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tv   ABC 7 News at 400  ABC  February 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we're at 33 at reagan national right now. once that front comes through tonight, we got a different issue. temperatures will drop like a rock in the overnight hours. in fact we think by morning, air temperatures will be 5 to 15 degrees. partly cloudy breezy and cold. wind chills below zero. because of that a wind chill advisory goes in effect at 6:00 through 6:00 i'm sorry through -- friday morning sometime. 10:00 friday morning, i think. it's all right. dangerous to leave the old man out here alone. starts midnight tonight and goes into effect until 10:00 on friday morning. that's it. back in a minute. >> all right. you've been working a lot of hours, doug. >> starting to add up on him there. >> absolutely. thank you. these below freezing temperatures are making it tough to get around on trains and other forms of transportation. >> brianne carter live in riverdale tonight with a look at the issues people are facing out there since trying to ride the rails. hey, brianne. >> leon and alison good afternoon to you we spoke with
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the c.s.x. official rob doolittle. he maintains that the agency runs these tracks here that the marc train operates on. this morning, marc train riders had some issues. the reason we'll take a look along these trains here. they have switches along the tracks and feeders underneath of those switches. just within the last 10 minutes, he said they had functioning feeders under two of those switches and that's the reason why so many people were delayed this morning. come here and look with us. you can see up on this side here, those trains will be running on time. now, it is not just here on marc train where they will be watching closely because they say this deep freeze really affects the conditions. we also spoke with officials at metro. they tell us that they are going to be working throughout the night to keep the infrastructure running as well. they tell me tonight metro will turn on buses during the overnight hours to make sure they're ready for the morning. entrance stations will run
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during the overnight to keep that equipment from freezing and they'll strategically position maintenance crews around the metro system to quickly respond to any unexpected issues. as we know unexpected issues can happen. we saw it right here along the marc trains this morning. and we talked to riders who are frustrated standing out in the cold. >> nobody knew what was going on. no communication. we sat there and waited and waited with our toes freezing. >> that rider that we spoke with said she's going to try to get out earlier today so if in fact, she does have to wait out in the cold she can try and get home a little sooner. now, we also reached out to v.r.e. so many people rely on that as well. they tell us they are going to be running trains overnight as well so keep the system operating. they are also going to turn the power system on to the inside of the trains an hour before passenger service starts in the morning so that when people come out to get on the train they'll be nice and toasty. reporting live brianne carter
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abc 7 news. >> thanks brianne. yesterday's winter weather is still having an impact on amtrak services. it's running now on a modified schedule today for much of the northeast. trains from d.c. to boston are still running alison? >> the weather leon prompted some school systems, of course including fairfax county to cancel their classes for today. but that decision isn't sitting well with some parents. stephen tschida has more on the school's tough decision and parents' reaction. >> here's why some parents are upset. check this out. the roads behind me you can see clean green. traffic moving very smoothly. and look at this scene just over my shoulder here. a lot of kids who would have spent the day in school are instead sledding. now, we spoke with some parents who said they really questioned the school system's decision to cancel school today because the roads were clear. and this morning, mobile track 7
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patrolled fairfax county drove all around and didn't find any problems on the roads. >> i think they cleared the roads really well and they should have had school today. >> we got our bus stops where some of the snow that's been piled up is where our students stay and the only other places they have to stay is in the road. >> we talked with some parents who say they do believe it is a very difficult job. and they understand why the schools were closed even though they weren't too thrilled about it. and keep in mind we do have another snow storm moving our way. temperatures are going to be dipping and there are also some bitter wind chills in the forecast. so stay tuned about school for the rest of the week. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> we are waiting to learn if the weather played a role in a transformer explosion in northwest washington. the transformer which is underground exploded early this morning at 17th and l streets and then caused a small fire. firefighters quickly put out the flames and no one was hurt. stay with abc 7 and as we track the weather for you.
