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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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back at this hour. meanwhile, as we mentioned, no word on the motive what led up to all of this. still a very active investigation. police asking anyone with information to give them a call. reporting live brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thanks brianne. new developments in the case of a man accused of stabbing a man in alexandria. a judge found probable cause to bring charges against horace white to the grand jury. on january 9th. white was burglarizing the elderly man's house when he and his wife returned home in the process. white allegedly stabbed the man and briefly kidnapped his wife. he was arrested 10 days later. >> a bitterly cold day outside once again but a bit of a warmup on the horizon. chief meteorologist doug hill in the stormwatch weather center with the forecast. >> we know it's a traditional warmup. it's one day. we'll love every minute of it tomorrow. in the meantime, cold out there right now. let's get you to it and give you the scenes around the area. some high clouds around. a little bit of melting today.
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not much. roadways there, parking lots are mostly dry. temperatures holding in the 20's. 25 at dulles and andrews air force base. 24 in annapolis. overnight, we'll drop down. not nearly to the levels that we have this morning when it hit 4 degrees below zero at washington dulles. all time record low for today and the coldest day they've had measured in the month of february in 20 years. partly cloudy 16 to 23. then we go looking ahead. satellite and radar shows us some clearing skies and moisture to the south. and snow across southeast virginia north carolina and there's another system taking shape now farther to the southwest moving from northeast texas across the mid south. that one is going to produce quite a bit of snow and ice. winter storm warnings in effect from north east texas through it parts of north carolina. we'll be on the northern fringes. the question is when any of the snow get here thursday morning. we'll answer that question when i join you in a few minutes. leon? >> all right, doug. the cold temperatures and the
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leaky pipe combine for a slippery situation at the twinbrook metro station this morning. crews had to close down the stairs and the escalator for a time because they were covered in ice as you can see there. sheets of ice making it really tricky for folks to walk across all around the area. suzanne kennedy live in silver spring tonight where people are trying to not slip on some of those slick sidewalks out there. suzanne? >> well leon, there's absolutely nothing good happening here in the 2,000 block of east-west highway between connecticut avenue and 16th street. take a look down here it is an absolute mess. we're talking about ice, we're talking about crunchy snow. the kind of stuff that makes walking in this area incredibly hazardous. it was a day for going nowhere fast in the heart of downtown silver spring. a significant coating of ice, two inches thick surrounded this medical high rise on fenton street and it was hard on drivers and even worst for patients. >> i'm going in. >> 76-year-old cecila wanted to
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get to her doctor's office safely. >> it's ice along the sidewalk here. so people just coming here walking with wheelchairs is hard. >> this is a chronic problem outside of this building, a situation which her daughter learned about the hard way. >> i had to actually double park in the street and carry my mother across the ice. >> in the rock creek garden neighborhood, some sidewalks remain unclear. brian reid delayed shovelling a portion of his elderly neighbor's sidewalk. today, it was hard to break up the ice but he knew it had to be done. >> it was treacherous both in terms of slipping but also in terms of turning your ankle. and even the dogs who went on the dog walker just prefer to walk around in the clear streets than up and down on this. >> so you may say, what's the big deal?
