting a new look inside the world of the wisconsin girls accused in the slenderman stabbing. a notebook from one of the girls shows a bizarre cartoon with the caption reading "i love killing people." and also shown in court a mutilated barbie doll. they believe the dictional character slenderman would kill their families if they didn't do what he said. the judge will decide next month if the girls will be charged as adults. prosecution played surveillance video showing hernandez taking apart his cell phone outside of a police stationing the day after the murder of odin lloyd who he's accused of killing and then he called his co-defendant on his lawyer's phone. the defense says the politician investigation was sloppy and inconsistent. alex rodriguez says he is sorry. the yankees slugger who served a one-year suspension is on an
3:15 am
apology tour. >> he is looking for forgiveness from his fans. dpee owe benitez has more. >> reporter: a man used to being on magazine covers and dating supermodels. now sending handwritten apology to fans. the letter filled with words like mistakes regret and sorry. a-rod telling fans i accept the exact that many of you will not believe my apology or anything i say at this point. i understand why and that's on me. because of his famous denials like this 2013 interview with wfan. >> did you do anything they accuse you of doing? >> nothing. >> so you are guilty in your mind of nothing. >> i feel i should be there opening day. >> reporter: the apology coming at -- the fake doctor sentenced to four years in prison while a-rod is getting ready to go back to the big leagues. the man who kissed himself in
3:16 am
the mirror for the details magazine spread finishing the letter with whole hearted belief in himself. when i go to spring training i will do everything i can to earn a spot on the yankees and help us win. a-rod had signed one of the biggest contracts in baseball history. in fact, the yankees still owe him $61 million. reena and ryan. >> thank you. it is interesting, this a-rod story proves if you do something wrong you own up to it quickly. another baseball star jason giambi recently retired. he was accused of taking performance enhancing drugs and admitted it early on and went on to play many years after and beloved by many teammates and fans. people said because he admitted it quickly. >> people like to see them take responsibility right away. you know there is something going on and they like to see that. >> the repeated denials hurt a-rod and now he is trying to make this comeback and get the fans behind him. we'll see how it play s out.
3:17 am
>> what's your sense? what happens next? >> if he does well on the field people will come back to his corner. coming up, some pups doing great on the field, these little guys. we'll take you behind the scenes of the westminster kennel club dog show. meet the top dog expected to win and see what it takes to groom a champion. ahead in our next half hour we are counting down to the oscars examining the major campaigns behind the films the pr push and back room deals all for that little golden statue. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" contin
3:18 am
♪ yeah that music is designed to get you fired up for the
3:19 am
westminster kennel club dog show. it is one for the ages. still fired up right? that means something consider canning there had been 139 pups there, dogs i should say. >> 139, please that's only 20 in dog years, though right? there was major upset for the best in show and abc's resident cat lover dan harris takes us backstage. >> hostile territory for a cat lover. >> i'll be honest i have always been more of a cat person. say hello to the camera a. come on. but still this scene is difficult to resist. >> ryan do you smell cats on me? >> his ears went up for that. >> reporter: the westminster kennel club show is in 192 breeds. >> wired hair pointing dprif on the. >> you got that a? >> so this dog, the breed is officially known as rhinoceros. i'm kidding. he looks like an ewok.