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download our storm watch app so you can receive alerts to your cell phone and doug will return with an updated forecast in just a few minutes. >> moving on now we have breaking news coming in from montgomery county. a suspected drunk driver has been arrested in a deadly crash. newschopper 7 was out over the scene this afternoon on crest haven drive. officers say the car struck a 49-year-old woman. she later died of her injuries. the driver was taken into custody on suspicion of a d.u.i. there are new questions about a second confirmed case of measles in the district. this concern is exactly who was exposed to this infected person. "7 on your side" investigator chris pabst is live in our newsroom from what he's learning from the health department. >> citing privacy concerns the d.c. department of health isn't telling us anything about the most recent affected person with measles. they aren't telling us the person's age. yesterday, the d.o.h. has confirmed that a second person has been diagnosed this year with the measles virus.
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much like the first person the public isn't receiving any information about the patient such as were they've been recently? aaccording to the c.d.c. the measles is a highly contagious airborne virus spread through coughing and sneezing, spread through the air and it can live on the surface for up to two hours and the vaccine is not 100% effective. >> public safety should be the number one concern. you know hate to try to put someone out if they have a disease. but you know we have to make sure we are keeping people safe. >> "7 on your side" did analyze some c.d.c. statistics and coming up at 5:00 we'll show you how the number of measles cases has spiked in recent years and tell you how others didn't handle public information when someone contracts that disease within their borders. in the newsroom chris pabst, abc 7 news. >> thanks. a man pleaded guilty to the murder of a howard university student. russ david lagard pleaded guilty today to second degree murder
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attempted armed robbery and other charges. lagard shot and killed omar sykes during a botched robbery. he is set to be sentenced on may 8th facing 20 to 30 years in prison. >> the parents accused of leaving their two toddlers in a car while they went to a wine tasting appeared in court today. police say that the children were in that car in below freezing temperatures. mike conneen has the details on today's court hearing. >> 45-year-old jennie chang and 41-year-old christopher lucas appeared together for a status hearing this morning. the north west d.c. couple has been charged with second degree cruelty to children. police say on january 31st in the afternoon in the foggy bottom neighborhood near 23rd and l streets northwest, they left two toddlers alone in a locked car with the engine off and the heat off while the outside temperature was just 28 degrees. witnesses reportedly called 911 after spotting the unattended children. manager of a nearby restaurant confirmed the children's caregivers were inside attending a wine tasting. in fact police say the kids
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were inside that car for an hour. witnesses say the girl was hysterically crying. the children were taken by child protective services. according to police lucas told investigators he left a cell phone on inside the car to monitor the children and kept an eye on the vehicle. in the previous court appearance, the couple bolted to the courthouse to a nearby cab refusing to talk to the media. today, with faces covered with scarves and sunglasses they walked to the courthouse escorted by their attorney. one attorney has this to say. >> he's a loving dedicated parent. >> their next court appearance is set for march 6th. the charge against them is a serious one in d.c. to find mistreating a child or conduct causing great risk of bodily injury, if convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison. up to $10,000 in fines. in northwest, mike conneen, abc 7 news. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants to work with residents to develop strategies to close the district's budget gap.
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mayor bowser is holding three different engagement forums. first will be held tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. bowser said her administration is committed to tackling the budget while developing smart solutions to develop key priorities. >> regulating what can and can't happen on the ocean city boardwalk. that was the topic of a public hearing today. maryland bureau chief brad bell takes a closer look. >> even on a cold winter day like this the boardwalk in ocean city is a popular place to stroll in the summer it's shoulder to shoulder. and one of the things in the past few years that's really drawing crowds are the street performers that set up shop right at the end of the cross street. well, last summer one artist took it to the extreme. a woman set up a poll right here. you can see some of the video of the exotic dancer performing in front of the big crowds which included families. well, that touched off quite a debate in this beach town. and now a special committee is taking testimony on how ocean