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well one of the big deals is people are walking along the sides of the street to get to places like the bus stop just down the road here instead of trying to mav gate these sidewalks that are untreated here. second thing is we'll have that warm day warmup tomorrow. that will be great for us because it will be warmer but things will melt and no refreeze heading into thursday and we may have worse conditions than we do right now. reporting live in silver spring suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> and now, new details tonight about the accident that killed a man along h street last night. phillip snodgrass was killed after a driver lost control near fourth street. stephen tschida is outside of d.c. superior court where the suspect in the case appeared before a judge just in the last hour. stephen? >> one hour ago, the magistrate judge upped the charges of the driver of the s.u.v. to second-degree murder in the death of this 27-year-old pedestrian. she cited his drug use and
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disregard for the safety of others. >> it just was a big, big boom. >> prosecutors say 33-year-old james chandler was going 60 to 65 along h street was high on p.c.p. and an array of narcotics when he struck two cars, spun out of control and killed a pedestrian. a young lawyer phil snodgrass. >> it was terrible. it was horrible. guy laying on the side. >> are you ok? >> as he took this cell phone video of the wreckage, he also tried to help the injured. bruce believes it's fortunate more people weren't hurt. he was just feet away when the s.u.v. slammed into the wall in front of the g.a.o. building. >> i mean i just feel grateful to be alive today, you know. >> 27-year-old phil snodgrass was just feet from his home when he was killed. he may likely have been walking home at the time. the judge did order chandler james chandler held without bond pending his next court
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appearance. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a car drove right through a fence into an arlington dog park today. it happened at the shirlington dog park right along four mile run. the driver had to be pulled from that car and was taken to the hospital. arlington county police though say there were no dogs or people at that park when all of this happened. >> whoo! >> federal investigators from washington arrived out in california after a commuter train slammed into a tractor-trailer truck at a rail crossing. >> this accident comes three weeks after another commuter train struck an s.u.v. outside of new york city. horace -- morris jones is live at the newsdesk. what do we know at this point? >> the accident happened about 45 miles northwest of los angeles. 51 people were injured. several critically. authorities say the train which had been traveling at 79 miles an hour had used an emergency braking system before hitting a produce truck that was on the crossing. but police say the truck driver
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apparently wasn't hurt and instead, he fled on foot after the crash and was taken into custody about a mile away. no charges have been filed yet. three metrolink trains were overturned. two others derailed but remained upright. a go team from the national transportation safety board here in washington was dispatched to california right after the accident. >> we certainly want to find out everything that we can about this event. did the crossing arms signal and operate as intended. we intend to find that out. >> the collision took place where the metro link tracks pass a busy avenue used by a steady stream of big rigs and farm trucks. reuters quotes a resident who works nearby as saying "it is a very dangerous crossing. the lights come on too late before the trains come. it is not safe." 28 people were taken to six hospitals. another 23 were treated at the scene. a hospital spokesman says the train's driver was among the
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critically injured. live at the newsdesk i'm morris jones. back to you. >> thanks, morris. overseas now, at least eight people are dead and one injured after a shooting at a restaurant in the eastern czech republic. the town's mayor says the gunman who took his own life in the incident was a man in his sikt who had a permit to own guns. the country's security ministry said the attack is not believed to be terror related. it is the worst shooting attack in the country's history. >> an attorney for white house fence jumper omar gonzalez says lawyers are close to resolving the case with the plea. gonzalez appeared in court today for a sttatus hearing. the secret service he scaled that fence and dashed into the mansion before being caught. he was inside carrying a folding knife. his next is scheduled for march 13th. >> we have some breaking news alison, coming in right now from arlington where a sink hole has opened up on north 34th street. the street is closed tonight between 33rd and kensington.
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our tom roussey is live now and made his way to the scene. tom, what are the details here? what's going on? >> this is a crescent hills neighborhood in north arlington here and they've had not one but two major problems this week. first, the obvious problem behind me. that's the sink hole that opened up this afternoon. you can see crews are on the scene right now. they have a heck of a job ahead of them. there was no water main break ahead of them but there was a water main break on this same street on sunday. see that dark patch on the road below the truck up there? that's where the water main broke on sunday. they fixed it but it undermined the road. that's why this sink hole developed this afternoon. they have to be careful, they said, they need to patch this up obviously but need to check the road down here. you see a lot of cracks and stuff down here. they needed to make sure the road is not undermined in this area as well. i'm told this street could be shut down in some way for perhaps, a couple of days, 34th street but they are going to find a way to make sure folks can get their cars in and out of their homes here. but they're not necessarily wanting to have it open to
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through traffic and obviously, nobody can pass right here right now when the sink hole is opened. this is part of a massive problem they're having throughout the whole d.c. region of sink holes as well as water main breaks. i am told by arlington county that they've even been having trouble getting asphalt for the road but tomorrow with expected warmer temperatures they should be able to get some to help patch up not just this but a whole lot more. they're hoping to get on this as soon as they can. i'm tom roussey, abc 7 news. >> all right. nice hustle tom. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 one day after hearing that early exposure to peanuts could be the key to stopping allergies, a new study pinpoints another likely culprit. >> it's been one year since a woman was killed right outside an arlington county school. we're taking a look at what has changed since that deadly accident. >> and then a little later, road work ahead. what you need to know about the work starting on 395 today. >> and this is not alaska though
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it sure feels and looks like it. i'm brad bell. when we come back i'll take you
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>> well since we love how
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miserable it makes us to talk about it let's talk more about the cold weather, why don't we shall we? over the last few weeks, this cold weather has taken a toll on the chesapeake bay. >> that's right. look at the video here that news chopper 7 shot. this is last friday. and the coast guard had to make emergency deliveries to people who live on tanger island. today, maryland bureau chief brad bell went along with an icebreaker icebreaker. >> brad made it back to the dock in annapolis and he's here joining us. we heard you have some amazing pictures you want to share? >> absolutely. it's not something you get to see every year. take a look at this, four inches of ice. you can look out towards the bay and that is all you see, ice, everywhere except for the little pass that we made aboard the icebreaker. time aboard the icebreaker is memorable. it is cold. really cold.