3:20 am
has he ever been mistaken for a bovine. >> reporter: the oscars maybe this sunday but this is the academy awards for dogs complete with red carpet level grooming sequins, pony tails and berets. >> very sorry. i would have tried to intervene earlier. >> reporter: nail clippers last-minute trims and blowouts. is there actual hair spray in there. >> yes, there. you don't want to touch it. >> reporter: these people spend an incredible amount of money on this. >> does dogging shampoo cost as much as human shampoo. >> yes, it does. >> you are expensive, dude. >> reporter: one of the enduring mysteries is why don't popular breeds like golden retrieverers ever win. >> i would vote for you, yes i would. we heard of one dog who was the odds on favorite to win best in show. we're on the hunt for the most favored dog. it happens to be president obama's dog's cousin. i'm not sure if he gets secret service protection. do you know where we can find
3:21 am
matisse. >> he's right here. >> we have it on good authority that shadowy figure right there is matisse. >> reporter: this for the record is what matisse looks like when he is outside of his crate. in the end, the winner was -- >> my choice for the best in show is the beagle. >> the beagle! >> another beagle. >> not matisse. as for me despite not getting to see matisse up close and despite being a cat lover. this is me with grumpy cat and despite covered in slobber and dog hair i loved every minute of this visit, although i will admit i still like cats better. for "nightline," this is dan harris in new york. >> what is it going to be like for dan when he goes home and his cats say what is on you, man. get away from me. >> we have to phone and find out. >> exactly. >> i believe people should go to the pound. >> you do. >> and get a mutt.
3:22 am
they have longer life spans. >> it's nice. both ways and congrats, beagle. >> yes. that's what i like to call, the meta effect. 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. experience the meta effect with our multi-health wellness line. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. because it gives me... zero heartburn! prilosec otc. the number 1 doctor-recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 9 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. [ male announcer ] you wouldn't leave your car unprotected. but a lot of us leave our identities unprotected. nearly half a million cars were stolen in 2012, but for every car stolen 34 people had their identities stolen. identity thieves can steal your money, damage your credit and wreak havoc on your life. why risk it when you can help protect yourself from identity theft with one call to lifelock, the leader in identity-theft protection? lifelock actively patrols your sensitive, personal information
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time now for "the mix." let's start with this. i love cool golf tricks. remember when tiger woods did the cool thing where he bounces it in. the san diego state golf team did trick video trying to draw attention to golf. that's pretty cool. they all sunk putts. that's cool. look at that. i like that. and then here's the tiger woods thing where you bounce it off the club. but tiger woods couldn't do that because it is only one person and then look he can't do that either. look at her kick it and then this -- which i do ever day before i come in. >> that's your -- they got this from me i think. that's incredible. >>. >> the san diego state women's golf team ranked 24th in the nation and trying to draw attention for the game by doing these tricks.
3:26 am
i have to say i'd see them in a heart beat. they are incredible. >> i'm going to tart to follow them. >>. >> you have to have three or four people. >> speaking of tricks tying a tie like a ninja. right? here you go. this guy on you tube russian taurus -- has taught bake ing grease emergency kand canal and how to make butter in a jar and in ten seconds how to do a nicky knot tie. >> what's up, everybody? welcome back. today i'm going to show you how to tie a tie like a ninja. let's check this out. >> ninja on set, also known as ryan smith is going to eventually try to do this. >> too fast. >> it is supposed to be ten seconds. >> oh here we go. >> first make a loop same thing with the shorter end and. >> loopty loop. >> all right.