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city might potentially better control street performers! the performers say they kind of like it the way it is now. >> i guess they're trying to really crack down on some stuff like that. for the rest of us we're just wholesome people trying to make it a good family vacation for the rest of everyone. >> we're continuing to work on this story. when we come back at 6:00 tonight, we'll tell you what the other side has to say. why business owners say that street performers are hurting their bottom line. in ocean city brad bell, abc 7 news. >> back now to breaking news from montgomery county. a suspected drunk driver has been arrested in a deadly crash. >> montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is near the scene on crest haven drive with the very latest. kevin, what can you tell us? >> well, alison we just arrived on the scene within the last 15 minutes and this is a really really tragic story. we're going to start from the beginning. what police say happened. a driver seen driving erratically down new hampshire avenue turned on to crest haven which is the street we're
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sitting on right now crossed into this lane and then struck a 49-year-old woman at this ride on bus stop. can you zoom up to the ride on sign right there the woman standing here waiting to get on to her bus, we are told the woman was then dragged into this street and then the driver who police believe was intoxicated and has been taken into custody struck this black buick that was parked in the street here. one would believe this is the driver of that vehicle. you can see some of the spray paint markings on the ground here as the crash reconstruction team is out here all afternoon trying to peace together how this all happened. sir, are you the owner of this vehicle? were you inside at the time? did you hear the crash the impact? >> well i was inside. i seen it all through the window. i seen the part where he flew flew over here and hit my neighbor's car right there. >> you were the only first car that was hit. he hit a second vehicle. >> yeah apparently. apparently. >> what did it sound like? what did you see? >> it sounded like -- honestly
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it sounded like gunshots. like some loud booms. i jumped out of bed and looked through the window. that's when i seen them flying through there. hit that car here and look on the ground here and saw the lady here just bleeding. >> was she talking at all? >> she wasn't talking at all. i thought she was dead to be honest with you. that's how bad it was. she was just laying here bleeding. people was trying to shake her and talk to her. but she was unconscious. >> what about the actual driver of that car that police say was driving drunk. did you speak with him? >> i didn't speak with him. he was running around. he ran back here he ran back. he got in the car. he backed up. he kept going back to the lady saying "i'm sorry." i didn't think he was -- [no audio] got to be, though the way the accident happened, he had to be under something. >> good luck with the insurance and everything. >> definitely. without a doubt. without a doubt. thank you.
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>> as you can see this was a very chaotic scene. the other vehicle that was struck, you can see it right there, in the driveway. it looks to be a ford four door vehicle of some sort. heavy driver's side damage to the vehicle and again that 49-year-old woman waiting for the bus here in silver spring has been pronounced dead. we're live in silver spring i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> good deal. thank you, kevin. >> quite a witness account right there on the scene. awful! awful! >> stay on top of that story. once we learn anything new about that we will bring it to you right here. all right, coming up just ahead as well here on abc 7 news at 4:00, big news for readers. a new dr. seuss book is hitting the store shelves more than two decades after his death. learn where the new manuscript was discovered. >> former redskins coach mike shanahan is opening up today about his rocky past with the team. hear what he's revealing in a new interview.
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>> the nfl season may be over but the redskins hold the title for the most headlines in off-season. that's what they always do. >> this time it's former head coach mike shanahan. he is talking about his past troubles with the team. our sports director tim brandt is here with more on this interesting interview. >> here it is february 18th.
4:17 pm
now, this is the off-season. but the redskins continue to make headlines and create drama. now, jay gruden spoke at the combine today. we'll get to that in a moment. shanahan spoke on espn radio and extremely candid about the redskins. his window of silence must be over. get out your pens. here are the cliefnotes. shanahan said he didn't want to make the deal for donovan mcnabb. it was too rich. shanahan tried to get peyton manning but peyton didn't want to play in the same division as eli. shanahan didn't like albert haynesworth. hello, shanahan didn't want to give up those draft picks to get r.g. 3. r.g. 3 didn't want to run the read option. >> he really didn't believe in going back to what we did. and i think that really hurt our football team.