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as the wind rips across the ice sheet. it is beautiful. prettiest side you'll ever see except for shore. there's no waves and other boats. under a crisp blue sky ice as far as the eye can see. then there's that cringe worthy noise of the ice grinding and cracking like nails on a chalk board against the black metal hull. >> we're nearing the mouth of the river and the main stem of the chesapeake bay. ice appears to be getting thicker and you can hear that crunching, crunching as the boat pushes its way along. the captain has been at the helm for years. they can go years at a time without having to break ice. only two weeks ago, he didn't think the bay would freeze at all this winter. >> calm winds. single digits last night. and result of it. >> there is a mission to break ice around the many marinas which operate year round in
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annapolis. dylan wood says they need open water to function. >> if anybody is sinking out there, brings them right into the well and we can take it out for them. >> they may need to get the fish nets and their oyster grounds and the crew of the department of natural resources, widener is happy to oblige. even they'll admit that the cold gets old. >> july is when i'd rather be out. >> well, off in the distance you can see the bay bridge captain tells us that north of the bridge the ice is really thick. he's heard stories of barges and tugboats actually getting stuck. it is a beautiful sight. kind of strange, there's a strong wind but it is flat and calm as it can be. because it is frozen. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> there you go. brad bell in maryland. >> exactly. >> i remember as a little kid, we had winters like late 1950's and late 1960s it was frozen. my grandfather had a house on the bay.
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it was frozen. my parents hadn't seen that for a lot of years. doesn't happen that often. >> it's unusual. >> let's get on to the one day warmup for you and make everybody happy. tomorrow making it near 40 degrees. take a look at the h.d. weather cameras in the district and during the day, we've had a nice assortment of high clouds move through. sunshine and temperatures cold again. mostly in the 20's. well below average. it should be a very nice sunset here with the high clouds and get some of those long red rays of the sun give us an orange glow in the sky after a while for sunset. numbers for you, 23 in barnesville in montgomery county. 23 in herndon. low this morning, 4 below and some really cold numbers across the area. at this hour we're still well below average. 28 degrees at reagan national and mid 20's in most locations and with a little bit of that high cloud cover and a little bit of the westerly wind, i think we'll only drop into the teens and 20's tonight. cold, yeah but not as cold as these morning numbers. record shattering 4 below zero
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reported at dulles. in baird west virginia buffalo creek along the line with maryland, they get 17 below zero this morning. so plenty of cold air. we'll moderate it a bit. and as far as the numbers on the record board, if you want to keep track, just kind of compare reagan national had a record low of 1 this morning and checked in with 15. b.w.i. missed it by one there. big break by 18 degrees. 18 degrees below the record temperature this morning. and as we head to the overnight, there you see mostly low 20's and we get busy looking at the two weather systems that captured our attention. the first one is a coastal carolina system that's moving out. and then we go a little farther to the south and west and pick up the development of a new storm system that's possibly going to bring snow to parts of our area on thursday morning. use the term possibly because that's all it is right now is the possibility. plenty of cold air. it's humidity in this area
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across arkansas and parts of kentucky tennessee north carolina where they're in a stripe that's under a winter storm warning for the day on thursday and potential of heavy snow. here's how it shapes up in the futurecast. this version of the computer model shows a fair amount of sunshine around the area. temperatures around 40 degrees. clouds increase late at night. we get into thursday morning early and it analyzes through snow but notice the darker blue and this is what we think is probably closer to what is going to happen. any measurable snow. lower eastern shore we might see a little bit of light snow. there's also a chance we could see no snow at all. depends how sharp of a cutoff that we have develop. the reason that we're concerned at all it can happen early on thursday morning, just in time for rush hour. snowflakes, rush hours don't go well so much together. find we'll clear it out a bit. tomorrow, 40 degrees with a high temperature and a little sunshine. next seven days we'll turn it colder again. right now, holding with a 50% chance of snow on thursday. clearing later friday and the weekend looks kind of pleasant,
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too, and a little chilly on saturday warming up saturday. as we get into monday tuesday, wednesday. rainy stretch here. temperatures should be well above freezing by then. >> thank you. sounds good. we may feel that deep freeze. at least we're not seeing a lot of ice and snow. >> that's right. we'll show you where the commute was a slippery mess this morning still ahead here on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> a little later, news chopper 7 over a power pole on fire! we'll tell you what happened and where. >> and -- >> consumers need to know about the effect. >> how maryland lawmakers are hoping to help. >> but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc.