3:27 am
and then something like this and viola. >> i don't think that was -- >> i did it. okay. i'm going to try again. >> i wouldn't recommend it. >> okay. i'm going to try again. it is great this is on national tv >> no pressure. >> no pressure. moving on. you know i like going to the gym. do you go to the gym? >> yes. >> sometimes you need a supplement to get bigger or stronger but get this folks. some body builders out there, cross fit experts et cetera are trying breast milk as a body building supplement. they believe it is more natural and good to incorporate in to their diet. so body builders are buying breast milk. >> from who? where do you get this? >> that is what i was wondering. it provides protein, fat and carbs. great for babies and body builders. totally strange. >> i don't believe that gnc is selling breast milk. >> and if they were i would be scared of them too. who in thexñaó5ñ
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," terror bombshell. the jihadist seen and heard in a gruesome isis videotape could be from the u.s. the disturbing new developments. state of emergency, the deadly hazards in the south as snow and ice paralyze a huge part of the country. millions of americans brace for even more snow today and dangerous windchills. . hotel heists, valuables locked up by guests in their room stolen in a flash. we are putting hoe tell security to the test. later in "the skinny," dance partners, the first lady and big bird having a ball. the message behind this unusual number. rocking the white house and "sesame street" fans. it is wednesday, february 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
3:31 am
saw that one. good morning. i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the gruesome videotape showing the beheading of egyptian christians by isis. experts pouring over the tape say it is possible one of the jihadists is an american. abc's brian ross has the latest. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials say they are seeking to determine if the man behind the mask leading the isis murders of 21 christians could be an american. comparing his facial features and speaking patterns to americans known to have joined isis. >> today we are on the south of rome. >> he says south instead of soth so he is not from canada. >> reporter: eric thomas a professor at north carolina state says a number of distinctive pronunciations. >> he said do instead of du. >> reporter: point to a possible u.s. background with some arabic influence as well. >> i think he sounds pretty american. >> reporter: with the pipeline of u.s. recruits to isis a growing concern. the white house began a new
3:32 am
effort to counter the terror group's propaganda machine. >> we need answers that go beyond a military answer. >> reporter: the u.s. state department has launched its own campaign to counter the estimated 30 to 40,000 isis supporters active on seeshlocial media every day. the american twitter messages call isis fighters cowards who use women recruits only for sex and show isis leader al baghdadi as promising only death. some analysts say the campaign misses the mark. >> it is not impacting the people that maybe inspired by the isis ideology and maybe willing to carry out attacks on its behalf. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there's been no determination if the leader on the latest isis tape is in fact an american but they say finding out is a highest priority. brian ross, abc news, new york. here at home, the arctic blast across nearly half of the country is causing dangerous conditions and triggering life-saving rescues. in new jersey three teenagers found themselves stranded on a frozen lake, one of them falling through the ice.
3:33 am
rescue workers risked their own lives dragging her out of the icy water and back to safety. in western maine, two boys were rescued after spending the night in below zero temperatures when their snowmobiles got stuck in the mountains. they holed up in a shed and built a fire until game wardens found them safe and sound. they were visiting from rhode s island and headed to their grandfather's camp. the dangerous conditions aren't limited to the northeast. ice and snow from kansas to the carolinas has been making driving treacherous and leaving hundreds of thousands shivering in the dark. abc's matt gutman has the story from nashville. >> crippling cold gripping the south. icy road turning deadly i tennessee where christy clark and her 10-year-old son stopped to help motorists when police say a semi truck plowed in to them. spinouts and chaos in north carolina. >> black ice will make this a very dangerous situation for several days. >> reporter: parades of plows weren't enough to prevent trucks
3:34 am
from overturning on i-24 in tennessee, bringing highways to a stand still in nashville, a state of emergency. and extending to washington, d.c. where the federal government shuttered. the south walloped with sleet which froze solid overnight. >> when you look at the stairs here and see, maybe it is just dusted with a little snow. in fact, these stairs like everywhere in the city are just totally encased in this absolutely thick ice. in georgia, where these downed lines turned in to firecrackers, about 250,000 homes without power, but linesmen out in force. >> some people worked through >> some people worked through
3:35 am
the night and guys working today. >> reporter: the ice may have locked them in but martin and lily schneider from nashville ied to make the best of it. we haven't left. we have been hanging tight here. reporter: many of the school stricts in the area will be closed the remainder of the ek. re's why. e road behind me may look ssable but it could be a sheet black ice. tt gutman, abc news, shville, tennessee. sheet of black ice and ere's no immediate relief for shville in today's forecast. bitter cold in the middle of the country with dangerous windchills as low as 40 below in the upper midwest. snow in the upper great lakes and six inches of snow in new england today. showers in the pacific northwest. >> single digits in minneapolis and chicago. teens in kansas and detroit. 30s in memphis, new york and boston.ciand detroit. 30s in memphis, new york and boston.tand detroit. 30s in memphis, new york and boston.yand detroit. 30s in memphis, new york and boston. and detroit. 30s in memphis, new york and ston. s and 60s from seattle to new leans. > the western half of the tion has largely been spared all of this arctic cold and ow but those spring-like mperatures may come at a ice. each day without snow this mountains increases the chances of a water shortage this summer. for the pacific and northwest, meteorologists say mountain snow levels are just two to five percent of normal in some places. those oil-filled tanker cars are still smoldering this morning in west virginia after the derailment.