4:18 pm
>> shanahan went on to question r.g.'s work habits and study habits. >> doesn't matter just working out. working out is great. you have to understand the game so well. understanding the game of football because if not you'll get embarrassed. >> mike shanahan made it clear that snyder was pulling all the strings out of redskins park. no surprise there. he went on to say r.g. 3 is a know it all and hard to coach. meanwhile, today at the nfl combine, head coach jay gruden said that r.g. 3 will be the starting quarterback in 2015 for the redskins. did dan snyder say that through jay gruden? more coming up in sports. >> got to wonder now. >> absolutely. >> these are things we all suspected and now it's coming from mike shanahan. >> interesting. >> i guess the check cleared. mike can talk. >> cone of silence is over. >> you know it buddy. >> let's get a check of the traffic situation. we expect weather to change things up in a couple of hours or so. bob emler is looking at how
4:19 pm
things look right now. what's the word? >> leon 270 has been quite a hotbed of activity this after. latest of the crash northbound before shady grove road and that's on the left side of the roadway and that's already causing delays headed north out of rockville through gaithersburg, crash at 109. that's out of the road now and on the beltway, inner loop just after connecticut avenue another crash. this is along the left side of the roadway. already, big delays through bethesda trying to get through silver spring now complicated by the crash and traffic on 95 headed south slows mostly in woodbridge and farther south doing ok into stafford. look at cameras now on 270 at shady grove. starting to bog down here headed north up to the crash as you move past shady grove where that crash is on the left side. not quite doable here on. 395 south, volume delays getting to landmark with all lanes open. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> what happens on the traffic front obviously really connected to what's happening here in the
4:20 pm
weather for the next few hours. >> let's get right into it. show you the live picture from clark county high school in barriville. as you look in the background normally on the clear day, you can see mountains there. we're looking at the east of barriville there. can't see the mountains. snow squalls are headed in our general direction right now. and the area is getting a little larger and nothing like saturday night. nothing to that extreme level. but we will get gusty winds and we are going to get some heavy snow showers. we'll show you on doppler radar in a moment. in advance, the whole region under a winter weather advisory until 9:00 tonight. here we go on live doppler 7 radar. here's the first band. there are two. old man winter being generous to us with two of them. first from martinsburg, all east of 81. it's not moving very fast. and that's good news because that means the wind speeds associated with them will not be as high. but there's pretty good reflections we're getting on doppler radar showing some pretty moderate to heavy snow in this band as it advances towards
4:21 pm
the metro area. best estimate right now is this line should be to the beltway a little before 5:00 this afternoon and on its way. behind this one there's another one keeping its eye on. this is the one that went through pittsburgh. right now, the area of heaviest snow is closer to the mason-dixon line. it might be that once we get finished with that fellow right there and that moves through, everything else will be much lighter before skies all will clear out and we have a different story. that's going to be winds gusting up a bit and very cold air arriving. 33 at reagan national. 29 degrees in baltimore. our temperatures combined with the winds will produce these chill values. now, later this evening, we'll be in the teens across the area as the winds pick up behind this front around 6:00. 19 degrees wind chill. as we go through the overnight hours, look at this. by early tomorrow morning, wind chills below zero. wind chill advisory in effect midnight until 10:00 a.m. friday. i was right about that. listen, it will be uncomfortably cold. no getting around it for two days. we have to deal with the chills.
4:22 pm
look during the day and the numbers don't go up much. winds should stay or below zero all day long. by the time we get into friday, look at some of the crazy numbers. 12 13 14 degrees below zero wind chills. by early on friday morning, across the entire area. so get ready, cold stuff is coming and the snow is just on the leading edge. take a look at the highs. the next couple of days only in the teens wind chills at or below zero through friday. now, we get into the weekend and things will clear out late friday night. only to turn around and cloud back up for the weekend. but the news for the weekend storm is it may start as some snow and rain or freezing rain mixed late saturday. essentially, 95% of this is going to be rain and nothing else. >> ok. that's easy enough. >> wash the salt off the car. that's what we need. >> all right. well, we all love dr. seuss right? and big news in the book world to tell you about. a recently discovered dr. seuss book will be published this
4:23 pm
summer. random house children's books says "what pet should i get" will come out on july 28th. it comes nearly 24 years after the beloved author's death. manuscript and drawings were found by the author's widow and secretary in his california home in 2013. >> in the fall of 2013 i got a call from our friends to say that they had found a box in the closet while cleaning out, this is a dr. seuss they'll recognize instantly. >> so the new story "what pet should i get? "will feature the brother and sister we all know from "one fish, two fish." the publisher plans to release two more books based on the newly discovered material. what a treat. >> you don't know those books yet but you will. believe me. >> i love "oh, the places you'll go". that's my favorite. >> get ready. you'll never every single one of these characters. >> what a treat to have a new book to go to. very cool. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00
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"7 on your side" with a consumer alert for all you tax filers out there. the mistakes you need to avoid on your tax forms so you don't waste your money. >> and the surprising honor for the district. why it could have some music lovers shaking their heads. >> at the national cathedral, they have completed phase one of their post earthquake restoration project and they invited reporters in to see what $10 million has done.