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>> "7 on your side" with a health matters report. researchers at johns hopkins university pinpointed a region in the human genome that deals with peanut allergies. other molecular mechanisms may ntribute to whether those genetically predisposed to an allergy actually lyly lyly develop one. >> a controversial plan to redistrict middle schools in the stafford school district is expected to be voted on by the school board tonight. this proposal affects students from fifth to eighth grades. some residents feel that the board hasn't received enough input from the public to vote. tonight's board meeting begins
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at 7:00 p.m. at the stafford county schools administrative building. >> one of the biggest flaws of the automobile industry is the veil of secrecy related to the problems with cars. >> just last week we told you that the maker of those faulty air bags in millions of vehicles appeared willing to pay $14,000 a day in fines rather than hand over documents that could leave it facing even more fines. >> "7 on your side" investigator joce sterman explains the state law being proposed by a montgomery county lawmaker to give dealers the protections they need to disclose critical safety information. >> right now, manufacturers collect information about problems and report them to the feds but a bill proposed right here in annapolis would make sure you know about problems when the car manufacturers know not years later when the recall finally happens. laura christian will never get her daughter back but the smiling teenager whose picture she cares can be a warning for others. >> is that the kind of information that could have saved your daughter?
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>> i know it was. i know with this information, we would have been able to fix amber's car. it would have saved hundreds of lives. >> the 16-year-old marylander amber rose was killed in a 2005 car accident. seven years later the same make and model car she was driving was part of a massive g.m. recall because of problems with its ignition switch. >> she'll never go to college. she'll never have a husband. she'll never have children and all because of a hidden safety defect. >> a proposed maryland law she testified about could change that. sponsors say it's designed to give consumers more information about safety problems before they rise to the level of a recall that can take years. >> the way to fix that is to disclosure. sunshine is good for everybody. >> d.c. area car dealer jack fitzgerald says the bills would let dealers talk about safety issues long before there's a recall. he says they often know about problems before then because of internal service bulletins they can't disclose to you. >> consumers need to know about things that affect their car.