3:36 am
hundreds of families were evacuated and two water treatment plants shut down after 25 tank cars left the tracks, most of them exploding in flames. critics say the accident highlights the danger of hauling crude oil over large distances. the justice department is planning an appeal after a federal judge in texas blocked the president's order on immigration. the order would have provided protection from deportation for millions of immigrants here illegally. the judge's ruling came after a lawsuit brought by the governor of texas back when he was still attorney general. >> we will not sit idly by while the president ignores the law and fails to secure the border. >> i disagree with it. i think the law is on our side and history is on our side. and we are going to appeal it. >> the issue will likely end up before the supreme court in a legal process which could take months to resolve. carnegie mellon, big admission blunder there puts hundreds of students on an
3:37 am
emotional roller coaster. they e-mailed letters to 800 applicants welcoming them to the prestigious masters program in computer science. hours later they received a second notice saying the e-mails were sent in error and they were not accepted. the school is conducting a review to prevent another error problem. is it ironic it is the computer science department? >> absolutely. oh, boy. that's a tough day for them. taco bell adding a new spicy menu to a -- spicy item to its menu board. it is called the sriracha quesadilla. >> yum. >> it is launching next week. the fast food chain isn't revealing much about the new dish but we know it has a lot of good stuff in it. it will be peppered with the popular asian hot sauce. the latest in a string of taco bell co-branding that included the doritos taco. >> do they deliver, is there an iphone app they could deliver to our show. >> that a would be fantastic. >> i would take the vegetarian
3:38 am
option. is there a vegetarian option? >> i don't think so. today is ash wednesday and in case you missed it yesterday was fat tuesday. for christians a traditional gorge day before 40 days of lent. and they know how to gorge in style in connecticut at the 17th annual paczek feith eating contest. >> i love those paczek. >> you like the quesadillas, i like these. >> i haven't had one. are they good? >> it is a doughnut with stuff it. >> it is a fattening eastern european yeast doughnuts and often filled with jelly. >> a doughnut with stuff in it >> so just a doughnut with stuff in it. >> yes, and that is what makes it wonderful. >> and noel refused to share a his stuffed doughnut yesterday for those that watched. makes him less than wonderful. live pictures show the partying is finally winding with down.ith
3:39 am
down. thousands turned out for parades, beads and trinkets and my of the indulging in food, drink and whatever else. this year they were bundled up with temperatures only in the 40s and 50s. you reminded me when i asked why we don't have beads. there's a certain thing you have to do to get beads. >> yes, that wasn't work well on a nationally televised tv show. speaking of party animals an upset in new york for best in show. >> 4-year-old beagle named miss p. beat out matisse, a portuguese water dog that was the top winning male in show dog history at the westminster kennel club at madison square garden. she beat out 3,000 other dogs. >> you go miss p. she will embark on a media tour including a visit to the empire state building a steak lunch at a nearby restaurant which is like her equivalent of winning with $10 million and a meeting with donald trump and a walk on part in the musical "kinky boots" which is incredible.
3:40 am
>> all she wants is kibbles and bits. >> yes. and a steak. >> something tells me she esn't eat kibbles and bits. no, she eats steak. cross one off for potential replacements for jon stewart on "the daily show." and later, movie studios pulling out all of the stops to get attention in hollywood before the oscars on sunday. the amazing amount of money being spent. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. your clever moves won't stop the flu. but practicing healthy habits with lysol can. the cdc recommends washing your hands often and disinfecting surfaces. this season use lysol to kill 99.9% of germs and help keep your family healthy.