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>> this afternoon, we are getting a look at the renovations to the national cathedral that of course, was damaged after the earthquake in 2011. >> seems like this has been forever coming. sam ford is live in northwest with a chance to look at things up there and now he'll give us a look at the changes that he's seeing there. hey, sam, tell us about it! >> leon, it was a situation where they want all the reporters up on this scaffolding so we could look around the top of the cathedral, around the ceiling. places they said people had to miss for 75 years. so it was a celebration. celebrating the end of phase one of the cathedral restoration. scaffolding has been up for years as workers have meticulously replaced mortar and glass and stained glass windows during the effort of more than three weeks of work. august 2011 earthquake took its
4:28 pm
toll on the cathedral causing some $32 million worth of damage. this phase one work which included both interior and exterior work costs $10 million. >> overall, it's been a wonderful experience to try and get up to this ceiling access that is not, as i said been available for over 75 years. in some cases longer. and we've been able to really not only repair the earthquake damage but also create a new sparkle to the interior space. >> again, we're looking live here at the cathedral. that was phase one which, of course lingers to phase two or phase three or four. before they can finish this, it's going to be 10 more years and going to cost another $22 million. what that gentleman you just heard said is he's hoping perhaps, somebody will hit the powerball and make a donation to the national cathedral.
4:29 pm
reporting live in northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> probably worth a share in the powerball winnings. still ahead, president obama announces his pick to lead the secret service. >> we're not the only ones dealing with the bitter cold weather, as you know, how the sn want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for
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>> all right. you're watching us and we are
4:32 pm
continuing to watch a winter weather alert. snow showers could cause problems on the road. >> let's get to meteorologist doug hill and he has latest track on this latest snow. hello, doug. >> hello there. we're still under the winter weather advisory. squall line and line of heavy snow showers moving through the area. sips i was out here last minute and back in the storm watch weather center watching these lines closely let me share what we're seeing here. the area in dark blue is some pretty heavy snow. moderate snow band. but the area probably is only 15 miles wide as it moves to the east. it's pretty heavy for a while. the winds are not exceptionally strong. it's breezy and temperatures are falling. so look for this probably around 5:00 to come to the western suburbs towards the metro area and probably should only be snowing from 15 to 30 minutes with any sort of volume and taper off to flurries. what is interesting is watching the second band to the west. we saw a lightning strike detected there a little thunder snow. this is moving much more quickly than the front one. it's possible that the upper
4:33 pm
level energy where the cold air is going to catch up and kind of enhance this snow band coming through to make it stronger. right now, our guess is it's going to get stronger after it gets through the metro area. a lot of stuff happening. but count on snow. it's going to move from west to east. snow heavily and with temperatures falling quickly whiten sidewalks and roadways but good news is it's going to get out of here. it's not going to be snowmageddon two not going to be that. we're about low 30's right now. those numbers will fall dramatically through the evening. in fact, starting at midnight a wind chill advisory in effect straight through 10:00 a.m. friday morning. wind chills are going to be way below zero for a long period of time. coldest air mass we've seen in decades here in our area. lot more to share coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> doug, thank you. moving on now to breaking news coming in from burke, virginia. fairfax county firefighters have just rescued a teenager out of an icy lake. the boy was near a concrete
4:34 pm
drainpipe in the lake on lake point drive and we're told that the teenager was brought to land without any problems. our stephen tschida is there on the scene and just spoke with the teenager himself. so you'll hear from stephen coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 with that story. >> another water rescue around. people got to stay off the ice around. >> it's dangerous. >> the weather is causing plenty of problems in other parts of the northeast. >> as abc's marcy gonzalez shows us, the snow is leading to dozens of roof collapses. >> this winter is just awful! >> weighing on nerves. >> i'm about ready for spring! >> resources and rooftops. this is the latest of more than 70 roof collapses in massachusetts in more than a week. and it's not just the lingering piles of snow causing problem. it's the ice. pretty in some places but creating ugly driving disasters in others. here in tennessee, officials declared a state of emergency. some schools are closed for the rest of the week as the coldest