5:26 pm
>> still, opponents say this is a federal issue and safety information should come from one source, the manufacturers. >> you can't have 20,000 car dealers giving them information about what they think they know. >> there was no vote on this issue today and it could be weeks before whether we know these proposals will move forward. in annapolis, joce sterman, abc 7 news. >> thank you. still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00, get ready out there. we'll tell you about work planned for the next six months along interstate 395. >> plus -- >> give you a sense of pride in the work that you're doing on a daily basis. you know the product that we make is being used by these important figures. >> plus the people who make the pens that the president uses for today today. >> a beloved member of one northern virginia community is remembered one year after her death. i'm jeff goldberg. how those in the community have
5:27 pm
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>> time for a look at the day's top stories. montgomery county police are investigating the murder of a 95-year-old navy veteran. the body was found yesterday at the randolph village apartments. belvin was stabbed several times and police have not made an arrest. >> prosecutors charged james chandler with second degree
5:30 pm
murder after a deadly crash in northwest washington. police say chandler was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle hitting and killing phillip snodgrass. prosecutors say chandler tested positive for p.c.p. >> three people are in critical condition after a commuter train derailment north of los angeles. dozens of hurt when a train hit a truck earlier this morning. investigator says it appears the truck was trying to make a turn and got stuck on those tracks. >> today marks one year since an arlington mother was killed in a freak accident. jennifer lawson died after a dump truck hit her car outside of nottingham elementary school. jeff goldberg went back to that neighborhood today to find out what changed along that road and neighbors say they've really complained about this for years. right, jeff? >> really have alison. a lot of efforts being made in the past year. this accident happening just down the road here on little falls road across the street from nottingham elementary and people in this community doing a lot in the last year to make
5:31 pm
things safer on little falls especially in this intersection of ohio street where there's so much vehicle traffic and foot traffic with adults and with children. meanwhile, loved ones of jennifer lawson are celebrating her life. >> people remember her. she's full of love and grace. >> matt marrow was not only jennifer lawson's pastor but also her friend. merrill remains close to jennifer's husband and three children, 3 5 and 7 years old. all of whom merrill says are moving forward with the help of others. >> the support and love that they've felt in the last year has overwhelmed them even in the midst of tragedy they've been able to see hope. >> a year ago today, lawson was putting her young daughter in a car seat in the minivan when a dump truck drove by striking and kill lawson who was 39. the crash was ruled an accident and it happened across the street from nottingham elementary school where she had been volunteering and her two
5:32 pm
other children were students. >> all of us were shocked by the whole experience. >> following the incident parents at nottingham worked with school and county leaders to improve safety including adding speed and message boards. increased signage, new bike share lanes and more police patrols. >> i do think it does feel there's a general awareness. >> the problem is this road is a busily traveled street. sometimes it doesn't happen. >> matt merrill knows how much the community cares and how much jennifer will always remain a part of it. >> we want to be thankful for the days that neil and the kids and friends did get to spend with her. >> and merrill tells us tonight, family and friends will be gathering to honor jennifer's life. a foundation has been set up in her name at virginia hospital center, a place that meant so much to jennifer lawson. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> ok, jeff. thank you. meanwhile, in alexandria music
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teacher murdered a year ago will be remembered at a local church tonight. a stained glass window at delray united methodist church will be dedicated in memory. started a program called music together alexandria more than two decades ago. losato was killed in her home last february. charles sevran is charged in her death along with two other murders in alexandria. >> power lines burst into flames. it was caught on camera. we'll show you the scene in damascus, maryland. fire crews found these wires burning. they were dangling from a pole that once held them up this morning. it's unclear exactly what sparked the mess and we can only say it's possible a tall truck might have snagged the wires. crews are working to clean up and clear that line while keeping the power on in the homes. today marks the end of six months of work and the work will begin on the capital crossing development between d street and new york avenue. the project is going to mean
5:34 pm