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3:43 am
we have some good news this morning for people who can't stand the idea of tearing their heads away from their computer screens and apparently don't mind looking like nerds. sony is taking preorders for their smart eye glass. the smart glasses which connect via android smartphones will go on sale in ten countries, including the u.s. they look like that. not bad looking actually. next month they go on sale in the u.s. for $840. it comes one month after google withdrew its smart glasses for redevelopment. what do you think? >> what does it do? what is this glass thing? >> hooks you up to your phone and you can do things and talk to people. it's wonderful.
3:44 am
>> i have a phone. if i want to be hooked up, i am hooked up. >> now you can do it from your glasses. and you look like you are in the '50s. it's wonderful. >> i don't want the glasses unless it can make dinner or something revolutionary. >> walk the dog. >> walk the dog that i don't have. this week there is a popular one for vacation. many of you may be at a hotel but when you leave it how to do you think of your valuables and how safe they are. >> this is always a concern. could anybody really walk right in to your room? abc's gio benitez set up hidden cameras to find out. >> reporter: watch as a hotel work wither steals money from a guest wallet while inside the room. then these pictures showing an alleged thief walking off with thousands of dollars in property and cash from a miami hotel room. making us wonder how safe is your stuff once you leave the room? going undercover for an experiment in new york hotels, seeing if we can talk our way to a hotel room without a key card and without showing i.d.
3:45 am
here's what we did. with hidden cameras in place, i walk in to this hotel for the first time. to make sure i'm not breaking any laws my producer has already put my name on the room. but this housekeeper doesn't know. that in that room we left designer sunglasses, a laptop and ipad. she is cleaning another room so it is up to me to get her to open my door. >> i am sorry i left the key in my room. i am in 1013. >> what? >> 1013. >> if you have a need one you need to go downstairs. to get another one. i can't do for you. >> oh, i have to go downstairs. >> nick showing the footage. >> she did what is right but she's the exception. not the norm. >> reporter: time for another hotel. >> so sorry. i forgot my stuff in here. sure. thanks so much. watch again. the housekeeper signals that i can come in. in under 20 seconds, i was out the door with more than $1,000 worth of stuff. >> remarkable.
3:46 am
despite being an aggressive and saying i'm in a hurry, she should be trained to challenge you or to call to the front desk. >> reporter: the american hotel and lodging association saying hotels should continually evaluate and update existing security policies. so how can you keep your valuables safe in a hotel? he says always use the room safe and if the room doesn't have one ask to use the hotel safe. put locks on your suitcases and turn on gps tracking for phones and computers. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> our producer brian says his answer to that is put a sign on the door saying, occupied, only there for a couple of nights. i can make my own bed. thank you very much. you go. >> i don't do the sign but i do the tag. >> i want people making my bed. that's the point of staying in a hotel. i don't have to do it anymore. >> for two nights you can do your own bed. >> no. come on. justin bieber is back with the
3:47 am
eggs but this time he is not the one throwing them. tell us what you think if the vice president is getting too close for comfort. we'll explain. "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> kicking us off in "the skinny" is something we have
3:49 am
been waiting for. president obama, mrs. obama, big bird together dancing in a grocery store. >> could only be scandalous if there were french fries involved. >> the kids learn the importance of eating healthy. i'm sure the first lady and the first fowl were joined by street improve master billy iker in. produced by funny or die to commemorate the let's move initiative. >> they played a quiz game show, they had laughs and then they slow danced. ♪ >> oh, getting even closer than big bird. look at them. i have to say, now big bird is tailed by the u.s. secret service. >> he is. his life will never be the same. >> never. >> big bird, they are watching you. then there was -- >> the vice president. let's talk about this, folks. joe biden, vice president with newly sworn in defense secretary ashton carter. that's cool. wait, what's going on there, reena? >> little back rub, getting up close and personal with other's
3:50 am