4:35 pm
air of the season moves through the great lakes and upper midwest. >> it's bitter cold today. but forecasters say it's about to get worse. wind chill advisories going into effect tonight across 24 states including florida. atlanta and chicago bracing for the potential of record breaking low temperatures with the windy city getting ready for wind chills that could get down to 30 below. others might disagree though including a lot of people here in new york city where this week we could get some of the coldest weather in 20 years. and the temperatures are expected to stay below normal for the rest of the month. marcy gonzalez abc 7 news. >> president obama has named joe clancy as the new head of the secret service. clancy is filling that position after four months as acting director. secret service has been bogged down with troubles lately. if you follow headlines, you know that. it's been criticized for a host of security breaches. last september, a man with a knife was able to jump the fence of the white house and make it
4:36 pm
deep inside the building before being stopped. >> uber and lift have gotten the green light in virginia. governor terry mcauliffe signed a bill saying that red sharing companies can legally operate in the commonwealth. those companies have been under a temporary licensing agreement since the summer. and this session, the general assembly widely supported legislation to allow those businesses to become fully licensed. >> more options for you to get away on a summer vacation. spirit airlines is going to offer daily nonstop flights to atlanta and los angeles out of b.w.i. airport. atlanta flights will start in june and the l.a. flights will start in july. >> dave and buster's plans to open its first location in prince george's county. the indoor arcade and restaurant has leased 40,000 square feet at the richie station shopping center in capital heights located at the capital beltway. the buildout of the dave & buster's at the center is expected to cost more than $20
4:37 pm
million. >> should be a show place, then. >> yes, lot of fun for the kids. all right, coming up at 4:00, a local church making it easier for christians to observe ash wednesday without leaving their car? see how it works. >> and you could say the smithsonian has just gone mad about one hit cable tv show. see how it plans to honor
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
>> an alexandria church is mark being today with what we call ashes to go. >> it's what it sounds. members of the congregation is simply pull up to the curb and receive ashes. as jeanette reyes tells us it's a popular event. >> many of us have very busy schedules every day and ash wednesday is no different. but one church through the church here in alexandria is here at car window ashes to go is what it's called. this is the second time they've done it today. the first is at 6:00 this morning and the pastor tells me cars were already lined up with distribution of the ashes. now, this of course is for ash wednesday and the observance of lent. but this practice is something usually see going on inside of the church. now, pastor howard john leslie
4:41 pm
presented it to the leaders of the church and thought it was a little unusual but it has been quite successful since the first time they had it three years ago. >> do you have people that just happened to be driving by? >> a ton they'll drive by and see us going. they'll roll the window down and they'll say hey, can i get ashes? sure enough. people walking with their kids to school. i think we do more nonchurch members than our own church members. i think it's a good sign that people in the community see the body of christ is not just inside but outside as well. >> we've been talking about this all week how cold it is outside. take a look. we got pretty creative with the heating lamps so they are using that in order to have this event just to reach out to the community. in fact, they reach out to about 1,000, 1,500 people every year. so most of those people are not even a part of the church. so it's certainly a way to get out into the community and you have no excuse. reporting in alexandria jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> how about that? >> makes it easy. >> yeah. >> country western song.
4:42 pm
at the drive threw. at a drive by. one or the other. coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00, "7 on your side" with a warning about the mistakes to avoid when filing your tax returns. how those mistakes could cost you money. >> and we continue to track another winter weather alert around here. doug is watching snow showers and he's going to let us know how long they'll stick around.
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>> we're back now with a consumer alert for taxpayers. some filers are making mistakes when it comes to their deductions. >> and john materise shows us what to watch out for. >> you should have your 2014 w-2 forms by now which means we're in peak tax season. this is also the time many filers start to make honest but dangerous mistakes deducting expenses that the i.r.s. says you really can't deduct. remember when you could deduct energy efficient washing machines and sales tax on cars? don't do that in 2015.