some closings in the north and southbound lanes in the third street tunnel. most of those will come overnight or on weekends. >> all right. let's get a check of the traffic situation at this hour. bob emler in the wtop traffic center with the details. hi, bob. >> hi alison. speaking of the third street tunnel, roads are a wreck on the southbound side. there were two there's one left on the right side. and 95 northbound does slow down a bit getting up into howard county as per usual at this hour, not doing too badly on the baltimore-washington parkway. and right now, traffic on 66 remains slow headed west out towards centreville a crash at route 28. that's out of the roadway now and the travel lanes are open. let's take a look at some cameras and traffic is generally doing pretty well on i-95 heading south along dumfries running pretty cleanly. it does slow down headed towards garrisonville. this delay we useed to have in dumfries is gone since the express lanes have moved further south. beltway, montgomery county on the inner loop at connecticut avenue coming across silver
5:35 pm
spring and into college park and greenbelt, volume delays with the lanes open. i'm bob emler with 103.5 wtop radio. >> thank you so much, we'll see you later. this morning's commute was a little bit slippery to our south. >> yeah that's why folks down there don't normally have to you know, handle a whole lot of winter but dealing with a lot of snow and ice down there. steve rudin is live in arlington with a look at some of the problems those folks have to deal with. steve? >> yeah you know earlier today, big, big problems with the dallas/ft. worth area. a little bit of snow goes a long, long way down there and they have the snow less than an inch officially at d.f.w. let me tell you, look at the big problems there on the expressways and you can see everything covered and they have more wintry weather on the way later on tonight and into early, early tomorrow. i want to leave you with sort of a funny story. we know how much snow boston has had during the past couple of months. actually, the last month or so. an entrepreneur in boston is offering for $89, he will ship
5:36 pm
six pounds of snow to any destination within the united states, it will get there overnight and it's enough snow to make around 10 to 15 snowballs and if that's not enough for you he'll even ship 10 pounds of boston snow for $119. i'm gonna pass. >> if it comes to boston it's probably been deflated, all right? >> oh! good point. >> keep that in mind. >> all right. see you inside soon. >> coming up here on abc 7 news at 5:00 the power of the pen. a look at what's next for the keystone pipeline after a presidential veto. >> should be a logical priority for the state. >> her son is hooked on heroin. today, maryland governor larry hogan provided a plan to help addicts like him out. i'm kevin lewis in annapolis. the story is coming up. >> then tonight at 6:00 dogs poisoned in arlington. what we've now learned with
5:37 pm
hidden inside sausages left for
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>> it is back to square one on the hill now. president obama has vetoed the keystone pipeline bill. >> now, this is only the president's third veto since taking office.
5:40 pm
and as karen traverse reports tonight, with republican majorities in the house and the senate, it likely won't be the last. >> president obama sent legislation on the controversial keystone pipeline back to congress. >> the president does intend to veto the piece of legislation and do it without any drama or fanfare or delay. >> the pipeline would run from canada to the gulf of mexico and it's been stalled for more than six years. opponents say the $8 billion project could cause devastating environmental damage in the states it runs through. supporters say it would boost energy independence and the economy. >> it's a life line for america's construction workers. >> this is president obama's third veto in six years. the first time he's rejected a bill since republicans took full control of congress this year. >> by choosing to veto this piece of legislation, he is choosing washington lobbyists and special interests over the needs and desires of the american people.
5:41 pm
>> with the g.o.p. pushing forward on legislation aimed at the president's health care law, immigration reform and financial regulations, it certainly won't be the last veto. >> republicans can try and override president obama's veto but supporters of the bill acknowledge they don't likely have the votes needed. a 2/3 majority in the house and senate. reporting from northwest, karen traverse, abc 7 news. >> when the president signs veto on the keystone bill he'll do so in ink. it turns out those pens come from a company in rhode island that has been making presidential pens for more than 20 years. cross pen says that each is made he is especially for the president it's being used by. catered to each leader. >> president obama is left-handed and we'll decorate it in a left-handed position so he can see the presidential seal and his signature when he's actually signing a document. >> who knew that they have them customized like a golf club? of course while signing an
5:42 pm
official document, he often uses multiple pens to complete the signature. though those pens are handed out and become a part of american history to be shared. >> a popular sportscaster is off the air tonight. >> again. we'll tell you why. and what the redskins have to say about the trademark being canceled. that's just ahead. >> if you just got word on a great deal for a winter getaway, you may want to read the fine print first. deals
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>> all right, "7 on your side" with the old adage if it seems too good to be true it probably is. >> horace holmes shows the signs you should look for when it comes to some of the great travel deals. >> it was a vacation cruise deal that seemed too good to be true and too good to pass up. >> trying to do something fun for spring break. >> that's when this flyer came in on this fax machine at her family-owned business. spring liquidation sale vacation cruises. round trip air fare included. you must call today.