significant others but this latest one crossed the line for many. biden's hands lingering through the shoulders of carter's wife stephanie for 25b9 0 seconds before he gently whispered something in her ear. >> this moment went viral causing some aka most people to cringe. others to laugh and many to shake their heads and ashton carter to say, i'm watching you, vice president joe biden. >> i thought i had to worry about isis, coming for you. i don't know why he has to talk like mr. t. i have biden's voice as mr. t. there. >> what is he doing? okay. let's talk about this. good and bad news. >> fans of john oliver. start with the good. he's been renewed as the host of hbo's last week tonight extending in to 2017 >> his new show has been a major hit. if you don't have hbo and were hoping to see him replace jon stewart on comedy central when
3:51 am
he goes that would be the bad news. logistically speaking he cannot >> speculating continues over who will take stewart's seat. the job may go to a woman perhaps. there are currently no women on late night. that might be a good move. >> i'd like to see that happen. let's talk about justin bieber because we love to talk about bieber. speaking of comedy central, by the way, sneak peek in to the upcoming roast of mr. bieber. well -- sort of. >> it airs at the end of march. a shirtless bieber getting egged. a spoof on last year's incident where the star vandalized a neighbor's house nearby throwing eggs at it. he seems to take it well. he turns 21 on march 1st and this will be a nice way for him to top it. >> maybe he will make an omelet as well. carly rae jepsen for "call me maybe" is back filming a video on the streets of new york and guess who's in it, keep watching, there's tom hanks and who's the other dude?
3:52 am
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on your screen now. ♪ as we all gear up for the academy awards on sunday, it might be hard to think back to how all of those films made it to the big show. >> think of it, thousands of movies get made every year. so what makes this crop stand out? abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: he's the most wanted man in hollywood -- oscar. studios are going to the extreme to get their hands on him. from billboards aimed at getting the academy's attention to never-ending ads and lavish parties. the studios pulling out all of the stops to promote their films.
3:56 am
the stars are also out in full force. touting their flicks in interviews. >> i don't know whether to call you batman or birdman. >> just call me michael. >> all right. >> reporter: and on red carpets. >> amazingly surprising movie. >> reporter: when it comes to the price of these publicity campaigns, the sky is the limit. by one estimate, hollywood will spend over $100 million to secure an oscar that's only worth about $400. these campaigns aren't just about winning with one of those coveted gold statues, this is also about winning big bucks. >> oscars help legitimize studios. so as many awards as they can win that can mean bigger projects in the future, bigger stars wanting to work with them and ultimately more money. >> reporter: the biggest payoff is perhaps in reputation. >> the campaigning goes beyond just getting that statuette. it is also about bragging rights. it's about ego.
3:57 am
it is about which studio produces the best film. >> reporter: in this town, earning that prestige is priceless. mary bruce, abc news, hollywood. >> so basically it is like high school all over again. you want to win the awards you can be like, in your face. hollywood talent managers and agents say if you win oscar for their clients, their pay bumps up 20% the next year. nothing to sneeze at. >> we know that when we won our oscar last year. >> yep. >> for -- >> what a night that was with. >> for middle of the night performance. >> but your gown got caught in the vacuum cleaner. that was awkward. >> that was a little strange. i am glad you caught me when i tripped and fell. >> i always wear the white tux. that's how i roll. >> that's how you roll. >> got to do it. by the way don't miss our facebook updates. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, isis threat. terror experts taking a close look at the latest video from the terror group. and the masked man speaking english. we're live in washington with the clues pointing toward a possible american executioner. extreme weather. another surge of arctic air settling over the country. plus the dramatic rescue after three teenagers wander on to thin ice. treasure trove. shine yi bright and worth a lot of money. making a thousand year old find. top dog. a surprise winner at westminster. who took home best in show. plus the four-legged competitor with a white house connection. good wednesday morning. i'm ryan smith. >> i'm reena ninan. we begin with the chilling new


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