4:46 pm
unfortunately, many taxpayers continue to deduct things that never were deductible in the first place. deducting commuting costs are one of the top illegal deductions according to daily others include gambling losses that exceed your gambling winnings. also deducting hobby expenses and gym memberships and most home repair. but from the doesn't that stink file, the fact that the i.r.s. makes it easy to make an error. for instance gasoline. you can deduct the cost if your car is used for business. but not for driving to work. confused? sure. doesn't that stink? finally, the most common mistakes incorrect social security numbers claiming a child who is no longer eligible to be a dependent. and the number one mistake, math errors. if you have any questions about a deduction, check the i.r.s.'s website. check with a tax pro ideally a c.p.a. who knows the law. that way you don't waste your money.
4:47 pm
>> all right. so nashville and l.a. step aside, "traveler" magazine has ranked d.c. the best city for music. that's right the district came in first. they say because of the skilled performers who call the city home as well as the rich music history. "traveler" said d.c. has the best concert venues in the country including the kennedy center and the 9:30 club. second was new york followed by l.a. nashville and detroit. >> no new orleans? >> what a surprise. >> that's very surprising. think we have better lobbyists. >> we know that. >> we know that. >> here's something else you can check out if you do come this way. the end of "mad men" draws closer, a.m.c. announces props from the series are heading to d.c. john draper's gray suit and bar cart will be added to smithsonian museum of american history's prominent collection. also going to the museum original episode script with an
4:48 pm
alternate ending that was never filmed. the museum will welcome the items with a ceremony march 27th. >> glad they got the bar cart in there. got to have something to represent that. >> there you go. >> now to the countdown to sunday's academy awards. hollywood studios spend millions of dollars promoting their movies to members of the academy hoping to take home an oscar. >> here's mary bruce with what the studios and the stars are doing to try to win! >> he's the most wanted man in hollywood. oscar. and studios are going to the extreme to get their hands on him. from billboards aimed at getting the academy's attention to never ending ads. and lavish parties. the studios pulling out all the stops to promote their films. the stars are also out in full force. touting their flicks in interviews. >> i don't know whether to call you batman or birdman. >> call me michael. >> all right. >> and on red carpets. >> amazing surprising movie.
4:49 pm
>> when it comes to the price of the publicity campaigns, the sky is the limit. by one estimate hollywood will spend over $100 million to secure an oscar. that's only worth about $400. these campaigns aren't just about winning one of those coveted gold statues, this is also about winning big bucks. oscar helps legitmaize studios. that means bigger stars wanting to work with them and ultimately more money. >> but the biggest payoff is perhaps, in reputation. the campaigning goes beyond just getting that statuette. it's about bragging rights. it's about ego. it's about who which studio produces the best film. >> and in this town earning that prestige is priceless. mary bruce abc news hollywood. >> don't forget you can watch the oscars sunday night right here on abc 7. red carpet coverage begins at
4:50 pm
7:00. >> >> you don't have to wait that long to find something good to watch. just ahead here at 5 clock:005:00, we're following several breaking stories including that water rescue we told you about and the deadly pedestrian crash in silver spring. >> we're also tracking new allegations tonight against a man already accused of sexually abusing three local girls. now, michael gardener is being accused of trying to have some of those witnesses killed. >> this sounds like a movie. the search is on for a cab driver turned crime fighter. tell you what this guy did to help police. just ahead here tonight at 5:00. >> all right. pretty deceiving. blue skies. snow is coming. >> yeah kind of like summertime when it's bright and sunny and tracking a line of thunderstorms and very quickly off to the west, skies get dark and boom rain and winds.
4:51 pm
>> same thing. just winter time version. this is what this is. share with you what's happening in advance of the line of heavy snow showers and snow squalls, the winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00 and well before 9:00 it will be all over folks, folks, move along. until then, it will get interesting because of the areas of heavy snow. we've got a number of calls from viewers, weather watchers that have been reporting. we just heard out there, really snowing heavily. inside the beltway in the city and we're also tracking the second little line behind it and that's one that had a little lightning strike with that. that's moving quickly. ung see how that one is eventually forming into one long line here. probably a single line of heavy snow squalls once it hits here it will come down heavily.