5:46 pm
perfect for her, her two sons and her parents. >> that fax document is probably best used for wrapping fish. >> ed johnson of the mid atlantic chapter of the better business bureau says unsolicited faxes is a real red flag for what's being offered is too good to be true. edwards called the number on the flyer and reached a travel center. the deal $750 for an eight day caribbean cruise for a party of five. >> that's the heck of a deal. >> it would be if it was truthful. >> she signed up and allowed the travel center to draw the money from her bank account. then the travel center representative, she says, sent her to a company called omaha travel to book the date for the cruise for a fee of $140. >> that's when we kind of figured something was amiss. >> she would have to make airline arrangements to fly to the ship in florida and all of that with port fees and taxes total the $1,200 additional and the money she gave to the travel center of clarksburg --
5:47 pm
>> didn't really buy a cruise with our $750. we bought into a vacation club. >> she says she called the travel center to cancel get a refund but was hung up on. and she filed a complaint with the better business bureau. the bureau has received scores of complaints against the travel center and omaha travel. and the b.b.b. has given both companies an f. its lowest rating because they won't respond to the b.b.b. either. "7 on your side" tried to track them down, too. we went to the clarksburg maryland address listed as travel center headquarters. what did we find? a u.p.s. store with a mailbox assigned to the travel center. >> definitely scammed for my spring break vacation. >> she's out almost $1,000. "7 on your side" repeatedly called and e-mailed the travel center and omaha travel, no response. it was sent to melissa after she paid on the phone for what she thought was the cruise states the travel center is a
5:48 pm
consulting company vacation consulting company and is not the fulfiller of these vacation packages, the better business bureau warns don't sign up or pay for any vacation offer like this until you receive a copy of the contract in your hands that you can read. i'm horace holmes abc 7 news. >> good work. thank you so much. be sure you let us know how "7 on your side" can help you out. send your story ideas to tips at or call our hotline at 866-236-3401. >> we want to offer a correction right now to a story that we aired monday on abc 7 news at 5:00. a series of fights at dunn bar high school in north west washington. in the piece that we aired we referenced video that allegedly was shot at that high school but it was brought to our attention that the video of the melee that we showed then at 5:00 was not at dunbar high school in
5:49 pm
washington. it was actually an incident that happened at dunbar vocational high school in chicago, illinois. we apologize for the error that we made and in no way do we want to communicate that melee happened at dunbar high school here in d.c. we do stand the reports of violence we've gotten from that school. >> ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 why veterans affairs secretary bob mcdonald said he told a man he served in special forces when he didn't. a surprise move in the district to move forward with marijuana legalization. when it takes effect and the rules you need to know first coming up in just minutes on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> all right. doug hill says we may be hitting 40's soon. hey, doug? >> tomorrow that's our day. 40 degrees is the forecast high temperature and maybe southbound 42. kind of a one day deal. right now, we're watching the storm system to our south and our live super doppler 7 radar shows the leading edge from this north carolina system of a little snow moving towards southern maryland and heard it
5:50 pm
from roy fedders, long time weather watcher in southern st. mary's county and he says it's light to moderate snow there. a lot of it isn't reaching the ground. air is so dry. if you're watching in st. mary's county or the northern neck and see a few flurries don't be surprised. heaviest stuff shaded in blue on this representation moving across the lower eastern shore. thursday morning, we could do this all over again. temperatures now 28 degrees in reagan national. mid 20's elsewhere across the region and we'll drop tonight but only into the teens. not like the 4 below zero reading at dulles this morning. generally, 1 5 to 23 will be the forecast range. there's storm number one taking the snow off the coast. sleet, ice and rain the farther south along the carolinas you'll go and we'll get a break tomorrow until the next system comes into the picture. cloudiness late wednesday night and by thursday morning according to this model, areas of snow getting close in the area with the heaviest possibilities of snow once again well to the south and east of
5:51 pm
the metro area. then we'll stay cloudy and cold through the rest of thursday and clear it out a bit by friday afternoon. as we head through saturday and sunday, maybe a brief warmup to 40 degrees on sunday and then a warmer pattern with rain good chance as we head through monday and tuesday. that's the very latest. leon and alison back to you. >> all right doug. lawyers for the redskins say that the company's free speech rights would be denied if they had to change the name. the board of the u.s. patent and trademark office ruled last year that the trademark should be canceled. the team is suing in federal court challenging the constitutionality of trademark law barring registration of disparaging terms. espn commentator keith olbermann has been suspended for the rest of the week. a penn state alum tweeted him we are making an article about students there raising more than $13 million to fight pediatric cancer. but olbermann's one word response was this pitiful. olbermann triggered something of a twitter battle and fought the criticism that he got calling someone a moron.
5:52 pm
commentator later apologized via twitter saying that his act was childish and the network agreed and he's sitting out for the rest of the week. >> let's move on. some guys have all the luck. and i'm talking about robert burton right now. >> one guy! one guy has all the luck! that's robert burton live in vieira florida tonight. hey, robert. >> what's going on guys? not as lucky as you think. some rain came down, i know i bragged about this all week but i got rain. i guess you got a little revenge and it rained so much that the positional players had to stop batting practice a little early. speaking of position players, there's one in particular that is making a big move in the infield. his name is ryan zimmerman and he got here monday morning the but it took him less than an hour to put his cleats on and get on the field with matt williams to work on his big move. early wake-up calls for ryan zimmerman here in vieira preparing for his move from third base to first. >> it's not easy.
5:53 pm
it's going to be an easier transition for him as opposed to other folks because he's a fantastic athlete. >> he was the first on the field today at about 9:00 catching grounders from skipper matt williams. >> other side of the diamond, he's working every morning on it. and it's good to be able to get and be able to take our time. and do the things we want to do. never shied away from extra reps and working hard. that's for sure. so, you know the focus for him in the spring is to get him ready offensively but we really have had to be difficult diligent about his defensive play. >> switching gears now, let's talk college basketball. the 14th ranked terps have a big game tonight. the fifth ranked wisconsin badgers making their way to college park tonight. it will be a big one. and check out this tweet right here. you see melo trimble on the
5:54 pm
side. the tweet, the pictures of the fans hoping they don't rush the court if they get the upset tonight. mark turgeon knows how important this one is. >> win or lose it's going to count as one. and if we're lucky enough to play well and beat them yeah it means you can play with some of the top teams in the country and they've proven over the last two years they're one of the top teams in the country so it should give us a lot of confidence. >> and mention really quickly the wizards have a big one tonight. the golden state warriors are in town and they are on a roll right now. probably the best team in the nba. hopefully stef curry may not play tonight, he's suffering from a sore foot. back to you. >> all right. you got it, robe
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> this winner has left plenty of ice and snow from atlanta to maine. >> what a beautiful shot there.
5:58 pm
but, you know, in massachusetts, crystal evans is not waiting for someone to shovel her snow covered sidewalks. the 33-year-old suffers from a neuromuscular disease that forces her to use a wheelchair. but she says that that is no reason that she can't help with the shovelling. >> there is so much stigma of what people believe a disabled person is. they don't expect us to be working. >> well she says that's not something that she wedges the shovel between the foot rest and wheelchair and voila, safe passages for everyone and she says that several people have passed by while she's out there working and they come back with their own shovels or even snowblowers and they help her out. >> you're a great american! >> oh man. >> love that. great example. all right. that's it for you for us here at abc 7 news at 5:00. >> right now at 6:00, marijuana soon to be legal in the district. when it will happen and how d.c.
5:59 pm
leaders are responding to members from congress to stop it. >> new details on the horrifying crash that left a man dead. what we just learned about the driver. >> that was wrong and i have no excuse. >> why the v.a. secretary says he falsed claimed to be special forces. that's right now on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> in just 30 hours, marijuana will be legal in the nation's capital despite attempts by congress to block the popular measure. but the new legalization comes with exceptions. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in northwest with those rules and why d.c.'s leaders are suddenly moving forward. sam? >> maureen, it's all about initiative 71 and the mayor's office, mayor muriel bowser's office issued these facts on legal marijuana in d.c. as she announced that as of 12:01
6:00 pm
thursday recreational use of marijuana will be legal in the nation's capital. >> can't buy it or sell it? >> you have to bring it back. >> you have to either grow it or have somebody give it to you. >> you can grow it? >> confused reaction to the city's new marijuana law may be the norm as residents learn what it allows and prohibits. legal users must be 21 years old, have two ounces or less use it only on private property and no you cannot legally buy or sell it. >> so 71 says you can grow home cultivation of small amounts of marijuana and home use of marijuana by adults. >> mayor says marijuana is the will of the voters. >> however, congress has passed a rider saying d.c. can spend no money to implement the law. and the sponsor of that measure, maryland congressman andy harris said in a statement today "congress took clear action to stop enactmen


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