4:52 pm
probably going to slick up the roadways in a heartbeat. it's over about 15 to 30 minutes and then skies will clear later tonight and gusty winds will take over. these temperatures now relatively warm. in the low 30's in the metro area. now, they're actually cold for this time of year. compared to what's coming, they're fairly warm and mild. it will get really cold around here and windy. wind chill advisory in effect from midnight tonight continuously until 10:00 a.m. on friday and for good reason. temperatures will fall wind chills will fall. so the next seven days, a little deceiving here with high temperatures in the teens. it will feel a whole lot colder with the winds. big story of temperatures will be early friday morning where many areas will be below zero. across our area, most of the mid atlantic northeast, we're going to set dozens and dozens and dozens of temperature records. the weekend will feature a little rain or snow mix saturday afternoon or evening. real change to rain as we push close to 50 degrees by sunday
4:53 pm
afternoon. >> ooh! now we're talking. >> that's where we need to be. >> 50 instead of 5. >> big turn around huh? >> thank you. >> coming up next here at 4:00 a well known building in prince george's county came crashing
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> the property known as the plumbers building in maryland was demolished today. >> the new development that will take place in that area. >> good afternoon. prince george's county is changing literally brick by brick this afternoon. this is a compelling symbol of out with the old, in with the new. take a look. this is a live picture as the old plumbers building in brentwood, maryland is being demolished before our eyes. we can tell you that county officials are on hand. this building more than 60 years old, became a fixture here on rhode island avenue but most recently, more of an eyesore. residents say it sat abandoned
4:57 pm
for three years. it opened as a safeway and for decades was used as a plumbing supply store. we want to show you video moments ago as county officials including executive baker took turns running the back hoe behind us taking hits at this building. this building stood here for more than 60 years. today, it's coming down. >> there's been a lot of talk back and forth as to what was going on and& been an eyesore. >> like what's happened in downtown hyattsville, county officials are trying to turn this area here into an arts district. once all this rubble is knocked down and removed, developers will create a mixed use development here. 147 apartments. 6,000 square feet of art space. and a couple of shops and restaurants. it should all be completed in
4:58 pm
the next two or three years. in brentwood, john gonzalez, abc 7 e news. >> as more snow marches through the area concerns turn to the most dangerous temperatures in years. >> public safety should be number one concern. >> are you being told enough about two local measles cases? "7 on your side" presses health officials for answers. >> you're not vaccinated you could be vulnerable. >> and a former skins head coach lets it all out. what he's dishing about his time in d.c. and the q.b. >> it's been hanging over our heads and threatening all day. snow finally already starting to fall in parts of the area. >> if you're not seeing it just yet, get ready. it is coming and let's get straight to chief meteorologist brad bell in the stormwatch weather 7 center with the new winter weather alert today. doug? >> yes, at the moment here outside of the weather center in arlington arlington, we have blue skies and sunshine. out west, it's snowing to beat
4:59 pm
the band there. heavy snow showers accompanying an arctic cold front and over the next several days, arctic cold front could be bigger story than what we could deal snowwise here. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00 tonight in advance of the snow showers, areas in blue kind of enhanced on the doppler radar display getting ready to move into leesburg and moving through marshall now. it stretches north into frederick and that whole line continues to grip to the east and southeast. not moving particularly fast. that's a good sign because that shows that the winds aren't going to be exceptionally strong. it will be breezy. there will be a brief period of heavy snow in the areas where it's most enhanced. other areas may get lighter snow. it's still going to be rush hour. we think the center of that will move into our region now between 5 5:30 and 6:00. all part of the developing line ahead of the cold front. south of the washington area towards richmond, all that i think, will coalesce into a
5:00 pm
larger line of snow showers after it passes the washington area and our skies will clear tonight and it will get windy and cold. temperatures in the 30's now. but it's going to get much colder with the wind shift tonight. we'll draw in the cold enough air to draw air temperatures up to 15 above zero. early tomorrow morning, wind chills will be significantly below zero. how long will this last? any warmer days ahead? we'll cover that coming up shortly. >> thank you. meanwhile, we are monitoring some breaking news coming to us out of fairfax county today where fire crews just pulled a teenager from freezing cold water. stephen tschida just talked to that teenager. he's on the scene of the 9900 block of lake point drive in burke with the interview you'll see only on 7. stephen? >> alison about 40 minutes ago, they pulled this 16-year-old to shore here. i can tell you what went on, what created this problem. you can see over my shoulder there is a


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